A Seducer at Sixty Ch. 02

This story is a continuation of my earlier story with the same title. When I wrote that story, I didn’t plan on a series. But,enthused by the response and feedback, I have now written this chapter-2. So, kindly treat the first one as chapter-1. Please read that first, if you have not read it.


We continued our torrid affair for the next couple of days…discovering new pleasures in our coupling. It was unbelievable but it was fantastic — the passion of a sixty year old Sekhar for the forty three year old Rekha. The fact that she was the daughter-in-law of my best friend made it even more exciting.

At the end of the week Murty was discharged from the hospital. I made sure that I was there when the doctors briefed Rekha and Raghu about the proposed treatment and the care to be taken. I told them that I would look in regularly and spend time with my friend. I also told them to contact me without hesitation should they require my help anytime. When we had a moment alone, I hugged and kissed Rekha on her cheek and gave her a pat on her JLO rump. We promised to continue to see each other.

After a couple of days, during which I realized how badly I missed our love making, I visited Rekha at her home. Murty was feeling much better now that he was back in his own home. However, he was still confined to his room and needed assistance to get off the bed and stand and move. Rekha told me that she was still on leave to take care of him.

She told me that the old lady, Murty’s cousin, who was supposed to come and assist, was unable to come. However Rekha’s mother had arranged a help from her village and the help was arriving next day. I was glad that she would have someone to help at home, because Ragu was very busy with his job once again. There was no chance even to touch her and after a couple of hours with Murty, I left.

I was away on work for a few days and when I returned I called Rekha on her mobile. She told me that the help had arrived and though it was a young girl, she was very good at her work, diligent and efficient. Rekha sounded genuinely happy and relieved.

“Are you alone now, Baby?” I asked.

“Yes, all alone in my bed room, we can talk.”

“I am missing you badly, Baby. I am restless in bed in the nights.”

“Oh, Sekhar, it is a torture for me too. I miss you so badly.”

“Right now, I am getting all erect just talking to you, Baby,” I teased her.

“And I am all squishy and hot, lover,” she crooned.

We made a date for next day. She said she planned to go out to buy groceries. She would come from her shopping to my apartment for a short visit next afternoon. She would call me before coming over.

It was nearly three in the afternoon when she came.

As soon as I closed the door behind her, we hugged each other tightly. It was more than ten days since we made love. We were desperately hungry for each other. We moved as one to the guest bed room and quickly undressed, literally tearing off each others clothes. Soon she was clad only in her white cotton panties and bra and I was in my light blue jockey shorts, already stiff with desire.

We embraced passionately and the feel of our hot, near naked bodies against each other set us on fire. I unhooked her bra and grabbed her small, tight tits in my hands feeling the stiffening nipples poking at the center of my palms. As her boobs touched my hairy chest, she rubbed them vigorously against it and let out a low moan.

My hands dropped down her back and slipping them through the elastic of her soft panties, I grabbed her vast, smooth as baby, hot ass cheeks and fondled them, a little too roughly. Rekha was now moaning and her crotch was rubbing vigorously against my big bulge.

In one quick motion, I pulled her panties down and she wiggled to let them drop at her feet. Her hands got hold of my shorts and pulled them down.

As my now fully erect, hot and throbbing cock poked at her smooth, shaven pussy, Rekha gave a deep moan. My hands grabbed her pussy and I felt the heat emanating from her like an oven. Her pink lips were wet with her juices, open and quivering as my fingers touched them. I just let my two fingers slip in a little and they went sliding into her hot ,wet depth smoothly.

Her cunt was all hot, wet and it felt as if it was churning. Our need for each other was so urgent that we fell on the bed, without losing anymore time. Lying on her back, she opened her thighs wide and her juicy cunt was beckoning me, begging to be fucked.

As my hot, throbbing cock entered her and slid in like a hot knife in butter, Rekha hugged me tight to her and shrieked. Her passion was unbelievable and I could feel her nails racking my back.

Kissing her hard, I started pumping her with strong, deep thrusts. There was frenzy about this coupling. We were like two wild cats in heat, making violent love. biting, scratching, pulling, tasting blood, with just one objective – to get a release for self and the other, from all the pent up sexual desires. It took us very little time to climax together in an earth shaking orgasm.

