A Time To Reflect

I stood by her side. My God she is a beautiful woman! Her red dress perfect! The pearl necklace laid gracefully on her bust and dipped sensually into her ample cleavage! The tears formed and ran from my cheeks falling upon the creamy satin that surrounded her like the clouds of heaven. I reached out, took her hand in mine and rolled her wedding band and small diamond engagement ring between my fingers!


It seemed like yesterday when I was walking along a white picket fence in front of a small the Cape Cod. There was a woman in a rocking chair on the front porch.

“Mrs. Miller, my mom said you need some help with your yard work”

“Yes Jimmy, Come up here.”

I opened the gate and just as I was about to leave it open, thought better and turned to latch it before proceeding to the porch!

“Thanks! I must latch that gate 10 times a day! How is your mother?”

“First impression” so my dad always said and by closing the gate I had just made mine!

“She is fine Ma’am”

“Oh my! A young gentleman! I’m pleased, but Mrs. Miller is much preferred if you please. You do understand, the other makes me feel so old?”

The widow Miller or Cranky Annie as some of the other kids called her was a beautiful woman about my mother’s age. She always dressed in long dark dresses, flats, no makeup and a drab scarf always covered her dishwater blond hair. She was about 5Ft 4 and, other than ample breasts which couldn’t be hidden, who would ever know what for a figure. She was seriously over protective of her flowers and other property and that caused her to be the recipient of far to may of the kid’s pranks!

“As you wish Mrs. Miller. What kind of yard work did you have in mind?”

The yard was perfect. The grass was mowed, the flower beds and side walks were perfectly edged and there wasn’t a weed in sight!

“Well the young man I had has gone off early to college! I know its late in the year for you to be taking on new yard work but there are still several weeks of mowing and then there will be the fall leaves. If you can help me I’d really appreciate it! – I payed Tommy one dollar an hour but what ever the going rate I’ll pay you!”

“I can use the money but I don’t see much that needs done!”

“My husband, God rest his soul, would roll over in his grave if I let this yard turn into a jungle. He spent hours out here every night and on weekends and I just can’t let it get out of hand! God knows I can’t afford to keep it like he did but I have plenty of work for you just to keep up with the grass, weeds, hedge and leaves. So — You interested?”

“Sure, Just show me what you want done and I’ll start first thing tomorrow”

“Ok, Jimmy come back tomorrow and I’ll show the tools and the work! Oh, you’ll be staying for dinner so don’t forget to bring a change of clothes.”

I turned and gave her a puzzled look!

“It’s ok Jimmy! Your mother knows but if you don’t want to It’s——-ok.”

It was a big thing with mom that we always ate dinner together. Was mom just trying to be nice to Mrs. Miller and give her some company?

“That will be fine Mrs. Miller but I’ll need to be home by seven if that’s ok.”

“Oh my – You have a date! We will be done in plenty of time, Jimmy!”

“No Ma’m——- Oops— Mrs. Miller, I don’t have a girl friend but every Saturday night I go out with the guys.”

“A nice young man like you, the girls don’t know what they’re missing! Maybe we can —- Well we’ll see——- “

I would turn 19 in two months and start electronic technical school the next. My dad didn’t make much money. School was going to be hard on his savings and if I wanted the car I would have to pay for the gas. This job was really going to help. And although I was dumb and a little slow when it came to adult things, some how I knew mom and Mrs. Miller had something in mind for me.

The next day Mrs. Miller and I worked all day weeding and edging the flower beds. She was sure fussy about the little things but 8 or 10 dollars was more than enough to make up for the hassle. Later she showed me the shower and told me to get ready for dinner. I had forgot to take my change of clothes in the bath room but when I stepped out of the shower there they were and my dirty things were gone! Gee it was just like home! But, knowing another woman other than my mother was in the bath room while I was taking a shower did put me a little on edge. Although I had no idea why, my manhood was growing at the thought that she may have seen me through the shower curtain.

