A Strange Kind of Party

There is a house. Who owns it is unknown, who organises the parties is unknown. It lies in the centre of town behind a high wall, the entrance down a side alley. Every day hundreds of people walked past that nondescript door, never considering it might be a gateway into temptation.

Alice and Jane were best friends. They had been in school together since they were five and had giggled and laughed as they discovered boys, pop music, the curious effect a short skirt had on boys from the school, and then talked open eyed at the effect the same skirts seem to have on their teachers and older boys! They set high standards for one another, so even though they both had boy friends, they never lasted long or went very far.

Now they were in the sixth form in the girls college, 18 years old! Most schools allowed sixth form students to wear what they like, but the slightly more well to do college they went to insisted they wore school uniform still. At their ages!

Of the two of them, Alice was the smaller, she was five foot three inches, slim, small firm breasts with large nipples that embarrassed her when it became cold. She had raised the hem of her school skirt so it came just above her knee, but was nervous about it. She tended to giggle and blush around boys. Jane was taller, with long graceful legs, her breasts were fuller with small pink nipples that were very sensitive. She had once spent a summer not wearing knickers, and lived in fear of anyone noticing. Nobody did.

Our story starts one spring morning, a girl from another school was standing near the gate offering tickets to a party. The tickets were lovely, parchment with gold leaf detail, printed on them was ‘Sixth Form Party! Get together with students from the local colleges!’

“Alice, Alice!” Jane was excited, “Have you seen these? We’ve got to go…” Alice looked at the tickets;

“Where is it? Can we get there?” Alice looked up at her friend, excited, “But our parents….”

The girl was looking bored, “Look do you want these tickets or not?” Alice and Jane looked at each other and giggling they handed over the money.

The arrangement was that Alice would tell her parents she was sleeping over at Janes, and Jane would tell her parents she was staying with Alice. They would go to the party straight from school, as it would take an hour or so to get across town to the address. This is how the girls ended up knocking on the nondescript door at seven pm, the sun just going down, dressed in their school uniform, giggling and excited.

The door was opened, tickets checked and the girls were shown into the courtyard. Loud music was coming from the main entrance, frothy pop tunes warbling about love. “Do you think it’s through here? Do you think we’re too early?” Jane was nervous and pulled at her hem.

“We could stay here all night I guess. Or… Come on let’s have a look…” Alice took Janes arm and they walked inside the house.

It was dark inside and there was no one visible in the hallway. The music was coming from a large room obviously used as a dance floor which was empty too, lights swirled around the walls making lonely patterns. The girls walked further in and came to another room where a woman dressed in a nurses uniform sat with her legs crossed. Details were wrong, the long legs were covered in stockings, the skirt short enough to show the lacey tops and a flash of white thigh. As the girls peeked in, she jumped to her feet, her legs looking even longer in 3 inch heels, “Hello girls, you’re early, come in!” Alice and Jane looked at each other and suppressed a giggle, they walked in to the room. It was bright in this room, several chaise longue were arranged around the room each with a drip stand and a drip next to it, and there was a bar done up to look like a laboratory. The floor was white tiles. The nurse gestured to two chaise longue near the bar, “Not much goes on until nine o’clock, you girls are really early, let me give you a free drink!” Alice and Jane tried to work out how to sit on the Chaise Longue laughing as Jane disappeared backwards at one point and the nurse placed two ice cold, tall, clear drinks with a long straw sticking out of them on a small table between them. Alice took a sip and looked surprised.

“It’s really nice!” The nurse gave a throaty chuckle,

“You sound surprised, what were you expecting!” Alice drank some more, with all the ice, there actually wasn’t much drink.

“Try it Jane, it really is good.” It wasn’t long before both drinks were finished. Alice realised that she was having trouble raising her hand, but she was comfortable and somehow she didn’t care. She watched as Jane fell off onto the floor, somehow that was incredibly funny, she tried to raise her head and laugh, but it was too much effort and she fell asleep.

Jane slowly became aware of the music as she came to. She felt comfortable, where was she, oh, yes the party. She could hear voices now so it must be later. She felt good. Actually she felt very good, her skin tingled and she felt comfortable, warm, and…. She sat up quickly blushing. Alice was asleep on a bed next to her, she was smiling lying on her back. She was wearing a dress, super short and tight around her breasts. Jane quickly ran her hands over her own body and discovered she was wearing something similar. Nothing else. She moved her hand over her thighs and touched her sex, she gasped, her leg was wet either side of her lips and they were swollen and felt… Sensitive, hungry. “Wh-what happened?” Alice awake beside her. Before she can answer the lights come on and a man in his thirties walks in.