As we lay spent on the bed, I realized we were drenched in sweat. In our rush, we didn’t even switch on the fan. I got up from the bed, switched on the fan and took a couple of towels back. We drank some cold water, even as the cool air from the fan comforted us. We lay in a loose embrace, my hand caressing her face gently and her hand resting on my hip.

“That was some session! I badly needed that,” I said.

“I was dreaming about this for several nights,” she replied softly.

“Rekha, this was a quickie. We need more time to make love properly.”

“We can do that once I go back to work. I can take a half day leave once in a way and come over,” she said and kissed me lightly.

She left soon after that.

It was two days later that I went to Murty’s house. It was then I saw Lakshmi for the first time. Rekha introduced her to me, as her cousin from her village who had come over to help her.

“Laksmi, this is Sekhar uncle, our very important family friend and well wisher,” she introduced me.

My first impression was that this girl is way too young, probably in early teens. She was around 5′ height, medium complexion and very slim. She had a very slim and smooth waist which was exposed between her half sari and petticoat. Her buttocks were small but shapely and it was easy to guess that she had slender legs and thighs.

However, there were two things about her that hit you squarely between eyes. She had an innocent face. It was heart shaped and had an attraction of its own. Her cheeks were a little chubby and very smooth. Her black eyes were wide like fish and twinkling; they made her look very pretty.

Her most striking feature was her breasts. She had the most perfect globes you could ever imagine and they were much larger in proportion to the rest of her body. They were probably a B++ size. More than the size, what struck me was their erectness, standing proud and their bounce.

At first look they reminded me of the boobs of that famous Russian tennis star, who was better known for her boobs than her tennis! Such boobs on a smallish looking girl with the most innocent looking face, was an amazing combination.

I looked away from her, aware that I looked at her for too long and caught Rekha giving me a probing look. Women are very perceptive in some matters and this is one such. I should be careful in future, I told myself.

I went to Murty’s room and my friend was delighted with my visit. As we talked, Lakshmi came in and gave me a cup of coffee asking me if I wanted it with sugar or sugar free. I said, rather unnecessarily, that I was not a diabetic and sugar was fine. I tasted the coffee and said it was very good and she beamed.

Just before I left, I asked Rekha if this girl Lakshmi was not too young to be thus employed. Rekha laughed and told me that Lakshmi was actually nineteen and she just looked a lot younger than her age.

“Just like you,” I whispered, making her happy and blush.

That night, alone in my bed, I thought of Lakshmi and not Rekha. I felt a little guilty about it, but then, I told myself that it was the way most men would react. I thought of her bouncy boobs, her slim waist, her slender thighs and her innocent, beaming face.

It would be a fantastic experience to seduce that girl and make love to her young, virgin body. Thinking about that, I masturbated.

Another week had gone by. Rekha was back at her job in Bank, with Lakshmi taking care of Murty full time and doing a very good job of it. Rekha dropped in one afternoon soon after and we had a great session of love making, a real prolonged one that satisfied both of us.

After the session, as we lay next to each other, spent and relaxed, she said Murty was asking her why I am not visiting him as often as before. She requested me to visit him as often as possible.

I went the very next day and visited him. The thought was at the back of my mind that Lakshmi would be there all alone, except for Murty who is confined to his room. Perhaps I could start my slow seduction game. But did I dare to?

It was not some sex starved, desperate house wife that I was seeking to seduce now. It was an innocent, virgin girl and I should be very careful. If it backfired, I would lose everything, including my prized trophy; Rekha.

As she opened the door, I gave her a nice smile and she smiled back. As I settled down to talk to Murty, she left us. I asked her for a glass of water and when she brought that, I made sure that my fingers touched her fingers as I took the glass.

An innocent enough touch but they felt nice. After a while, she brought me a cup of coffee and I touched her hand again while taking the cup, this time a fraction longer.

As I finished my coffee, I asked Murty if he would like to have some fruit juice. He nodded and I offered to get it for him. Leaving him alone, I walked to the kitchen where Laksmi was cooking the lunch. Hearing my footsteps she turned around.

“Murty would like to have some fruit juice,” I said.

“I will make it and bring it, uncle,” she said.

“Let me help you,” I said.

She took out a couple of oranges and cut them into halves.

I moved a little closer to her and looking at her magnificent boobs, I said “Nice oranges.”

She saw where my looks were directed when I said that and blushed deep red.

