A Journey with Emily Pt. 02

Chapter Three

I slowly came to on the Saturday and realised I was alone. I had slept really well and so guessed that my fuck buddies had finally spent the night in their own bed.

As I laid on my bed I heard Emily downstairs. She was humming loudly and making her usual noise in the kitchen. I needed to go to the bathroom, so I threw on my Ralph Lauren pyjama bottoms and a tee shirt and headed out the room. I noticed Emily’s door was open and peered through, secretly wondering if Jamie was there, but he was not. I noticed her bed had no sheets again.

I went downstairs and into the kitchen. Emily was cheerily getting some fruit as she heard me enter.

“morning ” she beamed. “sleep well?”

“yes, thanks” I replied. ” I think so”

Emily laughed. “Jamie and I nearly came in but you were out cold and you looked so peaceful. Jamie also had to leave early to get back to London as he had to go to work this afternoon. He told me to give you this” and she kissed me on the lips.

Once she finished, then whispered “and I want to give you this” and kissed me again, this time her tongue and mine entwined.

Emily then said that we had loads to do. First though she said we needed breakfast. Emily commented that as it was a nice day and it was only us in the house we ought to complete our chores naked.

With that she removed her bath robe. I needed no encouragement and removed my clothes. Free at last.

We ate breakfast and then went to work on the house. Emily had washed her bed linen as she again had leaked sperm over them. We took the sheets into the garden to dry, completely oblivious to the fact we were naked. As we put them on the washing line to dry, Emily patted and lightly stroked my cock, stating that it gave her ass a really good session and she enjoyed feeling my sperm dribble from her bum for most of the night.

After an hour or so we were sorted. We sat and had a coffee. And a very long chat.

Emily said that she had pretty much planned the whole thing but was worried it might not go to plan. Jamie had been speaking to her about threesomes for ages, and she was reluctant at first but Emily, being deviant, turned the tables and said to Jamie that she would participate but it would have to be two guys. Both of them had been looking for a while for a suitable candidate but they never found anyone. Even during our late night chats walking back it never occurred to her that I may be the one. It was only when Emily went to London and met Jamie and confessed about our encounter that it dawned on her that the ideal candidate slept in the room next door to her.

Emily initially thought it would be a really hard to organise and that I may be reticent, but the whole thing clicked and blew her mind. Jamie and her were drifting apart and Emily knew this maybe the last time they were together, so she wanted it to be a time to remember. Emily said it was defintately the best sex she ever had, and watching Jamie and I together was utterly amazing and had really turned her on. So much so that she aksed would I be willing to be her occasional fuck buddy?

I agreed. It was a perfect arrangement.

Emily however said I could do her a huge favour and teach her how to suck cock. Jamie apparently said that I was the best by miles. Emily said that it was the horniest thing she had ever witnessed and that she wanted to be as good as me.

Emily asked how I felt about having a bisexual encounter. I said that it was the right time, place and person and it was really special. I added that the cum volume was a bit of a shock, but sucking it was easier than I thought, and the taste was not unpleasant upon swallowing. I told Emily that I was really pleased I had made Jamie cum, as he was my first one. Feeling him unload was a real turn on as Jamie must have enjoyed it too. I was actually rather proud! I agreed to do it again, but I was not sure about getting fucked in my ass just yet.

“Good” she said “because I want two bi guys again but you should let me fuck your ass though, as you have had mine. It may not be the Jamie next time. I also promise that I will try sex with a girl and if she’s interested, see if she wants you as well. “

What more could I want.

We noticed the time and that one of the other housemates was due back. All the beds were made and we had managed to mask the lingering odour of sexual intercourse throughout the house.

We reluctantly got dressed.

I said I would arrange a lesson for Emily.

Chapter 4 : Lessons start

Emily was true to her word and never mentioned our liaison to any outsider. I guess she did not want anyone knowing that she had been fucked by both her boyfriend and me, and after she had watched me orally drain him!

Our other flat mates were back from their weekends away, and all our lives returned to normal. The mundane week started and Emily and I carried on as normal. Jamie had called on the phone a couple of times but it was pretty clear that their relationship had reached the end of the road. Emily was a little sad to start with, but she knew it was the right thing. I had decided that I would leave her some space before I reminded her that she had some lessons.