Dressed in clean jeans and a dress shirt I walked out of the bath room to the sensational smell of dinner cooking and some easy music. Glen Miller type stuff! Mrs. Miller, dressed in a light cotton house coat met me in the hall. The nearly sheer material barely hid her ample breasts with dark aureoles and protruding nipples. My manhood gave a very uncomfortable twitch!

“Jimmy, there is a stack of records beside the Victrola. Would you be a dear and change them as each finishes? I love to here the music and normally there is no one here to change them while I get washed and dressed.”

By now my cock was pushing down my pant leg and I had no idea why this 40ish woman was causing it to happen.

“Yes Ma’m — Mrs. Miller”

She took my chin and raised my head so our eyes met. And, then just smiled. I knew she saw the bulge in my jeans but she said nothing. As she proceeded down the hall I couldn’t resist turning to see if she had a nice ass to go with those big tits! Sure enough she had a great ass and the nearly sheer house coat did nothing to hide it. In fact I had spent so much time gawking at her breasts that I never noticed that it was baby-doll short. Her legs were perfect and as she disappeared into the bathroom, I found myself wishing for a peek at her cheeks below the hem line.

Six records later and my cock finally at its normal 2 inches she made her entrance at the parlor door. So much for my being comfortable and so long to my flaccid manhood!

“Wow — Mrs. Miller you are beauteeeeee —- I mean you look great!”

Her hair was beauty solon perfect, tresses of smooth curls caressed her bare shoulders. A red sequined and smooth fitting gown adorned her beautiful figure and draped from her hips to the floor. A slit that tantalized my passion ran up one leg further than I believed possible. Matching patten leather spikes made her nearly as tall as me! But, most intriguing was the low cut neckline! I mean low! It opened wide starting at the spaghetti shoulder straps and dipped to her slim waist! No way could she have a bra under that! Simply put she was a dream of a woman!

“I hope you don’t mind but I have so few chances do dress up now that my Ralphie is gone. Please indulge an old woman and grant me this privilege.”

This was certainly becoming a role playing game and from the looks of this woman I was more than willing to play along!

“Ms Miller, I’m certainly pleased to finally meet you!”

“And I you sir. And if you will please, just for tonight, Ann will do fine “

Mrs. Miller was a fine cook and even though she had to run to the kitchen several times, the candle light dinner was exquisite! All through dinner I couldn’t take my eyes off of this tantalizing woman. Each time she caught me gawking she would smile pleasantly and take another dainty bite. Some coffee and chocolate cake finished what I thought was one of the most erotic moments of my life. Although I had never experienced precum, well except at my own hand, about 4 inches down my right leg, my jeans were spotted wet. There was no way I could get up from this formal table and let her see what she had caused!

“If you please, Jimmy, another indulgence. Will you gant this old woman one after dinner dance?”

“Mrs. Miller — I mean Ann, I don’t know how to dance!”

Besides, even if I did I couldn’t show her the wet spot on my jeans.

“Just a waltz? I’ll show you the steps and you’ll do fine.”

There was no way I could break this woman’s heart so I held the napkin over my wet spot and walked to the other end of the table. Gently took her hand and asked “would you grant a gentleman this dance dear lady?”

“Nothing would please me more, sir.”

Her hand in mine, she stood, took the napkin and laid it on the table with hers.

“We won’t need this any more. There is nothing to hide between us is there? Besides, it makes me fell like a young woman to know that I can still make a man – do that!”

In the parlor she selected a record, cranked up the Victrola and gently laid the needle in the track. She turned to me and I extended my left arm to dance position and waited for her to move to me. Gracefully she took my other hand and placed it on her bare shoulder then pulled the other down to her hip. Low on her hip! Dam I had a hand full of tight Ass!

“This way Jimmy. Dancing is a sensual under taking and those things you see on TV are not what dancing is all about!”

She pressed her body to mine, slipped her hand under my arm and with both hands lightly gripped my ass! Through the side slit in her gown her bare leg, way above the top of her nylons caressed my manhood! I looked into her glazed eyes for confirmation that we had the right position. She subtly laid her head on my shoulder and began to hum to the waltz. We moved ever so little and swayed gracefully until the scratch of the record indicated the end of a wonderful afternoon.

