A Must-have Exercise Machine

This story starts out slow, but hopefully you will enjoy how it progresses. I pray you don’t get bored before the real excitement begins.


Eric had dropped out of school a month ago. At 20, he felt like he had wasted the last few years of his life. He wasn’t well built enough that girls would swoon over him, or smart enough that they would ask him to do their homework. Mom tried to encourage him to get better grades, but he was always too busy trying to look down some chic’s blouse, or daydreaming about what was beneath the blouse. Dad proved to have better judgment than mom. One day, he just told Eric to either up his grades or find a job – or else.

So here he was, a door-to-door salesman for a small company that sold those exercise machines which promise on TV to make you a hunk or supermodel or get your money back. Any wages were only in the form of sales commissions, so the company readily hired him, no questions asked. Given his shy nature and geeky looks, Eric wouldn’t have been able to sell a robe to a woman stripped naked by a hurricane, but he had a job, so his father allowed him to continue staying at home.

Every morning, Eric and others like him received a list of people who had called the TV hotline, but hadn’t placed an order. The company had worked out some unscrupulous way by which to trace the caller Ids and pin them to an address. It was his job to convince them to make the purchase. He figured that since they had called, they were already interested. Also, since they had bothered to call, they must be home-bound people who had just too much time to watch infomercials. It would be a cinch. Was he wrong! He hadn’t thought about the other side of the coin – why they had hung up without placing their order.

In the last month, Eric hadn’t been able to convert a single potential customer. In fact, many of his house calls slammed the door on him with threats that are best not mentioned here. His company didn’t care. If he didn’t make a sale, they didn’t have to pay him. He didn’t care. He had a job, so his dad wouldn’t throw him out. Plus, he got to drive all day, even if it was in a beaten down second-hand van, and eat junk food between stops. Sometimes he’d even down a beer or two.

On a routine morning this Friday, Eric got a list from his supervisor, not too different from a list that a courier carried before smart devices were common. It had three names with addresses, phone numbers and the products they had called about. A Jack Thorneburg, a Lexi Garcia, and a Sal Whiteman. He looked up a huge paper map, sketched out a route, then loaded up the back of his van with everything he would try to sell today. He put on the company’s badge and drove off. As expected, Sal slammed the door on his face after threatening him with a powerful-looking shotgun. Eric had seen a few of these in the last month and wasn’t as scared any more. Jack only threatened to sue the company.

Lexi was the last house. He didn’t have any trouble finding it. It was an expensive house near the end of a secluded street. If he had arrived later, he might have seen kids playing in the lawns surrounding him, but they were all at school. He parked the van near the driveway, adjusted his hair and walked up to the front door. DING-DONG rang the bell as he pressed the switch, as if he meant to summon the whole neighborhood, not just the occupants of the house.

There was no answer. This happened sometimes. He called during office hours and some of the bored TV viewers were, in fact, office-going people. He shifted his weight from left to right for a minute, looking around. No one from the neighborhood answered. As though someone was watching him, he acted like he had an appointment, rang the bell again and looked furtively at his wrist (which didn’t have a watch on it) as if he was getting late for something very important. Finally, he shrugged his shoulders (still acting for any watchers), turned around and took his first step away from the house. The door flung inwards and a gasping voice called out, “Yes?”

Eric turned around to see a woman in her late twenties or early thirties standing in the doorway. She was breathing heavily, her bust wrapped tightly in two layered sports bras (light blue on top of white) and her firm butt was hidden under a pair of loose black gym shorts. A pair of long, well-defined legs seemed to be recently shaved or waxed. She was hurriedly trying to dab away beads of sweat that glistened from her arms, chest, waist and legs with a small towel. Her eyes followed the towel as she did so (fortunately – otherwise Eric would have to explain what he was staring at).

Despite the double layering, Eric was taken by just how much of her cleavage he could see. The inner white bra apparently had a very low neckline. The only way Eric knew it was there was because it peeked out a little from the sides and the straps were visible next to the blue ones. How deep the neckline went was hidden by a front zipper on the outer light blue one, which was pulled half-way down. The breasts were – Eric made a mental reference – maybe as large as tangerines, and stayed perfectly ensconsed in her bras. He was staring hard enough to notice very faint points of her nipples pushing through the double layers.

Her features were somewhat Latin American, with dark eyes, full lips, a very prominent jaw line and not-very-fair complexion. Her dark brown hair was tightly packed up behind her head, making her neck look longer than it really was. Her arms and legs looked like fruits of years of exercise, like someone who runs a marathon while doing bicep curls. As the woman dabbed her stomach, she turned her focus to Eric. “You lost, young man?”

Eric took a big gulp as he tried to gather himself. “No, ma’am. I’m looking for Ms. Lexi Garcia.”

“That’s me.”

“Good afternoon, ma’am. My name’s Eric. I’m from Total Fitness Enterprises. I believe you called us about our Ab Pro Workout System?”

“Oh, yes, I did. But I told the lady on the phone I’d need more time to think about it.”

