1925 Modern Gloria

“Gloria, what am I going to do with you?”

“What do you mean Mom?”

“Another new dress, you just bought one last month.”

“Mom, it’s 1925, it’s modern times, I’m 18, working and making a good salary.”

“I know honey, I just don’t want to see you spend all your money, and before you get started I know you kick money into the family fund.”

“So do you like the dress Mom?” I said as I spun around.

“You know you look lovely,” she said with a smile.

“Thanks Mom, got to scoot, I don’t want to be late for work.”

I dashed out of the house saying goodbye to my sister who was just coming downstairs, she told me to stop by her shop on my way home. I walked to the corner and only waited a minute or two before the trolley arrived to take me uptown.

I work as a typewriter for a large law office, a job I got after I finished school a month ago. I hope to advance into more clerical responsibilities.

My Dad has a responsible position with a bank and he arranged for the interview with the firm that hired me. I think he was surprised that I got the position, not because I wasn’t smart enough, which basically I’m over qualified for, but the fact that I’m a modern girl, a flapper as we’re called by the older generation. Dad still cringes when he sees me and my sister go out of the house with a dress or skirt with our legs showing.

My sister Kay, short for Katherine, is one year and a day older than me, she was the one that had to fight the fight with Dad to let us dress and wear our hair like most of the girls our age. Mom, though she never said as much, liked the fact that we were gaining independence.

My sister works as a salesgirl in a clothing store. I also have another older sister who is married with two children, an older brother who is also married with a family, he works for the railroad. There is also a younger sister and younger brother who are still in school.

I have, I believe to be, a nice figure, the only other female I’ve seen naked is my sister and our bodies are similar. Our breasts are a good size and we don’t have any extra fat on us, but we do have curves. Rude men from the construction sites whistle at me, I turn my head to ignore them, I also don’t want them to see me smiling, does that make me a bad person?

I’ve never had a steady boyfriend so needless to say I’m a virgin. The only experience I’ve had was at the 4th of July dance when I was dancing with Tommy Miller and I could feel his thing getting hard and he pressed it against me, it felt pretty good.

I think Kay might not be a virgin, but she’s not saying.

I do touch myself at night until I have the most glorious feeling, when doing that I think about how nice it would be to have a boy touch me there. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a girl touch me there also, that scares me a little.

I arrived at my desk on time and was given my assignments for the day by my supervisor Mrs.Gumble, very attractive in a mature kind of way, I would guess in her late 30’s or early 40’s, she is not known to socialize with her workers. My friend Ruth saw her smile once, something I’ve yet to experience.

At lunch time I sat with Ruth a 23 year old attractive girl and we chatted about some of the work we were doing and what we had planned for the weekend.

“So Gloria what have you planned for Saturday,” asked Ruth.

“I haven’t decided yet,” I answered knowing darn well I had nothing planned.

“I’m going to a new speakeasy tomorrow night with some of the girls; do you want to join us?”

Ruth has been trying to get me to go to a speakeasy with her since we first met on the job. I’ve never been to one and the only alcohol I’ve ever had is a glass of wine we were allowed to have at Christmas. She told me I don’t have to drink, there were plenty of cool guys to dance with and the jazz bands were the cats meow. I’ve always declined, but heck I should have some fun.

“Yes, I would like that,” I answered.

“Oh Gloria, that’s great.”

She then told me she’s never been to the club we’re going to, but a friend of hers has been there, so it’ll be a new experience for both of us.

We then made plans that I would go to her house and we could go to the club together. She said I could spend the night at her house just incase we got tipsy and I didn’t want to travel home alone at night.

All I had to do is figure out what to tell my parents where I was going.

The remainder of the afternoon flew by.

On the way home I stopped at the shop my sister worked at. Kay and one other girl were the only ones in the store when I arrived.

“Not very busy,” I said as I walked up to her.

“This is the lull time, we were busy most of the day and it’ll get busy again after dinner time.”

“So why did you want me to stop by?” I asked.

“We just got a new line of step-ins and I know you needed some.”

“How would you know I need new underwear?” I asked, knowing darn well she’s been borrowing mine when she hasn’t done her own laundry.

“I thought you mentioned it,” she said.

“I don’t remember saying that, but as a matter of fact I could use a pair or two.”

“They’re over here follow me.”

As we walked to the rear of the store we passed a boy that was carrying boxes.

“That’s Charlie, he’s our stock boy,” Kay said, before I even asked.

I spotted a dress hanging on a rack that I thought was gorgeous and took it with me to try on.

Kay showed me the step-ins and asked me if I wanted to try them on.

“You let people try on underwear?” I asked.

“Sure why not?”

“Okay I’ll try this pair on for size,” I said as I walked towards the dressing room.

“I have a customer in the front of the store,” Kay said as she walked away.

The changing area was nothing more than some tri-fold screens which were backed by a wall.

I removed my dress and was in my slip. I thought I heard some movement behind me, but there was nothing but a wall. As I was stepping out of my underwear I turned towards the wall again, when I noticed a small hole in the wall about waste high and saw an eyeball looking at me, that’s when I screamed.

I have no idea what I planned on doing, but not being a shrinking violet I ran out in front of the screen and saw a doorway to my right. Still in my slip I charged through the doorway and found myself in the stockroom. That’s where I found the stock boy Charlie standing there holding up his hands in a defensive position.

