A Bad Influence Ch. 01

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Alistair sat on the edge of his bed and listened to the voices going up and down the corridor. Part of him desperately wanted to join in, but he was shy and didn’t have a clue how to start.

He’d arrived on Sunday and everyone else had got there on the Saturday, so by the time he was settled in with all his stuff unpacked, all the others on the corridor had got to know each other and were already partying hard.

Whenever he’d thought about university it had always been with some misty-eyed view of what it would be like. For one thing he himself would be totally different – less skinny, less gangly, less shy.

He’d make loads of really good friends, go out and get drunk like other teenagers and he’d have sex. All the time. Lots and lots of sex.

He hated the way he looked and he knew his social skills left something to be desired and it was these he blamed for the fact that he was nearly nineteen and still a virgin. There’d been girls that he fancied, but he could rarely summon up the courage to talk to them and, if he did, they called him ‘sweet’ and counted him as one of their closest friends.

Now he was here, there was literally only a door between him and drunken fraternising with possible future friends and lovers, but he couldn’t bring himself to open it.

Suddenly he jerked upright from the slumped position he’d assumed.

“Is there anyone actually in this room?”

There were voices outside his door. That one had been a girl’s voice. Quite deep, cultured – sexy he thought.

“Yeah, I’m sure I saw some skinny bloke go in there earlier. He had a box of CDs or something so he must have moved in. Why don’t you knock?”

That was a male voice. A strong northern accent, maybe Manchester, but friendly sounding. Alistair actually felt relief. If they knocked on the door, then he wouldn’t have to make the first move, he could act like he’d just been too busy up till now and they’d never know he was a weird, anti-social freak.

He jumped up and stood by the bookshelves, rearranging his DVDs as the people outside knocked on his door.

“C…come in!” He cried out, as confidently as he could, turning to face the door with a disc in each hand as two heads poked round the door.

Now the door was open and more noise could come in he realised that there were more than just two people out there and steeled his nerves for an onslaught, but only the two spokespeople entered.

The Mancunian was a short guy with black-framed ‘trendy’ glasses, a loud, stripey shirt and a pair of very tight-fitting jeans. His hair hung over his face in gelled hanks and chunks of it were dyed blue.

The girl with the sexy voice had a figure to match. Curvacious, yet toned; her t-shirt and jeans clung to her hips and breasts, but weren’t slutty. Alistair gulped. Much harder to be cool when confronted by curves like these and a long mane of glossy auburn hair.

“Hey.” He managed, as they came in.

That’s good, he thought to himself. Just be cool, reserved, you won’t have to say much and then you can’t look or say something stupid.

“Hey man. We were just wondering if you wanted to come join us, like? I’m Dave, by the way, this is Katie.”

“Hi.” She said. “We weren’t sure there was anyone in this room?”

She voiced it like that, like a question and Alistair knew he had to speak now.

“Yeah, I’ve just been getting my room sorted, you know? Wanted it all… sorted. You know, before I got distracted.”

He cringed inwardly. Not hideous, but not exactly cool either.

“That makes sense,” she said, “my room’s still a tip and I’ve no idea when I’ll get round to tidying it up. Need any help or are you nearly done?”

“This is the last bit,” Alistair replied, with a close approximation of pleasure at getting done.

“Excellent. Come and have a drink and get to know everyone.” She said, throwing him his room keys and ushering him out. “By the way, what’s your name?”

“Um, Alistair,” said Alistair, following her to the common room and trying not to stare at her arse.


A week later and Alistair was a changed man… almost.

He’d tasted his first alcoholic drink… and his second, third fourth and fifth, then tasted them all again on the way back out. He’d gone dancing in the Student Union club twice, played pool with the boys, watched Chick Flick DVDs with the girls and played strip poker with everyone on the corridor.

That had been an interesting night. Luckily for Alistair his dad and uncle had been keen poker players and Alistair had been initiated into the art at a very young age. He’d played for matchsticks before and chocolate; even money the last couple of years, but articles of clothing was a whole new experience!

For one thing it was far harder to keep your mind on the game when there were half a dozen, drunk girls who’d never played poker before and were using this as an excuse to display their ample charms to the young men present.

Nevertheless Alistair finished the game as the person with the most clothes on, having lost only his t-shirt. He’d actually lost that on purpose to try and protect Katie’s modesty. Unlike the other girls she’d been playing properly, but just didn’t have a particularly good poker face and was down to her underwear.

