18-Year-Old Virgin's First Fuck

Although this is written as a stand alone story, I encourage you to read “18-year-old Virgin’s 1st BJ.” I’m sure it will tie some of the parts together. Before you begin reading either story, let me answer one question that may come to mind. How did such a young girl become so knowledgeable concerning sex? It seems Mary had been having as she liked to call it ‘nasty sex’ with her Uncle Jack and ever since her older brother was put in a wheelchair by a motorcycle accident she had been giving him blowjobs several times a week. She knew a lot about sex and was not ashamed of it. I hope you enjoy my true memories of a weekend I will never forget.


When I awoke Sunday morning I lay in bed thinking about the previous evening. I had had my first lesson in both French kissing and nipple stimulation. I experienced touching and tasting a wet pussy for the first time and I received my first (and second) blowjobs. I even received the promise of Mary popping my cherry if I had a condom when we went out that evening.

Just thinking about these new experiences caused me to have an erection. Knowing jacking off would not compare to a blowjob I decided to dress and make the most of the day. After eating breakfast with my parents I went out, washed my car and cleaned the interior. This took me until early afternoon. With nothing else to do I went over to Torrie’s house for a visit. My hormones from the night before were still raging and I suggested she and I go parking like we did almost every time we were together. Of course she agreed so off we went. I knew I didn’t have long before I was to pick Mary up so I didn’t waste any time. I had a blanket in the trunk of my car so I suggested Torrie and I spread it out and lay out in the sun. She liked my suggestion and we were quickly lying in the warm sun. Noticing the swell of Torrie’s breasts was when I made a big mistake. I tried to rub her breast.

“What are you doing?” she screamed at me.

“You are so beautiful and I want to touch you. We have been dating a long time. I feel like we are ready to explore new things with each other.” I tried to reason with her.

“I don’t want to explore and you’re not going to explore me!” Torrie replied.

Now I had had an erection almost all day. When I moved close to Torrie and suggested she take her shorts and blouse off so she could work on her suntan in just her panties and bra she could feel it pressing against her leg. Torrie immediately pushed me away screaming for me to take her home, which I did. We didn’t speak until we pulled up in front of her parent’s house. That was when Torrie told me to call her when I came to my senses. She also told me to go home and play with that thing so she didn’t have to see it bulging in my shorts.

When I got home my Mother told me I should call a girl named Mary because she had called and left a message for me to call before I went over. I was afraid she was going to break our date so I reluctantly called her.

“Hello.” Mary answered.

“Did you want me to call you?” I asked.

“Have you had your shower yet?” Mary asked.

“No. Why?” I replied.

“Good. Go take a shower, jackoff while you are in there and I’ll see you in a little while.” Mary told me before hanging up.

After taking a shower, jacking off, dressing casually and telling my parent’s goodnight, I began the 45-minute drive to Mary’s house.

When I parked in the driveway, Mary was sitting on the front porch and immediately came out and got in the car. She was dressed for the hot evening in a loose sleeveless sundress that buttoned down the front and came down to just above her knees.

“Hello. You’re late and I had just about given up on you coming.” Mary told me.

“I had to stop at the drug store and get these.” I replied handing Mary a small bag.

“You bought six?” she said laughing.

“Well…” was all I could think of to say.

“I don’t think we’ll use all of them tonight but there is always another day.” Mary said as she removed the individual packs from their wrapper and placed them in the console. Mary then leaned over and gave me a slow French kiss while groping the front of my shorts.

“Feels like someone is excited to see me. Now lets go before someone comes out and catches my hand on your hard dick. Off to the movies we go unless you know of some other place we can go.” Mary said with an excited look in her eyes.