“I’m so sorry; I didn’t mean to scare you. Please don’t tell Kay.”

“Don’t tell Kay what,” Kay said as she ran into the stockroom, “and what was the screaming about? Gloria you’re in your slip.”

I kind of felt sorry for Charlie, he looked scared to death, but the little pervert was peeking at me.

“Charlie what did you do?” Kay asked as she placed her hands on her hips, just like Mom does when she’s going to scold my little brother.

Charlie just stood there.

“Charlie didn’t do anything, he was back here working and I thought I saw mouse and screamed and ran back here. I startled him and he said a curse word, that’s what he didn’t want me to tell you,” I said hoping my spur of the moment lie was remotely believable.

It wasn’t.

“Gloria we don’t have mice, and since when do you run away from something. Now get dressed, I have customers,” she said as she left the room.

“Thank you for not telling, I really need this job.”

“Did you put the peep hole in the wall?”

Blushing he said, “No I found it one day when I was working back here. Someone else must have done it, maybe another stock boy.”

“Do you peek at all the customers?”

“I take my break and lunch back here and sometimes I peek.”

“Well be more careful or you will get fired, because I don’t believe Kay believed a word I said.”

“How do you know Kay so well?”

“She’s my sister and I don’t think she would appreciate someone peeking at her naked sister.”

“I didn’t see you naked,”

“What did you see?” I asked feeling a sexy ache in my tummy just from talking like this, plus talking like this only half dressed.

He hesitated then said, “Well I saw your legs above your stockings and got a quick peek of your bottom when you bent over.”

I could feel myself blushing and my nipples were getting hard. I was not feeling like a church going girl.

“Are you on break now?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s why I was back here and I knew you were going to try on some clothing.”

“Well you continue your break and I’m going back and try on some step-ins and a dress,” I said with a smile.

Charlie had a puzzled look on his face, then he got it, and gave me a big grin.

I went back to where I was changing, took a deep breath and took my slip off.

Knowing Charlie was looking at my bare behind made me shake a little. I then removed my brassiere and stood there wearing just my stockings and shoes. I slowly turned around and faced the eye in the wall. I know I was blushing, but this was so sexy standing there so Charlie could see my breasts and my beaver, no one has ever seen me naked before and I was feeling an excitement that I never felt before.

“Charlie, come out here I need you have to help someone with a package,” yelled Kay.

The eye disappeared from the hole so that was the end of my show. I was shaking like a leaf when I got dressed.

I went out to return the dress to the rack, which I never did try on, and selected three pairs on underwear. Kay was with another customer, the store was getting busy, and apparently an additional sale girl was working now, so I paid her, gave Kay a wave and went home.

My Mom, Dad, and my younger brother and sister and I sat at the diner table and shared our events of the day, something we did at dinner every night. Mom kept a plate warm for Kay when she got home at 8:30.

I asked my parents if I could spend Saturday night with my friend Ruth from work, we were going to go to the films, then go to her house and have cookies and talk. My dad looked at Mom and she shook her head okay.

I was in my room reading when I heard a knock on my door, it was Kay.

“So what was that nonsense with Charlie at the store?”

“I told you,” I answered, but not all that convincingly.

“Was he peeking at you?”

“You know about the peek hole?” I said.

“If I didn’t I would now, but yes I know about it.”

“Don’t fire him; he’s just doing what boys do.”

“I’m not going to fire him, I like Charlie.”

“How do you know Charlie has a peek hole,” I asked.

“I caught him peeking at me when I was trying something on,” she said with a smile.

“What did you do?”

“I pretended I didn’t see him.”

“You didn’t yell at him or threaten his job?” I asked wondering how that could be.

“No, I let him peek at me when ever I change,” she said with a grin I don’t think I ever saw on her.

“You mean you let him look at you undressed?”

“Well he doesn’t know that I know about his peek hole, but yes I know he’s looking at me, and don’t think bad of me, I like that he’s looking at me.”

“I don’t know what to say, I’m shocked,” I answered with no plans at all to confess to her that I let Charlie watch me and enjoyed it also, which will remain my secret.

“I still don’t believe your story, but I think I know what the truth is, but I’m not going to worry about it. Goodnight Gloria,” she said as she left my room.

I was thinking I was being perverted for showing myself and now come to find out my sister does it all the time. What’s the world coming to?

Saturday was always when we helped Mom with the choirs and made sure they were finished my lunch time when Dad came home from working half day. We would sit down to eat, and then each of us would go about our business until dinner.

I took the trolley to Ruth’s house having to switch trolleys only once. It was a beautiful brownstone on a very nice block. I never really thought about where she lived before now.

I rang the doorbell and it was answered by a well dressed woman in her 50’s.

“Oh you must be Gloria, come in please, Ruth will be down shortly. I’m Ruth’s mother.”

“Pleased to meet you Mrs. R,” I said as I entered the house.

“Please, call me Joan,”

“Okay pleased to meet you, Joan,” I said with a smile.

I met Ruth’s father and we chatted until Ruth came down stairs ready to go. Her father made a comment about her skirt being too short and the neckline to low, he sounded like my dad.

“Dad, this is what everyone’s wearing, you have to get hip to the jive,” she said with a smile, as her father winced.

“Don’t be an owl girls,” her mother said, with a laugh.

‘How cool are you Mom, where did you learn that?”

“I’m not as old fashioned as you might think,” she answered good spiritedly.

“What does don’t be an owl mean?” asked her husband.

