A Sitter For Lacey

“Hunny, it’s just a movie.” Mike told his wife in complete exasperation. “It’s not like we’ll be gone all night. And for God’s sake the baby is 6 weeks old. Don’t you think it’s time to get out of this house and do something?” Mike’s words were tender, but stern. Not at all like the true frustration he was feeling.

“Well of course I do.” Kathy replied. I just don’t like the idea of leaving the baby with a 18 old kid that I hardly know.” She glanced in the mirror one last time, unable to hide the worry lines in her face. The fact was, she had been cooped up in the house for the last 6 weeks, and desperately needed time away from the baby. Between changing diapers and milking her breasts, she was exhausted.

Mike, faithful husband and loving father of almost 10 years, desperately needed her to get away, not only for her sake but for his as well. Raising the first child had been stress enough, but now a second was certain to leave a great deal lacking in their marriage in more than one aspect. For starters, sleep had become a chore all it’s own. Long nights of child rearing, pacing the floors for hours on end, simply left no time for rest. And of course the second, would be the lack of sex. How long had it been now? Three, four, five months? No, it had to be longer than that. Or at least the aching pains deep inside him said so. Mike was indeed a caring person, and made it a point to put himself at the end of the line when it involved his wife and children. But there comes a point when every man must be released. And to be quite frank, he didn’t have an issue of Playboy left that did anything for him.

Mike’s wife. Katherine (Kathy to most) was indeed a great wife and mother, although she did tend to loose herself to her demanding life much of the time. She often forgot the responsibility of being in the least bit physical with her husband. Not that he blamed her, her poor nipples stayed red and plump with milk, and he knew it couldn’t always be the easiest part of motherhood to deal with. Although, it did secretly excite him to watch her perform the task of breast feeding. Mike had once asked her if he might taste the milk from her breasts. It was a mistake he would never make again.

“But Kathy,” Mike reminded his wife. “You do know Beth, we’ve known her for years. She has lived in the same neighborhood since she was 10. We have practically raised her.”

Kathy sighed because she knew deep down she was going to loose this battle. “Yes, I understand. All I ask is that you give me the peace of mind of knowing that as soon as the movie is over, we can come home. They say that it’s just not good to be away from your baby this early.”

Mike kneeled down in front of his wife and spoke gently. “Kathy, this is our second child, you know that not everything they say is always right. Look,” Mike cupped Kathy’s cheeks in his hands, “Let’s just take some time for our selves.”

She released a breath. “Ok. For you I will.”

When Beth arrived, Kathy went through a lecture of how to raise a baby, or so it seemed. As for Mike, well for reasons he couldn’t explain, his eyes drifted between Beth’s tight jeans and her more than snug T-shirt. He caught him self desperately wondering if she was wearing a bra. But once Kathy started the whole spill about the breast milk in the fridge, he saw that indeed she did not. Her nipples hardened under her top and he felt muscles deep in his groin begin to ache. Although he was a touch embarrassed, he was absorbed with thoughts of sucking her hard young nipples. Shaking his head slightly, he walked away to hide the rising in the front of his pants.

“Now I know she will be hungry before too long, and this is the freshest milk. So start with this bottle and work to the right. Should she need more milk, she will probably take this formula until I get home.”

“Mrs. McGee, I’ve got it. Have a good time and don’t worry.” Beth patted Kathy’s hand like a dear friend, assuring her that everything would be just fine.

“You’ve always been a great kid.” Kathy said, kissing Beth on the cheek. “Just take care of my little one, and please don’t forget to call and check on little Mikie at his friends house before 10:00. The number is by the phone.”

Beth smiled, “I’ve got it.” The two of you just go and have a great time. I can handle this.” Beth eyes met Mike’s for a brief moment and she cast an reassuring look in his direction. Mike was no at all worried about the children. His greatest fear at that moment was to get some much needed air.

Beth was a good kid, young and vibrant. She was a senior in high school, captain of the cheer leading team, and a real all around great kid. What Mike experienced when he looked at her long luscious body, was far from any feeling that a mere child could provoke. Her curves, God her curves! Her body seemed unreal and untouchable. Beth’s legs seemed endless, and when they did actually end, they connected to the tightest set of cheeks he had ever seen. Her breasts looked as though they could have easily been fake, although he would never actually ask her if it was so. He knew she came from a family with money and he wouldn’t doubt the idea of paying for mounds like that. Kathy was beautiful, Mike would never change his mind about that, but this girl raised his blood pressure in ways he had never felt.

