A Journey with Emily


This is a true account of what happened to me, Andrew , a few years ago.

In 2004, I applied for a post graduate course, but had been accepted late onto it due to raising the money to pay.

As a late entrant, I had to run around trying to get accommodation when everything had gone.

I set aside a day and eventually found a room in shared house, where i knew no one at all.

Day came when i arrived and ended up sharing with three girls, in similar position to me. Two were quite posh and were ok but we never clicked – the other was more normal but slightly alternative. Like me she was a little older. Petite with long brown hair, she was not drop dead gorgeous but very attractive in a classic English way.. We were similar in that we were not double barrelled surnamed and did not have private funds, unlike a lot of the others. She was called Emily and she also like me came from London.

Emily and I being in a similar position got on well and in the early weeks went to the pub a lot as we both knew no one else. We eventually met our own social circle of friends, but retained our initial closeness and would go out together.

Emily had a boyfriend Jamie, who was in London and occasionally turned up to see her and fuck. Her words, not mine( this is a joint tale after all) She felt they were drifting apart a little but still saw each other so retained a degree of commitment to him.

Emily was fairly broke quite early into the course. Her parents were not around. She needed a job and got one in a pub in the centre of town working a few days per week. I would often meet her at the end of the shift and walk her home as I felt concerned for her as it was late at night when she finished.

During these walks we would chat and discussed men women sex etc, often very openly. Emily had an interest in sex, and although not promiscuous enjoyed talking about all as-pects of intimacy. Our little chats covered a whole spectrum

Emily once mentioned threesomes and she said Jamie pestered her for one with another female, and i said that was every fellas fantasy. She moaned and asked how would i feel if i had sex with a guy; i said as long as it was a couple then i expected touching as after all i was fucking his partner so I would want to be guided and probably touched by him as I would feel more comfortable as part of their relationship. I thought nothing further of it.

Emily saw Jamie in London once and it seemed to go ok. During our little journeys back after work she said was beginning to feel that their relationship had run its course.

Anyway one night inevitably we fucked; attempt would be a more accurate description. Not my finest hour as we were both drunk and it was more fumbling masturbation than anything else. I was embarrassed by my performance but the next day Emily was really sweet about it and said that it was fine and we agreed that we probably embarrassed ourselves rather than each other.

Our relationship however continued as we left it.

Emily did mention following our night together that she admired the fact i shaved and was really turned on by it. She had always suspected as she once found some stray hairs in the bath!!!

Anyway one weekend Jamie was due up on Thursday. I said i would keep out the way and give her space and so went to the to the gym to keep out the way for them.

Thursday was the big night when the whole college went out; Emily and Jamie wanted to stay in. Our other two house mates had gone home for weekend. I was stuck and planned to go out once changed and tidied up

I came back dumped my bag and said hi to them both and went to get ready to go out.

Emily and Jamie were watching TV with couple of bottles of wine.

It was one of those student places with the bathroom at the back of kitchen. I went in got shaved and showered and then as got out realised all I had was dirty gym kit which I did not want to put on.

I wrapped my towel around and shouted to Emily that I was sorry but all my clothes were upstairs so I would run through. This was a fairly regular occurrence and all 4 of us were quite used to seeing each other in towels.

Emily laughed, probably as I had never warned her before and said ” have a glass of wine on your way through”

I tapped on lounge and said sorry and walked in. They both laughed. Emily handed me a glass of wine and said “you liar you be got a towel on I thought you were naked”

She tugged at the towel giggling. I said fuck off but she said she wanted it off so continued to pull at it jokingly. In the struggle some red wine was spilled on her jeans. We stopped messing and I said I was really sorry.

“They’ll have to be soaked” Emily said. Without any hesitation she undid her belt and stepped out of them.

“That’s better” she said. She had told me once she rarely wore underwear. I did not believe her. Until now.

Emily was naked

I could not take my eyes of her pussy. It looked so pretty with a really trimmed soft bush and a perfect landing strip about an inch wide. I was stunned. Emily seized my towel, whipping it off so I was then nude. And obviously shaved. I tried to hide my slowly rising cock, but she giggled

“see I told you he shaved, lovely Jamie isn’t it?”