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“Hello ladies, how are you feeling?” He is good looking with a nice body, Jane finds herself focusing on his crotch, he follows her gaze and smiles, “You should be feeling nice now, the drugs will build for another hour yet.” He pats Alice on her naked thigh and she makes a strange guttural gasp, closing her eyes at his touch. He pulls up a chair between the two beds and places his other hand on Janes thigh, slowly caressing her. Jane wants to pull away, but her body shudders at the mans touch and she closes her eyes in turn. When she opens them again, the man has removed his trousers and the smell of his erect cock is incredible, she looks over at Alice, her lips parted, nipples hard through the tight thin material, her back arching, her fingers wrapped in the blanket she is lying on. Jane realises she must look like that too as the man pushes the dress up over her hips exposing her pussy to his eyes. His gaze feels like a laser and when it touches her , sees her exposed cunt she whimpers and moves her leg apart. The mans hand gentle and knowing moves between her thighs, finds her sex, rubs with great knowledge and puts a knee on the bed between her legs, his erection bumping against her knee.

“J-Jane, what? Are you going to? Your first time?” Alice sounds confused, the man puts a hand either side of Janes head and moves up, his cock hard, shiny, hot moving down her belly, over her pubic mound, down further opening her lips, it pushes and Jane gasps, pleasure and pain in equal measure as he rips her hymen. He strokes gently, each thrust getting deeper inside her, the rhythm increasing, her wet pussy letting him slide faster and ever harder in her. Jane can’t stand it, the cock was doing things to her she couldn’t believe, combined with the drugs it was making her body explode, again and again, her muscles trembling as the waves of pressure spread from her fucked cunt. The man pulls out, leaving Jane panting, desperate for more. He pulled her skirt down and stood her up and led her to the door. Outside the voices pause a moment and became appreciative. The man turns to Alice, his hard cock standing proud of his body, shiny with Janes juices and blood. He gently pushes Alice back against the chaise longue, his strong hands push her knees apart the air cool on her inner thigh and wet sex. He kneels and pulls her bum to the edge of the seat. He rubs his cock up and down her wet slit, making her gasp, the drugs in her system amplifying every sensation, she twitches and gasps, heat and a wonderful sensation flow through her pussy and stomach. “Please…” She can’t believe she’s begging, her hips bucking against the hard cock. He smiles to himself pulls back and with one smooth thrust takes her virginity filling her beyond her ability to cope. Alice passes out for a moment, coming round disoriented she feels the cock thrusting and bucking inside her, her hips following its rhythm, her whole body given over to the pleasure it is sending through her, she grunts with each thrust, letting out small screams as the man whacks his cock as deep inside her as he can, he is sweating now and with a last couple of thrusts Alice feels a hot wetness deep inside her as the man shoots his spunk deep inside her. At the same time Alice is sent over the edge her whole body jerking as she screams with a massive orgasm.

Meanwhile Jane has entered a lounge full of men and women. A polite round of applause greets her and she realises her skirt is riding high, leaving her pussy on view, she feels a thrill realising that strangers can see her most private place, a place that until ten minutes ago had never been seen by a man since she grew up. Quickly she pulls her skirt down, the blush on her face partially from embarrassment, partially from arousal. Looking down she realises her nipples are hard, the thin dress she has been dressed in doing nothing to disguise it. A man approaches. His cock is hanging out of the front of his trousers, but he doesn’t seem to be aware of it. He takes Janes hand, “Hi, enjoying it so far?” He smiles at her, “I’m Paul. Takes a little while to realise how fun this place is, would you like me to show you the rooms?”

Not knowing what to say, but intensely aware of his naked member that has just bumped against her thigh, Jane nods and lets the young man lead her by the hand. He takes her to a hallway, his hand wondering down her back is now resting on her naked bum under her skirt. He leads her up some stairs and along a corridor. There is a corridor with plaques on each door. He leads Jane down the corridor, his fingers between her thighs gently tickling and stimulating her as they walk. They pass a door that says ‘All cummers’ a hatch below says ‘Free’, “W-what does that mean Paul?” The drug is making it hard for her to concentrate and she feels an orgasm coursing through her and wriggles against Pauls questing fingers.

“Any girl who goes in there has to have sex with anyone who wants her….” He is facing Jane and his fingers are curled over her clit and an inch up inside her cunt. “Is that what you want? Because I’s love to be first….”

