A Tryst with Physics

It was the day of the first internal exam results. Everyone was visibly nervous and the teachers were doing their best to keep calm in their classes as numerous students went beyond their usual levels of failure, setting records and breaking them within weeks. Shalini was particularly pissed off because of her students. She was the Physics teacher at D.A.S. High and in her few years of teaching; she had never seen a more apathetic group of students then her final year senior high group. The majority of the class had done just about alright, and the usual few had aced their tests. It was just one of the boys in particular that tested her patience today. Out of the paper that held a total of 50 marks, he had answered one question- just that one question, but to his credit he had written that one answer as perfectly as she could have wished for.

The culprit was Michael, an incorrigible boy of such attitude that it was impossible to say something to him without encountering some sort of flawlessly logical argument in response that would make anyone think twice about arguing further. There was no doubt about his intelligence; he was above average- some would say of genius level too. He did extremely well in his language classes and the staff room would pass around his English answer paper because he had a habit of using the essays to write stories that ran on from one test to another. It was like waiting for a new issue of their favourite magazine. However, his dipping grades in the other classes were a worrying story- especially when Shalini was so desperate for him to pass. If there was one student among the hundreds she taught each day that she could choose to pass, it would be him.

Shalini sighed to herself thinking about him as she walked to class that morning. He was certainly charming, with his rebellious attitude and long locks; she still remembered the day he and the headmaster had a shouting row because he wouldn’t get a haircut. Michael had gone storming to the Principal’s office and come back with the support of the school’s premier. This incident had made him into somewhat of a heroic figure at the school. All the young boys flocked to him in fan-boy worship and the girls stood afar, stealing glances when they could. Shalini would find herself blushing often when she caught herself stealing furtive glances at her student.

The teacher-student barrier is one that is difficult to break and the social taboo around it makes that transition such a difficult one- even at the college level, not to mention the age differences involved at the level she was contemplating it. Yet Shalini found herself fantasizing about the young man too many times for her own comfort. She was rather young for a teacher- at 25 she already had a PhD and was planning on taking a break from teaching the next year to concentrate on her next paper. Michael was more than attractive; with his long dark hair always falling about his face, framing those dark intelligent eyes that were full of confidence, he was certainly a charmer for his age. She imagined what he looked like with his shirt off. Once she had stolen a glance at him when he was changing before a game of football. He wasn’t particularly muscular but there was a certain grace to his figure that made her want him desperately. Shalini stopped short and walked back to her class, she had missed it in her dreamlike state. The fantasies were getting far too frequent and engrossing to push away as idle fancies. She realized she had to have him or this thought would torment her to the point of insanity.

As she walked into class, the first thing she noticed was Michael’s absence. She felt dejected, Shalini had planned on making her move that day and he had chosen such an inopportune day to be absent- again. “He is pushing the limit!!” she whispered to herself as she thought back to the numerous occasions he had absented himself from school- sometimes for such trivial reasons as his video games. If a new game had come out the day before, everyone knew that one seat would be empty that day. “So, which new game’s been released this time?” she asked his best friend sitting in the front row. The whole class burst into laughter and Shalini let herself smile. Amrita from the first bench on the girls’ side piped up, “Are those answer sheets ours ma’am?”

“No,” Shalini lied, feeling annoyed at the girl, “I haven’t finished correcting them all. You’ll get them tomorrow morning if I can’t finish them by this hour.” For some reason she was holding out on the class for that one boy. It was not unheard of to distribute students’ answer sheets in their absence but she had something up her sleeve for Michael and did not want to lose her opportunity to play that card.

It was the first hour of the day and she felt in no mood to teach so she asked her class to do whatever they pleased, but to do it silently. “Place your notes and texts on your desks, we don’t want people coming in unexpectedly and seeing you lot sitting free.” She joked with a grin and there were many nods of approval. Shalini sat scribbling something or the other in her notes as the minutes wore on. Her mind wandered off to last week when a few of her students had their birthdays. It was also Michael’s birthday but of course she couldn’t say anything. How was a teacher who only taught one subject in that class supposed to know and remember one student’s birthday? However, she felt overjoyed when he came walking into the staff room that morning with a box of chocolates. It was a sort of tradition all over the country to distribute chocolates among classmates and friends. Unsurprisingly, Michael’s box was larger than most people’s. She guessed there would be quite a lot of demands for chocolates on his birthday.