Emily then noticed some wine on her top and took that off revealing her perfect size b breasts.

“Jamie” she whispered “I’m nude. So is Andy. You ought to join in. Let’s have a nude party”

Jamie was about 6′ 2, long hair, slim build. He laughed and said if you want to and stripped off.

Emily took control saying more drinks, returning with three large glasses of wine.

“Down these” she ordered us, “Don’t spill any more. I hope Andy stays in, as what more can a girl wish for, being naked with her two favourites. You both know that I have fucked each of you, now I want you both”

Jamie laughed and mouthed to me ” you up for this?”. I pointed at my very obvious erect penis, nodded and said “you first”

Emily started on him first by getting on her knees sucking his cock, then turning to me and sucking me. Emily really enjoyed telling us that our pre cum was slightly different in taste but when mixed together was perfect.

I then asked Jamie if I could lick her pussy and Emily squealed with delight as she sat in a chair with her legs spread and both of us taking turns. As I write I will never forget what was my first taste. Emily was then desperate for a cock to enter her and Jamie and I happily obliged. He naturally went in first.

We did everything you could imagine and even took it in turns to enter her from behind. Jamie and I swopping after four thrusts, then 5 etc seeing who could last longest. Emily was totally wild and uninhibited around us.

Eventually the inevitable happened and we both unloaded in her pussy. I came first and Ja-mie watched just holding out long enough and he then went in and I watched him unload as well.

Emily was covered in sweat and needed a break.

We were all hot and really into what had gone on. Jamie and I left Emily to catch her breath and went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge. We chinked bottles, then bizarrely shook hands . We laughed as we realised that it was a bit surreal as we were both naked drinking a beer with each other’s cum on our dicks. I asked if he mind that I had slept with her and he laughed and said get real glad you did!

I said awesome so we hugged for a minute and giggled as i said i felt his cock brush against mine.

Emily came in naked and stood between us and said she needed a beer- she then stood in between us with an arm around each if us and said that she wanted to thank her boys for a fantastic night.

She said she wanted to kiss us both in turn. Emily leaned up to me and kissed for few minutes and then turned and did same to Jamie. She finished him then turned to me and kissed again this time her left hand eased down to my anus and stroked me lightly.

After a few minutes Emily turned and did the same to Jamie. I saw her fingers stroke and enter his ass. I was getting aroused. She left him then turned to me and looked back

“Jamie, Andy is hard;- you sort him as his cock is covered in my pussy”

Emily buried her tongue in my mouth and I feel myself being stoked and I can’t help but groan. Jamie’s hand sliding up and down all over my erect cock as I kiss his girlfriend.

Emily murmured how great it was, as she too was being slowly masturbated by Jamie.

After few minutes i whispered to her “this isn’t fair; Jamie’s turn”. He stood to kiss her as I knelt down and worked them both with my hands. Pussy on the left and cock on the right. He had an impressive cock, which when I held it was surprisingly heavy. To this day I don’t know why it happened, but an overwhelming urge came upon me. I wanted to suck his cock

I put his cock in my mouth and started to pleasure him. Jamie must have sensed through his cock that something had changed, I looked up at him, mouth stuffed with cock as he looked at me and smiled. I only did this for a few seconds. Emily’s eyes were firmly shut as she was in her own place.

We then changed positions. Jamie went down. I shut my eyes tightly too scared to look. My cock was stroked and then I sensed my cock being sucked. Fuck did that feel good.

Luckily Emily came again the effect of which stopped him from finishing me off.

Having orgasmed, Emily opened her eyes took it in turns to thank both of us for an evening of pleasure. Emily had exhausted her pussy and although Jamie and I were still hard and ready, she could not play anymore. She was however utterly content. I had no idea if she had seen our mutual cock sucking.

I looked at Jamies erection, and pondered a deviant moment, but then chickened out.

I would save that maybe for another time.

Having finished in the kitchen I realised it was quite late and so wanted to head off to bed as I had a lot of lectures and work at College the next day. I said good night and went upstairs. I still felt curious and excited at what had gone on. As I was about to get into bed, Jamie tapped on the door. He was still naked and I noticed he was in pretty good shape as he stood in the doorway, his cock hanging loosely between his legs.

