A Change of Paradigm

This one takes a little time to build. Thanks go to the real Jasper for not minding me publishing this and to the real Eric. I owe him some pom-poms.


You know how life can take a screaming left turn? Well, mine did, about a week ago. I’d been minding my own business, and trying to get my life turned back around after a divorce. I’d gotten my own place and was going back to college while working part time. Not bad for fifty. Oh, and I have this roommate. One of those roommates with benefits.

Well, about six months ago, he was playing on this dating site and kept taking all the funny little match tests. When Eric found one that was really good, he’d share. Mainly by hollering over his monitor that I needed to take the ‘Purity Test’ or the ‘Just how sexy are you?’ test. I got tired of taking them over his shoulder, so I finally gave in and made my own login. Did the whole thing, and put up a profile. I’ve been single for a year and figured that just maybe I might find someone more interesting than my crazy roommate.

Yeah… Right… You know those jokes they make about dating sites? Well, after a few days, I decided that most of them were true. Worse yet, I’d set my profile to ‘looking for friends, etc’. Sort of the safe option, because I figured that if someone really rolled my senses, we could negotiate for a date or something. Logical approach or so I thought. Well, this dating site has some really strange tests and how they correlate to who’s a perfect match is voodoo science as far as I am concerned. Or, maybe dart board-ology. Either way, I was getting matches that were warped. Odd. Weird. Definitely not my type. So, I walked away for a few days.

I came back to an email box full of ‘matches for Ivy’. Ivy being my nickname on the site. I went through the thirty or forty of them and found about five that I might consider. Funny part was that Eric was one of them. We laughed about that and I put him in my accepted folder just for giggles. I noticed that most of the guys I liked were similar to Eric. Not a surprise really. They were engineers, science fiction readers, alternatively religious, a good sense of humor and most of them had a broad world sense. Two of them were obviously out for the mid-twenties gal that would lay them at the drop of a hat. The other two were older than me, and we started talking. Or should I say jousting? Lots of funny quote filled conversations were emailed back and forth.

Sparks lives about fifty miles from me. He travels a lot, and we emailed back and forth when he had a connection and a chance to talk. Sweet guy. I got to meet him about a month ago. He stopped by the office and introduced himself. We chatted and then off he went. Haven’t heard from him since. Oh well. He certainly was nice enough to consider as more than just a pen pal. He liked the real me, and not just the person in the email. I’m one of those short round earth mama hippy types. In fact, my sons call me the “tree huggin’ dirt worshiper”. It fits.

Then there was Skyhawk. He came up as a match, and I sort of dismissed the profile at first. Then I started to read it and started laughing. This guy had a great sense of humor. Warped, but in a way that matched my own. I was laughing hard enough that Eric left his computer to see what was so funny.

“What are you laughing at Gwen?” he asked as he leaned over my shoulder.

“This guy’s humor is a riot,” I answered.

Eric read over my shoulder for a minute. “So, are you going to message him?” he asked.

“No. I, um… I’m just enjoying the profile facts,” I stuttered.

“Sure. Go ahead and chat with him. Just because you talk to him doesn’t mean anything. Besides, he might be a nice guy,” Eric said with that look I’ve gotten to know that means he thinks I’m avoiding something I ought to do.

“Fine!” I said. I had been thinking of talking to him, I just hadn’t made up my mind yet. Cold feet I guess. Hell, other than Eric, I hadn’t dated in thirty years. I felt just a bit rusty. Oh hell! I felt damn rusty. I waited until Eric left the room and dropped Skyhawk a hello note. I didn’t want Eric gloating. Men!

The next morning, there was a note from Skyhawk. I think he was as surprised at my email as I was for sending it. We talked about bad Sci-Fi movies, good books and music. Oh, and computers. From there, we started talking about our lives. He learned that I was divorced, had four kids and six grandchildren. I learned that he’d never been married and lived way up in the mountains off the grid.

That started a three way conversation between Eric, Skyhawk and myself. Eric is very into alternative energy. Skyhawk uses it. Lots of typing and laughing at our end. We talked about the tests that we’d taken too. One night the conversation on line got difficult to type and I gave him my phone number. It had become a rather emotional exchange, and without being able to judge voice inflection, I felt I was missing something. About three minutes later, the phone rang.

“Hello, may I speak to Ivy?” this voice asked.

“Hi Skyhawk, it’s nice to hear your voice,” I said.

“Oh good. I hope I dialed right. By the way, my name is Jasper.”

“Hello Jasper, I’m Gwen,” I said.

Eric had given us some space to talk, and so we did just that until about 2am. We talked about all sorts of things, including something I had suspected, but he had only mentioned in a roundabout fashion.

“Jasper, why did you get on the dating site?” I asked.

“Well, after a lifetime of being just me, I sort of got hit upside the head by the fact that I was lonely and wanted to change things,” he said.

“Change things how?” I asked.

“Well, this is real hard to admit, but…” and then there was a pause. “I’ve, umm.. I’m a virgin,” he said at last.

