Absolute Pleasure



Amber Tyro sat at the desk, staring off into space, hoping detention would hurry up and end. She was getting tired of sitting here for an extra hour after school just because she decided she wasn’t having any inappropriate behavior from any of the male students here. And Corey just happened to break her main rule. Never, ever touch her ass without permission. And it wasn’t like she was going to give her permission to him anyway. So he was asking for an ass-kicking, she couldn’t help it that the only ass-kicking he understood was his own pain. She actually hadn’t meant to break his arm, but now the other guys at the school knew better than to mess with her.

Her homework was finished, and she was just waiting for the bell to ring to see if Mr. Crowley, who had gotten detention duty (and who she had a crush on since the beginning of the school year), could help her get out of detention. She really didn’t deserve this. Really! What could the school be thinking when the school board made it mandatory that all female students were uniforms that showed off their bodies to the lecherous male teachers here. As far as Amber could tell, Mr. Crowley wasn’t one of the lecherous teachers or not. These short damn skirts were a bit much for a teen-aged school girl to deal with when mixed with male testosterone and hormones.

Finally, the bell rang and the other students in detention shot from their seats and raced from the classroom as if it was on fire. She slowly got up, pushing her long blond hair out of her face with one hand while the other picked up her backpack, and then she held it open while pushing her books into it. She walked up to his desk, and leaned against it. “Um, Mr. Crowley? Can I get some help from you on something?”

Mr. Sabin F. Crowley sat as his deck silently reading the art of war and deciding on what to do with himself that evening, maybe a TV dinner followed by a movie, or maybe some porn afterwards and then to bed after looking over the some of the literature papers on Greek mythology that his better students turned in early.

Turning the page he peeked up noticing the students all staring at the girls’ new rebel. For breaking a kids arm, she was lucky to just have gotten detention for a month. She could have been expelled if it weren’t for the threat of a sexual harassment lawsuit. He didn’t approve of the dresses but people never read the fine print. He sighed, they could were longer skirts, but he knew that but most of them didn’t feel like looking like a prude, so they got to deal with horny boys and peeking teachers, not that he didn’t mind the view.

When the bell rang, he sighed and marked his book before setting down and looking at amber. “What can I help you with?” He asked her after she had posed her question, wondering what on earth she could be up to.

Amber smiled at him, tucking her long blond hair behind her ear as she said, “Well, you know why I was sent here, but it wasn’t really my fault. I don’t deserve to be in detention. I mean, Corey had no excuse for grabbing my ass like he did. I can handle the looks from all the males here, and the comments from the boys. But grabbing my ass is not something that he should have done, and I hadn’t meant to break his arm. And on top of that, I need to be home after school to take care of my younger brother. Is there some way that you could get me out of detention, Mr. Crowley?” Her dark amethyst eyes watched him, a small hope building in them as she spoke to him.

He smiled as he leaned forward and let his left hand fall under his desk and unzip his trousers slowly so she didn’t hear it, then leaned back a little “What do you think you should do for such a service?” he asked her, being single, and seeming unavailable, for his devotion to the school coaching the cheer-leading squad as well as taking on detention. Granted the cheer-leading season just ending and winter peeking its head at them.

He waited for her answer as he thought of the book he was very slowly reading for his enjoyment. It was about how everything can be a battle. Maybe he would make her like the head cheerleader and not like, well, so many others, and take her into his apparent harem. Well, he’d see how she’d react to him, then decide.

Amber felt her hopes rise when he asked her what she thought she should do for him to help her, though she was a little worried. This was her teacher. Granted, she had a crush on him since she had first seen him, but still. Thinking about it for a moment, she smiled at him as she said, “I’d do anything, Mr. Crowley. I’d be willing to take on more homework, or tutoring some of the other students.” Despite the way she dressed, she was still a virgin, and was not thinking of sex in exchange for his help.

He stretched his arms out and yawned softly “I’ll see what I can do.” He told her as he pushed his legs under his desk, seeing that he wasn’t getting nothing from her, this day. He let his eyes look over her body a little as if to give her a hint that may aid her in her cause, but he dismissed her, saying he would be expecting to see her in class and detention tomorrow.

Amber blushed as his eyes roamed over her, and hesitated in leaving. “Mr. Crowley…. if I gave you a….” her voice dropped into a whisper that only he could hear, “blow job…. would that help my cause any?”

