A First For Melissa

Melissa and I had been distant friends for years, and only after I left my cheating ex did I notice how well time and hormones had treated her through her late teens while I wasted four years of my life on a woman that didn’t love me. I missed a lot in her life, like the time she saved a little boy from a burning building by picking him up and jumping out a window with him in her arms (they were both mostly unharmed, but the glass left a scar on Melissa’s left thigh). It didn’t take long for us to get a lot closer, much due me being as persistent as the sunrise when it came to asking her out a weekly basis. But even after months of pressure, the cute little light skinned Italian/African hybrid refused to break down and let me take her to dinner. So, imagine my surprise when she called me one night to tell me she had won tickets to see her favorite band, and she needed someone to go with.

I watched her ass in that tight denim skirt weave through the crowd at the Megadeth concert as she pulled me along behind her. Melissa looked so damn good that night that I barely remembered who we had come to see. In that a tight zip-up green sweater that hugged the lines of her dark skinned body, the black skirt that showed off the curves of her hips(but hid the scar on her thigh), and the knee-high boots that nothing to hide the shapes of her legs, she looked like a wet-dream come true. Tearing my eyes from her ass was hard, but I saw the end of her long brown hair move and knew she was looking over her shoulder at me “Hey, eyes up here, Jeremy.” she giggled and pushed on my forehead to make my head tilt back and look into her light brown eyes. Her big pouty lips peeled back from her teeth in a smile almost too wide for her narrow face. “Think you can keep your eyes off my ass long enough to watch the band?” she laughed out as we got the railing on the lawn and leaned up against it.

“Maybe.” I smiled and moved behind her and put my arms on either side of her to hold the rails. “If I’m closer to it, I think I can keep myself from staring.” I said and moved so that I was just barely touching her back with my chest. I hardly heard her gasp over the gaggle of people pouring in behind us and the opening band checking their amps, but I still heard it. “Sorry.” I whispered in her ear, thinking I scared her. “I’ll move if you want.” When I pulled my hand away from the rail though, I felt her hand grab my wrist.

I looked up and saw her still smiling at me. “Don’t go, who’s gonna block the crazies from knocking me over the rails?” she chided. I just laughed and got back into position behind her. I understood what she meant though. Being 5’5 and just over 120 lbs, she wasn’t the type that could really hold herself up against some of the larger and wilder fans that would probably turn the yard into a series of miniature mosh-pits separated by clouds of smoke. Towering behind her at 6’4 and nearing 260, it would be a little more difficult to knock me over or out of the way. I smiled as she leaned back against me and I inhaled deeply, closing my eyes as the smell of shampoo still lingering in her hair and perfume on her skin washed over me.

Halfway through the opening band’s act, which I made a mental note to buy their album on the way out, I felt something tugging on the chains hanging from my pants and attached to my wallet and two pair of fake, but working, handcuffs. Fearing a pickpocket, I reached down and snatched for a chain only to pull back a small light brown hand attached to the end of my date’s arm. “Sorry.” I muttered and let her go when she looked over her shoulder at me.

“S’okay” she smiled. “I just can’t believe you wore the pants with the cuffs on them.” she jingled the silver braclets for emphasis.” Before I could even get my line out she said. “Yeah, yeah, I know ‘they might come I handy.’ You’ve told me every time you wear them.”

I just laughed inched closer to her, hoping she’d continue exploring my pants and find something she’d like to play with other than chains. When the opening band left the stage, and the second was starting their set, we went to the concession stand and I paid ridiculous prices for a cheeseburger, a vegetarian hotdog for Melissa, and two Mountain Dews, then made our way back to our spot to stand while Megadeth started into the spotlight. Three or four songs in, I noticed that Melissa had managed to get one of my handcuffs off my pants and was playing with it. “Please don’t loose that, I doubt I can another to match the pair still on me.” I told her jokingly.

She turned around and smirked at me, twirling the cuffs around her fingers. “And what are you gonna do if I loose them?” she teased and made like she was gonna drop them over the rails and into the seats below.