Eric considered this a success. He hadn’t had any dogs released on him yet and he had lasted a full two minutes! “Yes ma’am. That’s what I’m here to see you about. I’ve got the Ab Pro Workout in my van along with our other fitness equipment. Why don’t you try it out once? I can assure you, it’s a must-have in your exercise routine.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I saw it on TV and I’m not sure if I need it. I had called on a whim. I don’t think I need it. In fact, I’m in the middle of my workout right now and it’s going fine without your machines.”

“That’s absolutely perfect. Why don’t I set up the Ab Pro Workout inside and you can compare it to your current workout?” None of this was Eric’s usual salesmanship. Even with the polite customers, he had never been good at pitching. But something in his brain (or groin) desperately wanted to get inside this house.

“Look, I don’t think I’m ready to buy any of your stuff. If you want to waste your time and energy setting it up, you’re welcome to.” Lexi, obviously into exercising, was a little curious, but didn’t want to get talked into buying stuff she didn’t want.

“Sure, ma’am. I’ll just get it out of the van.”

A little hustle and bustle later, an excited Eric puffed his way through the doorway under the weight of a box that was the size of a trunk. Lexi led him towards the kitchen and motioned him towards a doorway. This, he discovered, led to a spacious air-conditioned basement. He struggled down the steps and even stopped to wonder what it would be like on the way up! A TV was hooked up to a DVD player in front of an exercise mat. A group of young girls was frozen on the screen with one hand touching their spread feet and the other raised straight up. An exercise bike was standing to one side and a rowing machine lay on another side. On a bench by a wall was a bottle of water, a shirt and a skirt. In a far corner was a closed door.

Eric puffed his way into the basement and set his box down. Lexi followed him in and took her position on the mat. “I’m going to finish my workout first. You set up your equipment there and wait on the bench.”

Lexi started doing some basic stretches to warm up again as Eric pulled out an elaborate contraption from the box. It was pretty much a flat seat that slid forwards and backwards on rails, with a back that went up and down, and some tension springs. At the base were footholds to wedge yourself in, plus a few other gimmicks here and there.

It only needed to be unfolded into place, which should have taken Eric under two minutes. Instead, it took him a good ten minutes as he kept stealing glances at Lexi jumping, stretching and bending. Once he was done, he sat down on the bench as he had been instructed. “I’m ready when you are,” he called. No answer.

His tongue wagged out a little as Lexi bent forward to pick up a remote controller that sat in front of the mat. He could see all of her cleavage, right down to the white material against her sternum. He got a good look at the tops of her boobs as some of the material separated from the flesh when she bent. He thought they would spill out at any moment and come rolling towards him like tennis balls. They didn’t. Instead, she pressed the Play button, the girls on the TV screen got up from their bent position, some tacky trance music filled the room, and intermittently the fitness coach on TV asked her pupils to get into this position and that. She explained how each routine worked the glutes, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, abs and other muscles that Eric had never heard of.

Nor was he listening now. He was fixated on the virtual dance that Lexi was performing for him about 10 feet away. He kept averting his eyes every now and then for fear of being caught, but she never paid any attention to him. His cock twitched a little with every view of the cavity under her bras. He’d never seen so much of any girl or woman so close in real life. Outside of a computer screen and his wet dreams, this was his first set of boobs. A completely flat-chested girl in the same pose would probably have been enough to set him off, and this was a very well proportioned woman with full breasts. He noticed how each of her muscle groups flexed and relaxed in different stretches. He particularly noticed how her cleavage became deeper or spread a little as she stretched her arms here and there.

As she gyrated her body into different poses, Eric had opportunities to appreciate the bounty of the perfectly spherical globes of her butt. As the fitness coach instructed her to lie down, her arse stood up like very large ice-cream scoops. Eric could see where the track shorts had ridden up her crack, turning the entire display into high-definition perfection. He wished he could wedge his dick into the crack.

His organ was half erect in a matter of minutes. Lexi seemed to be in no mood to stop and Eric didn’t want her to. Once, when she was lying down and facing away, he pulled out his phone and hit record on the camera app. He tried to hold the phone in his lap as though he was playing a game. He was really playing with the zoom and brightness controls.

Though the camera had already missed some sizzling action, he was able to capture some very good views of her breasts and cleavage. The combination of sweat and the camera lens darkened tiny circles on the bra where her nipples were pressed into her flesh. When she stood up, beads of sweat traced lines straight from her neck down her cleavage. Eric was struggling to sit straight as his fully erect dick demanded to be adjusted. Not wanting to give himself away, he continued ‘playing his game’, and used his elbows to try and adjust its position. Though it felt good, it was futile. There really wasn’t any space for it to go.

A good 20 minutes later the TV screamed a reminder, “See you again tomorrow. Don’t forget to hydrate.” Lexi shut it off and stood with her hands on her knees and took deep long breaths. Eric had already decided that this was his favorite view. She stood up, walked to the bench and picked up her towel. Still standing, she started dabbing herself all over and Eric decided this was a good time to stop recording. He quietly put his phone away and tried desperately to think of his boss, his dad and his worst memories. After all, the phone wasn’t the only hard object in his pants.

His meditation wasn’t working, though, especially when Lexi raised one very smooth leg after another on to the bench to dry them off. Fortunately, she still wasn’t paying any particular attention to him. She threw the towel down, picked up the bottle and took a few long swigs of water.

