A Very Unexpected First

“Hey Gimpy! Get outta the way!” came the shout, a moment too late of course and the stampeding herd of jubilant seniors crashed into me and shoved me into the lockers lining the hall. I struggled to remain upright as the buffeting continued. Yells, cheers and shouts bounced off the walls to add to the din and confusion. Someone threw an armload of papers into the air and others joined in. I managed to reach a gap by a janitor’s closet and waited for the madness to pass. After what seemed an eternity it finally did. It was the last day of school and graduation was two days away. Two weeks ago I had celebrated my Eighteenth birthday. For a while there I wasn’t sure I was going to see it.

My name is Charles but only my Dad ever called me that. I never knew my Mom, you see, she died when I was three. Dad raised me without any help, and did a pretty good job too. Then on my twelfth birthday, on our way home after a party at the Perfect Pizza Palace and Arcade, we were hit by a speeding car. The dipshit teenager was only fifteen himself and had stolen the car and taken his friends for a joyride. Dad died and I was in a coma for two weeks. I had a whole summer of rehab just to learn to walk again. When I was released my maternal Grandmother was granted custody. She moved me in with her halfway across the state. I have been fighting battle after battle after battle ever since.

The first was the battle just to stay alive. Then there was the battle to walk. First with a walker and then crutches and canes. Next was the battle to wipe my own ass. Yeah, there was no way I was gonna let somebody else do that. Then there was the battle to get up and get dressed without assistance. Then the battle to return to school and of course the battle to survive without the sports I had so loved. Oh and let’s not forget the big battle to remain sane and not suicidal after my whole world had fallen apart.

“Hiya Chuck!” The voice was light, happy, even kind of musical and my mood brightened with it. “Hey buddy, howya doin’?”

“Oh just fine now that the migrating wildebeest have moved on.” I quipped. Kate was one of the few who would get the joke and appreciate the comparison.

Nineteen year old Kate Bell was also a senior and my best friend. At only five foot tall, stocky and sporting a fiery red mane that reflected her temper, she had earned the nickname “fireplug”. You might not think we would have much in common but we were both handicapped and had found ourselves in many classes together and we just sort of clicked. Now four years later we were set to graduate.

Kate laughed at my lame joke and we wandered down the empty hall together… slowly. Yeah I’m doing much better and now only need one ugly aluminum cane to limp along, but Kate had it worse. She still needed two. Kate had never really opened up about her disability and all I knew was that she had been in an accident too. It had set her back an entire year in school. She was in a wheelchair when we’d met but now she was “on her feet again” as she liked to put it.

As luck would have it, Kate lived in the house across the street from me. Grams picked us both up and drove us home. On the way Kate asked me to hang out for a little while and Grams dropped us off in her driveway.

As we entered the house I noticed how quiet it was.

“My folks will be late tonight,” she explained. “Dad and Mom are going out with his boss celebrating some kinda big promotion or sumpthin’,” She dumped her backpack on the recliner as I sat on the sofa. She came and sat with me, staring at her hands for a minute and in the silence I realized something was on her mind.

“What’s up Kate?” I asked.

She looked up at me and I could see that there were tears about to fall. The only times I had ever seen Kate cry was when she was in pain.

“Chuck…” she was struggling to keep control of her voice, “are we really best friends?”

“Oh hell yeah Kate!” I answered. “Why? What’s going on?”

“Well I know you are my best friend and this promotion my dad is getting is gonna make us move..” and her resolve broke down and the tears flowed. I grabbed some tissues from the coffee table and put my arms around her.

“Oh Kate!” I said hugging her. “I’ll still be your best friend and maybe we can still see each other. Where will you move?”

“Tokyo!” she said bawling.

“Oh… shit… Japan…” I stammered. “But hey Tokyo is supposed to be great! And you love anime and there’s gotta be all kinds of cool shit to see and do…”

“But Chuck,” she cried, “I only want to be with you! Don’t you see? You’re not just my best friend, you’re more than that! I, I, I think somewhere, somehow… I fell for you! And now it’s breakin’ my heart to think I’m gonna fly off without you!”

“But Kate… it’s a chance to see the world!” I said.

“That don’t mean shit if you’re not with me Chuck!” she raised her voice, “I’m in love with you, you fuckin’ idiot!” Her hands flew to her mouth in surprise and I… well I couldn’t breathe. All of the air was suddenly gone from the room or maybe my lungs forgot how to work…

I was shocked… stunned. Love? How? When? Really? Love? Real love? But Kate mistook my silence for a condemnation and burst into tears. She tried to get up and I reached for her. She lost her balance and everything went into super slow motion. I could see she was falling and I lunged for her. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me as I twisted. I hit the floor on my back and Kate lay on top of me. We lay there stunned for a minute.