I reached out and yanked them to me, pulling her with me as she refused to let them loose. “I’ll use the other ones to put your hands behind your back and spank you like the bad little girl you are.” I growled at her through a smile and saw her blush either at the thought of getting handcuffed or spanked, I’m still not sure. I let her go after looking her up and down again and noticing not for the first time the little winged skull resting just above her B-cups on a black cord, and she turned back around, still fidgeting with the cuffs, and I got even closer to her, pressing against her back and her ass as she bobbed to the blaring songs on the stage. She started waving to some people below us in the stadium seats and tried to get out from between me and the rails. “Woah there, Mel. I though we were on a date, where are you going?” I asked and held her in place.

She rolled her eyes. “Uhh… Just wait here.” she laughed at me and slapped one of the cuffs around my left wrist and the other around the metal railing. Then she ducked under the rail and ran to meet her friends, waving at me as she left me there.

Well I was pissed, and had every right to be so. Besides being ditched by my date, I was handcuffed in place with handcuffs that I lost the keys to a long time ago. I tugged and pulled and did my damnedest to get my wrist out of the metal ring, but only resulted in bruising myself. Finally doing exactly what I hoped I wouldn’t have to, I braced my right hand around the chain and yanked, and yanked and finally pulled back hard enough to break the ratcheting clip and send pieces of my cuffs sailing out over the crowd. Still wearing the broken set on my left wrist, I jumped the rails and went off in the direction Melissa had ran earlier.

I found her sitting in the middle of a cloud of smoke with a group of people I’d heard her talk about before and recognized from pictures she’d shown me. “God, I thought you’d never figure out how to get those cuffs open.” she said and rolled her eyes at me when she saw me stalking up to the circle.

I held my arm up and showed her the broken ring dangling from my wrist. “Who said I did?” I asked and nearly shoved it in her face.

She started laughing, and some her stoned friends joined in. “You idiot!” she giggled at me and grabbed my wrist. “There’s a fucking switch, Jeremy!” she said and touched some unknown spot and the remaining bracelet popped open and fell into her hand. “Christ, I would think you knew how to work your own clothing.”

I know I turned four shades of red. I don’t know who I was angrier at, me for not knowing how to get the cuffs off, or her for ditching me and then making me look stupid in front of her friends. Either way, I wasn’t about to let it go easy. “Comon, Melissa, we’re goin back to the lawn.” I said and put my hand on her shoulder. She shrugged me off and said she was staying. One of her pothead friends offered her a ride home if she needed it. “Fuck off.” I told him and reached for the other set of handcuffs, after all there’s more than one way to skin a cat, ya know? After searching for a minute, I found the little hidden switch and hand the cuffs opened in my hands. “Last chance, Mel. Are you coming with me?”

She whirled on me and glared up at me. “I already said no.” Melissa muttered and turned back around. I nodded and grabbed her arm, pulling it behind her back and slapping the handcuff on her. “Hey! Wha- what the fuck?” she complianed and reached with her other hand, so I caught it and put the other cuff on that wrist, being careful not to break the charm bracelet she wore all the time. “Jeremy! That’s not funny!” she sad, but was still laughing

“Oh, I think it is.” I told her and proceeded to lift her up and over my shoulder, where she of course screamed and tried in vain to kick me until I held her knees down. I saw some of her larger buddies tense up like they wanted to fight. I pulled the switchblade from my pocket and popped the knife out. “Really? You want to do that?” I asked and they settled down quickly. I carried her back to the spot we had carved out as our own in the grass and set her down on her feet, putting my arms around her again in case she decided she wanted to run. “Now, let’s enjoy the concert.” I told her and she huffed and turned away from me. I noticed she kept trying to wring her hands out of the cuffs or try to reach the lock-switch. I held my bruised wrist up for her to see. “Don’t bother.” I said. “It’ll only hurt worse if you struggle.” I eased up close to her again, trying to enjoy the rest of the concert, while she tried to get loose. Towards the end of the set, though, I felt her fingers on my zipper. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I wasn’t about to stop her. In seconds my fly was open and her hands were in my boxers, rubbing and fondling my cock and balls. She rolled my nuts around in one hand and gently, slowly, awkwardly stroked my pole with the other. As my erection neared painfully large, she stopped. “Mel, Baby…” I groaned and pushed my hips at her.