The movie was great, if you didn’t count the eight thousand times Kathy wanted to go and “just check on the baby”. Which he had let her do the first 4 times. After that, he made it clear that she was being over anxious, and reminded her that this was her time to relax. Mike had almost talked her into having a late dinner, but those hopes were completely shot once Kathy realized that the baby would now be on not her first, but her second, bottle of formula. Reluctantly, Mike agreed to take Kathy home.

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When the front door opened, all was quiet and the lights were out. Kathy asked her husband to please go and check on the baby while she made a quick trip to the bathroom.

“I’ll check, but I’m sure everything is fine.” Mike said in a bit of disgust.

Mike tip toed through the hallway quietly, being careful no to wake anyone. He saw a dim light coming from the bedroom and gently pushed the door open without a sound. What he saw, could only have been described as the most erotic picture he had ever beheld. There, in the rocking chair sat Beth, in a long t-shit and barefeet revealing tiny red painted toe nails, little baby Lacey lay in her arms. Mike could hear tiny sucking sounds, and as he watched without Beth noticing, he saw that the baby was sucking intently on Beth’s right nipple. The suckling was hard, as though the baby was actually getting milk from Beth’s deep red, nipple. It was very apparent that her breast were natural, full and round, yet they hung down softly. He also heard the tiniest moans coming from, not the baby, but Beth’s lips. Once Mike’s eyes focused, he realized that Beth held the baby in one hand, and as he traced her other arm he saw that her hand disappeared inside a pair of pink panties. Beth was touching herself and obviously enjoying the sensation of this moment. He watched as Beth’s hips rocked slightly in rhythm to the rocking of the chair. The baby continued to suck, satisfyingly, and Beth closed her eyes as her hips began to thrust harder to the sucking. After watching this private moment for only 30 to 45 seconds, Mike was at full erection, and could have almost cum if he had been able to have stayed in door way another minute.

“Hunny?” Kathy’s words startled Mike to full attention, and Beth looked up in complete shock. Mike quickly closed the door and turned to his wife who was walking steadily towards him down the hallway.

“Yes dear,” Mike said, breathing heavy. “Everything is fine. Beth asked if you would make another bottle for the baby before she wakes up.”

“Oh yes, right away.” Kathy turned and started in the other direction down the hall and was completely unaware of Mike’s erection and the red color on his cheeks.

Mike tried to steady himself and carefully opened the door. To his surprise, Beth had already laid the baby down to sleep and was getting dressed. “Mr. McGee,” Beth to stumble over her words. “I am really sorry. I can explain. I couldn’t get the baby to take the formula, and this was the only way she would stop crying, and I …..”

“SSSHHHHH, It’s ok.” Mike pressed his finger to his lip. “Let’s just get you home, and what ever you do don’t say anything to Kathy about this.”

Beth dropped her head. “Ok,” She said quietly.

The ride to Beth’s house was made with very little conversation. Kathy had asked to stay behind to finish making bottles. Trying to get her away from the baby for another month would be an impossible task. Beth tried to explain a couple of times that the baby was quieted by sucking her nipples, and refused to take the formula that kathy had left for her. Mike didn’t respond, instead he tried to keep his mind as clear as possible. Fact was, he wanted the girl next to him, wanted her bad. Mike had always been faithful to his wife, and loved her with all his heart. But the need and ache to feel Beth’s body was enough to drive him crazy and he knew in order for him to fight it, he would have to get as far away from her as possible.

Once they arrived at Beth’s house, Mike parked the car outside the fence to keep from waking any neighbors. He turned to face Beth, who was casting back a glance of dread. Beth knew he was about to ask her not to call or have anything else to do with them. And she couldn’t blame him really. When she saw that the baby was refusing to take the formula, she should have called Kathy. While Beth was trying to quiet the baby by rocking her, little Lacey kept turning her head and reaching for her nipple. Beth knew how important this night was to Mike and Kathy and the last thing she wanted to do was bother them. So, she had simply lifted her bra and let the baby suck. At the time there was no harm done, or so she thought. What Beth didn’t expect, was the sudden tingleing urge it caused. She begin to feel the need to move and squirm. Beth had a boyfriend, and she let him finger her some, and they had experienced some moderate oral pleasure together, but she had never allowed him to enter her. In fact, she had never had a complete orgasm. But as the sensation of the baby sucking her nipple, and the firm glide over her clit with her finger increased in intensity, Beth released and puddled cum in the seat beneathe her. By the time Mike had opened the door, she was working her self up to cum again. But of course that had been brought to a sudden stop.