“Chuck? Are you okay?” she asked as she started to sit up.

“Don’t move.” I said and she froze. I stared into her hazel eyes from bare inches away. “Do you know that you have tiny flecks of green in your eyes?” I whispered, “And that they are the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen?” Kate’s mouth hung open. “And why is it only now that I realize that your lips are so full and pretty and look so soft and, and , I want to kiss you… yes, yes I do.”

And I did. I kissed her and she responded and our mouths began to move as we relished this first, deep intense and very exciting kiss. Kate put her hands on each side of my head and I could feel her breasts pressing into my chest and her weight on me was very pleasing and my hands began to explore her back as I held her tightly.

We lay there in the floor for probably twenty minutes kissing. Finally we managed to get up and get back onto the sofa. As Kate leaned back onto the cushions she pulled me to her and we continued kissing. Then she took my hand and placed it on her breast. I don’t know what surprised me more, her move or the realization that she had more than a handful! Why was that not something I’d noticed?

“Wow, that’s big…” I said and then realized I had said it out loud. I guess because she always wore baggy clothes I never noticed. What else don’t I know?

Kate grinned. “Would you like to see them Chuck? I’ve never shown anybody, but I’ll show them to you.”

Kate tugged at her t-shirt. I sat up and watched as she pulled it off and dropped it on the floor. Kate was surprisingly busty. She was wearing a very nice bra of a bright electric blue with a very shiny finish and her tits were really straining the cups. I slowly reached out and touched the flesh where it rose above the fabric. Kate smiled and I could see that she was really proud of her tits, or maybe just the effect they were having on me.

Kate looked at me for a moment and seemed to suddenly have an idea. “Chuck, take my bra off.” She turned her back to me and said, “Go ahead and unhook me.” I unhooked the four clasps and she turned back to face me. I slipped my fingers under the straps and gently pulled it away. I sat and stared. Again Kate had to prompt me, “Well?”

“They-they’re beautiful…” I whispered. Slowly and gently I reached out my hands and caressed them. They were warm and so soft. Her skin was so incredibly smooth and creamy. Her nipples were small little buttons in the middle of surprisingly bright pink areola and pointed slightly outward. Her tits were full, round and firm. As I stroked them Kate closed her eyes and sighed.

“Oh Chuck, you don’t know how long I have wanted to feel you touch them like this. It feels so good.”

I cupped them in my hands and squeezed them and Kate sighed again. I turned my hands until her nipples were between my thumbs and forefingers and played with them. Kate moaned a little and smiled. “That feels nice…” she said softly.

I leaned forward and kissed her mouth again, then lowered my face to her tits and began kissing her flesh. It was fantastic. It thrilled me to feel her flesh on my lips. I allowed my kisses to roam freely over her breast for a minute or two and then I kissed her left nipple. Kate moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. I took it in my lips and tugged slightly, and then used the tip of my tongue to tickle it.

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“That feels weird.” she giggled, “Weird but good, does that makes sense?”

I kept this up for a moment and then repeated it on the other tit. Kate was enjoying this as much as I was, how cool is that? I tried sucking on her nipple and she moaned some more. I was in heaven, I mean I really, really love tits. And here I was for the first time squeezing and sucking on a beautiful pair of firm tits as the girl moaned and sighed and, and… “Damn this is awesome!” I said out loud.

“Yeah, it is!” Kate giggled again. “I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, I play with them some at night but you, you are so much better!”

I know, I know, you think I’m over reacting to a pair of tits. Well when you live with your Grandma, who sees no need for wifi and has only basic cable, well my titty viewing was limited. So, now that I actually had a really nice pair in my hands I was really making up for lost time. I toyed with her nipples and I sucked on one and then the other. I kissed her tits and then her mouth and back to her tits again.

“God Chuck, I can’t believe how good it feels, this this is great.” Kate said. “Hey take off your shirt, I wanna feel then against you!”

Hell yeah, I whipped my shirt off and Kate pushed me back and lay on top of me. “Oh wow,” I said, “This is awesome.”

“Yeah, ya said that already,” Kate told me, “How about you try again?”

I looked in her eyes and caressed her bare back, from her shoulders down to her jeans. Kate sighed. I put my mouth near her ear and whispered, “You are beautiful and I can’t believe how lucky I am. Your skin on mine… it is so wonderful and it thrills me. I never, ever expected this.”