“It means don’t be out late.”

“I give up, have fun girls and don’t be an owl,” he said as he left the room.

We all laughed.

We walked back up to the avenue and hopped on the first trolley going uptown. There were a lot of flappers some with their guys and others like Ruth and me going out on the town laughing and talking.

“This is our stop Gloria.”

“Do you know where we’re going?”

“My friends will meet us on the corner, oh there they are now,” she said as she waved at two girls who were waving at us.

I was introduced to both of them and they both seemed very nice. We made up quite a group. I was tall and blonde; Ruth was just about my height and body shape with black hair. Peggy one of the girls I was introduced to was a redhead with very large breasts and she was showing ample cleavage. Mae was 5 feet tall if that and was oriental, Chinese or something, with shoulder length black hair and she was wearing a silk pajama looking jacket and a skirt that had a slit up the side that showed off her beautiful black stocking covered leg, she was very exotic looking. When she spoke she sounded like the rest of us, meaning no accent. Both girls looked to be in their 20’s and I don’t know how Ruth knows them.

“Where to?” asked Ruth.

“Half way up the block, let’s go,” said Mae, as she led the way.

We walked up the block and approached a building that looked like any other building on the block, not homes, more like lofts for light manufacturing businesses.

Mae knocked three times, this was exciting. A large man, a very large Negro man answered the door, Mae said we’re here to cut up the rug, he looked at all of us and I guessed he liked what he saw and said, “Welcome ladies, come in and don’t behave,” and let out a big laugh. We all laughed along with him, this was exciting and a little scary too.

We climbed up one flight of stairs and a door opened before we even knocked.

The sound of loud music and laugher washed over us. .

As soon as we entered the room we were swept away on the dance floor. I love to dance and my body just started to move when I heard the band. This joint was indeed jumping.

You really didn’t a partner on the dance floor there were so many people moving at once you were automatically dancing with several people. People of all sizes and shapes were flying around the floor. I was surprised to see people of different races dancing together, these really were modern times. After my third or fourth lap around the floor I saw the girls waving to me from a spot at the bar they were able to settle in at. I was able to get to them, I was already sweating.

“Wow Gloria, you really know how to move,” said Ruth.

“I hear music and my legs take over,” I laughed.

Mae handed me a drink, without me asking so I took it. I gave it a sip and nearly choked on it. The girls laughed and told me I would get use to it, I wasn’t convinced, but took a second sip. I can do this I thought to myself.

We had so much fun doing the Charleston with any fella that would ask. One guy was teaching me the American tango; it was the first time I had someone hold me so close since Tommy Miller at the 4th of July dance.

There was one problem I had, my new step-ins fell off me while I was dancing. I almost fell on my face when they slid around my ankles, but I kicked them off before I crashed.

I heard laughter has people noticed them on the floor, but they would just dance over them. Pegging saw it happened and was cracking up laughing when I joined her back at the bar.

“Oh my god how embarrassing,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it a lot of the girls here tonight didn’t wear any in the first place.”

I didn’t believe her until one girl was being swung around on the dance floor and all the guys cheered.

Peggy told each one of our group what happened to me as they returned from dancing.

Mae whispered in my ear,” I don’t have any on either,” and gave me a wink.

That made me feel a touch better, especially since what it ever it was I was drinking was going down nice and easy.

Ruth came up to me and said,” Mae knows of a private joint and asked if we wanted to go.”

“What’s does private mean?”

“I don’t know,” said Ruth.

Mae over heard Ruth’s answer and stepped up to us.

“You have to be known to the doorman to get in.”

“Who knows the doorman?” I asked.

“Why I do, of course,” said Mae with a smile.

“This seems like a fun place to me I vote to stay here,” said Ruth.

“Okay this is fun, and the other place has naked people there and who wants to see that,” replied Mae.

“So where is this place?” I asked trying not to act too interested, which didn’t fool anybody.

“Well its right upstairs, through that door,” said Mae as she pointed to a red door on the other side of the building.

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“I don’t think any of us are that wild,” I said, then broke out laughing as looked out on the dance floor and saw Peggy doing the shimmy with her big breast swinging from side to side. One of them almost escaped the top of her dress which made the guys cheer. Okay so maybe some of us are that wild.

“Maybe saying naked people wasn’t the best way to say it, but if Peggy was upstairs now she could shimmy topless,” said Mae.

This is a whole new world for me. I mean I wear my hair and dress like a flapper, but the rest of it, like drinking, smoking and all the touching on the dance floor is all new, very exciting, but new.

Peggy came off the dance floor out of breath, but managed to say,” Some guy out on the floor said I should be dancing upstairs, what’s up stairs?”

“Funny you should ask,” Said Ruth, “we were just talking about going up there, Mae seems to know people that will let us join the fun.”

“So what are we doing standing here?” Apparently the drinks were going down easy for Peggy too.

We all looked at each other waiting for one of us to make a decision. Mae walked towards the door and we followed. She knocked on the red door and it opened, she something to the man that opened the door and he stepped out of our way so we could enter. On the next level there was another door, but all we had to do was walk through it.

The music and aroma was like downstairs, but I smelled a different odor of smoke also.

As soon as we entered a girl met us and led us to a table set along the dance floor where we could sit. She didn’t have a top on! I was stunned and when I looked about I saw all the waitresses were topless. How exciting is this joint? As soon as she took our drink orders, someone ordered for me, because I still had no idea what I was drinking, we all talked at once about the topless women.

