A Surprise Encounter

I’m working at starting my own company. This means that while I employ several people I, personally, an overworked and underpaid. And I can’t even bitch about it because I’m the boss. Still, in the long run it should pay off handsomely.

Working obsessively is death on any sort of meaningful relationship. If you’re dating someone they expect you to spend some quality time with them, time being something that I seem to be chronically short of. This means that any relationships I have are of the transitory kind, friendly while underway, but not going anywhere.

I had a rare day off and being between relationships (isn’t that a big surprise) I decided to go for a hike in the nearby nature reserve. There were several reasons for this. It was a bit cool for the beach, I needed the exercise, and you could meet some interesting people at the reserve. By interesting I mean single and female and probably available. You could run into groups wandering along the trails and there was often an odd person who didn’t mind a bit of congenial company, or even mine if there was no-one else around.

I rolled up at one of the starting points and my timing was excellent. Even as I was parking a couple of buses drove up and disgorged a couple of hiking parties. I just naturally tagged myself onto one of the parties and we headed off up the trail. That’s where my luck came to a complete halt.

There must have been at least half a dozen attractive young things in the party that I would have been delighted to get to know, but they all seemed to have boyfriends attached. There were also some slightly older women (older than me, that is) and a scattering of teenagers. While I wasn’t averse to chatting up the slightly older ladies I didn’t get a chance. One of the teenagers glommed onto me.

Why she picked me I have no ideas. There were a number of husky young men in the group and from the hostile looks I received I’d say that they were more than willing to escort young Brianna. She had other ideas.

Brianna was in the age range fifteen to twenty and if I was going to hazard a guess I’d say in the upper part of that range, but with cosmetics these days I wouldn’t place a wager on it. She was the essential cheerleader/prom queen type of girl. Fair of face and fantastic figure. One of your blue-eyed blondes that have a trail of men walking behind them, drooling. The sort of girl a boy takes one look at and knows he’s out of his class.

Like I said, she attached herself to me, trotting along beside me and talking. Boy, could she talk. I was right about her age range, eighteen, correct about her being a cheerleader, wrong about being prom queen (Melissa got that gig), and just about everything else I needed to know about her. Several of the young men in the group tried to divert her attention from me but were monumentally unsuccessful.

From my point of view this was both a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing because it was highly flattering to my ego to have such an attractive young thing hanging onto my arm. (She nearly tripped on the trail and decided she needed my arm for support.) A bad thing as she was a little too young and naïve. Damnit, I wanted a young lady I could take to bed, not one I feel I should send to bed.

Seeing that there were several young men available who would be only too eager to help soothe Brianna’s feelings I decided that some low shock tactics should send her scurrying for safety.

“Ah, Brianna, you did say that you were eighteen, didn’t you?” I asked innocently.

“Yes. Why?”

“Oh, it’s just that being eighteen means that you’re an adult and fair game,” I observed.

“Excuse me? Fair game?”

“Mm. For hunting and fucking. See where the path forks up ahead? I’ll take you down the left fork to a little nook I know. Once there I’ll take off your clothes and fuck you so hard you’ll have to finish the hike bow-legged.”

“Oh. OK.”

OK? Did she just say OK? Talk about being taken by surprise. I’m effectively offering to rape her and she says OK?

“Excuse me? Did you say OK?”

“Well, yes. Wasn’t that what you want?”

“I have to admit that I sort of had the idea that you were a virgin,” I admitted. “Are you sure you know what you’re agreeing to?”

“Well, yes, I am a virgin, but I have to become an ex-virgin sometime, don’t I? I’m also fairly sure I understand your intent. Me, naked, you with an erection and a willingness to show me how it’s used.”

I was shocked. Sweet young ladies just did not act this way. I suspect that Brianna picked up on my surprise as she proceeded to explain.

“Look at me,” she said. “I’m young and I’m beautiful, I have a great personality and excellent social skills. I have friends galore. But that’s all they are, friends. The nice boys all look at me and think I’m out of their class and don’t try to date me. The losers and jocks don’t give a damn about me. They ask me out simply to get a chance to score. I don’t go out with them because you never know how some of those oafs might choose to score. I’d be taking my life in my hands to date some of those creeps.”

She took a deep breath, looking a trifle disgruntled.

“I figured that I’d find someone nice and let them seduce me. That way I’d know what sex is like and I might be able to project that knowledge, and get some of the more, more reasonable, guys to date me. I’m not looking for a life mate but I do want to get myself a decent boyfriend. Someone intelligent and not afraid to get a damn job.”

“OK, I can understand where you’re coming from, but why choose me? I mean, the suggestion I made wasn’t exactly subtle.”

“No, it wasn’t, was it?” she giggled. “Hey, come behind the bushes so I can give you a quick fuck. A real smooth line. That’s what showed me you were basically a nice guy.”

“Colour me confused.”

