A Time to Remember

“You have a visitor Mr. Murphy,” the nursing home attendant told him. “Should I send her out here?”

He was in his wheel chair on the porch looking out over the garden. The doctors had given him 5 months before the cancer would consume his body… that was a year ago. He was ready to die. He just wished it would come quickly.

“Who is it,” he asked, “One of those assholes trying to get me to change my will?”

“I don’t think so,” the attendant replied. “She said her name is Cindy Vanderhoff.”

He sat up straight. That was a name he had not heard in a very long time. He smiled for the first time in weeks. His mind wandered back to his senior year in high school.


The year was 1950. I was eighteen years old and in the 12th grade. We lived in one of those suburban communities just outside of Cincinnati where all the houses look the same. When I wasn’t in school I was working at the local hardware store. I had been on a few awkward dates, but most of my knowledge about sex was from listening to other boys talk in the locker room, and most of the time they didn’t know what they were talking about.

Our school had three kinds of girls. The “popular girls” hung in cliques. They were worried about protecting their reputations. What they did when they were alone with their boyfriends was never discussed. Then there were the bookworms, jocks and nerds who didn’t thrive on trying to impress boys with their looks or femininity. Finally there were the fast girls who liked to fool around. Some girls could straddle two categories but it was difficult.

Cindy Vanderhoff was in a category all by herself. She was 18 and beautiful by any standard. She had high cheekbones, big brown inviting eyes, a perfect smile and pearly white teeth. Her soft brown hair bounced against her shoulders. Her sway was graceful and feminine and her shapely breasts rode high on her chest. Every boy in the high school secretly lusted after Cindy. I was no exception.

Cindy had transferred to our school during her junior year. She was outwardly friendly to everyone but had remained somewhat aloof. She avoided hanging with the popular girls despite their best efforts to draw her into their cliques. Her best friend was a homely looking bookworm named Betsy Cox. Normally Betsy would have been classified a nerd but there were rumors that she had “put out” for some of the boys at the local college.

High school boys were like putty in Cindy’s hands. A smile and a friendly greeting in that soft and sexy voice had them tripping over themselves. She played hard to get and wouldn’t go out on a date until she had been asked several times. She seldom dated the same boy more than once. Those that went out with her often called Cindy the “ice queen” or a “cock tease.” A few boys claimed to have gone “all the way” with her but no one believed them.

Cindy was always nice to me and said hello when we passed in the hallway. It made my heart beat faster to know that she actually knew my name. One afternoon she and her dad walked into the hardware store where I was working. Cindy saw me and came over to say hello. She smiled and put her hand on my forearm. Whatever she said after that certainly didn’t register. I mumbled something unintelligible in response.

“Good,” she whispered in that sexy voice of hers as she was leaving. “Then I’ll see you at 6 on Friday. It’s okay that you don’t have a car. We can walk to the movies. Do you know where I live?”

Cindy scribbled her address on a piece of paper and handed it to me. Then she made my heart flutter with her smile and those big brown eyes. She squeezed my arm and walked away. I watched the back of her pedal pushers sway back and forth with each graceful step. It finally dawned on me that she had just asked me to take her to the movies.

I was terrified when I showed up at her house on Friday night. She opened the front door and greeted me with that heart-melting smile. She wore a sleeveless green dress that fell to her knees. The upper part was cut around her neck and molded snugly to her shapely breasts accentuating their contours. I had put on a nice pair of pants and a button up shirt to impress her.

“You look very handsome tonight,” Cindy greeted me. “I’ve wanted you to ask me out for a while and thought maybe you didn’t like me. Betsy said you were just shy and that I should take the initiative. I hope you don’t think I’m fast.”

I don’t remember much of what we discussed during the twenty minute walk to the movie theater. Cindy did most of the talking. About half-way there she slipped her hand into mine. Our fingers intertwined. I paid for the tickets and bought some popcorn. We sat near the back holding hands. Part way into the movie Cindy looped my arm around her shoulder and snuggled closer. She rested a hand on my knee. It made me dizzy with excitement.

After the movie ended we walked back to her house hand-in-hand. We reached her front porch. I was nervously trying to decide whether I dare kiss her goodnight when she invited me inside. We went into the front room and sat on the couch. Cindy explained that her parents wouldn’t be home until later. She snuggled close and pulled my arm around her. Her hand slid across my chest. She tilted her head and looked up at me.

“You can kiss me,” Cindy suggested with a whisper.

I was in way over my head. I was quite nervous that I wouldn’t live up to her expectations of what a kiss ought to be. She threw her arm around my neck. Our lips met. Hers felt so soft and sensual. It wasn’t just a peck on the mouth. It was a real kiss. Nothing remotely like this had ever happened to me and certainly not with the hottest girl in the high school.

Her tongue brushed across my lips. She gently pried my mouth open. I could feel her soft breast pressing into my chest. My hand slid to her waist and pulled her closer. Our tongues swirled together in a dance of passion. Her fingers ran through my hair. Her lips moved from my mouth to my neck and then up to my ear.

“I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to feel me,” she whispered in a soft sexy voice.

Cindy took my hand from her waist and guided it to the shapely swell pushing out from her dress. The hottest girl in school wanted me to feel her up. This was completely new territory for me. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I pressed my palm over her breast and rubbed it in circles. My fingers gently squeezed soft tissue.

“Yes,” she moaned encouraging my exploration.

Cindy slid her lips back to mine. I eagerly welcomed her tongue into my mouth. She lifted her arm to give me better access to her breast. I fondled her more aggressively squeezing the soft tissue firmly with my fingers. It was like I was living in a dream. I had never been so turned-on in my life. My hard cock felt as though it was going to rip through my pants.

“Don’t tell anyone I let you feel me up,” Cindy said pulling away from the kiss. “I only let you do it because I really like you. It’s not something I do with other boys.”

I’m not sure that I really believed her but I nodded my head anyway. She smiled at me like it was our little secret. We continued kissing. My fingers kneaded and massaged her soft breast through the dress she was wearing. She dropped her hand to my thigh dangerously close to my throbbing cock and aching balls.

Her lips moved to my ear. Her tongue pushed inside. Then her fingers slid across my bulge. She squeezed it gently. I couldn’t stop what happened next. My cock pulsed. Spurt after spurt of hot cum exploded into my pants. I tried to disguise my orgasm by coughing. Cindy took her hand off my spewing cock and looked at me with concern.

“Are you okay?”

I assured her that I was and wondered if she already knew what had happened. I excused myself to use the bathroom and was able to minimize the damage before much had seeped through to my pants. When I returned Cindy told me that her parents would be home soon. At the front door she kissed me goodnight and said that she had a really good time.

That weekend I pounded my cock raw reliving the experience. On Monday at school Cindy acted as though nothing special had happened between us. She was friendly but never mentioned our date. I became convinced that I was just another check mark on her list of boys. I was even more convinced when she went out with Bobby Parker the following weekend.

A week later Cindy asked if I could come to her house on Saturday to study history. It wasn’t exactly a date but I held out some wild hope that it might lead to something more. When I showed up at her front door, history book in hand, she greeted me with a punch in the arm. She was wearing a pair of white pedal pushers and a red knit top that stretched across her shapely tits.

“You never asked me out after our last date. I thought you liked me. I had to go out with that creep Bobby Parker because I didn’t have another date. All he wanted to do was grope me but I wouldn’t let him.”

That wasn’t the story Bobby was telling about their date but I didn’t say anything. Instead I mumbled an apology and said something feeble about work. She stood there pouting for several seconds before breaking into a smile. Cindy threw her arms around me and held me close. I could feel her soft breasts pressing against my chest — the same breasts I had squeezed only two weeks earlier — and possibly so had Bobby Parker last weekend.

“It’s okay. I forgive you. Let’s go to my room.”

I learned that neither her parents nor sister were at home. I followed her down the hall watching her ass cheeks moving back and forth against the tight material covering them. Her bedroom was decorated with a collection of dolls like she was still in grade school. Her twin bed was against the wall. It had a canopy and a frilly bedcover with purple flowers. An array of stuffed animals was piled on the pillows.

“We can study up here,” Cindy suggested climbing onto the bed.

Cindy kicked off her shoes and sat with her back to the wall and her knees pulled up. I joined her on the bed. She snuggled close and pulled my arm around her shoulder.

“You know what? I don’t feel like studying. I feel like kissing.”

She threw her arm around my neck and pressed her lips to mine. Our tongues danced together swapping saliva through our open mouths. My hand went to her waist and slowly inched its way up her body to her breast. Cindy lifted her arm encouraging my exploration. My hand moved over her shapely swell. My fingers squeezed and fondled the soft tissue.

“Let’s kiss lying down,” Cindy whispered. “It’ll more comfortable.”

Cindy stretched out on the bed like a model with a hand behind her head and motioned for me to join her. I slid down next to her. She pulled my arm around her neck and pushed me onto my back. She moved her upper body over me until her face was directly above mine. Our lips met again. Our tongues mingled. My hand went back to her breast. I squeezed it gently with my fingers. She moaned into my mouth.