He came in and said that Emily really wanted to sleep with both of us as she wanted her boys close . I said “sure would be a pleasure”, so we moved the mattress from my double bed on the floor and moved a single one in from the other empty rooms. We fetched the duvets and sheets and made a really huge comfy bed on the floor of my room. We were both nude but we felt so ordinary and relaxed in each others company.

Emily came in still naked and got under the covers. She wanted to kiss her boys and so we each had a kiss and cuddle with her. She joked at one point as we tried to sleep that she was sorry, but she was making a mess of someones sheets, as our cum was slowly leaking from her pussy. Jamie I think offered to clean her up but she said she was way too tired for any more action.

It must have been late as we feel asleep.

Chapter one – Second Round

I remember that I woke up first. As the sun nudged through the curtain I woke I and then slowly replayed the previous evening; I remember I was like….”oh…what the fuck have I done..?” I looked over and saw that I was in bed with my house mate and her boyfriend and we were still naked. I also slowly realised that I had also for the first time ever had a sexual encounter with a guy!! I could not even say that the only reason this was happened was that I was pissed. I wanted to run away.

I looked over at Emily and in spite of my inner turmoil noticed that she looked really attractive as she slept, with her long dark hair cascading over her pretty face. I lay on my back mulling over what to do and must have been restless as she began to stir. I kissed her lightly on the forehead and said “morning beautiful” She looked wonderfully contented asleep. She slowly open her eyes, smiled and said “Morning Andy. Please don’t worry . I will never tell anyone we know. Last night you and Jamie were awesome and I was expertly serviced by my boys. What more could I want. “. She giggled a little and got up and went downstairs and made coffee. It was weird being naked in bed with her boyfriend.

Emily came back and the noise made Jamie stir. He looked as spooked as I felt and so I said a gingerly” Morning” and he kind of said “Hi” back. Emily handed us both a coffee and then sat opposite us at the end of the bed, naked, with her legs crossed , her little brown bush barely covering her sex . I for the first time noticed that she had shaved from her ass and around her lips, but retained a small area of pubic hair. I was getting aroused looking at her soft mound as we sipped our coffee.

Emily had a sixth sense and was aware of Jamie and I ‘s discomfort and immediately said ” What happened was very very special. I enjoyed every bit and I know you two did. No one who we know will ever be find out. I want to do it again but Andy has to get to college as its now half ten”

That broke the ice and so I said “shit I have to go” and so said “look guys I hope you don’t mind but I have to get dressed around you and my fucking cock is hard”! I jumped out of bed my cock bobbing up and down as I threw my stuff together. I said bye to them both and thanks to Jamie and then headed into college.

I got there just in time for lectures and couple of mates asked why I had not been out. I said that I had an upset stomach the previous night which was why I was running late One of Emily’ closest friends said “yes I spoke to her this morning – she said that you ruined her night as you had been ill and no wonder as she said she saw you stuffing your face in the kitchen”. I nearly died!

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I headed back after a usual dull day at about 3pm. I was apprehensive on the way back but realised I would be alone as Jamie was due to leave to go to London for a party and Emily was at work till about 7 ish. I was a little worried about being alone with her,, but when we had sex the first time we both were cool and adult about it and nothing else happened. I decided that I would go home and then pop out later and maybe get supper for both of us.

As I walked in I heard the TV on and so went into the lounge thinking it had been left on and Jamie was there. I said “Oh.. Hi” and was obviously shocked. He said Hi back and I said I thought he was off to London. He said he was and would get a later train at 6, as he did not want to hang about. I did not know what to do or how to react as about 12 hours ago I had his cock in my mouth. I did what I felt was best.

I went and made him tea. I handed it to him and turned the TV off.

I sat down opposite and said ” Don’t know if this is the right or wrong thing to say but:

firstly I enjoyed what went on,

secondly I am not gay and

thirdly I can guarantee 100% that I have no STD or aids or anything as I had a blood test a few months back because of an operation for a sports injury and they test routinely for HIV and I was negative

fourthly since then I have not had sex other than a fumble with Emily and

Fifthly- other than an attempt at sucking my own years back , yours is the only willy I have had contact with! “

He almost spat out his tea roaring with laughter . He said that he too had been having the same worries all afternoon but I should not worry as the same applied to him.