“You were trying to scare me away. Anyone else here would have been trying to sweet-talk me behind some bushes, ostensibly for a bit of smooching but I know what they would really want. Trying to chase me away showed that you’re a responsible type of person who wasn’t going to take unfair advantage.”

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“You naked, me with an erection, and I’m not taking advantage?”

“No, because I’m agreeing and I know what you’re going to do. In theory, anyway.”

Brianna came to a complete stop and so I also had to stop. She indicated the trail.

“We’re at the fork. Are you going to lure me away to a secret little nook so that you can ravish my poor naked body while I weep and wail and cry for mercy?”

I took hold of her elbow and moved on, down the left fork.

“I am quite sure I can manage the naked and ravishing part of this scenario,” I admitted. “Somehow, I have doubts that you can manage the weeping and wailing and crying for mercy.”

To my horror she promptly burst into tears.

“What? Wait! You don’t have to come with me,” I said very quickly.

The rotten little witch smiled brightly, tears magically gone.

“I think you’ll find I can manage the weeping and wailing if I think it’s required. I’m doing an Acting and Drama course, and I’m getting good grades, I assure you.”

“Give me a heart attack, why don’t you. You might do better studying medicine. Then you can render first aid to your victims.”

“Ha. I just proved that you’re a soft touch and you know it.”

I took her hand and placed it against my groin. She blushed and hastily removed it.

“OK, maybe not so soft to touch,” she admitted.

Score one for me.

We continued up the trail a little further. I did actually know of a nice shady nook down this trail. A young lady had showed it to me one fine afternoon. Not easily come across unless you knew where it was. I didn’t ask her how she initially found it, discretion being my middle name.

We reached a spot where two trees had started growing next to each other. Normally in this sort of situation one of the trees will thrive while the other dies. In this case the two trees had seemed to blend together, resulting in a trunk several feet wide. Stepping off the trail and behind the conjoined tree was a short path that led to a small clearing, a clearing out of sight from the trail. I stopped there, turning to look at Brianna.

“Take off your clothes,” I told her, speaking softly.

“Ah, I thought you said that you were going to undress me,” she demurred.

“I was, but I thought it would be more fun to watch you do it. You’ll be all embarrassed and nervous and not sure if you want to. You’ll also find that you’ll be getting all excited and aroused, knowing that I’m watching you and also knowing what I intend to do once you’re naked.”

She looked at me, blushing. As far as I was concerned this was a deal-breaker. If she couldn’t get undressed by herself then I’d pass. Quite frankly, I thought she was pushing her nerve to even have come this far. Just shows that I underestimated her – again.

Without taking her eyes off me she undid her top and slipped it off. Reaching around behind herself she unclipped her bra, shrugging her shoulders to get the straps to drop down her arms, catching the bra in one hand and dropping it on top of her top.

I suspected that what had been a blush was now a slight flush. Her breathing had deepened and her ‘lungs’ were heaving as she moved. Her mouth was slightly open, her teeth gently biting her bottom lip. Undoing her jeans she slipped them off.

Ever seem a girl in tight jeans slip them off? It doesn’t happen. They have to be peeled off, something that Brianna was reminded of when she tried slipping them down. They didn’t want to go. Now her flush was a blush again. An embarrassed blush as she fought her jeans, trying to get them off. She was also reminded that you don’t leave your shoes on when taking your jeans off.

By the time her jeans (and shoes) were off she was two parts embarrassed to one part excited. The fact that I was softly laughing wasn’t really helping but fortunately she has a sense of humour. She also started laughing.

“Now you see why I didn’t want to have to undress you,” I told her. “Think how embarrassed I’d have been fighting your jeans.”

I looked her up and down, nodding in appreciation. She really had a nice figure.

“Panties?” I suggested.

She hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties and started to push them down. Just before they dropped away she froze, blushing madly, realising in a more intimate way that she was about to be naked in front of me. Me, a man. A strange man, at that, and she was going to be naked. She was breathing harder again, her nipples crinkling and becoming erect. She swallowed and then very resolutely pushed her panties down, stepping daintily out of them.

She stood there, looking at me, naked, her hands behind her back, excited expectancy showing on her face. I smiled back at her, slowly undoing my belt.

Fortunately, I had an easier time stepping out of my trousers than Brianna had with her jeans. Her eyes dropped to my groin and her face was red again. I’ve never know a woman whose face went so red, so often. I moved closer to her and I could see her catching her breath and holding it.

I gently stroked her breast and ran my hand down across her tummy, finishing up stroking her mons. A very smooth mons it was, too. I couldn’t help wondering if she shaved every day or was today special in anticipation of exactly what was about to happen? I started speaking softly, telling her how lovely she was, describing her silky skin, the smoothness of her body, how exquisite her figure was. I made sure to be touching, gently stroking every item that I described.