Talk about being able to knock me over with a feather. “Oh,” was all I could manage for a moment. “Jasper, why didn’t you ever have sex?” I asked with a thousand alternatives running through my head.

“Well, I sorta got soured on that half of the species as a young man, and then just never had time for them,” he said.

“Okay,” I said. “Eric did say that engineers, especially electrical engineers, need a whole year in college on social interaction just so that they can deal with the rest of humanity,” I said to lighten the mood. I hoped.

Jasper laughed on the other end of the line. “He’s right. By the time I thought I had time for women, I figured that I was just too old and started building walls around myself.”

“How old were you?” I asked.

“Oh, thirty, thirty-five,” he said.

“So what made you get on the website if you had decided to be a bachelor?” I asked hoping I’d get a few more details. It sounded like there was more to this than just the male equivalent to ‘my biological clock is ticking’.

“Well, I had this dream. I went to bed thinking that I really needed to change my life, and dammit, I needed help. The help showed up in the dream.”

“Okay,” I said thinking that he wasn’t the only one who’d ever had their life change because of a dream.

“In the dream, I’m standing in this tower. The tower I’d build around my whole life I guess is what it meant. This guy, I’ll call him Thor showed up. He started throwing lightning bolts and they blasted away that tower like it was nothing. Then he pointed his hammer at me and said it was time to change. Get out! Date! NOW!” he said across the phone lines.

“Oh wow,” I said. It sounded dumb, the moment it left my lips.

“Wow is right. I woke up feeling like I’d grabbed a capacitor in both hands and no place to ground the charge. I felt full of energy, and decided that just maybe I ought to give women another try,” he said.

“Okay, and is that when you signed onto the dating site?”

“No, that was a couple of days later. It took me a while to work up the courage to do it,” Jasper said.

“I understand that one. It took me a bit to actually look at other peoples profiles. Even longer to actually post to someone.”

“I was real surprised when you emailed me. Then I looked at your profile and felt intrigued.”

“Oh,” I was really glad that Jasper couldn’t see me blushing. I suddenly realized what time it was and that I had to be to work in five hours. “Jasper, I hate to go, but it is 2am, and I need to get to work. I’ve really enjoyed talking to you.”

“So have I. See you online tomorrow,” he said and hung up.

I crawled in bed and thought about our conversation. Eric had gone to bed earlier, so I didn’t have him to bounce ideas off of. Jasper wasn’t the first person I’d known who’d had a visitor. Thor, what an appropriate deity to thump an electrical engineer up side the head. I’d probably mention that to Eric in the morning. We’re both pagan, so he’d understand that bit. The virgin bit I figured I’d keep to myself for the moment. Two reasons really. First off, Jasper didn’t exactly sound too happy about the whole virginity thing. Embarrassed actually, which I could understand. Secondly, Eric’s last date about three months ago had turned out to be a twenty year old virgin. I was still teasing him about that, and did not need to invoke the karmic fates. Although, I suspected it was a little too late.

The next morning, I told Eric about most of the conversation. He just sat there and smiled.

“So, are you going out on a date?” he asked.

“Eric, the guy lives 160 miles away. It isn’t very practical. I don’t have a car at the moment and I can’t just see asking him to come all this way for a cup of coffee.”

“So, you aren’t interested in dating with a little more serious intent?” he asked.

“I never said that!” I felt myself going red. “It’s just… well… he hasn’t brought up that side of things and the last thing I want to do is presume that he’d want me.”

“Sweetie, you are a delightful armful. Shy, sweet and horny in all the right combinations. Of course he’d like to jump your bones. Just don’t talk yourself out of a date and possibly a good time,” he said. This was very similar to the conversation we’d had when he came home all excited about that drummer a few months ago. The virgin.


“Well nothing. Make up your mind. He seems like a nice guy. You’ve been talking for a while. Give him a chance.”

“Okay,” I said and headed off to work.

When I got off work, there was an email from Skyhawk/Jasper. It was a sweet email that covered some of the same ground as the phone call and then some other stuff. As I was replying to his email, he was online as well and discovered the chat function in gmail. Next thing I knew, I had this flashing icon in a corner. Wow! For an electrical engineer, he had a lot to learn about modern Internet toys. We typed back and forth for over an hour. Eric came home just as I was laughing and he came around to see what was so funny.

“Oh, chatting eh?” he asked with a tease in his voice.

“Yes! Now go get your dinner. It’s in the fridge,” I said and went back to typing.

Eric went off to the kitchen, grabbed his dinner and stuck it in the microwave. When it binged, he came out to the computers and stood behind me.

“Reading over my shoulder is rude.”

“Yeah, but it saves me having to ask you all about your cyber date later,” he said with a giggle in his voice.

“You are a brat!”

“Yeah, but tell Jasper about the computer I worked on, you know, the magnetic core media works one,” he said.

“Okay, but as long as you go over to your desk,” I said as I typed.