Cindy fumbled with something behind her back as we continued to kiss. Then she guided the hand that was squeezing her breast under her top. She had loosened her bra. My fingers slid underneath it and glided across the warm skin of her naked breast. It pulsed with life against my fingertips. My heart was pounding with excitement. I felt like I was in a dream.

“Mmmmmm…” she moaned encouraging my exploration.

My fingers continued to squeeze and fondle her soft and warm tissue. Cindy kissed my neck and moaned with pleasure at what I was doing. Her hand slid down to my thigh squeezing and massaging it not far from where my cock was straining to rip through the front of my pants. I rubbed my thumb across her hard nipple.

“Yes… right there,” she whispered slipping her lips up to my ear. “Pinch them.”

I rolled the hard nubs between my thumb and forefinger. Cindy gasped. Her hand slid over my bulge. She rubbed her fingers across its length. I continued to squeeze her naked breast and pinch her nipple. Her hand moved faster. She pushed her tongue into my ear. My poor cock couldn’t take much more. Just before I lost it she pulled her hand away.

“It’s dangerous being with you,” Cindy said rolling onto her back. “I hope you don’t think I’m like this with everyone.”

I assured her that I didn’t even though I was quite sure she was just feeding me a line that she used with all her dates. We kissed some more lying on our sides and facing each other. My hand found its way under her top. I squeezed and fondled her naked breasts. Cindy pushed me onto my back and rolled on top of me straddling me with her knees. I could feel her mound pressing against my hardness.

Cindy sat up and looked down at me with a wicked grin on her face. She grabbed the bottom of her red top with her fingers and pulled it up over her head throwing it into a corner of the bed. Then she shrugged out of her bra. She crossed her arms in front of her breasts like she was trying to hide them from me.

“If I let you see them you can’t tell anyone,” Cindy said with a serious look on her face. “I trust you.”

She dropped her arms. I found myself looking up at the first pair of naked breasts I had ever seen. They were more than incredible. I gazed like a hungry dog at the two ripe melons hanging from Cindy’s chest. Light brown nipples capped by hard tips puffed out from the lily white flesh. I stared with an awestruck look on my face.

“I hope you like them,” she said cupping the two pear-shaped beauties with her hands. “They’re not very big… nothing like Kathy Brown’s.”

They were plenty big in my book. Besides, she was not making a very fair comparison. Kathy Brown was by far the most top-heavy girl in school. She was also a slut, or so it was rumored.

“Take off your shirt,” she said more as an order than a request.

I quickly ripped the shirt from my body. Cindy reached down and slid her hands across my stomach and chest. She even rubbed my nipples with her fingertips. I was surprised at how sensitive they were. Then she leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine. I felt the warmth of her naked breasts pressing against my skin. Her hard nipples dug into my chest.

My hands slid down her naked back and pulled her closer. I could feel her grinding against my hard cock as we kissed. She seemed to be concentrating all the pressure on my knob rubbing against a specific spot of her pussy. She slid her lips to my neck. Her moans as gasps got louder. Her movements against my cock seemed more desperate. I knew if she kept it up I was going to cum in my pants for the second time.

“Oh… oh… oh… yes… yes… yes… uuunnnngggghhhh…mmmmmpppphhhh…”

I felt her body stiffen. Cindy grabbed my hair and yanked. She bucked against me in a series of uncontrollable spasms. She squealed and shrieked like she was in pain. She finally collapsed forward onto my body still shaking. I was so close to losing it that I was seeing stars. Just in the nick of time she rolled off me and rested her head on my chest trying to catch her breath.

“Wow,” she gasped. “I think I just had a climax… a big one.”

I sort of knew that a climax was a female version of what happened when I shot my load. It couldn’t be the same though. Certainly girls didn’t shoot like men. The fact that Cindy Vanderhoff had one with me was more than exciting, but I found it ironic that she had just “cum in her pants” and was telling me about it. I was embarrassed when it happened to me and wasn’t about to tell her how close I had come to doing it again.

“It was just like Betsy said it would be,” Cindy continued like it was the first one she ever had. “It was like… I don’t know… like a feeling of bliss with everything swirling out of control.”

Cindy rubbed her hand across my stomach as she lay there with her head on my chest. My poor cock was pushing out from the front of my pants in a desperate attempt to escape. Her hand traveled across my belt buckle. I felt her fingers slide over the bulge my cock was making.

“Does… um… does it hurt?” Cindy asked sliding her fingers down my length. “I mean to be like that… you know… hard when you’re wearing pants. It doesn’t look very comfortable.”

Yes, I wanted to say. It is damned uncomfortable and it will stay that way until I shoot my load which I need to do in the worst way and if you keep rubbing it like that I will be spewing in my pants in no time. All I was able to manage was a grunt.

“Um… you can… um… take it out if you want. I mean so it won’t be so uncomfortable. I wouldn’t mind.”

It took a few seconds for me to comprehend what she had said. Did she really want to see my cock? Did I want to show it to her? I wondered how many others had she seen and how mine would compare. As these thoughts raced through my mind Cindy began to unfasten my belt. She was having trouble so I helped. Next went my zipper. I pushed down my pants and briefs until hard cock bounced free.

“Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful… and so big and hard,” she exclaimed excitedly. “It has kind of like a helmet on top.”

Cindy was acting like this was the first cock she had ever seen. That wasn’t what Bobby Parker had told everyone in the locker room but it really didn’t matter. Cindy looked at me with those big brown eyes like she was seeking permission to touch it. Then she looked back at my cock. She reached out with her hand. Her fingertips brushed against my hard flesh. My cock pulsed releasing a small trickle of pre-cum. Her eyes got even bigger.

“Did… did you just shoot? I thought there was supposed to be more stuff, at least that’s what Betsy said.”

Apparently Betsy was the authority of all things sexual. I shook my head no. This conversation was getting a little uncomfortable for my taste. She ran a finger across my knob and through the sticky fluid. She continued to trace down my shaft exploring the ridges and veins. Cindy finally wrapped her hand around my shaft and gently squeezed with her fingers.

“It feels so alive,” Cindy said.

Her hand moved up and down in slow gently strokes. She turned her head and looked at me with those big brown innocent eyes. She smiled and turned her head back to concentrate on the task she was performing. If this was her first hand-job she could have fooled me. Her fist moved up and down faster. She gripped me more firmly.

“Is it going to shoot?” Cindy asked. “How will I know?”

The question was too late. Every ounce of energy in my body rushed to my groin. My balls shrunk. My cock swelled. I closed my eyes and grunted. A powerful geyser of hot cum spewed from the tip like a rocket. I lifted off the bed thrusting my cock up through her fingers. She held me tightly as spurt after spurt continued to blast out from the tip. It seemed to go on forever.

“Wow… that was so much stuff,” Cindy said excitedly.

I opened my eyes and looked up at Cindy. She was smiling down at me like a little girl on Christmas morning. Her hand was wrapped around my drained cock which was still hard. Cum oozed over her fingers. Some had streaked up her right arm. There were a few drop on her tits but the majority of my huge load had landed on my stomach and chest.

“It’s still big,” Cindy said stating the obvious. “How long does it stay that way? Betsy told me that after a boy shoots he goes soft.”

Maybe this really was her first hand-job despite the locker room banter. She finally pulled her sticky fingers from my cock and examined them closely. She even lifted them to her nose and sniffed.

“So this is the stuff that makes babies. That is so cool. And I made you do it — shoot I mean. It’s like magic. I guess I had better go clean-up. I’ll be right back.”

Feeling self-conscious, I pulled up my pants and put my cock back in its prison. Cindy returned with a wet towel so I could wipe the mess off my stomach and chest. Then she snuggled her topless body against mine. We kissed some more. My mouth trailed down to her neck. Cindy pushed my head down further and guided my lips to her nipple. Not entirely sure what I was doing, I sucked it into my mouth and swirled my tongue over the hard tip.
“Yes,” she moaned running her fingers through my hair.

I moved to the other nipple. My hand was resting on her stomach. I pushed it down inching my way towards her pussy. She didn’t stop me. My hand slid down the front of her pedal pushers and over her mound. Cindy spread her legs. I slid my fingers down between them and pressed them against her pussy. She moaned.

Cindy humped my fingers while I sucked her nipples. She pulled my head up and kissed me with passionate desperation. Our tongues swirled against each other. My fingers dug aggressively against her pussy. Cindy reached down and grabbed my hand. She shoved it inside the front of her pedal pushers. My fingers slid into her panties. I felt the soft curls of her pubic hair. My fingertip parted the moist folds of her pussy.

“Ooohhhh… oh yes.”

Once again I was in unfamiliar territory. Cindy came to the rescue. She unzipped her pedal pushers making it easier for me to move my fingers. Then she slid her hand over mine. She guided my fingertip to a tiny protrusion poking out from the top of her slit.