He also said that he could not believe that I had never done anything like this before. I asked why and he hesitated and said “well don’t know quite how to put this either but you gave me an amazing blowjob. I was very close to coming I said it was a pleasure and he could have come if he wanted. I also said he was pretty good as well and he said “well sucking yours was easy as there was no pubes in the way”. I said “well next time you know to come prepared!

Then he said he had told Emily about our bi cock exploits.

With that he said “look – you want to do Round 2? I am not that fussed about going back to London and frankly I would rather have a night with the tag team here again. We did not have sex this morning as we had no time!”

I said I would love to but we needed a plan. We agreed that we would go into town and get some booze and some decent food but we ought to think of something more erotic. Jamie would pop in to say goodbye to Emily in the pub and then come back and wait for her. It was getting late so we legged it into to town. I headed off and got some light food, champagne and wine and he went in and kissed her goodbye and pretended to go.

We met up and we were both getting excited. Jamie then he said that she had had anal once, but with our little team we should give her a DP. There was an old Private sex shop so we both went in and headed to the lube. The gay assistant clearly took a liking to us and gave us decent advice for the best anal lube and then recommended we try out cock rings. I burst out laughing as the four metal bands were handed to us but Jamie said what the fuck so we bought them. The assistant obviously enjoyed telling us in detail how to put them on

We literally ran back. Jamie had helpfully washed all the sheets, as in his own words Emily had leaked cum all over them so we hurriedly made the bed again tidied up and made the house really sensual. Lots of candles ready, the champagne in the fridge and lube and rings out of sight. It was now about 6 ish. I said on the way back that I needed to get cleaned up and he said he needed to as well; both our cocks were still covered in a combination of cum pussy and saliva!

I also had worked out a game for later.

Jamie and I stripped off making sure his clothes were out of view we both went to the bathroom. It was so natural. I shaved my face whilst he stood chatting with me. I said look I am going shave below, giving him a chance to run but he said “oh wicked – I want to watch as I want to do mine. Em has moaned for ages that she gets a mouthful of hair when she gives me a blowjob!!”

I got out the razors I use for my penis and balls and then showed him how to do it . I then told him to sit in a hot bath so his balls relaxed which he did. He then stood up and borrowed my razors and had a go but was taking ages. We did not have time so I said” look I will do it for you”. I had shaved for years, so within five mins he had no pubes left at all. Thankfully he had very little body hair.

We both then showered making sure our cocks were clean and that all the hair had gone too so Emily would not notice!. I then made sure he used moisturiser on his cock and balls as otherwise he may itch a little, and I did the same. We both started to get a little hard as we massaged it into our skin. We both smelt gorgeously of fresh coconut!

I then told him of the plan.

Emily was back in about 45 min. He would hide upstairs whilst she had a bath ( she always did after work ) and I pretended that a special friend was coming over so that accounted for the wine and tidiness etc and that she was welcome to join us for a drink so when we pretended the door went, we would both walk in.

All went to plan. Emily came back just as Jamie hid upstairs. I had chucked on some loose clothes, and said hi to her. I said that I appreciated the previous night and that she was really sweet in what she said and we both laughed and she said she meant it, that it was special. I told her about the comment in college and she giggled. I said I had spoken to Jamie and we were had a laugh and that I promised to take care of her and that he and I would meet again soon. She was totally relaxed and she headed off for a bath. I said I had to get changed and she was welcome to join my special friend later. She looked a little concerned so I said “look I am not going to ask you to join a sex party- just a special friend coming over”. She seemed to accept that and went into the bathroom. I hurriedly ran upstairs.
In my room upstairs Jamie was still naked in fits of giggles. His clothes were downstairs hidden in a room and he could not get them.” Fuck it” he said “greet her nude and hard” . What a great friend he had become.