After two weeks or so I was at home on a very dull afternoon when I decided she needed a lesson. Emily was out. I placed a note under her door which simply said “lesson 1 -10pm”

The four of us who shared the house always congregated around supper time at about 730pm and we hung out together until bedtime, unless we were going out. Emily never said anything about the note and all four of us sat and ate and watched rubbish television; our usual routine.

I went to do some work at about 930pm in my own room and guessed Emily would duck out of the little challenge of the lesson that I had suggested.

10pm came and went and Emily did not appear. I assumed she was apprehensive as our flatmates were downstairs, which was understandable.

At 1020pm and there was a tap on the door. In walked Emily quickly, shutting the door behind her

I was sat at the desk.

“sorry I am bit late” she whispered “it took ages to get all this stuff on and Stephanie kept talking to me”

I frowned as she was wearing pyjamas and slippers. Emily laughed.

“Not this you idiot – I put this lot on so I could get from the bathroom without anyone wondering what the fucks going on.”

Emily then took her pyjamas off to reveal underneath a beautiful black basque with vivid fuscia lacework, suspenders holding up black lace topped stockings, with tiny pink bows at the back, and a delicate lace g string.

“wow” I gasped “you look stunning”

She turned around showing herself off and boy did I want her.

I would have been happy just to look all night, but no she said, she wanted her lesson and removed my shorts freeing my cock and balls.

She bobbed down in front of me holding my erect member, and said “Right what shall I do?”

I told her how what parts of oral sex really worked for me. I taught her how to go around the inside of the foreskin with her tongue, use lots of eye contact and to say dirty comments. I told her to say how nice the cum tasted, that it was a big cock and that she loved sucking cocks. I told her to mix it all up, and to basically treat it carefully and make love to it, be slow, then a bit faster and look like you’re in love with it and then act like a whore.

I gave her a guided tour in a sense, pointing out where to stroke and lick, reminding her not to forget ass play, as I really liked mine being stroked whilst sucked. I taught her about sensing an orgasm was close and how to masturbate and make the cum shoot from the cock.

Emily wanted me to come like Jamie had with me, so I talked her through how to hold and what to expect and how to anticipate an orgasm. I told her for a guy, its really hot for you to show your mouth full of cum before you swallow, or to have it splash on your face.

Emily said she wanted to taste, so I masturbated really close to her open mouth and dutifully obliged and shot my load in her mouth. Like a good girl she showed me her cum filled mouth and swallowed.

“That was yum” said my pupil as she swallowed my warm load. “I think that’s the first time I have tasted your cock properly. It’s nice and not too salty either”

I said to Emily that she was amazing and that was the best blow job I had ever received. She was very proud. We curled up on the bed and I stroked her hair. Her ass looked amazing in the basque and I told her so. It made her look exquisite and special.

“Thanks” she said ” I don’t normally wear this sort of stuff, but I was given this a while back and have not worn it yet. I wanted to try it out on you first”

“Well it works a treat” I added.

Emily said she ought to get back to her room quietly.

As she got up, she glanced in the mirror and noticed how lovely she looked.

“I may wear this Saturday night” she announced.

“Are you going out then?” I enquired

“Only to see Jane, my friend from class at her flat. She has promised to cook supper” said Em, still admiring herself in the mirror.

“That will be nice. Is she the one with the food allergies? What do you reckon you will eat then?” I enquired innocently.

Emily turned and looked directly at me. There was a long pause before she quietly said

“Errmm I imagine it will be pussy. It’s just me and her for dinner. I think she wants to fuck me.”

Startled I asked if she would

“Of course; she’s attractive, intelligent and I imagine good in bed. You really enjoyed your little bi journey and I want to have a one too. If we do fuck, I promise I will tell you if she says I can, and I may see if she wants to join our little club”

She winked , got dressed back into her pyjamas and kissed me goodnight.

Chapter 5

Over the next few days I sensed Emily’s growing excitement. All four of us went out as usual on Thursday and had a very boozy evening with our respective friends. Emily and I ended up meeting in the club, and left at about 1am. We had an agreement that if we were both alone at the end of a night we would walk back together.

I noticed Emily at the exit “You going home?” I enquired.

She nodded and we set off. On the way back I joked and said I was surprised that she had not managed to find a sexual partner for both of us that night. She giggled and said that she was on a no sex diet until the weekend.

“Oh that’s nice,so my blow job does not count?” I grumbled.