“Right there,” she gasped. “Rub me there.”

And so I did. It was like setting off a stick of dynamite. Her gasps and squeals became louder. She squirmed against my finger. Her fingers had a death grip on my forearm. My lips moved to her neck and nibbled on the thin skin.

“Faster,” she gasped.

My finger moved faster and faster. I concentrated most of the pressure on her tiny button but occasionally my finger slipped down her slit and through her folds which were slimy from her secretions. I moved my mouth to her nipple and sucked it into my mouth. Cindy was frantically humping against my finger.

“Ooohhh… ooohhhhhh… aaaahhhhhh,” she gasped throwing her head back.

Her body jerked and bucked in a series of spasms. She shook violently. I continued to rub her with my finger. A gush of something warm sprayed out from her pussy. I bit down on her nipple and sent her into another series of screaming spasms. Her body twisted and jerked back and forth on the bed.

“Uuuunnnnnnnggggg… aaaaahhhhhh…”

Cindy grabbed my hand and guided my middle finger between her folds until it slipped into her opening. I pushed. She was tight but my finger slowly disappeared into her body. I couldn’t believe my finger was now inside a pussy — not just any pussy either. I was fingering the hottest girl in school. She was so warm and tight and pulsing with life.

“Move it,” she gasped.

I pumped. She moved against me. My head was spinning. My cock felt like it was going to rip through my pants. My finger went in and out faster and faster. It made faint squishing sounds from all the juices sloshing around inside her. Her thighs were opening and closing around my hand.

“Oh… oh… oh god… aaaaaeeeeeeeeeeee…aaaaahhhhhhhhh…”

Cindy lifted her ass off the bed. Her fingers dug into the skin of my arm. Her body trembled and jerked and bucked. Juices gushed out from her pussy and seeped onto my hand. I continued pumping in and out of her body until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She finally rolled onto her side facing away from me and still shaking from the experience.

“What are you doing to me?” Cindy finally said after catching her breath. “I thought my insides were going to explode.”

Cindy went into the bathroom. When she came back we resumed our explorations. Before I left she jerked me off again and I fingered her to several mind blowing orgasms. I went home and relived the experience for the rest of the weekend with my hand wrapped around my cock. I was still having a hard time believing this had happened to me.

When I saw Cindy on Monday I was not going to make the same mistake I had previously made so I immediately asked her to go to the movies with me that weekend. She pouted and told me she was grounded from dating because of her grades. Then she smiled and punched me in the arm saying that she was joking.

I showed up at her house at 6:30 on Friday. Cindy didn’t look at all dressed for a date. She was wearing tight white pedal pushers and a gray sweatshirt. She looked out the door in both directions and quickly pulled me inside explaining that her parents and her sister would be out for several hours. I followed her back to her room.

“I hope you don’t mind if we hang out here,” Cindy said climbing onto the bed. “I can still get dressed and we can go to the movies if you want.”

I didn’t want. I joined her on the bed. We sat against the wall. She snuggled up to me. Our lips met. We fell down on the bed. My hands slid under her sweat shirt. She wasn’t even wearing a bra. My fingers kneaded the warm flesh of her breasts and tugged at her erect nipples. Her hand slid down the front of my pants and across the rapidly expanding bulge. After a few minutes of kissing and touching Cindy sat up and removed her sweatshirt.

“You have to take yours off too,” she told me and so I did.

My hand found its way inside her pedal pushers and panties. My lips slid down and sucked a nipple into my mouth. She gasped when a finger plunged into her hot pussy. I pumped it in and out of her body. She twisted and squirmed against me. I felt her jerk when the orgasm hit. Juices poured out from her pussy in a gush. I moved my finger to her little button and rubbed her to another orgasm. She finally pushed me away.

“Betsy said that some girls are gushers when they have a climax,” Cindy told me snuggling close after catching her breath. “I guess that’s me. I hope you don’t mind.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by the word ‘gusher’ but thought it must have something to do with the amount of fluid coming out of her pussy. I had no idea whether this was normal or not. Not that I really dwelled on it very long. My cock was about to rip a hole in my pants. I need to unload in the worst way. Cindy came to the rescue.

“Do you need to shoot?” She asked sliding her hand over my bulging cock. “It feels like it.”

I reached down and helped her unbuckle my pants and push them down along with my boxers. . My hard cock sprung free and shot up from between my legs like a rocket on a launch pad. Cindy sat up and wrapped her fingers round me. I watched her tits jiggle back and forth on her chest as she stroked. It didn’t take long. My cock swelled. My balls tensed.


I came up off the bed. Cum spewed from my cock like an erupting volcano. One spurt after the next exploded from the tip. When I was drained I fell back on the bed breathing hard. Cindy’s hand was still wrapped around me. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at her.

“That is a lot of stuff,” Cindy said wiping a small speck that had landed on her chin. “This time it got all over me.”

Sure enough there was cum up the side of her arm and speckled across her breasts. More had oozed over her hand. There were a couple of globs on her stomach, but most of my huge load had landed on her pedal pushers and was soaking into them.

“I better go clean up,” she said climbing out of bed. “I’ll be right back.”

I remained laying on the bed still dazed and weak from the huge orgasm that had exploded from my cock. My pants were down around my knees. My spent member was draped over my thigh. Cindy returned from the bathroom wearing only a pair of white cotton panties. I watched her naked tits jiggle on her chest as she walked towards me. She sat down on the edge of the bed without any apparent shyness about her nearly naked state.

“My pants were a mess,” Cindy told me as she rolled onto the bed and snuggled up next to me, “So I took them off. I hope you don’t mind.”

I didn’t. My arm found its way around her shoulder and pulled her closer. Cindy buried her head in my neck. She gently kissed and nibbled the thin skin. Her hand rubbed my chest. She even tweaked my nipples. Cindy’s lips moved up to my ear. We kissed. Cindy’s hand slid down my body. Her fingers wrapped around my cock and slowly stroked.

“It’s hard,” she whispered. “Are you going to shoot again?”

I was quite sure if she kept doing what she was doing I would be spewing another load of cum in no time. Cindy let go of my cock and swung her knee over my body. She climbed on top and straddled me. I put my arms around her and pulled her tightly against me. I could feel her naked breasts and the hard tips of her nipples against my bare chest.

We continued to kiss. Cindy rubbed her panty-covered pussy against my swollen knob. My hands slid down her back and over the cheeks of her firm ass. I helped guide her motions as she squirmed and rotated against me. Cindy shifted until my knob was pressing against her little button through her panties. She continued to squirm against me. She lifted her head.

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“Oh… oh… oh… aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…”

Her fingers dug into my shoulders. Her body stiffened. She ground her pussy hard against my cock. Cindy shrieked. Her body shook and jerked in a series of violent spasms. Something warm trickled over my shaft. She continued to squirm against me shaking and gasping for air. She finally collapsed against me still shaking from the ordeal.

“Wow… I get those so easily with you.”

My cock had shifted and was now pressed against her opening through her soaked panties. We resumed kissing. Cindy squirmed against my knob. I pushed back. The tip of my cock seemed to go deeper into her opening even though it was still pressed against her panties. I pulled back just slightly and pushed up into her again going even deeper. I did it again and again.

Cindy threw her head back and screamed. Her fingernails dug into my shoulders so hard I thought she might draw blood. Juices seeped through her panties and trickled down the length of my cock. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My cock swelled. I grunted. Cum blasted against her wet panties which were wedged into the opening of her pussy. I kept shooting and shooting until I was drained.

Cindy collapsed against me. We held each other breathing hard. I felt her body shudder several times. My spent cock remained lodged in her opening through her drenched panties. After catching her breath Cindy finally rolled off me and snuggled close pulling my arm around her. We sat there in silence holding each other. Cindy finally spoke.

“You shot your stuff, didn’t you? I can tell. My panties are a mess.”

She rolled onto her back, hooked her thumbs under the elastic waistband of her panties and slipped them down her legs. For the first time I saw her pussy. From the angle that I was looking it was mostly a strip of curly hair covering her mound. Cindy sat up on the side of the bed holding her panties between two fingers.

“I better wash these before mom sees them. She would kill me.”

They were so wet that a strand of cum dripped from the crotch. Cindy giggled and threw them onto the floor. She snuggled her now completely naked body against mine. My semi-hard cock was still exposed. Cindy rested her head on my chest and looked down at it. She reached out and rubbed her fingers over it.

“I can feel it growing,” Cindy said as she rubbed her thumb across my knob and over my slit. “Betsy said that it usually takes a long time before boys can shoot again but you already shot twice and you’re still hard. Does it mean that you’re ready to shoot again?”

I had no idea, but I was pretty sure that with the right stimulation Cindy could make it happen. She wrapped her fingers around me and began to slide her fist up and down.

“I just love touching it.”

