A University Education

When I arrived at university I was not just a virgin, I had never even so much as orgasmed as a result of the sexual manipulation of a girl. I had had nothing. Zip all. De nada. Zilch. Sure I had daydreamed about girls that I knew (so much) and pored over porn mags (again, so much).

My fantasies had become quite developed and I had garnered an interest in vampy women with long dark hair in red lipstick wearing classic little black dresses, heels, stockings and exciting black lingerie. I particularly liked the thought of a woman stood up and bending over at the waist to reveal her pussy whilst looking back and smiling seductively.

I had time on my hands and a very vivid and detailed imagination. However as for actually claiming the prize, I hadn’t even experienced so much as a handjob off the girl next door.

I’d furtively made out with a couple of girls. In my last month of sixth form, after an hour or so of increasingly desperate kissing, one lass called Louise had briefly stroked my cock through my jeans whilst I unsubtly mauled at her tiny tits over the top of her summer dress. Just as I thought it might lead to more the front door of her house had slammed to and her father’s voice called up from the hallway. Cock-blocked.

I’m certain most eighteen year olds have suffered this frustration but in the moment I took this very personally indeed! We kissed a couple more times on dates but the relationship was going nowhere and we split without even so much as our hands making contact with naked pussy or cock.

Put simply I was the shy kid from a small town who had attended an all-boys school. Until the summer before university I’d never really had the confidence or opportunity to hang out with girls. I was about six foot in height and had a lean, if not muscular body, with sea-grey eyes and short sandy coloured hair. I wasn’t particularly bad looking, but I just didn’t know that girls would find me attractive then because I barely ever met any. In short, I was a total wanker.

I remember walking the streets of my new city a few days before university started and considering my sexual frustration. Everywhere I looked I saw hot girls, beautiful women, sexy minxes. It was a college town with two universities and a city centre that drew in folk from miles around to party and perhaps get laid. The possibilities were tantalisingly endless, yet confusing, and as a fairly naïve eighteen year old with virtually no sexual experience there was a slight terror and inability to know how I could enact the raging desires and lust within me.

On that first morning I went for a long walk amongst the myriad streets, lanes and alleys. I got comprehensively lost in my new city and was starting to enjoy the sensation of exploring at random in the maze of brick buildings and concrete shopping centres. Amongst all of the tight-bodied teens and confidant-looking twenty somethings strutting down the street in the last of the summer warmth, I spotted an older woman. Perhaps she was only in her mid-thirties, but I’d never lusted over an older woman before. Her short muddy-blonde hair caught my attention, as did her smart business suit, but it was the generous expanse of thigh on display wrapped up in black tights (or dare I hope – stockings?) that gripped my attention. Her black stiletto heels caused a perfect elongation of the calves and enabled that confrontational, yet so tempting, feminine wiggle to her rounded arse clad in her tight, tweed miniskirt.

I was instantly hard. I stopped walking. My head snapped round to follow her walk down the street opposite me. My body coursed with the adrenaline of lust. I made an instant promise to myself that I would jump at the very first opportunity to end up in the sack with a woman. Any woman. Especially if she looked like the woman that I was currently openly leering at.

All I could do that day was return home, fantasise about the blonde that I had espied in minute detail and once again pull on my cock until I produced a dollop of jism onto my tummy back at my digs.


My frustration was somewhat relieved by the appearance of Laura in my life. I met her on my first evening in the student union bar. It was a dimly lit place. Badly in need of redecoration with scuffed walls and peeling paint. The jookbox was about five years out of date and the booze hopelessly watered down. However it was here that everyone went. And it was cheap. We were fresh out of sixth form, in need of new friends and hopeful of the potential to cop off with somebody. Anybody.

In truth I barely spoke to Laura that night. We talked briefly as part of a very large group of freshers. The usual questions. Where we were from, what A Levels we had taken, what course we were taking, where we were living. The endlessly banal round of Week One conversation.

Internally, however, the question was always one of sexual hope. The trouble was that I had set my sights on another girl. Hannah was cuter than Laura. Hannah was smarter than Laura. Hannah had a tighter body than Laura. Hannah was more confident than Laura. Hannah was two years older than Laura. Hannah had had boyfriends and, in a moment of revelation that caused a burst of electricity through my entire self, Hannah confided that she had slept with as many as eleven guys. This was surely my opportunity? Was it fuck. Hannah was charming, gregarious, friendly, flirty, experienced and was like that with everyone she met that night. She was out of my league.

Laura was quiet. Laura didn’t drink. Laura was dressed casually. Laura didn’t flirt. However on our second night at the university, during another night in the bar answering and asking the same questions, Laura smiled at me. I’d already given up on Hannah. Hannah was too cool. Hannah would never look at me that way. I needed to be realistic. I was a virgin with zero sexual experience. I needed someone more like me. In fact after that second night I don’t think I ever saw Hannah again. But Laura had smiled at me.

A large group of us were on the dancefloor. It was the mid-nineties. Britpop was at its height. Cool Britannia was in. The place was heaving with student bodies gyrating, writhing, flailing and bouncing. There were guys with Gallagher haircuts and parka jackets everywhere. Bullseye tee-shirts abounded.

There were so many different styles as well. The platform heels and micro-dresses inspired by the Spice Girls were popular. Those girls were always surrounded by groups of lads hoping to get lucky. And lots did. Then there were the alternative girls, in their ripped up fishnets and brightly coloured dyed hair, who relished the DJ playing Suede and L7. They were also popular with the guys as goth girls automatically had a reputation for deviancy in the bedroom.