“Alright. Have fun! And don’t forget that you have next weekend free,” he taunted.

I stuck my tongue out at him and went back to typing. Jasper and I were having a good time chatting back and forth. He was flirting nicely and I was enjoying it. He finally signed off and I got up from the computer.

“Well, did you set a date to meet?” Eric asked.

“No! Geeze, give me a chance.”

“You know you want to. So, why delay?” he asked.

“I don’t want to rush things. Besides, I don’t think he’s dated much,” I said. That was about as close to saying anything about Jasper being a virgin as I wanted to get. I didn’t need Eric teasing me, nor embarrassing Jasper. Eric means well, but some days he is a bit to blunt for everyone’s good. Even mine.

“Okay, but you know, you ought to do it. He seems a really nice guy.”

“I take it that is your seal of approval?” I asked.

“Yes. It is.” With that, Eric went back to his computer.

The next night, Jasper called again, and we talked about all sorts of things. Computers, cats, houses, wells, plants, oh, and relationships. We were both flirting this time, and he made it clear that he’d like to get to know me better. We chatted until we were both sleepy and couldn’t keep a clear thought in our heads. After the phone call ended, Eric walked over to me.

“So, when is your date?” he asked.

“There isn’t one yet.”

“You know you have the weekend free. Invite him down.”

“Umm,” I started, trying to decide if I really wanted to. Honestly I did want to meet him, but at the same time I was a bit nervous. It’s one thing to know people in person, build a relationship and then start dating. Internet dating is a whole other bird. “Fine, if he shows up online tomorrow, I’ll see if he’d like to visit,” I said.

Eric just walked away with a smile on his face.

Part of my problem was that I still wanted to confide to Eric that Jasper was a virgin and get some advice. Hell, Eric had asked me a few months back. The other part of me just was a bit nervous. New relationships and all the bits that go with them make me very unsure of myself. That whole who’d want to look at me, have sex with a granny, and all that stuff. I look in the mirror, and see someone who is fifty, gray haired and not a svelte bodied woman. Never was, but pregnancy wasn’t easy on me. In all honesty, there were days I wondered what Eric saw in me. His usual line was that my brains attracted him, and the rest of the package was just icing on the cake. Men!

As a prelude, I sent Jasper some of the erotic stories I had written. Sort of a softening up the field sort of thing. If he liked the stories, maybe it might be alright. I waited anxiously to hear back from him. So of course I didn’t hear from him for two days.

After work, I checked my email. There was a note from Jasper. More flirting, a promise of romantic seduction if given half a chance and jokes. I was halfway through a reply when the chat bubble popped up. It was Jasper. We talked about dating and about the fact that I was fifty, and that he was seven years older than me. We talked about not being skinny young things either, and Jasper said that one of his favorite painters was Rubens. That brought a smile to my face. Maybe this wouldn’t be so tough after all. We chatted a bit more and I made the leap. I asked him if he’d like to meet. The silence on the chat was deafening. It was taking him seven minutes to reply to each of my posts. I couldn’t decide if he was just slow at typing or if I was giving him heart failure. I know it was making me nervous. I’d never done anything like this before.

Finally a reply. Jasper would drive down to meet me and we’d have lunch. If all went well from there, well… yeah. I smiled, said my goodbyes and made a note on the calendar. Mr. Nosy Eric would just have to read the calendar. I barely got the cap back on the dry write marker before he noticed.

“So, the date is on Thursday?” he asked.

“Yes, and I want you to behave,” I said knowing that would be like asking my dog not to jump the fence when let out.

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“Okay, I’ll even bathe,” Eric said with a grin on his face. He got up from his computer and gave me a big hug. “See, you can do it.”

“He’s just having lunch,” I started.


“And then if all goes well and neither one of us thinks the other is hideous, we might spend the evening together,” I finished.

“Good,” he said and went back to his computer with a smile. “Have you decided to have him stay here or will you check into a motel?”


“Well? Which one? I want to know so that I can make sure the bedroom is decent and that Eileen’s room is clean enough to sleep in”

“Oh, hadn’t thought of that,” I said. Eileen is Eric’s daughter who splits her week between her dad and her mom, the biological thingy. Eileen wouldn’t be here Thursday night, so if we wanted, Eric could sleep in her room and give us the bed.

“And, have you decided which one of you is buying condoms?”

“No! We haven’t discussed that yet. Good grief! I haven’t even met him yet and you…” I stopped, realizing that Eric was being practical and I was letting my nerves get the best of me. “We haven’t discussed it yet, and I’ll do so next time we talk. Sorry Eric,” I said.

Eric walked over and gave me a hug. I wasn’t ready to explain that with Jasper being a virgin, and a rather anxious one, that I wasn’t sure he even knew the right size condom to buy. Or, if we would even need them. There was just too much up in the air.

“Don’t forget that you will need to explain our relationship to Jasper,” Eric said as we headed off to bed a few minutes later.

“I haven’t. I did a bit on the phone the other night by saying that I would never marry again, while lovers were definitely on the agenda.”

