A Virgin No More, First Time Sex Ch. 01

Jessica, a virgin, has first time sexual intercourse with her longtime boyfriend and now fiancé, Michael.

Twenty-three-year-old Jessica was just as sexually frustrated as was her twenty-five-year-old boyfriend, Michael, perhaps even more sexually frustrated. Only, sexually and selfishly self-centered, the issue was all about him and his blue balls and not what Jessica wanted. With him pressuring her to submit to having sexual intercourse with him and her staying steadfast in her virginity, every time they discussed the issue, the topic turned heated. Every time they made out in his car, his groping quickly turned into a wrestling match with him unsuccessfully trying to remove her panties to force himself inside of her.

She was such a beautiful woman. Tall and naturally blonde with bright, blue eyes and big, natural tits, if she lived in Texas instead of Massachusetts, she’d be just another blonde, beauty queen. Yet, here in Boston where so many women were shorter and squatter, she stood out as if she was a model walking the runway instead of walking down Newbury Street to work.

Every man who saw her looked twice. Every man who saw her wanted her. Every man who saw her thought she was sensually sexy and smoking hot. Unfortunately for Michael, even though Jessica was his woman, because she wanted to remain a virgin, he couldn’t yet have her.

If you talked to Michael, he’s the victim. In the way that he complained to his friends and to anyone who’d listen, co-workers and people alike on the street, he’d be first to say that he was the one who was sexually frustrated and not her. If you talked to him, using her excuse as wanting to stay a virgin until her wedding night, he’d say that she didn’t want to have sexual intercourse with him, when she was the one who couldn’t wait to have sexual intercourse with him. If you talked to him, it was obvious that he was on the verge of cheating on his fiancé to lessen his horniness and eradicate his sexual frustration. If you talked to him, thinking now that his fiancé is a cold, frigid bitch instead of a hot, sexy mamma, now he’s unsure if he even wants to marry Jessica.

“C’mon Jessica, let me fuck you just a little bit. Just let me stick my cock in you just partway,” said Michael lifting up her short skirt to expose her panty clad ass and pulling her panties down part-way down her legs to expose her round, shapely, firm ass. “Okay? Please?”

She turned away from him and swatted at his hand as if he was an annoying fly.

“Fuck me just a little bit? Stick it in me just part way? No, Michael,” said Jessica pulling up her panties and smoothing down her skirt.

“C’mon baby. I promise not to go too deep and I promise to pull it out when you tell me,” said Michael begging Jessica to fuck him.

He lifted her skirt again and started to pull down her white, bikini panties again. With him not even sexually arousing her by sticking his hand between her legs and his fingers inside of her panties, having sex was only about him. Having sex was him fucking her and cumming inside of her. Not really caring about how she feels, he just wanted to bone her, perhaps so that he could tell all of his friends that he did. Perhaps, once he fucked her, he’d leave her. Yet, after three years together, he seemed tightly hooked on her baited line.

“What’s wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? Are you crazy? My parents and brother are upstairs. They can hear us down the cellar,” she said in a whisper.

He looked at her with a face full of anger as much as sexual frustration.

“I am crazy. I’m crazy with lust for you. I need to make love to you Jessica. I need to fuck you,” he said lifting her skirt again.

“Michael no. Stop. I want to remain a virgin until my Honeymoon night,” she said pulling up her panties and pulling down her skirt. “I promised my grandmother on her deathbed that I would,” said Jessica pushing Michael’s hands away. “What if I blow you? What if I suck your cock? Would it help if you ejaculated in my mouth?”

“Well, okay,” he said pulling down his zipper and pulling out his cock as Jessica moved to her knees in front of him.

Stroking him with her hand before taking him in her mouth, she sucked him yet again. She couldn’t remember the last time he licked her. She couldn’t remember the last time he gave her an orgasm. Yet, as long as she gave him a hand job and/or a blowjob, everything was okay with the world.

* * * * *

In Michael’s self-absorbed mind, seemingly everyone was having sexual intercourse but for him. Seemingly with everyone sexually sated, no one was horny and sexually frustrated but for him. With his friends having regular, non-stop sexual intercourse with women they picked up in a club, in a bar, on the street, with their girlfriends, with their lovers, and some even with their mothers, Michael was relegated to masturbating while imagining having sexual intercourse with his fiancé.

“That’s not fair. That’s not right,” he’d say to anyone who’d listen. “After putting a diamond on her finger, instead of having more sex, I’m having less sex. After swearing off other women and telling her that I’d be faithful forever, thinking that she’d finally give it up and quit being a cold bitch of a virgin, I’m horny. I’m sexually frustrated. I’m ready to rip my cock off from masturbating so much.”