Laura wasn’t any of those girls. She was a pretty girl-next-door. I saw her long, straight mousey-brown hair. A curvy size 12-14 figure. Deck shoes, boot-cut blue jeans and a strappy vest top. The latter did show off a nice cleavage and I did like the look of her. Her smile ensured that.

There were lights flashing everywhere as the music pounded. A state of euphoria had been achieved throughout the bar either through the endorphin rush of dancing, a huge amount of booze or both. Inhibitions were being lost and couples everywhere were making out. It was so warm. Sweaty young bodies pushed up against each other. I could see one girl, whose name I recalled was Elizabeth, wearing a pale gold micro-dress grinding her arse right up against the groin of a guy she had just met, his hands openly feeling up her tits as she gyrated against him.

Laura smiled at me. She was just two feet away from me on the dancefloor. And then she was in my arms. It happened so unbelievably fast, but there she was. Her left thigh was planted between mine and her jeans were pressed right up against my crotch. I was instantly hard as I could also feel her soft, yielding round boobs pushed right up against my chest and her light brown hair was buried in the crook of my neck as her face turned towards mine.

She was only half-smiling now, her lips slightly parted and the pupils of her eyes dilated in the flashing dancefloor lights. I hesitated only for a second. My lips pressed onto hers, our mouths opened and tongues met in a rushing and swirling dance of arousal. Our hands eagerly grasped at each other’s torsos and we stood amidst the confusion of the dancefloor lost in a long moment of first year lust.


Laura and I made out that night. In fact Laura and I made out a lot over the next six weeks. We ground against each other in clubs. A passionate clinch on my bed. A consuming frenzy on the floor of her bedroom. What there wasn’t was an orgasm. Our hands roamed all over our clothed bodies. Soft, round and pleasingly big tits were squeezed through strappy vest tops. My fingers worked against the crotch of her blue jeans and felt the heat and a hint of the wetness within. Her small fingers outlined the shape of my hard cock straining eagerly against the fabric of my pants and trousers.

It took those six weeks for Laura to allow my left hand to stray up inside her denim shirt, creep up and under her bra underwire and cause her body to jolt and stiffen with arousal as I allowed my thumb and forefinger to gently caress the erect nipple of her right breast. We were in the lounge of her digs. Both of us full length on her sofa. The lights were off and her housemates were either in bed or out. Perhaps it was the sound of her friend Amy, in the adjacent downstairs bedroom, moaning mutedly as her boyfriend pleasured her that had turned Laura on and driven her arousal to a new level. The more I rubbed and squeezed her malleable young teen tits the more her breathing quickened and deepened. Her groin pressed harder against my thigh and she kissed me so much more urgently.

Her hand lingered at the apex of my left knee, her own legs clamped around my right, but slowly and almost imperceptibly at first her right hand began to slide down my thigh as we passionately made out. My left hand continued to maul her breasts and this seemed to spur Laura on as her hand reached the crease of my hips and she rolled back slightly so that she could slide her fingers surprisingly confidently and firmly over my cock.

Laura pulled back from my lips, breathed deeply, closed her eyes and then in one movement swung herself up and over so that she was straddling me. She quickly pulled up her top and in the dim light I caught my first sight of her naked tits. She picked up both of my hands and placed them firmly on her boobs and then her head dipped down to insistently kiss me again. As I responded and our tongues swirled deeply together I kneaded her C-cup tits and felt my erection pressed against the gusset of her jeans as she spasmodically ground her pussy against my cock.

My head was swimming with lust and I was very conscious of just how aroused I was becoming. There was a desperation to just shoot my cum into my pants and hope that that was her plan and she wouldn’t mind. Equally there was a hope that something more might occur. I took the plunge.

“Laura,” I gasped, I’m getting too horny here!”

She looked down at me, her thighs still clamped around my hips, her pussy still pressed firmly against my straining cock through our jeans. She smiled. Just like the smile in the club.

“Its OK, we don’t have to stop.”

“What do you mean?” I asked the question both in hope and in genuine need of clarification. I realised that she might be about to let me cum with her, but I needed to know what direction she was going in.

She didn’t reply, but shifted her weight backwards and allowed her hands to sink down to my belt buckle. I swiftly breathed in with aroused relief as she undid the belt, snapped open my button and began to lower my flies. In a second she was half-lying on my side as she fiercely kissed me again whilst at the same time sliding her hand into my jeans and coming to rest against the swollen cock straining against the thin cotton of my tight briefs. She squeezed my erection and felt for the head before running her fingers right down inside my jeans to cup my balls and roll them around. Finally she grasped my shaft just below the helmet and began to gently pull upwards causing me to flinch in desperate arousal.

Trying to regain something of my composure before I blew my load into my pants as this eighteen year old brunette rubbed my cock with her soft and pink tits pressed up against me I blurted out a question.

“Have you done this before?”

Such a rookie thing to say. I was simply trying to give myself a moment of respite to avoid shooting my cum instantly at the sensation of the first hand, that wasn’t my own, in such close proximity to my cock. At first I thought that I had blown my chances as she looked at me with a mixture of what I read as annoyance and confusion. Then she smiled that same smile from the dancefloor again.

“Yeah. I have actually!” That smile again. “My last boyfriend, John.”

“Oh,” I said, in such a lame way. However that dilated and far-away look came over her eyes again and I realised that she was really turned on. I hesitated and then asked her how far they had gone.