Shalini sat at her desk trying her best not to look up at the boy who went first to his English teacher. She felt a girlish annoyance that it wasn’t her that her student came to first but to the elderly English teacher. He did eventually reach her desk and smiled as he offered her the box. She was in a capricious mood by now and took the box from him. He stood awkwardly in front of her, waiting for the box to be returned but she merely placed it on her lap and looked at him, “You gave me the chocolates, what’s next?” she quipped feeling a little capricious for his having gone to someone else first.

“Well, next I tell everyone who asks for a chocolate that you’ve taken over management of the matter.” He said smiling. Shalini couldn’t help but laugh and gave back his box of chocolates and asked, “How old are you?” He was visibly surprised at the candid question but replied, “19”. Shalini felt a sudden surge inside as her hopes regained a spark of life, but she fought to maintain her composure. “How is it that you’re not already in college if you’re 18?” she asked him. He took a quick glance at his watch but replied politely, “I lost a year when we shifted house back when I was in the second grade, I also started school late”. She grinned at him and joked, “I wonder how fast you are to finish, then. Not too fast, I hope?” He smiled, not getting her innuendo and excused himself.

Shalini smiled to herself at the thought that the object of her desire was hers for the taking. She suddenly realized where she was and stopped herself before a giggle escaped her lips. Looking around the class she felt relieved that everyone was too busy to have noticed even if she hadn’t caught herself. She checked her watched and noticed there was a full half hour to go before the period was up. She felt bored, “Maybe I should just give up and give out the answer papers anyway?” she wondered to herself and took out the bundle she had under her desk. Amrita and a few of the girls looked up anxiously, but she pretended to finish up the evaluation and found there were a couple of papers she had left out. Relieved to have found something to do, she started her work on the papers but stopped and looked up when she heard rushed footsteps outside. To her surprise she saw Michael standing at the door with a sheepish smile on his face, his long hair tussled and messy. “May I come in ma’am?” he asked, panting slightly.

Shalini was overjoyed but couldn’t show it. She put on her most serious expression and asked, “Why are you late? Go see the Principal before you come in.” He replied, “I’ve already met him- and the headmaster for that matter- and the class teacher too, if you’d like to know. I would’ve been here 15 minutes ago if it was only the Principal who wanted explanations. The Principal has excused me but you know the HM.” Some girls in the first row giggled. “Alright, come on in,” she said without taking her eyes off him. She couldn’t help but notice that his shirt was not fully done. She decided to risk it and got up, marching up to him she did his buttons for him, accidentally letting her fingers brush against the little exposed part of his chest, “When you come to class, you make sure you are presentable!” she reprimanded him, “You are sloppy in your dressing, you are poor in your grades and you hardly come to school. Give me one reason I should pass you!”

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He was taken aback, more from her doing his shirt buttons in the class than the telling off, and couldn’t answer immediately. Shalini took the opportunity to continue her telling off of him, “And now when I ask you for an explanation, you have none?” He stuttered and tried to apologize but Shalini was having too much fun to let him off that easily. “I don’t want an apology I want to know your reason for being so late.” She continued, “Assembly ends at 9.30 am and class starts at 9.40. And here you are half an hour late!”

“To be fair I’m only 20 minutes late, it’s just 10” he tried to say but Shalini wasn’t having it. “Don’t give me your jokes; I’m in no mood for it. Go sit down, but I’m not through with you, not by a long shot!” she said, dismissing him. She went to her desk feeling pleased with herself. Taking out the answer sheets, she started giving them out. The class got busy trying to add up their marks to see if they could salvage something or to increase their scores. Meanwhile the few who had done poorly sat either in quiet dignity or utter dismay. One girl was even close to tears, her panicked breathing attracting no little interest from the boys.

She had saved Michael’s for the last and when she got to it, she held it up for everyone to see.

