A Virgins Fantasy Ch. 01

I heard his car approach, and instantly, as if on cue, my heart began to pound and I began to doubt my plan. Should I call it off? Should I change? No. I could not if I let my past experience, and past boyfriend, influence the way I love my soul mate, then I would never be able to move on in life. I could do this, I trusted my Jason, and I trusted that he would care about me, and my fears.

“You can do this Bella, you can do this.” I secretly whispered.

As Jason approached the front door of my house, He knocked, and then saw the sticky note on the door. “Come in my Jason. The key is under the plant. Follow the arrows, and join me. Your love Bella”

“Um, Ok, I wonder what crazy thing she has planned tonight.”

I heard his footsteps on the old noisy stairs, and then I heard his pause out side my bedroom. “You can do this Bella.” I chanted quietly.

Bang, Bang, two knocks.

“Come in my Jason.”

He hesitantly opened the door to my bedroom, and came to a halt instantly as he saw me, the fire, the candles and heard the soft music playing quietly.

“Make love to me, Jason, make love to me.” I said seductively as I ran my hand slowly up my leg pulling away the pale blue lingerie dress, allowing him a quick glimpse of what was to come.

Stuttering he replied, “B…but I th…thought you were afraid. I d…don’t expect you to do something, you are not ready for, just for my n…desires.” Not wanting to pressure me, he caught himself from saying needs just in time. “Calm yourself, Jason.” He told himself.

“Jason I trust you. Make love to me. “

Not waiting for more convincing, Jason, strode over to the bed, where he pulled me up into his arms. His mouth was instantly on mine, his tongue thrusting into all the recesses of my mouth, teasing the roof of my mouth. Briefly I felt as if my world was spinning, I could not think, all I could do was forfeit my mouth to the man I loved. Unaware of my response, I let out a low moan of pleasure. He lowered his mouth to my neck, and sucked the tender flesh, making my heart race even more. His mouth traveled down my chest and his lips sent aching desire racing through me, Slowly, my Jason pulled away from me, and tugged his shirt off, tossing it across the room.

Despite the fact that I has seen him shirtless countless times, he never ceased to amaze me. The way his dark muscles pulled and jerked with every move he made, took my breath away. His strength surpassed my own be miles, yet somehow when he touches me it is so gentle he took my breath away, and leaves a path of fire on my skin.

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Within seconds I was in his arms again, he slowly lowered me onto my bed. His mouth trailing down my body with ease, leaving goose bumps in his wake. Pulling down my sleek negligee, his tongue began gently teasing my throbbing breasts. His soft lips sucking all around my aching nipple. Then he circled, laving all around my pink crest. Chuckling at my eagerness, Jason took one of my erect nipples into his mouth a began suckling the tender pink flesh. Harder and harder he suckled.

“Oh god, Jason….” I moaned as I arched my chest upwards, pushing myself towards his mouth.

After successfully tormenting my breasts, and making me ache with shear need, Jason, trailed kisses down my stomach, and onto my leg. He kissed his way down my thigh, and my shin, then up the other leg, meanwhile gently caressing my breasts with his hands. His mouth then made it’s way to the small tousle of chocolate curls at apex of my legs.

” Bella, oh you taste great, I am lapping heaven baby.” His tongue tormenting a small area of sensitive flesh, making me lose my breath, and buck my hips. His mouth expertly sucked my clitoris, bringing me closer and closer to climax. Gentle flicks sent shivers up my body. Dragging my flesh in his mouth he twirled it with his tongue and sucked harder, pulling me into his mouth. Suddenly with a violence I did not expect I thrust my hips upward and found my hand clutched in his hair pushing his head closer on me.

“Oh my god, baby, yes, oooohhhhhh yes Jason.” I screamed, all the while I begun shuttering in my first orgasm.

Sometime during my climax Jason had managed to remove his jeans, and was laying on me, supporting his weight with his arms. His mouth was on mine, his soft lips intertwining with my mine, groans escaping both of us.

“Are you ready Bella? This will hurt like hell, are you sure you want this?”

“Yes Jason, I love you and want you to make love to me. If it hurts it hurts, I want you, and I know you want me. Since you are the person taking my virginity, I know that it will be loving, and I know you will be gentle.”

Bringing his lips back onto mine Jason spread my thighs, and moved his erect manhood into the entrance of my hot, moist, opening. Hesitantly he began pushing his way slowly in. I braced myself awaiting the pain, but it did not come. He had stopped. “Jason?” I questioned.

“Bella, oh Bella, I cannot do this, you are too small for me, I cannot put you through this, I won’t hurt the one woman on this earth that means everything to me.”

“But Jason, I want you to it is ok.”

“Baby I can’t.” He replied while he slowly withdrew himself.

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Before he realized my intentions, I wrapped my legs around his waist, and bucked my hips up onto him. Pain shot through me. “Why the hell did you do that? Are you hurt?” He asked terrified that his great size had torn me.

“Because you wouldn’t, and no I am ok, the hurting is almost gone.”

Jason’s breath soon came back, he began kissing me lightly and thrusting himself in and out of me slowly, with the utmost care. His tenderness brought tears to my eyes. Never had I dreamed that Jason could be gentle, and never had I dreamed that a person could care so much for another. “Why didn’t you tell me…Jason this is utterly amazing, you are utterly amazing, ohhhh my lord, yesss. “

He stifled my screams of pleasure with his mouth, his tongue searching my mouth, as his throbbing manhood searched my channel. As I began to move my hips to meat his slow thrusts, he felt the tension realize and began quickening his speed. Almost instantly I began shaking again, my hot wet opening, gripping and throbbing around his huge member. My orgasm slowly slowed with the rhythms of his thrusts.

“Oh baby, you are better than I ever imagined.”

“Bella, honey, I am just getting started!” He said with a wink. I noticed then the little sparkle twinkling in his eyes. After giving me a moment to rest, he brought me up to sitting, and gently began kissing my neck, my breasts, and finally settling on my velvet lips as he started thrusting deep inside of me again.

After my third orgasm, he proceeded to move me to the edge of the bed, with my legs dangling y down, he positioned himself in front of me and began thrusting into me once again. His slow, deep , rhythmic movements changing into quick, shallow thrusts. His mouth again began tormenting my breasts, my neck, and just below my earlobe. Feeling him moving inside me took my breath away, just the thought of making love to a man as remarkable as my Jay-Jay, sent my into another mind-blowing climax. This time he could not hold his pleasure back, and he exploded inside me, sending his seed deep inside of me.

Collapsing in a pile of breathlessness, we fell into each others arms, and fell into a deep sleep.

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