A Hot Night In The Club

We stood in line for almost half an hour. These ‘Lesbian & Gay Nights’ have become famous to be among the most intense experiences in the local club scene – if you were either lesbian or gay, that is.

The four of us were neither, yet we agreed that we would love to sneak our way in, getting a peek on what it was that attracted hundreds of people every other weekend.

So here we were, the four of us. Kary and my wife Melissa were holding each others’ hand just in front of me and Randy, Kary’s husband was standing fairly close to me, our bodies barely touching.

Finally we arrived at the door. The man behind the counter eyed us suspiciously.

” Are you sure the four of you are really suited to come in here?”

I sighed softly, sure that we would spent this night somewhere else. But Kary just giggled and turned to face my wife, putting a hand at the back of her neck and pulling her in to kiss her deeply.

The mans gaze glided over to me, still not trusting us.

No wanting to be the one that caused our little plot to fail, I turned my head and looked at Randy, my eyes meeting his.

We leaned closer to each other, until our lips touched lightly. I closed my eyes and the image of my wife kissing Kary, a very pretty sight, made my blood boil. Forgetting where I was, I parted my lips slightly, deepening the kiss.

After a long moment, I came to realize what I did, and broke the kiss, slowly, so as not to cause more mistrust.

But the man behind the counter just nodded, handing out the tickets.

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Inside the club, the air was filled with a confusing, arousing mixture of sounds and smells. Loud, techno-ish music mingled with people chatting. The sharp scent of artificial mist from the dance floor mixed with a multitude of personal smells, perfumes, fresh sweat.

Kary lead us to a rather dark corner, Mel followed holding her hand and mine, while Randy followed last, holding my hand. I could feel the thin coating of sweat on his palm, either from nervous excitement or the high temperature in the club.

We stood in the corner, our eyes wide from watching the spectacle around us, our bodies pressed together by the steady flow of people pressing by.

My nostrils flared as I inhaled both Kary’s and Mel’s scents, and I could feel my member harden in my pants. Randy’s body pressed against mine from the side, as I stood sandwiched between the two women. Kary’s long black curls brushed by my face, her hair tangling with Melissa’s bright red hair right under my nose.

We all started touching each other simultaneously. My hands moved about the women’s backs, causing shivers, making nipples harden visibly. I felt a hand on my ass and jumped a little as I realized it must have been Randy’s. Afterwards, I relaxed, finding myself growing more excited at this unusual feeling.

Mel leaned over, her mouth meeting Kary’s wet lips, tongues swirling around each other. I felt myself pressed against the wall, against Randy’s roaming hand as the girls leaned against me. My hands slid around their bodies, having lost all my resentments, searching for ways to express my growing heat.

My fingers found hard nipples and I pinched them gently. I noticed that Mel and Kary had both slipped hands between the others legs, fingers moving in a quickening rhythm. Needing, wanting release from my heightening lust, I turned my body slightly. Randy reached down, his hand immediately beginning to stroke the bulge in my pants.

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I was lost in a daze. My hands groped, causing moans from the female bodies pressed tightly against mine while I received a nice hand job from a man, whose wife was pleasuring my wife in return.

Soon moans turned into groans, still barely audible through the fast-paced music being played in the club.

I felt my own climax approaching and soon I moved my hips spasmodically, my underwear being flooded with my own hot seed. I watched Melissa’s head drop back, her mouth opened in a silent scream as she came violently on Kary’s hand.

Kary then leaned forward, bit my wife’s neck as her own orgasm ripped through her body.

Slowly, after the bout of lust passed, we started to relax and panted for air. Flushed faces turned to look at each other.

I quickly kissed Mel before hurriedly turning away to try my best to clean my soaked pants.

That night would surely never be forgotten.

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