“Now, this is an example of both what you should and should not do. I want everyone in this class to go through this answer paper. Michael, come and collect your paper but pass it around afterwards. You’re not going to keep it though; once everyone is done with it, I want it back.” She said and handed the paper over to her red faced student. “Our dear eloquent Michael here has answered just one question in this exam, if you don’t already know.” She told the class with a slight grin playing on her lips, “But to his credit, I must concede that he answered that one question perfectly and I have to award him the full marks for it. That is something none of you have managed. All of you will get that paper photocopied and use it as a reference when studying that particular topic and structure your answers based on his technique. It will certainly spare me having to read 3 page essays for simple answers.”

Michael was sitting down again with the same grin he had when he came in. “Does nothing faze this guy?” she thought to herself and decided it was time to play her trump card. “Michael,” she called, “I’m afraid if you keep this up you will not pass your finals and I’m not going to let you fail my class. That leaves a bad impression on my record. You will attend remedial lessons from me after school. Is that clear?” He opened his mouth to argue but her stern look made it clear that she wasn’t offering, much less ordering him.

He deflated visibly, making an effort not to groan and Shalini smiled to herself. When the period got over a few minutes later, she asked for the answer paper to be returned to her desk before evening and left. As the day wore on, she began to lose patience. She felt alarmed at her own eagerness to end the day but couldn’t do much to control it. At lunch she saw Michael again and he was the same as always, standing outside his classroom on the top floor, eyes fixed on the skyline as if he expected to see something there. He was certainly an interesting person, but she was more interested in other things at the moment. As the final bell rang and school dispersed, Shalini waited in the staff room for him. She couldn’t take the waiting for long though and finished packing up her things. Her house was nearby and she could stand there all evening if she wanted to but anxiety made her tense. A soft call from behind startled her and she looked back to see her student standing by the door, backpack slung over his shoulder. “Good, you’re here.” She said to him, “I almost thought you skipped out and ran home.”

“I’m not the type to run Ma’am.” He replied in an offended tone. “Do we start today or will you set our schedule today so we can start later?”

Shalini panicked for a moment, thinking she might have played it too far but quickly regained her composure. “No, we start today. I’ll set your schedule at the end of the evening. Come, we’ll have tea at my house and start assessing how much work I have to do with you.” She walked ahead, feeling her heart race at the thought of what she was about to do. Shalini knew that if her plan failed she’d be out of a job and probably never be able to escape the social stigma that would come with the risk she was going to take. For a moment she panicked and turned to tell him to go home, but somehow tightening her resolve, she instead reprimanded him for falling behind and told him to keep up. Walking towards her house a short distance away she asked Michael, “So why were you late this morning?” He grinned and bowed his head as he walked, “I.. Err.. I Overslept.” He said and she stopped in her tracks for a moment, her mouth agape. Of all the replies she was expecting, this was the last. “You.. You overslept? You moron!” she exclaimed.

His grin broadened and he replied, “You did ask for the truth.” Shalini couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “Of all the.. You really are playing it too risky young man.” She said to him, “I don’t know what your intentions are but I worry about you.” He said nothing but continued walking with the same quiet smile on his face.

It was a short walk to her place, she told him to have a seat in the living room and busied herself in the kitchen. “Do you know what other students go through to pass their exams? And here you are oversleeping and failing your exams! What have you got to say for yourself?” she asked as she set tea and snacks in front of him. His expression changed to a more serious one as he replied, “These exams aren’t really important, you know it just as well as I do. I’m prepared for the finals; I just don’t see the point in wasting energy for an internal test that doesn’t even affect my final score. The rest of the students are more concerned with keeping up their immaculate image of being high scoring pundits and I just cannot be bothered with the rat race.” Shalini was not prepared for this answer and sat staring at him for a few minutes. Michael shifted in his seat, uncomfortable under her gaze. He was visibly nervous at being in his teacher’s house but tried to keep his cool. Shalini was enjoying seeing him fidget nervously. She realized she had the upper-hand and the home-ground advantage and decided to make her move.

“Alright, if you’re so confident I’ll test you and if you score high enough, you’ll be free to do as you please for the rest of the year. If you fail, however, I will drill you as hard as any instructor could. Be warned.” She said to him. “Get your books out while I go change.”