Kate grabbed my head and kissed me furiously. Her tongue forced it’s way into my mouth and I played with it. I relished the feeling of her tits pressed into me. Her weight on me was pleasing as well. As I caressed her back my dick fought to reach full erection and she could feel it. Kate began to grind against my boner and, quite frankly, it kinda hurt.

“Kate stop, stop. Please stop.” I said She looked hurt.

“What’s wrong Chuck? I thought you…”

“No Kate, I’m hurting, that’s all. I just need to adjust myself, just a second.” and I tried to move my cock but my jeans were too snug. I unbuckled my belt and suddenly Kate’s hands were there popping the button and tugging on my zipper.

“Let me see Chuck, please? I’ve never seen a cock before.”

Hmmn… let me think about this a nanosecond. A girl is topless and asking to see my cock…

“Oh hell yeah!” I said and Kate laughed as I shoved my pants and briefs down. as soon a it was free my cock sprang up and swelled to my full glorious massive size. Yeah, okay so I exaggerate, I have an average sized dick of about six inches.

“Oh my fucking god that’s big!” she exclaimed! Her hands flew to her mouth in surprise.

“You made it get that big, Kate.” I said and was proud of my quick thinking.

“Can, can I touch it? Please Chuck?” she begged.

“Sure, but be gentle.” I answered

Kate reached out and touched my cock lightly and it twitched. She flinched and I laughed.

“You did that on purpose!” she chided me, but she touched it again.

As her fingertips lightly touched the tender underside of my dick I moaned and twitched again. Kate stroked it again and this time her fingers went down and caressed my balls. I moaned again. She gently took my shaft in her hand and held it. The feeling was so fucking good! She toyed with it a minute or two and then squeezed it. I moaned louder and Kate smiled. I knew what I needed was to cum. I wanted to cum. I wanted Kate to make me cum. I put my hand on hers and guided her to stroke her grip up and down my cock. Kate realized and grinned as she began to give me my first hand job. By her third stroke some pre-cum was oozing out. Kate kept pumping and in about a minute I felt my orgasm surging upward. I came and my first spurt shot up about two feet and plopped down onto my belly. Kate squealed with surprise and delight and thankfully kept pumping. I spurted about five or six times and it seemed to me to be a huge amount. I actually had to stop Kate as she was still trying to pump more out of me.

“Oh holy shit!” she said. “That’s fucking amazing! That’s what sperm looks like huh?” She looked at the cum on her hand and lifted it to her face, she sniffed it. “Wow it smells weird… but it kinda…well, I think I like it… So when girls give blow-jobs, they swallow this?”

“Uh… sometimes, I guess.” I really didn’t know much about that.

“What does it taste like?” She asked.

“Geez Kate! Do you think I know?”

She looked at the cum on my belly and put her finger in it and then slowly brought it to her face. she stuck out her tongue and tasted.

“Kinda strange..” she said and used two fingers to try and get a larger amount. She tasted it and rendered her opinion. “Salty, and slimy but not bad really.”

Kate grabbed a handful of tissues from the coffee table and I wiped up the mess.

“So how long till you can cum again?” she asked.

“I can get hard again real fast but it might take about ten or fifteen minutes for me to make another load.” I answered. “Faster if I’m stimulated.”

“Is this enough stimulation?” she leaned over and started sucking on my cock.

I leaned back and savored the feeling of her mouthing my dick. It felt so good. The only bad thing was that I couldn’t reach her tits. Instead I started caressing her head. I ran my fingers through that red mane and watched as her head bobbed up and down. Well either I lost track of time or I was way off in my guesses because I felt another orgasm building way too soon. I wondered if I should warn her but Kate was really focused on sucking my cock and I really wanted to cum in her mouth like I had heard guys talk about… My body decided for me and I grunted as I came. Kate choked and gagged a moment but kept right on sucking. She was sucking hard on the end of my dick and pumping my shaft with her fist and squeezing me so incredibly tight. I could feel each spurt of cum struggle to get past her hand and out the tip. Finally she relaxed her grip and licked the last dribbles from my sagging cock.

“Liar.” she said grinning. “That was not ten minutes!”

“Well that was when I jacked off, but you are a lot more stimulating and it surprised me too!”

“So whaddaya think Chuck? Was it a good blow job? Didja like it?” she was excited and I smiled. Damn, I thought, why had I not seen how cute she is?