Alistair partly wanted to save her blushes, but he also didn’t want any of the others to get to see her naked. By now he had an enormous crush on her, exacerbated by her attempts to draw him into the conversation and generally be kind to him.

Alistair knew she was only being kind to him and that was all it was, so he tried to stop himself thinking about her as anything other than a friend and he was pretty successful, after all, he’d had to do it before.

He was right, Katie was a kind girl who wanted to help the shy boy come out of his shell a bit. He did a pretty good act of being all cool and laid back, but she knew he was nervous underneath and the sociable girl liked helping people.

After just a week she already considered him a pretty good friend. She liked that he wasn’t into all the macho bullshit and would as happily sit and watch a chick flick as some blood and fire action film. She liked that he knew how to cook as well as play poker, but she didn’t fancy him.

Not until he took his shirt off. Until then he’d been this androgynous, sweet person who was tall and skinny and exuded absolutely no sex appeal. When he took his shirt off though, she was surprised by his masculinity.

This geeky looking boy had broad, strong shoulders, defined abs and a smattering of dark hair over his chest. What really drew her attention, though, was the trail of dark hair that ran down his taut belly into his trousers. This, accentuated by the little hollow under his waistband in front of his hip-bone, drew her attention suddenly and irrevocably, towards his groin.

She couldn’t get the image out of her mind and every time she saw him she flushed. Unlike Alistair though, Katie wasn’t shy or inexperienced and what she wanted, she pursued until it was hers.

Once she realised how attracted she was to Alistair she began to create a plan of action. She knew he was single, but she wasn’t sure if he was straight, if he was, she realised, his shyness might get in the way of him displaying it.

She knew she’d have to do this slowly. Jumping on him without any notice and demanding sex would freak him out and probably ruin the friendship. No, she’d have to seduce him.

She began the very next day and was so subtle that Alistair barely noticed. They were watching a film together in her room and she kept stretching in such a way as to make him very aware of her body. First things first – she needed to check he was actually attracted to her.

That was soon made clear by his fixed gaze down her top. She had deliberately picked a strappy top in a slippery material that slid over her skin easily, exacerbating the effect of stretching. Underneath she had a blue lacy bra and more than once during the film, she caught Alistair’s eyes on the tantalising glimpse of lace-cupped flesh rather than the film.

Now she had established this she started slowly stepping things up, increasing the time she and Alistair spent together and the amount of physical contact when they did.

Alistair now found himself the focus of Katie’s attention and, even though he was oblivious to the reason behind it, it started to have an effect.

In his fantasies now he was beginning to believe that a liaison between them was not a complete impossibility and, consequently, started to fantasise about how she’d feel in his arms and what her lips tasted like. The more he thought about her, the more he wanted to touch her until, eventually; all he could think about was sleeping with her.

The Saturday after the poker game Alistair had offered to cook for Katie. He went to the supermarket especially that morning and carefully searched out the best ingredients. Fresh plums for the dessert, autumn lamb and blackcurrants for the main course, ripe pears and parma ham for the starter – he had it all planned.

The starter was easy, just a crisp little salad with the ham and pears to make it more interesting and a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to lift it. He got that ready first, covered it with cling film and put the two plates in the fridge to stay chilled.

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Next he got the desserts ready; mini plum crumbles, each in an individual ramekin. Crumble was something he could do in his sleep, but he made it a more unique dish, by adding finely chopped nuts and cinnamon to the crumble topping.

Finally the lamb, this was the tricky bit. He took out the plump bit of meat, he couldn’t believe how expensive it’d been, but if it seduced her as he hoped, it would be worth every penny.

While shy Alistair planned to seduce through the sense of taste and smell, confident Katie was going for the sense of sight. Tonight she wanted to pull the stops out without looking too overdressed for a dinner in.

She picked out a dark green wrap-over dress and some flat shoes and then spent 3 hours drying her hair and putting on her makeup. A final spritz of perfume and she went over to Alistair’s room where dinner was being served.

As she soon as she walked into the room she realised that most of her work had been done for her. The lights were low, he had arranged his bed-side table as a dinner table with a tealight in the middle and Zero 7 were playing on his computer. It was candlelit seduction.

The salads were sitting in place and a slightly frazzled looking Alistair was holding the door open for her. She giggled as she went in, then smiled when she got a glimpse of Alistair.