We heard Emily come upstairs and we could hear her drying her hair. I went and got the candles lit and food out put on some music. After what seems an age we heard her go downstairs. I then went and checked that she was sitting down and said I was going up to change. Jamie and I then walked downstairs making sure we sounded like one person and then we hid in the downstairs bedroom where I had some champagne. In there also went the rings and lube for later.

We then took a deep breath trying not to giggle like two school boys in the showers and I also took off my clothes. We poured out three glasses of fizz and played with our cocks to get them hard . Once we were up, I knocked loudly on the front door (hoping no one saw me naked and hard though the glass)

“hi” I said loudly in the hallway “Come through and I will introduce you to Emily”

I knocked on the lounge door and said ” Emily this is a very special friend of mine” and in we both walked. Our cocks were both rigid. You should have seen her face. She exploded with giggles and called us complete bastards .She gave Jamie a massive kiss. I said “have a glass of champagne and enjoy our company as you are having a private cocktail party where you get to see the cocks!”

Jamie and I then got some nibbles and served her with them as she sat down making sure that our cocks were just millimetres from her as we stood around her on either side. The tip of Jamies cock glistened with pre cum. I said she could not touch us. It was a great thing to do as you could tell she just loved being around her two naked lovers. She loved the fact that Jamie and I were both smooth and was excited when we told her how it happened. Also what was neat was that Jamie and I got to know a little bit more about each other as we just chilled and chatted with each other for ages and found out lots of things. It was very erotic with Emily remaining dressed surrounded by us two.

After a time, Jamie and I were no longer hard so I announced time for a game.

No one else knew what was happening. I said to Jamie to come with me and we went out to the bedroom. I said ” now lets get those cock rings on”; so we lubed up and remembered the instructions ( balls first then push dick though the loop ) and after a while got the large one over our balls and then the shaft one on. You could really feel it and luckily we were not hard – yet!

I then got the playing cards.

In the lounge Emily was still clothed . She shrieked at the sight of us and asked what they were. I said “they are to keep us erect for longer for your benefit. Anyway we are about to play cards, and you really ought to be naked for this game”

Without hesitation she stripped off and could not wait. You could see that the opening of her pussy was sodden as her trimmed hairs were covered in tiny droplets of pussy lube.

We sat down and I set out the rules. We were to play Kinky Cards, a game I had just made up

The rules were we each were allocated a Royal Card within the pack. Suits did not count. The pack was shuffled and Emily turned over each card until a Royal card was turned up. That person would then do something kinky to the next royal card that was overturned in the pack, whenever that was. The amount of seconds to be kinky for was determined by the next immediate card.

No penetration was allowed. Emily was obviously the Queen and I said I would be the Jack, as Jamie ought to be King as his cock was biggest! We sat down to play and opened some wine.

The game was a huge hit. Emily dealt and after a few cards got a Queen and a few cards later got a King. Then a five. She kissed Jamie for Five seconds their tongues wrapping around each other as I watched. After a while was a Jack then a dreaded King and then a 7. I massaged his shoulders for seven seconds.

The game progressed, each turn becoming more kinky. Emily kissed me for 9, Jamie licked her nipples for three and so on. I then got Emily for 5 and so gave her inner thigh just near her pussy entrance 5 licks. It was seriously hotting up.

On a couple of times when us boys had to play, we managed to avoid anything too sexual and either did a massage or a light spank. Deb complained that we were not playing properly!!

A few more hands were played, and then Jamie got me for ten and smiled. He announced he was going ten times around the tip of my cock with his tongue. Emily whooped with joy but then the phone rang. She took it, as it was her brother and she had to speak to him otherwise he panicked.

Jamie looked at her and then pulled back my foreskin. He was really slow on each lap around my glans, looking at her. She finished the call as Jamie finished and then was bent double laughing – her brother had asked how Jamie and I were getting on!!

We carried on playing and then Emily dealt a queen then jack and then an Ace. As I made up the rules I said that meant that I could determine what to do next as I had won! I said I was going to lick Ems arsehole.

“You’re not serious are you..” she mischievously enquired.

“bend over” came my reply.

She could not wait, getting on her knees and elbows and bent over and pulled her own cheeks apart. I edged forward and licked all around and my tongue darted into her ass on each lap, getting further in on each circuit. I did that 12 times dead slow and she was moaning like mad saying how good that felt and that she had never had her ass licked before but really liked it.