Melissa pulled her hands away slightly. “Uncuff me.” she ordered. When I declined with a chuckle, she reached for my dick and dug her nails into the shaft and my scrotum. “Undo the damn cuffs, Jeremy!” I tried to pull away, but that only proved more painful. With a tear in my eye, I agreed, but she had to take her hands out of my pants. She pulled her claws from my family jewels, and I quickly backed away, zipping up before she could back at them. “Uncuff me!” she whined again, and I neared her to smack her on the ass. “Ow! Dammit, Jeremy!” she moaned and I felt a little sorry for her.

“What did I tell you?” I asked. “I said if I didn’t have a matching pair, I was gonna handcuff you and spank you like the bitch you are, didn’t I?” I joked and smacked her again, causing another mewl of something not quite pain. “Oh come on, I didn’t even hit you that hard, Melissa.” I said and hoisted her onto my shoulder again.

“Hey!” she shouted. “Where are you going?” she asked when I started to make my way to the exit.

I just laughed. “I don’t really care for this song, and I know it’s the last one in the set.” I explained and spanked her again. “So I’m skipping out early to beat the traffic.” I tossed her into the passenger seat, still handcuffed, and got in to drive her home. “I’ll let you loose, eventually.”

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She pouted. “Please let me out of these cuffs, Jeremy.” Melissa pleaded. “My arms hurt and my wrists are sore.” she pouted some more before trying again. “I’ll do whatever you want, just please, take them off.” she said I was rounding the corner of her apartment building.

I laughed, feeling a little sadistic, but liking it. “You’ll do whatever I want if I leave them on you, too.” I told her and swung into a parking place fast enough to make her fall over with her head in my lap. “See? What’d I tell you?” I joked as she struggled to get up and wound up rubbing her face all over my crotch. I helped her up and carried her to her door “Keys?” I asked.

She sighed. “Back pocket of my skirt.” I reached my hand in and groped her ass while I dug the house key out. “Please, just take the cuffs off, Jeremy.” she asked again as I walked in and carried her back to her bedroom. I smiled and sat her on the bed and made her sit up.

“You said you’d do whatever I wanted right?” I asked and she glared up at me, blushing harder than ever, and nodded. I smiled and started taking off my clothes. When she asked what I was doing, I told her “What I’ve wanted to do since I found out your were legal and single.” and stood before her in my boxers. “Remember if you bite me, you can die with those handcuffs on for all I care.” I said and pushed my underwear down, allowing my dick to spring out and nearly slap her in the face. When she just looked at it, then at me, like she was confused, I had to ask “What are you waiting on, Melissa?” She looked at the floor and muttered something. “What?” I asked, ears still ringing from the concert.

Melissa snapped at me. “I’ve never done it before! OK?” she barked and bounced on the bed. “What? Is it such a shock that I’ve never given head?” she asked and I stammered at her outburst. “Guess what else, Jeremy?” she went on. “I’m a virgin! Yeah, asshole, a virgin! V-I-R-G-I-N! Is this really what you want my first time to be like?” she asked finally and I think she started crying. I don’t really know cause I was too busy getting the handcuffs off of her to look at her face.

When she was free, instead of running away, I sat on the bed with her and held her close to me. “I’m sorry, Mel.” I said, feeling like a real douche bag. “I didn’t know, I swear. I was only playing around, and I wouldn’t have done anything you didn’t want too.” I tried to convince her and calm her down.

Melissa looked up at me and smiled a little. “I know you wouldn’t hurt me.” she muttered and I felt a little better. We sat there for awhile in silence before I noticed she was looking at my cock and noticing that it was still hard. “You know… I do want to do it.” she blurted out. I eased back to look Melissa in the eyes, with an eyebrow raised. “Yes, with you.” she chimed. “I mean, we’ve known each other a long time, and you’ve always been really sweet to me. Well, with the exception of handcuffing me and kidnapping me at a concert.” she joked. Her hand landed on my dick as she talked, and I felt it make a small fist around the base. “I just didn’t want to be the rebound girl after your breakup. I mean especially with me being a virgin, I’d probably be so bad you’d wanna go back to that bitch.” she told me and laughed.