She went into her room and conveniently forgot to lock the door, merely leaving it ajar. She couldn’t resist the temptation. He was sitting right outside and her body was so tense. She slipped out of her sari and stripped completely naked. Sitting down on her bed she gently placed her palm over her pussy and pressed hard at it. The wetness she felt made her even hornier. She enjoyed the torture that her body was going through, convincing herself that it would soon be satisfied, she took her hand away with some effort, then put on an evening gown and arranged her hair.

When she walked out, Shalini noticed that Michael seemed rather uncomfortable and decided that the evening was going to be a lot more enjoyable than she expected. She sat close to him and took his note and pen from his hands, making sure he felt her warm hands as she took them. Her gown was made of a silky, thin material of pearly white colour and she knew it would show off her body just right while not making it obvious. These “nighties” were very common where she lived and almost had the unofficial status of national attire. She quickly jotted down a few of the harder questions that popped into her head. It was getting hard for her to concentrate when he was sitting so close.

Shalini looked up from the book to notice Michael looking around the room listlessly, with an obviously nervous expression. She touched his shoulder, startling him a bit and giggled as he started. “You look uncomfortable. What’s wrong? Finish your tea while I set your test.” She smiled reassuringly as he obediently picked up his cup and drank. Shalini went back to the test, finally managing to piece together a series of coherent questions to pass off as a test and handed it to Michael.

“I’m taking your backpack away so you can’t cheat.” She said, picking up the bag, “You have one hour at best but call me if you finish before that. I’ll be in the kitchen.” She went to her room with the backpack and left it on her drawer, and then she got to work in the kitchen fixing up her dinner. A little more than a half hour later, she heard a call from the living room and checked on her student. He was standing when she entered. “Have you finished?” she asked and he replied, “Yes, I’d like to wash my face. Could you..” she answered before he could finish, “You can use my bathroom- through that door” and pointed at her bedroom door. She looked at the answer paper and was surprised; he really had finished and had got everything correct.

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She followed him to the bathroom and decided that was the moment she was waiting for. She took a deep breath and entered. The door opened quietly and she noticed Michael standing over the toilet bowl, relieving himself. She thanked her stars for the lucky coincidence and walked in quietly. Reaching him, she quickly crossed to his left and leant against the wall holding his answer paper but made sure she got a good look at his penis as she did so. He was visibly startled and tried to stop but couldn’t. “Oh don’t be silly, it’s not like I don’t know what’s there.” Shalini said and continued, “Finish up; I’ll get you something else to wear. Your answers are surprisingly good. Why..” She stopped mid-sentence. He was trying his best to hold back and put his penis back, eyes wide in shock.

Shalini gave a dramatic sigh and with a racing heart, reached out and grabbed his hand away, then with the other hand, took hold of his dick and pulled it out. “Finish it! I don’t want you messing up my floor.” She said in a commanding tone, not letting go of his penis. He gasped and tried to take her hand away but a quick grunt and a slight squeeze on his shaft got the message across to him. He sighed and continued to relieve himself. Shalini felt her pussy grow moist again as the realization of what she was doing hit her. She couldn’t help but stroke his shaft gently as she held it. The answer paper lay forgotten on the floor and her attention was focused on her student’s face and his thickening member. He was not looking at her but looking away with an expression that was somewhere between surprise, desperation and alarm. Shalini now dropped all pretences and let her hand close around his dick and stroked it back and forth. Michael’s breathing grew faster as his shaft throbbed and grew thick under his teacher’s attentions.
Shalini kept masturbating him, and looked into his eyes with a naughty smile, “Would you like me to finish?” she asked and he turning a brighter shade of red. She leaned in to kiss him, then led him out of the bathroom and brought him to her bed. Moving in closer to his body, she kissed him passionately on the lips. He was obviously new to everything but tried to respond to her ministrations nervously. Shalini was soaking wet now, her gown had grown damp at her crotch and she smiled as she took Michael’s hand and placed it between her thighs. His eyes widened as he realized where he was touching her. Gaining his composure he tried his best to pleasure her, rubbing over her wet spot. Shalini gasped as the texture of the soft cloth rubbed against her sensitive pussy.