Yeah, sure, she’d give him a hand job and/or a blowjob pretty much whenever he wanted one but what he really wanted was what he couldn’t get from her. What he really wanted was to make love to her. What he really wanted was to fuck her. He wanted her to make love to him. He wanted her to fuck him. For some reason that no doubt had to do with possessiveness and control, until his cock was buried deep inside of her to stake his claim on her pussy, he didn’t feel that she was truly his until he planted his flag where the sun don’t shine.

Oddly enough, no satisfying him, if it was the other way around, he wouldn’t be happy either. If he was having regular intercourse with her but if she refused to blow him, he’d be in the same horny and sexual frustrated way that he was now. When not all women give blowjobs and if they do suck cock, not all women allow men to cum in their mouths to watch them swallow. He should be happy that his fiancé not only loves to suck cock but also that she’s a great cocksucker. He should be happy that his fiancé allows him to cum in her mouth. He should be happy that she swallows but, alas, he’s not happy at all.

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Wanting it all, he wants her to give him sexual intercourse too, along with all the blowjobs that he wants, whenever he wants them, he wants to fuck her. Not really caring that she wants to remain a virgin in this day and age of promiscuity and single mothers, he doesn’t care that she promised her grandmother that she’d remain a virgin. Obviously he cares more about his sexual needs than her emotional needs and about the promise that she made to her dying grandmother. He cares more about himself than he does about her. The bottom line and all that matters to him is that he’s as horny as he’s sexually frustrated.

He wants what he can’t have. He wants to know what it’s like to be inside of her while he’s on top of her. He wants to make love to his woman. Not willing to wait until his Honeymoon night, he wants to fuck Jessica now. He wants to turn her around, bend her over, lift up her skirt, and pull down her panties to impale his cock inside of her pussy while he hangs on to her big tits and humps her.

All one way with him, with him not even willing to wear a condom, after persuading her to take the birth control pill, he wants to pound her pussy. With her on her back and with her legs spread wide open, he wants to be on top of her while humping her. With her big tits bouncy and swaying side to side, he wants her on top of him. He wants her to jump up and down on his cock while she screams her orgasm.

He wants to make love to her. He wants her to make love to him. He wants to fuck her. He wants her to fuck him. Truth be told, not even wanting to make love to her as much as he wants to fuck her, he really needs to fuck her. So that he can beat on his chest and proclaim his masculinity, with them already jealous of him and envious of her, he can’t wait to tell his friends that he did Jessica.

* * * * *

When he first met Jessica, he thought she was as hot as she was beautiful and sexy. In the way that they made eyes at one another, had so much in common, and shared so many emotional and/or physical experiences, he thought he had found the perfect woman. In the way that she melted him with her kisses, hitting it off with her right away, he thought she was ready to jump in the sack with him. Yet, if you talk to him now, after sexually seething over her for three, long excruciating years, he’d say that she was cold and not hot at all. Thinking her more of a frigid bitch than a hot momma, sadly and unfortunately, men have no idea the sexual animals that women are.

Just as most men are whoremongers for practically any woman who will willingly give them sex, most women are dirty, nasty whores for the right man. Even though she’s a virgin, when not masturbating in her bathtub or in her bed, she’s thinking about having sex with Michael from the time she opens her eyes in the morning to the time she closes her eyes at night. Even though she tells him that she’s hot and horny for him and can’t wait for him to make love to her, with actions speaking louder than words, seemingly he doesn’t believe her until she’s naked with her legs and arms around his back. Seemingly, he thinks more about his feelings than he thinks about her feelings. Seemingly thinking more about now than later, he can’t see the forest for the trees. With them living together as man and wife for the next forty or fifty years, he’s not willing to wait until their married to take her virginity. He wants what he wants when he wants it and he wants it now.

“Fuck that shit about her wanting to be a virgin. No one over 18-years-old is a virgin today. Virginity is bullshit. Being a virgin is stupid. Bullshit,” he said raising his voice. “I don’t give a care that she promised her grandmother that she’d remain a virgin until her wedding day. She’s just using her wanting to be a virgin because she’s not sure if I’m the one. That’s all. She has doubts, that’s what she has, doubts. She’s not sure if she loves me and she just doesn’t want me to spoil her for another man should we not get married,” he said to his friends while having one drink too many.

Then, to make sexual matters even more frustrating, even when she’s sleeping, she dreams of getting laid. She dreams of making love to him. Dreaming of Michael humping and humping her, she dreams of humping and humping him. She dreams of getting fucked. She dreams of him pounding her pussy while she fucks his cock. With him humping and humping her, she dreams of his erect cock buried deep inside of her while she’s kissing and kissing him.

Every night it’s the same, she dreams of Michael making love to her before fucking her, really pounding her pussy. She dreams of having sex in every room and in every position in her parent’s house and every room in every position in his parent’s house. She dreams of having sex outside on the front lawn, in the backyard, on the beach, and in public. If only he knew that once he jumpstarts her motor, revving out of control, there’s no turning her off until she sexually satisfied.