“Yes, but that isn’t the same as saying you have a lover or friend with benefits that doesn’t mind if you date other people,” Eric said turning down the covers.

“I know. This is all moving so fast that I just haven’t had enough time to explain everything. That’s why I want you here when he arrives. This way you aren’t some nebulous person in the background that he’s talked to on the phone a time or two.”

“I can understand that. Just don’t forget to explain. Having a lover or friend in the background may scare him off otherwise,” said Eric.

“I know,” I said as we cuddled under the covers. I still wanted to ask Eric how to deal with a virgin, but had no way to do so without giving away Jasper’s secret. I kept trying to figure out how to do so as I fell asleep.

Thursday arrived way too soon. It had snowed the night before, and I was afraid that Jasper wouldn’t be able to drive down here. He had at least one pass to contend with and in bad weather, I wasn’t sure if that would stop him or not. I’d cleaned house as best I could, which is a loosing battle with snow and dogs. When I got up that morning, I wasn’t sure if I should change the sheets or not. Hell, I didn’t know if this would go past lunch. I was pinging. At one point, Eric hugged me in that ‘I’m going to ground all this energy’ type hug.

“Have you checked your email today?” he asked.

“No, been too busy,” I said as I ran over to the computer. Duh,… of course Jasper would email me if he was stuck, or he’d call. I pulled up my email, and there was a note from him. I read it, smiled and went back to cleaning house.

“Well, what did he say?” Eric asked.

“He said he was just about to leave, asked if I liked chocolates and did he need to pick up condoms,” I said as nonchalantly as I could.



“Sweetie, any man who is bringing you chocolates and asks if he needs condoms isn’t planning to leave after a cup of coffee,” he said.

“But, he’s never seen me and,” I started. I was beginning to wonder which one of us was really the virgin.

“Gwen, you are beautiful. He’d be silly to turn you down. So, relax and get ready for your boyfriend. Do we need to strip the bed?” he asked as he headed towards the kitchen.

“No, he said we’d head to a hotel room if I didn’t mind.”

“Okay, but remember, for future dates, my offer stands,” he said.

I didn’t even bother to reply. He was so sure that this would end up with Jasper and I in bed, that I just gave up. I figured we would, but I didn’t want to tempt the fates. I was beginning to think I already had with teasing Eric so much about his virgin drummer.

I got the last of the stuff I wanted cleaned and taken care of when the phone rang. Eric answered it, smiled and handed me the phone.

“Hello Gwen, I’m about thirty miles out. See you in a bit,” said Jasper.

I knew exactly where he was, given that information. “Okay, be aware that the snow on that bit of road can be bad. Drive safely.”

“I will, see you in a bit,” he said and hung up.

I put the phone back in it’s cradle and turned to see Eric grinning at me.

“Just relax, you’ll have a great time,” he said and grabbed the trash out of the bathroom.

I was sitting at my computer which was across from the front door trying to kill time when there was a knock on the door. It was Jasper. I smiled nervously and went to let him in.

“Hi Jasper,” I said.

“Hi Gwen.”

“Come in and stand by the fire,” I said as I moved off the front porch and into the living room.

Eric walked over and held out his hand to Jasper. “Nice to meet you at last,” he said.

The two of them were about the same height. Jasper had brown hair and only a few wisps of gray. He was a little heavier than Eric, but I knew that from phone conversations. We chatted for a few minutes trying to get over the ‘just met you nerves’, and then I looked at the clock. It was nearly 1:30pm.

“Jasper, Eric, if we are going to go have lunch, we need to go soon,” I said.

“Oh. Well, you and Jasper are heading off to the Drive Inn right?” Eric asked. The Drive Inn was the best place in town for breakfast or lunch, and it closed at 3pm.

“Yes. We will be back after lunch,” I said. We grabbed our coats, and headed off to lunch.

Of course the Drive Inn was packed with everyone I knew. Granted, that isn’t hard in a small town. Especially one where half of them are related to you in some form or another. We ordered lunch and chatted while we ate. Nothing ground breaking, just lots of fill in the gap stuff.

After lunch, I went out to the truck while Jasper paid. I was mulling things over in my head. Did I want to go any farther? Did he? Gods I was nervous. When Jasper got to the truck, he turned to me as he started it up.

“Where to now?” he asked.

“Umm… shall we go see about that hotel room?” I asked. I figured if he had cold feet, this would be the point he would back out.

“Okay,” he said sounding as nervous as I did.

We drove downtown and went to the first hotel I knew of where I didn’t have half a dozen relatives working. He went inside and I stared off into the distance waiting. He came back with a defeated look on his face.

“No rooms available, there is some big construction company staying here,” he said as he got in the truck. “Where to now?”

” Well, head down this street and then I’ll tell you where to turn,” I said. There was another hotel about five miles away. It was right outside of town, and no relatives. We chatted while he drove, and I pointed out the turn when it came up. Jasper turned into the parking lot and got out.