As she prepared the juice, I kept looking at her from close quarters and she was perhaps aware that my looks were not exactly innocent. As she poured the juice into a glass, I took it from her, making sure that my hand held her hand in full contact for a full minute, feeling the soft warmth of her satin skin. I pressed it very gently before leaving her.

Later, when I was leaving, she walked with me to the door.

“You are a nice girl. You are taking very good care of my friend. I am very happy. Here, take this Five hundred Rupees. It is a small gift from me. Buy yourself a nice dress or something.” I said.

“No uncle, I can’t take it. Sister will scold me.”

“You need not tell her. You need not tell anyone. Just between you and me,” I said, smiling.

She hesitated for a few seconds, but the temptation was too much for her. It was a lot of money for her and she felt it was safe taking from an old uncle. She took it.

I just smiled and left.

Once on my way, my thoughts were racing. I knew I took a calculated risk. There were several possible scenarios!

Scenario 1 : She would tell Rekha and then shit would hit the fan. Rekha would immediately see through my designs and chew me out. I would have to convince her that I had no evil designs on Lakshmi and it was just a spontaneous gesture.

Scenario 2 : She would tell no one. Just keep the money. Doesn’t mean that she would cooperate but I could at least work on her.

Scenario 3 : She would tell no one, understands that I am after her and would give in easily for more such gifts.

After a little analysis, I thought both 1 & 3 were unlikely and most likely it would be Scenario 2. At least, I hoped so.

When Rekha called me on my mobile the next day, I was apprehensive. But my tension soon dissipated when she said Murty was very happy with my visit and thanked me. We chatted for a few minutes and I asked her when she planned to visit me again.

“Soon,baby,” she whispered and hung up.

I was glad that all was well and I could continue my game of seduction.

I visited Murty again after another three days.

As soon as Lakshmi opened the door, I greeted her, “Hello Lakshmi, how are you?”

“Fine, Uncle,” she beamed.

“Good,” I patted her playfully on her cheek. She didn’t say anything but blushed a little.

Much later, I went into the kitchen to get some fruit juice for Murty.

This time, I stood closer to her than before and touched her hand twice as I made to help her.

As she was squeezing the juice out of the oranges, her half sari moved a little away from her blouse. I moved closer and peeped into her magnificent cleavage from above. Her boobs were not just full; they were spilling over her blouse.

It was now or never.

“They are the most beautiful I have ever seen,” I whispered.

She turned a deep red, blushing.

“Lakshmi, do you like me?” I asked.

“Yes, Uncle,” she answered, innocently

“Why do you like me?” I asked.

“I like you because you are very nice to me.”

“I like you because you are a very good, nice girl. I want to be your good friend” I whispered.

“I like to be your friend too,” she said.

I took her hand in my hand and squeezed it gently. She returned my squeeze.

“We are friends from today. Rekha told me that you completed tenth class. I want to teach you a lot of things,” I said.

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“Please, uncle, I too want to learn,” she said, excited.

“But we have to be very careful, no one should know about our friendship.”

“Yes, Uncle, we will not tell anyone, it is a secret,” she said with childlike innocence.

The way she said I had some pangs of guilt. Wasn’t she too innocent to be seduced? Well, she was nineteen and it was time for her to learn. What better way to learn than from a loving, caring veteran of sixty, I justified.

“What time does Murty sleep in the afternoon?” I asked her.

“Murty Sir sleeps from 2pm to 4pm.”

“Okay, I will come at 2pm tomorrow and we will start our lessons.” I told her.

“Yes, uncle.”

I went back to Murty with the fruit juice. After spending another hour with him, I took leave of him. As usual, Lakshmi walked with me to the door and before she opened it, I just gave her a little pat on her back and whispered, “Okay, see you tomorrow.”

I tossed in my bed that night with wild thoughts of the impending seduction of Lakshmi and what I would do to her young, virgin, body. Finally, I masturbated and slept.

Next day, when I went to Murty’s place a little after two, the hall door was ajar and Lakshmi was waiting.

“I did not want you to ring the bell and disturb sir,” she said.

Clever girl, I thought.

I knew Murty’s house like the back of my hand. There were three bed rooms on the upper floor. One was the master bed room used by Rekha& Raghu, the second was the one used by Murty before his stroke and the third one was the guest bedroom. I walked quietly to that third room and Lakshmi followed me quietly.

