Across The River To Route 73

Barrett fidgeted then stood up from the bench and began to pace around the crowded platform occasionally glancing down the subway tracks while anxiously waiting for the next train to arrive.

In another part of the city, Barrett’s girl friend Abbey, sat in the back booth of a café sipping on a cup of coffee and nibbling on a hot apple pie while waiting for Barrett to arrive.

Abbey, who worked as a paralegal, had only to walk a short distance to get to the café, but Barrett, who had a job as a dental assistant, in a medical building further into the center of the city, had to take the train.

Normally the café was their oasis where the both of them would meet at the end of each work day to chit chat for a short while over some coffee. It was part of their daily routine. Afterwards they would go back to their apartment to shower, order out for some food, watch a movie together and then engage in their usual sexual activities before retiring for the night.

Having sex with Abbey was Barrett’s greatest joy. And Abbey was always thrilled at the happiness she provided for him.

Barrett once said to Abbey that having sex with her was the greatest physical feeling, he as a human being, had ever experience and Abbey who always enjoyed pleasing him, would cater to his every need and sometimes had felt it was her duty as a woman to fulfil his every desire, but today was different.

Today they would join each other at the cafe to carry out their plans to meet up with some of their friends in Camden, New Jersey, where a chartered bus would be waiting to take them to New York where they would attend a music festival together.

Abbey took a gulp of coffee and swallowed down the last piece of apple pie she had left on her plate then turned and looked over her shoulder at the clock that hung on the wall behind her. It was four forty two pm and knowing the bus in Camden would be leaving at six pm, and that it was now rush hour, began to wonder if Barrett would be late arriving.

While waiting she thought back to the last time they had been together with their friends. It was four months earlier during the first week of March when they had spent a weekend together with their friends at a ski resort up in the Pocono’s, but because of the winter snow storm and the cold frigid air they were unable to go skiing and were left to spend the two days, with very little to do, in a cabin they had rented. And Barrett, who was never the kind of person to just sit around for a long period of time with the usual chit chat that seemed to be going on, and who was adventurous and never too shy, had livened things up by orchestrating a sex fest, a wild orgy, involving everyone there.

Abbey remembered how enjoyable it had been seeing the naked bodies of her friend’s scattered all around the wooden floor of the cabin having sex with one another and knowing that after the music festival they had arrangements to sleep at a nearby camp ground for the night and wondered if this time would be the same as the last.

A loud roar came out of the tunnel along with an ear deafening screeching sound that took its place and echoed throughout the subway as the train came to a stop.

The doors of each car opened and in less than one minute the passengers inside poured out and flooded the platform, pushing and dodging their way through another flock of commuters filing into the train. Barrett was among them hurrying and squeezing his way to a seat.

“Quite hectic today,” a voice could be heard from in the crowd of people. Barrett looked up to a man standing before him. The man was medium size, late thirties or early forties, solidly built with straight black hair that appeared to have been tightly pulled from the front of his head and plastered to the back of his neck.

Barrett focused on his moustache, an extravagance as wide as his face, parted into two flaring jet black wings, stiffened with wax, which clashed with his charcoal suit and white buttoned down shirt.

“Yeah,” Barrett muttered. “It’s always like that during this time of the day.”

“I’m sure it is,” the man said with a smile. “Ordinarily I have a driver to chauffeur me around, but today is his day off and I had some business here in the city and I guess I had no choice but to rely on the public transportation that this city provides.”

Barrett just smirked and nodded his head then pulled up the sleeve of his jacket on his left arm and looked down at his watch. It was now four fifty pm.

The train stopped, the doors opened and half of the cars emptied out and then refilled with a new group of passengers. The doors closed and the train pulled out making its way to the next station. It would be three more stops until 2nd and Market Streets where Barrett would get off and meet up with Abbey at the café.

“The problem with living and working in a big city such as Philadelphia is that it can create a lot of stress and tension in a person causing them to sometimes be unhappy with their lives,” the man said who sat down in a seat next to Barrett.

“It sure can,” Barrett sighed as he leaned away from the man to allow more space between the both of them.

“I believe everyone now and then needs a place to go where they can relieve themselves of all that may build up inside of them that needs to be released,” the man said as he reached inside his back pocket and pulled out his wallet.

