Accidental First Time Ch. 02

This is the second chapter of a hopefully more realistic fictional story about a first time encounter between two young (over 18)shy friends. It is a slower paced less action packed story and thus if you prefer lots of action and oooosss and ahhhhhsss I suggest you try another entry. I apologize for the delay in offering this chapter, but I work long hours for a living and care about the product and thus the delay. Thanks for your patience and support.


You grin still holding me, and state your glad I came, it was awesome, want us to be comfortable, and then to make me feel better, tell me you are so wet and nod your head down to your crotch, in case I did not get the meaning. I blush and ask really (your still holding me, and the talk is not helping my self control)? You blush and nod, then, look at my penis, a smile on your face as it slowly starts to grow again in your hand. Your hand holding me, and our conversation especially hearing your wet , overcomes any self control and soon I am again rock hard. You still hold me eyes wide and darting between my eyes and hard cock, and shyly ask if you caused this and note you did not realize I could get hard again so quickly. I, still a little embarrassed but now more comfortable and also very turned on, nod. You smile then let go, stand telling me you are getting more warm water to wash up. As you stand I can not help but look between your legs. You follow my gaze, and then again in a quiet voice smile and tell me you are so wet and guess we both will need to “clean up” and then walk off to the bathroom. As you walk away you startle me by without thinking lift your semen covered hand to your mouth and flick out your tongue tasting my seed. You stop, contemplating the taste, and try a second sample, then realize I am watching. You turn our eyes meet then your eyes glance to the floor still overwhelmed and also a little embarrassed you proceed to the bathroom.

You return a few minuets later, with another warm basin of water, wash cloth towel and a more cautious look. You have calmed down, started thinking about what has happened, and are still not sure of yourself, me or what to do next. I see the concerned look, having been close friends and confided in each other we can read into each others thoughts. As you approach, still unsure of yourself, I suggest we talk, but as I say this I again glance at your groin, now a few feet from my face. I see a very visible wet spot, and notice a distinct odor, which I assume is your arousal. Although I thought I had started to again gain some control, this excites my already hyper senses. My semi-rigid penis again grows to a rigid rock. You follow my eyes then notice my rising member and blush, as you look down and see the wet spot you had almost forgot about. Your eyes dart between my cock and my eyes, mine between your eyes and your wet spot. You watch, both in fascination and excitement at the affect you have on me.

When our eyes meet again, for a moment we are both speechless. As you sit on the bed while still savoring your aroma, I try again to defuse the situation with a lame joke. I wink and note that your new “perfume” (we both know you never wear perfume), is very sexy, and that I will have to try to “obtain more”! We both again burst into laughter releasing the built up tension. You then very quietly admit you are still very wet and start to apologize, but I stop you mid sentence. I tell you that I hope I do not upset you but that I have never experienced such an intense orgasm, that I have never been this turned on, and that I wish I could please you the way you just pleased me. Then looking away, afraid of your reaction, await your response. You get your impish humor back, soap up your hands and state it is time to clean up the mess we made. You tentatively reach out while looking at my eyes and gently again “wash” all around my cock, then wash my balls, this time exploring more openly feeling each ball. You watch in fascination as pre-cum flows out of the tip of my cock. Then smile and ask if I offer repeat shows, as you grasp my rigid cock with your soapy hands, half expecting me to again explode. Your touch is exquisite, as my eyes glaze and I savor the feelings, but because I have just cum and have gotten somewhat more comfortable with the situation only more pre-cum flows out. Because of your (our) inexperience you falter, afraid you are doing something wrong, or that I am upset, and just hold me not sure what to do. I sense your concern and assure I do offer repeat “shows” your touch is the best I have ever felt, and that what you are doing feels fantastic, incredible, wonderful, — you cut me off in mid sentence suggest I cut the bull,.and admit (as we both know) you are not sure what to do. I offer guidance and soon you are beaming ear to ear as you start stroking me your eyes darting between mine and my cock. I start to moan, hoping I would last longer, but with your eager fast strokes and my inexperience, all too soon approach another climax. I groan that I am about to cum and your eyes widen as your subconsciously move closer for a better view.

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I again explode, but with a load groan of satisfaction and a “yessss Vallll” that was stifled last time because of my attempt to control myself. You stop and just hold me, not sure what to do but I plead with you to continue a little longer, as the last few spurts continue. I then sink in bliss my eyes glazed as you watch beaming from ear to ear. My semen has again covered your hand, a little near your nose (when you looked closer) and the rest on my belly, cock and balls. You again more blatantly lift your hand to your moth while tasting as you look into my eyes, a weak smile forms on my lips as I blow you a kiss. You slowly let go of my shrinking penis, and again wash me off, still beaming from ear to ear and humming to yourself, a trait you always offer when you are happy. As you stand to finish I again look at the larger, wetter spot between your legs. You follow my eyes, unconsciously spread your legs a little and look at yourself the back to my eyes.