As she paid me and we said our good bye’s I was again trying to hide the big wet spot and the massive bulge in my pants. To my total surprise Ann lifted my hand and while eye to eye she squeezed my raging cock!

“Its alright Jimmy! I’m wet too! That’s what dancing is all about! Remember a lady likes nothing better than to dance so next Saturday I’ll teach you some real dance steps! You will let me teach you won’t you?”

“Nothing would please me more than to learn to dance from a beautiful woman like you.”

I was so horny that I went straight home, sprawled out my bed and daydreaming of erotic dancing with Ann, I wacked off twice before my cock returned to its normal flaccid state. It seemed like my cock was at full erection all week. Some of the girls that noticed my problem surely thought they were the catalyst. If they only knew that Ann was the only thing on my mind! I couldn’t wait for Saturday and my next dance lesson. It wasn’t just dancing though, I wanted Ann!

As I entered through the gate it wasn’t the dark dress and the scarf covered hair that I saw. I knew that under that garb Mrs. Miller was a luscious woman and my eyes saw right through, to her wonderful womanhood. His time in anticipation of another tantalizing, even erotic, dinner I carried my only suit in the bag.

She certainly didn’t let me down! Just starting my shower I saw the curtain slide back and there she stood in the same babydoll housecoat! This time the buttons were open and her breasts were barely covered but down below all of her womanhood was exposed. I had never seen a woman before! I mean other than the Playboy pictures I kept under my bed and most of them only showed their tits. Just a few showed some hairy bush! But, Ann didn’t have a hairy bush! She only had a small tuft of blond hair on her belly. Below she looked like my baby cousin when I changed her diaper one time.

“If you’ll let a woman join you in the shower we will have much more time for the dance lessons?”

Without me saying a word, my cock told her yes! What happed next was the most erotic thing I’d seen in my short life. She slowly pushed the house coat open letting her tits jump out to met my bulging eyes! They were bigger than I ever imagined and they were real live flesh. Then the light pink cotton slid down her back hesitating ever so slightly as it brushed across her ass. She pushed her arms together, rolled in her shoulders and squeezed her breasts together just like the little tease in my Playboy Magazine.

“Do you like my tits or would you like my ass better?”

Although I though I knew the answer, she knew I’d change my mind even as she turned and showed me her perfect butt!

“I have something else to show you!”

I couldn’t possibly imagine anything else she could possibly show me but she soon put that thought to bed! Her legs separated slightly she slowly bent down and grabbed her ankles! It was then I discovered what I love most to see of a woman! From between her legs, her pussy opened like a pink rose in the morning sun! My eyes must have popped out of their sockets! She was speaking to me from down between her legs but all I could see below her swaying tits was her chin.

“I thought you were an ASS man!”

She stood up and climbed into the shower with me! My cock was harder than it had ever been! When she took hold of it I only lasted a few short strokes before the cum streamed out like milk from a cow!

“My my, we are excited aren’t we! No mind, A young man like you must have plenty more where that came from.”

She soaped a wash cloth and washed me all over spending extra time with my cock and firm butt then she handed me the cloth.

“You want me to wash you?”

“Why yes! Surely you don’t think I got in here just to work!

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We exchanged places and I started to wash her back when she stopped me. She turned and whispered in my ear “Lightly, just caress my skin with your touch! A lady’s delicate skin is only out done by her emotional sensitivity!” Exercising my new found knowledge I washed every inch of her beautiful body. Then when she squirted some shampoo into her hair I dropped the wash cloth and ran my fingers into her hair and massaged her scalp to the rhythm of her soft moans. With her breasts in my face she directed my hands to her back and as she leaned back to rinse her hair I clasped them to support her. My lips went straight to her breasts kissing and licking them.

“This is a dance position that I will show you but right now please suck my nipples! They like to be sucked!”

I took a nipple in my mouth and started to suck ever so delicately and then harder and harder. Her nipple expanded into my mouth until it was the size of a babies sucker and when I let it go to suck the other It was nearly an inch long! Soon I had let the other in the same condition!

“You must have been a breast fed baby because you sure know how to suck tit!”