“Yeah, I suppose so,” mumbled Barrett as he watched the doors open and close then felt a jerky movement throughout his body as the train left the station.

The man opened his wallet and took out a card and handed it to Barrett.

“My name is Raymundo Aznar and may I ask your name.”

“Barrett Hughes.”

“Well Barrett, I bought some real estate just across the river on route seventy three in New Jersey and there I opened a business of my own,” he said with a sly grin. It’s a place where one can go and take a break from their life and where one can enjoy the pleasures that I can provide. It’s sort of a club, for members only of course, and at a reasonable rate as well.”

“I see,” Barrett said. “It sounds very nice.”

” It’s better than nice,” the man said, smiling and revealing a set of bright shiny teeth that looked like they had just been whitened up from a laser.

Barrett took the card from his hand and gave it a quick look and not really being interested in what this man had given him, just sighed and stared straight ahead only thinking about getting to his destination faster than he wanted too.

The man continued to talk.

“Just drop on by. I call the place “Selestino” Its Spanish. Meaning “Belonging to heaven” I think you’ll enjoy it there.”

“Maybe another time,” replied Barrett. “Tonight I have other plans.”

“Well,” the man replied back to him. “If you change your mind we open after sunset and close at dawn. I assure you, you won’t regret it.”

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind,” answered Barrett as he glanced at the card once more then placed it inside the pocket of his jacket.

“Fine,” the man smiled then stood up as the train stopped and the doors opened.

Barrett looked up at the man as he was leaving and felt a burst of curiosity build up inside him.

“Just what kind of pleasure do you provide?” he then asked the man who quickly turned as though he was surprised by his question.

“I’m sorry my friend, but this is where I get off,” he said. “Please come by tonight and you can find out for yourself.” I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

The man then left and disappeared in the crowd of people making their way up to the street. Barrett leaned back in his seat as the doors closed and the train pulled away.

His eyes closed as his mind drifted off and became full of visions of being together with abbey and their friends up in New York having a wild time at the music festival seeing and listening too many of their favourite bands. The event was something they all had planned out months ago and now the day had finally come.

The loud sound of screeching brought him back from his thoughts as the train stopped and the doors opened. Barrett then got up from his seat and hurried out of the train and made his way up the steps and out on to the street. He took a quick glance at his watch then trotted along Market Street until he came to the café.

Abbey’s hands were wrapped around another cup of coffee she had ordered while her eyes stared through the windows at the front of the cafe. She inhaled a large amount of air and sighed with relieve as Barrett walked through the door and then came rushing up to the booth she sat in. He took his place across from her.

They both stared at one another for a few seconds and then he shrugged.

“Dam patients,” he complained.

“What,” Abbey asked looking concerned.

“Nothing,” Barrett mumbled.

“Well it must be something,” Abbey said.

“One patient came in late today,” he grumbled. “That’s why it took me so long in getting here.”

Abbey kept silent and watched as Barrett took in a deep breath of air and then exhaled slowly, trying to will his body to relax. She could see how angry and pissed off he was, but it didn’t bother her at all, it never did, as a matter of fact she always liked it when he was that way.

Abbey stared into his hazel eyes. She always liked to look at them whenever he was upset or annoyed by something. It turned her on to see him that way. It always did.

She remained quiet and slightly opened her mouth and raised the cup to her lips and took one small sip of the coffee then laid the cup down on the table in front of her, never taking her eyes away from his. He looked back at her, staring deeply into her blue eyes, now breathing less heavily as a momentary silence came between them.

Barrett once told Abbey that her eyes were like hands that could reach out and touch without ever being physical and that her facial expressions were like words she could use without ever being verbal.

Barrett slowly took in a deep breath.

“Let’s go,” he ordered.

Abbey was always obedient to Barrett. In the three years they had been together in their relationship not once did she ever disagree with him or argue with him and not once did she ever disobey him.

He was never mean or cruel or unfair or demanding to her, he just liked being the boss. He liked to be the one who set the rules, the one who was in charge, the one who gave the orders. She didn’t mind it; she had been used to being treated that way by her father and rather liked being the one to take orders.

So when Barrett gave the order ” Let’s go” she immediately, without any hesitation, grabbed the small back pack she always had with her and after paying the bill for the two cups of coffee and the hot apple pie, followed Barrett out of the café and out onto Market Street.