The room had a big double bed, a bed side table, a small sofa that could seat two and a small wall mounted TV. The room had an attached bathroom. I switched on the light and fan and it was quite comfortable. I walked to the sofa and sat on it while Lakshmi continued to stand.

“Come on, sit by my side, you can’t take lessons standing,’ I smiled at her.

She hesitated for a second and then sat primly on the Sofa a little away from me.

“Relax, Laksmi, don’t be tense, I am your teacher and I will teach you nicely,” I said.

“Yes, Uncle.”

“Okay, I thought I should teach you general Knowledge because that would help you in your life and also some mathematics.”

She nodded her head.

I took out a General Knowledge book that I brought along and gave it to her. She took it eagerly.

I asked her to find the map of India and show me. As she showed me the map, I moved a little closer to her so that I too could look at the map. I asked her to locate each state, in alphabetical order. As she started doing that with all the enthusiasm of a pupil, I got to work.

She was sitting to my left and I moved my left leg a little till my left thigh came into contact with her right thigh. I turned slightly towards her, so that my left hand was behind her resting on the sofa, just inches away from her bottom. I used my right hand to point out things on the map to her, touching her hand frequently with my fingers. After a couple of minutes she got used to my hand touching hers.

She had the book in her lap and was all concentration, as I looked at her boobs. They were looking awesome from such close proximity and I had this strong urge to grab them. Controlling myself, I moved my right hand a little in the air till the back of my hand brushed very lightly against the side of her right breast. It was such a fleeting touch that she hardly felt it.

I asked her to show me the midpoint of India and as she was searching for it, I let the back of my hand press a little more against her tit. It felt like a hard rubber ball, tight and bouncy to the touch.

She located the midpoint and turned a little to point out Nagpur to me. As she turned, more of her tit pressed against my hand, but she gave no impression of even noticing it.

“Very good,” I said.

I asked her to look and learn about the Capitals of various states. As she pointed out each capital, I would tell her a little about that place and she would listen. Meanwhile, it was my right palm that kept brushing, still very lightly against her bouncy right tit. I let my left hand creep up behind her and the fingers touch her buttocks lightly. This continued for a few more minutes and then I called for a break.

I thought I should make some more progress today.

“Lakshmi, we are very good friends, right?”I asked.

“Yes Uncle.”

“I will tell you something. You should not mind.”

“You can tell anything, Uncle.”

“You have very nice breasts, Laksmi,” I said, holding my breath.

She blushed deep red.

“Yes, but they are a little too big uncle. All the boys in my village are after me.”

“I bet some of them tried to touch you there.”

“Yes, but I allowed only two, my best friends, to just touch them.”

“I am your best friend too, Lakshmi, can I touch them?”

“But you are not a boy, Uncle, you are a man.”

I kept mum. After a few seconds, she said, “But you are my best friend too. Do you really want to touch them, Uncle?”

“Yes, I really want to touch them, like a game,” I replied.

“Okay, you can touch them a little,” she said.

I was already excited with anticipation.

I cupped her right breast in my right palm, even as my left hand went around her left shoulder and accessed her left boob. Holding her young treasures in my palms, I gently pressed them once and then squeezed them lightly.

Lakshmi closed her eyes and made a small sound like a stifled moan.

Without letting up, I continued the light squeeze for a few minutes. I could feel her young, maiden boobs reacting to the male touch, as her small nipples began hardening and could be felt lightly against my palms. Her tits felt divine to touch, unbelievable in their tightness, bounce and shape.

I moved my right hand away for a second and touched the swell of her right her breast that was spilling over her blouse top. It was satin smooth and warm to the touch and dimpled against my finger when pressed.

When my hand made its first contact with the bare flesh, Lakshmi moaned a little and moved a little closer to me. I didn’t want to push her too fast, but at the same time not to let go while the going was good.
“Do you like my touching, Laksmi?” I asked her softly.

“Yes, Uncle, your hands are big but your touch is soft.”

I let my fingers slip in a little more into her blouse, making a little more contact with her bare flesh. She didn’t say anything more and I felt encouraged.

Taking my fingers off, I quickly unhooked the top too hooks of her blouse. My hands were now able to fondle more area of her big boobs; the top half of her jugs. Her breathing quickened now and she never had this sort of pleasure, obviously.

