A Hot Afternoon by the Pool

On a hot summer day, it is great to have friends with a swimming pool. That was exactly what Andrew was thinking while leisurely floating around in Stuart’s pool.

“I’ve had enough for now, I’m getting out,” Stuart called.

“Good idea, I’m getting pretty hungry also, so how about we head out and grab food from somewhere?” replied Andrew.

“Sounds like a plan,” Stuart said approvingly.

The two had climbed out of the pool and Stuart had grabbed his towel off one of the chairs next to the pool when Andrew realised that he hadn’t brought a towel with him when he came around.

“Hey can I borrow a towel, I’ve forgotten mine.”

“Sorry but today is laundry day so all my towels are in the wash and this is my last one.” Stuart stated apologetically.

“Well, I have to dry off first before we go anywhere so any ideas?” asked Andrew.

Stuart responded, “You can always just take the swimmers off and dry off in the sun.” Stuart added, “I wouldn’t mind working on my tan so if it makes you happier, I’ll do the same”.

Andrew considered this for a moment before replying with “Um, yeah sure, why not?”

The two stripped off the wet clothes and laid back in the sun, allowing the warmth of the sun to dry them. Andrew looked over at Stuart who was lying back with his eyes close and almost drifting off to sleep. Andrew noted that he had a fairly similar build to his own; tall athletic build, lean but well defined muscles and short sandy blonde hair. He also noted Stuart’s penis which was cleanly shaven and of the same tanned skin tone as the rest of his body which suggested to Andrew that naked sunbaking wasn’t a rare occurrence for Stuart. Andrew’s thoughts were interrupted by Stuart’s laughing remark.

“Like what you see?”

“What?” was Andrew’s puzzled reply.

“You were staring at my cock. Haven’t you seen one as big as it before?” Stuart asked cheekily.

“Fuck off. My dick is like a tree trunk in comparison to your prick.” Andrew quickly joked back.

“Prove it.” Stuart stated in a challenging tone.

“What do you mean?” Andrew asked in reply.

“How about we see whose cock is bigger? Or are you scared you won’t even come close?”

Andrew wasn’t sure how to answer straight away. He didn’t have a problem with Stuart seeing his penis as the two had been friends for a long time and on more than a few occasions they had seen each other naked but to compare themselves in such a way was a bit of a strange idea to him. After a quick pause to think it over, however, curiosity got the better of him and Andrew always considered himself up for a challenge.

“Ok, let’s do it” Was Andrew’s confident reply.

“Excellent.” Stuart chuckled, “let’s go.”

While a bit of a strange feeling at first, Andrew took his cock in hand and started to stroke it in an effort to get it hard. Stuart didn’t take much time at all and after only a few minutes, his cock was at full erection and he was still working it while watching Andrew finally get his erection to its maximum size. It was clear that Andrew’s penis was slightly larger and thicker than Stuart’s but Stuart’s ball sack was definitely larger and hung lower. As he jerked his cock, his balls swung like golf balls in a sock.

“Looks like I’m bigger” Andrew heartily boasted.

“Yeah but chicks dig my bigger balls” Stuart stated.

As the two guys continued to discuss their assets, a car pulled into the driveway out the front of Stuart’s house. Chloe, Stuart’s girlfriend, had decided to drop by and make use of the great weather to have a dip in Stuart’s pool and she also hoped they might even have some extra aquatic activity after. Chloe had always wanted to try sex in a pool and the thought that she might finally get to try it had been driving her crazy all morning while she finished some errands for the day before heading over to Stuart’s. She felt like pulling up her skirt and giving herself a quick pleasure session before going in but the driveway was quite exposed so she thought it best to hold back for after the swim so she grabbed her bag, slipped out of the car and confidently strode around the side of the house to the pool.

Neither Andrew or Stuart had heard Chloe’s car arrive and they were both still sporting full erections and arguing about whether penis length or ball size were important when Chloe walked around into the pool area and interrupted them with a loud gasp.

“What are you two doing!?” she stammered.

“Shit, Chloe?! I didn’t hear you arrive!” Stuart stuttered in reply. “We had just gone for a swim and were, um, drying off.” Andrew quickly added, “I had forgotten my towel so we were drying off in the sun”.

“Let me get this straight,” Chloe continued, “You were drying off in the sun completely naked together and both of you now have a hard-on from drying off? Were you two about to go at it or something?” She asked cheekily.

“No!!” The two replied in unison.

Chloe suddenly had a rather fun idea pass her mind and she was so turned on at seeing her boyfriend and his best friend standing in front of her with massive erections that she decided to see if her fun thought could become a reality. So she added in a disappointing tone, “That’s a bit of a shame.”

“What do you mean?” Andrew asked

“Well, you both have great bodies and great dicks” looking straight at their still erect members. “It would have been so hot to see you guys go at it.”