Her hand went faster and faster. She kept it up for several minutes. I could feel my balls regenerating more cum but I wasn’t quite ready to shoot. Cindy finally pulled her hand away.

“I guess it’s not ready yet, huh?” Cindy proclaimed shaking her tired hand. “I’ll do it some more if you want but first I have to go pee. I’ll be right back.”

Cindy climbed off the bed and stood. I gazed at the firm cheeks of her bare ass separated by a dark cleft down the middle. When she bent over to pick up her panties her puffy pussy lightly covered with curly hair peeked out at me from between her thighs. A thin gash separated the swollen lips into two halves. I felt my cock twitch as I gazed at this majestic image. I could barely breathe.

Cindy disappeared into the bathroom. I sat up on the edge of the bed with my jeans bunched around my ankles and my hard cock poking up from between my legs. I thought about pulling them up to cover my nakedness, but she had already seen my cock so there really was nothing to hide. Besides, Cindy was naked so why shouldn’t I be? I kicked my jeans from my feet and waited for her return.

Cindy came out of the bathroom. I watched her tits jiggle as she walked over to the bed. She stopped and stood in front of me completely naked staring down at my hard cock. I gazed at her hairy mound and tried to imagine a stream of hot golden pee shooting out from the gash down the middle. Cindy looked down to where my eyes were focused.

“Boys are so much more interesting than girls,” Cindy said. “With girls everything is hidden on the inside.”

I didn’t agree but I wasn’t about to argue. Cindy reached down and spread her pussy lips open as if to prove her point. The pink folds which had been hidden inside the gash pushed their way forward and parted slightly. At the top of her slit was a tiny protrusion which poked out like a button from a fleshy boat surrounding it. Cindy put her fingertip on it.

“This is my clitoris.”

I couldn’t believe that Cindy Vanderhoff, the hottest girl in school, was presenting her pussy to me like we were at show-and-tell. My cock twitched. I was half tempted to wrap my hand around my throbbing shaft and jerk-off right there in front of her. It wouldn’t take much to make me shoot with her pussy staring at me like that. Cindy began to move her finger across her hard protrusion.

“It’s where I rub when I’m alone at night,” she told me biting her lower lip.

I could see the wild look in her eyes. Her finger continued to move across her tiny button. I did the only polite thing — I wrapped my hand around my shaft and joined her in a mutual masturbation demonstration. My eyes remained glued to her pussy. I watched Cindy flutter her finger across her clit. My hand pumped my cock in rapid strokes. Cindy bent her knees and spread her thighs. Her finger went faster and faster.

Cindy’s gasps and moans got louder. Her finger was now flying across her clit. Her thighs were opening and closing in jerky movements. Suddenly her entire body stiffened. She squealed. A small spray of sticky fluid gushed out of her pussy. More dribbled down her legs. Her knees almost buckled. Her finger slid between her folds. I watched it disappear all the way into her opening.

I could no longer hold back. I stood with my knees bent and hammered my cock. A powerful jet of hot cum exploded from the tip and splashed against her pussy. More splattered onto her hand and thighs. Cindy continued to ram her finger in and out of her body. Juices sprayed out of her pussy and streamed down her legs. Cindy threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. We both fell back onto the bed.

That was when we heard the front door open. I grabbed my clothes and climbed out the window. Cindy ran into the bathroom, locked the door and turned on the shower. I pulled on my clothes and watched. Her sister Dana walked in and knocked on the bathroom door. I could see a man waiting in the doorway.

Cindy answered with a towel wrapped around her body. They exchanged some heated words. Cindy pointed to the man in the doorway. It was hard to hear exactly what they were saying but bitch and slut were definitely part of the vocabulary. Dana finally stomped out and slammed the door behind her. I left and went home.

The phone rang Saturday morning. My mom answered it and called me all excited telling me there was a girl on the phone. It was Cindy. I stood there with my mom looking at me with big eyes. Cindy babbled on for a few minutes and finally asked me if I wanted to take her to the movies that afternoon. I agreed to my mom’s delight.

I picked up Cindy at 2:30. She was dressed in a gray skirt and tight green top that was molded to the contours of her shapely tits. We sat in the back row. I put my arm around her. Cindy rested her head on my shoulder. My hand slipped under her arm and squeezed the soft tissue of her breast through her blouse. She rubbed my thigh occasionally letting her hand slide across my bulge.

“Let’s go back to my house,” Cindy suggested when the movie was over. “My parents won’t be back for a few hours.”

We walked hand in hand back to her house. Once again Cindy did most of the talking. As we were nearing her house we saw a car pull into the driveway. Her sister and some guy got out and went into the house. It was a different man from the one that had been standing in the doorway to Cindy’s room yesterday when I escaped out the window.

“Damn,” Cindy swore. “My parents are out at some big function and told me they wouldn’t be home until late. I was hoping we could spend some time alone but that bitch had to bring one of her boyfriends here. She’s always doing that.”

“That’s okay,” I reassured her. “We could go for a soda if you want.”

“No it’s not okay,” she fumed. “Let’s go spy on the bitch. I’m going to get the goods on her this time.”

We went around back and quietly opened the kitchen door. Once inside we listened. We heard laughter coming from down the hall. Cindy put a finger to her lips and told me to follow her. We went into Cindy’s room. She turned on a bedside lamp so we could see what we were doing. The two girls shared a bathroom. Cindy motioned for me to follow her. We listened at the door on Dana’s side and could hear them kissing. Cindy cracked it open far enough so we could see.

Dana was on the bed with her boyfriend — more of a man really. They were frantically kissing with their tongues. His hand was under her blouse feeling her tits. We watched with amazement as Dana slid her hand over the bulge in his jeans and rubbed it. Dana finally sat up and pulled off her blouse and then her bra. My eyes feasted on her naked tits which were bigger than Cindy’s and absolutely gorgeous.

Dana fed a nipple to the mouth of the man she was with. She moaned as he licked and sucked first one and then the other. Her hand moved back to the bulge in his jeans. My cock was so hard from watching that it felt like it was going to rip through my pants. I could barely breathe. Cindy looked up at me with eyes full of wonder and smiled wickedly.

Dana used both hands to unfasten his jeans. He reached down to help her. She finally managed to get them and his briefs far enough down his thighs for his hard cock to pop free. It was huge and had to be at least eight inches long. A dark crop of pubic hair surrounded the base. Dana wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke.

What happened next caught me completely by surprise. Dana leaned over and swirled her tongue around the knob of his cock. Then she slipped it into her mouth and slid her lips down his shaft. Her head bobbed up and down. We could hear faint sucking and slurping sounds and see spit drooling down his shaft.

“Oh yeah baby… suck my cock… aaahhh… yes… use your tongue… oh fuck that feels so good.”

Encouraged by his words Dana became more aggressive. Her mouth went faster and faster. Her hand slid down and massaged his balls. Spit was flying off her lips. We could hear loud gagging and sucking sounds. We watched her slip a hand into her pedal pushers and could see her fingers moving inside them as she rubbed her pussy. His hands grabbed the back of her head to guide her motions.

My own cock was throbbing so hard I thought it might explode into my pants. Dana’s boyfriend thrust faster and faster into her mouth. His face contorted. He grunted. Dana kept her lips clamped tightly around him. After several seconds we saw something white and gooey drool from her lips and down his shaft.
Dana pulled her mouth off his cock. She closed her lips but not before a dribble of cum trickled down her chin. She looked down at her boyfriend who was still recovering and gulped twice. Using her finger she cleaned her chin and put that into her mouth as well. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Just a sec. I’m going to use the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

We quickly scrambled back into Cindy’s room locking the door behind us. My cock was screaming. My balls were aching. We waited until we could hear the toilet flush and Dana leave the bathroom before moving or making any noise at all. Cindy sat down on the side of her bed. I could see her looking at me in the dim light of the bedside lamp. Her eyes were desperate.

I stepped closer. My cock felt like it was going to rip through the front of my pants. Cindy reached out with a hand and rubbed it across my bulge. She tugged at my zipper. I unsnapped my pants and pushed them down my thighs along with my boxers. My hard cock sprung free and poked up from between my legs.

Cindy wrapped her hand around my hard meat and slowly stroked. I stepped closer. Cindy leaned forward and looked up at me with wild eyes. I knew what she was going to do. Her tongue shot out and flicked across my knob. She pulled her hand from my cock. I watched her lips part and slide down my throbbing shaft.

My head was pounding as Cindy took me deeper into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my shaft and over my knob. She bobbed her head up and down. I let her do all the work trying my best to hold back for as long as I could. My cock plunged into her hot and wet mouth again and again. Spit was drooling from her lips. Cindy slid a hand under her skirt and into her panties.

I felt my balls tighten. I put my hands on her head and grunted. Cum exploded into her mouth in spurt after spurt until it was drooling from her lips. I was nearly spent when she stiffened. She gasped desperately for air as her finger continued to fly across her clit. Cum drooled out of her mouth and down my shaft. It dripped from my balls onto the floor.