He looked nervous, no, strike that, he looked terrified and she knew she’d have to take it down a few notches for him so she could build it back up again when he was a bit more relaxed.

She held out the bottle of red wine she’d bought earlier and smiled winningly at him.

“Sorry, it’s only a Chianti. They’d run out of Lambrini…”

He smiled back in relief at her joke, poor as it was and took the wine from her to open and pour out.

She carefully selected a forkful of things from the salad in front of her. She was a little unsure about pears in a salad, but when she put it in her mouth the taste was amazing.

“Oh my God, this is so good.” She said, through a mouthful of food. “Wow.”

“Did you have a bit of ham with that pear?” He asked, holding out his fork with just those two ingredients on it.

She leaned forward, giving him a clear view of her cleavage in its ivory lace and took the food delicately off the fork. He gulped at the sight of her little pearly teeth and pointed pink tongue wrapping themselves about the tines of the fork.

“Mmmm.” She said, then said very little else as she finished her plateful.

Alistair made her close her eyes when he brought the lamb in. Three pink slices sat on a small pile of crunchy green beans, surrounded by a ring of tiny new potatoes. The whole was coated in a deep purple glaze of tangy blackcurrant.

The first mouthful he fed her was just a morsel of meat dripping in the rich sauce. He watched her lips close around it and curl up in a smile of pleasure as her tastebuds registered the flavour.

They ate this course more slowly, Alistair trying to hold up his end of the conversation while Katie flirted outrageously, reaching out to touch his arm and brushing his leg with her bare foot under the table.

The desserts were ready just in time and he served them with double cream all over them. The rich, tart nature of the plums against the sweet, crunchy crumble and the smoothness of the cream created another magnificent taste explosion and Katie wasn’t sure now who was seducing who.

She had thought that she would have her work cut out to get this shy, innocent boy who was probably an inexperienced virgin into bed, but now she was melting all over his floor simply because he had fed her.

While Alistair cleared all the plates out of the room Katie pushed the table back to the side of the room, chose some pulsing jazz music to replace the laid back, ambient Zero 7 and arranged herself artfully on the bed.

When Alistair came back in the room Katie appeared to have fallen asleep on the bed. Her shoes were on the floor and her skirt had ridden a little way up her thighs. She looked so sweet that he was loath to disturb her, but just then she opened her eyes and smiled languorously up at him.

For the thousandth time that evening he hoped his hard-on wasn’t showing and walked over to the bed. He’d bought a small box of luxury chocolates, knowing chocolate was a major weakness with her and now he held out the box to offer her one.

“Thank you,” she said, taking one and biting off a small section.

He sat there watching her as she half-reclined on the bed.

“Come here,” she told him, taking light hold of his shirt-front and pulling him down. Gently she touched her lips to his and he felt the blood surge through his cock and his hard-on turned into a rock-hard-on.

Her lips were soft and plump and moist and he was overwhelmed by the sensation of kissing her. The few times he’d kissed a girl before it was uncontrolled, drunken and, frankly, rather unpleasant. He’d no idea it could be as perfect as this.

She pushed herself up a little then and pressed her lips to his again, opening them slightly this time. She gently thrust her tongue forwards between his lips and he tasted the sweet, cloying praline chocolate that heightened the warm sweetness of her mouth.

He opened his lips and passively let her explore his mouth with her hot, rough tongue. Slowly he let himself be pulled down on top of her so they were lying side by side, but with him twisted so he was looking down at her big grey-green eyes and pouting, pink mouth.

He leant down now and kissed her a third time, this time parting her lips with his tongue and running it around her mouth. There was more of the sweet nutty chocolate taste, a slight hint of the tart plums and the strange contrast in textures of the different parts of her mouth.

They lay for what seemed like hours just kissing each other deeply, entangling their tongues in twisting patterns, trying to blend into each other, but just feeling their separation more fully.

He tensed when he felt her hands slide up under his shirt, stroking his back. The soft, warm touch of her dry palms against his skin made him moan out loud. He stopped immediately, embarrassed at having made a noise, but she moaned in response to him, arching up slightly underneath him to press her breasts onto his chest.

He allowed his inhibitions to slide away and abandoned himself fully to the experience of having a willing woman underneath him, grinding her hips against his hips, winding her legs through his legs, opening her mouth to his tongue and stroking his naked skin with her gentle hands.