“What makes you think you were the rebound girl?” I chuckled back. Then it was a slow lean in and our lips met, pressed against each other, parted, twisted, separated, and rejoined. Her grip on my shaft tightened considerably and her breathing got heavier as I slid my tongue past her teeth and met hers, and Melissa followed it back into my mouth and felt her taste the roof of my mouth before we pulled apart with her bottom lip caught between mine. She blushed and tried to turn away, but I held her by the chin and went in for another kiss, this time sucking on her tongue when I coaxed it out from her mouth. She moaned and started stroking my cock just before we parted again, this time with my lip caught between her teeth. Melissa blushed even brighter and nearly took her hand away before I asked. “Don’t tell me that was your first kiss too?”

She smiled and shook her head, “No, just the first good one.” she admitted and came back for more. Melissa assaulted my mouth, shoving her tongue into my mouth and sucking mine out as she stroked my dick harder and faster. I unzipped her sweater and went for her tits, popping her bra up and groping for firm breast flesh while she moaned into my mouth. She broke her death grip on my penis and threw her top and bra on the floor, and I started trying to get her skirt off before she was kissing me again. She started laughing when I got frustrated and tried to yank it off her hips. “Having trouble?” she giggled and stood up from the bed.

“There’s no zipper or buttons or anything!” I complained. “Why do women’s clothes confuse me so much?” I joked. She just laughed more and showed me the butterfly buttons on the very front of it, plain as the sun during the day. “Of course they’re there now.” I joked and made quick work of the brass buttons and pulled her skirt off over her boots. She kicked it at me and backed away to make a big show of putting her legs up in a chair and unzipping her boots, one at a time, very slowly, just so I could get a good look at her in her black panties that were getting sucked up into her wet little slit. As the second boot feel away, she laughed at me intensely watching her. “You like what you see?” she said and walked to me slowly, one arm covering her breasts, the other trying to hide the long jagged scar on her left thigh.

I pulled her closer to me and pushed her hands away from what she hid from me, first taking in her beautiful perky tits topped with hard little brown nipples, then moving down to the scar and traced my fingers over it. She shuddered and tried to pull away. “Don’t.” I told her and ran my hand over it again. It felt like a strip of snakeskin grafted onto her. “I like everything I see.” I went on and ran my other hand up the inside of her leg and across her panty-covered crotch. “And everything I don’t.” I grinned as she shook visibly when I brushed up against her pussy. I picked her tiny body up by her hips and laid her back on the bed. Crouching on the floor between her ankles and staring once more at her near-nude body, I decided to remove the last of her clothes and hooked my fingers through her waist band. Melissa moaned and lifted her hips so I could pull them off, revealing her bald mound to me. “So much for knowing you’re natural hair color.” I joked and tossed her panties into the finally full pile of discarded clothes.

“Dirty Blonde.” she moaned as I started to gently rub all her newly exposed flesh. I grinned at her and inched my up onto the bed again, staying low and close to her legs until my mouth was even with her glistening sex. I dipped close and planted a few quick kisses on the creases of Melissa’s legs, moving closer to her center encouraged by her coos and moans as I neared her slit. Then I stopped and simply looked at her pussy, blowing on it lightly as I breathed “Goddammit Jeremy, Stop teasing me!” she squealed and slammed her fists into the mattress. I laughed and did nothing but rub the tops of her legs slowly with my palms. “Please…” she mewled and I dove at her, dragging my tongue from just below her hole, through her slit and across her clit in one quick motion. “Oh.. God…” She groaned and I went back for more. Driving my tongue into her pussy until I could feel her hymen pressing back at it and heard her moan for more. I slurped and drank on the sweet slickness that seeped from her until I felt her hands in my hair and moved up to assault her hard little clit that was poking out from under it’s hood. Melissa screamed when I wrapped my lips around that nub and sucked on it like a baby on the bottle. Her fingers were knots in my hair, pressing me into her crotch as I flicked the tip of her clit with the tip of my tongue. “Aah! OOooh! God Jeremy, don’t stop!” She started calling out to me when I opened my mouth and covered her entire cunt with it. I sucked on her lips and lapped at her button with my tongue and I felt her pussy start to quiver and shake when she started screaming again. “Aaaaaaiieeee!!” I’m Cumming! Ooohh, I’m Cumming! Oh Fucking Christ! I’m Cumming!”