“I just wanted to tell you,” Mike stopped, took a deep breath, and ran a hand through his hair. He closed his eyes, trying to gather his thoughts, and trying even harder not to blurt out an invitation to the local Days Inn. “I wanted to say that what happened tonight, Kathy can not know anything about it. Please, Beth for the sake of both of us. She wont know how to take it like I did.”

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“What do mean like you did? I really figured neither of you would want anything to do with me after this.”

Without a second thought, Mike blurted out, “If you only knew how wrong you are'” He looked away quickly, feeling quite ashamed at his response. When he finally gathered the courage to look at Beth again, he was absorbed with the pink tint to her cheeks, her soft bubbley lips, the way her hair wrapped around her shoulder and lay so softly against her right breast, the same one that his baby girl had suckled on earlier.

Mike wasn’t sure exactly when it happned, or how long he had sat there starring at her before their lips touched. His senses were taken completely by the taste of strawberry lip gloss. Their tounges touched and Mike lost all inhibitions.

Beth unbuckled her seat belt and slid closer to him “Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked.

“Yes”, was her only reply and it came in one hard gasping breath. Beth slipped her shirt over her head to expose her full breast. Mike hesitated only a moment before taking each nipple into his mouth in turn and sucking with full intent to please and fulfill this desire he had been feeding for years. His hand cupped one breast as he sucked the other and then he switched to give them both a complete taste. In only moments Beth was rubbing the front of his pants.

Beth didn’t speak or ask for permission, instead she leaned over him and fumbled to find the seat release to lower Mike’s seat to lying position. Beth unzipped his jeans and released his hardness. It was throbbing and there was a small of amount of precum on the head. Beth stroked it for only a moment before she took him in her mouth. Her hair only partially covered his view of her mouth sliding up and down and sucking on him. He knew in only a moment he would loose it, but the feeling of her lips and tongue sliding over him, was the most explosive and he couldn’t stop the urge to cum just a small amount in her mouth. He slid his hand down inside her jeans. Her ass was tight and muscular. Mike slid a finger around the opening there, and Beth embraced the urge so slide back on his finger until it was inside her. Once there, she rocked gently against it.

Her sweet moans were loud and Mike worried for a moment they might be heard. But the suction around his cock grew more intense, and Beth began to rock harder on his finger in her ass. Mike never gave being caught another thought “Do you have any idea what you are doing to me?” He asked.

Beth only response was a small bashfull smile as she kissed him hard on the mouth, and began to slide her jeans off her hips. Beth moved to straddle him in his seat. He had to have her, just to slide inside her one time. Mike expected her to be tight, so he lifted her on him and lowered her down so that he slid inside her gently. Damn was she tight! At first Mike didn’t completely inside her. He tried not to push too hard, but she rocked against him once or twice with firm intentful thrusts. Her moans become almost a cry and Mike stopped her for a moment, holding her hips still on his cock. Beth looked at him. “Is this ok?” She asked. “If I’m doing something wrong tell me.” She was serious about what she was saying.

“Beth,” Mike lifted her chin and look inquireingly into her eyes. She looked almost ashamed and afraid to continue. “I didn’t know you were a virgin.” He said softly breathing against her.

He was still deep inside her and she could feel him throbbing to relase. “I didn’t want you to know. But I like it.” She moved her hips so that he slid even deeper inside her. Beth’s clit was so swolen that it was throbbing for release and her muscles began to tighten around him. She whispered, “Please don’t stop.”

Mike knew he would explode in a matter of a few seconds, so he held her there a moment more, gathering him self as not to completely loose himself inside her. Then she began to move again, he felt her virgin skin break, and Beth released another cry, this one a little painful. But with in only a moment she was riding him hard and bringing herself to climax. When she cum, her head fell back and she screamed “God”! At that moment, Mike could literally feel her cum runing down his cock. He never thought about pulling out of her, he released inside her and filled her with a warmth she had never felt before.

Beth rested against him for a moment, both of them breathing hard, and covered in sweat. “I have to go.” Mike told her, brushing her hair back from her face. He lifted her chin and kissed her again, secretly wishing he could keep her with him.

Beth blew him a kiss as she walked to her door, and they never spoke of it again.

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