“After we had dated for about three months I used to do this…” And with that she slid her hand under the waistband of my pants and I felt her fingertips come into contact with the pulsing head of my cock, which immediately twitched violently.

Lost in the depths of my horniness for Laura at that moment, but still anxious as to what was on offer I heard myself blurt out, “And what happened with John next?”

“Nothing,” she said. My heart sank. I suddenly saw a picture of myself pulling my strides up, kissing Laura goodnight, trudging home and then sinking into my bed to wank myself off again whilst replaying everything that we had done and not done.

“But its different tonight,” she whispered, “I’m so turned on.”

And with that she used her free hand to lower the front of my pants and completely reveal my stiff cock. As we kissed deeply she worked her right hand up and down my straining shaft as that outrageously exquisite burning feeling of lust beyond the reach of control mounted from the depths of my balls, surged up through my shaft and erupted from my engorged head to spray a long way up my torso, splashing the side of her right breast and liberally coating her hand still working my cock as the cum began to subside.

As I lay there, with her draped across me, ropes of cum pooling on our bodies, she quietly and simply asked me, “Was that your first time? Cumming with a girl, I mean?”


“My first time making a guy cum too. Happy?”



And for a while I was happy. Two or three times a week we would meet up, hang out with friends, go on a date or just chill. At the end of the night we would have a make-out session that would end with me lying back as Laura pumped my cock into her hand. It wasn’t entirely one sided. I would return the favour by grinding my cock against Laura’s pussy, but always as a fully clothed dry-hump. I either had to make sure that Laura had already wanked me off or that I kept myself under control so as not to shoot my load in my pants.

There I was with a cute girlfriend who made me cum several times a week, Christmas came and went, but after several months I wanted more. One night I offered to finger her properly or even to go down on her. She wrinkled her nose and refused. Another night, after a few beers for courage, I desperately asked her to suck my cock. She declined. Towards the end I discreetly slid my hand into the back of her jeans to feel her naked arse whilst she was wanking me off. She froze but, after a second, carried on tugging me until I came. After she asked me not to do that again. Essentially the relationship was in a stasis of sexual stagnation. Eventually we broke up.


About ten days after Laura and I broke up, Nicole came to stay. Nicole was my housemate Neil’s sister. I had met Nicole once before, just after I had started seeing Laura. In truth I hadn’t paid her much attention, as Laura and I were about to go make out in my room. What I noticed now was that Nicole was everything Laura was not. Nicole was effectively similar to Hannah. Charismatic, fun-loving, cheeky, outrageous and above all utterly hot. I had slightly more confidence with girls after my experiences with Laura, despite their limitations, and I felt that I could communicate more easily with Nicole than I managed with Hannah.

This was put to the test on the second night of Nicole’s stay. About five of us went to the pub. We lived off campus in a shared house so the night revolved around a short crawl around some of the local pubs. I was the only single guy in the group and gravitated towards Nicole as she laughed and flirted from beneath her bob-cut red curls.

We were in an old, dimly lit boozer with dark wood panelling and candles on the tables. When I was buying drinks I saw Nicole’s reflection behind me in the big mirror behind the bar. I noticed that she was staring straight at my ass. In return I gazed admiringly at her size ten figure and high, perky boobs encased in a skin-tight, blue, high-necked sweater. She saw me gazing back and giggled. I felt a throbbing in my pants and realised that again I was instantly hard. I also realised that I might have a chance with Neil’s sister.

As we all headed home that night Nicole was walking beside her brother in front of me and I allowed my eyes to roam over her knee-high, blue suede FMBs, along the length of her gorgeous legs and up over her pert little arse beneath a tight blue miniskirt. My breathing was shallow and my heart beating faster as I realised again that this nineteen year old hottie had been openly checking me out in the pub.

Back at the house everyone else went to bed. It couldn’t have been more perfect as it left Nicole and I sat on the sofa in the lounge together. We talked. Of course we talked. We were both nineteen. Talking is what teenagers do. However the talk was strained. It was clear that we were both hoping the other would make a move. Nicole asked me about Laura. I told her we had broken up.

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“I though you guys were pretty serious?”

“Well, sort of,” I said (lamely), “we were dating and that, but…” I trailed off.

“What?” Nicole prompted.

“Well, y’know, we never…” I started and then trailed off again.

“What? You never… fucked?” She emphasised that last word quite precisely. Embarrassed I just shook my head. “Me neither,” she stated. My head shot up. She was so unbelievably hot. I just couldn’t quite believe that she was a virgin. She giggled.

“I’ve sucked a LOT of a cock though.” My mouth just hung open. “Want me to show you?”

As corny lines go that was one of the worst that I have ever heard. It was necessary though. It completely shattered the ice and we flew at each other across the sofa. From the moment that our lips locked I could tell that Nicole was going to be a completely different experience to Laura.

My ex-girlfriend preferred me to kiss her top lip, my lover tonight insisted on me concentrating on her bottom lip. Whereas Laura’s kissing technique was warm, long and deep with a languorous and swirling of her tongue, Nicole preferred to keep her tongue rigidly firm and rapidly lash it back and forth in a torrid battle with my own.