“I’ll be right back,” he said.

Once again, I sat watching the snow drift across the parking lot. Jasper came out of the office fifteen minutes later. He handed me the key card.

“Room 136,” he said as he started the truck. He backed up and moved it about fifty feet back and then around the corner to park. I got out to open up the room while he got his bags. It was a typical hotel room. King sized bed, table and chairs, dresser and TV and a couch. The room was cold. Jasper came in, closed the door and set his stuff on a chair.

“Where is the thermostat?”

“It’s down there behind the couch,” I said pointing to the register under the window.

Jasper reached over and turned on the heat. Then he took off his coat and turned to me.

“How you feelin’ Gwen?” he asked.

“Okay,” I said. No way I’d admit I was nervous. “You?”


At least one of us was being bluntly honest. I dumped my coat on the end of the couch and walked over to Jasper. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug. Jasper wrapped his arms around me and then leaned down to kiss me. We stood there kissing for a minute or two.

“Shall we sit on the couch? It is bound to be warmer,” I said.

“Yeah, it is,” he said with a silly smile on his face. He sat in the corner and I snuggled next to him.

“Still nervous?” I asked. I knew I was.

“Yeah. This is all new ground for me,” he said stroking my arm.

“Jasper, how far did you ever get with a woman?” I asked.

“Well, kissing.”

“Oh. Okay,” I said, and leaned over to kiss him. After a few kisses, I realized that sitting next to him wasn’t comfortable. I sat back, kicked off my boots, took off the outer flannel shirt and laid across his lap.

“This is comfy,” he said. We started kissing and chatting again. Jasper’s hands caressed my breasts through my shirt. In between kisses, I unbuttoned the buttons on the long sleeved teeshirt to show some cleavage. He tentatively ran his fingers under the fabric to touch my skin. It felt really good. We kissed for a bit more and I realized that I wanted to touch him more.

“Hold on a minute Jasper. Let me move around.”

“Okay,” he said.

I stood up, took off my shirt and sat across his lap facing him. Our noses almost touched with me sitting like this. Jasper wrapped his arms around me and enjoyed the sensation of touching my skin. We were both enjoying this. Fumbling at the bra clasp made us both giggle.

“It isn’t locked. Really it’s not,” I said.

“Could have fooled me!”

“Use both hands,” I suggested.

“Damn, are you sure it isn’t locked? Oh, wait. It works backward from what I thought it did,” he said as he finally undid the hooks.

I laughed and helped him take off my bra. My breasts were free for a moment before being cradled in his hands. Jasper moved to kiss each nipple in turn and then hold them in his hands. He kissed them again and then I wrapped my arms around him to cradle his head between my breasts.


“Let’s take your shirt off Jasper,” I said as I rocked back towards his knees. He let go of me and we quickly removed his shirt. My hands grazed his chest. Jasper gasped as I ran my hands over his chest and nipples.

“You’re a furry boy,” I teased. He wasn’t as hairy as some men I knew, but he wasn’t smooth skinned like Eric was either.

“Guess I am. Oh… that feels goo…” he tried to finish as I rolled his nipples in my fingertips.

I smiled down at him and then kissed his nipple.

“Oh! Didn’t realize how sensitive that bit of skin is,” he said.

“Never is when you touch it yourself,” I said. “I know that one from experience.” I kissed the other nipple then and felt him shudder with the sensation.

“I like this,” he said as his hands explored my skin.

“I’m glad,” I said as I continued to kiss and touch his chest and neck. We must have sat like that for a while as I slowly rocked back and forth on his lap. I could feel his erection under me and when I tried to figure a good moment to move to the bed I kept getting distracted. Finally, I kissed him hard on the lips and he stopped moving his hands. They were on my ass.

“Jasper, shall we go get in the bed?” I asked.


I stood up and started taking off the rest of my layers. Winter sucks for being romantic. Too many layers. I got down to my undies and then crawled under the covers. Jasper followed suit. I smiled at the plaid boxers. He crawled under the covers and gathered me in his arms.

“Gwen, I… um… condoms…” he started.

“Jasper, I know I’m clean. Things are going to be up and down if you know what I mean. Shall we just not worry about it?” I asked. I had been thinking about this while we’d been on the couch. I know I should be using them, but I wasn’t sure he’d stay up long enough or last long enough. So, I threw caution to the wind.

“Okay,” he said and we started kissing. He was a good kisser. A couple of times I asked him to slow down, but he figured things out quickly. Give him the parameters and oh he was good at following them. Jasper’s hands traced down my sides and cupped my ass. I moved my hand down his ribs and across the front of his boxers. They were damp and I wondered if I had overdone the lap dance and kissing on the couch.

“Hold on a minute, and let me get rid of the undies,” I said.

Jasper nodded and got rid of his own while I kicked mine off. We rolled back towards one another and I put my hand on his hip. He moaned quietly and put his hand on my stomach just above my pelvic bone. We kissed a bit more and I moved my hand to his cock. This was my first surprise. He was uncircumcised. As I touched him, he shuddered. The second surprise was the realization that he wasn’t small either. A good eight inches and big around enough that I couldn’t close my index finger and thumb around the base of his cock.