She was pressing against him now, trying to roll him to one side. When she had she pushed him onto his back she straddled him, her wrap-over skirt falling away on each side to expose the creamy flesh on her inner thighs. She sat up and started undoing the buttons on Alistair’s shirt.

He could only lie there, a hand on each of her hips, watching her nimble fingers stripping his clothing away from him. She had it fully open now and smoothed it back on each side so his chest was bared. The sensation of her hands running across his nipples made them harden slightly and his whole body tingled with excitement.

He felt slightly vulnerable lying there, having her watching him, but she was only focusing on the sight of his pale, muscular chest and the tangle of dark hair that ran into his jeans.

Lightly she ran a fingertip down to his belt buckle, then up along his breastbone and along his collarbones. She continued to explore his body minutely with her fingertips, teasing him with the feathery touch until he wasn’t sure whether to moan from being tickled or driven wild with desire.

He really did moan when she leant forward and kissed the little hollow at the base of his throat, then again when she followed it up with another kiss an inch below. The moist touch of her lips on his hot skin was unbearably tantalising as she traversed his chest, paying particular attention to each of his nipples.

When she reached his belly button he put his hands on her head, though whether to stop her or hold her in place he wasn’t quite sure. Already this was farther than he’d gone with any woman and he was scared, but he was also deeply, intensely curious as to what would happen next.

When she started running the rough tip of her tongue across his belly he felt his cock leap and throb and when she dipped inside the waist of his jeans, touching the delicate white skin there he made a sound that could equally have been excitement or anguish.

Encouraged by such a vocal response Katie hastily unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his fly and tugged his jeans down his legs.

Now he felt really vulnerable and scared. No-one had seen him this close up with as few clothes since he was about three and he was powerfully aware of the outline of his hard on through the thin jersey of his underwear.

As he watched, Katie stood up and slowly began to untie the ribbons of her dress. She peeled back the sides of the dress and let it slide down her arms and onto the floor.

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Standing there in her ivory lace underwear she was no more naked than when they’d been playing strip poker last week, but the fact that he was the only one there to see her and the fact that she was crawling up the bed, straddling his legs, made this view of her much more intimate and sexual than last week’s.

He could feel every point of contact of her smooth, rounded legs against his own long, muscled ones, of her soft, curved belly against his own hard, taut one and of the slight scratch of lace on his bare chest.

He couldn’t bring himself to put his arms about this beautiful, sexy woman and touch her naked skin but when she lowered her weight onto his body and started kissing him deeply again he couldn’t help himself and he encircled her in his arms, pulling her to him as closely as he could.

As they kissed he was very conscious of the damp heat of her crotch rubbing against his thigh and he knew she was getting pleasure from it. Realising that he almost came right there, but thankfully he restrained himself and concentrated on the full, fleshy weight of her buttocks in his hands as he squeezed them.

They started giggling when he fumbled with the catch on her bra which he was very grateful for, because he was so scared of going too far and stopping this wonderful experience.
Eventually she reached behind her and undid it with one hand, letting it fall onto his chest. She brushed it off leaving a passing sensation of light, rough lace and wires, then leant down again and for the first time he felt the heavenly softness and weight of a woman’s breasts on his naked body.

He’d never seen any in the flesh before, but he considered these the most beautiful he’d ever seen; milk white and almost perfectly globular, with faint tracings of sapphire blue veins and small, rose-pink nipples on large aureola.

He slid his large hands up her soft belly and under those marvellous breasts, forcing her to sit up on him and grinding her pussy onto the hard mound of his cock. He ran the flat of his hands over her tits, causing the nipples to spring into hardness under his touch.

Gently he squeezed – they felt nothing like he expected. He’d always had an idea in his mind that breasts were quite firm, but with a bit of give in them. Holding them now he was amazed at how very soft and heavy they were. In reality they were even more sexy than in pictures or his imagination.

She started kissing and licking down his chest again now, only with the addition of her velvet-soft tits brushing him now too. Oh My God. She was pulling down his pants now and he could feel his cock springing, literally, springing up and bumping against her mouth.

He waited with baited breath for what would happen next and when she opened her mouth and took the tip of his penis into her hot, wet mouth he felt the whole of his being shatter then coalesce in that hot-spot of nerve endings, all of his focus on the heady pleasure of her tongue.