As I backed out of the driveway Mary turned in her seat and leaned back against the passenger door. She then pulled up her left knee and sat on her foot giving me an unobstructed look at her thighs. I should have been more observant because by the time we got to the first stoplight Mary had her dress unbuttoned so I could see her red pubic hair. It seemed she had not worn any panties. I didn’t say anything but I was sure that she knew she had my attention. After a few more stoplights Mary turned in the seat and moved over until she was straddling the console. She then took my right hand resting it on her thigh while unzipping my shorts. It only took her a moment to work my erection out of my briefs and begin stroking it. As she stroked me I moved my hand up and touched her pussy for the second time. Once Saturday evening and now tonight. It was just as wet as I remembered from the night before. All too soon we were at the theater. Sitting in line waiting to purchase our tickets Mary moved back to the passenger seat, covered herself with her unbuttoned dress while I struggled to get my dick into my shorts.

“Are you sure you want to watch the adult movie?” I ask Mary.

“Of course. I like to watch them with Uncle Jack but we don’t have to if you don’t want to. Have you ever seen an adult movie or will this be your first?” she replied.

“Just like last night it will be my first.” I told her.

Just about that time we got to the box office and purchased our tickets. Neither of us spoke as we drove around to screen #2 that faced away from the highway. It was already dark enough the first movie had started. Going straight for the back row we found it to be very crowded. Finally we found a parking place between two cars with no one in either of them. As soon as we parked Mary wanted to get in the back. Before she opened her door I removed the interior light lens and bulb so we would not show up like a lighthouse in the night. When I got out to get in the back I saw why the car beside us looked empty. The couple was lying in the back, him between her legs and his naked ass moving up and down. They appeared to be fucking but my naïve mind could only guess.

When I got in and looked at the screen I was taken back by what I saw. There was a blond with huge breasts on her hands and knees being fucked from behind. Her breasts were swinging like pendulums. The guy was holding her hips pumping her hard. After watching briefly Mary told me to sit back and enjoy loosing my cherry.

Mary looked determined as she unfastened my shorts and told me to lift my hips so she could pull them down. Being fascinated by the movie I lifted my hips and let her do whatever she wanted. Quickly Mary had my shorts and briefs off and in the front. Then she opened one of the condoms and rolled it onto my erection. While I sat there watching both Mary and the movie, she straddled my lap as she had done the night before only this time we were both basically naked. Sitting on my lap Mary finished unbuttoning her dress and let it slide off her arms before unbuttoning my shirt. Her dress went into the front followed by my shirt after a bit of a struggle to get it off.

“Get ready. In just a moment you won’t be a virgin any longer. Are you sure you’re ready?” Mary asked. Without giving me time to answer she guided the head of my dick to the opening of her pussy. With one gently, slow movement she lowered herself down on me until I could feel our pubic hair touch. Sitting still so we both could adjust to each other Mary kissed me allowing our tongues to begin an erotic dance. As we kissed she started a slow up and down movement I will never forget. I guess what they say about never forgetting your first time is true. I attempted to push up to meet her downward motion but our position in the back seat didn’t allow for much movement. I don’t know how long we kissed and fucked but it seemed like forever.

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Mary soon sat straight up and began to rub her pussy and fuck me at the same time. I started struggling to not cum while I sensed Mary getting closer and closer to making herself cum. That’s when I began to cum. I don’t think I had ever cum so much before life. I was actually afraid the condom would not hold it all. About the time I shot the last of my load into the condom, Mary stopped rubbing herself, squeezed me tightly with her knees, began pulling on her nipples and started to moan loudly.

“Not so loud. Someone might hear you.” I warned Mary.

“I don’t care who hears. That was one of the best fucks I have ever had. You’re going to have to do that again before I let you go home!” Mary said in a loud voice.

I was both a little embarrassed and a lot proud thinking other people might have heard what she said. I mean that was my very first fuck!

I had been walking around ever since the evening before with an erection and now I could feel my dick beginning to shrink. Even with Mary’s pussy gripping it, it shrank enough to slip out of her wetness.

“You need to get rid of that and clean up a little.” Mary told me.

Being unsure I asked, “What do I do with it? And I don’t have anything to clean up with.”

“Take it off, drop it out of the window and leave the clean up to me.” Mary told me as she moved to sit next to me.

Like a naïve virgin I started trying to roll the condom off.