While Stuart didn’t really know what to say, Andrew replied, “Um, well, I don’t really go for guys sorry.”

Chloe sensed the hesitation in Andrew’s voice and decided to push it to the next step and see what happens. “You don’t have to consider yourself gay to have some fun. I know, how about a bit of a challenge!” She exclaimed.

“What sort of challenge?” Stuart asked curiously.

“I’ve got them now!” Chloe’s thought excitedly so she quickly stated her idea. “Well, how about you guys take it in turns to give each other a blowjob for say thirty seconds at a time and whoever makes the other come first has to swallow the load.”

Andrew was a bit taken aback so he asked, “Um, that isn’t much of a challenge. All the winner gets is a mouthful of cum.”

“That’s where the prize comes into it.” Chloe replied.

“What’s the prize?” Stuart asked.

“Aside from the mouthful of cum, which you might not consider the greatest of prizes you’ve heard of, the winner gets to have sex with me however they want.” Chloe excitedly responded.

Both Andrew and Stuart both considered the challenge and what it entailed. While the idea of sucking off another guy and potentially having them cum in their mouth wasn’t overly appealing, the thought of getting to have Chloe however they wanted was indeed an exciting prospect. While Stuart and Chloe had been going together for about 3 months, they had only really tried oral sex or a quick handjob after parties so Stuart had been dying to get a chance to fuck Chloe. Andrew had always had a bit of a crush on Chloe also but would never think about trying anything while she and Stuart were together. But she was definitely his type; short, intelligent, funny, with flowing brown hair, not what he considered an athletic build but she did keep in shape and small but firm breasts which Andrew particularly liked in women. So after a quick consideration of the challenge, both Andrew and Stuart had nothing but the thought of fucking Chloe on their mind and hence they both agreed to the challenge.

Chloe couldn’t believe it, the idea that some of her longest held fantasies were about to be fulfilled was enough to send a tingle through her body. She desperately wanted to touch herself and relieve the incredible sexual excitement that was now surging through her body but she was determined to hold back and let the winner of her little challenge give her the pleasure she so desired.

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She was keen to see the fun start so she announced, “I think that Andrew should go first and give Stuart the first thirty seconds of fun as it is Stuart’s home.”

“Sounds fair to me” Stuart added.

“Ok.” Andrew responded and turned towards Stuart. While not appearing to be overly excited, secretly, Andrew was glad to go first as the thought of what he was about to do and what he might be able to do with Chloe was almost enough to make him come just thinking about it. Andrew certainly didn’t class himself as being gay but he had always wanted to experiment at least once with another guy just to see what it was like. Now, that fantasy was about to come true and he was going to enjoy it as much as he could.

Chloe placed her bag near the house and quickly dragged a deck chair over to where the two naked friends were standing. She took off her watch and held it in front of her, as if an official time keeper at the Olympics. Andrew grabbed Stuart’s towel and placed it on the ground to kneel on while Stuart stood with a massive smile on his face. He could feel how excited he was and could feel the throbbing in his penis as Andrew knelt down in front on him. “I can’t believe this is about to happen!” was all he could think. He had also wanted to try being with another male for a while now but never thought he would have the courage or opportunity to try it.

As Andrew reached up and took Stuart’s erect cock in his hand, Chloe started to remove her top and skirt. She wanted to be able to enjoy the feeling of being naked while watching the two guys put on their show. She continued to slowly undress as she called “Ok, start” to Andrew.

Andrew was focused on Stuart’s hard cock that he now held in his hand. Slowly, he wrapped his lips around the tip and eased his mouth further along the shaft. Gently, he began sucking on it as he pulled back causing Stuart to let out an involuntary gasp of delight. This time taking the cock deeper, Andrew began to quicken his motion and running his tongue over the tip of Stuart cock. He could taste the subtle sweetness of Stuart’s precum and could tell from his breathing and slight thrusting of his hips to meet Andrew’s sucking that Stuart was enjoying this immensely.

Chloe’s mind raced as she watched Andrew suck Stuart off right in front of her. By this time she had undone the straps to her bikini top and let it fall off revealing her youthful, firm breasts. She stood up and slipped off the bikini bottom and sat back down with her legs wide apart, the sunshine glistening off the moisture around the delicate lips of her shaven pussy. She couldn’t help herself and let one hand slowly brush over her clitoris as she watched the hottest and most sexy show she had ever imagined happen barely a meter in front of her. Her mouth opened slightly at the sight of Andrew’s mouth smoothly and quickly moving up and down Stuart’s shaft, the sun seeming to highlight their bodies, bathing them in a warm glow.

Less than twenty seconds had passed when Stuart looked over and saw Chloe sitting there with her legs wide apart and teasing herself with her fingers. The sight of her lovely petite body and smoothly shaved vagina, along with the incredible blowjob Andrew was giving him, was too much for his mind and body to handle.