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Sabin nodded as he relaxed back again happy that she changed her mind. Sex always seemed to make things go faster around here. As he waited for her to come back to him, and around his desk, he wondered if she was wearing any panties this day, knowing from several subtle updrafts around the school that she normally didn’t but since the ass grabbing incident, he didn’t know.

Amber moved back over to and around his desk, hesitating a moment, then knelt down next to him. Seeing he was already free from his pants, she blushed even deeper, wondering if he’d been like this throughout detention, or if he had just freed his hard cock when she’d asked for his help, or just a moment ago when she asked about the blow job. Her tongue slid out and licked her lips as she stared at his hard cock for a few moments, wondering if she could get him inside her mouth, then leaned down, licking the head of his cock teasingly before sliding her mouth over the head of him, her lips wrapping around his thick, hard length. She stayed at his head for a bit, letting her jaw relax for a bit.

He waited and watched, smiling as she stroked him full then started to suckle on his head. He bit his lip trying to contain the pleasure that pumped into his veins. He liked the look of her lips around the head of his cock. “Mmmm,” he moaned softly through his lips.

Feeling her jaw as relaxed as it would get, she slid down his length, then back up, over and over, until she slid all the way down him, the head of his cock in her throat as her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock. A low moan slipped from her throat, moving along his length as she let her throat muscles clench and release along his cock. One hand came up and gently, carefully played with his balls teasingly.

Sabin smiled and moaned out softly as she started to suck, taking his long shaft deep into her throat, apparently not as innocent as he thought. Most girl don’t just know how to regulate their gag reflex to deep throat on their first cock. He puffed out a breath when her throat clenched his tip, running a hand thought her air. “Amber,” he whispered softly as he pulled her off his shaft and with the momentum he pushed her back onto the floor, her skirt sliding up, revealing pantie-less sex. He smirked as he moved over her and took her in a thrust. “I know you wanted this,” he said to her as he thrust again and again. The sharp pain hastily fading to a rising pleasure to him being inside her.

Amber landed on her back as he threw her to the ground and moved over her, thrusting deep inside her, taking her virginity. She bit her lower lip to keep herself from screaming out from the sharp, sudden pain she felt. She shook her head, moaning softly as she whispered, “Not like this. It’s not supposed to be like this.” She wasn’t denying the pleasure she was feeling but the way he was taking her. It was too close to being rape. Nothing had been said about having sex, just a blow job. Granted, she had a crush on him, but it was a school girl’s crush, one where nothing ever came of it. But now…. she moaned in pleasure, her hands sliding to her thighs, pulling her legs up more, giving him better access to her wet sex.

He felt her shift, accepting him as he continued to take her, driving himself into her slick tight slit. He growled out softly as he looked down at her. “What was it suppose to be like? A mindless moron taking you after prom and your left feeling unsatisfied and likely scared for life because of it?” he said to her as his body moved with hers, the waves building surging higher as pleasure took her, gripping her in its cloak and strangling her.

Amber thrashed her head back and forth as the pleasure built inside her, driving her insane as she whimpered softly from the pleasure. Gasping for breath between long moans of pleasure, she said, “No, Mr. Crowley. Not that. Neither of us said anything about sex, just a blow job.” Her fingers dug into her thighs, her nails leaving red half moon marks as she cried out softly, her walls clenching around him as she came, her back arching up from the floor.

“Sabin, please,” he replied to her calling him Mr. Crowley as he thrust deeper into her accepting body. “There are thing about your body you don’t understand yet. Amber, you may have only agreed to a bit of oral but your body craved me. And as a man, Ii had to give it wants and needs,” he continued as he took her once more and then pulled out of her and moving his body over hers, his tip going to her face as he came hard in her semi open mouth then letting it streak across her face. “Mmm, much better, don’t you think?” he said as he rolled off of her and handed her a paper towel.

Amber moaned softly as he spoke, a soft cry slipping from her as he pulled out and moved over her, this tip of his hard shaft over her face as he came, his cream landing in her mouth which she swallowed quickly, a soft growl of pleasure slipping from her throat. “That felt really good, Sabin,” she said as she took the paper towels and cleaned her face. Hidden behind the paper towels, she blushed, her words slightly muffled as she asked, “Can we do this again sometime, Sabin?”

“Tomorrow.” He smiled at her as he panted softly, forgetting what a virgin was like, not that he didn’t like the tight cheerleader, he just forgot what it was like. Reaching over, he touched her face softly. “You’re beautiful, Amber,” he told her softly.

