Accidents Happen Ch. 02

Chapter 02: His Embarrassing, Accidental Orgasm

Bee confused JR. All girls confused him, he had little experience with them. She was tough, sharp tongued and sexual. So unlike the females in his family and the ones he met at church. He wasn’t sure what to make of her comment. He pondered her statement and concluded that this might be her way of reaching out to him. He responded,

“I’m feeling better. How about you?”

“Yea. Better, warmer. My foot hurts though, you know the one that lost its shoe. It’s throbbing.”

JR had been concerned about her foot. Frostbite was a possibility, but he didn’t want to tell her that and scare her.

“I’ll take a look at it.”

JR began to move. Bee whined,

“Do you have to move? I like you against me. I’m finally getting warm again.”

“I should look at your foot.”

JR unzipped the sleeping bag. He moved to the bottom of the sleeping bag, knelt and draped it across his shoulders. The cabin was still pretty cold. Bee scooted up to the top of the bag, lay on her back, covered her torso with the sleeping bag and offered up her injured foot.

His erection pointed straight out at her. He tried to ignore it, but blushed anyway. Bee smiled noticing his hardness and his distress before flipping the sleeping bag over her face.

JR picked up her foot carefully. It was cold to the touch and very red. As he moved it around to view it on all sides, he caused Bee to spread her legs. Reflexively, as if a switch had flipped in his brain, he forgot about her foot and his eyes went straight to her exposed crotch. 100% of his attention was now focused on her nether region. He gazed at her lower abdomen which was covered by a triangle of curly brown hair. The pelt extended between her legs. Nearly hidden there was her vulva, the two white thick lips visible. He stared at the slit which held the promise of additional wonders and discoveries for him.

JR continued to scan Bee’s body. His eyes were drawn to her brown star — her anus. JR was by no means an expert on female anatomy, but her asshole didn’t look right. There were red gashes among the crinkled brown flesh.

Bee thought JR’s foot exam was taking a long time. So she peeked out from under the covers to see what was going on. She instantly noticed the focus of JR’s eyes. She smirked and said to herself “Men” and she pressed her cold right foot down against his erection. JR cried out,

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“Ahhh!” and jerked away.

“Remember my foot?” Bee said with a smile as she tugged the sleeping bag over to cover her lower body.

“Sorry. I deserved that,” JR said and he placed her foot on his chest and covered it with his hands. Bee lay on her back and snuggled back into the warm sleeping bag.

JR hesitated to bring up his concerns about her butt. It would be proof that he had been staring there. She certainly would think he was a pervert. He hemmed and hawed, but finally decided that it might be important. He screwed up his courage and said,

“Uhum…Bee…there are cuts on your butt. Maybe you fell on a rock…”

Bee looked out from under the sleeping bag and said.

“Where?” She twisted her body and looked at her deliciously rounded butt cheeks.

JR flushed and said, “Eh… around the hole…your anus.”

Suddenly she became very animated,

“That son of a bitch Tommy shoved his cock in my ass today. What’s wrong with you guys? We were have a good time doing it ‘doggie’ style and he pulled out, leaned hard into me and forced the head of his prick into my butthole. I screamed bloody murder. It really hurt. He came immediately like the weasel he is. That was the last straw, I told him I was through with him.”

JR was surprised by the furousity and candor of her outburst. He was stunned into silence and stunned even more by what she did next.

Bee spread her legs and pulled her knees up to her chest. This put her ass and pussy on full display. Her cleft lips opened and JR saw pink.

“What does it look like?” she asked innocently.

“Hot,” JR thought but he said,

“Ah…I can see a couple of small red cuts or tears. Does…does it still hurt?”

“Yea…some. The cold made me forget about it.”

Then she reached back and tentatively ran a finger around and across her asshole. That action was too much for the sexually inexperienced JR. His cock erupted. He began spewing cum everywhere like an unmanned fire hose as JR groaned unintelligibly,

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“Ah, God!”

Bee screamed in surprise as jism landed on her legs, pussy and face. She grabbed his dick and directed it away from herself. Out of habit, she stroked his pulsating cock milking the sperm out of his fast firing rod. JR continued to make noises as if he was swallowing his tongue.

Bee released him when his orgasm was over. The blood was pounding in JR’s head, he was breathing heavily. He felt exhilarated, exhausted and terribly embarrassed all at the same time. He began apologizing profusely,

“Bee…I don’t know what happened. I’m sorry..for the…mess.”

Bee laughed and said, “That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Your dick was shooting everywhere!”

JR turned 4 shades of red. He couldn’t look at her so he turned his eyes to the floor.

Bee teased him saying, “Farm boy, you’ve earned a new nickname. I’m going to call you ‘Shooter’. Hey Shooter, can you hand me some paper towels. I’ve got dollops of cum on me.”

JR handed her the roll. Flustered, he stood up and walked away. As if to change the subject, JR got some rope and strung a clothes line in front of the fire. He began hanging their wet clothes on it. When he was done he looked around as if he was lost. Really he was still ashamed. He felt his body had betrayed him.

Bee could see he was upset and didn’t want to make him feel worse. She said,

“I’m sorry for teasing you. You’re covered with goose bumps, you must be cold. Are you okay?”

“I’m embarrassed.”

“Don’t be. It happens. I’ll take it as a compliment.”

“I’ve never seen…so close up, you know…or been touched like that.” He looked up at her. She smiled re-assuringly and said,

“Good for you. Come back to the sleeping bag.”

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