I told her to stay like that and Jamie got the lube. I eased some in her butt and Jamie squirted some on my cock. The Ring by now had worked a treat and I was bulging and really veiny. I pushed my middle finger in her ass and slowly worked it in and out. Then I added an then index finger in and opened like a duck beak. She was ready. Jamie mouthed “DP?” and I nodded so he lay on the floor. His rings had also worked as he was huge. Emily turned around and on seeing him and said ” oh fucking hell…”. She knew what was next.

Emily got up and eased down slowly onto Jamies engorged dick. What a sight that was. She instinctively knew she needed all him inside her pussy for this to work, so she really took her time lowering herself and her pussy relaxed. Once he was fully inside and she was comfortable she had a few deep thrusts and worked herself down to the base of his cock letting out a contented moan.

On the way down Emily commented that she could really feel the veins.

Once she was comfortable Emily leant forward so her arsehole was accessible.

Jamies legs were together and she was astride him. I asked if she was ready for me. “God yes” came the reply.

I knelt down with one got one knee either side of Jamie and her, with my knees as wide apart as I could. She moved her legs till they touched mine so he could part his legs a little and get some room so to get some rhythm going.

I then got Emily to lay forward him an pull her ass apart. Her pink puckered ass rose was now millimetres away. She leant on one elbow and with her hand widened her ass for my entry. I gently squeezed my cock in her. She panted harder and harder and was whimpering in delight. It was incredibly tough but we got going. All three of us rocking in a rhythm with Emily panting more and more. I slowly eased more of my cock inside her ass, and could feel Jamies cock through the walls of her pussy.

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After two minutes Jamie said he could no longer hold out and shot his load just at the same time Emily came. I could see his balls pump. She was like a volcano. An increase eroticism came over me as I saw them orgasm together. i stopped thrusting but kept inside her.

Jamie needed to get out from under her, as his ring needed to come off, so she moved a little and he wriggled from underneath her, but she remained on all fours with my cock in her ass. I knew I had only seconds to go as well so I gestured to Jamie to come and watch and so with one last push I got all of me in her ass up to my balls, I then slowly made her take all my length again and really fucked her ass deep. On about the tenth deep thrust I too unloaded.

“fuck” Emily said ” I felt that”

I stayed in her ass for a few moments and as my erection subsided I pulled out slowly admiring her dilating arsehole. Boy was that impressive. You could make out my cum in her canal.

Jamie and I got up and I got my ring off my now limp dick. Emily sounded like she was auditioning for a porn film with cries and pants of ” oh my god”

After a minute or two she caught her breath and reckoned that we had performed even better than before. She needed a drink – Jamie said “Right –little slut lets go to the Pub.” ( there was one on the corner). Emily said he must be joking

“I’m not” Jamie said firmly ” dare you to wear your blue dress and nothing else. You know the one but first say thank you to our cocks”.

With that she looked up and said” hmm pussy one first” and so licked Jamies cock saying thank you after each kiss. She then went” hmm ass one now” and slowly licked mine.

Jamie and I went to the bathroom and washed our cocks as we were both dribbling cum and lube. We then threw on some shorts and shirts and said to Emily who was upstairs that we would see her in a minute.

As we headed out we were both excited and Jamie kept on saying how great her ass looked when I finished. He reckoned her arsehole winked at us when I took my cock out!

We got the pub and as usual for Fridays it was relatively quiet as most people met there and went into the city centre . There was a dozen or so in there. I bought Jamie and beer and a drink for Emily. He said thanks: I said look pal that’s the least I could do given you let me have her ass! He laughed and said pleasure mate. I am sure we were over heard.

Emily came in and we grabbed a table. She looked great as she sat down. She was wearing a really tight fitting sky blue cotton dress. It buttoned at the front and she had left a few undone. Her nipples were really visible and were as pert as can be. When she moved you could clearly see her breasts . A few people did look at us, as we were clearly behaving like three lovers. Emily was not wearing underwear.