Really I had some experience at sucking tit thanks to a former girl friend but that was all the further she would let me go!

“Now how are you at finger fucking? Women like a little finger fucking almost as much as dancing”

She pushed my hand to the one place it had not yet been on any woman. It was then that I knew this was the woman who would take my virginity!

“Gently now! Cup your hand and contain my womanhood! If you have done your job you will find it soaking wet with my juices. Experiment a little let your fingers slip between the wet folds of my lips but be gentle!”

I rubbed a little then my middle finger instinctively slipped in side her juicy lips to the hot meaty flesh inside! There I did it I had my finger up a woman’s cunt! Oh I was so filled with pride. “Young Dumb and full of Cum” as someone once reminded me, never once did it occur to me that Mrs. Miller was doing this as a teacher!

She took my hand and nudged my finger deeper, deeper into her soft hot flesh. She then directed me “Right there Jimmy that’s the spot. Fell the soft nubby under your finger tip? That’s my erogenous spot and if you gently rub there I will soon deliver my essence into your hand!” Well I had no idea what was coming but I did as I was told and soon I could see in her face, the exquisite power I had in my finger. Within minutes her body began to shake and it scared me so I pulled out!

“Oh my – never do that unless you want to tease a woman to insanity! Now we can’t have that so please — continue please.”

She shoved my finger back into her pussy and I quickly found the little nubby again. This time when she began to shake she held my hand and wouldn’t let me take it out. Her once soft pussy meat turned to muscle and tightened like a vise on my finger! A few short strokes more and she filled my hand with her creamy fluid.

“Thank you! Its been a long time since I’ve cum like that.”

She left in a towel and I got dressed. Except for the tie that is! Fifteen minutes later Mrs. Miller came back into the bath room. Wow! Se was decked out in a short sleek black dress with a neck line that never stopped plunging! Beautiful legs and black patten leather spikes competed the steamy outfit! She saw my problem and in a few minutes taught me to tie it with a slim long knot. Then we went to the dinning room where one of her neighbors served us dinner. Our homemade apple pie complete, I walked to the other end of the table, took her hand and asked her to dance.

“I’d be pleased to dance with such a handsome young man.”

In the parlor she started a record that she called a Fox Trot and in nearly fifty replays she showed me the steps. Then to a new record we danced one sensuous Fox Trot! When we parted she looked down to the wet spot on my left leg.

“I see I have done my job! Now, lets see if you have done yours!”

She took my hand and directed it to her crouch where I found soaking wet silk. After I withdrew she reached up under her dress and then presented her wet finger to my lips. I licked the sweet nectar from her finger! Like soft butter she melted into my arms and we kissed passionately like lovers on TV.

We said good bye at the door! Next Saturday was much too far away! At home my mom just stared at me in my Sunday best. On my way to my room I explained “Mrs. Miller always dresses for dinner and I thought I owed her the decency to dress too”. Mom had a gleam in her eyes and a broad smile that I was sure was for her son who had just made her proud. If she ever knew that I had just finger fucked her friend she would have shit her pants!

That night at the WMCA dance it seamed like every girl there wanted to dance with me. I danced with them all but none of them made me hard and wet like Mrs. Miller!

The following Saturday it was another sensual short dinner dress, a dance called the Tango and a few modern steps that I saw some of the girls do when they danced together! Then after the dance lesson I learned what a woman loves better than anything else! Ann took me in her arms and deep into a passionate kiss, we stumbled in to the love seat! The kiss that I wished would last forever was broken.

“Last week from my finger? How did it taste?”

“Like sweet maple syrup?”

She opened her legs hiked up her dress and showed me her bare pussy! If I had known she didn’t have any panties when we were dancing there would be more than a little spot on my trousers!

“How would you like to taste it for real? How would you like to give a woman the one thing she likes best!”

I just gawked at her pussy and did nothing! I had no idea what to do!

“Jimmy, when a woman opens herself like this, a man that likes the taste of pussy drops to his knees and eats her like a melting ice cream cone! Are you a man that likes the taste of pussy?”