The dance floor was jumping and true to what Mae said there were women with their breasts exposed, not waitresses’ girls like us.

I was the first to accept a dance, by a guy that was dark, not a Negro, but with darker skin and black slicked back hair and mustache. He was wearing slacks and his shirt was unbuttoned and I could see his sweaty chest.

I looked over at the table to see the girl’s reaction and saw they were all heading out to the dance floor with guy partners, the men aren’t shy about dancing here. We all danced up a storm for two dances, then the band played a slow foxtrot. My dance partner pulled me close to him, very close to him and we moved around the dance floor
“You dance very well,” he whispered in my ear with an accent I didn’t recognize.

“Thank you, I love to dance.”

“It is a custom in this club that when there is a slow close dance like this, the woman bares her breasts.”

“Does what?” Not too sure I heard him correctly.

“Look around and you will see.”

I did look around and sure enough the woman were opening up their tops and if wearing a bra removing it. I finally saw Ruth and see saw me the same, she smiles and took her top off. Well who was I to be a party pooper.

“Okay I don’t want to be a party pooper,” I said as I unbuttoned the front of my dress and let the top hang around my waist.

“Such beautiful breast, what is you name?”

“Thank you and my name is Gloria and you are?”

He didn’t answer just pulled me close so my bare breasts were pressed against his sweaty chest. Oh my God this was sexy. Another first for me.

The next first was while we danced his hands slid down my back and he held my behind in his hands.

When the slow dance ended the band started the Charleston so fast no one had time to put their tops back on, so we all danced around bare breasted. I loved it when guys would look at me, some would try to touch, but I would slap their hands away which most found to be funny.

I finally had to catch my breath and I returned to our table. Mae was sitting there and Ruth and Peggy were still dancing. Peggy’s big breasts seemed to be the big hit of the dance floor.

“Having fun Gloria,” asked Mae with a grin.

“Should I put my top back on?” I asked.

“You look beautiful like that and my top is off so relax.”

Mae was small but she had beautiful breasts, not that I was an authority, though small they were perfectly shaped. I liked looking at them, but felt embarrassed when I realized I was staring at them and Mae grinned when I looked up at her.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to stare; this is all so new to me.”

“Enjoy yourself Gloria, you’re the main attraction here tonight, I’m feeling a little jealous,” Mae said.

“Me, what do you mean?”

“Gloria that’s part of your allure, you don’t know how sexy you are. All the guys I know here have all asked me about you and just from watching you dancing I could see fellas checking you out.”

I didn’t have a response to her comments, but I liked it that guys were looking at my breasts.

“Someday we should go to the peek-a-boo speakeasy together I think you would like that, do you like having the guys looking at your tits?”

“It’s something I don’t have much experience with, but tonight has been fun. What’s the peek-a-boo speakeasy?”

She was about to answer when Ruth came running up.

“Christ Gloria, its 5 o’clock in the morning, my dad will have a cow if he wakes and we’re not home yet.”

Peggy and Mae decided to stay and Ruth and I got our clothing in order and left. On the way out the Negro doorman told me to be sure to come back, he’d let me in anytime.

“Thank you Sir.” And he let out his big laugh.

We got to Ruth’s house and were able to get inside without waking anyone.

We slept for two hours when Ruth’s mom woke us up.

“Wake up you two lazy bones, breakfast is laid out”.

What could we do, but roll out of bed, Ruth let me wear a robe of hers and we went down stairs for breakfast.

I was famished and really enjoyed my food and the family conversation. After we ate I went and got dressed and said my good-by’s and hopped the trolley home.

I was walking down my street and saw my family walking towards me from the other side of block. We arrived at our front porch at the same time. My younger brother and sister didn’t acknowledge me at all and just scurried off to get in their play clothes. My dad said good morning but gave me a disapproving looking.

Mom and Kay smiled and gave me a warm greeting.

Mom went inside to prepare lunch and Kay sat on one of the rockers on the front porch. I plopped down in the chair next to her.

“Gloria, about what I told you yesterday, about you know?”

“You mean letting Charlie peek at you.”

“Damn it Gloria not so loud.”

I said while laughing,” I wasn’t that loud and I was just teasing with you, what about your perversion?”

“I’m not perverted.”

“Okay I won’t fool around, what is it?”

“I just wanted to make sure you will never tell anyone about it. I could lose my job.”

“I promise I would never say a word, but you should get fired for selling me that cheap underwear.”

“I don’t sell cheap anything, what are you talking about.”

I lifted my dress and showed her I was naked.

“Your cheap step-ins fell off me on the dance floor.”

We paused for a second then started laughing and we couldn’t stop. The harder we tried to stop the more we laughed. Finally my Dad came out to the porch and told us to stop carrying on and act like proper ladies. Lord knows we wanted to stop laughing especially with Dad being mad, but we both started laughing louder. We did manage to run past him and head to our bedrooms to calm ourselves.

The next few weeks at work were very busy and very stressful. I was even able to get some over time. The job was mind numbing, but I tried to stay focused.

After receiving a stack of documents that needed to be typed I noticed an error on one of the pages. It had to do with a point of law that was different from documents I was working on earlier in the week. I told Mrs.Gumble and she told me in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t a lawyer and shouldn’t concern myself with what I was typing, just type. I told okay but it was her neck if I was correct. She gave that some thought then told me and the other four typewriters that were working on this particular contract to stop, until she conferred with the attorney in charge of this contract.