“Don’t be daft. That’s part of the build up. It made me horny and now I really really need to masturbate, but I am not going to, so that by the time I see Jane on Saturday I am desperate for sex”

Emily mentioned that she was almost certain that Jane wanted to fuck her. Emily guessed Jane may be interested, as they had been doing some college work when an issue arose about how to resolve a gay or lesbian employee issue, and Jane said to Emily “if she’s as pretty as you I would resolve it in the bedroom “

Emily had also mentioned to Jane about her decision to break with Jamie, and Jane had said if she ever needed anything all she had to do was ask, and had delicately kissed her cheek and seductively whispered “and I mean anything”, and had gently patted her arse.

We got home and Emily went to bed.

The next evening Emily and I went for a quick drink together in the local pub.

The couple from two weeks ago who Emily flashed were there and said hello. I bought a drink and we sat down. Emily said she was really nervous about the following evening as she did not know what to expect. I told her not to plan anything just do what happens naturally. Don’t expect anything to happen. I also said that if she wanted to mention our little experiment she could, but don’t push it.

As we left the lady from the couple said “Bye”.

I waved and Emily winked and said “possibly tomorrow evening” and laughed.

Saturday arrived.

I had been out most of the day playing sport, but hurriedly got back at 6pm. Emily was due at Janes’ flat for 8pm, but luckily it was just a short distance from where we lived.

Music was blasting from her room. I went up and knocked at her door.

“Its me”

“Thank fuck” came the reply “Come in. I need help”

I stepped into chaos. Most of her wardrobe was on the bed. She had no idea what to wear, and was getting stressed out. She wanted to strike the right balance between pretty,sexy and fuckable, and was struggling to find something suitable.

“Has to be a skirt or dress and decent underwear. You can’t turn up without wearing any knickers” I said.

“Let me sort your underwear and you get on with dresses”

“Its too warm for the basque so that’s out” Emily said. “don’t want to arrive sweating. Have a look and find something quickly”

I had a pleasant few minutes rummaging through her underwear drawer when bingo right at the back was a brand new set. Black and dark blue delicate lace suspender, bra and knickers. It was a deep vintage style suspender too, so it would be comfortable and also wearable during sex. Her arse would look lovely as the knickers and had a pretty pattern at the back which matched the detail on the suspender. Perfect. And I found some plain black lace top stockings.

Emily was now naked, and the midst of trying on dresses. Eventually she got it right and had found a simple strappy dress, a pretty dark blue and white floral number, just above the knee so not too short or tarty. She also added a simple plain knitted cardigan.

“Thanks” she said and kissed me “time for a bath”

“Don’t forget to shave” I said pointing at her pussy “Jane will want to taste you and your cute arse so do a thorough job. I will tidy up your room”

It was intensely erotic for me helping Emily have her first lesbian experience. I was really hoping it was a success.

Emily came back and the room filled with a delicate scent of mandarin and jasmine.

“That’s a lovely aroma” I said

Emily dropped her robe and showed me her shaved pubis asking me if it looked ok. She had shaved a lot closer that I had seen before and retained a tiny landing strip. She was completely shaven around the entrance to allow Jane unfettered access to her lips and little rose bud clitoris, should the need arise. I did lie and tell her that she had missed some hairs around her arsehole, and Jane may be put off , so I got to have a turn and shaved the entrance to her ass. Emily had a stunning bottom, with pert buttocks.

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She dried her hair and put on her make up and I then helped her into her underwear. I adjusted the bra, so her boobs were lifted up and gently pushed together as she wanted to make an impression. Emily had wanted to wear the underwear properly, so the suspender went over her knickers so she had a perfect contour. I fastened the last front suspender to her stockings, and noticed the distinct odour of a sexually excited woman. I said she looked drop dead gorgeous and that if Jane did not fuck her then I would.

I helped her into her dress and she looked in the mirror and was really pleased. Emily had deliberately chosen a dress that buttoned up at the front, so she could slip it off elegantly, revealing her lingerie if she wanted.

I patted her perfect arse, and asked if she had everything she needed.

“Yep” she said opening her bag “Keys, money, cards lippy, knickers and dildo”

“ha ha” I said.

Emily opened her bag and showed me an exquisite glass dildo with gorgeous coloured ribbed sections.

“I hope you really enjoy yourself” I smiled.

She walked downstairs and spoke to Lynn and Stephanie.

