A Simple Experiment

Late one night I’m going over to hang out at the apartment of a girl I’m seeing; let’s call her Amy. Amy and I have known each other for a while, and we mess around on occasion. It’s nothing real serious, but we are far more than just friends with benefits. We honestly care for each other, but we realize that our personalities are not really compatible enough for us to truly work out as a real couple. But we’re always there for each other and want nothing more than for the other to be happy.

I find a parking spot around 6:30 and head over to her apartment. I’m expecting a normal night with Amy. We’ll watch a movie or some TV for a while, talk for a while and get something to eat, then mess around a bit and cuddle. I’ll probably sleep over like I always do.

I arrive at her apartment and ring her doorbell. She comes downstairs to let me in and everything seems normal. We go upstairs together; and to my surprise there is someone else in the apartment with her already. A very cute girl who looks a couple years younger than Amy. She has long hair, glasses, freckles, and sort of a shy demeanor. Amy quickly introduces her friend.

“This is Jen.”

She shyly looks me in the eyes and sticks out her hand. Having no clue exactly what’s going on, I shake her hand and introduce myself. We all talk for a few minutes until Amy finally clues me in on what she had planned.

“You’re probably wondering why my friend Jen is here.”

I nod.

“This will probably seem weird but; Jen is a lesbian. She’s never been with a guy before; but she’s curious. I told her I knew a really sweet guy she could be comfortable with if she really wanted to experiment”

My face immediately goes red. I look over at Jen and notice that she’s blushing too. But then she looks into my eyes and smiles shyly.

“Maybe you two should sit a little closer” Amy laughs.

So I move over onto the couch right next to Jen. We stare into each others eyes for what seems like forever. I finally work up the nerve to start leaning forward, and almost instinctively she does the same. Our lips meet, just a peck at first, but before long I’m sliding my tongue into her mouth. She’s such a great kisser; we kiss for almost five minutes. I hear Amy opening the door to her bedroom in the background

“Maybe you guys would be more comfortable in here.”

Without hesitation we get up, move onto Amy’s bed, and continue where we left off. As we kiss I run my hands all the way up and down her body. She stops kissing me for a moment and raises her arms in the air. Taking her cue, I gently pull her shirt up and off and then remove my own shirt. Now we’re kissing again as I run my hands over her soft skin. I carefully unhook her bra and pull it off. Now I’m kissing her chin, her neck, her upper chest, her breast. I gently flick her left nipple with my tongue, and then I take the whole nipple into my mouth and run my tongue around it before gently sucking on it. I move over to the right nipple and do the same thing while pinching the left nipple between my fingers.

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The breast play continues for a while until I eventually work my way down her body and unhook her pants. I slide her pants off and then run my hand back up her leg and the inside of her thigh. I slowly pull her panties off and work my way back up her body. I kiss her on the lips again as I run my hands over her ass. She turns over and opens her legs as I run my hand up her thigh. I slowly push one finger inside her and she lets out a moan. I push in a second finger and run it along her clit and all the way inside her pussy. Her breathing is getting heavier. I continue the rhythmic motion with my two fingers deep inside her pussy until I sense she is ready. I pull my wet fingers out and begin massaging her clit. Her moaning is very load now and her chest is moving up and down. I continue rubbing her clit until she spasms, lets out a scream and her legs clamp together violently.

I’m now holding her as she catches her breath. Eventually she opens her eyes and looks into mine, a gentle smile comes across her face. We stare into each others eyes for a while until I look across the room and see Amy sitting there totally nude. She had been rubbing herself as she watched us; I hadn’t even noticed her.

She gets up and says “Jen; I’m gonna show you how to give head now.”

Jen looks over to me blushing, but then nods her head. I sit on the edge of the bed as both of them kneel down in front of me.

“This is how you do it. Watch carefully” Amy says.

She unhooks my pants and forcefully pulls them off of me and my underwear. She doesn’t waste any time in grabbing my now hard cock in one of her hands and gently massaging it. She puts her mouth around the head and runs her tongue around it. She slides her mouth all the way down to the bottom of the shaft and then back up, slowly at first but she is picking up speed.

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Before I have a chance to really enjoy it, she stops, looks over at Jen, and says “Now it’s your turn.”

Jen moves into position, stares at my cock for a little bit then places it into her mouth. She spastically moves up and down. She seems nervous.

“Relax” Amy says, “Take your time. You have to tease him a little bit.”

Jen pulls me out of her mouth and begins running her tongue all around the tip of my penis, exploring me on her own time. She runs her tongue all the way down along the bottom of my shaft and back up, then takes me into her mouth. It feels so amazing. She takes me all the way inside her mouth to the bottom of my shaft and works her way back up slowly. Now she’s speeding up. She begins to work faster and faster on the head of my cock with her mouth at the same time as she runs her tongue all over the place and strokes the length of my shaft with her hand. My body begins to shake, and I explode in her mouth. She massages me with her hand and continues to run her tongue all over the head of my cock as I cum. This is the longest and most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I fall back onto the bed to catch my breath, as she climbs up onto me and we just hold each other for a while. Amy looks on and smiles.

Eventually we all get up and get dressed. Before we leave, Jen and I exchange numbers. This would not be her last lesson…

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