I whispered in her ear that she has the most wonderful boobs and I really loved playing with them.

From the partly opened top of her blouse, her white bra holding the big boobs in position was visible. I slipped my right hand forefinger under her bra top edge and going a little south touched her little, hardening nipple with my finger tip.

At this first male contact with her erotic nipple, there was a quick intake of breath by my pupil that was music to my ears.

As my finger tip rubbed against her small, erect nipple, I knew I had scored a goal and this virgin girl would be putty in my veteran hands.

All I have to do is not to rush, not to hurt her, not to let her fear me. I have to take her there slow and steady, making her want it as much as me or even more. That is the way to play this game.

I managed to slip in my thumb too under her bra and started rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and her reaction was amazing. She quickly reached behind and unhooked her bra. Thus, under the partly open blouse her bra came loose and my hands gained instant access to her full breasts.

I fondled both her boobs to my heart’s content, squeezing them, tracing her aureole with my finger tips, tweaking her nipples and rolling them.

Bringing my lips close to her right ear, slowly nibbling it, I whispered, “Is it nice, Baby, do you like it? Do you like uncle playing with your nice boobs?”

“Uncle, it feels so good, your hands are so wonderful and I simply love the touching.”

“I am glad that you like it, Baby. We should stop now and I should leave before Murty wakes up. I will come again tomorrow. We will continue our lessons,” I winked at her.

“Yes, Uncle,” she blushed at my wink.

Before we left the room, I stood in front of her and pulled her into an embrace. She came in willingly and I felt her bouncy breasts squashed against my chest, even as my hands went around her smooth slim waist. I kissed her gently on her wet, shining lips, just brushing them with my lips.

“Just to show how much I like you, baby,” I said, at my seductive best.

She blushed deep red and hid her face in my chest. We savored the closeness for a few more seconds before breaking off. I left quietly without waking up Murty.

That night, in bed, I reviewed the progress I made and was satisfied with it. I told myself not to get complacent or take anyone or anything for granted. Life had a way of throwing surprises at you and one could only minimize their impact by adequate advance planning. This had always been my approach.

Next day, I arrived at Murty’s place a few minutes after two in the afternoon and was greeted by a smiling Lakshmi at the door. We made it quietly to the upstairs and the guest bed room which looked much better and cleaner than the day before. Obviously, she cleaned it up.

Laksmi looked beautiful and cute in a red blouse and petticoat with a light pink colored half sari. We sat down on the sofa close together and she opened her General Knowledge Book.

I started her on a lesson on the population, rainfall and climates of each state. The lesson progressed well for about half an hour and then I said we would take a break. Lakshmi nodded her head eagerly and I could see a look of anticipation in her.

“I will ask you a few questions and you must answer them honestly, okay?” I asked.

She nodded.

“When you went to bed last night, did you think of the game we played?” I asked her.

She blushed and lowered her head while nodding it.

“Did you think of the way my hands squeezed your boobs?”

“Yes, uncle,” she said, as if in a whisper.

“Do you want uncle to fondle them again, baby?” I asked, my voice shook a little with desire.

She nodded.

“You must answer clearly, Lakshmi, not just nod,” I said.

“Yes, uncle, I want you to touch and press my boobs,” she shook like a leaf as she said that.

“Come and sit in Uncle’s lap, baby.”

Obediently she came to me and sat in my lap. As my hands went to her front, I gently pulled the half sari away from her blouse. Her full boobs, ensconced in the red blouse, stood out erect and proud. As my hands cupped them, Lakshmi gave a moan of pleasure.

I proceeded to unhook her blouse and after unhooking two hooks, I was in for a very pleasant surprise. She wore no bra and only the blouse covered her magnificent tits. Obviously, Lakshmi liked my fondling and prepared for it and the thought excited me.

It is much easier to seduce a willing victim! I removed the blouse completely, revealing her breasts in all their naked glory for the first time.

They were truly magnificent. Her bra was probably a 28 C. They were perfect round spheres and at the center of the orbs were her small, pink nipples that were very shapely and were very inviting to me. Her aureole was light brown colored small circles around her nipples. It was all perfect geometry.

As my hands got hold of their naked fullness and started squeezing and kneading them gently, I started to have a stiff erection. Though I had my share of women, it was a veritable treat for a horny sixty year old to grab and fondle such majestic, virgin boobs.