“Oh, shit, that feels amazing! Oh, oh, I’m going to cum!” he moaned.

“Come in his mouth Stuart, shoot your big hot load down his throat!” Chloe cheered on, almost not believing that he would come so quickly. She had hoped that it would take a few minutes at least for each of them so she could enjoy the show a bit longer. But she could tell from the way he was starting to buck his hips and throw his head back that he was indeed about to come.

Andrew kept moving up and down the length of the cock that was in his mouth, feeling Stuart buck his legs slightly then tense his body. He heard Stuart say he was about to come, so he held his cock in one hand with just his lips covering the head of the cock. Just as he stopped moving, he felt Stuart’s cock pulsing in his hand and a moment later, Stuart grunted as he began shooting his cum into Andrew’s mouth. Andrew could feel the first shot hit the roof of his mouth and then pulse after pulse as Stuart had a massive ejaculation.

“Oh my god, I’ve never blown this much cum in my life!” he swooned.

“Take it all Andrew, don’t swallow it yet,” Chloe called. “I want you to show me all that hot cum in your mouth before you swallow it.”

Andrew felt that Stuart’s orgasm had finished and was amazed at how much cum Stuart had pumped into his mouth. While not exactly savouring the taste, he didn’t mind the sensation of the warm semen filling his mouth. He was also amazed at how turned on he was by Stuart ejaculating in his mouth and when he glanced down briefly at his own rock-hard and throbbing erection, he could see precum starting to drip from it. He moved over toward Chloe and opened his mouth for her to see the warm result of him winning the competition. She gasped as she saw all the cum, bit her lip slightly and began rubbing her pussy with more purpose than before.

“Wow, that is so hot.” Chloe said. “Swallow that hot cum for me Andrew.”

Andrew quickly gulped the warm, slick cum in one go, moving his tongue around his mouth, now beginning to enjoy the flavour of the sweet yet slightly salty/tangy cum that lingered in his mouth.

“Holy shit Andrew, when did you learn to give head that good?” Stuart laughed. He looked over at Chloe and presented his cock to her. “Do you want to clean up the last bit?” he asked pointing to the last drop that was seeping from his penis.

“Mmm, gladly.” Chloe replied and took his now softening cock into her mouth and milked out the last few drops of cum.

“Hey, I thought I was the one who got to have some fun with you?” Andrew asked in a mock-complaining tone.

“Ooh, indeed you do.” Chloe said and stood up, walked back over to the chair and slowly spread her leg wide and used her fingers to open up her now obviously moist pussy lips.

“Well, how about you start by showing off your skills with oral on me?” She asked invitingly.

Andrew didn’t need the formal invitation; he eagerly knelt down between her legs and began tenderly kissing the inside of her thighs. He didn’t want to go straight into eating her as he wanted to enjoy looking at her incredibly beautiful vagina. Although he had seen plenty via porn, he had never had the chance to have a long, close-up look at a pussy and he never dreamed it would be Chloe’s. Her pale skin tone seemed to almost glow in the sunshine and the puffy little nipples on her small breasts almost screamed out for attention. He continued to slowly kiss his way down her thighs, causing Chloe to hold her breath in anticipation of the pleasure that would come as his tongue would dance over her clit. But just as he was about to kiss her moist pussy, he moved upwards and began kissing up her stomach and then gently brushing his fingers across the sides of her breast, he started flicking her nipples with his tongue and ever so lightly biting them with his teeth. She gasped and arched her back in pleasure at the feeling of his teeth running across her delicate nipples, is gentle touch stimulating pleasure zones she didn’t realise she had.

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By this time, Stuart had sat back and was starting to jerk his cock again. He could feel himself begin to get hard again and he hoped that he would get a chance to have some fun with Chloe once she and Andrew had finished. At the very least, he was going to enjoy the chance to see a real-life porn scene take place in his own backyard.

Andrew could sense that Chloe was incredibly aroused and she moved her hand down to her pussy and started to quickly run her finger tips over her clit. “I’ll give the pleasure this time” he thought and pulled her hand away from her vagina. With a final quick kiss on each nipple, he moved his head down and pushed his mouth over Chloe’s clit.

“Oh yes!” Chloe moaned, barely able to contain her pleasure as Andrew finally gave Chloe the direct stimulation she desired.

Andrew darted his tongue back and forth over her clit before pushing it as deep into her pussy as he could go while enjoying the wonderful taste of her juices. Moving back to her clit, he continued to use his mouth to pleasure her while her breathing became quick and shallow and her body spasmed involuntarily to the incredible feelings that were shooting through her body. Chloe could feel an intense orgasm building and could only moan and scream with delight as wave after wave of pleasure surged through her body in the most amazing orgasm she had ever experienced. Andrew continued to lap at her pussy for a short time before standing up and kissing her, letting her taste her own juices on his lips.