“Uh, yeah Kate it was great!” I said and reached out for her. Kate came and lay on me again and we kissed. I stroked her head and caressed her back and she sighed. Her tits felt so good pressed into me.

“Chuck,” Kate said softly, ” Do you wanna see my pussy? I’ll show it to you if you want…”

“Sure I want to see it. I’ve never seen a pussy for real!”

Kate sat up and unfastened her pants and then tugged them off. She was wearing some low rise high cut panties that matched her bra. I thought that they looked great on her. Kate leaned back against the cushions and toyed with herself. She rubbed her pussy through the fabric.

“So you ain’t never seen a real pussy huh?” she teased. “So how bad do you wanna see it Chuck? Huh? What will you do when you see it?”

Well right off I remembered guys at school talking about eating pussy and even though I had no idea what that was or how to do it I figured that was the answer she was hoping for. “I’ll kiss it and eat you and make you cum Kate.”

“Ohhh Chuck! Really? You promise?” She sounded touched, like I had just promised her diamonds and rubies and shit. When she moved her hand from her pussy, I could see her crotch was dark and wet. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband and pulled her panties off. She kept her legs together as she leaned back and then ever so slowly she parted them.

Oh my god… So this is what it’s all about. It was nothing like I had expected. Hell I’d only seen some piss poor pictures and this… this was so much better.

Kate’s pussy was crowned with more of her red hair, not too much. Just enough to compliment it nicely.. There was only some fuzz on her pussy itself and most was on her mound. I leaned forward and she spread her legs to let me get close. I wanted so badly to act like I knew what I was doing, but hell, she already knew better.

“Um Kate, I don’t want to sound stupid but… could you tell me what’s what here?” I asked sheepishly.

Kate giggled and touched herself. “Well silly, this is a pussy. Here you have my mons venus, these are my outer lips or labia which you may kiss if you wish…”

I leaned in close and delicately kissed them, eliciting a sigh from her. It was nice and her scent was… intriguing. I slid my hands under her hips and kissed her some more and she giggled again.

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“That feels so good! It is so weird and strange but also so good and… arousing!” She sighed and her hands touched my head. Kate ran her fingers through my hair and it felt good.

I pushed my face deeper into her and discovered her inner lips and the aroma was stronger, though not unpleasant. Indeed I soon found myself very fond of it. I licked her and she moaned. I tasted her and I liked it. I parted her inner lips and gazed at her pink opening and marveled at the sight. It was so beautiful and wet. I licked up her pussy from the bottom to the top and discovered two things. First that her flavor was very nice, and second that when my tongue touched her opening she would gasp! I did it again and Kate moaned.

“Ohhh… Wow Chuck, that feels so good… do it some more… Ohhh…”

I decided that I really liked this. I mean, yeah it was fun and she tasted great and I figured that I had to be good at pussy eating if I wanted to be a hit with girls… at least that’s what the popular guys said. But more important than all that, I really, really wanted to make Kate cum. Yeah I knew what it was and I wanted her to reach an orgasm with me and maybe she might return the favor you know? But there was something very satisfying about the idea that I could give Kate some happiness. that maybe I could make sure that even in Tokyo she would still think of me. Yeah, that’s it. I decided that I was gonna make sure that when she went to bed in Japan and masturbated, she was gonna be thinking of me! I tried really hard to focus on what I was doing right, and keep doing it.

Kate was moaning and her hands left my head and she grabbed her tits and began squeezing them. I thought it was awesome to watch her squeeze them so tight and then she started pinching her nipples and tugging on them! Oh wow was that hot! I realized that Kate was really, really wet now. Her pussy was flowing with her moisture and I lapped it up as fast as I could. Geez it tasted so good! Every time that I tongued her hole Kate would gasp so I decided to try putting it in. Now I had heard guys as school talking about doing it and they all made it sound easy. But it wasn’t. I mean yeah she like it and I liked it but unless you have a deformed tongue, you really can’t reach very deep, not like the guys bragged they could. Still it was great and she really started squirming when I did. My nose was filled with her scent and I loved it. My mouth fit over her lips and I began sucking. Kate let go of her tits and grabbed my head.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god.” she moaned.

I used my left hand to spread her lips and there was her clit. It was so cool! It was a little pink nub sticking out from her hood at the top end of her slit. I slid my thumb and forefinger on either side and began to rub it gently. Kate’s moans turned into a deeper groaning. I took my right hand and gently slid it under her ass and slowly put my right thumb into her pussy. I held it there for a couple of minutes as she got used to it. Then I kissed her clit a few times and finally started to flick it side to side with my tongue. Kate was making a grunting sound and bucking her hips up and down as she held my head tight to her pussy. She got wilder and wilder and suddenly cried out and went all stiff on me as she came.