Her breasts had swollen, her nipples tight and erect and sensitive. She seemed to squirm slightly when I ran my hands across her mons, her breathing getting harsher. I hadn’t even touched her pudenda yet and I was quite sure she was ready to go.

Finally, of her own accord, her hand came around and closed over my erection, feeling it, stroking it. I let her feel it for a while, then eased her off her feet and down onto the grass. (I don’t know how come this small area had grass but I was quite willing to bless whoever sowed the seed. It was a brilliant idea.)

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My hand closed over her mound, feeling her lips pressing against my mound. She gave a shuddering gasp, going dead still, waiting. I started massaging her and she groaned, pressing herself against my hand, wanting a firmer touch. I continued to stroke her, my free hand closing over a breast to play with that.

It’s not that I disbelieved her, but my fingers slipped between her lips to check her virginity. Finding she was I went exploring, teasing and exciting her. She was hot and wet but still, in my opinion, not quite ready. I kissed her.

Brianna was certainly ready for that, kissing me back quite enthusiastically. While we kissed my hands continued to explore her body, building on her arousal. Leaving her lips, mine trailed down, capturing a breast. From there it was a small step to her other breast, and then I trailed kisses down across her tummy until I reached her mons.

Moving between her thighs I bent my head, my tongue now going to the places my fingers had teased. Brianna gave a small scream when my tongue slipped between her lips, teasing and tantalizing. She gave a somewhat louder cry when I started teasing around her clitoris, her hands tangling in my hair. She was clutching me quite tightly but I couldn’t tell if she wanted to hold my head in place or jerk it away. I don’t think she knew, either.

I kept working on her, listening to her trying to stifle her cries. She was lost in a world of sensation and I wasn’t giving her time to grab control. One last touch near her clitoris and she lost it, a climax tearing through her, shaking her and leaving her helpless.

I moved so I was looming above her, my cock now pressing lightly against her, waiting for her to calm down a little. When she did she looked at me and then looked down at where my cock was just touching her. Her eyes quickly flicked back to my face, for reassurance, I thought. I winked at her and raised my eyebrows, and she seemed to relax, guessing that she still had the final say. (At least, I think she did. I wasn’t sure how I’d react if she changed her mind at this stage.)

Brianna gave a little nod and her gaze switched back to where my cock was accosting her. I pressed against her, feeling her lips part quite willingly, pushing into her. I felt a slight hesitation as her hymen yielded, accompanied by a small cry of pain, but there was no protest as I pushed deeper, just a look of intense concentration as she tried to feel everything that was happening.

It didn’t take long and then I was nicely sheathed inside her. She was now wearing a smug little smile, looking very pleased with herself. I just smiled back at her, giving her time to adjust to having my cock inside her.

After a few moments I leant forward and gently kissed her. At the same time I started a slow rocking, easing out and back in. No rush. Just a gentle movement, my cock sliding smoothly along her passage, hopefully arousing a good deal of interest. I was also stroking her breasts, trying to make sure I had all points covered.

My lips trailed from her mouth across her face, back down to her neck and shoulders, back up towards her lips. I was still doing the slow rock, but now she was starting to move with me. She was also kissing me back, our mouths together with our tongues duelling.

After a while I increased the pace, Brianna eagerly matching me. My mouth moved away from hers, giving her a bit of freedom to express herself. She was making breathy little noises, the sounds seeming to come from deep in her throat, gasping and muttering to herself. Her head was moving slowly from side to side as her excitement built, not really understanding what was happening to her.

We continued at the slightly faster pace, me enjoying myself, her also enjoying it if the sounds she was making were any indication. Another increase in pace which she again matched, as if born knowing how, and the excitement she was feeling was now very pronounced in her vocal antics.

Finding that I was going to have to finish up fairly soon I put a little more extra effort into my game. I thrust in hard, and I also captured her mouth again. This was self-defence. I just knew she was going to scream this time and I didn’t really want her screaming this close to the trail.

Mouth covering hers, I gave that extra oomph, and she proved me right about the scream, a scream nicely muffled by my own mouth. She shuddered with the force of her climax while I let rip with my own, pleased with a job well done, and most pleasurably accomplished.

We lay back on the grass, me just cuddling her lightly, waiting for her to come to terms with what she’d done. That took a good ten seconds. She sat up, all smiles.

“Well, that was interesting,” she said. “I’ll really have to do that again sometime soon.”

I was about to offer my services but she got in first.

“Not with you, of course. I don’t even know you. But I’m sure I know a couple of friends who’ll be happy to help me.”

“Ah, right,” I said. Not much else I could say, was there? If she turned around and offered me a stud fee I was going to clock her, so help me.

With that she bounced to her feet and started pulling on her clothes. She was fully dressed while I was still doing up my belt. First time a woman has ever beaten me to getting dressed. After that she went dancing down the trail, only stopping long enough to check with me to make sure she was going in the right direction.

I just lumbered along behind her, feeling poleaxed and wondering what the hell had happened.

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