“Stop that before you have sperm all over you and the seat.” Mary said. She quickly pulled the condom off and dropped it out onto the ground. “Now for the clean up.” she said as she moved to take my dick into her mouth. Mary had told me some of the guys at school called her cum hungry, now I was starting to believe it for myself. Sucking me clean and feeling confident I would be able to achieve another erection, Mary suggested we watch the movie.

This time when I looked at the screen there was a flat chested redhead with a black guy fucking her in what appeared to be her rectum. His dick was gigantic. I couldn’t believe she would be able to take it in her ass. Slowly at first, then faster and faster he fucked her until she began to scream in pleasure before he pulled out spurting cum all over her ass cheeks and back.

“What do you think, you want to try that? It really looks like it would be exciting doesn’t it?” Mary asked as she snuggled up close to my side and began stroking my growing erection.

“You would really do that?” I asked.

“Yes. It’s good if the man is slow and gentle. I’ve done it with my Uncle Jack. I admit I enjoy it almost as much as having my pussy fucked. If you don’t want to try it just say so. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” Mary reassured me.

“What the fuck are you two doing in that car at my theater? Were you fucking her?” the voice demanded.

Mary and I were startled for somebody to be asking us that. It was a good thing I had gone parking with Torrie earlier because the blanket was still in the floor between the seats. Mary immediately grabbed it and spread it over my lap and over her lap and breasts. That’s when we realized the voice was coming from outside the car next to us. We also realized there was a flashlight attached to the voice.

“Ok. Make sure you don’t because I’ll be back around in about an hour and I don’t want to find you still naked then. Well, what do we have here?” the voice said as the flashlight illuminated the interior of my car.

“Just watching the movie, sir.” I replied.

“So you’re just watching the movie while you sit under a blanket on a hot August evening. Are you sure you’re not doing indecent things?” the voice asked.

“Very sure, sir. Just watching the movie.” I reassured the voice.

“Well, you two just keep watching the movie because I don’t want to come back around in an hour and find you fucking or having oral sex. Do you understand?” Before the voice and light could leave, Mary let the blanket slip down exposing her breasts. “Boy, are you sure with nice tits like those next to you you’re watching the fucking on the screen?”

“Yes sir. Just watching the people on the screen fucking.” I replied.

Mary still hadn’t covered up when the voice said, “Those are mighty nice tits little lady. Now I see why he has such a hard on.” With that said and the light pointedly shining on the tent my dick was making in the blanket the voice walked off.

“Don’t you think you should help the lady fasten her bra?” the voice asked at the next car where I had seen the couple fucking earlier.

“Oh my god. That was so exciting! I’ve never come so close to being caught naked out in public before. Didn’t you think it was exciting?” Mary excitedly whispered.

“I wouldn’t call it exciting. I’d call it scary as hell!” I told Mary.

“Do you know how exciting it was to expose my tits to a voice and light. I even thought about flashing my pussy at the voice. Now that would have been hot!” she said.

“I still don’t think it was exciting.” I responded.

“If you didn’t think it was exciting why have you got a hard-on?” Mary asked.

“Well, maybe you’re right. It was exciting to see your tits exposed. So why didn’t you flash your pussy? It would have been exciting to hear someone comment on the pussy I just fucked.” I said to Mary.

Mary didn’t answer me because she had my dick in her mouth and was sucking it to a full erection. As soon as it was hard enough to suit Mary she rolled a condom on it.

“Before we fuck again what would you think of rubbing my asshole with you thumb? I could straddle your legs facing the front of the car; you could wet your thumb with saliva and then rub my asshole. You could even push it in if you wanted to.” Mary suggested.

“Ok. I’ll try it.” I agreed.

With that said, Mary moved the blanket covering us and straddled my legs. As she leaned forward I wet my thumb and began rubbing her asshole in a firm circular manner. Mary really enjoyed my rubbing because she began pushing against my thumb. Taking the hint I held my thumb directly over the center of her asshole. With her gently pushing my thumb slipped into her ass. Soon my thumb was buried deep in her ass.