I dropped to my knees and slowly lapped the juice from her smooth mounds. Then, remembering how my finger had pleased her so much I tried desperately to reach that erogenous spot with my tongue. Although I didn’t reach it she seamed to love my tongue inside her!

“Up higher Mr beam! My clit, a hard pea up high between my lips. Take it in your mouth and suck it like a nipple.”

There it was hiding between her lips. I sucked it like she told me! I sucked it until she began to shake like last week. This time I didn’t stop! I couldn’t have stopped! She held my head between her legs with both hands. Soon it grew longer like a nipple and a few minutes later she filled my mouth with her sweet nectar!

Now it was my turn. I sat beside her and she opened my trousers to extract my leaking cock. She kneeled between my legs looked me in the eyes and said “I can’t let you go home and use your hand tonight!” She took my manhood in her mouth. At first she only licked and sucked it’s circumcised head. My hand never felt this good and even Ann’s soapy hand job couldn’t compare to the sensation that was building in my loins. Slowly she took more and more of my throbbing manhood into her mouth. Faster and faster her head bobbed up and down on my cock! I tried to hold it but I couldn’t wait any longer. My cum shot up through the narrow passage and into her mouth. Wad after wad shot out and she drank every drop.
She was right. I sure won’t have to use my hand tonight I thought as the door closed behind me! That night I cut in on two girls dancing together and showed off my new found skills. To my total surprise it really didn’t matter that I missed a few steps or lost the lead once and a while. There wasn’t a girl there that didn’t want to dance with me and I didn’t let any of them sitting on the bench! With one special blond in my arms I even grabbed a hand full of ass! She just pulled herself tight to me and purred in my ear for two more slow dances! Fuck these girls loved me! Was I letting go of my Annie? Never! Never!

Although I was into jacking off several times a day, from the time I left her Saturday evening, I saved it all for Mrs. Miller. I never even took out the Playboy Magazines. Finally Saturday was here! The yard work went ever so slowly. We raked leaves and gave the grass it’s final cutting for the year. I oiled the push mower and put it away for the winter. Dinner was smelling great! When I passed the parlor on the way to the bath room Mrs. miller was sitting on the love seat. She should have been dressed but instead she was wearing a pair of light cotton slacks and a tight sweater. She looked like Annette on the Micky Mouse Club, not that that’s bad mind you but if that was what she was wearing for dinner my suit was going to be out of place! I waved and went to the shower wondering how to convert the suite into something that would go with what she was wearing.

When I stepped out She had done it again! My suit was gone and in it’s place were a pair of white cotton slacks and a High School Letter Sweater. My sweater! Now how did she get that?

There was even a pair of white buck leather shoes. They weren’t mine but they fit! I dressed, entered the parlor and opened my arms to display the outfit!

“Turn around and let me see!”

I turned and bent slightly at the waist just enough to show off my tight ass!

“Mr Bean you are a fine looking young man! Can a common girl like me ask you to dinner?”

“Why young lady you are anything but common! I’m humbled by your modesty and would be honored to sit at your table fine lady!”

That night I didn’t go out! After dinner we danced for hours! I learned every dance all the kids did at the YMCA. The Twist, Mash Potato, Boop and several others! Then she told me that the summer was over! This was our last Saturday but before we called it a night, she had one last dance to teach me! We had to change though!

I finished putting on my suit and returned to the parlor and waited for Ann to make her entrance. When I looked up she was standing in the archway. Her hair was up in a tight bun. Her shoulders bare to the sinful point of near catastrophe and the sheer smoke dress over a black silk waist band slip did nothing to hide her luscious breasts. No nylons to cover her legs and the faired hem line was shorter than a cheerleaders skirt! She turned and as I had done before bent slightly at the waist. My god her ass was bare and between her legs was a bulge of red silk full of womanhood!

“Well what do you think?”

She made no attempt to run around she just held the position waiting for my answer! My cock was streaming cum down my pant leg so I couldn’t answer! She turned, approached the couch and stood there watching my cock bounce up and down in my pants as it shot wad after wad of cum into my pants!

“Well I guess that answers my question! Stay right there I’ll get something to clean up the mess!”

