Aaron Tries it Straight

Aaron Woodward is a twenty-three year old virgin. You would think someone this age who has yet to bed a female would be concerned and yet there is a good chance Aaron has never thought about this subject. You see Aaron is a homosexual and has been since his first thoughts on sex. Although he doesn’t know it yet this is the month he will lose his virginity and I am here to tell you about it.

Aaron works in a family orientated business and his boss, Mr. Rodgers is a god-fearing family values type of guy. Because of this, our hero hides his sexual orientation from his company. For the first year, he tried to work as just a single man who had not yet found the right woman. The problem was every woman at his work was trying to ‘fix him up’ with a sister, neighbor, etc. One evening he was talking to his sister about his women problems and she mentioned she had a lesbian friend named Leah in about the same situation as Aaron. They met over coffee and came up with an arrangement to be each other’s ‘beard’ or substitute date when the need arose. It worked out great, as she would accompany him to his business functions and vice versa.

Leah called needing a big favor, she had to go out of town on business, and since all her associates were taking their husbands or boyfriends, she wondered if he would go with her. She had done so much for him already he of course, said yes and the trip was on. The hotel was booked by the company and the two never thought about sleeping arrangements until they walked into their room containing one king sized bed. They looked at the bed and then at each other, after some conversation they came to the conclusion that they were adults and for one weekend, they could sleep in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex.

The first night the company held a big dinner party combined with cocktails and dancing after. Their plan was to have dinner then maybe one drink and leave. Well one drink turned into two and when the band started, they sounded so good the pair decided to a dance or two. The evening was delightful and they enjoyed each other’s company, so when they returned to their room they sat and talked for a while. The real problem was the fear of the unknown, which is, going to bed with each other.

Aaron was the first to speak of ‘The elephant in the room,’ “Leah I’m a little nervous, you know I’ve never slept with a woman.” What Aaron was speaking of was the actual verb ‘to sleep’ but Leah interpreted this with the vernacular meaning ‘to have sex with.’ Now it just so happens that was what she was thinking about as they danced. She found it felt good to have a male hold her close and since then she had that very thought on her mind. Leah was a lesbian but she had on occasion had sex with a man. As she now understood herself to be the more experienced of the two she took the lead.

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Leah sat down next to Aaron, leaned over, and kissed him. This not only surprised him it shocked him as well but not wanting to insult his friend he held the kiss. The thing was he found it delightful, her lips were soft and pliable, her tiny tongue found its way into his mouth and he enjoyed this as well. Another thing he noted no scratchy beard, it seemed no matter how close his current lover shaved, his chin irritated Aaron’s flesh. More as experiment than passion, he put his hand to her breast and it too was oh so soft. He felt her nipple stiffen to his touch and found the size stimulating.

Leah was also surprised by how much she liked kissing a man and conversely to Aaron she found she enjoyed the stubble on his face scratching her cheeks almost as a loofah sponge. She liked his firm lips as well for a change from her current lover. They broke their kiss, she asked him how far he would like to take this, and in a moment of passion, he said all the way.

As there was no hurry, they slowly undressed each other exploring the other’s uncharted water so to speak. Yet as they got down to underwear, they both were hesitant for to tell the truth they disliked the sexual organs of the opposite sex. Leah was the bravest and she went first reaching in to grasp Aaron’s penis and to her delight it was not big or ugly and as he was circumcised it had a cute little head on it. She wasn’t ready to put it in her mouth or anything like that but it felt good to hold in her hand and she liked the way she could make it firm.

Now it was Aaron’s turn, of course, he’d seen a vagina before but not live and up-close and he had visions of big flaps and unknown odors. There was also the problem of all these buttons and zones that a lover was supposed to know how to locate and what to do with them. He sat there staring at her panties and he mentioned that he wished boys could wear unders like those. She knew he was just stalling so once again she took the initiative by sliding her panties off. She stood beside him legs closed; first she turned around to show him her bum as she always thought this her sexier side and then back to front. He said he loved the little heart shaped pubic hairs she had sculpted, another thing he wished boys could do. No more staling she sat down and spread her legs exposing her precious flower to him.

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It wasn’t ugly; it was fascinating with all these folds and creases. Leah spread her labia and demonstrated how to tease her clit showing how sensitive it was. They found that both were aroused so Leah lay down on the bed and invited Aaron to join her. She sure was glad that the hotel had graciously included condoms in their nightstand and she thought it was fun to put one on his erection. Aaron got on top of her as she helped insert him inside and both found it really nice and different from their normal style of lovemaking. He quickly realized how soft her body was and when she wrapped her legs around his torso, it felt terrific. She found a live pulsating penis inside felt better than any dildo she had ever tried, yet in the end she could not orgasm with him and had to wait until he was through to bring herself off. Still she did enjoy it as did he and after they both said they would like to do it again sometime.

So, Aaron is still a homosexual but no longer a virgin and Leah is still a lesbian but now is thinking she might really be bi. They are still beards for each other and although not too often they have had sex a few times. I think both would say that weekend did not change their lives but it did add a little diversity to their existence.

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