“Wet your other thumb. It’ll fit too.” Mary told me.

I thought she was crazy as I wet my other thumb and pushed against her asshole.

“Be gentle as you push it in. It’s stretching me so good. Push deep!” Mary said loudly. She was loud enough I was sure anyone close-by could hear her.

As my second thumb slid in as deep as the first, Mary began rubbing her pussy. She pushed back against my thumbs and rubbed herself until her whole body tensed up and she let out a loud moan. Again I’m sure anyone close-by could hear her.

Soon Mary held a cloth for me to take and told me, “Take your thumbs out and clean them really good with this so I don’t get an infection. Now I’m going to give you something special. Something most men never get at all or at least don’t get the same night they loose their virginity. Just relax. You’ll enjoy this.”

While I cleaned my thumbs I felt Mary rub my dick up and down the length of her wet pussy. After making sure I was wet with her juices, Mary positioned my dick against her stretched asshole. After hesitating for a moment to gauge my response, she started pushing against my dick. Suddenly the head popped past the tight ring of her asshole. Stopping for a moment to adjust to my size, Mary reached between her legs and gently pulled on my balls encouraging me to rise up and enter her hot, tight ass. With my pushing in and Mary pushing back I was soon buried completely in her. She didn’t pull off of me but instead sat completely on my dick rocking slowly.

“What do you think? Isn’t this better than fucking my pussy? Now do you understand why guys always want to fuck women in their ass?” Mary wanted to know asking me in a halting strained voice as she continued rocking on my dick.

“Oh, this is great. Your ass is so hot and tight. I won’t say it’s better than your pussy but it is great. As a matter of fact, I may end up cuming in you.” I told Mary trying very hard not to cum.

“Don’t you dare cum. I’m not through with you. You have to do two things before you take me home.” Mary said as she pulled off of my dick.

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“Pull that condom off, drop it outside and roll a clean one on.” she told me moving off my legs and lying back on the seat with her legs on either side of me.

“I want you to turn around then lick my pussy. I want you to lick me until I cum. Can you do that?” Mary wanted to know.

“Sure I can do it but since I’ve never done it before you’ll have to help me do it right!” I told her excitedly.

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you what to do. This is for me so you will do it right. Now turn around and begin licking up and down between my pussy lips. If you want to lick my asshole or stick your tongue in my pussy that will be great.” she told me.

Turning between her legs I leaned forward and tentatively licked between her lips. The taste was great. I then licked her from her pubic hair to her asshole. I had found my calling in life. I was going to become a professional pussy licker. In order to help me Mary used her fingers to spread her lips. After licking and fucking her hole with my tongue, Mary directed me to what I later learned was her clit. She told me to suck on it, pull it with my lips and even carefully nibble it with my teeth. Following her guidance I sent Mary into what must have been a mind-blowing orgasm. She lifted her hips up off of the seat, grabbed my head pulling my mouth tighter against her pussy and clamped my head tightly between her tights. Mary bucked holding me so tight I thought she was going to kill me. Finally she stopped making me move my mouth off her pussy and clit.

“That was great for your first time. After a few more times you will be the best I ever had eat my pussy. Now since I’m sure you still have a hard on, you need to put your dick in my pussy and fuck me. Not just fuck but fuck me fast, hard and for a long time. Do everything you can not cum because I need it to last. Can you do that?” Mary asked.

My answer was to slide my dick into her wet pussy. It was hot and tight as I started pumping hard, fast and deep into her. Every time I pushed in, Mary lifted her ass to meet my thrust causing me to go as deep as possible. Fuck a long time. These four words kept going through my mind until finally I could not hold back any longer.

“I’m can’t hold back any longer!” I urgently told Mary.

“Cum any time you have to! I’m ready!” she told me in a strained voice.

With that said I began filling the condom with cum. Suddenly the interior of the car lit up as bright as day causing me sit up pulling my dick out of Mary’s pussy. Then we heard ‘the voice’ that was attached to the light.