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Amber blushed again as she felt his hand gently touching her face, her lips curving into a graceful smile as she said, “I’m looking forward to tomorrow, then, Sabin. And thank you. You’re so handsome, it’s hard to find any girls who don’t have a crush on you.”

He smiled and took that as a compliment. “Not all get this close to me,” he said to her as he helped her get up then pulled an unopened brush from his lowest desk drawer and handed it to her. “Might want to freshen up a little.”

Amber blushed again as she took the brush and propped herself on the corner of his desk, letting the brush run through her hair. “What was it about me that got me this close to you, Sabin? That I had detention today? Or something else? Or a combination?”

“Opportunity is luck and preparation meeting,” he said to her. “I wanted you, Amber. And I was lucky that you got detention, and prepared to take measures to get you,” he told her as he smiled and adjusted her skirt and shirt for her, the feel of him close to her again setting off her body’s hormones.

Amber blushed again as she felt his hands adjusting her clothes as she smiled up at him. “Thank you, Sabin.” She leaned towards him and kissed him lightly, wanting him again.

He smiled as he moved back from her after she kissed him. “Make sure you were panties tomorrow,” he told her as he moved to the black board and started to erase it.

Amber sighed softly, “Yes, Sabin. I’ll see you tomorrow in class then.” She hopped down from his desk, and headed to the door. “Oh, and Sabin,” she said as she moved to the door, stopping and turning to finish saying, “don’t worry about getting me out of detention. If this is what happens to me when I have detention with you, I’ll be more than happy to remain in detention. I’ll work things out with my mother for my brother.”

He nodded and sat down in his chair slowly, his arm twitching a little.

Seeing his arm twitching as he slowly sat down, she moved to his side, kneeling next to him. “Are you alright, Sabin?”

“Yes,” he told her. “Now get along home, I’m sure you mother is worried,” he told her as he sighed softly.

Amber gets back up, her eyes still on him as she says, “You can always call me if you need anything, Sabin. And I mean anything.”

“I know,” he replied to her as he waited for her to leave.

Finally, she leaves his classroom, still worried about why he had sat down so slowly, and why his arm had been twitching. Her mind was on him as she walked home.

As she walked home, she felt the chill, and realized that Sabin knew what he was saying when he told her to wear panties the next day. But he hadn’t said anything about wearing a bra, and she figured if it was this cold now, she would wear one to add a layer of protection to her nipples, which ached for his touch. She so wanted more from him. Finally making it home, Amber slipped into the door, and leaned against it, feeling the temperature change immediately, the warmth inside taking a bite of the chill in her bones from the walk home from school. “Hi, Mom. I’m home from detention. And I got some news for you about it.” Pushing herself away from the door, she went into the living room and saw her brother. Leaning down, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and messed with his hair before heading into the kitchen. She pulled a soda from the fridge as she leaned against the counter. “I talked to Mr. Crowley after detention today, and despite having an excellent reason for breaking Corey’s arm, there is no way for me to get out of detention. And Mr Crowley doesn’t believe I should be there, but there is no way for me to get out of it. I’m sorry, Mom. I just couldn’t help my reaction to what Corey did.”

Her mom wasn’t mad at her, in fact, she was proud of her, not that she let her know that, at least not on this matter. “Of course, Hunny,” she replied as she rubbed Kyle’s head who was suffering from a harsh cold. He coughed hard into his hand as he moaned softly in discomfort. “I hope this cold breaks soon,” she whispered as she went and got him his meds. “So, any other news I should be worried about?” She asked as she riffled though the drawers looking for the damnable flu syrup.

Amber opens the door to the fridge again and pulls out the flu syrup that her mom had gotten for Kyle and hands it to her with a spoon. “Here, Mom. It was in the fridge.” As her mom got the syrup into the spoon, she looked at Kyle and gave him a mock glare. “You, young man, get better soon. I miss being able to mess with you.” She grabbed her soda again and said, “Mom, I’m going up to finish my homework, and get out of these damned school uniform clothes. And I say, if the school wants to blame anyone, they should blame the leeches on the school board for making us girls wear these clothes!” She hurried to her room, and stripped off her clothes, and got into a comfortable shirt and shorts set.

A knock on her door followed the getting dressed in a fashion that only fitted her best friend, and likely the only person aside from family she truly loved, not that they dated.

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