She sat down

” Boys thank you . I have never felt so damn full”

Jamie said so you don’t have any regrets that I stayed for another night? Em laughed and held both our hands pausing for s few seconds and said “no ..no regrets at all. I then leant over and whispered something in her ear and she then said well other than that. I then said we would deal with that later. Jamie looked puzzled but Emily smiled at him saying excitedly ” you will find out don’t worry”

The manager who knew us as we went in every now and then came over and collected our empty glasses asked how we were. “Shattered” said Emily “I have had a hard couple of days and have hardly had a moment alone Jamie since he came up”

“I’ve been up since Friday” Jamie chipped in.

The manager left. We all chuckled. Emily said she needed the loo as she was about to lose Jamie’s load out her pussy and did not want to leave any on the chair!! I said I wanted to look and so dropped the keys on the floor and went under the table. Emily’s dress was suitably short so she parted her legs and I saw a little droplet of Jamies cum trickle out. I then got and Jamie went and had a look too.

I noticed that we were getting a quizzed look from the couple opposite us. They were in their early 50’s. I said to Emily that they were looking at us.

Emily then turned around on the chair faced them and slid out. The couple opposite must have seen her pussy as the husband looked stunned as Emily got up really deliberately slowly. The woman winked at Jamie and me as Em left the table

Emily came back and smiled at the lady opposite who smiled back. Emily then slightly raised her skirt as she sat on the stool, and looking directly at her widened her legs so her pussy was really on show, staying like that for far longer than necessary and then swivelled around to face us with a beaming smile.

” Bet they both wanted some of that ” she chuckled.

We had another drink and then left as it was closing time. The lady from the couple opposite said “have fun you lucky girl” as we left.

We walked back to the house arm in arm in our little threesome.

We got in and went to the lounge, Emily said she needed to undress as she had leaked on her dress from her pussy, and so she sat down on the leather chair naked. Jamie and I went to fix a night cap and he asked me in the kitchen what I whispered to her.

” Ask her” I replied.

We joined her, admiring her nudity and her shaving skills. I complimented Em about the fact that she shaved expertly all around her ass which made entering and rimming her a pleasure and she happily showed us the parts of her pussy that she enjoyed playing with. Emily loved showing herself off, as we had discovered in the pub. Emily said that she was really surprised how much she enjoyed having her arsehole licked. I said how horny her ass looked as it dilated after I withdrew and she was really turned on by that saying she was a deviant slut!

Jamie asked what I was I mentioned in the pub to her in private and Emily turned to me and said “shall I tell him?”

“Sure” I replied “one second while I get ready”

I moved over to where she was and kneeled down directly in front of her at her feet. Emily’s eyes widened in anticipation. “You completely sure?” she asked. “Definitely” I said.

I began to get undressed at her feet, taking off my top and then shorts my cock slowly rising.

Emily looked purposefully towards her boyfriend

“Jamie, Andy as always was right; he’s more deviant than me. He whispered that I must have one regret, which was not that I did not get to watch him suck your cock properly. He was right. I was too busy coming to really watch. I would love to watch”

Jamie was speechless. As I was in front of Emily I beckoned him over. He took off his t shirt and I undid his shorts and he stepped from them, his cock being at last free. All I thought in my mind was “do this like a porn star” and I tried to get into character.

I looked direct at Emily and said “a fine cock indeed, may I?”

Emily nodded eagerly.

To start I put him fully in my mouth as he was soft, as far in as I could. His balls nuzzled under my chin. I really wanted to pleasure him as I felt horny as hell. I then felt him twitch so I drew back. I knew what was about to happen. His cock then began its journey to erection. I was quite excited watching his cock grow. As it reached its full potential, I thought “what the fuck” so began to lick his tight balls. They began to relax and so I cradled them running my index finger along from his ass to his smooth sack. I kept thinking of all that I liked when being sucked. I licked the underside of his shaft in a long deliberate line with my tongue tracing the large vein. I then lifted his balls and licked each one then finally sucking them in turn with loud kisses and lots of compliments about how amazing his cock was.

I now looked over to Emily and she was mesmerised. Her eyes met mine. “Fuck you are a horny deviant” she mouthed at me. I then winked back with a loud hmmmm as I licked the shaft.