“So, this is it, huh? How does it work? Is it the same as I saw on TV?” she asked, turning towards Eric’s machine.

“Would you like to try it out or do you want me to show you?”

“I’m already warmed up. I’ll try it out. You just show me what to do.”

Eric signaled for her to sit in the machine’s seat and place her legs in the footholds. He couldn’t help staring down her sports bra as she did so, her luscious breasts now only a foot away from him. Her legs were bent slightly at the knees and she was reclined at a 20-degree angle against two rubber rollers that made up the back. He told her to hold on to two rubber-covered rods built into the headrest, then asked her if she wanted low, medium or high intensity for sit-ups. She chose medium and he showed her how he pulled out a peg from one side and where he replaced it.

“Go ahead and try ten sit-ups. I’ll point out to you how the machine targets your muscles.”

Lexi complied. She adjusted a little to get more comfortable and pushed her back down till she was at a 70-degree angle. The second time she did this, Eric knelt down beside her hips and (he had been strictly instructed never to physically engage with customers) held her by the waist with both hands, as though he were holding her down, but without any pressure. Lexi said nothing. As she grunted her way back up, Eric stroked his thumbs along her abs. “Do you feel the tension here?” he asked.

He was staring directly at (and feeling up) her well-toned abs. How was Lexi to know this wasn’t normal procedure? She just agreed with him and continued with her sit-ups. Now, as she pushed backwards, he lifted his thumbs off and slid his fingers towards her lower back. “Unlike your usual sit-ups, the springs in this machine work both ways. So while you are working your abs, you are strengthening your lower back, too,” he explained. His fingers were roaming around the spine as he prompted her, “Do you feel it here?”

Lexi murmured another agreement and still continued her back and forth motion. Eric released his hold on her only when she had finished all ten, intermittently feeling the strong abs under his thumbs or gliding his fingers around her lower back. His actions were not at all in sync with Lexi’s. He was literally just feeling her up. Of course, every time Lexi sat up, her boobs were right next to his eyes. He made sure he knelt in such a way that his head was high and he could look straight down into her bra. His cock was oozing manly juices now, transforming this young boy into an adult.

He stood up when she finished, and she asked what was next. He explained they would do more sit-ups, but with one addition. He released a couple of pegs on each side of the headrest and showed her how the handholds flexed forwards. “As you push backwards, pull these bars forwards. Go ahead and try it.”

Lexi tried five sit-ups this way. Eric, standing at her head, lusted after the view he was getting. He completely forgot the spiel he was supposed to give her during this workout. Lexi stopped and complained, “This doesn’t feel very comfortable. In fact, I think I might be straining my arms too much.”

“Oh, ok,” Eric woke up. “Here, let’s try only the hands.” He adjusted a peg on the back to lock it. Eric requested her to hold the bars again, brace her elbows and pull forward. She pulled the contraption in front of her face and released it back, continuing the motion several times.

“Very good,” encouraged Eric. “Let me show you how this works.” He stood behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. His thumbs pressed lightly around the shoulder bones, along her bra straps. “You must be feeling a little work here. Try doing it more slowly.” He enjoyed this for a couple of more curls. He wasn’t completely aware when his thumb went under the bra straps on her back. This was soon followed by his fingers on the shoulder.

Eric realized he had all four bra straps totally in his control. He applied pressure with his fingertips, but raised his wrists and the bras arose from the flesh they were protecting. From his vantage point, he could make out the edges of Lexi’s areolas. His dick was jerking itself now. He didn’t need anyone to touch it to ejaculate.

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Somehow, he was able to bring himself back to his senses. He knew he wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long. Very carefully, he extricated his hands from the bras and took hold of her arms instead. This time he pointed out how the same motion worked her biceps and triceps. As Lexi pushed forwards and backwards, his hands were dangerously close to her breasts. At one point, he pretended to focus on a certain spot on her triceps. His index fingers remained stuck to this point on each arm, and as she brought her hands back, the rest of his fingers and palms intentionally brushed squarely against her breasts.

They felt tight and delightful. He wasn’t sure if he grazed the nipple or not, but he allowed himself to think he did. Eric was ready to ejaculate. Lexi tensed up a little, but didn’t say anything. It was just a little touch from a small boy; surely it meant nothing, she thought to herself.

Eric didn’t dare try the same stunt a second time. Instead, he went back to showing her the points on her back that were being worked out. This time, the fingers ‘resting’ on her shoulders slid a little forward, below her collarbone. He flexed his wrists so that the thick bra straps pulled a little away from her chest and could see the full semicircles of the tops of her breasts. Very gently, he released them back into position and stepped away. Out of view, he grabbed his crotch and gave it a few violent rubs. He adjusted it as best as he could, then told Lexi she could stop.

Lexi lowered her arms and relaxed in the chair. “That was better than trying to do it with sit-ups,” she said.

Eric went on to the next part of his sales pitch. “The best part is, you can also do push-ups with the same machine. You don’t need any other equipment. Here, I’ll show you.”