She returned with a damp wash cloth. I jammed it though my fly and cleaned up as much of the weeks cum as I could! I zipped up my pants while she took the wash cloth back to the bath room. On the way back she started a record!

“This is the most erotic dance of all. It’s Latin like all the sensual dances and it’s called The Lumbada! It is suppose to make you cum in your pants but I think we already took care of that!”

We danced time and time again to the sensual sound of the record! She slithered through my arms and rubbed her bare ass in my groin. Later, like in the shower last week, she laid back in my arms and offered her breasts to my lips. My cock was so hard and it wanted to blow it’s load again but I held it back. I didn’t want anything to stop the dance. Six or times and I had the steps and the sensual hip movements. The seventh time we danced it perfectly! The scratching came all too soon so I started it again but she pushed me to the love seat and started to remove my trousers. Slowly she stripped me of my trousers and soaking underwear. I removed my jacket and tie.

With my shirt wide open and my cock standing proudly she turned, bent at the waist, reached back between her legs she handed me a small package then slipped out of her silk panties.

“I want you to know, I have never done this before! I have never taken a young man’s virginity but I think you want this as much as I need it!”

I unwrapped the condom and looked at it wondering the best way to put it on! Yep I was “young dumb and full of cum”. She kneeled in between my legs positioned the rubber ring in both of my hands and then pulled them to the head of my cock. Pushing my hands down the condom rolled over its’s circumcised head and then slipped out of my fingers. I got the idea and gently rolled it down it’s entire 5 inches. She checked it carefully! I thought to see if I did it right!

She reached out, pulled me to my feet and positioned me facing the couch. Then she kneeled on the couch in front of me!

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“I think this is the way you want to take me!”

She spread her legs, bent over and propped her arms on the back of the couch. Her pussy opened like a fire red rose on a hot summers day. I scooted up to her and flipped the short dress and slip onto her back! I was going to lose my cherry! Of all the girls I’d wished to let me do this I was now glad I hadn’t prevailed over circumstances and proud that it was to be Ann!

She reached back between her legs, took my cock and began smearing it in her dripping juices. Then I felt the pressure as its head popped through tight hole. I couldn’t wait I plunged in forcing her hand to make a hasty exit.

“Easy please! Its been over six years since I’ve had a man. So please go easy.”

I was in so far that I could feel her wet juices in my pubic hair. I slowly pulled out just a little and then pushed back in. My hand would never do again and even the blow job she gave me last Saturday couldn’t compare with the sensations that ran though my body.

It was Ann, my love, that was moving now. She pulled away and then backed into me. Slowly at first then gradually faster and longer. I soon took to the rhythm and we were meeting at the bottom of each stroke. Suddenly her pussy tightened and clamped my cock deep inside her! I instinctively didn’t with draw for another stroke. Her body shook like a leaf in a storm. I reached around her and grabbed her swaying titts. Finding her nipples hard and long I pinched and pulled them hard! I felt her flood with cum! Nearly finished she started to stroke again and this time an explosion from deep in my balls ripped through my cock and filled the condom! I had lost my cherry!

It was 2 in the morning and way past time to clean up and go home! We parted without a word not even a kiss! Although I couldn’t imagine it at the time I was never intimate with Mrs. Miller again!


It was Christmas time and I couldn’t afford to come home so I was trapped in my dorm with only the mail and a day room TV for company. In town, there was a YWCA sponsoring a Christmas dance but I wasn’t going. When I awoke from my shot nap I walked to the main hall and checked the mail. There had to be some Christmas cards and sure enough there were. One from mom and dad, one from the folks who lived across the street and a very small one. No name in the corner but the address was 217 W5th Street! It was from Ann my one and only love! I ripped it open not knowing what to expect! An erotic love letter maybe!

Dear Jimmy,

I don’t know how to start. I just don’t know what to say! I know you must be confused and have feelings I couldn’t begin to imagine. Every nerve in my body tells me that I love you but I know that it is a love that can never be intimate again! I only hope that you and my dear departed Ralphie can forgive me for what I did. It was purely a selfish act of passion that drove me to take what was yours to give.