I came down and the three girls were in deep conversation, mainly quizzing Emily about where she was off to. Lynn and Steph were both teasing her saying that she must be meeting a man, as she had made a real effort and looked really pretty. Emily firmly said that she was going to see Jane and that was all.

The two girls asked my view about where Emily was going.

“Sefinitely a man involved” I said “do you want us to wait up in case you bring him back?” I teased.

“Fuck off” Emily joked. Lynn and Steph said that would want to know all about him. Emily said she had to go, and said a cheery “see you all later”

A little later Steph said she was going to meet some of her mates in the same bar that I was heading to, so we got ready and set off.

Steph on the way said she was sure Emily was meeting a man. I asked how so sure and Steph giggled and said as Emily left to go out, Steph was fairly certain Emily was wearing stockings.

“Really?. I never noticed” I added.

Chapter 6:

I awoke on Sunday, headed downstairs for a coffee and was quite surprised to see that Emily’s room was dark. I then remembered that when I got back late last night, she was at home, as her door was firmly shut.

I hoped that the previous night had not been a disaster.

I made coffee and headed back to my room. Emily must have heard as she shouted out “white no sugar please”

I headed back downstairs dutifully and made her a coffee. I knocked lightly on the door and went in.

“Good Morning Emily. Surprised you came back ; how was last night?” I asked.

“I cant tell you now with the others about,you nosey deviant. I will tell you later when out the way of the other two. How about you meet me after work at 7 tonight and buy me a drink?”

Stephanie was now up, so I slipped discretely from her room.

The girls did the usual tease of her, and Emily left for work. She said she would be back really late to them as she had a full double shift, but on the way out mouthed “meet you at 7”

The day dragged for me. I watched the clock virtually every hour as I waited for the time to come so I could meet Emily and find all about her experience. I really hoped that she had an amazing time but also was concerned in case it was a disaster, as she had come back home after all

I met Emily and was a little early, so I had a drink and bought her one as she neared the end of her shift. She said she needed it!

Emily was clearly really excited we left her place of work. I did not need to even ask as the first things from her lips were

“Jane said I can let you know of our evening”

“Brilliant. Tell me all the detail you deviant girl”

We walked to the local bar with our arms wrapped around each other.

I bought a bottle of wine and sat down and Emily began to tell her tale.

As Emily set off from our house she was seriously turned on, but as she headed closer to Janes she began to get really nervous about what journey she was embarking upon. She felt a heady mix of extreme excitement and nerves, which was strangely enjoyable. She was in danger of turning back but luckily she arrived at the entrance to the flat.

Emily said she took great comfort in the fact that I had never had a same sex encounter before Jamie, but he claimed that I had given him an amazing blow job, probably the best he had, so she thought it can’t be that tough to fuck someone of the same sex. She had a few deep breaths and managed to control her breathing and then opened the communal door.

Emily walked up to the second floor and resolved her inner turmoil by thinking “I am simply going to a friends for supper – nothing else”

She got to the door, took a couple of deep breaths and with a slightly trembling hand rang the doorbell. Her stomach tightened as she heard foorsteps behind the door. The latch was turned. Too late she thought and swallowed hard.

Emily was rather shocked when the door was answered by another lady, who she had never met.

Thinking she had the wrong apartment, Emily immediately apologised but the lady laughed:

“Hi – you must be Emily. Come in, please. Jane is still getting ready. I am Helen. Come in and make yourself at home. By the way you smell gorgeous and look pretty – love your dress”

Emily went in. She was apprehensive as she thought that it would be just her and Jane.
Helen showed Emily into the flat. It was very smart and obviously not a student place. Emily noticed it was new and very nicely decorated with very tasteful furnishings. Clearly occupied by a well-heeled lady.

Emily reckoned that Helen sensed her slightly nervous disposition, and said that Jane was always late, and offered Emily a glass of wine.

Helen returned from the Kitchen handing Emily a perfectly chilled white wine. Helen started to make Emily feel at home and she began to relax. Helen explained that this was her flat which she had bought a year or so back. Helen worked locally, having got a job here when she graduated a few years ago. Helen and Jane knew each other from University days, and were close friends. They had lived together as students before they graduated. Emily worked out that they were both a little older than us as we were 24.

Helen said that Jane had worked a little before deciding to apply for our course and once Jane was accepted Helen immediately offered her a room in this place as it had two double bedrooms.

Helen winked and said that the only downside to sharing was that there was only one bath, so they bathed together to save water. Emily must have looked a little surprised.