She slid her lips up and down the shaft, letting her tongue circle the tip then pulse against the back of the length. When she lightly scratched his balls with her long finger nails he nearly came in her mouth. He may have been inexperienced, but he knew that was rude, so he pulled her off him and leant forwards to kiss her.

Her legs were apart now, as she knelt in front of him and he could see the dark triangle shadow of hair inside her panties. He hooked his fingers into the front of her knickers and pulled them down a fraction, allowing himself to brush his fingers against the soft, wiry hair there.

She gasped and leant back a little, allowing him better access to her pussy. He paused, unsure what to do, then let curiosity guide him. He slid a finger down inside her underwear and was shocked at the heat and the moisture there.

He knew women got wet, but he hadn’t expected such large amounts of wetness. Without thinking he rand the tip of his finger around the little hollow where she was the wettest, then pushed slightly, biting his lips as her folds engulfed his finger, drawing it inside her.

She twisted round now so she could lie back on the bed, raising her hips so he could pull the limp, damp panties down her legs.

She fixed her eyes on his now, as she ran her hand down her own body, gently hefting one breast, tickling the nipple till it hardened, then stroked it over her belly. As she opened her legs wide she let her hand trail over the thatch of hair there and stroke down the pink cleft between her legs.

She circled one finger over the sensitive bud of her clit, wetting it every so often with her own juices.

Unconsciously Alistair took his cock in his hand and started stroking it up and down as he watched her. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This stunning woman, whose body he had just explored with his hands was lying in front of him masturbating.

He was trembling now with withheld desire he wanted her so badly.

“Have you got a condom?” She asked huskily, her voice thick with desire.

His face fell. Not in his wildest dreams had he thought he’d have sex with this incredible girl, let alone so soon into term and he hadn’t thought to get any from the health centre.

Then, with a flash of inspiration he remembered the small foil wrapper that had been included in the Student Union Welcome pack at the start of term. He’d nearly thrown it out, but with relief he flung himself at the drawer he’d shoved it in and produced it with a flourish.

He tore the foil open carefully, but then looked at the scrap of latex in despair, he had never practiced this and he was sure he’d fuck it up.

Katie took it from his trembling fingers and slowly rolled it onto his large, hard cock, making it throb again at her touch.

She lay back on the bed now, opening her legs wide for him. She wanted him to be in control here, he was the virgin, not her, and she didn’t want him to feel pressured.

She shouldn’t have worried. Alistair climbed between her legs without hesitation and looking quickly at her face for confirmation, took his cock in his hand and guided it towards her pussy.

“Just push…” she said when she felt the head pressing at her wet entrance.

Alistair pushed and took a deep breath in as the bulging head of his dick slid through the tight embrace of her cunt.

He could not believe the sensation of her around him as he slid his full length into her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them about his back, using them to pull him even deeper into her.

He was sunk in her right to the base of his cock now and he waited there, savouring the feeling of her tight sheath pulsing around his shaft.

He lifted himself on his elbows slightly so he could watch her as he began to thrust into her over and over.

She had slid her hand underneath him so she could stroke her pussy while he fucked her and the sight of her long, white fingers touching herself while his cock rammed repeatedly into her was so provocative he didn’t think he could last much longer.

Both of them were bucking their hips now, sweat beading their faces and bodies, a look of concentration on their faces.

She started calling his name then, and crying out to God as she stroked faster and faster and thrust up to him harder and harder. With one long cry of pleasure she came, her body shuddering underneath him, her cunt rippling around his dick.

With a blinding flash of heat he felt his balls contract and then explode as he orgasmed harder than he ever had before, thrusting and thrusting and thrusting, then holding her hips hard against him as he let her pulsing cunt milk him of the last of his come.

“Oh my God, that was amazing. You’re amazing. Thank you.”

Katie smiled into his neck as he lay down on top of her and kissed her shoulder. That had been pretty good for her, too. She was experienced for her tender age, but Alistair had impressed her, despite his innocence.

To be honest she hadn’t thought much further than tonight. In her fantasies she had focused on this one night, this one act. Lying there, naked, in Alistair’s arms she no longer felt like the sexy, confident, experienced woman she had been at the beginning of the evening.

For the first time in a long time in such a situation she felt shy and unsure. She didn’t know what to do or what would happen next and she was fairly certain that Alistair would have even less of an idea.

“Well,” she thought, snuggling down into the covers as Alistair spooned her from behind, “what will be, will be…”

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