After a few moments she started to relax and I raised up a bit to look at her. “How was that?” I asked.

“God Chuck! That was great!” she replied as she tried to catch her breath. “That was fuckin great! I diddled myself before but holy shit man that was awesome!”

I moved my left hand up to squeeze her tit and she smiled. But when I started to move my right hand her eyes flew open wide…

“Holy fuck Chuck! Are you inside me?” She rose up and looked down as I eased my thumb out.

“Um… yeah. Couldn’t you tell?” I asked, confused.

“Uh, not really. I was kinda distracted.” she said and then giggled. “So does a thumb in my pussy mean I’m not a virgin anymore?”

I didn’t know what to say. I guess I must’ve looked pretty dumb. Kate pushed me back towards the other end of the sofa, laughing at my confusion. She followed me and straddled me. She reached down and toyed with my dick, stroking it and squeezing. Now all of this had me pretty stiff and a few strokes had me really, really hard and Kate pushed the tip into her pussy and shut her eyes.

“God, I want this so bad…” She slowly started to slide onto my cock. She was kinda tight but so wet that we didn’t have any problem and she took my cock all the way in one smooth motion. She sat there quietly and enjoyed the moment. Hell I was too! It felt so good. Warm and wet and tight. She smiled at me and started wiggling her hips around. I reached up and cupped her tits and played with her nipples. Kate laughed and started rocking her hips back and forth.

“Oh yeah…” she sighed, “This feels better and better. I like feeling you inside me. It feels right, you know? Kinda like I was craving it without knowing what it was… but now that I’ve got it, I realized I was missing it… does that make any sense Chuck?”

“In a weird way… yeah it does.” I said. I liked screwing Kate. I liked playing with her tits too. But the funny thing was, I really liked seeing her smiling at me. Ok, ok… I really, really liked seeing her naked on top of me smiling at me while we screwed! God it was awesome.

Kate’s legs weren’t strong enough to let her ride up and down my shaft so she leaned forward until her tits were in my face and she was almost off of my cock. Then she said three words. Three words I didn’t think I’d ever hear…

“Fuck me Chuck!”

I buried my face between her tits and grabbed her ass and started bucking my hips up and down. I was pumping my cock in and out of her pussy and it felt better than I could have ever imagined. It was making wet, sloppy sounds and our flesh was slapping with a loud smacking noise and Kate was groaning… I don’t know how long it took but it seemed like both forever and way too soon. Kate dropped her face to mine and we kissed over and over again. Then she put her cheek on mine, her mouth near my ear and whispered.

“Oh it feels so good, so good, so good. I fuckin love this… Yesssss, ohhhhhh yesss…”

This was followed by moaning and groaning for several minutes and suddenly she went silent for a moment and then started gasping. I felt her pussy ripple and squeeze my cock as she came. She threw her head back and cried out. No words, just grunts. Oh holy shit! I was doing this! I was making her cum! She was cumming because of me! I felt so powerful at that moment. I slid my hands a little higher to her waist and started to really fuck her hard. Her grunting continued. I was shoving her down onto my cock as my hips drove upward. Our bodies were slamming together and Kate’s head dropped until her cheek was resting on my head. She was moaning and I thought this was great, but then she started talking all sexy in my ear.

“Fuck me Chuck! Fuck me good! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me!”

I felt my orgasm nearing. Oh shit!

“Kate, I’m gonna cum soon… What do I do Kate? What do I do?”

“I’m on the pill! Cum in me! Give it to me!”

It was a good thing she wanted it because I couldn’t hold it if I wanted to and I started cumming in her before she finished telling me to. I came and came and came! God it felt wonderful! Kate sat up a bit and smiled at me. She bit her lip and then leaned down and kissed me for a long time. My dick had only relaxed a bit but I was so turned on that it never really shrank much and Kate felt so hot inside that I swelled up again and we fucked some more. Yeah we fucked for a while and I came again before we finally stopped.

That was the first time Kate and I fucked and I gotta tell you it wasn’t the last. And no, she didn’t go to Tokyo. They were packing for the move when her Grandmother had a fall and broke her hip. Kate and her Mom stayed to take care of her. That was a year ago and Kate and I both go to the Community College here in town. I would tell you more but I gotta quit typing and go meet her. We’re going to get a bite to eat and… well, you know.

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