The streets were still full of cars and the sidewalks covered with people as Barrett and Abbey hurried their way to south street. It was five thirty one pm when they arrived at their apartment and with very little time to spare Barrett quickly grabbed the phone while undressing, called for a taxi that would take them to Penn’s landing where they would catch the ferry to New Jersey. He then dragged Abbey with him, and headed into the bathroom, helping her out of her clothes along the way and into the shower.

No sooner were they in the shower when what seemed like only a few seconds later they were getting out and then getting dressed without getting dry and then out the door to a taxi that was now waiting for them in the street.

They hopped into the back seat and sat tightly next to each other as the taxi pulled away from the curb and made its way down the street.

Barrett turned and looked at Abbey; her lips slightly opened sucking in air while water dripped from her hair that slowly ran down along the sides of her face. Barrett turned her head and starred into her eyes, and with his right hand placed along the side of her face, slowly ran his tongue, licking at the water on her face. Abbey giggled as his tongue ran from the side of her jaw tickling her up to the tip of her ear lope. He then moved around to the front of her face and with one finger he gently wiped away the wetness from her lips as he placed his mouth upon hers.

Abbey loved Barrett’s spontaneous affection no matter where or when it would occur she was always happy to accept it that way. So when Barrett began to kiss her in the back seat of the taxi, she responded by acting helpless and weak to him and allowing him to have his way with her. And Barrett always felt like the luckiest man in the world having a girl like Abbey who would always give in to him at anytime he wanted too.

Barrett pulled his lips away from Abbeys to glance at his watch. It was now five forty seven. His mouth tightened and the fingers of his right hand tapped attentively on his right leg as he sighed with disappointment.

“Will never make it on time,” Barrett groaned as his fingers were now clinched into a fist and his lips became even tighter on his face.

“I’m sure the ferry has left by now,” he complained with a slight sound of bitterness in his voice as he now began pounding his fist onto his leg.

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Abbey remained quiet as she always did whenever Barrett was upset and only sighed with discomfort and not pleasure at seeing him so angry for she too wanted nothing more than to be on that ferry going across the river to join their friends who probably were already waiting for them.

It was six thirteen pm when they arrived at Penns landing and in a flash Barrett and Abbey were out of the taxi and down on the docks and to their surprise the ferry hadn’t left.

“Come on,” Barrett shouted while dragging Abbey by the arm. “We’re lucky the ferry didn’t leave yet.”

The both of them got on the ferry and took a standing position at the front of the boat.

“Now let’s hope the bus didn’t leave without us,” Barrett grumbled feeling un-relaxed and eager to join their friends and be on their way to New York to enjoy the music festival.

Abbey stood next to Barrett and warmly held onto him. She wanted him to cheer up. He wanted her to change his mood too.

They stayed side by side for the twenty minutes it took the ferry to travel across the Delaware river. Once they arrived in Camden the two of them scrambled their way off the boat and trotted along a large green lawn that separated the river from the highway where the bus would be waiting.

All along while the two of them were moving towards the meeting place Barrett’s eyes were scanning everywhere searching for any sigh of the bus. When they got to the highway Barrett, not seeing any sighs of their friends or the bus, screamed in anger and cursed out loud while driving his foot into the ground and kicking dirt in to the air.

“Shit, I can’t believe it,” Barrett yelled. ” I can’t believe we missed the fucking bus.”

Abbey stood there as her usual self, visible but quiet, just staring at Barrett while sucking in air in an attempt to catch her breath.

Barrett stopped to look at Abbey standing there then walked over to where she stood and sat down along side of her leg. Abbey slowly sat down beside him and clutched his hand in hers. The both of them sat there in silence.

A cool chill came into the air as a light breeze began to blow off the river. Abbey leaned closer to Barrett and gently snuggled up to him.

“Are you cold,” Barrett asked.

“Just a little,” Abbey said slightly slivering.

Barrett then stood up and removed his jacket. The same jacket he had worn earlier in the day. He placed it around her as she stayed seated on the ground.

“Thanks,” she said with a smile as she slid her arms through the sleeves, pulled up the zipper and put her hands inside the pockets.

“Feel better now,” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied with a grin and then motioned for him to sit back down next to her. And he did. They sat there staring across the dark road at the trees then up to the moon and stars that brightened the sky.