Lexi stepped out of the chair and Eric adjusted a few pegs. This locked the back in a horizontal position. He asked Lexi to lie down on her stomach, lock her feet into the footholds again, and grab the same rods that she had used a minute ago. As she assumed this position, he admired the fullness of her butt at close range. He somehow controlled his desperate urge to grab it. He did, however, pull out his phone and hit record. He hid it as best as he could under his palm and continued recording. It captured her behind and the glory of the exposed legs.

As Lexi started push-ups, he walked around her legs, across her side and stopped at her head. His phone continued recording the gorgeous cleavage that had deepened a little more. Gravity was helping in freeing up the boobs a little, and also opening up the sports bras a wee bit. The weight of her boobs caused the straps to pull away from her chest and he recorded as much of her as he dared. He had to stop when his phone displayed a Low Storage warning. He cursed himself for not having picked up the 8 or 16GB options and put his phone away.

He knelt down in front of Lexi and drew straight lines down the inside of her shoulder blades. “You should be feeling a little strain here,” he explained, his voice cracking a little as he stared straight down her top. Inches away from his tongue, two beautiful balls of jelly were swinging up and down. Eric shifted a little so that he didn’t block the light from an overhead lamp. He saw so much flesh, she might as well have been wearing a Brazilian string bikini.
He shifted his fingers to her strong biceps, drew curved patterns around the muscles then wrapped his hands around as much of her arms as he could get. “These are working out too.” He stroked her arms gently, then released her and got up. He walked around to her back and placed his fingers around her naked spine. “Most importantly, this area is getting strengthened,” he declared, as spread his palms flat on the sweaty flesh. “A strong lower back is most vital in maintaining a strong core.” His thumbs rotated in circular patterns, as though he was giving her a massage. Finally he let go of her and asked her to stop.

“How was that? Did you feel it working?”

“I guess so,” Lexi replied unsurely, now sitting in the seat, bent a little forward with her forearms resting on her knees. Of course the exercise was working – she had been used to training her muscles for years – but no one could say for certain whether the machine was adding anything. Plus, she had noticed Eric staring down her top, and then the swollen package in his jeans, which added to the nervousness in her voice. The tight material had hidden this from her earlier, but after Eric had adjusted it, she could see the outline of a thick rod next to the zipper. “Boys will be boys,” she thought to herself and dismissed it as a harmless result of his young age rather than lust. After all, she had seen all sorts of grown-up men swoon around her.

“See, that covers your whole upper body. We saw how the Ab Pro Workout tones your abs, biceps, triceps, upper back and lower back. But that’s not all it does. From this position itself, I’ll show you how you can maintain the muscles in your legs, too.”

Once more, he switched up a series of pegs, snapped two arms out from near the seat, and had Lexi hold them. The seat itself now slid forwards and backwards. “The springs that provide tension to the back are also attached to this seat. Since we set it to medium, you’ll feel the same intensity in your legs. Of course, as with all the exercises, the intensity is adjustable.”

He had Lexi slide forward and backward. Each time she came forward, her knees pressed against her boobs and squished them up. Eric could feel the wetness of his crotch and desperately wanted to rub it. He couldn’t because this time he was in plain view of Lexi. He tried his best to concentrate on his spiel.

He knelt down at her feet and placed his fingertips on the outside of her calves, and gently stroked them from the knee to the ankle. “This movement is targeting your calves. When she went back, he pushed his fingers a little further inwards. On the next motion, his fingers were wedged against the back of Lexi’s thighs. His stroking motion encouraged Lexi’s shorts to ride a little higher. Not too much, but the thought of how much he could get away with was enough to excite the hell out of Eric. He tried it once more on the next stroke. The third time, he withdrew his hands and shifted his position to her right.

As Lexi continued with the motion, he found just the right opportunity to grab hold of her right hamstring. This time he couldn’t be gentle. The continuous motion meant that he had to hold on tight. As he explained why it was so important to have strong hamstrings and how the machine was doing its job in that area, he firmly held his hand in place. Lexi’s motion itself was enough to cause the right leg of her shorts to ride up. The left leg was also pulled up slightly.

Stretching a little, Eric managed to curl both his hands around Lexi’s thighs and said some gibberish about them being worked out. His hands came dangerously close to touching her crotch as she moved forward. Lexi was now getting nervous. Her thighs had been one of her weaknesses and the movement was causing Eric to literally massage them. She half closed her eyes and felt an initial wetness in her groin.

Eric moved his hands towards her knee. He had stopped speaking and didn’t have anything to say about this part of her anatomy, but he held on nonetheless. It was no longer Lexi’s knees that were squishing her boobs, it was the back of his hands, and Eric was in heaven. The pressure he was feeling in his crotch translated into a really tight grip on her knees, as though somehow that would compensate for not being able to rub his rod.

Lexi didn’t say anything. She had already allowed the boy to go too far. Objecting now would be an admission that everything that had happened earlier wasn’t improper, even though now she saw the whole afternoon in a different light. She no longer looked upon Eric as a little boy who had mistakenly touched her. Yet, she recognized his shyness and apprehension and felt confident that she could put an end to this whenever she wanted (she didn’t realize it yet, but her groin obviously had a different degree of control).