“I told you earlier you had nice tits. Now I see you have a pretty pussy with red hair to match your head. Looks like you’ve been well fucked so I’ll leave you two alone except to tell you to dress and leave the theater. It’s against the law to be naked fucking in public and the back seat of a car in a theater parking lot is considered in public. The police will make their rounds in 20 minutes so this is your only warning. Oh yea. Don’t throw any more rubbers out of the car. Take them home or throw them out on the highway. Now you’ve got 19 minutes. Hope you kids had fun. Come back to see us.” the voice said as the light disappeared.

“Sorry you got interrupted just as you started to cum. Toss that condom out of the car and I’ll clean your dick up before you dress.” she told me.
As soon as I pulled the condom off and tossed it out, Mary was on her knees licking my dick clean before stopping and telling me to get my shorts and shirt on so we could leave the theater. I couldn’t find my briefs when I looked for them. Then I realized that was the cloth Mary had given me to clean my thumbs on. After finding my briefs just like the previous evening they went out the window.

“Don’t you think you need to put your dress on so we can leave?” I asked Mary.

“I don’t want to dress. I really like being naked so I’ll just slip my dress on and not button it until we get in my driveway. Do you think you can drive with me sitting next to you showing my tits and pussy to anyone who gets lucky?” she asked me.

“I don’t want everyone to see you but I’ll probably get hard if they do.” I told her.

So we moved to the front seats and started toward Mary’s house. She enjoyed riding with her dress open. When we stopped at a stoplight there was a car in next lane with three guys in it. Without saying anything Mary slipped her dress of her shoulders and raised up flashing the guys her breasts. Just as they noticed and started yelling about her ‘nice tits’ the light changed and I sped off. This scene was to be repeated four other times before we got to the turn-in to where Mary’s house was.

“Pull over as soon as you turn in so I can button my dress and brush my hair. I don’t want to go in the house with a well fucked look.” Mary said with a grin.

Its wonderful 18-year-old males have such a short recovery time for erections because I already had one from watching Mary flash both males and females as we drove. I don’t know what made me so bold but as she brushed her hair I unzipped my shorts and took my dick out. Sitting there stroking myself I asked Mary if she wanted to suck my dick again before I took her to her house. With a knowing smile she turned in the seat, leaned over the console and began sucking my dick. I tried to let Mary finish but the sensations were so overpowering I had to make her quit before I could cum.

“Ok. You better take me home now if you don’t want me to finish you off.” Mary told me with a knowing smile.

“You know we only used three of those condoms tonight. How about if we go out another night this week then you can teach me other things. Then we can use a couple more condoms.” I told Mary just as we turned into her driveway.

“You really are eager aren’t you? Have I created a sex fiend? My parents are going out of town this week so call me and we’ll spend a couple of evenings in my bed instead of the back seat of your car although it’s been great the last two evenings!” she told me. After kissing me and putting my hand on her wet pussy for a moment, Mary got out. Walking up to the door, Mary flashed me her ass for the second night in a row.

I called Mary on Tuesday to see when we could get together again. That was when she told me her boyfriend that I didn’t know she had, found out about our two dates and was very upset about her cheating. She asked me to give it a couple of weeks for things to calm down and we would get together. We never did get together after that but one time. I went over to her house a few weeks later. We were in her bedroom lying on the bed when her Mother opened the door and walked in unexpectedly. She saw Mary’s gown up, her legs spread with her panties off, my dick out and Mary jacking me off. Reacting like a typical parent she screamed for me to get out and never come back. Her Mother simply stood there partially blocking the doorway staring down at us. I didn’t even bother to put my dick back in my shorts. I just excused myself, brushed past her Mother and bolted for the front door and my car. Once I was several blocks from the house I stopped and put my erection back in my pants and drove home.

I don’t know if Mary even remembers that weekend but I will be forever grateful to her for the very through introduction she gave me to the erotic pleasures of sex. Thank you, Mary!

After a time I finally had to throw the left over condoms out after Torrie found them.

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