“How dare he call me cold? If only he knew how sexually hot I am for him, he’d never call me cold again. When I’m not stroking his cock, I’m sucking his cock,” she said to her girlfriends with them nodding their heads in agreement.

“I wish I had remained a virgin,” said her best friend Sheila.

“I wish I didn’t put out as much as I did,” said Donna, another one her friends. “Now my boyfriend thinks me more of a slut and a whore than he thinks of me as the future mother of his children.

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“How dare he call me a bitch? If only he knew how lucky he is that I love sucking his cock and swallowing his cum, he’d never call me a bitch again,” she said to her two girlfriends.

“He should be happy with your masturbating him and sucking him,” said Sheila. “Even though he wants me to blow him all the time, I seldom suck him. I’d rather fuck him or give him a hand job than to blow him.”

“He should be happy with you allowing him to cum in your mouth and you swallowing,” said Donna. “Even with all the cocks I’ve sucked, I still gag when my man shoots his load in his mouth. Feeling as if I’m going to choke, being that I can’t swallow, I can’t breathe. Gagging and choking, I can’t wait to spit it out of my mouth so that I can cough.”

* * * * *

Most of her girlfriends don’t enjoy sucking cock in the way she enjoys sucking cock. If anything, taking a cock in their mouths for only a few seconds, they just dabble with a cock in their mouth and never allow their boyfriends to cum in their mouths. Based on their true and candid confessions on how much they detest sucking cock, most of her girlfriends will stop sucking cock as soon as they say, “I do,” at the altar. When her girlfriends do allow their man to cum in their mouths, totally grossed out, they don’t swallow. Rather than swallowing a mouthful of warm, oozy cum, they spit out their load in a tissue. He doesn’t know how lucky he is to have a fiancé who’s a genuine, skilled cocksucker.

A good woman who will make him a good wife and a great mother, if only he believed that she wanted to have sexual intercourse with him as much as he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her. If only he believed that she wanted to have sexual intercourse with him as much as he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her, maybe then he’d understand and honor her reason why she wanted to stay a virgin until they’re married. With him obviously thinking that she’s sexually teasing him and sexually punishing him, he was the one who postponed the wedding after all and not her. Had he not gotten cold feet, they would have been married by now. Had he not gotten cold feet, with them having a steady diet of sexual intercourse along with oral sex, they would have been making love and fucking day and night by now.

Thinking that she was cold because she wouldn’t have sexual intercourse with him, it’s not enough that she does everything else. It’s not enough that she sucks him way more than he licks her. It’s not enough that she lets him use her body, undress her, grope her breasts whenever he wants, and suck her nipples, even when she’s not in the mood. If anyone is cold, he’s the cold one. With her kisses her sexual thermometer, she’s way more passionate than he is. He’s always first to break off their kiss. Wishing that he’d rather lick her pussy than kiss her, sadly, he’d rather suck her nipples than kiss her. He could have had sex with her up and down, sideways, and front and back by now had he not chickened out and postponed the wedding.

Stupidly, some men don’t think that women get horny too. Some men don’t know that women have sexual urges, sexual fetishes, and sexual perversions too. Some men are too wrapped up in their own sexual frustration, horniness, and sexual satisfaction to realize that it takes two and not one to make for a sexual relationship. Unfortunately, Michael is one of those men.

If Michael only knew the right moves to make, whether she promised she’d stay a virgin or not, she would have been his sexy bitch of a sex slave by now. If only he knew how to seduce her, there’d be no way that she could possibly continue to say no to him. Only, like too many men, his sexual needs were more about him than about her. All it would take for him to seduce her are candles, soft music, a little wine, and a sensual massage. Only, he’s more of the John Philip Sousa marching band type than he is a Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody romantic, or an Adele’s Love Song fan, or more befittingly, an Etta James At Last lover.

If only men would sexually satisfy a woman first instead of only and always thinking of themselves, they may be shocked by the sexual Pandora’s Box that they’d open and be unable to close. If only Michael would sexually seduce her, she’d be as submissive as any Japanese wife. If only Michael would sexually satisfy her first before only thinking of his own sexual needs, she’d be his leather bound, strap-on dildo, handcuffed, and blindfolded, sexy, submissive and/or dominant bitch. If only Michael bothered to discover what turned her on, there’d be no turning her off.

Men are such dickheads. Men may be shocked by the sexual beast they’d unleash if only they gave women what they want and need, an orgasm or two or three with their fingers, their tongue, and their cock. Sadly, if only he’d sexually satisfied her first before demanding that she blow him, he may not be able to handle all of the hot sex she’d give him.

When men just want to go to sleep after ejaculating, after basking in the afterglow of sex for only a few minutes and allowing the warmth of their orgasm to wane, women are just catching their second breath and ready to go again and again. Women are ready for action sooner than men. Women can get wetter faster and stay wet longer than men can get harder and stay erect. Women are ready to suck and fuck all night as long as their willing sexual partner are willing to lick and fuck all night too.

To be continued…

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