Cindy kept my spent cock in her mouth as the final vestiges of her orgasm passed. She finally pulled away and looked up at me. Cum was still drooling from her lips and running down her chin. Some of it had splattered onto her thighs. She pulled her hand out of her panties and wiped her mouth. I had no idea what to say. Cindy finally broke the silence.

“I always thought those kinds of things were disgusting acts that only perverts did in dirty movies, but then I saw Dana do it and I couldn’t help myself. I even let you shoot in my mouth… and I liked it. I got off on it. What am I becoming? You can’t tell anyone what we just did, okay?”

I nodded still in a daze from unloading into her mouth. We both turned our heads when we heard a loud shriek coming from Dana’s room.

“They’re at it again,” Cindy said looking at me with big eyes. “I want to watch.”

She took my hand and led me into the bathroom. Being very careful she slowly cracked opened Dana’s door and stooped down to watch. I stood over her and peeked into the room. Dana was on her back with her legs spread and knees pulled to her shoulders. Her panties and pedal pushers were lying on the floor. Her boyfriend had his head buried between her thighs.

Dana had her hands on his head and was squirming against him. We could hear loud sucking and slurping sounds interspersed by her loud moans. It finally dawned on me that he was licking her pussy. Dana squealed when her boyfriend shoved two fingers into her body. From the angle we were watching we could see them moving in and out of her juicy hole. He was using his tongue on her clit.

“Yes… yes… lick my pussy baby… fuck me with your fingers… that’s it… right there… yes… I’m going to climax… oh god… uuuunnngggghhhh…”

Dana threw her head back and screamed. She thrashed and jerked and bucked against his thrusting fingers and probing tongue. We could hear wet squishing sounds coming from her pussy. She finally squeezed her legs together and pushed him away. A thick strip of curly pubes covered her swollen mound. I could see glistening pink lips peeking out from the gash down the middle.

“Oh baby that was so good,” Dana exclaimed with a final gasp. “Do you want me to get you off again?”

“You mean I can fuck you?”

“Tom, I told you I wasn’t going to do that on our first date. I’ll suck you again if you want.”

“Will you let me cum on your face?”

“Why is it that you guys are all the same? I guess… I mean if you really want to.”

Tom straddled her body, lifted her head and shoved his cock between her lips. This time he was in charge. He grabbed her hair and fucked her face hard driving his cock deep into her mouth on each thrust. Dana gagged and choked from his aggressive assault but did her best to keep up with his punishing jabs. A flood of spit drooled from her lips and streamed down her neck. She gasped for air when he finally pulled out of her mouth.

Tom slapped his hard cock across her face and then climbed out of bed pulling Dana around until her head was hanging over the edge of the mattress. His cock speared back into her mouth. He showed no mercy driving his meat into her throat on each thrust. Spit streamed down her face running up her nose and into her hair. Dana slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy. She obviously loved what he was doing to her.

Once again he pulled his cock out of her mouth releasing a flood of spit that ran down her face and dripped onto the floor. She was gasping and out of breath. He slapped his cock across her face several times and rammed it back down her throat. She gagged and choked as he furiously fucked her face. Her fingers flew across her clit.

Tom grabbed his cock, pulled it from her mouth and aimed it at her face. A powerful stream of hot cum splashed against her cheek. Another blast hit her between the eyes. He moved forward and pumped several spurts onto her tits and then back to her face where he deposited the final few drops. Dana’s fingers dug into her pussy. She arched her back and screamed.

Dana was still on her back with cum running down her face mixing with the spit in her hair when Cindy and I closed the door and went back to her room. We were both trembling from what we had just witnessed. She threw her arms around me. Our bodies melded together in a tight embrace. Our lips met. Our tongues danced in a swirl of spit.

Cindy pulled away from the kiss and took a step back. Her top came off and then her bra. She reached under her skirt and removed her panties. She took my hand and led me to the bed. She sat down fumbled with my belt. I helped her unfasten my pants. My hard cock popped free. Cindy leaned forward and took me between her lips. She looked up at me with those big brown eyes as my hard cock slid in and out of her mouth.

I was about to lose it when she pulled her lips off me. Cindy fell back on the bed and motioned for me to join her. I climbed on top and kissed her. She pushed down on my head. I kissed her neck. She continued pushing me down. I sucked a nipple into my mouth. She pushed me further down her body. My lips trailed across her bare stomach. She pulled up her skirt and pulled her legs back. I found myself staring at her naked pussy.

“Lick me,” she whispered.

I stared at pink folds that peeked out from the dark gash splitting her swollen mound surrounded in a forest of light brown curls I moved my face closer and could smell her musky aroma. Her pussy throbbed with life. My tongue shot out and pushed between her folds. I flicked it up and down her slit. I clamped my lips around her swollen mound. My tongue found her opening. I pushed it into her steamy passage.

Cindy moaned with pleasure. She took my head in her hands and pulled my lips tighter against her throbbing mound. My tongue moved in and out of her hot pussy. I flicked it up and down her gash. I sucked her juices into my mouth as they dribbled out of her body. Cindy’s moans became louder. She squirmed against me pulling me even tighter to her pussy.

I felt Cindy trembling. Her fingers dug into my scalp. I moved my tongue to her clit. Her thighs clamped against my ears like a vice. She tried to stifle a scream. Her body bucked and jerked uncontrollably. A gush of juice squirted out from her pussy and filled my mouth. I swallowed. I clamped my lips tightly around her and sucked. More juices flowed into my mouth.

I loved licking Cindy’s pussy. I never wanted it to stop. I moved my tongue back to her clit and pushed a finger into her quivering passage. Another wave of orgasm had Cindy thrashing and squirming. I pumped my finger in and out as fast as I could. My tongue continued to torture her clit. Juices poured from her pussy and dribbled down my chin.

“Stop… stop… please,” Cindy begged pushing my face away.

I climbed up her body and kissed her on the lips. Cindy didn’t seem to mind the taste of her pussy on my tongue. My hard cock slid between her open legs. My knob rubbed across her wet pussy and parted the folds. I wanted so much to fuck her. My cock found her opening. I looked down into her eyes. They were soft and uncertain.

“I’m still a virgin,” she said.

That’s when we were interrupted by screams coming from Dana’s rooms. The moment had passed. I rolled off her. We heard shouts of “fuck me” and “harder” and “deeper”. Apparently Dana was doing that thing she had said that she wouldn’t do on the first date. Cindy looked at me with big eyes.

“Oh my god,” Cindy said excitedly, “Listen. She’s doing it with her new boyfriend on their first date. What a slut.”

Cindy climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She was going to watch her sister getting fucked. I followed not wanting to miss the opportunity to see a live sex show. I was a little self-conscious that I wasn’t wearing any pants. Cindy had on a skirt but was topless. She squatted and cracked open the door. I stood above her and peeked into Dana’s room.

Dana was on her hands and knees facing the wall. Tom was standing behind her slamming his cock into her from behind. We both had a clear view of it sliding in and out of her swollen pussy which hung between her thighs like a hairy peach. He wasn’t just sliding it into her. He was slamming into her so hard that her whole body was propelled forward and each thrust causing her head to bang against the wall.

“Yes… yes… fuck me… shove your big cock up my cunt… harder dammit… fuck me harder.”

He continued to pound into her like a madman. He slapped her ass cheek so hard he left a welt. He did it again and again. Dana screamed. Her head continued to bounce off the wall. Juice ran down her thighs. Then pushed a finger into her asshole. She squealed as another orgasm sent her spinning out of control. He inserted a second finger up her butt.

“Yes,” she screamed. “Fuck me in the ass.”

Cindy and I watched in a trance-like state as he pulled his dripping cock from her open pussy and guided the head against her tight sphincter. He pushed. We could actually see her tight orifice stretch open around his knob. Suddenly it disappeared inside her. He drooled spit down the crevice between her cheeks and pushed more of his cock inside her. Dana rotated against him until his entire length was buried.

“God you’re so big,” Dana gasped.

“That’s right bitch,” he responded, “And now I’m going to pound your asshole raw.”

He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back. He pulled out his cock and then rammed it deep into her asshole. He did this again and again jerking her body forward on each thrust. It was hard to tell whether Dana’s shrieks and squeals were from pleasure or pain but he never let up and she never stopped screaming.

Dana sat up on her knees and dropped a hand between her legs. He continued to pound her asshole and yank her hair. He sunk his teeth into her neck and reached around her body with his free hand pulling hard on her nipple and twisting it. Dana screamed like she was in pain. A stream of cum sprayed from her pussy and soaked the bedspread.

Tom pulled out and threw Dana onto her back. He climbed on top hooking her heels over his shoulders and bending her legs until her knees were by her ears. His hard cock rubbed against her asshole. He slapped her hard across the face.

“Tell me what you want whore,” he yelled down at her and slapped her again.

“Please,” she begged between screams as he continued to slap her. “Put your cock in my ass. I want you to fuck my asshole.”