Nicole was altogether a much faster worker than Laura too. Within moments of our embrace she was sighing and pushing my hand up under her blue sweater to ensure I was kneading her cute little B-cups. At the same time, her hand was already wrapped around my cock through my trousers and was pulling on it for all she as worth.
I dropped to the floor so that I was kneeling in front of her in the dimly lit lounge and pulled her sweater up over her red curls to reveal a white bra covered in small white ruffles. Nicole grinned at me and urgently reached in to kiss me again as our bodies clamped together, her thighs wrapped around my back and my cock pressed right under her miniskirt and against the gusset of her tights. She moaned loudly and continued her assault on my tonsils with her firm tongue. My left hand was behind her crudely grabbing her left butt-cheek beneath her skirt, my right was mauling her firm young tits and her hands were now plunged between our loins desperately seeking the button of my jeans. She popped it open and instantly moaned deep down in her throat as her fingers found the head of my cock rearing up above the waistband of my pants. We broke off, panting, both of her hands still clutching my cock. My hands were both on the tops of her thighs, mere inches away from her pussy. There was a look of utter and consummate lust in her eyes.

“We should go upstairs,” she said and then giggled breathily.

I staggered to my feet and she pulled my hips towards her chest, crushing my partially exposed hard on between her firm young tits and both of us uttered another exclamation of arousal as we felt my cock slide roughly into her cleavage and rub up against the frills of her bra.

“Upstairs. Now.”


Upstairs, in my attic bedroom, Nicole skipped straight over to the bed, spun round and sat straight on the edge. She must have seen me holding up the front of my trousers as I hadn’t bothered to fasten them after she slipped open the button. She giggled throatily again and hooked one finger in my direction.

“Bring that lovely cock of yours over here!”

Now was not the time for further talk. I partially stumbled in her direction and Nicole reached out to grasp the head of my cock again causing us both to sharply and audibly breathe in. Nicole pulled me towards her and lay back on the bed with me falling to my knees on the mattress and straddling one of her very fine legs. She reached under and continued to rub my cock as I reached up to caress her tits.

In a flash she had reversed our positions and had me on my back as she straddled my cock, violently pushing her pussy against me and letting out a sharp moan of arousal whilst she bit into my lip. I groaned myself in both pain and ecstasy. A second later and we had turned over in the bed again, my left hand rising up the length of her leg from the tops of her FMBs, along her taut thigh, under her miniskirt and coming to rest against the fabric of her tights to feel the warmth of her pussy.

Nicole worked fast again. Her hands went to the clip of her skirt and unhooked it before quickly pulling her tights down to her knees and then reaching for my hand and planting it on top of her tiny white thong. Another groan of mutual pleasure from both of us as I felt the outline of her pussy and realised that she was seriously aroused. We continued kissing for just a few seconds before Nicole’s hand lifted mine again and thrust it inside her panties to feel the brief sensation of her pubic hair before sinking down into the warm, wet folds of her young, virgin pussy.

I felt her tremble and arch her back at my touch. I could feel the nub of her clit as I slid my middle finger down and along the length of her soaking pussy before delving into her to feel the soft and slick embrace of her cunt. Her breath was coming in gasps now. I rubbed first one, then two and finally three fingers into this hot, nineteen year old, redhead’s dripping pussy feeling her clit on my knuckles before withdrawing and hooking my middle finger on and under her little button.

At that point it felt like a bomb had gone off within Nicole. Her whole body shook, her eyes were screwed shut, she moaned and bit into my neck, her arse lifted off the bed and she pushed her pussy hard against my churning fingers as she came hard. Her mouth eventually opened and closed with no sound at all until there was a mighty intake of breath and her eyes popped open and she once again giggled.

“That was amazing!” she exclaimed, “You are so getting a treat for that!”

And with that she bounced upwards and lay closely on top of me whilst pressing her pubic mound hard against my erection so as to rub her recently sated pussy against my hard cock. Both of us groaned aloud again and I reached for her tits. Realising that she was still in her bra my right hand slid to her back and (using all of the skills that I had learned with Laura) unhooked her white ruffled bra to reveal Nicole’s perfect breasts with lovely big inviting pink areolae surrounding little bullet nipples. I instantaneously and greedily sucked on her left nipple and elicited another moan followed by a giggle. I sucked on her other breast.

“Steady!” she said and then pulled back from me. “Let me get myself sorted.”

With that she stood up, unzipped her boots and pulled off her tights. I lay back on the bed, my shirt already on the floor and my trousers and pants lowered to my mid-thighs. Nicole, now wearing just her tiny white thong, knelt in front of me and hooked her fingers into the front of my remaining clothes and deftly pulled them off. She let out a sigh of approval at the sight of my full-to-burst balls and rock hard cock pointing straight up along my tummy.

We didn’t speak. She simply edged her knees into place between my legs, placed her hands either side of my waist and dropped her head down to the tip of my cock. I sensed her breathe in deeply and then for the very first time in my nineteen years I felt the sensation of a pair of young lips open and then close over my throbbing cock becoming encased within her hot, wet mouth. I hissed sharply, arched my back and threw my head back with my eyes involuntarily closed.

Then my head snapped forward to gaze down the length of my body to see Nicole’s red curls bobbing up and down as my rigid cock passed between her vice-like lips. Beyond, I focused on her firm thighs and above those to her tight little arse, framed by that hot white thong, wiggling slightly as she worked my shaft. I reached under her with my left hand and cupped a soft and yielding breast. As I gently squeezed her boobs her lips worked relentlessly on my cock, a wet, suckling noise occasionally emanating from her movements as I lay back biting my lip until with a groan I warned her that I was about to cum.