Helen chuckled and changed subject, apologising that the flat was quite warm. Helen said that Jane had complained that it was cold as she was getting ready, but Helen smiled and said that it was not the cold.

Emily could not understand, and Helen said it’s a private joke, just see if Jane is wearing a cardigan.

Emily still did not get the joke but made a note to ask Jane later

Helen said that Jane had mentioned to her that a friend was coming over who had just split from a partner and that Emily may need cheering up and would cook supper. Helen laughed and mentioned that Emily ought to be careful, as Jane has a novel approach to break-ups. When quizzed further by Emily, Helen said she should ask Jane about how she helped Helen when she had a break up with a partner.

Helen also said that she knew a lot of people within the town, and she was off out later to meet her friends, and that she would be out of the way.

Helen and Emily were chatting when Jane came in.

Emily recalled she nearly froze at that point as she had nearly forgotten what may be the purpose of her evening.

Jane had made an effort getting ready. She was wearing a tight black strappy vest, over which she wore a loose cardigan and pretty flowing floral dress and delicate sandals. She immediately commented about Emily, saying she looked gorgeous and smelled divine, as Emily had used Janes favourite bath oil.

Helen said “See Emily,I told you she would wear a cardigan” and laughed.

Jane told her to get lost, pouring herself a glass of wine and went into the kitchen to get some appetizers. As she returned, she asked Emily if Helen had made her comfortable. Emily said it was so obvious that you could sense Helen and Jane had planned the evening.

Emily said that as they chatted, the topic got to Jamie and the break up, and how Emily was. Jane asked how she was and Emily coyly said she was rather enjoying the freedom, and was thankful for some good memories but their relationship had come to a natural end. Jane asked how Jamie had been when he came up on the last time, and whether it was difficult with me being about.

Emily said that there was no tension and we got along just fine. Emily asked Jane why she asked that. Jane commented that she thought I liked Emily a lot and that Jamie may have picked this up and it could have caused tension between the boys.

Emily stifled a giggle and further blushes were just spared by the arrival of a taxi for Helen.

As Helen went to get in the cab, she kissed Jane on both cheeks, and Emily as well, and said she hoped that they had a pleasant evening. Helen said she would be back later, but she would ring first to warn them she was coming back, and winked at Emily as she left!

Emily recalled to me that the atmosphere as Helen left became heavily erotic.

Jane and her engaged in a little small talk about their lives. Jane was as Emily guessed a little older than her and me, at 28. Jane had worked in London in a marketing company for a couple of years before wanting to change careers, hence being at college. Jane also explained that she had a partner, and that he lived and worked in London and saw her regularly and he was quite a relaxed guy.

Jane offered her a little tour of the flat, which took a few minutes. Emily noticed that they only did have one bathroom.

They returned to the kitchen. Emily then asked Jane about the cardigan joke. Jane blushed and explained that she and Helen had been friends a long time, and knew quite a bit about each other. Although she had a partner, Helen had lived alone for a while before Jane moved in and was used to being in her own space and having her own routine and freedom.

When Jane moved in a few months back, Helen carried on as normal which meant there was a fair degree of nudity. Helen would normally be nude before getting dressed for work and would be nude a fair bit at the end of the day when she came in. Jane was comfortable with that as they knew each other and soon were naked around each other.

The joke was apparently Helen could sense if Jane was sexually aroused at any point, as Jane had unfortunately had sensitive nipples which became erect.

Emily told me at this point she could really feel her own pussy beginning to drip, and was almost desperate to masturbate. Emily kept her cool and focus and returned to small talk and mentioned that Helen seemed friendly and was rather flirty in a charming way.

Jane said yes she can be, and Emily said “yes she made a joke that you bathe together to save water!”

Jane lowered her voice and said “Actually we do. Fridays when she gets in from work at 7 30pm sharp, she gets undressed and I run her a big foamy bath and join her with a glass of wine. Same on Sunday. She can be a terrible flirt in the bath as well, as I am sure she sometimes touches herself. Its quite fun and sensual as we massage each other as well. It all started the night Helen split from her partner. He ended up being really unpleasant to her, almost abusive on the phone. She was really upset by him and was crying. I was having a bath. Helen said she needed to chat so she came into the bathroom and sat on the side of the tub. After a little too much wine, she stripped off and jumped in. It was quite a laugh and we took a picture of us having a kiss and sent it to him!!”