He thrust hard driving all eight inches deep into her body. Dana gasped and clawed at his back with her fingernails. He pounded her hard and fast. His fingers went around her neck and squeezed. His cock continued its relentless assault on her asshole. She looked up at him with wild eyes and screamed. He pulled out his cock. We watched a gush of juices spray from her pussy. He slammed into her again driving his cock deep into her ass.

Cindy closed the door and stood to face me. We looked at each other shocked at what we had just witnessed. Anal intercourse was supposed to be dirty and disgusting. Only really nasty whores did things like that… so why was my heart beating so hard and my cock throbbing with excitement. Cindy was also trembling. I could see fear in her eyes and knew it was because she was turned-on from watching her sister getting sodomized.

Neither of us said a word. The sexual tension in the air was overwhelming. Cindy reached down and wrapped her hand around my hard cock. We kissed. I reached under her skirt and rubbed her pussy. My finger found her clit. Seconds later Cindy gasped. Her body stiffened. Juices oozed out from her pussy and ran down her legs. I pushed a finger into her body. She squealed. Her knees became wobbly. Cindy fell to the floor still shaking.

My poor cock was about to explode. Cindy wrapped her hand around it and pumped. She opened her mouth pushing out her tongue. Her soft brown eyes looked up at me with anticipation. The tip of my cock was only inches from her face. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My balls tightened. My cock swelled. I bent my knees and grunted.


Cum exploded up the side of her nose and over her forehead. Another blast bounced off her cheek and across her ear. More landed on her lips and chin. A huge stream shot directly into her mouth. Cindy leaned forward and took me between her lips grabbing my ass cheeks. The head of my cock pressed against her throat as the last few drops dribbled from the tip.

In the other room a scream shook the house and then another and another. We heard a loud grunt followed by a few “oh fucks”. After that there was only heavy breathing. We went back into Cindy’s room, dressed and snuck out of the house. We went around to the front. Cindy marched into her house and went straight to Dana’s room. I quickly escaped and went home when I heard the screams and shouts of the two sisters fighting.

The following Wednesday Cindy asked me to come over to her house knowing that no one was at home. Her mom was playing bridge and her sister was at work. My dad reluctantly gave me the afternoon off when I told him I needed to study for a big exam. Cindy greeted me at the door and quickly pulled me inside before the neighbors could see.

We went back to her room and climbed on the bed. It didn’t take long before most of her clothes were on the floor. Cindy was still wearing her panties. I fingered her to a quick orgasm. She helped me push my pants down my legs and kneeled over me taking my cock between her lips. Her tongue swirled across my knob as she bobbed her head up and down. In less than two minutes I grunted and filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed it all in two gulps.

Her panties came off. I licked and fingered her pussy to two gushing orgasms. By this time we were both naked. She swung her leg over me and rubbed her pussy up and down my length. Cindy pressed her clit against my knob and rubbed herself to another orgasm. My cock slid down her gash and pressed against her opening. I wanted so much to plow it deep into her pussy but I was afraid she would hate me for it.

We kissed. Cindy squirmed against me. My knob slid inside but met resistance when it pushed against her cherry. Instead of trying to go deeper I fucked it in and out of her opening. The sensation was incredible. Every nerve ending in my body was on fire. I felt my cock swell. Cum exploded from the tip and sprayed against her pussy. She moved her clit over my knob. Another explosion rocketed across her hard nub. Cindy screamed.

We were still shaking and holding each other in a desperate clutch when we heard the front door open. I grabbed my clothes. Cindy pushed me into the closet and closed the door. Cindy ran to the bathroom. Through the louvers I was able to see her older sister Dana enter the room. She walked over to the bed and examined it. She ran her finger through a wet spot on the bedspread and sniffed it. Then she went to the bathroom and pounded on the door.

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“Cindy, do you have a boy in there with you?”

“What are you doing here?” Cindy asked defiantly cracking open the door. “You’re supposed to be at work.”

“I forgot something at home, but that doesn’t matter,” Dana said trying to look into the bathroom to see if anyone was there. “I know you’ve been with a boy. Mom would kill you if she found out, and I’m not too happy about it either.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Cindy replied defiantly opening the door and walking out with a towel wrapped around her. “Besides, you’re a fine one to talk. I’m sure mom would like to know all about the boys you entertain when she’s not here.”

“That’s not true,” Dana said defensively. “And quit trying to change the subject. I know that a boy was here with you. Your whole room smells like sex. You’re too young for that. You’re only in high school.”

“Oh yeah,” Cindy shouted back, “Well everybody knows what you were doing in high school. Besides, I know exactly what you did with Tom the other day. Wouldn’t mom be surprised to find out that her daughter was taking it up the ass? Now get out of my room.”

“Bitch,” Dana shouted as she turned to leave. “I’m going to get you.”

“And I’ll be watching you,” Cindy shouted as Dana closed the door.

The front door closed. A car peeled out of the driveway and drove away. Cindy pulled me out of the closet. She still had a towel wrapped around her body. I was still naked with my clothes stuffed under my arm. Cindy looked at me with an expression on her face of anger and defiance.

“My sister is a real bitch,” she told me. “Sometimes I want to kill her. Ever since she graduated from secretary school and got that job at the auto parts plant she acts like she knows everything.”

Cindy sat down on the edge of the bed fuming. I stood there like an idiot trying to figure out what to do. Should I console her? Should I just let her rant? I finally sat down next to her and threw my clothes to the side. Cindy continued her diatribe against her sister.

“She’s not just a bitch. She’s a slut. She has a different boyfriend almost every week. You saw what she does with them. It’s no wonder she knows what sex smells like. She reeks of it.”

The rage she was feeling towards her sister continued to build. She stood and paced the room with the towel still wrapped around her body. She stopped right in front of me with her hands on her hips.

“And who is she to tell me what to do?” Cindy asked as she continued with the verbal evisceration of her sister. “From what I heard she was a slut in high school too. I know that Billy Jordan’s older brother fucked her and they weren’t even going steady. I’m sure he wasn’t the only one.”

I was shocked at her use of the word “fuck”. It wasn’t something girls were supposed to say but it was somehow exciting to hear her use it. Cindy had a few more choice words for her sister. She finally stopped talking and gave me a quizzical look like she just realized I was sitting there. With a smile she opened the towel and let it fall to the floor.
“I wonder what my slut sister Dana would do if she saw me standing naked in front of a boy? You know what? I don’t care. I’ll do whatever I want.”

Cindy walked around the room completely naked as she continued her rant. I couldn’t take my eyes off her perfect body. Her tits swayed back and forth on her chest. Her ass cheeks jiggled. I could still see the open lips of her pussy peeking out from between the hairy curls covering it. My cock pulsed to life.

“I wish she would walk in right now and see me standing in front of you like this,” Cindy continued still fuming about her sister. “Even better, I wish she had walked in while I was making you shoot in my mouth. I would have told her how much I liked doing it and how many climaxes you made me have.”

Cindy turned around and bent over to pick up the towel. Once again I was staring at nirvana only this time I could see her clit peeking out from the gash of her pussy along with her folds. I also noticed the tight knot of her asshole for the first time. Cindy threw the towel in the bathroom and returned to stand in front of me.

“Get up here and kiss me,” she ordered.

I stood. Cindy threw an arm around my neck and mashed her lips against mine. Her tongue shot into my mouth. She reached down with her free hand and found my cock. She wrapped her fingers around it and stroked. Cindy looked into my eyes with her face only inches from mine. She guided my knob to her clit.

“That bitch is not going to control my sex life,” Cindy whispered defiantly. “I’ll do what I want with whoever I want.”

She kissed me again. Her tongue swirled inside my mouth. She rubbed my knob back and forth across her juicy slit and over her hard clit. It found her opening. She squirmed against it. I felt the head of my cock slide part way inside but the angle was awkward and my knob popped out of her pussy.

“Lie down on the bed,” she ordered pushing on my chest.

My knees buckled. I sat down on the bed. Cindy climbed on top of me and pushed me onto my back. She straddled me with her knees and reached between our bodies. Her fingers curled around my hard cock and guided it back to her pussy. She rubbed it up and down her slit until my knob was once again lodged in her opening. She looked down at me with wild eyes.

“Fuck me,” she said in an almost angry voice. “I want you to fuck me. That will show that bitch that she can’t tell her sister what to do.”

This was not the same sweet girl that invited me over to study. Dana had set off a trigger inside Cindy that had turned her into a possessed woman. Those words never would have been uttered by the real Cindy Vanderhoff. I didn’t know what to do. I had never “fucked” a girl. She was a virgin. Wasn’t it supposed to hurt the first time? What if I got her pregnant?

As these thoughts flashed through my mind Cindy pushed against me. She ground her pussy around my knob and pushed harder. Cindy squealed as the barrier holding me back suddenly gave way. I felt my cock slide inside. She continued to grind against me driving me deeper and deeper into her body until my entire cock had disappeared into her tight passage.