Jamies’s penis was now at full length. It was pretty impressive. I retracted his foreskin further unleashing his glans and went around him with my tongue in real slow deliberate motions. I then left my tongue on the tip and pulled his foreskin back over my tongue, so I was still on the tip but under the skin. I then went around his cock head a dozen times holding the base, licking the inside of that foreskin. You could feel that he was beginning to lose control. I pulled away and a trail of pre cum linked my mouth with his cock. “fuck ” was all he could say. Emily was mouthing words of encouragement at me and has started to masturbate whilst watching her private porn show.

Jamie looked down at me and our eyes met. I smiled at him and then he shut his eyes. I then looked a Emily masturbating in the chair who mouthed “make him cum ” I nodded.

I then rested my hands on my thighs and licked my lips and then eased my mouth back down his shaft. As I did I stared at Emily my mouth bulging with cock. I sucked as hard as I could forming a tight vacuum around his cock with my lips. I really hope he enjoys this I thought as I worked that shaft. His cock tasted surprisingly ok, slightly of salt but mixed with sex.

I breathed in and out using my nose and got a great action going: down shaft on the in breath, and up on the out. I was determined to put on a show for my horny housemate and to thank Jamie properly for allowing me to fuck his girlfriend.

After three of four minutes I felt that familiar twitch from the dick in my mouth and knew he was on his way. I made sure that Emily and I were looking at each other. She never took her eyes of me and delicately stroked herself as I sucked her partners cock. She was so excited and I knew that she wanted me to finish him off. Not long.

Jamies’ breathing pattern changed and I thought “this will be ok; he unloaded earlier so he will just orgasm” I gave a few deep lasting thrusts up and down and released the vacuum from my mouth and held his cock just against my open mouth so Emily could see and I was masturbating him slowly with my hand, the tip of his cock resting on my lips and pointing in my mouth.

Jamie began to cry out that he was coming. As it was his second one, I just expected him to orgasm, with no sperm. How wrong that was

As he cried out a thick jet of warm cum jettisoned from his cock and landed in my mouth shooting against the inside of my cheek, followed by another one. Acting out of shock I immediately got his cock back my mouth and arched my tongue so to stop the cum shooting down my throat. Sucking him still, his cock spasmed a few more times and then he stopped. His erection subsided but I kept the vacuum as he pulled out. I had drained him.

A few seconds passed. I looked at Emily purposefully in the eye, steeled myself for what I had to do. Looking directly up at her I swallowed all his cum. I rolled my tongue around my closed mouth scooping up any leftovers and swallowed again. Finally I could talk.

“Wow” I said tasting the inside of my mouth with my tongue “I was not fucking expecting that!”

” sorry Andy” Jamie laughed “Must have been the restriction of the ring. You alright?”

“fine, apart from nearly drowning.” I laughed ” thankfully it did not taste that unpleasant either”

Emily was silent and then simply said “boys that was the horniest think I have ever witnessed. Did you really cum and did andy swallow?”

“Em” Jamie said “Not only has andy given me probably the best cock suck ever, but he has also had the most cum I have ever produced. I shot about four massive loads. I could not stop it”

Emily looked stunned “All gone” I said proudly “and a fucking yummy load it was too”

I was so amazed that I did it. Emily gave me a massive kiss and said the she was proud of me and that I had made one of her most personal fantasies come true and that it was simply the most erotic evening imaginable. She reckoned weree better than watching porn. I said that it was a pleasure, but I was done, my mouth was tired and that I needed to get to bed. I also felt it was only right to leave them alone together for a while

I made my way to bed and climbed contentedly in. I was quietly satisfied of a good job done. It dawned on me that a little experimenting here and there opened lots of new and interesting liasons.

I lay naked on the bed and I heard them talking for a while. Emily came up asking if I was ok. I joked I could still taste his cum. She kissed me and said that she wanted lessons, as he had been busy telling her how good I was and how much sperm I had taken.
I said to her that they could join me if they wanted to, but that it may be that they wanted a night together. Emily said she would see.

She also promised that as I had been so good for her, that she too would surprise me later.

I then drifted off to sleep.

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