A Year Of First Times Ch. 02

Over the next few weeks, Torrie and I talked on the telephone nearly every day and we dated every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening. Not only did our personal dating relationship deepen during this time but our level of physical intimacy deepened as well.

Before I go any further, let me tell you more about Torrie. She was an 18 year-old beauty with long blond hair, green eyes and long shapely legs that went ‘all the way up’ to a beautiful, perfectly shaped ass. Her ass was a great asset to her tall beautiful body. She was slim yet not skinny. Her skin was soft and fair. She had the firmest, most tempting breasts I had ever seen anywhere – even in ‘girlie’ magazines. Her breasts were crowned with soft, light brown nipples that always got and stayed hard when I touched or sucked on them. As I would find out some weeks later, she had a sweet tasting pussy that was covered with soft blond curls. Torrie was simply a perfect 18 year-old.

Each date since our ‘second first date’ a few weeks before, after we went to a movie, got something to eat, rode around or visited with friends, we always went parking for a time. Sometimes we would only park for a few minutes. Sometimes we spent the entire evening parking. Whatever time we had left before I had to take Torrie home, we would spend alone parked in a secluded area. Naturally, it seemed that each time we went parking, our inhibitions disappeared more and more. By the time I had graduated in June, each time we spent the entire evening parking both of us would end up completely undressed except for Torrie’ panties and my briefs. For some reason I never understood she always wanted us to keep our underwear on. It wasn’t to keep us from touching each other because Torrie would allow me to rub her pussy through her panties. Many evenings she would let me slip my hand inside her panties where I could feel her wetness. Most of the time Torrie would rub my erection through my briefs. Once-in-a-while she would even allow my dick to slip out of my briefs then she would jack me off. But I would always stop her before I would cum. She was only the second girl to touch my dick since I grew out of diapers. (The first was a little girl I played ‘doctor’ with when I was a young child.) Although I always assumed I was the first boy Torrie had ever touched, I found out a few years later my dick wasn’t the first one she had wrapped her long fingers around.

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One humid Friday evening in mid-June, we were parked in the woods behind a partially completed housing area not far from where either of us lived. We had been kissing, touching and enjoying each other’s body for most of the evening. As usual we were in the back seat and both of us were undressed down to her panties and my briefs. The front seats were moved all the way forward giving us as much room as possible. Torrie was lying across the back seat and I was sitting in the floor next to her. The time had finally come for me to hopefully initiate a bold change. Before she realized what I was doing, I pushed my briefs down around my ankles and kicked them completely off. This was the first time I had ever been completely naked when we were together.

“What are you doing?” Torrie asked as she lay in the dark, realizing I was moving about.

“Here. You’ll see. Give my your hand. Let me show you.” I replied as I took her hand and guided it to my exposed balls and erect dick.

“Where are you underwear?” she asked with a surprised tone in her voice.

“It was time for them to come off, so I took them off.” I said in a matter-of-fact way.

Neither of us said anything else was said as she curled her warm fingers around my dick and began to stroke up and down. For the first time she had complete freedom to rub my dick and balls without my briefs being in the way. She seemed to like the change and took advantage of it. At that moment, I wasn’t thinking about the consequences of her rubbing me. I was simply focused on the intense pleasure her ‘hand-job’ was bringing me. Suddenly, a strong feeling alarmed me. It was a feeling that I knew very well. There was a pressure building in my balls. I knew it was too late to stop what was about to happen.

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“You’ve got to stop!” I hurriedly said.

“Why? Don’t you like this?” she questioned.

“Stop for a minute.” I said as I made her move her hand but it was too late. Almost immediately I began shooting what seemed like a gallon of cum down my leg and onto the car’s carpet. I was so embarrassed because, to the best of my knowledge, this was the first time either of us had ever had an orgasm while we were together. At least it was the first time for me. I really didn’t know what to do except to try to clean up the mess as best I could and hope Torrie didn’t realize what had happened. After using my briefs to clean off my leg, I stuffed them under the front seat. Then I insisted on us dressing and go riding around for the rest of the evening.

After riding around for a short time, I took Torrie home, walked her to the door and kissed her goodnight knowing we had crossed another line we could never turn back from.

I never did know if she knew what happened that evening because I never mentioned it to her. Torrie probably noticed something different. She might have even noticed the strong smell of cum. But even to this day I have never talked with her about the events of the evening.

To be continued…

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