She wiggled a little as she felt my bulge poking at her bottom. Time for more lessons for my dear pupil, I thought.

“Your tits are wonderful, baby. Do you like my hands on them?” I whispered.

“Yes, Uncle, press them and fondle them, it feels so good.”

I rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, making them stiff and hard. I reversed my palms and let my hairy back hands rub her sensitive tips in an erotic move.

“Do you like my hairy hands on your soft tits, my baby?” I whispered.

She shivered and pressed my hands harder against her bosom, her own hands rubbing the hairs of my hand on her erect nipples. She moaned a little more.

I gently lifted her a little from my lap and turned her around and set her on the sofa again, her back against the pillow on the hand rest. I bent my head a little and brought my lips close to her golden globes and gently kissed her boobs for the first time.

My tongue was out and it flicked her now erect nipples — first the right one and then the left one. Wetting her aureole with my tongue, flicking at her nipples, I started lapping her virgin boobs.

Lakshmi was hot now, her eyes shut, body hot and shaking a little, lips wet and perspiration on her upper lip, boobs heaving, her breath fast. In that passionate state, I gently lifted her and lay her on the comfortable double bed.

I sat next to her and while continuing to fondle her with one hand, I found the string of her petticoat and gently tugged it open. Slowly I pulled it down her hot body and when she lifted her bottom a little, my job was made easy. The petticoat now joined the blouse on bed side and she was now clad only in a soft white cotton panties.

I marveled at her absolutely flat tummy with a small round sexy navel, her very slim waist and her smooth lower abdomen, her complexion a nice medium fair, her skin all smooth and blemish less. I quickly removed my own shirt, vest and trousers and clad only in my jockey shorts, I lay down next to her and pulled her gently to me.

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She opened her eyes and looked at me. She had a confused and scared look. Obviously, she was going through conflicting emotions. Her body liked what I have been doing to her and responding well with its own passion. But her mind is probably telling her that she is treading a dangerous path and should stop.

My first duty was therefore to assure her that all would be well.

“Don’t worry and don’t be tense, Baby. Everything is going to be fine.”

“I like you a lot and you also like me. You are an young girl of nineteen with a wonderful body. Your body has certain sexual needs and desires which need to be fulfilled. Are you not eating when you are hungry? It is the same way with sex. When the body is hungry with desire it needs sex.” “What is important is it should be safe and should be with someone you love. You are an innocent girl and it is best that you learn all about sex from someone you can trust and someone you like. I want to be your teacher and I will teach you all about it – in a safe way and with love.” I said with all sincerity I could muster.

There it is. I made my sales pitch to this young virgin girl from a village. How is she going to react? Will she accept me as her teacher or will she see through it as a charade? I waited with bated breath, literally.

“Are you sure it will be safe, uncle? That I will not get into any trouble?” she asked in a low voice.

“Yes, baby, I guarantee that it will be absolutely safe. I will never do anything that will put you in trouble. We will play it very safe.” I assured her sincerely.

She nodded and nuzzled close to me.

I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply on her mouth. Her lips were like rose petals and I took her lower lip between my lips and sucked on it lightly. As she responded eagerly our lips locked. My tongue was into her virgin mouth and probing its softness when it encountered her tongue. They started sparring each other.

As I hugged her tightly, her bouncy boobs were squashed against my hairy chest of which I was genuinely proud of.

“Do you love my hairy chest against your boobs, Lakshmi?”

“Yes, Uncle, it is so good to have all that hair rub my boobs, it is so hot.”

My hand went to her panties and I rested my right palm gently on her small mound and gave it the lightest squeeze. Her whole body shook and she shivered.

“That is your honey pot, baby and uncle is going to make your honey flow.”

Holding her tightly in my embrace, I let my hairy thighs rub lightly against her slim, toned thighs and rubbed my bulge against her crotch. My cock made a big tent in my jockey shorts and I let this poke her pussy lips through her soft panties.

My hands held her small and tight buttocks. It was an exquisite feeling — the rubbing of my cock against her virgin pussy…only a little thin clothing separating them.

“Do you like my hard cock rubbing your virgin pussy, Lakshmi?” I asked her.

“It is very nice, I am burning there, it is so hot, Uncle” she moaned.