You again softly admit that you are very turned on, looking at the floor, embarrassed, you start to apologize, but I cut you off mid sentence, telling you I am glad this has aroused you, happy that your not upset and wish I could do for you what you have done for me. You regain your composure, and confidence, that impish grin returns, and you taunt me saying that I can not be much of a man in my condition, and place a soft kiss on my forehead, letting me know you are just teasing. I pout, look down pretending to be hurt, and you burst out laughing knowing I am teasing you back. You then turn to take the basin back and say guess you will have to clean yourself also. I suggest softly, not sure of myself, that I would like to help, afraid I may be overstepping the limits but your aroma is still filling my nostrils. You stop, hesitate then realizing that I am serious and not kidding, face me again and ask what do I want to do? I mumble that I could clean you up with my mouth, and look away afraid you will get angry, or laugh, I am not sure which would be worst. You freeze looking at me, realizing I am serious, and also realizing you are still very turned on, your pussy dripping. You slowly, unsure of yourself, or of us, look down at the floor, as if this makes it more modest, you slowly pull down your shorts, toss them towards the bathroom, then slowly raise your eyes to mine not sure what to expect.

My eyes are wide glued to your soaking plain white thong panties, the outline of your vulva visible thru the wet panties. I have seen you before like this when swimming, but this is different, the wetness is your juice and you have exposed yourself not to swim but to let me see you. My eyes glance up to yours, and I sense the fear, uncertainty, but excitement in your eyes. I nod suggesting you continue and whisper I truly do want to please you., you have seen me please let me see you, all of you. You blush, and looking at the floor again, pull off your panties, throwing them over with your shorts, your legs tight together, hands at your sides, your shirt down to the top of your sparse landing strip. Your hair is so thin and light it looks almost like you shaved, but I know you do not. You look up for approval, assurance, guidance, now feeling very exposed, vulnerable. I look into your eyes let out a sigh and then a slow long cat call whistle. You grin regaining some confidence and move closer playfully hitting my “good leg”. I feign great pain then whisper the shirt also. You hesitate, knowing you have such small breasts, but then also realize I have essentially seen them before in your wet T shirts, and you slowly take off the shirt now as naked as I am. Your nipples are hard and sticking out one half inch perched on your small “A” cup breasts.

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You then stand there unsure what to do or say. I eye you from head to foot, again letting out a long sigh, then quietly ask if your ok? You nod almost afraid to speak and then suggest that maybe you should go to the bathroom and get cleaned up worried that this may have gone too far. I ignore your statement and quietly ask you to come closer and you do. I then ask you to climb on the bed and you do. Then looking you in the eyes ask “Val please gently place one leg on each side of my head, facing my feet so that your legs are not on my broken arms. You hesitate, then without a word you climb over me sitting inches from my mouth as I see for the first time your (or for that matter any) real up close and personal pussy open and dripping.. Your eyes are closed not sure of your feelings, still a bit frightened but sooooo turned on. I ask you to lean forward placing your hands on each side of my ribs, and sit a little lower.

You again comply without a word, and I tentatively lick softly slowly up your lips, tasting you for the first time. The taste is slightly tart but your aroma and my care for you is overwhelming and I want so much to please you as you have pleased me. You tense slightly as my tongue makes contact, and I stop ask if your ok, you say nothing but lower yourself slightly and try to relax. I again lick up more forcefully and you sigh. I smile and then start to lick all over not exactly sure what to do then insert my tongue into you as deep as I can. You tense, sigh again but sit a little harder forcing my tongue deeper. Your juices are now flowing over my face and you start to unconsciously grind slightly with quicker shallower breathes. I remember reading that your clitoris is the most sensitive spot and try to lick higher. As I reach your clit you jump slightly then grind harder, squeezing your legs on my head as you start to quietly moan entering the beginning of a very intense orgasm, first shaking then freezing. After several sessions of quivering then freezing you slide forward and collapse on my stomach, limp breathing heavy.


To be continued if I continue to receive positive comments. And sorry to “The Perfectionists”. I may not have met your standards, but hope I have presented a more realistic “real world” story. Thanks for all the positive feedback and helpful suggestions.

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