The other girls thanked for finding the error, not because they cared about the error itself, but since they had to stop typing they were able to take a break and all headed off to the break room. I was thinking I better stay close by I didn’t want to have Mrs.Gumble have to look for me when she returned. I’m glad I made that decision because it was only a few minutes later when she came to my desk and said one of the senior partners in the firm wanted to see me. I couldn’t tell from her demeanor if I was in big trouble or not.

The elevator took us up three levels to a part of the building I wasn’t in before. This is where the attorneys had their offices with the secretarial pool in the center with all the offices surrounding the floor. Mrs.Gumble led me past the secretaries which I knew on sight form the cafeteria, some smiled at me others were too busy working to notice.

“So you must be the typewriter that knows law,” said Mr. Bryce the senior partner, as we entered his massive office.

“Hello sir, my names Gloria,” I said as I approached his desk to shake his hand.

He seemed surprised that I did that, but didn’t say anything just shook my hand.

“So tell me Gloria, why do you believe this line in the contract is incorrect?”

I explained to him how I was typing a similar contract earlier in the week and I noticed the difference in the wording.

“Well as it so happens, you’re absolutely right,” he said and smiled.

“I pointed the error out to Mrs Gumble and she said I was correct also,” I said, giving Mrs.Gumble a boost in the bosses’ eye.

“Well it’s very nice that you shared your praise with her, but she already told me she wasn’t sure and that’s why she came to me, but it shows me you’re a team player.”

“Thank you,” I said, not really knowing what a team player meant.

He asked me how long I was with the company and how I liked working here. He thanked me again for catching the error; he then started shuffling papers on his desk so we knew it was time to leave.

“Thank you for telling Mr. Bryce that I noticed the mistake, that was very nice of you.”

“It’s okay.”

“Gloria I would like to treat you to dinner tonight.”

That took me completely by surprise, but it would be a new experience, dinner with the boss.

“Thank you very much Mrs.Gumble that would be lovely.”

We didn’t have telephone at home, so I called my sister at the store and told her I was going to be late and tell Mom not to hold dinner for me. She was impressed that my boss was taking me to dinner.

We hailed a cab outside our building and Mrs.Gumble gave the driver an address and off we went.

The restaurant was one of the new trending places in Harlem. I was surprised because I was thinking she would be taking me to a little local establishment, this was keen.

We ordered dinner and they served us real wine, no hooch here, someone was getting paid off to look the other way.

“Thank you so much Mrs.Gumble for inviting me, it wasn’t necessary.”

“I know it wasn’t honey, and please tonight call be Anna.”

I was taken back a little by her calling me honey, does she think of me as a kid?

She told me she was a widow; losing her husband in the war, she doesn’t have children so basically she’s devoted her time to her job. We chatted throughout dinner and yes, she smiled, smiled a lot. It’s funny how much different people are when out socially.

“So Gloria, do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, I haven’t met anyone that interests me.”

“Are you seeing anyone?”

“No, like you I haven’t met anyone that I would date. I get asked out a lot by the lawyers, the married ones, and that’s not something I want to get involved in. I don’t need sex that bad, I get relieved other ways.”

“What do you mean relieved?”

“You know when you feel sexy and you need to relieve the tension.”

Is my boss, I mean Anna, telling me she touches herself too?

“I must be feeling the wine, sorry I said that,” Anna said.

“No, that’s okay, I’m interested.”

“I go to a health clinic and sit in a steam room, then I receive a massage, which can get quite personal.” She said with a grin.

“The lady masseuse touches you, down there?” I asked, feeling shocked and excited.

“It’s not a female masseuse,” she said, while studying me for a reaction, she got one.

“Oh my god that’s unreal.”

She laughed and said, “Gloria it’s very real, you should try it sometime.”

“I will for sure.”

Our dessert was served and the conversation was changed.

As we talked about the other people in the restaurant I couldn’t help but think about being touched down there by a masseuse. Anna must have noticed the dreamy look on my face.

“Gloria what’s on you mind?”

“I was just thinking about the masseuse.”

“I hope I didn’t shock you, please don’t tell anyone at work about this, please,” Anna said with a concerned look on her face.

“Oh you got it wrong; I was thinking it was copasetic.”

She laughed and said, “Do you want to go now?”

I grinned back and said “sure I can use some relief.” And we both laughed.

The cab let us off at a stark looking building with a metal plate attached by the door saying Swedish health club and under that, members only.

“Are you a member?”

“Yes and I can bring a guest for a nominal fee.”

“How much?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about it honey, it’s my treat.”

Anna checked in at the front desk and told them we want some time in the steam room plus we want a massage. I think Anna said special massage and the lady at the counter gave her a conspiratorial smile then asked male of female and Anna replied young male.

Anna led me to the locker room. We were each assigned lockers that were next to each other.

“Now Gloria we take our clothes off and put them in the locker, then we take a towel from over there to sit on and go into the stream room to sweat some, from there we go to the massage rooms where I arranged that we will be massaged.”

“Okay” was all I said, because my boss, Anna, was lifting her dress over her head.

I stood there like a dope as she removed her dress. She didn’t say anything she just looked back at me as she removed each garment. It was like she was enjoying stripping for me. She had breasts larger than I would have imagined from seeing her dressed. She had a slim waist and full hips, I nice rounded tummy, like mine, and a lot of dark curly hair on her puss. When my eyes finally made it back up to her face she smiled and said,

“Do you like looking at my body?”