With this confidence, she decided to tease the horny kid. She stopped exercising, and Eric had to let go of her. In doing so, he pushed one final stroke up Lexi’s thighs, acting like he was bracing himself to stand up.

“Do you think that worked for you?” he enquired.

“I’m not sure. It’s getting warm in here and I can’t tell if I’m sweating because of the machine or because of the warmth.” It was Lexi’s turn to put on an act full of bullshit excuses. “Here, help me up.”

She stood up and asked Eric to sit on the bench. “Why don’t you sit here for a few minutes? I’ll take a quick shower and turn up the air-conditioning. Then I’ll try this thing again and see if it is really better than my usual workout.” She unzipped the blue bra as she said this, and sexily slipped it out over her head and threw it on the bench.

Eric grunted something. He hadn’t heard anything that was said after ‘shower’ and was staring at the exposed chest now popping out from the very low neckline of her white bra. Because of her sweat, dark circles of her areolas were visible through the material.

Lexi first adjusted a thermostat, then walked towards the closed door at the far side of the room. When she opened it, Eric could barely make out tiles as one would have in a bathroom and shower. As soon as she left, he pulled out his cock, rubbed some pain out of it, then quickly stuffed it back. He didn’t want to ejaculate because he didn’t know where he could do so! He just sat staring into space for several minutes. Suddenly, the door opened a crack. “Eric?” called out Lexi’s sweet lilting voice. It wasn’t a matter-of-fact tone. There was something sexy in her tone.


“In my hurry, I left my towel on the bench. Could you hand it to me please?” She held a dripping wet hand out. Eric took the towel to her. She had positioned herself in such a way that she was covering her boobs with one hand and holding her other hand out. The rest of her was safely hidden behind the door. Her right nipple was (intentionally) peeking out from between her index and ring fingers. It was quite stiff and Eric’s recently relaxed dick shot up. “Thanks,” she said, taking the towel from him and closing the door. Eric just stood there dumbfounded. He couldn’t move.

A couple of minutes later, Lexi opened the door. She had worn the same sweaty clothes again. Her boobs bounced a little as she walked. “Oh, you’re still here!” she exclaimed as she saw Eric.

He quickly looked down to the floor, trying to figure out something intelligent to say. “Just waiting in case you needed anything else.”

“Thanks. Let’s go try the machine again. You’ve already shown me where all the workout is focused, so you don’t need to show me again -” Eric was disappointed “- let me see how well it works.”

“Okay,” Eric conceded and followed her. He found his spot on the bench as Lexi threw her towel on it and assumed her place on the machine. Her boobs were lusciously flowing out of the tiny white sports bra. The nipples were so visible that she might as well have not been wearing anything. This time, she adjusted all the pegs by herself and every time she got up and bent down to make the changes, she made sure Eric got a good view of her swinging breasts. Sometimes she jerked violently and her nipples threatened to pop out from the clothing.

She did a few sit-ups first, then retried the arm curls. As she curled her elbows in, she made sure her boobs were pushed up by her arms. Every now and then she would look straight at Eric and say something. He didn’t hear anything. At one point she noticed that Eric had pulled her towel across his lap. She smiled to herself decided now was the time.

“See, I’m not sure these exercises were as good as my usual ones. Come and help me out, I’ll show you.” She got up and (Eric still wasn’t listening) dragged him up from the bench. They both went to her mat and she lay down. “I’m going to do sit-ups now. Hold my legs.” She was issuing commands now. Eric had managed to come back to life and followed her instructions. He knelt down and held her ankles in place.

She did a couple of sit-ups and said, “See if you can feel the muscles flexing in my calves as I do this.” Eric let go of her ankles and slid his palms up her calves. “You see, I’m not sure I feel that when I’m doing this on your machine.” Eric didn’t know what to say. He just continued holding on to the calves, wondering if he should conjure up some escape plan or see where this goes.

“Now sit across my legs and feel my hamstrings.” Eric readjusted his position and got a good grip on her hamstrings. Lexi didn’t explain why she had asked him to do this and he didn’t ask. Involuntarily, a few sit-ups later his hands were rubbing the insides of her thighs. Lexi’s motion slowed. Suddenly she was enjoying this too much. Eric had a spaced out look and didn’t know what he was doing.

“Check my abs,” she instructed. Eric got up and moved to sit beside Lexi to hold her abs. He was no longer using his fingertips to point out which muscle groups were working. He had held her legs and thighs and was now holding her abs. Every time she sat up, her boobs came inches away from his lusty eyes and lips. The forward motion caused his hands to slide up her already sweaty stomach and often his thumbs would press into the underside of her boobs. After a few rounds passed without any complaints from Lexi, Eric found the courage to voluntarily move his hands so that they would press against her boobs.

Lexi smiled. Not because of the effect she knew she was having on this boy, but because she could see that he was still trying very hard to be sly. He never once slid his hands too far to, say, graze a nipple. He just pushed the boobs upwards so that the movement might (in his mind) appear natural.