She bucked her hips at my face until I was afraid she was going to break my jaw and I had to back away. Still howling out her orgasm, Melissa drug me up by my hair to her face and kissed me, sucking on my tongue, moaning, and grinding her now dripping wet cunt on my stomach brushing her ass on my dick each time she sank back to the bed. I kissed her back, held her close to me, and smiled at her as she started to come down. She was sweating, panting, and positively glowing in the aftermath of was obviously the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had. “Enjoy yourself?” I asked, grinning ear to ear as she attempted to catch her breath and answer me. Before she could though, I felt something cold and scaly along the back of my leg. “Jesus Christ!” I shouted and leapt off the bed, nearly taking Melissa with me.
She, of course, was laughing at me. “It’s just Godiva, you wuss.” she mocked and picked up the python from her disheveled bedclothes. I’d forgotten about the pet snake in the heat of the moment. “Poor baby, she got out of her tank and got cold.” Melissa cooed and held the four foot reptile to her naked and pert tits. “She was just trying to cuddle, Jeremy.” she told me, then pointed to the aquarium in the corner next to the bathroom door. “Put her back for me okay?” she said and held Godiva out to me.

I reached for her pet snake and it struck at me. I had pet boa constrictors growing up, and I knew that non-venomous snakes only struck to scare off predators if they weren’t trying to feed, but that didn’t stop me from jumping like a scared little girl when I saw the open mouth coming at my arm. “Damn snake.” I cursed and Melissa just laughed at me. I pulled Godiva from her then, just to shut her up, and quickly dumped her back into her tank with her heat rocks and yellow warming lights. By the time I turned back around, Melissa was on her back, watching me with one hand holding up her head, and the other lazily rubbing her pussy.

“Come here.” she said and crooked her juice-covered finger at me. “I think I’m ready for you.” I wasted no time getting back in the bed with her, laying between her legs, and kissing her big sexy lips passionately. She pushed me away a little and reached down to grab my dick and pull it towards her. “Go slow, ok?” she whispered and I nodded. When the head of my dick touched her hot lips, she let me go and wrapped her hands around my wrists. Melissa stared up at me a I started pushing the tip into her. When I hit her maidenhead she gasped and we both held our breath until I pushed through, tearing through her virginity and into her body. She clenched her eyes shut and I counted three tears roll from the corners of her eyes as I inched deeper and deeper in Melissa’s virgin vagina. I went slow so I wouldn’t hurt her, but I couldn’t have gone much faster with her being so tight. I think she started breathing as my hips came to rest on top of hers. “Is that it?” she moaned. My dick twitched inside her and she groaned. “Oh god. It feels a lot bigger than it looks.”

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I laughed, making my cock jump more, and causing Melissa to moan louder. “I could get more in, ya know?” I informed her and started to ease out to reposition myself. She hissed and dug her nails into my shoulders as the head of my dick stretched her pussy walls again. She apologized as she removed her claws from my flesh. “It’s ok, Mel.” I said and leaned down to kiss her again. She wrapped her arms around my neck, I felt her legs open further and try to lock behind me, and we sucked on one another’s lips as I pulled my cock back to her entrance before re-entering her flaming hot tunnel.