I could barely get the words out,” yes very much Anna.”

“I’m glad, now it’s your turn to undress.”

I slowly took my clothing off knowing she was watching my every move and I wanted her to like looking at me as much as I liked looking at her. “Gloria you’re as beautiful nude as I thought you would be.”

She was thinking about what I would look like nude?

“I’m glad you think so,” and I was glad, but not sure exactly why.

She took me by my hand and led me into the stream room. I was surprised to see that there were about a half dozen naked women in there already. I could hardly see due to the stream, but they were as naked as we were. Anna said hello to one of the lady’s and she responded to her by name, so I guess they know each other from other visits.

Anna and I sat right next to each other; we sat on our towels and were completely uncovered. It didn’t take long for the sweat, or as my parents would correct me by saying perspiring, the way it was soaking my body, it was sweat.

I would steal a peek next to me and look at Anna’s breasts .I know she was looking at me also, we didn’t say anything just smile at each other. A strange feeling came over me one time when we were looking at each other face to face, I had the strongest feeling to lean into her and kiss her lips, when I realized what I was about to do I pulled back. Anna gave me a big smile with a chuckle.

The ladies drifted out of the steam room and a lady called in say that our masseuses’ were ready for us. Anna took me by the hand again, like I was a school girl and led me out of the steam room. We covered ourselves with our towels and went into a room that was very warm. There were two tables with white sheets on them next to each other. A female attendant, the same one that told us our masseuses were ready helped us get settled on the tables with nothing but a towel covering our behinds. When she left Anna said she could have them put a curtain between us for privacy. I would have preferred that, but I didn’t want to seem like a prude so I said this way was fine. I must confess I was feeling a little scared.

Two men entered the room both were blonde and wearing white shirts and slacks. One man was more a boy than man I would guess around 19 and the other one was a man of about 30.

The younger one stood next to Anna and the older guy stood next to me. They had their backs to each other so they could only see who they were massaging. Anna and I had our heads turned so we could see each other.

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He began at my feet rubbing me with warm oil, which smelled like spring. He took his time and even though I could feel the strength in his hands he was very gentle. When his hands got to the towel covering my rump, I was disappointed when he moved to my neck and shoulders, from there he worked down towards my behind again.

At last he removed the towel and I felt so sexy having a man seeing my bare cheeks. I felt even more excited when he started rubbing me there with hot oil. He actually had his hand between my ass cheeks. I looked over at Anna, she had her eyes closed but had a blissful look on her face. Her masseuse said something to her in I would have to guess was Swedish, and Anna rolled over on her back. My masseuse then said something to me which I didn’t understand, but I took my lead from watching Anna and rolled over. Good God he could see my tits and pussy, I felt so sexy.

As he applied the warm oil to my breasts my nipples were tingling so much I had to touch them myself, he gently moved my hands back to my side, I guess he didn’t need my help. When his hands oiled between my legs I moaned and didn’t care if Anna heard me or not I couldn’t help it, then Anna let out some moans of her own.

He touched all around my magic spot and I was going crazy, when I guess he figured I had enough, he directly rubbed me on the spot that I touch when playing with myself. I felt such a tremendous build up and such a release that I flopped around like a fish out of water, he didn’t stop rubbing me and I had that feeling one more time. I laid there breathing like I just ran a race. I turned my head to look at Anna and I saw that she was having the same experience I just had. She looked so beautiful then.

Both men left the room and left us to catch our breath.

“So what did you think?” asked Anna

“I was thinking I was going to lose my mind, I can’t believe I let anyone do that to me. This is a memory that will last forever.”

“Gloria I think you’ll have many more exciting memories. Let’s shower and get dressed.”

We went to the shower room which had shower heads with partitions between each one, but no curtain or door so anyone in the room can see you. I guess the Swedes aren’t very shy.

We took showers across from each other. I looked over at Anna and she slowly soaped her body, I took the hint and did the same thing. We stood facing each other touching ourselves for the others viewing pleasure. We both rubbed our magic spot, when I had my release my legs buckled and I almost feel on the floor. We both laughed out loud, it must have spoiled the mood for Anna because she didn’t finish.

We got dressed and I was concerned by the hour and the trip I had home. Anna told me not to worry and she hailed a cab, gave me money to pay him when I arrived home.

“Thank you so much Anna,” I said, as I got in the cab.

“See you tomorrow at work honey.”

It was after midnight when I arrived home, my parents were nun too happy to have their 18 year old daughter come home in a taxi at such a late hour. I heard all this in the morning while having breakfast.

I apologized and explained that me and Mrs.Gumble lost track of time in the restaurant and she paid for the cab.

“That’s all well and good Gloria, but the neighbors will think you were with a man until all hours,” explained Mom, Dad just looked over the top of the newspaper, too mad to speak.

I arrived at work on time and was given my assignments for the day by Mrs.Gumble, she didn’t act any different than any other day. I almost smiled at her, but caught myself in time.

I ate lunch with Ruth, but never mentioned my evening with Mrs.Gumble, I felt that would be best left out of the conversation.