Abbey, while her hands were keeping warm inside the pockets, pulled out a card and began to read it. Barrett took notice and remembered it was the card the man he had met earlier that day on the train.

“What’s this,” she asked.

“A man I met while riding the subway gave it to me. He said. “He just opened up some kind of place where people can go to unwind from their miserable lives and become relieved from whatever bothers them.”

“Really,” Abbey smirked.

“Yeah, so he claims,” Barrett smiled. “He invited me there and even assured me I wouldn’t regret it.”

“Do you believe that,” she said while still looking at the card.

“I don’t know,” he chuckled. “He sure was a strange looking person.”

They both were silent as she again looked at the card and then the both of them looked at one another and as if they both read each other’s mind.

“Well, it doesn’t look like we’re going anywhere,” Abbey sighed.

“So, what are you suggesting,” Barrett asked. “That we go and check out this so called wonderful place down on route seventy three so we can unwind and relieve ourselves from all of lives bullshit.”

“Well, you do seem like you could use some unwinding,” Abbey giggled. “After all it has been a very long week for you and having the music festival on your mind and now not being able to go I’m sure it has caused a lot of tension and stress in you and now you need somewhere or someway to release it.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Barrett said with a sly grin.

He reached down and helped pull Abbey up from the ground.

“Let’s go and see if we can find a taxi,” Barrett said.

Together they walked back towards the river and found a taxi in a parking lot just outside of where the ferries were docked.

Barrett reached inside the pocket of his jacket and pulled out the card to get the address of the place he and Abbey would go too.

There was no numbers to the address just a name of the place and the road it was located on.

“We’re looking for a place called “Selestino” Barrett said to the driver. ” It’s somewhere down on route seventy three.”

“Okay, said the driver, a small chubby man with a short stub of a cigar hanging from his mouth. ” I think I know this place you’re talking about. I took a man there just the other night.”

“Oh really,” Barrett said while holding onto Abbey who was snuggled up next to him.

“Yeah, it’s some kind of private club, or at least I think it is.” said the man while coughing out smoke and then opening up the window and throwing out what he had left of his cigar.

“Yeah, that sounds like the place.” Barrett replied back to the man.

“So why are you taking a girl with you,” chuckled the man. “After all there are plenty of them there already, unless of course she works at this place.”

Both Barrett and Abbey looked at one another not fully understanding just what this man was saying to them.

“No,” Barrett answered. “She doesn’t work there and just what do you mean by that anyways.”

“No offense, but it’s really not the kind of place to take a girl, it’s the kind of place to find a girl. It’s for men only,” said the man.

Barrett and Abbey turned and faced each other again and just stared into each other’s eyes. Both wondered just what the night was about to bring them.

Barrett took his arm from around Abbey’s shoulder and leaned forward.

“How do you know this,” he asked the driver.

“Well, I really don’t know if it is or not,” he answered. “I overheard the man I drove there talking to someone on his cell phone saying that it was a place to go for some good sex.”

Barrett and Abbey looked at one another and studied each other’s facial expressions.

“Well, what do you think about this place now that you know what it is,” Barrett whispered into Abbey’s ear.

“What are you asking me,” Abbey replied. “Whether or not I approve of going there.”
“Well yes,” Barrett answered. “What do you think?”

“You’re the man, Abbey whispered back. ” You make the decision. It’s fine for me if that’s what you want. Anything is fine for me.”

Barrett gazed into her eyes and a small grin slowly appeared on his face.

“Okay, we’ll go there.” Barrett said happy and excited that Abbey agreed.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer into his embrace.

It was shortly after eight pm when they arrived at their destination. The taxi drove through a large golden coloured gate that seemed to surround what looked like an acre of land with a green lawn that could be seen under the lights that seemed to be all along the perimeter of the property. The taxi followed along a narrow road and stopped in front of what appeared to be a small mansion.

“Well, this is it,” the driver said while looking at Barrett and Abbey through his rear view mirror.

“Okay,” Barrett said while pulling out his wallet and handing the driver the money for the fee along with a small tip.

The both of them climbed out of the back seat and walked up and stood silently side by side staring at the placed that stood in front of them.

“It sure looks like an interesting place,” Abbey said.

“Yeah, it sure does,” Barrett agreed.