She had been craving his attentions for so long and now that she had it, she was almost frantic with ideas. She undid his shirt buttons and removed it from his torso. Kissing down his face, to his chest, she took in the moment as her lips brushed against his neck and he gasped. His hard cock was throbbing now; the feel of her soft gown against his engorged member was making his muscles tighten as she shifted. Shalini sucked on his nipples and let her hands roam over his body. She let herself explore his naked torso extensively and planted kisses on him as she came lower to his trousers. Unbuckling his belt, she slid his trousers down completely and watched as his chest rose and fell from his heavy breathing. Shalini grabbed his erect shaft and stroked it up and down slowly, and then leaning forward with a seductive look, she kissed the head of his cock, making her student shudder with delight.

She smiled as he groaned softly and then she kissed it again, this time with a more open mouth. Watching his face intently, Shalini slowly took his erection into her mouth. He wasn’t too big so she managed to get all of him inside. Coming up, she let her tongue lick his shaft and topped it off with a quick kiss to the tip of his cock. Michael groaned a little louder with that, pushing his pelvis upwards towards Shalini’s mouth. She smiled and sucked him more vigorously, enjoying every gasp and groan from the young man as he writhed in pleasure. Michael grew a little bolder and let his hands play with her hair, undoing the clasp that held it up. He gripped her head between his hands and tried to control her motion as he felt his body clench. Shalini felt it and quickened her sucking when suddenly with a long gasp he came in her mouth.

She sat up now, and said, “Don’t think we’re done here yet. You owe me one and you had better get to it now.” He seemed a lot bolder now and sat up facing her. Moving closer, he kissed her fully on the mouth and pulled her closer. Shalini moaned into his mouth as he kissed her, while his hands roamed around her back searching for the clasps that held her gown together. When he found them, he was surprisingly quick about undoing them. He let her gown fall to her waist and leant forward, kissing her down her neck to her hard nipples. She shivered and arched her neck backwards as his warm mouth closed around her erect nipple. Michael’s actions didn’t let on that this was his first time; he carefully sucked on her nipples, alternating between the two as his hands kneaded the free breast each time he switched.

Moving up, he kissed her again and leaning into her, made Shalini lay back onto the bed. Her breath came out in short gasps as he slid her gown completely off her body and left her naked. Sliding a finger between her legs, Michael gently rubbed her pussy lips, making her even wetter. Shalini felt her body tense up as Michael pushed another finger into her wet pussy and leant down in search of her clit. Licking at her soaked labia, he made his way higher up the dripping slit and found the hood that kept the treasured bud covered. Flicking it with his tongue he made her gasp as his fingers accidentally brushed against her g-spot. “Right there! Michael, don’t stop! Right there!” she moaned, grabbing his head by the long locks and pressing his face into her pussy. Adjusting his face, Michael continued what he was doing a moment ago and felt Shalini convulse under him. He kept rubbing his finger tips against her g-spot and Shalini’s moans grew louder. Biting into her pillows so as to muffle her own moans, Shalini wrapped her thighs around her lover’s head. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and slid his tongue into the small slit, taking in the sweet taste of her pussy.

“I want you” she gasped “Now! Take me now!” He looked up at her as she watched him with her half open eyes, gasping for him to give her what she wanted so badly. He kissed his way up her body and poised himself on top of her. Slowly pushing his erect dick into her, he took her half open lips in a deep passionate kiss. Shalini moaned as she felt him enter her; she wrapped her legs around his waist so she could pull him in deeper. He moved his pelvis rhythmically as she let out a few soft moans. Her moaning grew as did his motion as they felt their climax building.

Shalini screamed into her pillow as her excitement built itself up to a crescendo and broke upon her. He slowed his movements down as the orgasm slowly ended. Then sleep claimed her. She was woken by a soft kiss a while later. He was lying by her side, watching her intently. “You took me by surprise you know,” he said to her, reaching forward and wiping her hair out of her eyes “I wasn’t expecting you to make a move just yet.” She looked rather surprised at the revelation, “Y-You knew?”

“Of course! I’m not blind.” He replied with a smile, “You were so obvious.. To me anyway. I have imagined what it would be like ever since I realized it. The reality exceeded my expectations.” He stroked her hair and moved closer. “So, what do you say, do I need remedial lessons or not?”

The two kissed passionately in silent agreement. This was going to be a great year.

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