Ruth asked me if I wanted to go to the speakeasy again this Saturday. I told her I would love to, but I didn’t think my parents would let me stay out late. She said her parents liked me and I could stay at her house again. I said I would have to let her know. She felt it necessary to remind me these are modern times and I was a modern working girl and my parents should get with it and not treat me like a child. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it?

At dinner that night my parents told us that my mother’s sister our Aunt Gladys had a fire in her home, no one was hurt, but the house has to be repaired so my aunt and her four kids would be staying with us. My uncle will stay in Brooklyn at a neighbor’s house so he can make the repairs with the help of some friends.

“Mom, how are all those people going to fit in our house?”

“All those people you refer to are family and this is what families do in time of need,” Mom said and looked upset.

“Sorry mom I didn’t mean for it to come out that way, what can we do to help?”

They will be here Saturday so we have to rearrange the sleeping accommodations, so I’ll need your here.”

“Okay Mom.”

I told Ruth the next day I couldn’t go to the clubs with her on Saturday.

I spent the day taking beds apart and moving them from one room to another.

I will now share a room with Kay, and one of my cousins.
My brother will share his room with the two male cousins and my younger sister will share a room with one of the younger girl cousins.

Kay got home early afternoon and was able to help out; this was a big transition for all of us. We understood about families helping each other out in the time of need and we’ll all go to heaven because of our goodwill, but it was going to be a pain in the ass.

Kay whispered to me she wishes the cousin in our room was our cousin Will who is a very handsome 18 year old, fat chance.

My aunt arrived with our cousins in time for dinner. We all ate and heard about the fire and how scary it was. My cousin Abby who is 19 like Kay will be in the same room with Kay and me, after dinner we took her upstairs and helped her get settled.

Our cousin Willie unfortunately had to sleep with the younger boys and not us ha ha.

My aunt would sleep with the younger girls.

Monday morning was the first test on we would all be able to get ready to leave the house for our respective jobs or school. Surprisingly everything moved alone well with my cousins leaving extra early to get back to Brooklyn for school and work, my dad was next to get ready and I was running behind schedule, but did manage to show up for work on time. Kay was the last to get up and we were all out of the house by then.

Ruth told me they had a blast Saturday and people were asking where I was, sorry I missed it.

The work week was busy, but nothing exciting happened. Mrs.Gumble remained polite and business like as usual.

Friday night Kay, Abby and I were lying in bed and were talking about this and that when Abby changed the topic of our conversation.

“I sure miss being felt up by my boyfriend.”

It was dark in the room so we couldn’t see the expressions on each others faces, but I know my mouth was wide open.

“Tell us more,” giggled Kay.

“Well, with staying here I haven’t been able to see him.”

“and when you see him he feels you up?” questioned Kay.

Laughingly Abby said, “Well we kiss and pet and yes I let him touch me, you must let your boyfriends to it to you.”

“Well yes I do,” said Kay.

“Kay, you let Jimmy John feel you,” I exclaimed.

“Of course I do,” answered Kay sounding like who she is.

“Does your boyfriend feel you up Gloria?” asked Abby.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, but if I did I would,” I said trying to be part of the conversation.

So Kay and Abby went on and on sharing dirty experiences while I was left out, no way was I going to tell them about the speakeasy or the time with the masseuses.

Kay spilled the beans about the stock boy looking at me. I didn’t mention Kay’s confession to me.

“Don’t you love seeing hard cocks?” said Abby when the conversation reached a lull.

Kay admitted she’s only seen Jimmy Johns and I had to say I never saw one, Abby said she’s seen three.

“Who’s were they?” I asked.

“One was my current boy friend and the other belonged to the neighbor next door, when we re young we would pull down our pants for each other.”

“And who was the third?” I asked wondering why I never saw one.

“My brother Willie shows me his.”

“You saw Will with a hard on?” said Kay.

“He likes to show it and I let him, sometimes I let him look at me, but don’t breath a word of that to anyone, now swear.”

“I swear,” both Kay and I said in unison.

Teasingly Abby said, “Maybe we can ask him to show it to you Gloria, so you can see one.”

“Okay,” I said, did that sound too eager?

Abby laughed and said she would ask him tomorrow.

I tossed and turned all night thinking about Will and also wondering if Abby was just teasing me. I rolled over onto my hand near dawn and relived myself, and then I was able to get some sleep.

Saturday morning Kay went to work and Will took the younger kids for a walk to the playground to get them out of the house. Abby and I helped Mom and Aunt Gladys clean the house.

When Abby and I were on the rear porch shaking out the bedding she said, “I asked Willie about what we talked about last night, but I think he thought I was just kidding so he didn’t answer. I’ll ask him again when he gets home. Think of someplace private were can do this.”

“Who’s we, isn’t it just going to be me and Will?”

“I’m sure Kay would want to come and I like seeing it too,” she said.

“We can go in the garage, we don’t have a car so over the years it’s become a playhouse for the kids,” I suggested.

We were all together for lunch and I couldn’t tell from the way Will was acting if Abby told him that it wasn’t a joke, we wanted to see his cock, which sounds bad when you say it, anyway he seemed his normal self.

It was mid afternoon, mom and my aunt went to the market with the kids, and dad was taking his afternoon nap.

I was in front of our house talking with some neighbors that were walking by when Kay called out the front door to me. They needed me in the garage. I excused myself from the neighbors and walked down the driveway and entered the garage through the side door. There stood Will, Kay and Abby.

“I hear you want to have some fun Gloria,” said Will with a grin.