“That feels real good.”

“Yes, it does,” I said as my hand stroked up and down. The tip was wet and sticky. I let go of him and took his hand. I guided it between my legs so that he could touch me. “So does this.” I knew I needed to be wetter before he tried to enter me.

Between kisses, we did a fast anatomy lesson. Jasper was very good at following instructions. Engineers may not be good socially, but if you give them instructions, they can follow them, and in most cases improve on the process. Jasper was working on improving things already. I love men that understand cause and effect.

“You know, this is a lot different in reality than it is when you look at magazines or read about it,” he said.

“Oh yes,” I said. “Touch me there,” I finished as his fingers move up and down my lips. I guided him to my clit. Jasper touched me and wiggled his fingers around nicely. I could feel the heat building up in my crotch. He slid his fingers down and into me. I was wet. Oh was I wet.

“Jasper, lay on your back,” I said and got up on my knees. I figured that me on top would be easier and give me more control.

“Alright,” he said and moved. I straddled him and took hold of his cock. Positioning it right at my opening, I slowly slid down on to his cock. The look on his face was one of delight and amazement. I rocked back and forth as he slid in and out. I started to move faster up and down on his cock.

“Gggwen,” was all he could gasp. His hands went to my hips and moved me faster. He filled me up in a delightful way that felt so good. I felt my orgasm building and moved faster. He tried to keep up, but our rhythm faltered.

“Can..can we take a break?” he gasped.

I nodded and slowed down. I put my head on his chest and he held me.

“I,… oh my… umm…” he started.

I realized he’d gone a bit soft. I moved off of him and lay on my side. I wrapped my fingers around his cock. He was sticky. I figured he’d come just a little, but not all the way.

“Jasper, it’s okay. This is all new. There is plenty of time,” I said trying to reassure him. It was his turn to nod. We started kissing and touching again. He got hard again.

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“Could we try another position?” he asked.

“Okay, how about doggy style?”

“Dog… oh!” he laughed. We moved up on our knees and he put his cock in again. After a few strokes, he stopped.

“What’s the matter Jasper?” I asked, as this had felt very good.

“I, um… It’s sort of hard to line up,” he said.

“It’s okay. Let’s adjust things a bit,” I said and spread my knees to lower myself a bit. He slid back in and that seemed to work better. I felt that heat building again and knew I’d start orgasming. Jasper tried to keep the rhythm, but when I did come, it threw things off a bit. I felt him stiffen and then he stopped, hugged me around the waist and lowered us to the bed.

“Oh damn. I’ve gone soft again,” he said.

“Jasper, it’s okay. Just snuggle me,” I said. I realized he’d come again with one of those little short orgasms, and then gone soft. “You’ve got a lot of years of habit to get over. Just relax,”

“Yeah, my friend said the first time was more disaster than fantastic, and now I believe him,” he said.

“Hey! We haven’t had disaster yet. You’re just not use to having a woman in your arms,” I said. “This is like finally trying all those neat projects in Popular Science magazine because you finally have all the bits together in one room.”

“Yeah, it is, but I’ve been playing for way too long with just half the pieces.”

“You’re doing just fine,” I said as I started tickling him. He laughed and started tickling back. Then he cheated. Jasper wrapped me in his arms and held me tight so I couldn’t tickle him. He relaxed his arms a bit once I stopped trying to tickle him, and then snuggled for a bit. He held me tight in his arms and it felt so nice. Like I was a teddy bear. At some point, we fell asleep.

I woke with a bit of a start. Looking for a clock, I realized that while there was one in the room, it wasn’t plugged in. Damn. Jasper woke up and reached for me. He had held me tight to him all the time we’d slept. As he snuggled up behind me, I realized he was hard again. I opened my legs and hooked one over his hips.

“Jasper, let’s try spooning,” I suggested.


“Yeah, like two spoons in a drawer,” I said. I reached for his cock and guided it into place. He drove his hips forward and buried himself in me.

“This feels nice,” he said and we began to move together. After a minute, he slowed down. “Can you move your leg this way?” he asked and pulled my leg up higher over his hip.

“Yes,” I said and rolled off my side onto my back and draped one leg over his hip while the other one moved between his legs.

“That’s it. Oh…,” he started as we began to move together. This was a deep position, and it felt good to both of us. After a few minutes, I felt him stiffen again. “Oh…” As he relaxed, he moved his fingers to touch me. With his cock still deep inside of me, and his fingers playing over my clit, the orgasms rolled over me hard and fast.

“oh..oh..ohohohohoOHHH!” I squeaked a bit louder than I expected to. Both of us started to giggle. After a minute or two, we disentangled ourselves.

“I need a drink of water,” I said, and headed for the sink.

“Me too,” and he grabbed a glass.