I assumed that she would pull away and jerk me off, but Nicole just kept her rhythm and maintained the pace of her lips working that exquisite pleasure on the head of my cock. I was at the point of no return. Blowing a hard gust of breath out I felt my balls release my cum which surged powerfully into the back of Nicole’s throat. She barely stopped her work and kept her head bobbing up and down swiftly as I felt jet after jet of semen pumping into this gorgeous redhead’s mouth.

When I had quite finished cumming, Nicole took one last big suck that left me gasping, sat up and swallowed every drop. She grinned and finally giggled at me again. Her right hand stroked the full length of my cock.

“I don’t suppose you want to kiss me now do you?” she asked coyly. It took me a second to realise that she assumed I wouldn’t want to taste my own cum on her tongue. Quite frankly, I was still so aroused by this horny nineteen year old sister of my housemate that I just didn’t care.

We kissed, fiercely, and I felt myself hardening again despite only having shot my load seconds ago. I reached down towards her pussy and rubbed my middle finger along her slit. She shivered.

“Want me to make you cum again?” I asked. She briefly closed her eyes.

“No. If we get into that again it will be light soon. And I don’t want Neil to find out about tonight. Besides, when I get to my room I’m going to wank myself off thinking about your cock.”

And with that she jumped off the bed, scooped up her clothes, kissed me one last time and skipped off to her room.


I only saw Nicole a couple of times again. The first time was at a house party. She was all over a guy on the living room floor. I have no clue if he had his cock sucked as sweetly as mine was. The second time was at my digs. We were quite alone and in the lounge again. She was wearing a dark brown mini-dress, black tights and FMBs and had her curls piled up. Vampy as all hell. We exchanged a very long and silent look. The tension was unbearable and there was an undeniable crackle of sexual electricity in the room between us again. Nicole was just starting to walk towards me when Neil came in through the front door. Just like with Louise I was cock-blocked by a family member.

As the academic year wore on the Easter holidays arrived. I went home for a few weeks. Whilst I was at a club with friends from college I made out with a bigger blonde girl wearing a tiny dress a couple of times too small for her. It wasn’t my finest hour, but I was drunk and feeling a bit desperate as it had been some time since my regular wanks at the hands of Laura and Nicole’s one-night oral ministration.

After that I returned to university and re-entered the round of lectures, nights out and working in a pub. Most nights I would end up pretty drunk and I was always on the look-out for an opportunity to hook up with girls. One night I went drinking with a lass that I had met in my first week called Jamie. She was tall, slim, had very short brown hair and had just split up with her boyfriend. She was quite cute and when she invited me back to her halls of residence for more drinks I thought that I might just be in. I was wrong. Jamie poured us drinks and poured out her broken heart. I left with six weeks of full balls left intact.


The following Saturday night, early into the summer term, I went to work in the pub as normal. I had a couple of beers after hours and then headed to a house party across town organised by Kathy, an old friend of one of my housemates, Elaine, who worked in the city as a secretary. Kathy was a bit older and there were lots of her mates there most of whom were in their late twenties and early thirties. I felt a bit out of place. Firstly, I only really knew Elaine and when I arrived she was pretty wasted. Secondly, everyone was quite a bit older than me. Finally there were no other students in the house and everyone was a local from the city. It could have been a disaster but I had had a few drinks and decided to throw myself into the fray and see what happened.

I think that I must have chatted to every single woman at the party but was getting absolutely nowhere. Most were already in relationships, some were obviously not even vaguely interested in talking to a nineteen year old, let alone sleeping with one. Eventually, at about 1am, I found myself sat up on the kitchen work surface with a bottle of vodka and a spliff that Elaine had handed me ten minutes before. With no prospect of getting laid I decided to get thoroughly fucked up – and was well on the way.

And then I caught sight of a new girl that I hadn’t spotted before. She was perhaps the oldest lass at the party, in her mid-thirties, with highlights in her short blonde hair and a real trim figure. She was smiling broadly and brandishing a nearly empty bottle of cheap white wine when she spotted me on my eyrie atop the kitchen counter. Her smile faltered for a second as our eyes met and then rather surprisingly she pointed right at me.

“Who the fuck are you?” she shouted, pretty wasted herself, “I ain’t seen you before and I’ve talked to ever other fucker here!”

She shimmied over through the crowd in the kitchen and I rather appreciatively observed that she was wearing a very tight-fitting little black velvet cocktail dress, tights and stilettos. All of a sudden I was interested in this brash new member of the party.

“I’m Morgan,” she said, “let’s get fucking wasted.”

I was already more than halfway there and now I had some company too. Elaine had disappeared off somewhere and I suspected that she was passed out upstairs. Morgan downed the last of her wine and I wordlessly handed her my bottle of vodka followed by a toke on my spliff. Then we talked. We talked for ages. About all sorts. Morgan was from the north of England and worked in a library. She knew Kathy and her mates from when they were all at university. We really warmed to each other and were taking the piss out of the other party-goers, swapping stories about being wasted and had just started telling each other tales of our most outrageous antics.

“I used to fuck a different lad every single weekend that I went out,” she said and then snorted into her glass, “sometimes more than one.”

My ears pricked up at this. “How’d you mean?”

“Well sometimes I’d have one int’bogs of a club early on like, an then take another home later. Sometimes I’d do that two or three nights on trot!”

I was pretty drunk and stoned at this point, but my nineteen year old prick stood instantly to attention. Morgan had definitely piqued my interest.