Lexi stopped doing sit-ups, and Eric got up from his position. She held out her hand and he helped her up. “You were talking about the importance of a strong lower back. Let me show you what I do. Come and stand here.” She positioned him behind her and faced away. She spread her legs, held her hands out to her sides, then swung down so that her right hand was touching her left foot. This caused her butt to jut out. Eric didn’t move and the cheeks lightly pushed against his groin.

Lexi smiled again as she felt a wee bit of his stiffness. She switched her position so that her left hand was now on her right foot. “Hold my lower back and you’ll feel it stretching.” She intentionally said ‘hold’ instead of ‘feel’. Eric held her by the waist so that his palms were next to her spine. He stepped forward an inch and spread his legs a little to get better balance. Once in position, Lexi started swinging from right to left and right again, each time grinding new blood into Eric’s cock. Eric hadn’t exercised one finger all day, but was sweating as much as Lexi now, despite the air-conditioning. He just held her tighter and pushed his crotch as forward as he dared – which eventually turned out to be quite a lot.

Once Lexi felt that Eric had peaked, she stood up. Eric continued to hold her – he didn’t know that she had finished. She didn’t ask him to remove his hands. “Those leg curls we did earlier, I just do squats to tighten my glutes and hamstrings.”

Before Eric could do or say anything, Lexi placed her palms behind her head, elbows out by her sides, and slowly sat down on her haunches. Her boobs passed tightly through Eric’s hands, which lodged into her armpits, causing him to slightly bend forward. He didn’t know what to do. Suddenly releasing her may signal to her that he knew he was doing something embarrassing. Continuing in this stance meant that it would happen again. All he did was lightened his grip.

And then it happened. As Lexi slowly stood up, her boobs again got caught in Eric’s hands. The rest of the motion caused the cups of her sports bra to slide down and get lodged under the mounds. When she was fully standing, Eric was still lightly holding her waist and didn’t know what had happened. He was too confused to look at her.

Lexi shrieked, “Look what you’ve done!” and turned around. In any normal situation, she would have first covered herself up, either with her bra, or at least with a hand across her tits. She did neither. Her arms, still behind her head, naturally caused her quite firm boobs to rise a little and she gave Eric a full view from just two inches away.

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Eric stood wide-eyed and stammered. “S-s-so-sorry.” Like an eight-year-old trying to clean up a glass of milk he had just spilt before mom found out, he reached for the bra cups and tried to tug them up with two fingers and a thumb each. They wouldn’t pull all the way up, so he tried it one at a time, using one hand to grab and push the breast back into the cup. Soon they were safely back in their place, but the bumbling idiot had no idea what he’d just done. Even Lexi hadn’t expected this!

She lowered her hands. Eric was so afraid, he hadn’t particularly enjoyed cupping her breasts and feeling her nipples. But Lexi’s now very erect nipples told a different story. “I-I’m r-r-real-l-ly s-s-sorry,” Eric continued apologizing.

“Oh, forget it. It was just an accident,” Lexi assured him. The fear didn’t leave his eyes. “Don’t worry about it,” she goaded him. “Here, have a sip of water and relax.” They both sat down on the mat and Eric gulped down half the bottle along with the lump in his throat.

“You know what, these clothes are too sweaty. You’ve seen these babies anyway, so I see no harm in removing this before continuing with the exercises. Here, help me out of this.” Eric wasn’t sure what she meant. Surely she didn’t want to perform for him naked. And SURELY she didn’t want his help in removing the bra (once more). Lexi removed her arms from the straps so that only her sweat and the roundness of her boobs held the bra place.

She held her hands straight up and gave instructions, “Here, hold here and pull it off. Be gentle, now.” The way she had asked Eric to do this, he had to pull the bra up from the front and rub her boobs again. This time he did take his time in peeling it off, but was still careful to not press hard into her boobs. Once it was off, she instructed him to place it on the bench. By the time he returned, she was skipping in place, as if to warm up, which was absolutely unnecessary.

Her boobs were bouncing in rhythm, beating a tune into Eric’s cock. He was close to bursting. She stopped when he was standing next to her. “Let’s try push-ups, shall we?”

Without waiting for a reply, she lay down on the mat and braced her hands against it next to her shoulders. Up and down she pushed and released, her nipples pointing to some precise location on the mat as if it were a map to some buried treasure. She lay down and used one hand to point to her shoulder blades. “Come and hold here,” she commanded. Eric bent down next to her and held her naked flesh.

“No, no. That won’t be comfortable when I push up. Stand across my back and you will be able to hold me comfortably.” He moved across her. He wedged his fingers between her forearms and ribcage, and held his palms against her back. He used his thumb to feel her up as much as he dared to. As Lexi pushed upwards, his fingers were released from the wedge and he got a better grip. He looked down one side and saw that his fingers were pressed against her sideboob.

Receiving no reprimands, he suddenly got bolder and started rubbing her boobs with his fingers. Lexi was smiling to herself. She had managed to make a man out of this small kid. She didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Eric knew that what he was doing was no longer sly. Lexi had to be feeling his fingers rubbing against her boobs. Lexi decided one more scare was in order.

“What are you doing?” she yelled out suddenly. Eric let go of her and stepped quickly to the side, almost kicking her on the way. “N-n-n-nothing. I w-was just holding you, like y-y-you s-s-said.”