I had never experienced a feeling like this. The walls of her hot pussy gripped me firmly. I could feel it pulsing against me igniting every nerve ending in my cock. Jolts of intense pleasure flashed through my brain. Cindy leaned forward and kissed me hard on the lips. She held me deep and slowly rotated my cock around inside her. My hands slid down the smooth skin of her back and over the creamy cheeks of her ass.

Were we fucking now? I knew that my cock was in her pussy but I always thought that the act of fucking involved movement. Was there something I was supposed to be doing? We continued to kiss and she continued to grind against me. It was a good thing that I had already shot my load two times. Otherwise there was no way that I would be able to keep my cock from spewing again.

“I can feel you inside me,” Cindy whispered lifting her lips from mine. “It’s so big and hard. God it feels good.”

Cindy slowly rocked up and down my cock moving an inch at a time and still grinding against me. My fingers slid down into the crevice between her cheeks to help guide her movements. At first I let her do all the work, but slowly I moved with her. I shoved my cock up into her pussy each time she came down on me. We moved faster and faster. It felt like I was plowing deeper into her body on each thrust.

“Fuck me… fuck me… oooohhhh… yes… fuck me…”

We were fucking. There could be no doubt about it. Hearing her say it made it even more exciting. I slammed up into her pussy again and again. She impaled herself on my cock on each thrust. Her gasps and moans became louder and more desperate. Her hands grasped my arms like she was holding on for life. Her tits swayed back and forth on her chest. She had a wild and desperate look on her face.

“Oh god… oh god… uuuunnngggghhhh… aaaarrrrgggghhh…”

I felt her pussy clench against my cock. She slammed down on me hard and screamed. Her fingers practically ripped into my flesh. A flood of juices seeped out of her gash and dribbled down my balls. Her body thrashed and jerked above me as one spasm after the next consumed her. I could feel her grinding her clit against my pubic bone with my cock buried deep in her pussy.

“Oh god… ooohhhhh… aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…”

Another series of spasms sent her spinning into orbit. Her pussy tightened around my cock. Cindy fell forward on top of me and sunk her teeth into my neck. My fingertip brushed across her asshole. Cindy gasped. Another orgasm gushed from her pussy. She collapsed on top me. Her pussy twitched against my cock. She looked at me with a sense of amazement.

“I didn’t know it could be like that,” she gasped. “Betsy tried to tell me but… but there is no way to describe it.”

Cindy rolled onto her back and pulled me with her. My cock remained buried deep inside her pussy. We kissed. She wrapped her legs around me. I moved in and out of her body. She moved with me. We went faster and faster as we found our rhythm. Soon I was pounding my cock deep into her quivering chamber on each thrust.

“Yes… fuck me… harder…. shove it in me… god I love being fucked.”

Now I was the one possessed. I slammed into her like a madman. Her fingers raked across my back. Her heels dug into my ass cheeks. My balls slapped wetly against her tight asshole. Cindy threw her head back and screamed. I continued to pound into her. I could feel her fingernails pulling at my flesh. Juices flew out from her body drenching my pubes and dripping down my balls. Her pussy gripped my cock in another series of spasms.

My balls were churning. I was about to cum. From somewhere in the back of my brain a warning light flashed. At the last second I pulled out. My cock barely cleared her pussy when it exploded. Jets of hot cum splashed against her clit and drenched her pubic hair. More landed on her stomach and tits. I collapsed forward onto her trembling body. Cindy buried her face in my neck. We lay there in silence holding each other and breathing hard. I began to pull away.

“No,” Cindy said wrapping her arms tightly around me. “Hold me.”

We held each other for a long time without saying a word. I finally rolled off her. Cindy climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom. I looked down at my shriveled cock. A pinkish tint was streaked across it. I had heard that girls bleed their first time. At least one of the locker room myths about what other boys did with Cindy had been dispelled once and for all. She had been a virgin and I had the proof.

Feeling a little self-conscious I sat up and pulled on my jeans and briefs. Cindy returned from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. She averted my eyes and sat down next to me on the bed. She took my hand and squeezed it. I didn’t dare break the silence. Cindy finally turned to me with tears in her eyes.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen. I was going to save myself for marriage. I’ll never be a virgin again — never ever.”

I put my arm around her. She buried her head in my shoulder and threw her arm around my neck. She continued to sob. I felt like a real jerk. I was the one that had taken her virginity. She was going to hate me. Her sobs gradually stopped. We continued to hold each other. Cindy finally pulled away wiping the tears from her eyes.

“It’s all Dana’s fault. I was so mad at her. I wanted to prove that she couldn’t tell me what to do. And then… I don’t know… then I wanted to do it. It was like some demon had possessed me. I wanted you inside me.”

I didn’t respond. I didn’t know how to respond. Cindy turned her head and looked into my eyes. They were soft and gentle and kind. She leaned forward. We kissed. It was a different kind of kiss than before. Not desperate with tongues flying in and out of each other’s mouth. It was a gentle and caring kiss. She pulled away. Her face was inches from mine.

“I’m glad it was you… and thank you for not shooting inside me. I don’t need to get pregnant.”

She kissed me again. The towel fell away from her body exposing her gorgeous breasts. I slid a hand up and gently squeezed. Cindy moaned. She finally pulled away and smiled at me.

“Betsy said that most girls don’t like it the first time because it hurts. There was a little blood but it didn’t hurt at all. In fact I didn’t think my climaxes were ever going to stop.”

Now she was sounding like the Cindy I knew. We kissed some more and fell back on the bed fondling each other. She finally pushed me away and told me that her parents would be home soon. We dressed. She kissed me again at the front door… a hard and deep kiss that lingered for several minutes.

After that day things changed. At school Cindy was openly affectionate and walked with me through the hallways. Her attention towards me did not go unnoticed in the locker room. I got asked if I enjoyed “sloppy seconds” and was given advice on how to keep from falling into her cavernous pussy. I just smiled innocently and shrugged my shoulders.

We saw each as often as we could after school and on the weekends. I bought a box of condoms and went through them at a good rate, but Cindy often preferred sex without them. She enjoyed the feel of hot cum shooting onto her body or into her mouth. This led to a few close calls where my cock barely cleared her pussy before spewing cum all over it.

Finding places to have sex was a problem. Often it was against a fence or side of a building. Fucking in a standing position was a skill we learned quickly. I could unzip, pull her panties to the side and plunge my cock into her pussy in no time. Sometimes I did it with her back pressed against a wall. Other times she would bend over and take it doggy style. When I was ready to shoot, she often squatted in front of me so I could cum in her mouth.

It was only matter of time before I finally did cum in her pussy. It happened while I was fucking Cindy against the back of her house. She was suspended in air with her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. I was pounding my cock into her pussy hard and deep. I could feel my balls tighten and knew I was about to cum.

I tried to push her off me at the last moment but Cindy’s grip was too tight. She plunged down on my cock and screamed. Hot cum sprayed into her pussy. Cindy lifted up and slammed down on me again. More cum blasted into her body. Her fingers dug into my shoulders. I could feel her pussy clench my spewing cock in a series of spasms. She finally went limp and slid to the ground.

“Did… did you?” Cindy asked reaching between her legs to confirm what she already knew. “Oh no. I can’t get pregnant… I just can’t.”

We were both scared. Five days later she ran up to me all excited and told me she got her period. She also told me that according to Betsy, the world expert on all things sexual, that I could shoot in her right before, right after and even during her period and she wouldn’t get pregnant. She wanted me to come over that afternoon and fuck her again. No one was going to be home.

I wasn’t sure I wanted anything to do with fucking her during her period, but Cindy really wanted to try it. She spread a towel underneath her on the bed. I pulled out a condom but she laughed at me and said the whole point was to do it natural. She sucked me until I was hard. I climbed on top and slipped my cock into her pussy. Once I was inside it felt incredible. Her pussy was so hot. I quickly blasted her full of cum. Then we did it again.

Over the next several weeks we experimented with different positions. Her favorite was with me on top. Cindy said that she could feel me deep inside her that way. My favorite was having her ride me facing away. I loved to watch her ass bounce up and down as my cock plunged into her pussy again and again between her cheeks. Oral sex continued to be a big part of our routine as were fingers and hands.

One evening we almost got caught. We were in the dugout of the school’s baseball field, a place we often went after the movies. Cindy had a knee on the bench and a foot on the floor. Her skirt was bunched near her waist and her panties were pulled to the side. I was behind her pounding my cock into her pussy. We heard a noise and quickly pulled our clothes back in place. We were sitting on the bench when a policeman shined his flashlight on us. He let us go with a smile.

After that our sexual encounters became more daring. Doing it where she might get caught was a turn-on to Cindy. Some evenings she left her window open. I would sneak into her bedroom and fuck her with her parents in the front room. Several times she stopped by the hardware store where I worked and we fucked in the supply room with my dad out front. She sucked my cock once in the back of the movie theater. One time we did it in a coat closet of a school party.