Jane went on ” We spent that evening together in bed, but never did anything and have not yet, which is a shame. I would quite like to as I am intrigued about touching a woman. I hope you are not shocked”

Emily said “Absolutely not”

Emily when telling me this paused and took a deep breath and continued:

I asked whether she had any other similar encounters. Jane laughed and said “Apart from one kiss with Helen, sadly not as I have never had the right signal from the right woman.”

“What would be the right signal?” queried Emily

“ummmm…a gorgeous long kiss probably” said Jane rather nonchalantly.

Emily placed her wine glass gently but purposefully on the table, and walked towards Jane. Emily placed one hand around Jane’s waist, and the other on her neck and said

“kiss me then, if I am the right woman”

Emily said it was an electric moment. Emily and Janes lips locked and their tongues explored each other. As their kiss intensified, Emily removed Janes cardigan and was greeted by a visible pair of nipples pushing through Janes top.

Emily chuckled “Helens right about your nipples”

Janes hand had worked its way to Emilys bottom and had touched her suspender strap.

On discovering the strap, Jane whispered in between deep kisses “if that’s what I think it is, you have to show me”

“be my guest. I hope I am sending the right signal” Emily breathed as she slowly stepped away.

“hmmm definitely” purred Jane.

Emily watched as Janes perfectly manicured fingers then slowly and methodically undid each of the buttons to her dress, starting at the bottom.

As Jane undid the final button, she placed her hands on each sleeve and slowly eased Emily from her dress.

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“Emily you are gorgeous” panted Jane.

Janes hands explored Emily through her underwear. Emily felt adored.

As they kissed again, Emily asked what Jane was wearing underneath.

“have a look if you want” came the reply.

“even better when uncovered” said Emily, as she removed Janes top freeing her breasts. Jane laughed saying she was unable to wear a pretty bra that night as her nipples would rub and she could not get them to go down!

Emily licked and sucked Janes nipples and enjoyed exploring her ample bosom. Jane was a little larger in build than Em and her breasts were bigger.

Jane as they kissed had stepped from her skirt revealing pink satin knickers.

The both kissed again and Emily this time placed her hand gently inside Janes satin knickers and could feel her dew drops around the entrance to her pussy.

“May I lick your pussy” was all Emily said.

“I thought you’d never ask ” Jane led them into the Lounge. In the corner was a dark leather Queen Anne armchair

“this is best” said Jane. She took a sip of wine and removed her knickers. Jane sat down, placing a leg over each arm fully exposing her very moist pussy.

“all yours”

Emily took a sip of wine and knelt in front of Jane. She had never seen a pussy really close up before, not even her own. The angle of Janes legs meant that she was beautifully and fully exposed. Emily noticed that she was blond with wispy pubic hair carefully trimmed. The inner vaginal lips were more pink than hers. Emily noticed that the shape of Janes moist inner labia reminder her of a small Celtic cross. As Emily admired the landscape before her, a delicate familiar fragrance hit Emily. Instinctively Emily knew this pussy needed some serious attention.

She without hesistation probed deep into the vaginal canal with her tongue and sucked and licked hard on the pink engorged clit. Jane was manically thrashing around as Emily serviced her first pussy.

Emily told me that she felt really very horny. In between licks, she would tell Jane how sweet her pussy tasted, and would kiss Jane intensely on the mouth asking her if she could taste her own pussy. The dirtier Emily spoke, the more aroused they both became.

Emily sensed an orgasm, so eased a little and explained that she had bought Jane a present and then produced the dildo. Jane would have done anything at this point for Emily, so Emily, being a devious soul got her to change her position.

Jane turned to being on her knees facing the chair and so Emily entered the dildo delicately from behind holding and twisting the ribbed glass shaft on its journey into Jane.

Emily said it was a real pleasure seeing the Janes pink labia firmly clamp the glass shaft. As it entered, Emily arched herself over Janes bottom and discretely widened her ass cheeks using her free hand.

As the dildo neared the end of its first slow insertion, Emily licked the tiny pink arse in front of her. Jane went into orbit. Emily with the dildo in her right hand was slowly fucking her and with her tongue she probed kissed and licked deep in her arse.

Jane came. Several times.

Emily had a perfect view of her pussy and ass quivering uncontrollably as Janes orgasm subsided.

“On my fucking god” was all Emily heard from Janes mouth.