I pulled my shorts down and my erect cock sprang out. It is about six inches long when erect, average thickness and shapely. It’s big plus is it can stay hard for a long time and that is most necessary when you want to satisfy any woman. Considering that I am sixty, I am proud of the prowess of my dick.

I gently pulled her soft hands and put them on my hot, naked cock. The first touch of a male cock does wonders to a girl and Lakshmi was no exception. With a shiver and a quick intake of breath, her fingers curled around my tool and squeezed it gently. I was in heaven.

I slowly inserted my right hand into the front of her panties and touched her virgin pussy the first time. There was a very light pubic hair and that too was at the top. It was a very small, compact, smooth pussy that my hand touched.

The slit was small between the outer lips and looked pinkish and a little wet. As my finger tip touched and probed it a little, the slit opened a little more to reveal her pinkish entrance.

Kissing her some more on her sweet lips, I held my cock in my right hand and rubbed it lightly against the exterior of her smooth pussy and along the slit. My cock was now fully erect and throbbing and I gently rubbed the pink slit of her pussy with the smooth and wet tip of my cock.

Lakshmi looked at it with fear and desire. She very much wanted to experience her first fuck. But she was also scared at the prospect of this long tool piercing her and the pain it could cause her. It was time that I put her at ease.

“Baby, Your pussy is so beautiful and cute and It is ready to be fucked with love,” I whispered.

“Isn’t my pussy too small, Uncle? Your cock is so big? How can it go in? It will kill me,” she sounded really scared.

“Don’t worry, baby, it doesn’t happen that way. We will do it slow and steady, real nice. You know that as a virgin you will feel a very light pain when entered first time. But that hardly lasts and it is over before you even realize. Then onwards it is only pleasure.”

She calmed down with my assurances and said, “Please don’t hurt me and be careful,” as she opened her young legs wide and closed her eyes.

She looked vulnerable lying on her back and waiting to be made love to…she also was the object of my intense desire.

I pushed my erect cock into her virgin cunt; a few millimeters at a time. It was so tight, warm and smooth inside her that words are not adequate to describe the feeling.

As I kept pushing, a little at a time, I felt her hymen touching my tip. I pulled back a few millimeters and with a little more pressure pushed in and pierced my way through it, breaking it.

Laksmi’s thoughts:

I felt uncle’s hot cock entering my cunt and it felt so good. For so many years, I had fantasies of getting fucked, particularly when I masturbated with my fingers in my bed at nights.

I always wanted to get fucked by some nice, urbane, sophisticated man; not by a rough, village ruffian. Uncle is so good and nice to me and though he is little old, his body is very fit and his cock is very nice- hot, long and thick.

As he pressed a little at a time, I suddenly felt this searing pain as if something broke. In my head, I felt a sort of red explosion and I cried out loud but my cries were muffled in his hairy chest.

His hands were comforting me and he was whispering, “It is over, baby”. The pain reduced greatly and in a few seconds it was just a dull throb.

As my thoughts returned to this first fuck, his cock continued to push into me, a little at a time and I started feeling proud of myself and my small cunt… I was always scared that it was too small and I wouldn’t be able to take in a big cock. I was now relieved that this myth had exploded.

I felt uncle’s wonderful cock filling my interior and my depth. Slowly, he started moving it in me like a piston; forward and backward — again and again…so this is fucking, I thought as my cunt adjusted to the motion.

As I slowly pumped her, I could feel my own excitement nearing explosion. I needed to be very careful to make it safe and couldn’t take any chances with this virgin girl for her sake and mine.

“I am going to make it very safe for you now, baby,” I said.

I slowly pulled out my cock and put on my favorite KS condom, as she opened her eyes and watched with interest. I put my now sheathed cock back into her tight cunt slowly and started a slow fuck.

Like most men, I didn’t really liked using a condom, but as they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. Till an alternative arrangement could be made, this was the best way.

As I quickened my thrusts, I could feel here inner muscles clutching my cock through its motion and the heat and wetness of her virgin pussy and the days of foreplay I had with her, all made me come sooner than normal and I exploded in her with a burst.

She was moaning lightly through the whole fuck and I wasn’t too sure whether she had an orgasm or not. But, as a veteran I knew that she would like it much better in the next round.

After a couple of minutes, I pulled out my limping cock and went to the bathroom. I was relieved to see no tell tale evidence of blood but just a few tiny spots on the condom.