“Well, shall we go inside and see what awaits us,” Barrett said.

Barrett took Abbey by the hand and they slowly walked up to the door.

“Wait,” Abbey sighed. “If it’s true what that taxi driver said about it being a place for men only then what about me.”

“Yeah, I forgot about that,” Barrett replied. “Well, who’s to say will get in anyways?”

“What do you mean” Abbey said. “Of course you can get in; you’re a man, but what about me.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Barrett answered back. “I don’t think we can get in without having membership.”

“Really,” Abbey said.

“Yeah,” Barrett replied. “I remember the man I met on the train told me it was for members only.”

“So what do we do then,” Abbey asked.

“Well, we came this far,” Barrett grumbled. “We might as well try and see what happens.”

“Okay,” Abbey agreed. “Let’s go and see what happens.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind going in a place like this,” Barrett asked.

“Did you forget I’m as adventurous as you are” Abbey replied.

“Oh yeah,” Barrett chuckled. “I almost forgot about that.”

Just as they were about to knock, the door opened and standing by the entrance was a short man. He was dressed in a dark blue business type suit and a pink silk shirt with French cuffs. His black hair that seemed plastered to his scalp glowed under the lights that hung above the doorway and his smile glistened from his pearly white teeth.

“Who’s that,” Abbey whispered softly into Barrett’s left ear.

“That’s the man I met earlier on the train,” Barrett whispered back to her. “He’s the one who invited me here.”

Abbey just nodded while her eyes scanned over the strange looking man.

“Well my friend, I see you came after all,” he said still supporting a smile. “What happened, I seem to remember you mentioned something about having other plans for the evening.”

Barrett looked at Abbey and Abbey looked at Barrett and both just grinned at one another.

“Well, yes I did. I mean we did, but things sometimes change,” Barrett said.

“Yes they sometimes do,” the man replied as his eyes now focused on Abbey.

“I see you have brought a friend along with you,” he added.

“Yes,” Barrett said. “This is Abbey my girl friend. I hope its okay that she is with me. I understand that it’s mostly men who come here alone.”

The man turned and looked back at Barrett and took in a deep breath and again began to smile.

“Yes, that’s true in most cases, but there are times some gentlemen will be accompanied by a lady too.”

“So there’s no problem with her joining me inside,” Barrett asked.

“Why there’s no problem at all with your girl friend joining you inside,” the man answered.

“There’s just one other thing I need to ask you,” Barrett said.

“Anything, anything at all just ask me,” he giggled.

“Well, I remember you telling me that this place was for members and that there was a price to pay for the membership. I…well I…I mean we didn’t really come prepared with too much money,” Barrett sighed.

“I see,” the man replied. “Well don’t let that bother you. Tonight you and your girl friend are welcomed as my guest. So please if you will just follow me and I’ll be delighted to give you two a tour of my place and afterwards you can give me your thoughts, your opinions or even if you like, any ideas that you may have in regard to my business here. I certainly would love to hear them.”

“Well, sure why not,” Barrett replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Wonderful,” the man said. “Now let’s get started.”

Barrett and Abbey followed closely behind the man hand in hand as they walked through a large polar where many people were sitting and chatting with one another upon sofas that were designed in many colours. And then across the middle of the room they walked along what looked like a ballroom floor with people dancing closely together to the sound of soft orchestrated music that filled the air. The men were dressed in suits and some in casual wear while the women dressed in silky lingerie and some were topless and there were some with nothing on at all.

They came upon a doorway and when the door was opened the man motioned to them to follow as he led them down a wide hallway that looked more like a corridor and on each side of the hallway were large wooden doors with faces of horses that had numbers engraved upon their heads.

They continued to follow the man turning at the end of the hallway and passing other rooms until finally they came to the end of their tour where the three of sat down in yet another room that looked much like the front room they walked through when they first entered into the place.

There were several people some sitting some standing and again the men who were there were dressed either in suits or nice casual clothing and the women were wearing the same as the women they had seen earlier, dressed in lingerie some topless and some with nothing at all on their bodies.

“Well, what do you think of my place so far,” the man asked with a smile that never seemed to vanish from his face.

“You have quite an interesting place here,” Barrett nodded.

“Thank you,” the man said. “I have twenty two rooms, eleven down on the first floor and eleven on the second floor and my own private rooms as well.”