As Emily stood up Jane gave her a huge embrace and covered her with kisses.

Emily recalled how sexy it felt being dressed in provocative underwear being showered with affection by a naked and very fucked lady.

As they kissed, Emily felt a stray finger enter her knickers.

“honey, you cant wear them any longer as they are soaking wet”

Jane knelt beside Emily and unhooked each suspender allowing Emily to step elegantly from her sodden knickers.

Jane then unexpectedly reconnected the stockings.

“Would be a shame not to have them on -you look so gorgeous. Would you like to sit in the chair too?”

Emily sat down as requested and copied Janes’ position. As Jane got into pussy eating position Emily stroked herself and was surprised at how wet she was. Emily then tasted herself and said to Jane that she tasted good and ready to eat.

Jane was delighted that Emily had a virtually smooth pussy and said she had always wanted one, but had not got the nerve to fully shave.

In Emilys words, Jane sure licked and loved her pussy. Jane licked and stroked for what seemed like an eternity Emily recalled at one stage Janes tongue felt like it was fucking her. Emily said she was so wet that Jane inserted her finger in her ass fully without the need for any lube.

Emily had a huge orgasm.

Having exhausted themselves, they realised they had not yet actually eaten, so they both went into the kitchen and ate the Japanese food that Jane had prepared.

Jane ate nude, whilst Emily stayed in her suspenders and stockings.

They had quite a detailed discussion about sex and that this was both their first lesbian experiences and that they would meet again for another most certainly.

Jane commented that Emily was a sexpert, and she had never had her ass played with before and found it really enjoyable. Jane also promised to shave and would try to persuade Helen to do so as well.

Emily said they had finished supper and were clearing up when Helen called on the phone. One of her friends had became ill and they were heading back from town.

Emily said they gave each others pussy a final loving kiss before hurriedly getting their clothes back on and then deeply kissed each other.

Had it just been Helen returning, Jane and Emily agreed that they would have remained naked and would have had sex again, openly in front of Helen to see if she wanted to play too, but as she was returning with a friend who had been taken ill, they ought to behave. Another time, they agreed and made a pact.

Although Jane had said that Emily could sleep with her, Emily felt it would be better if whe went home.

Helen returned coming into the flat full of apologies. Emily said her and Jane were fine and not to worry. Winking at her, Jane said they had both eaten. Helen smiled sweetly and hoped she had not interrupted anything. Jane blurted out that they had finished and Helen gave her a knowing wink .

Emily then said she ought to leave and so headed out the door. Her and Jane said good night.

” Wow” was all I could say having heard Emilys tale.

“It was really special” said Emily as talked. “And definitely yes to a doing it again before you ask “

“Good” I commented “it got me excited just listening”

Emily laughed and placed her hand on my cock and gave it a playful squeeze through my jeans, “so it seems”

We left the bar and walked back to our house. As we entered our housemates were up. I said I had met Emily as I walked back from the bar.

Steph said Jane had called as Emily had left some things at hers last night. Emily said not to worry she would get them later and was heading off to bed.

We said our goodnights and Emily trotted up to bed.

I sat up for a while chatting to our house mates and then decided to turn in. I walked upstairs and noticed Emily’s room was in darkness and the door shut. I bet she is exhausted I thought.

I opened the door to my room. Emily was in bed.

“Andrew, get undressed and make love to me”

What else could I do. We kissed caressed and made love with a deep passion,and for the first time climaxed at the same time. As we curled up Emily said she wanted to spend the night.

Chapter 7

The following morning I awoke to find my erect penis being gently stroked by a hand. My eyes opened and met with Emily. Under the sheets I discovered she was naked, as was I.

“Sorry but I noticed you were nice and erect and I could not resist having a little play” she said softly.

“Be my guest. By the way I am really pleased you stayed the night. It was lovely to feel your nakedness next to mine. Don’t worry about Steph and Lynn as they probably will not have a clue that you were in here with me all night” I said.

“Don’t care if they do” Emily slowly moved down the bed and began to closely inspect my penis.

“If they knew what you had between your legs they would probably want to try it as well” said Emily slowly kissing the shaft.

“Actually, it was rather lovely as for the first time since we have been fuck buddies, I saw your cock in its natural state. It was nice to watch it grow”

Emily started to slowly suck the tip, and retracted the foreskin. She licked all around the head.

“Hey don’t forget that was in your pussy last night” I warned her.