“So, what about these days then? Calmed down much from the crazy days of uni?”

“A bit,” she said, “but not much!” She grinned up at me impishly. “What about you then? Reckon you’ll be fucking all them lasses in the halls bandy? How come you’re here chatting to an old biddy like me?”

I told her about Laura. I even told her about Louise. Finally I told her about Nicole.

“But that was weeks ago now. Not seen any action since, apart from a bit of a snog in this club I used to go to.”

At that point I felt Morgan shift her position slightly. She had been stood at a slight angle in front of me. Now she had moved just that bit closer and was facing directly on to me. She took another pull on the bottle of vodka.

“Lad like you should be getting pussy all the fucking time.” She looked straight at me and had another sip from the bottle. I sensed her lean in closer and with my heart in mouth took the plunge.

“How about tonight then?”

She was standing right up close to the kitchen cupboards now, her flat stomach was pressed lightly against the crotch of my jeans and I could smell her perfume very strongly as she leaned even closer and whispered to me.

“I am yours.” It was that simple sentence that started it. I rocked my head forward as she settled the vodka on the side and we clinched together with our tongues searching deep into each other’s mouths. I could feel the soft material of her velvet dress as I grabbed on to her waist and pulled her into me.

We were in full view of the rest of the party and although most people were pretty wasted a couple wolf-whistled at us. Morgan pulled away from me, laughed and picked up the bottle for another swig. I jumped down off the kitchen counter and stood close to her with my hand resting lightly on her ass. She kissed me again, very deeply. I suggested we go upstairs and she smiled, shrugged, took my hand and led me through the dark living room, where people were watching a movie and playing a drinking game, and out into the hallway before turning up the stairs. She ran up the stairs in front of me, and as I rushed up behind her my eyes were at the same height as the hem of her dress. It rode up slightly and I could just very briefly see what appeared to be the black welts of something that looked remarkably like a pair of black stockings.

At the top of the stairs Morgan stopped and grabbed hold of me. We were in a darkened corridor. She pushed me up against the wall and kissed me very deeply again. I slipped my hand down to her thigh and ran it up and under the hem of her dress to receive absolute confirmation of what I had suspected moments before. She was wearing stockings. Not only that but she had a pair of suspenders on too.

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I was immediately consumed with a powerful lust for this woman that needed an immediate release. Not only was she very sexually experienced, and seemed more than likely willing to fuck my brains out tonight, but she was also dressed in that exact vampish outfit that I had always fantasised about in my long, lonely teenage fantasies. Now here she was pressed right up against me in a dark corridor at a smoky house party.

I felt her reach for my cock and instantly responded by sliding my hand higher up her leg to feel the gauzy material of her panties. I slipped the material roughly to one side and felt my middle finger come to rest on the smooth and entirely shaven lips of her pussy. She let out a muffled moan and grabbed my cock harder. I slipped my finger deep into the folds of her cunt and felt the little button of her clit. Morgan shuddered and then pushed me away.

“Not here,” she said, “I can’t fuck you here with my friends everywhere.”

“Where then?” I asked with a note of desperate fear rising in my throat at the realisation that this might all fall apart.

“Your place. Taxi. I’ll pay.”

Outside we flagged a cab down and in less than five minutes after my fingers had delved into her shaven snatch we were winging our way across town and making out like a couple of bandits on the back seat. Back at mine we staggered through the front door and flopped down onto the same sofa that Nicole and I had got hot and heavy on a few weeks earlier. My hands were all over Morgan, squeezing her big round tits and running up her legs in utter fascination of that magical point where the silky black stockings ended and the bare flesh of her thighs began. For her part Morgan had one hand around my neck, as she tongued me fiercely, with her other hand brutally groping my arse.

Eventually I pulled out of the embrace and suggested we go upstairs. Ruefully, I realised that I would have to lead the way this time so would miss the view of her stocking-tops as we ascended the two flights to my attic room. I opened my bedroom door, fumbled for the bedside lamp and switched it on. In the dim light I admired Morgan’s flawless appearance. Despite the vodka and weed and despite the rough making out in the kitchen, corridor, taxi and lounge she was still the perfect vamp from my years of fantasy. Little black dress, stockings and heels. Perhaps a little older than I had previously lusted after, and with short blonde hair rather than long wavy black hair, but nevertheless she was slim, good looking and most importantly willing to fuck me senseless.

At that thought I gestured into the room and asked her to make herself comfortable whilst I popped to the bathroom. After freshening up, removing all of my clothes except for a pair of satin boxers and staring at myself in the mirror for a moment to acknowledge that tonight I was about to lose my virginity I let myself back into the bedroom. What I saw took my breath away.

Morgan was lying on her side, propped up on her elbow. In her right hand she had the duvet held up and away from her body in a pose of unequivocal sexual invitation. She had removed her dress and heels and lay on her side exposing long, firm legs clad in immaculate black stockings held up by suspenders and with a black thong nestling between her legs. She was topless and her breasts were those of a woman in her absolute prime – big, firm, and standing out proudly with small, dark brown nipples. She was grinning impishly from one corner of her mouth. She said nothing. She did nothing. She merely held that irresistible pose.