“Oh wow Andrew that was amazing.” Chloe stated as she slumped back on the chair.

“Well I hope you’re up for a bit more as I’m keen to make use of your stunning pussy for a bit of pleasure of my own.” Andrew said with a smile.

Chloe knew exactly what he meant and she had the same thing in mind. While still coming down from the orgasm, she wanted to feel Andrew’s cock inside her. So she wrapped her arms around him with her hands on his arse and sucked on his cock quickly a few time, coating it with her saliva. She then pushed him away, flipped over onto her hands and knees with one knee of the chair and the other on the ground, presenting her widely spread pussy for him to penetrate.

Stuart loved the show that was unfolding before him and had jerked himself back to a full erection. He was also getting turned on at the thought of seeing Andrew fuck his girlfriend. As Andrew slowly eased his cock into Chloe’s moist vagina, Stuart decided he’d join in the action and walked over in front of Chloe and presented his penis for her to suck on, which she happily began to do.

Once Andrew’s cock was buried in deep in Chloe’s pussy, he began to fuck her with short, slow thrusts. She reached around and began rubbing her clit while his thrusts became faster and deeper, each thrust now being met by her rocking back against him to take his hard shaft as deep as she could.

“Yes, yes, give it to me. Please fuck my pussy.” She begged as he continued to pound into her. As he did so he leaned over and whispered how incredibly sexy she was in her ear and how much he was loving the feeling of fucking her pussy. This only adding to Chloe’s pleasure as she now worked her clitoris at a furious pace with one of her hands.

“Roll over Chloe” Andrew whispered to her after a short while of fucking her, “I’m going to come soon and I want to cum in your pussy then lick our come from your amazing pussy.” One of Andrew’s favourite fantasies was to come in a girl’s pussy and then lick her clean, tasting his juices and hers. He had already fulfilled so many other fantasies today; he thought he might as well try this one also.

“Oh, that sounds so fucking hot.” Chloe replied with a moan of excitement.

Andrew stop fucking Chloe and then slowly eased his cock from Chloe’s pussy and she stopped sucking Stuart’s cock long enough to sit back on the chair again with her arse right on the edge of the seat and her legs once again spread wide. She took Stuart’s cock back into her mouth and moaned again with pleasure as Andrew gently pushed his penis back into her waiting vagina.

This time Andrew started thrusting into her as fast as he could from the start as he could feel an orgasm building. Looking down at the cute brunette, with his cock penetrating her repeatedly while she sucked another hard cock at the same time and was also rubbing her clit with her free hand, was enough to push Andrew over the edge.

“I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum in your pussy Chloe” he moaned repeatedly.

“Give me all your cum in my pussy, I want it all in me” she cried having pulled Stuart’s cock from her mouth.

“Shit I’m going to cum too” Stuart called and jerked his cock as fast as he could before moaning and began shooting his cum over Chloe’s perky tits and nipples.
Grunting, Andrew continued thrusting into Chloe’s pussy as his orgasm took over and he pumped shot after shot of his hot semen into Chloe’s wet hole. Chloe could feel the surge of warm cum fill her and with the hot semen squirted on her tits and the cum being pumped into her pussy, she cried out loudly as another series of intense orgasms jolted through her.

As his orgasm subsided, Andrew withdrew his penis slowly and watched his cum seep from Chloe’s wet pussy.

“You want me to clean up my mess now?” Andrew asked with a smile.

“Oh yes please” Chloe replied, “And make sure you give me a taste.” She added with a wink.

Moving down so his face was in front of Chloe’s now well used pussy, he could see just how wet her cum filled pussy looked and he could smell the wonderful combination of their juices. He slowly, and while looking into Chloe’s eyes, ran his tongue from the opening of her vagina lips right up to her engorged clitoris and scooped a large amount of cum up with his tongue. He held it for a moment on the tip of his tongue for her to see, smiled at her then drew his tongue back into his mouth and swallowed the combination of his own cum and hers. He quickly plunged his tongue back into her pussy, savouring the taste, lapping at her lips to ensure he got as much cum out of her as he could.

“That is so sexy and feels so amazing” Chloe moaned.

Having pushed his tongue into her pussy as deep as he could and having collected a good amount of each others cum, he moved up and kissed Chloe, letting the cum flow into her mouth as she moaned with pleasure and enjoyed the wonderful taste of sex that filled her mouth.

Now exhausted, the trio laid back on the warm concrete.

“Wow, thank you both for such an amazing afternoon” Chloe said. “I think we should do this again sometime!” She added excitedly.

Both the guys looked at each other and replied in unison, “Absolutely!”

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