“I know. I had not forgotten my orgasm you know and if you remember correctly I quite like pussy too”

Emily returned to sucking my cock, and expertly began to masturbate and suck my throbbing cock.

“Please don’t become a lesbian, you are far too good at this” I groaned in sheer pleasure.

“Nope, i promise to be strictly bisexual… Just like you” she playfully said between sucks.

“promise to kiss me after Andy?”

“of course” I said.

The balance between her sucks and strokes was perfect and I could feel an orgasm welling deep in my balls. Emily sensed the same and cupped my balls and began to gently rotate her fingers and massage them. Her fingers then moved from my balls and began to stroke my asshole. The shaft of my penis involuntarily started to twitch and Emily sensed my cum was about to make its journey.

Emily with her lips formed a tight vacuum on the head and arched her tongue over the tip.

I shot my load and tried to squeeze out as much as I could into her eager mouth.

Emily let out a quiet “hmmmmmmm” as I did so.

Emily slowly made her way back up the bed without saying anything. Our eyes met and she stroked my hair and I gently did the same to her. My instinct knew what she wanted, so I said to her

“I suppose it is my turn to taste my cock then?”

Emily nodded, keeping her mouth firmly closed.

“And you have my cum in your mouth?”

Emily nodded again.

“Go on then,you kinky girl” I laughed “I guess I have not had any cum for a while and quite fancy some. Shame its mine, but never mind ”

Emily was now on top of me.

I kissed her closed lips and then went around her lips with my tongue and tried to prize them open.

Emily shook her head and I gave up.

Emily moved her head away from mine by a few centimetres, then with her thumb and finger opened my mouth really wide and nodded that she wanted me to keep my mouth open wide.

Our lips were level with each other, and she slowly opened hers and allowed the warm sperm to dribble from hers into my mouth. Having received it, we changed positions and playfully swopped the semen between each other.

We then shared a cum flavoured kiss collapsed laughing naked on the bed.

“That was hot” Emily said as we lay on the bed.

“Nicely deviant Em, I’ll will have to remember to get some mouthwash later. ” I laughed.

“Actually you could do me a favour” Emily asked. “If you see Jane in college, she has a couple of bits of mine in a bag. Could you collect them as I am not going in today”

“Will that be a little embarrassing?” I wondered.

“Not at all. I did let slip that we have our own special arrangement. We were chatting about sex and our likes and dislikes as we were eating supper. We were both surprised how easy and natural lesbian sex was for each of us, as it was both our first times. In our conversation Jane enquired about where I had learnt to kiss and lick ass, as she found it really enjoyable but had never thought about it. In the heat of being aroused, I said you did it to me once and I had never had it done before. I told Jane I really liked it and so wanted to try it out too. Jane then asked about how long we had fucked and I told her a little bit about us. I was going to tell her that you were experimental as well, but thought better to keep your cock sucking antics a surprise. Jane did come across intrigued by you and said she wanted to meet you properly, as she does not really know you that much. Be nice to her and she may fuck you too” Emily winked.
“oh right” was all I could say ” I will see if she’s around today”

Emily slipped from under the covers and stood naked in the room. She seemed so confident when she was naked which I always found attractive. I got out of bed as well, my erection well and truly a spent force.

As I tidied the bed Emily said she enjoyed looking at me naked especially when my cock was bouncing around.

Emily kissed me and said she ought to head back to her own room. She walked out naked and carefree into the corridor along to her room, not caring if anyone saw her.

I stood naked by the window and looked out. I thought to myself that our little journey was becoming much more interesting. Emily appeared to be rather keen on pussy, and if I was being completely truthful, I really really enjoyed sucking Jamie’s cock. I also had liked playing around with cum. I was secretly pleased that Emily had wanted to share my load, as I wanted to see how I would react when facing another situation. Although I had greedily swallowed my first load, I wanted to make sure that I was confident with cum so that if the opportunity arose again I would be ready to swallow. I had done so without hesitation which I found satisfying. Both us us being bisexual certainly had its advantages.

I looked down at my hairless body and cock. I noticed that a droplet of clear sperm had seeped from my dick forming a thin trail of semen, heading to the floor. I thought it would be a shame to waste, so I gently caught it with my finger and tasted it.

As I daydreamed out the window it occurred to me that I actually wanted to suck cock again with Emily.

We needed to find a substitute Jamie.

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