When I returned I looked at the bed sheet and found it devoid of any blood stains, though crumpled. Lakshmi understood my searching glances and I could see that she was relieved too.

As we lay next to each other, I took her in my arms and gently kissed her on her lips.

“How are you feeling, Lakshmi?” I asked her tenderly.

“I am alright now, Uncle. Like you said it hurt a lot then but is okay now. The pain is almost gone. Was I nice for you?” she asked, innocently.

“You were very good. I am so happy that I am your first lover. Your virgin pussy is incredible. I hope you liked my cock in there.”

She blushed deep red.

I started fondling her full breasts and tweaking her nipples. Bringing my mouth close to her right breast, I started licking her aureole with my tongue, tracing the perfect circle.

Clamping my lips on her small pink nipple, I started sucking it. Lakshmi moaned softly as i sucked on and nibbled it very lightly. My right hand was busy fondling her left tit. I let my other hand find her pussy and my searching fingers soon found her small and erect clit.

As I rubbed and rolled her clit delicately, Lakshmi raised her ass a little to get more of my hand’s surface against her pussy. Slowly I rubbed my middle finger along her slit and found it much wetter than earlier.

Pushing it a little more into her, I felt the wetness has spread around and her interior was more wet and juicy. I could feel the heat emanating.

Laying her gently on her back on the bed, I squatted in front of her on my knees. Making her fold her legs at knees, I got hold of her thighs and gently pried them apart while pushing her bent knees backwards.

Her young pink flower now opened to me and was throbbing with its own life and wetness. I slowly put the crown of my now throbbing cock at the pink opening, dipped a few millimeters into it and waited for her reaction.

She had her soft palms on my buttocks and raising her own ass a little, she pushed on my buttocks firmly indicating that she wanted to be penetrated a lot more. I slowly pushed my cock in and it went in more easily than earlier into her tight cunt.

The feeling of a cock clamped tight by young, soft and hot vaginal love muscles, that have their own dynamics, is heavenly and too divine to be expressed adequately in words.

I started fucking my young virgin Venus with several small strokes interspersed with a full deep stroke, repeating the cycle and enhancing the pressure for both of us.

Soon, she was countering my thrusts and I knew that all was well now with my young maiden.

“I have to put the cover on to make it safe, baby and I want you to put it on me,” so saying I pulled out my cock.

As I took out a new condom and inserted my tip into it, Lakshmi slowly unrolled the sheath along the length of my shaft tenderly with her soft hands.

Pushing her on her back, I entered her once again, fully sheathed. As my cock achieved its first full penetration of her young, hot, juicy cunt, she moaned a deep sigh.

As I pumped her vigorously, she raised her ass and thrust against me with her youthful energy and soon we were in frenzy. It suddenly dawned on me that Lakshmi was only the second virgin I fucked in my life; the first one was my wife Aarti.

That thought enhanced my pleasure manifold, even as I felt Lakshmi in throes of her first big orgasm. I stroked faster and faster and suddenly realized that I was ejaculating with such a force that I had not experienced in a long, long time.

Our heaving bodies rolled to the edge with increasing speed and suddenly we both were thrown over the edge, falling off into the deep abyss, feeling weightless but still in our mutual embrace, thankfully.

It took us a few minutes to recover our breath and the young maiden opened her eyes and smiled a little shyly. I kissed her tenderly on her forehead and hugged her.

“You were wonderful, Lakshmi,” I said, sincerely.

“It was very nice for me too uncle, I never knew it would be so much pleasure.”
“It would only get better from here, Baby,” I assured her.

Soon we got up, cleaned up and dressed. It was nearing Four and Murty would wake up anytime. With the weekend coming up, Rekha would be at home and the earliest we could meet was only next Monday. We made a date for Monday and after kissing her goodbye, I left.

As I was driving home, Rekkha called me on my mobile.

“How are You, Uncle?”

“I am fine, how is my Baby doing,” I asked lovingly.

“Your baby is all horny and hot. I will come to you by two in the afternoon tomorrow. Keep Junior all ready for me, Sekhar,” she crooned sexily.

Life is getting to be a bit hectic at Sixty, I thought, but no complaints.

Absolutely no complaints!!


Readers might see a chapter three, sometime later. I do not know. It all depends on what Rekha and Lakshmi have in store for me.

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