I know I was blushing and just nodded my head yes.

We walked further to the rear of the building where we played house as kids.

“Okay so show us,” blurted out Kay.

“Oh it looks like you have interest also Kay.”

“Yes I do,” she answered. I never saw her act coyly before.

“Well first you girls have to earn a look.”

Abby said, “He wants to look at us first.”

Kay and I just looked at each other not knowing what to do first.

“I’ll go first,” said Abby

“Yes sweet big sister, show me your tits,” said Will with a smile.

Abby unbuttoned her blouse and set it aside; she then untied her camisole and exposed her breasts. Her breasts were larger than me and Kay’s, she ran her hands over them as we watched, and she was grinning the whole time.

Will said, “Look how hard Abby’s nipples are, she likes showing her tits, don’t you Abby?”

“Yes I like it very much.”

“Now pinch your nipples.”

She did as she was told, Kay and I couldn’t take our eyes off her, she was so sexy and didn’t seemed at all upset that it was her brother she was showing off too.

“Well girls don’t make Abby feel lonely take your tops off,” said Will, with a smile.

“Gloria you have such beautiful tits and what sexy pink nipples,” he said as soon as I turned around after removing my top.

“Oh my, It must run in the family, Kay you too have a fine set, such big sexy nipples.”

Kay gave him a big grin, because she does have big nipples and she told me that she didn’t know if boys liked big nipples of not, now she knows. Apparently Jimmy John her, boyfriend hasn’t had a good view of them, I’ll have to ask her about that.

“Girls do you like having me look at you tits?”

We answered we did, I was really enjoying this so far.

We were standing there with our breasts exposed and I was waiting for further instruction which seemed to me the way this game was going to be played.

Will didn’t say anything, he just walked up to me and felt my breasts, it was like electricity going through me. He then moved to his sister and rubbed her breasts and Abby let out a low moan. He went to Kay next and bent over and put his lips on her nipple and sucked on it, the look on Kay’s face made me think she might faint, but she didn’t she moved his head to other nipple.

He stepped back and said,” Okay ladies pussy time.”

“Don’t be crude,” scolded his sister.

We all took our skirts and underwear off at the same time with our bottoms facing him. When I turned around to face him I was stopped in my tracks because he had his pants pulled down and I was seeing a big hard cock sticking straight up and heavy balls hanging below. I felt like I was hit in the tummy from seeing such a beautiful sight.

Kay, let out a yelp when she first saw it.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” said Abby.

“Who wants to touch it,” asked Will in a low voice.

Abby took the lead again and walked up to him and took hold of his cock, she didn’t do anything to it just held it and looked at it.

She stepped away and Kay went up to him and held his large balls, then held his cock and stroked her hand back and forth on it. I think I saw Wills eyes rolled in his head. Kay didn’t look like she was planning on stopping so I had to tell her it was my turn, Will gave me a big grin,” come here Gloria, I believe it was you who hasn’t seen a mans hard cock before.” I gave a look to Abby and she just shrugged her shoulders.

“Kneel down so you can get a good look,” said Will.

I did as he asked and was on my knees in front of him with his cock and balls inches from my face. I marveled at hard it looked and the darker color almost purple that the head of it was, and the veins that I could see on the shaft and the balls just swung when he moved. His hair down there was the same color as mine I noticed also.

“hold my balls Gloria,” which I did, “don’t they feel heavy and warm?”

“I like the way they feel.”

“Now hold my cock.” Again I did as asked, “hold it with both hands,” I had one hand above the other like when I held a baseball bat in the school yard, this was so much better. “Do you want to do something extra special Gloria?”

“Depends,” I said, thinking he wanted to put it in me and I wasn’t about to lose my virginity with my sister watching. He wanted to put it in me alright, but a different place,

“Put the head of my cock in your mouth,” he was barely able to say.

I looked up at him like he was crazy, I heard of such things, but didn’t think girls really did that.

They do because Abby said, “it’s okay Gloria I do it to him all the time.”

Here goes nothing I had to pull his cock towards me and looked at the head of it; I saw the slit on the top of it and a silky clear liquid leaking out. I was feeling too hot to care what that might be. I opened my mouth and placed the head of his cock in my mouth, it was a very pleasant feeling. I didn’t know what to do, but the natural thing seemed to be to lick it with my tongue and suck.

“You better stop now Gloria or you’ll get a mouth full” said Abby. I’ll have to ask about that later.

Kay then took a turn sucking and licking his cock.

When it was Abby’s turn she did it with a lot more gusto then when me and Kay did it. When I thought it looked like Will was going to pass out or something Abby pulled her mouth away from his cock and pumped on it with her hand. Will gave a big moan and a stream of goo squirted out of him and splattered all over Abby’s face and breasts. What a sight, I had to sit down on a box so I wouldn’t fall over.

“Ever see a boy’s sperm?” asked Abby.

Kay and I both said no.

She walked up to us so we could inspect the goo that was covering her. I touched and it thought it was like warm clear gelatin.

I thought that was the end of today’s adventure when Will said, ” I want to see you girls play with yourself.”

I was already to do it, but we heard my aunt calling for Abby. She ran to the door, still naked and yelled to her Mom that she would be there in a minute. We all scrambled to get dressed.

When we were all dressed we inspected each other to make sure we all had it together.

Will said, “We’ll finish this some other time,” and we all readily agreed.

On Monday at work I was offered a new opportunity!

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