After I got a good drink, I tried to figure out what time it was. Jasper found his cell phone. It was 9pm. I set the clock and the alarm for 8am.

“Oh well, so much for going back to the house for clothes and such,” I said.

Jasper laughed.

“I’d better call Eric and let him know that we’re still alive,” I said and picked up the phone. It only rang once before Eric answered it.

“About time you checked in,” he teased.

“Hush you!”

“Well, it is 9pm, and you left here nearly eight hours ago. Is all going well?” he asked.

“Yes, just fine. Thought I’d call you though and let you know where we are.”

“Yeah, caller ID is great. How’d you end up way out there?” Eric asked.

“Everything else was full of construction workers.”

“Oh, That explains it. Your son Ian called.”

“Damn, Did you tell him where I was?” I asked. There were days my son was way too protective of his mother.

“No, but you will have to talk to him in the morning,” Eric said.

“Yeah, I know. Good night Eric,” I said.

“Night. Have fun,” he said and hung up the phone.

I put the phone down and crawled back into bed. Jasper was stretched out on the bed and held the covers up for me.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“Yeah. Just my son looking for me. Ian feels that he is the only one who watches over his mom. So, I’ll have to explain that his hippy mom ran off with a man for wild night of crazy sex when I see him next.”

That started Jasper laughing. It was infectious and we were both laughing in a minute. Once we caught our breath, I snuggled up to Jasper.

“Jasper, any questions or thoughts running through your head?” I asked figuring that he’d probably had a few running through his head.

“Yes, I have a couple, but the one that has me curious is what is your relationship with Eric?”

“Easy. He’s a lover, and my room mate,” I said.

“Doesn’t he get jealous?” Jasper asked.

“No. We don’t do jealousy. Eric and I are polyamourous. Love is infinite and you can love more than one person at a time. It is time that is finite, and what you have to do if you love more than one person is to make sure you spend time wisely. To be honest, Eric has been doing the whole cheer leading from the sidelines ever since we started talking. If he hadn’t encouraged me to message you, I’d still be dithering about it instead of snuggling in bed here with you.”

“Okay. I think I get it,” Jasper said.

“I did the same thing for him about three months ago when this really cute drummer was trying to trip him and he panicked. I told him to go to bed with her. He was very happy he did. Oh… and she was a virgin!”

Jasper laughed at that. I knew that this whole thing wasn’t an easy concept to wrap the brain around, but he’d manage or have more questions.

“Any other questions?” I asked again.

“Well, are we going to sleep or play around some more?” Jasper asked.

I smiled at him and let my hand trace down his stomach. I’d felt his erection press against my stomach a few moments earlier. “Oh my, look what I found,” I said with a teasing voice as my hand ran over his erection.

“Gee, you’d think that would be worn out by now,” Jasper said.

“Well, let’s see,” I said and moved under the covers. I took his cock in my hand and then took the head of it in my mouth. I slid my mouth down as far as I could and started moving up and down on his cock.

“Oh!” was about the most intelligent thing Jasper said for the next few minutes. “Hol..hol.. hold on,” he finally stuttered.

I stopped and looked at Jasper. He’d had another one of those little orgasms. I’d tasted him as he came in my mouth. Not much, but just enough to fry his senses.

“Too.. much.. sensation,” he finally got out.

“Okay. Did you like that?” I asked.

“Oh yes! Very intense and oh…” he said and then reached to touch me. Jasper was a very good student and had learned quickly what made me wiggle my hips and scream with orgasms. I came again and again. After the last one, Jasper cuddled me tight in his arms and we fell asleep again.

I woke to the sound of an unfamiliar alarm going off. I rolled over and turned it off. 8am. I got up, went to the bathroom and got a drink. Jasper was just waking up when I crawled back in bed.

“Morning beautiful,” he said.

“Morning Jasper. How are you feeling?” I asked.

“Decidedly not a virgin, and someone else is awake,” he said and gestured towards the tent his erection was making in the bed.

“Well, what would you like to do about that?” I asked.

“Remember that sorta X position we were in last night?


“That sounds good to me,” he said.

“Me too,” I said as we moved around on the bed.

Jasper ran his fingers across my lower lips and tickled me with his fingertips. Then he moved his cock to line up with me and slid in. I was tight and it took a moment before he felt well seated. Then we started moving together. We moved slowly as we rocked back and forth. His hands went from my hips to my breast and then down to my clit. It felt so good to have him hard and moving back and forth at the same time his fingers played with my clit. I started to orgasm. After the first one, he didn’t stop, and they just kept coming. I felt myself clench around his cock and then he stiffened and growled between clenched teeth.

“Arrrr….gghhhhh…..” he moaned as he bucked and came harder than he had before.

I held on to his arm and let my own orgasm wash over me brought on by his insistent fingers.

“oh!.oh! Ohhhhhh!” I moaned after it felt like all my bones had just melted. I looked over at Jasper where he lay on the pillows with a silly grin on his face. Just behind his head was the clock. We’d been at it for nearly twenty-five minutes. I started to giggle.