She stood up, looked him up and down, then took a step closer to him. Eric flinched, and reflexively raised his hands and turned his face as though to defend himself from an attack. She squeezed her fingers against his hard cock, acting like she had noticed it for the first time. “If you were doing nothing, then what’s this?”

“Umm- umm- it’s just- umm-“

“It seems he likes my breasts very much,” she said, and grabbed as much of his cock as she could through the thick material. Eric just continued to stammer nonsense. “Have you ever been with a girl?” He shook his head. “Do you want to be?” He didn’t know what to say, but fear caused him to shake his head again.

She stroked his dick hard. “This guy seems to have a different answer.” She unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. The swollen rod managed to stay in his briefs merely by the waistband. The slightest flick and it would have shot out. Lexi reached in and grabbed his cock along with a few young strands of pubic hair and a lot of sticky precum, pushing the front of his briefs out of the way. At her touch, Eric could no longer control himself and shot a huge load that splattered right on to Lexi’s stomach and thighs.

“See, he definitely likes me. We just have to train him to be more respectful. Here, give me your hand.” She took Eric’s right hand in her free left hand and pressed it into her boobs. Shivers went down his spine as the erect pointy nipples punctured his hand. The chill in the room had already stiffened them up, but they hardened even more under his touch. “Do you like that?” she asked. She decided to be gentle with him. She felt bad about the way she had scared him out of his wits and wanted to give him some confidence. Lexi didn’t even bother cleaning up the mess he had just made.

She used both hands to pull his T-shirt off and throw it away to reveal his scrawny body. “He’s obviously not qualified to sell gym equipment,” she thought. “Thank God at least his manhood is made of sterner stuff,” she privately acknowledged his very thick and long-ish instrument. Very lightly, she stroked her fingers up his stomach, then his nipples. The round nubs jumped out into little triangles as she flicked and rolled them. He mimicked her actions, now using both hands to play with her nipples. “That’s right,” she encouraged, “That’s what you want to do.” When she rolled his nipples, he rolled hers. When she stroked, he stroked, when she pinched, he pinched.

She let go of his chest, moved a couple of inches closer and started stroking his back. His hands were wedged between her chest and his. Instead of just the nipples, he cupped both her breasts. Had he been a jock, his hands would have probably been large enough to fully encase them, but he wasn’t so lucky. He did the best he could with his small hands. He rubbed them in circular motions, the nipples pricking into the center of his palms, and pressed into the strong flesh with his fingers. He held them and poked them and squeezed them, wondering in how many other ways he could enjoy them.

Lexi dropped his briefs and cupped his arse. She took a step forward and placed one foot directly on his clothes, causing Eric to stagger backwards. In doing so, his pants and briefs left his ankles. He was now completely naked and no longer shy. Like a ‘pleasure meter’, his thick dick rose and was rubbing hard against her shorts. There was an intensity in his hands and he was aggressively mauling her boobs, thinking somehow that would relieve the intense pain his dick was feeling. His breathing matched his aggression.
“Is that all you’re going to do for the rest of the day?” prompted Lexi, smirking. She held his hand and guided it down to the waistband of her shorts. He pulled the front and looked down. He saw some very light skin obliterated by thick brown hair. If she was wearing anything underneath, she must have taken it off in the shower. He sucked in as much air as his lungs could hold and stopped breathing. Very tentatively, he slipped his hands in to feel the flesh. He felt some hair that was sticky with her bodily fluids. He used his fingers to push the hair out of the way – he really wanted to feel if the flesh around her pussy was as tight as her abs or boobs or even her legs.

He had no consciousness to make any such judgment. His fingers were soaked with her juices and his brain (and cock) were concentrating on the coarse lips that protected ‘her precious’. Having no experience in this area (even his computer hadn’t taught him what to really do here), he just stroked her pussy very lightly, afraid that he might ‘break’ something.

Lexi was amused. She had no regrets about leading him on. She was feeling very proud that she was about to turn this boy into a man. She pulled his head down so that he could take her right boob into his mouth. He sucked and sucked until he remembered its gorgeous neighbor. His eyes closed, he stroked her pussy and sucked her boobs for several minutes. Suddenly Lexi gave his dick a very painful wank. Eric screamed as though the thing had broken off. “There, there,” she said, “Let me help you with that.”

She knelt down, pulling his hand out of her shorts in the process, and held Eric’s dick with both hands. “You know, this is a mighty fine instrument you have here,” she encouraged him. She stroked it just a few times and Eric was as fully engorged as he was going to be. It had been a long time since Lexi had seen anyone get ready again so soon. Her head bobbed back and forth millimeters away from his cock as her hands stroked the shaft because she put all her energy into ‘relaxing’ his cock.

The groans emanating from Eric’s throat signaled to her that he was about to come again. She stopped and tickled the hair on his telsticles. Because of the cold in the room, the sacks were tight and hanging up. He felt the tingles right to the tip of his dick. Not knowing what to do with his hands, he found support on Lexi’s head. He hang on to her hair out of pain and in one of his jerky motions, managed to pull out the pin that was holding it all up. Her full brown hair flowed down to her back and Eric tried to regain his grip – of something, anything.