Cindy gradually became more like her sister and liked her sex hard and rough. It began one afternoon in her bedroom. She asked me to spank her and pull her hair while I fucked her from behind. Then she wanted me to slap her face while I was on top and pinch her nipples so hard that she screamed in pain. She came so violently that she almost passed out.

I learned to enjoy the rough sex as much as she did. The games became weirder and more intense. Sometimes I would tie her hands behind her back as she lay face down on the bed. I spanked her bare ass until it was red. Then I would fuck her to several mind blowing orgasms. I loved to watch her twist and turn on the bed with her hands behind her back. I usually pulled out, rolled her over and shot cum all over her face and tits.

The first time I choked her was fucking her up against the wall of her bedroom. She spit in my face as I was pounding my cock into her pussy so forcefully that her head jerked up on each thrust. I put a hand around her neck and gently squeezed. She begged me to squeeze harder. I did but she wanted more. She was choking and could barely breathe when I grunted and filled her with cum. She collapsed to the floor and fingered her pussy to a mind shattering orgasm.

Cindy learned to dish it out as good as or better than she received it. When she was on top she often slapped me hard across the face. She raked her fingernails across my skin leaving bright red welts. One night I was fucking her up against the house. She bit my lower lip until blood trickled down my chin. She licked it off with her tongue and then dropped to her knees. Seconds later I filled her mouth with cum.

Face fucking was the next evolution in our sexual explorations. One day she had just closed her front door when she attacked me in the entranceway. She got my pants down and squatted in front of me. She had recently learned how to take me down her throat and was anxious to practice this new skill. She fucked me like a maniac with her mouth and rammed my cock into her throat again and again. She looked up at me with wild eyes and drooling lips.

“Grab my hair and fuck my face,” she ordered. “I want it hard and rough just like Dana’s boyfriend did to her.”

And so I did. She gagged and coughed. I pulled out and slapped her face with my cock. I rammed it down her throat and held it there until she couldn’t breathe. Strands of spit drooled from her lips when I pulled it out. I slammed it back into her mouth and down her throat. Cindy slid a hand into her panties and rubbed her pussy. She fell away from me when her orgasm hit.

We went to her bedroom. Cindy ripped off her clothes and climbed on the bed with her head bent back over the side. I rammed my cock into her throat. I pummeled her hard and fast. Spit ran up her nose and into her hair. I pulled out and slapped her across the face with my cock. I rammed it back into her mouth until my balls were pressed against her nose. She was a mess when I finally pulled out and sprayed cum all over her face and tits.

It was six months before we finally got around to ass fucking. I had fantasized about doing it that way ever since I watched Dana take her boyfriend’s cock up her ass but I wasn’t sure how Cindy felt. It happened one afternoon when her hands were tied behind her back and she was face down on the bed. Her ass cheeks were red with welts from where my hand had smacked against them. Cindy often had an orgasm while I was spanking her and that afternoon was no exception.

She was still recovering. I was soothing her ass with my hand and let my middle finger slide down between her cheeks. I rubbed it against her asshole. It wasn’t the first time I had touched her there. I often did it while we were fucking or I was eating her pussy, but it had never gone beyond the rubbing stage.

“Mmmmmmmmmm… yes,” Cindy moaned.

Encouraged by her reaction I slid my finger down to her pussy and loaded it with slimy juices oozing from her gash. I moved it back to her sphincter and pushed. It punched into her asshole. Cindy gasped. I twisted and pushed it deeper. I leaned forward with my mouth inches from her ear and my finger up her ass.

“Do you like it?” I asked in a whisper.

“Yes,” she moaned and squirmed against me.

I sat up and drooled spit drool down her crack. I worked a second finger into her sphincter. Her body stiffened. Cindy squealed but didn’t tell me to stop. I worked both fingers deeper and deeper drooling more spit down her crack to act as lubrications. Soon they were plunging in and out of her asshole twisting and turning against her tight orifice. I pulled them out and climbed onto her back. The knob of my cock pressed into her anal opening.

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass,” I announced like it was part of the game of domination we often played.

She just moaned. If she really didn’t want me to do it she would have said something. I had prepared well for this moment. A lubricated condom was stretched tightly over my cock. I pushed. Her asshole opened wider to accommodate my size. Suddenly my knob popped into her body. Cindy shrieked and stiffened. I stopped moving and waited for her to adjust.

“I thought you said you were going to fuck me in the ass,” Cindy growled at me over her shoulder. “Or aren’t you enough of a man to take me that way?”

She did want it, and she wanted me to know. I plunged my cock deeper into her bowels. She shrieked but this time I didn’t stop. I kept plowing deeper and deeper into her dark passage until my entire cock had disappeared. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

“Is that what you wanted you little whore?”

Talking dirty to each other had also become a part of our game playing. She loved it when I used words like whore and slut. She often said outrageous things like ‘fuck me like a dirty little slut’ and ‘shove your big fucking cock up my cunt’. She responded to my question in a similar manner.
“Yes. Now fuck my ass. Hard. I want to feel your cock deep in my dirty little asshole.”

And so I fucked her ass for the first time. Cindy adjusted quickly and was soon thrusting back against me. I slammed into her harder and faster. Her moans and squeals of pleasure got louder and more desperate. Filth continued to spew from her mouth. I ripped off the rope tying her hands and rolled her onto her back. She looked down at my cock.

“Take the fucking condom off. I want to feel cum shoot into my asshole.”

I ripped it off. Cindy rolled me onto my back and mounted me. She guided my knob to her sphincter and lowered her asshole down the length of my cock. She gritted her teeth and rode me like a woman possessed. Her tits jiggled on her chest each time she plunged down on my shaft. Cindy slapped me hard across the face.

Do you like fucking my ass,” she growled. “Tell me.”

I shook my head. She slapped me again, this time harder.

“I want to hear it. Now tell me.”

“YES,” I screamed. “I like shoving my big cock up your asshole, you fucking whore.”

Cindy fell forward on top of me. I could tell she was close by the way her body was shaking. I continued to ram my cock up her ass. She sunk her teeth into my neck and bit hard. I lost it. My cock swelled inside her. A primeval roar came out of my mouth. Cum exploded into her bowels. I thrust deep and grunted again. More cum sprayed from my cock into her tight passage.

“Ooohhhh… oh god… UUUNNNGGGHHHHHH…”

Cindy’s orgasm hit like an earthquake. She bucked and thrashed above me in a series of uncontrollable spasms. Her asshole clenched my cock. Juices gushed from her pussy. She buried her face in my neck and muffled her scream. I continued to pound my cock into her tight orifice. Moments later another orgasm sent her into a second series of convulsions.

My cock was still hard. I rolled Cindy onto her back and pushed her knees to her shoulders. The knob of my cock found her sphincter and plunged deep into her asshole. Cindy quickly recovered from her orgasm. She pushed two fingers into her pussy and pumped them in and out while I was fucking her ass. I watched the juices spray from her cunt when the next orgasm hit. Seconds later I pulled out pumped cum all over her tits.

“Wow,” Cindy said after we were finished. “I wanted to do that ever since we watched Dana but I was scared. It was so much better than I thought it would be.”

So we added ass fucking to our repertoire. Things continued to get crazier between us. It was like Cindy was insatiable and completely out of control. The rough sex got rougher to the point I was feeling uncomfortable. I didn’t want to hurt her but she seemed to like the pain. Whatever I did never seemed to be enough. She could sense my hesitation about taking our games to the next level.

Towards the end of the year I could feel Cindy pulling away from me. She was “busy” on many Fridays and Saturdays. Our sessions during the week tapered off. She barely said “hi” to me in the hallways before she had to rush off somewhere. Occasionally she would invite me over for an afternoon fuck and then ignore me the next day like it never happened.

After some investigation I learned that Cindy was spending more and more time with Betsy at the local college in town. She and Betsy would usually get picked up in a car with one or more boys on Friday and Saturday nights. I watched her come home one night and get out of the car holding her panties. She slipped them back up her legs while blowing kisses to the two boys in the front seat.

It had been a great run and I had no regrets. I felt no shame when I asked Kathy Brown on a date. Her tits were every bit as big and magnificent as they looked under her blouse. She even introduced me to “tit” fucking. She was no stranger to blow jobs, but I was surprised when she told me I was the first boy to eat her pussy. She wore a diaphragm so shooting inside her was not a problem.

I went to college the next year and learned that there were many girls with sexual appetites as big or even bigger than Cindy’s had been. Over the years that followed I fucked a lot of women and they were all good, but I will never forget Cindy Vanderhoff who was my first.


“Mr. Murphy, did you hear me?” The nursing home attendant asked shaking him from his trance. “I said that her name is Cindy Vanderhoof. Do you want to see her?”

“Please,” He replied giving her a rare smile. “Send her out here. I think we have a lot to talk about.”

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