I crossed the room and slid wordlessly into bed beside her. Instantly she dropped the cover over us and wrapped one arm around me with her other hand reaching for and grasping my stiff cock as it reared up in my boxers. I grunted with arousal and felt for one of her amazing tits and squeezed hard. Morgan threw back the cover, pushed me back onto my back and pulled my shorts off before getting down on all floors and licking my shaft from my balls all the way up to the tip of my head. I moaned in sheer ecstasy and Morgan repeated this three more times before sliding my cock expertly into her mouth and right to the back of her throat. In the very bed that Nicole had given me my first blowjob, but had very much concentrated of the tip of my cock, now this very experienced older woman had my seven inches balls deep right inside her mouth. She gagged slightly and then came right up and started rapidly licking the tip of my cock, concentrating on that sweet spot on the back of the helmet before swirling her tongue around my glans. This was followed by more licking of the shaft and deep sucking.
By now I was getting slightly concerned that I was going to blow my load. This sexually confident woman was teaching me new oral tricks that were literally blowing my mind and body. I saw now that although Nicole claimed to have sucked a lot of dick her technique was raw, inexperienced and lacked variation. Morgan had clearly learned a lot during her wild years and was putting that into expert practice on my throbbing, nineteen year old cock. I gasped for air and suggested that I repay that favour. I had literally no experience of licking pussy but was determined to gain some experience tonight and buy myself some valuable minutes allowing me to calm down after Morgan’s fantastic blowjob.

I soon found myself crouched at the end of the bed with my hard on pressing right into my tummy as I admired the curve of Morgan’s long stocking-clad legs in a sweep all the way up to her shaven pussy that was partially peeking out from behind her black thong. I lowered my head very close and Morgan hooked her fingers around the gusset of her panties to reveal a full and plump smooth labia with her wet petals spread open from within. I breathed in the heady scent of her juices and tentatively dipped my tongue into her slick folds and took my first taste of pussy. It was gorgeous. Dark, musky, heavy and powerfully yet appealingly scented. Morgan took a sharp intake of breath and bucked her hips, slightly bumping her mound against my nose and inadvertently pushing my tongue further into her quim.

“Hmmmm, yeah!” she said in a low, husky voice, before snickering and saying “I’m not at all wet down there am I?”

How wrong she was. Her pussy was absolutely and totally sopping wet. I could feel her juices soaking the bridge of my nose and beginning to run across my lips and down my chin as I eagerly lapped away. I guess I shared the oral technique of Nicole – a raw technique spurred on by lots of enthusiasm – with a stamina that allowed me to bob my tongue up and down that soaking pussy for a long time. Eventually I concentrated entirely on her clit rubbing my tongue eagerly back and forth against her little love button whilst sliding three fingers deep into her slick pussy to feel the innermost depths of her walls.

That was it for Morgan. She threw her arm across her face to muffle her shrieks of pleasure as she bucked her hips violently into my face whilst I held on to her waist and kept licking for all that I was worth. As she started to calm down I sensed that she was still moaning and had her face screwed up in abandon. The lady was not done yet and I coaxed her through two more rapid aftershocks of pleasure that left her whole body slick with a sheen of sweat as she panted for air.

“That young tongue of yours is perfect. Fucking perfect. Now get that cock of yours up here so I can suck you while you give me one more orgasm.”

And with that I spun around and shifted back on the bed whilst swinging my leg over and behind her head to allow her to grab hold of my cock and bring it deep into her mouth again as we engaged in a sixty-nine. My head was upside down and craning for her clit with my tongue in an unfamiliar position as she in turn angled her head slightly to the side to suck up and down on the head of my cock in short urgent gestures. I began to feel my balls contracting again and realised that I didn’t want to shoot until I had properly fucked this hot woman.

“I absolutely have to fuck you, Morgan! Now!”

She pulled my stiff cock out of her mouth, pointed at her handbag across the room and said, “In there. Pack of three.” I needed no further instruction. The packet was right at the top. She must have prepared when I was in the bathroom. I fumbled open the cardboard and tore open the plastic wrapper. Whilst I was standing by the side of the bed I rolled on the condom with Morgan’s help and then knelt between her widely spread legs with my cock standing proudly erect in its protective sheath.

Morgan once again slid her panties to one side. In the heat of the action we just hadn’t gotten around to pulling them down. I didn’t mind. Looking down at her, the scene was one of unrestrained and uncontrollable lust. Her long, curvy legs wrapped in their dark black stockings, her open legs with her shaven pussy smeared with her cunt juices, her big round tits pushed together between her arms that reached down to the fingers holding back that hot black thong ready for me to plough my cock into her wetness. Above all it was the snarl of complete arousal that had taken over Morgan’s face and the deep sense of all-consuming lust for my nineteen year old body. I faltered for a second.

“How old are you?” I blurted. What an idiot. “Sorry. Never ask that of a lady…”

“I’m thirty fucking five,” she answered, “now give me that nineteen year old cock right up as deep as it’ll go up my wet cunt.”

And with that I lowered myself down, felt her fingers tightly grasp my cock and guide me straight into the wetness of her pussy all the way up to the hilt. I was no longer a virgin and my stiff cock was buried up to the balls inside a woman sixteen years my senior who had just locked her stocking-clad legs behind my back, grasped my arse with her hands and was urging me to pump hard into her soaking cunt.

I lay there, partially propped up above her, my hips bucking like a jackhammer against her as she writhed beneath me. My cock felt like it was on fire with an outrageous and overwhelming pleasure. Nothing had prepared me for how horny the feel of my member sliding deep in a woman’s quim would feel. Certainly not my teenage masturbation, not Laura’s furious handjobs, not even Nicole’s willing mouth.