Jane thinks about being available for anyone to fuck, maybe two or three one after another, or maybe a few at once! She shakes her head at Paul, “Um, n-n-no, that sounds…. Like a whore!” Paul smiles he can tell Jane is tempted. He leads her to the next room, ‘Back to School’ A window open shows the room, a girl is dressed in a school uniform but she has stockings and suspenders on and a man is sat behind a desk dressed in a suit, a robe and mortar hat. Jane stands on tiptoe as she pulls her knickers off and sits on the mans lap facing him, her pussy sliding onto his very erect cock. Behind her Paul lifts her skirt around her waist and she feel his cock, hard and very big sliding up and down her bum crack. Jane arches her back looking through the window as Paul enters her, his hard cock like a rod of steel penetrating her, her soaking wet pussy opening to welcome him, his face close to her neck, hands under the dress cupping her breasts. He starts to thrust, slowly pulling out before ramming his full length deep inside her, and again. Inside the room, the woman in the school girl uniform is bucking and riding the headmaster, her blouse open so her large breasts and nipples are in his face. Jane has never seen nipples as big as that and she obviously love having them touched. Paul pulls his cock out and Janes cunt drips her love juice on the floor down her thigh. “Sorry, he breathes in her ear, but just had to fuck you!”

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“Why did you stop?” Jane’s body aches for him and she finds herself taking his cock in her hand, she has never touched one before and is surprised when it jumps in her hand.

“Will you come into my favourite room with me?” Paul is standing close to her breathing hard as she touches his cock with gentle and unknowing fingers.

“Will you fuck me there?” Jane pauses a moment, it has been so fast, from virgin to begging to be fucked in a few hours, “I want your cock. Please?”

Paul takes her hand and almost runs to a room at the end of the corridor, Jane doesn’t even pause to read the notice on the door as Paul pulls her inside. Looking round the walls and ceiling are covered in mirrors, Paul is slipping out of his trousers, his large cock hard against his stomach, he turns to Jane and lifts her dress up and over her head, Jane looks at herself, her nipples hard and her breasts showing red marks where Pauls hands grabbed them just now. Her eyes are wide, the pupils dilated, her mouth open, lips wet. A blush on her face bleeds down her neck to her chest, her pussy lips swollen and angry looking, her inner thighs glistening and wet. Jane hardly recognises the wild looking stranger she turns and sees Pauls erect cock, she licks her lips which open wider as her breathing becomes shallow and fast. He pushes her back so her bum is squashed against glass, lifts one of her legs and slides himself inside her. He is so big that Jane gasps her hips bucking forwards by themselves. Pauls desire has been growing and now he doesn’t hold back, his iron hard cock sliding into Janes cunt pumping quickly and hard, his breath short as Janes hungry pussy welcomes him, gripping him, making him gasp, his eyes close, his fingers dig into the flesh of her bum, the mirror covered in her slime. Jane is gasping and letting out guttural groans now with each thrust, her legs straighten, muscles lock and her hands pull Paul arse towards her holding his cock as deep in her as she can. Her orgasm threatens to make her pass out when Pauls cock explodes inside her pumping stream after stream of hot spunk inside her. Paul cries out his face scrunched up, his pubes against hers. The two of them fall to the floor of the room, Pauls cock still inside Jane getting smaller.

Meanwhile the drug has affected Alice more strongly, her hands between her legs, fingers inside herself as she masturbates herself to orgasm after orgasm. Hands come, lift her. Her head and shoulders and breasts are put over a piece of wood, another making a wall is lowered over her back so she is on hands and knees. Her view forward is restricted to a six inch strip and she sees a black cock, a hand rubbing it to make it hard. The cock approaches her and bumps into her face. Almost growling Alice grabs it and puts it between her lips. From behind the wall she feels hands on her body, her waist, her bum, a finger enters her and she pushes back onto it, a laugh and more hands, a finger pushes into her arsehole twisting to enter her, lips on her bum biting sucking, someone finger fucking her hard. A pause and then a mouth, licking and fingering her with skill and knowledge. Meanwhile the black cock is thrusting back her throat and she chokes not knowing how to deep throat a cock but learning. Behind her a cock starts to stroke in and out of her pussy, the finger in her arse keeping time with it, a second finger pushes inside her arse along with the first as Alice feels a flood of spunk from the cock. It is immediately replaced by a second, this one smaller but more energetic, spunk dribbling down her thighs with each thrust. It isn’t long before this cock shoots white hot cum inside her and is in turn replaced by another, this one huge, taking minutes just to get inside her still tight cunt before filling her almost beyond bearing, each thrust pain and pleasure at the same time.

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