His hands were again entangled in her hair and unknowingly he pulled her head towards him. She willingly took his dick in her mouth and swallowed. The warmth of her mouth released the pressure momentarily. She let his dick slip out, then looked straight into his eyes as she first kissed the head, then the shaft and then each testicle. Eric just went with the flow. He knew none of this was in his control but he had never felt so much pain and pleasure before.

She took his dick back into her mouth and began sucking. She didn’t take it in all the way because she knew she didn’t need to. Eric was already groaning very loudly and she knew he would come at any moment. She traced a finger along the crack of his arse and pressed tightly on his dick with her lips, careful not to bite. Eric let out a very loud moan and a jet streamed out of his penis into her mouth. There was so much of it that Lexi finally had to release his dick and let the rest of it spurt out on her chest, otherwise she would have choked.

“Oh, my! Look’s like we’re going to have to clean up,” she exclaimed, smiling and winking at Eric. She stood up, took his hand and led him to the bathroom. He saw a washbasin and large mirror along one wall, a toilet on the opposite wall, and a shower along the third with a curtain. Under the washbasin was a stack of clean towels. Hadn’t Lexi said something about her not having a towel earlier?

It was much warmer in here than outside. Lexi quietly led him to the shower area, took off her shorts and drew the curtain. She turned the water on – it was warm – and used Eric’s hands as a brush to clean her chest, stomach and legs. Eric followed her lead and took over the cleaning process. He felt up every inch of her body, worshiping it for the Goddess that she was. He spent an inordinate amount of time on her boobs, from behind and front. He rubbed and pinched and squeezed and pinched and rolled and pinched as though there was no tomorrow.

Eric was standing behind Lexi, his cock threatening to penetrate her arse. He couldn’t seem to get away from her boobs. Understanding his inexperience, Lexi took his right hand in hers and guided it down along her sternum to her pussy. She placed her index finger on his and pushed it into her hole. She closed her eyes, and twisted her body and his finger to help him find her clit. When he hit it, she moaned. “Oh, yes. That’s it. Rub there, dear, and don’t let go,” she instructed.

Eric obeyed and rubbed, first gently. His left hand was still alternating from one breast to the next. His lips were trying to suck on her neck. As Lexi’s moaning intensified, his own movements became more rapid. She arched her back and he was literally holding her up – otherwise she’d have fallen and broken her neck. A few minutes later she screamed and sat down (releasing his finger) with her hands wrapped around her knees, the water hitting her back, as she tried to recover from the orgasm she had just had.

“That was wonderful, sweetie.” – she still thought of him as a little boy – “Give me a minute. I need to catch my breath,” she gasped, before Eric could become afraid of what mistake he might have made.

Eric sat down on one knee and enquired, “Was that really?”

“Yes, you have the power to drive a woman mad,” she smiled genuinely at him. They both stood up. “Have you ever kissed a woman?”

Eric looked down and shook his head. Lexi threw her arms around his neck, pressed her boobs against his chest and sucked his lips. Eric tried his best to do what he thought was right – which wasn’t much. He just held her tight and tried to follow her motion. She used her tongue to open his lips and dive in. She swabbed as much of his cheeks and mouth as she could reach, twisting his tongue with hers. They could hardly breathe when she released him to check his facial expressions.

Suddenly, she stepped out of the shower, opened a drawer under the washbasin and returned with a condom. She strapped him up, then kissed him again, her arms roaming all over his back and squeezing his arse. His were doing the same. His dick was hitting against her pussy’s lips. At some point, Lexi brought her right hand to the front, held his very stiff manhood in two fingers and guided it to her hole. She pushed and it was in.

Eric grabbed her arse very tightly in response to her shriek. He felt the walls of her vagina squeezing around his dick. His instincts took over and he started pushing. They stopped kissing and he helped her turn around so that she was against the wall. The shower was streaming down his back as he pushed and pushed and pushed, each time letting out a gasp. She was breathing in the same rhythm, releasing a violent exhale every time he pushed. Eric kissed her boobs, rubbed her arse (hard) and just didn’t want to let go of her.

A few minutes later, he just couldn’t control himself. The urges were flowing from the back of his spine the tip of his dick. With a violent jerk, his juices were released and he convulsed under the pain of the orgasm. Lexi ran her fingers through his hair as he collapsed on her, unable to support himself.

They stood against the wall, his dick still inside her, for several minutes. Finally, Lexi pushed him away. “Let’s clean you up,” she said. They both took a shower, helping each other clean up. Eric was again completely erect by the time it ended, but Lexi simply dried him up, then herself, and guided him out to the room, her torso wrapped in a towel and him buck naked. It was bloody cold in there!

Lexi instructed him to put on his clothes (which he retrieved from different parts of the room). She stood smiling appreciatively as she saw him scuttle around. Eric hadn’t really said anything for quite some time. He quietly packed up his machine and she led him up to the front door.

As he stepped out, she said, “Eric, I’m not convinced that your Ab Pro Workout is good for me. Tomorrow’s Saturday and my husband and son will be home. Why don’t you return on Monday and show me how it works again, or what other equipment you have?”

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