Morgan was a real woman, with so much sexual experience and confidence that I was so wrapped up in the intensity of the sensation in my hard cock that I barely noticed the feeling of her tits jiggling against my chest or saw her face contorted deeply with pleasure. All I knew is that my cock was alight with extreme arousal and I was trying desperately to prolong that feeling.

The vodka and the spliff definitely slowed me down some, but Morgan had got me so worked up by her vampish appearance and scintillating foreplay that I was once again in the realms of danger. My mind fluttered about and recalled a repeated motif from my fantasies. Here I was deep inside Morgan’s wet pussy with me about to cum, when the vision of those vampy girls bent over and looking back hit my mind. I froze. Morgan looked at me, perhaps thinking I was about to shoot my load.

“Can I take you from behind?”

“Fucking do it!” she replied immediately and with clear enthusiasm, “doggy is me favourite!”

I pulled my cock out of her and knelt up. She grinned at me, rolled over and pulled a pose on all fours whilst looking back at me across the arc of her back and over her gorgeously rounded arse.

“How’d you want me, like this?” she asked, and then jumped up swiftly and assumed another pose standing up over the edge of the bed, “or like this?”

My mouth dropped open. “Just as you are!”

“Fairs do’s, just let me slip me heels back on then.”

My cock twitched violently at that thought. I sidled around Morgan who now had her hands planted on the edge of the bed, her head down and her arse high in the air. I drank in the sight from behind her. The high stilettos, the amazing curves of her long legs spread wide for me, the generous flanks of her rump and the black thong framing the roundness of that arse and sticking to the folds of her wet pussy.

In utterly helpless abandon I reached to pull her thong to one side, placed my helmet against her soaking cunt lips and felt her hand guide me in again. We both let out a load exclamation of pleasure and then I started pumping her with my throbbing hard on again. Her hand lingered between her legs. She supported her weight with one hand and balanced herself against my hips slamming into her and making her round ass ripple as I ploughed into her. With her other hand Morgan alternated between rubbing her clit and stroking my balls. The latter was just too much for me. I’d lasted far longer than I ever thought possible with this fantasy woman. I erupted into her, pounding hard up behind her one last time as my legs shook and I pitched over on top of her. She steadied both of us with her hands on the bed as I continued to pump my cum inside her.


It was light when I woke. The curtains wide open where I had left them before work the night before. Morgan was standing up and appeared to be gathering her things. She grinned at me.

“Gotta do the walk of shame.”

I looked admiringly at her legs and noticed that her stockings had a couple of rips and several ladders in them. She appeared to be reaching down to take them off.

“Leave them on,” I said, “I want you again. So bad.”

She laughed hoarsely. “Of course! Nineteen year old cocks never go down do they!?”

With that she pushed me onto my back and knelt low over me. At first I thought that Morgan was going to take me in her mouth again, but this time she dipped forward and slid her cleavage slowly, so agonisingly slowly, across my foreskin and up over my helmet to engulf me in her tits. I let out a slow and low moan. Morgan rested more of her weight against me and started pumping my cock back and forth between her breasts as I held on to them and increased the pressure on my member.

Once she had me at just the level of arousal that she wanted Morgan leaned over and extricated another rubber from her packet, popped it in her mouth and then deftly used her lips to unroll it down my cock in one graceful manoeuvre. I bit on my lip and threw my head back.

Then Morgan had one leg braced on the mattress as she grabbed my shaft and directed herself towards the head, slowly plunging my cock back into her pussy. In seconds she was riding my cock in a very steady rhythm, bouncing straight up and down in a motion like an equestrian in a riding trot.

My head was spinning with a mixture of hangover, endorphins and eroticism. I lay straight back on the bed staring up at Morgan, who was now biting her own lip as she rode my cock hard. As she was arching her back, presenting those surprisingly firm tits towards me I clutched at the tops of her ruined stockings and gritted my teeth whilst wondering in sudden amazement if she was the same woman on the street that I had lusted after in my horny innocence all those months before.

The lady with the amazing legs that I had seen slinking down the street on my first morning in the city. Her short blonde hair the same as Morgan’s. The lass that had inspired me to become determined to leap into bed with as many different girls as possible. The thought sent a jolt of further arousal through my body, my mouth opened, I tried to breathe but all that happened was that the air surged out of my lungs, I grasped Morgan’s thighs tighter as she bucked wildly and milked another powerful jet of my cum into her sopping pussy.


Later that evening, and long after Morgan and I had shared one last, deep and lingering kiss on the doorstep of my digs, Elaine came home. She looked very tired and drawn. Last night had clearly taken it out of her.

“What happened to you then? Get laid?” I asked her.

“Hah! No!” she exclaimed, “but I hear you did…”

“Oh? Where’d you here that then?” I cautiously enquired.

“Just been in the pub with everyone from last night. Morgan was there. She gave you quite the review!”


“Oh its cool. Don’t worry. She was praising you to the heavens. Said you had a tongue and cock that was exactly what she needed for her last fling.”

“What… what the fuck?” I blurted out.

“She not tell you? She’s engaged. Getting married next month to a brickie from Doncaster. I’m invited to the wedding. Wanna be my plus one?”

Curious as I was to see Morgan on her wedding day, and maybe share a knowing glance with her, I chose not to attend. I never saw her again or even heard from her. She took my cherry in the best possible way that a nineteen year old student could imagine and set the wheels in motion for half a lifetime of sex with women of every age, race, colour, shape and background. My first year at university was the educational grounding that I needed.

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