“Oh… that feels good…” Melissa moaned as my cock slid up against the back of her pussy and caused her to have a miniature orgasm. Her hands rubbed the back of my neck and she pushed her hips up at me. “Keep going, baby. I can take it now.” she told me, glassy-eyed and smiling. I pulled out of her again, this time with her moaning instead of hissing and trying to claw me open, and filled her cunt with dick again, plunging in and forcing her wetness to squelch out around the base of my shaft. Following Melissa’s instructions of “Fuck me, Jeremy, faster.” each time I entered her tight little mixed-race pussy I thrust harder and faster, and was rewarded with the sound of our skin slapping together and moans escaping her mouth. Her legs tightened around my waist, her pussy pulled and grasped at my dick, and her nails bit into my flesh again as the only thing Melissa could muster to say became “I’m cumming. I’m Cumming. I’m Cumming!”

It wasn’t long before words left her and she was reduced to groans, whimpers, and cries as her body rocked under mine. She was thrusting her pussy up at me harder than I was pumping my cock into it. With Melissa screaming in my ear, and her cunt squeezing my tool, it wasn’t long before I my own orgasm approaching. “Oh Fuck, Mel!” I growled and before I could think about it, our hips met in mid-thrust, and my semen erupted into her body. We kept fucking while my cock kept spurting cum inside her pussy. Eventually, we both lost to pure exhaustion and had to stop. I felt my cum being pushed out by her still spasming pussy and realized what I might’ve done. “I’m so sorry, baby.” I started. “I didn’t even think -“

“It’s ok!” she cut me off. “I wanted you to, it was incredible.” Melissa kissed me and asked me to get off of her. I did and she carefully got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom, trying her best and failing not to leave a trail of cum behind her. I heard a flush and she came out and smiled at me and blushed. “You might wanna clean up too, there was more than a little blood.” I glanced down at my semi-soft cock and saw she was right. When I tried to apologize, she stopped me. “It’s fine, really. I might’ve been a virgin, but I’m not stupid.” she told me. “It’s normal the first time, I know that.”

I got out of her bed and went into the bathroom, stopping to kiss her again as I passed her, and reached for a washcloth laying on the side of the sink. I tried to clean myself and ended up getting more water on the floor than blood off my dick. Melissa saw me and nearly laughed, then drug me into her shower and got on her knees with the cloth and started cleaning my shaft and my balls. “Well, that’s nice of you.” I moaned as she swabbed my nut-sack clean.

She smirked up at me. “I just didn’t want you ruining my new floor-mats.” she told me and wrung out the cloth and turned on the bathtub spigot to get more warm water on it then went back to wiping down my dick. Needless to say with that kind of treatment, I was standing at full attention again before long. “Oh my God, Jeremy, are you really that insatiable?” she said and dropped her hands to her knees.

I smiled down at her. “What can I say? It’s been a little while since I got any.” I joked and wagged my cock in front of her.

“Got any?” Melissa muttered and grabbed it by the base and gave me a dirty look. “It’s been nineteen years for me, ass.” she spat. “And thanks for referring to taking my virginity as getting some.” she got off her knees and started back into her bedroom. “You are such an asshole. I can’t believe I let you do that to me.” I heard her say under her breath as she walked away.

I rushed out after her, trying to apologize, and of course slipped in the puddle of water on the floor and fell hard. The last thing I remember is thinking how soft her new floor-mats were and how I hoped I didn’t bleed on them.

I woke up in her bed with an icepack on the back of my head. “Thank God you’re ok, I was about to call an ambulance.” Melissa told me. She was sitting on the edge of the bed in a black and pink bathrobe. “Alyssia, my neighbor, helped me drag you up in the bed. She’s a med-school student, and says your fine.” She explained, then told me I cracked my head on her toilet and broke the seat, but not to worry, cause I didn’t bleed on her new mats. She handed me a glass of water and two aspirin. “It should help the swelling at least.” she told me, then looked down to see the tent I was pitching in her sheets. “Well at least the swelling on the back of your head.” she laughed and pulled back he covers. She eyed my dick while I downed the pills and then took the glass from me before asking. “So… are you feeling… um… ok?”