“Wha…what’s so funny?” he asked.

“Unlike most virgins, you have some awesome hang time dear,” I said at last.
Jasper took in what I said and started laughing.

Forty minutes later, we hauled ourselves out of the bed and hopped through the shower. Check out time was in less than forty minutes. Hardest part was finding my undies. They were at the bottom of the bed tangled in the sheets. We got dressed and Jasper packed with less than two minutes to spare.

Walking outside was a shock. It was about twenty-five degrees, and the sun was brilliant. The snow reflected the light and I wished I’d had my sunglasses. We got in the car and headed back to the house.

We turned the corner just in time to see Ian’s car drive off. I was glad that I didn’t have to face him first thing this morning. Jasper was grinning so hard that I was afraid his smile would meet around back and the top of his head would fall off. When we got in the house, Eric was at his desk.

“Morning, you two,” he said. “I didn’t expect you two so soon.”

“Morning Eric,” said Jasper.

“Morning you!” I said. “Check out time was 11am.” I headed back to make tea while those two started talking computers and ham radios. Plus, I figured that the two of them needed a little ‘guy time’. That way they could re-assure each other that all was okay. I could hear laughter and figured it was going alright.

As I was making tea, I could hear that the conversation had turned from weather to computers and now music. Oh gods… they were already trading mp3’s! I finished up the tea and brought them their cups first.

“You two look like a meeting of the electrical engineers toy time union.”

“Duh!” said Eric.

“Well what would you expect when you put two engineers in the same room with electrical toys?” asked Jasper. “Besides, you’re not too far off from being an EE by osmosis anyway,” he finished with a look at me.

“Yeah. Jr. Geek. What he said,” said Eric with a grin on his face. “Jasper, listen to this.” Eric tapped a few keys on the computer and Toccata in Fugue D Minor began to play. He took the remote control and started to turn up the bass until the floor and my chair were vibrating. Vibrating at just the right pitch after a night of sex.

“That is so not fair Eric!” I said as I could feel the vibrations in all the right places and couldn’t help squirming.

Eric laughed, and when Jasper didn’t get what was going on, he leaned over and whispered in his ear. Then both of them were laughing. Men! Wait, no… Electrical Engineers!!!

Jasper was looking at Eric’s playlist. “How about that one?” he asked.

Eric nodded and played another mp3 that is heavy on the bass. The floor vibrated more.

“Guys! This is not fair!”

They laughed. Then Eric got that impish look in his eyes. “Jasper, watch this,” he said and suddenly instead of music, there was a tone. One of the ones off of his sound engineer test equipment. It went rumbling across the floor strong enough that the vibrations nearly brought me to orgasm. I stood up, and that didn’t help.

“You guys are brats!” I said and left the room to cool off for a minute. This was neither the time or place to mug either guy or both guys. I’d never been so glad for a cold back porch in my life. I could hear them laughing. I worked on making some lunch.

Ten minutes later, they’d found something new to play with and I figured it was safe to go back into the room.

“Lunch is ready,”

Eric and Jasper stood up from the computer and headed for the kitchen. I got kisses from both of them as we sat down to eat.

“So, when will you be back down Jasper?” Eric asked.

“Hey! That’s my question!” I teased.

Both men laughed. Jasper swallowed his bite and cleared his throat. “Probably in two weeks if that is okay with you,” he said.

“I think that will be just fine. What do you want to do?” I asked.

“Well, I’d like to go to a movie and maybe walk around town. Sort of a date. And then…”

“Then we could come back here if you’d like. In two weeks Eric has a conference and we could have the house to ourselves for at least one night. How does that sound?” I asked.

“That sounds good,” said Jasper.

“I’ll check my calendar to make sure, but the weekend of the 18th sounds good,” I said as I stood to put my plate in the sink. “Jasper, what time do you need to head out?”

Jasper turned and looked at the clock. It was nearly 3pm. “I probably ought to head out now. I want to get home before the roads are too icy.”

The guys stood up and put their plates in the sink and we headed for the living room. Jasper got his coat on and then held out his hand to Eric. “Been good to meet you. I’ve had a lot of fun this afternoon,” he said as they shook hands. Eric pulled him into a hug.

“I had fun too. Safe drive home and we’ll see you in two weeks,” said Eric.

Jasper turned to me, and I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around him. I hugged him tight.

“You drive safe, and call me when you get home,” I said.

“I will. See you in two weeks,” he said and then kissed me goodbye.

“Goodbye,” I said as we let go of each other.

He headed out the door and down to his truck. I stood on the steps and waved goodbye as his truck turned the corner.

Eric came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

“Happy you took a chance?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said and we went back to the living room. “Jasper is a sweet man and I enjoy his company.”

“Good. Now tell me all the dirty details,” he said with a grin on his face.

“No!” I said with a laugh. He’d just have to get his information from Jasper! I headed to my calendar and in big letters wrote JASPER on the 18th. I had a date.

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