A Sensual Love… Misplaced

Dana awoke that morning and greeted the day just as she had done for every day that past in her 18 years of existence. She was a pretty girl. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous or anything along those lines. She was just pretty. Her body filled out at an early age but not to any mythic proportions. She had a slender frame and a set of lower B cup breasts. She had a rather cute face. Well, she got out of her nice comfortable bed and made her way to the bathroom. She proceeded to strip off her nightie and began to take her average morning shower. After she was done she came downstairs and greeted her mother and her father who were already half through breakfast. She had a bite to eat and grabbed her school books and headed out the door to school.

She was in her Senior year of High School due to graduate in about 3 months. In the hallways she was greeted by one of her long time companions, Ally. They went about with their chatting for awhile. Towards the end of their conversation, Ally informed Dana that there was going to be a party that coming weekend at the estate of the richest kid in school. “He invited the whole senior class to go. It should be a great party,” Ally said. Dana wasn’t too thrilled about the idea. She was social but she didn’t really like the party scene. After a few days of reasoning with her, Ally finally persuaded Dana to go to the party. Finally the weekend came. The night of the party. Dana was pampering herself in her room. After she was finished she waited in her living room for Ally to come and pick her up. Then she heard the car horn of Ally’s car and she said goodnight to her parents and headed out. Once at the party things started to livin up a bit. People were drinking and running around and having a good time. Dana had a few drinks when she heard a voice from behind her. It was a male voice. It sounded all so familiar to her. She turned around to see Jim, a lively lad who sat next to her in bio class for the past year. “Hi Jim!” Dana said and hugged him. “What’s that for?” He asked. “Oh, nothing…” she said with a gleam in her eye putting a finger to her mouth. “Hey Jim, let’s you and me get out of here.” Jim looked dumbfounded. Never did he suspect Dana to have feelings for him, he had feelings for her so he couldn’t resist. Both headed out to his car and they drove to his house. His parents were away for the weekend so they could have the house to themselves. Upon arrival Dana had some very choice words for Jim. “You know Jim, I always had a strong attraction towards you, but I never had the nerves to ask you out. I was afraid of getting into a sexual relationship with you, but now I want it more than ever. I want you to feel for me as I have felt for you. Make love to me right here and now.” She grabbed hold of him and started kissing him. “Jim, I want you to be the one that takes my, virginity I always have.”

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Jim grabbed hold of her and started kissing her hard. She grabbed hold of his jeans and undid them and started to slide them down. He took off her top and rubbed her breasts while she tried to get him out of his clothes. Finally she exposed him. He was already hard and stood about a nice 7 inches. She stood up and took off her pants and slid down her panties. She climbed up on him and strattled his member. “I have a box of condoms upstairs hold on before we do this,” said Jim. “Oh, I don’t want that, just remember to pull out before you come in me. I’m very fertile right now.” She slid herself down until his cock touched her sensitive cunt lips and slowly eased the rest in until it reached her hymen. “Thrust upwards into me, Jim. Break me in. Take me now.” Jim thrust upwards right through her hymen breaking right through it. She screamed a breif scream then started to move herself up and down on his cock. Then he picked her up and laid her on her back and began to fuck her that way. After a few minutes of that nice tight glory, Jim’s thrust started to get more labored. “Oh baby, I gotta pull out in a few secs, I’m about to come.” Jim said. Dana was in heaven, it felt so good to finally have sex. Jim started pulling out of her. Dana rapped her legs around him not letting him pull out. “Dana, What are you doing?” Jim asked. “Oh baby, I don’t want you out of me yet. Please just a few more strokes.” Dana returned. “Dana, I’m about to come in like one more stroke, let me out of you.” Dana held on tight. “Jim, push it in one more time then and when you’re about to come, pull out really quick.” Dana pleaded. “Alright babe.” Jim replied. He gave himself one last thrust into her depths and it triggered his orgasm. He started tensing up and started trying to pull out. As he started pulling out, Dana rapped her legs around his waist and pulled him back in. “Dana, NO! What are you doing, you’ll get pregnant!” Jim Shouted. “I’m sorry, Jim, I had to feel you blast my insides with your cum. I’ll just take a morning after pill.” So the next morning came and Dana woke up and greeted the morning as usual. But something wasn’t right, she felt unsually nauseas. She ran to the bathroom and vomited. “Must be those drinks I had last night.” She had no recollection of what she had done.

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SO the days went by and she started getting sick on a daily basis. She got worried and went to the doctor’s. He ran a few tests. A week later she got a call from the doctor telling her to come on in. The doctor sat her down in a chair and told her the test results. “Well,” said the Doctor, “You don’t have any type of disease.” Dana sighed a great sigh of relief, I mean she thought she was really sick. “However, Dana, this may come as a shock to you, but you’re pregnant.” Dana almost fell over backwards. “Pregnant?” asked Dana. “Yep, you’re pregnant and about 4 weeks along.” Dana was shocked beyond belief. She thought her pants were getting tighter but she didn’t think much of it. Plus her nipples got unusually sensitive all of the sudden. Well, the months past and she graduated. When the baby was born she struggled abit, with the help of friends and relatives she got through it.

Well, thus concludes my sappy, long drawn out story. Next time, I think I’ll try a nonhuman story, or perhaps an interracial story. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. (Please no suggestions like “GET WRITING LESSONS.” Those are just unnecessary.)

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