I shrugged, and winced cause it made my head hurt. “I guess so. I mean I probably shouldn’t drive tonight, I might have blurred vision or something.” I told her, trying my damnedest to sound convincing and not like someone that wanted to spend the rest of the night inside her. “Why? You think I’m an asshole anyway.” I muttered.

Melissa frowned. “Well, I thought about that, and you’re not an asshole.” she said and smiled. “Sorry, I overreacted. I know you care about me.” she looked up at my eyes, then back at my cock, which was almost back to it’s pre-knocked out shape. “Besides,” Melissa started. “there is something you’ve wanted since you found out I was legal and single.” she finished as she bent and took the head of my cock in her mouth.

I closed my eyes and laid back down, careful to keep the ice on my head. I could feel Melissa’s pouty lips spread out and envelop my dick, running her tongue along the bottom of my shaft as she pushed my dick closer and closer to her throat. I felt the tip of my dick touch the back of her mouth, and I heard her gag. I pulled her mouth up until I could hear her breathing again. “You don’t have to do that Melissa.” told her and looked down to see her smile at me, then open her mouth wide and inhale my cock again, this time stopping and sucking before I hit her uvula. She started bobbing on my shaft, tickling the head with her tongue each time she backed away from me, and rubbing the bottom of the shaft with it as she went down.

Her robe had fallen open due to her teasing her own nipples and clit, so when she pulled her sexy lips off my dick with a pop and wiped a string of drool off her chin, Melissa was exposed to my greedy eyes again. “I want you inside me again.” She panted and I started to sit up so I could mount her again, but she pushed me back down. “No, this time I’ll fuck you.” she told me and swung her leg over me and grabbed my dick by it’s spit-soaked base and aimed it up at her leaking honey pot. She split herself and lowered slowly, letting go my shaft and leaning forward to hold herself up by her arms. I held her hips and guided her down until her ass was resting on top of my balls. “It feels bigger this way.” she wheezed and smiled, leaning back and holding her hands over her stomach. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and moaned “I think I just came again.” then started laughing, making her body twitch and jump on the inside.

I just smiled at her, nearly forgetting about my head, and said. “Well, take your time, Mel. I already came once, so it’ll be awhile before I’m ready again.” she just smiled and started riding my gently, slowly, carefully. She rose up from sitting on me until just the head was stuck between her labia then eased back down, filling herself with dick over and over again. She started moaning and going faster, slapping herself down on be, stuffing my shaft into her narrow pussy rapidly, then jerking it away repeating. She froze halfway down once, head thrown back, scream caught in her throat and hands barely touching me. Then as soon as she recovered, she was grinding her cunt on me, working my dick back and forth inside her, pulling on my shoulders and scratching my chest.

This time there were no words, I just knew she was cumming by the way her pussy pulled at me, and the gorgeous look on her face when I knew she was having an orgasm. She fell over on top of me and started kissing my chest. “Are you gonna cum in me again?” Mel asked, and I was slightly shocked. She eased her pussy up and came up to my face to kiss me, and I started pushing up into her. “Oh yeah, right there.” she said and started chewing on her bottom lip.

She kept her place, on her knees above me, arms braced on my shoulders, while I roughly thrust toward the ceiling and into her greased and loosened pussy. She started rocking in time with me and gasping each time the head of my dick hit her back-wall. She started to scream as her pussy clenched my dick and I told her “Here it is, Mel!” as I felt the head of my cock swell up and the shaft get even stiffer.

“Oooo! Fuckin cum inside me!” she howled and I did, pumping shot after shot of white goo against her cervix as she continued to ride and milk my cock for every drop. When I was done, I had to stop, I had no choice, my body refused to let me keep fucking. After another minute or so of grinding on my dick, Melissa’s apparently gave out as well and she collapsed on top of me. I wrapped on arm around her small frame and started to roll her off of me. “No, don’t” she told me. “I wanna sleep with you in me.” She made herself comfortable on my chest with my dick still impaled in her pussy and started to go to sleep. “You’ll give me a ride to the planned parenthood place in the morning, right?” she asked me right before I heard her start to snore. Of course I did, what kind of man would I be if I didn’t?

What a wonderful first date.

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