Please forgive me for what I have done! I am so ashamed.


Anna Miller

I had just got a dear John letter! How could she do this to me? She was the one and only person I wanted and she dumped me! Well piss on her! I ran back to my dorm, got dressed in my white slacks and new sweater then headed to the YWCA and the dance.

The floor was near empty but there were a couple of girls dancing together, a couple at the refreshment table and two wall flowers. I strutted up to one of them and ask if she wanted to dance. She stood and we took the floor in the middle of the Twist. The next piece was a slow one and when my hand touched her ass the whole thing was over!

One of the girls that was dancing was pretty good in-fact all three of them were pretty good so when they took the floor after the slow dance I picked the slime blond over the other two and broke in. She Mash Potatoed like a pro and an imitate gleam came to her eyes when she realized I was every bit as good as she! We swung through several dances before I realized that she was hotter than a fire cracker!

“Excuse me while I make a request of the band?”

“I’ll come along.”

I had noticed that the band was from the campus and I knew they were into the big band sound. So much to the pleasure of my new found partner I requested a Tango! With smiles they struck up on something they liked to play. Nancy and I took the floor as the only show in town! The rest just watched as we danced our way across the open floor! The band continued with one Big band number after the other. Soon Nancy’s friends were cutting in and I was in heaven. Even Sally the one, I pissed off, jumped in line!

On her dance the band struck up on The Lumbada and she was stuck. As the only woman on the floor there was no way she could walk off! I took it easy on her but when she backed her ass up to my manhood and showed everyone she was going to make a wet spot I pulled out the stops! Seconds later she leaned back into my clasped hands her mound pressed to my groin and her firm tits spread wide I kissed her cleavage! When we left the floor we both wet! And to top it all she softly whispered in my ear “Thank you baby! I’ll see you again?” That was when I figured out that Dancing was every woman’s foreplay and only the sluts in this world bypassed the dance!

In the next few weeks Sally and I had several dates all dance dates and we became the hottest couple on campus. We even won $500 when we did the Lumbada in a dance contest! On our third date she became the second woman I ever had sex with and just 6 weeks later I took her home to meet Mom!

Mrs. Miller had just made the most important impact on my life. If it hadn’t been for her dear John letter and her dance lessons I would never have met Sally, who would become not only my wife but the love of my life!


Dear Mrs. Miller,

I hope this letter finds you well! Let me assure you there is nothing to forgive! It is I who should ask for forgiveness as I had some real harsh feelings and thoughts about you after I received your letter! Only now do I realize how much our short lived relationship bestowed upon my life!

I could not have found a better partner, than the loving and beautiful woman I give my virginity to! Unlike all of my friends I was involved in a deeply emotional and I think loving relationship! I didn’t just give it to some slut in the back seat of my car. I gave it to someone I love!

I wanted you more than you may ever know. I have no regrets and that is the truth! Admittedly when I left for school 6 months ago I was a very confused young man but since then I have met a wonderful young lady and the picture has never been more clear!

A grateful Friend,



Just two short years and two Christmas cards later I married Sally. We were overwhelmed in the receiving line when I raised my eyes to see a familiar looking woman bypass the line and start out the door. I stopped over the extreme objections of my new wife to run and catch her.

“Ma’am! I mean Mrs. Miller wait I need you! I want you to meet Sally! Please wait!”

She stopped and turned and when I reached her I threw my arms around her and without thinking kissed her as if she were still my lover! Embarrassed I apologized for my overzealous greeting then I insisted that she come back to meet Sally! Reluctantly she conceded. I butted back through the departing line pulling poor Mrs. Miller behind me!

“Sally Sally, I have someone you need to meet! Sally this is Mrs. Miller she is a friend of my mother!”

There was so much more to say but there were no words to say it!

“Im glad to meet you Mrs. Miller”

“Jimmy was my favorite of the neighborhood boys. His mother has a lot of good things to say about you and it means so much to me for him to find a fine young woman.”

“Well thank you. That’s so sweet of you!”


Another two Christmas cards and a few short days on January 18th I was in the delivery room pulling my first and only child from the depths of Sally. We had decided that I would deliver the baby, a boy we were told, and although I was nervous as any man could be I was doing it! His head was all the way out. As instructed by the doctor I reached up inside, grasp his shoulders and pulled toward me! He popped out and there in a proud father’s blood covered hands was a screaming baby girl! Well, girl or boy It didn’t matter she was Sally’s and my baby and she was perfect!

“Do you have a name for the records?” the nurse ask.

That was a problem because we had agreed on Kenneth after my dad and now we had a girl! Sally was pretty much out of it and I just shook my head. Just as the nurse was leaving it came to me! I never checked with Sally.

“Ann! Her name is Ann!”

Dear Mrs. Miller,

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of our first born! A girl, Ann B. Beam, 8 pounds 11ounces. Mother and Daughter doing fine.

A grateful Friend



22 Birthday cards later I was pleased to write!

Dear Mrs. Miller,

Mr and Mrs. James B. Beam are pleased to announce the graduation of Ann B Beam with a bachelor of science in micro biology. She graduates with honors and has been selected in a PHD program at the local medical facility.

A grateful Friend,



Then just two short years and my mother passed away! At the viewing was the first time I had seen Mrs. Miller since our wedding. Her hair had tuned pure white but in my eyes it was yesterday. She was still the young teacher that I gave my virginity to. This was the first time she met her namesake and they talked for hours. I found out later that dancing and her boy friend she met at dance class in college made up much of the conversation. I think Mrs. Miller was the first to know of the impending marriage but I could think of no one better to give my daughter advice.

Just three short months and Ann married Kirt. Among the wedding presents was an unmarked package containing a beautiful dance dress, the bodice and dress were sheer with a black half slip attached at the waist. In the box were a pair of red silk panties and a tape marked Lumbada.

Ann came to me and all I could tell her was that a friend would be very pleased if she wore the dress and that she and the love of her life should dance the Lumbada for her.

Ann excused herself and when she made her entrance every eye in the room followed her to the DJ’s desk . When the Lumbada played Ann and Kirt danced it as I’ve never before seen it done! Kirt’s trousers were soaked when they finished. My girl had done her job. Now my ever so proper and graceful daughter led the way back to the head table where she promptly spilled her campaign down the front of his trousers. Kirt’s embarrassing wet spot hidden by the campaign he proceeded and danced with his mother. I danced with Ann. It was the first I had danced the Tango with my daughter but she was every bit as good as her mother and yes Mrs. Miller.

Dear Mrs. Miller,

Thanks so much for the dress! Ann put it on at her reception and Kirt and her danced the Lumbada! Later I danced the Tango with my graceful and beautiful daughter. It’s the same dress isn’t it? It brought tears to my eyes and a longing in my heart. Thanks so much!

A grateful Friend,



“Come on honey you can’t stay here! Other people want to say good bye to her too!”

With tears still streaming down my cheeks I laid her hand back upon the other. “Ann I think there is a young man waiting to dance. He’s in on a black jacket with embroidered lapels and sleeves, A white ruffled blouse and tight black pants. And your for ever young again so Dance- Dance- Dance! I left the side of her casket and followed Sally to the chair in the next room. “Who is she honey? Why are we here? Should I know her?” Sally badgered.

“She is the most influential person in our lives! Her name is Mrs. Miller, Ann Miller! Ann our daughter? She is her namesake! Do you understand? I Named our daughter after her! Do you understand?”

“No I don’t!”

“Honey, if it wasn’t for this beautiful woman we would never have met! Our Ann would never have been born! And, the dress the dress at the wedding? It came from her! It was her way to teach them that dancing is the passion of life!”

“I don’t understand!”

“Honey, this is the woman that taught me to dance! If I didn’t know how to dance our relationship would have ended when I grabbed your ass and you walked off the floor! Would you really have gone out with me if we hadn’t danced again that night? If we hadn’t danced the Lumbada that night?”

“Well so you say but circumstances can be made to fit most any situation. And– just tell me why you would name our daughter after someone I never knew?”

I guess I’ll have to tell her someday!

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