“I see,” Barrett said.

“So, may I ask, would you two be interested in experiencing what I have to offer the both of you” the man said.

Barrett and Abbey looked at one another not knowing what to say, but instead remained quiet and just stared at each other.

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The man looked at the both of them and realized they couldn’t answer and then spoke.

“Here, its okay to enjoy whatever pleases you,” he said. “You do understand what I mean don’t you. I mean you do know what kind of place this is.” He added.

“Well, I think so,” Barrett replied. “This is a place where one can release the pressures of life that seems to build up inside of us all and a place where we can relieve ourselves of anything that may bother us.” Barrett added.

“Yes Barrett,” The man laughed. “You’re right about that. But do you know just what I offer to make your so called pressures of life disappear.”

Barrett and Abbey both knew just what the offer was and both were ready and willing to give it a try.

“Yes,” Barrett answered. “I do know just what you offer.”

“Fine,” the man said. “Then let us get started.”

So without any further delay the man led them back down the hallway.

“For the many couples who come here I highly recommend them to room twelve on the second floor,” the man said. “And if you two are like the other couples then I really think that you two will really enjoy what is waiting there in the room.”

“Something is waiting in the room,” Barrett said with a light chuckle.

“Someone,” the man replied. “Not something. I consider this person to be quite special and talented too.”

When they came to room twelve the man pulled out a small key from his pocket and opened the door. He stepped aside and motioned with his hand for the two of them to enter into the room.

“Enjoy your selves,” he grinned. “And I do hope that you find this person as wonderful as all the others have.” He added as he left the room.

Barrett and Abbey at first glanced around the room. It was lit with a soft purple colour with mirrors that surrounded the walls, including the ceiling above and in the middle of the floor was a large bed in the form of a circled with white silky sheets that hung to the white fur rug that also took on the colour of the purple light.

As they walked over to sit on the edge of the bed a door that was located directly in front of them, not more than eight feet from where they sat, opened slowly and a dark figure appeared and silhouetted by the light in the room.

“Who’s that,” Abbey whispered to Barrett.

“I don’t know,” Barrett whispered back to her.

A lovely figure entered the room and as if in slow motion, moved across the floor and stopped and stood silently in front of them.

The lovely figure was that of a woman dressed in a long black see through gown that came down to her ankles. She wore a black bra and panty along with straight black hair to match.

Her skin appeared to look soft and creamy and her eyes were as dark as night. Her slim body had the curves of a model. Every feature was that of a beautiful woman.

The woman now stood in front of Abbey and with her two hands she slowly began to run her fingers gently through her hair. She then leaned and closed her eyes and softly their lips met with a kiss. Abbey didn’t resist and her eyes too closed as she allowed the woman to caress her lips.

Barrett was thrilled at the sight of seeing this beautiful woman kissing Abbey. The woman then stood up and walked away only to return with a chair that she placed diagonally several feet from the bed. She then looked over at Barrett and with her right hand pointed to the chair. Barrett looked at her then at Abbey and then back at the woman and walked over to the chair and sat down and just as he did the woman walked over to him and began to undress herself only leaving on her panty. She motioned Barrett to stand up and as he did she began to undress him and when she was done he stood naked before her. The woman then placed her right hand upon his left shoulder and gently pushed him back down on the chair. She smiled and walked back over to where Abbey sat on the edge of the bed and with both of her hands pulled her up to a standing position and began to undress her. When Abbey was completely undressed and standing nude the woman gently pushed her down on the bed and then glanced over to Barrett who was still watching with delight at what was going on before him and waved him over.He walked over and stood beside the woman who then began to run her hands slowly across Abbey’s upper body and motioned to Barrett to do the same.

Abbey was giggling with embarrassment and at the same time whimpering and writhing with pleasure from the effects of four hands and now two tongues that were exploring her everywhere.

She raised herself up and looked down at the woman. The crazy movement of her hands that were now between her legs was incredibly arousing to her. The woman then pulled Barrett away as she stood up and slowly removed her panty.

Barrett stood there looking stunned and Abbey appeared to be quite stunned herself as the woman now stood naked in front of the both of them and to their surprise at the appearance of a huge and thick thing that hung from between her legs.

The woman moved closer to the bed and placed both of her hands on Abbey’s knees and opened her legs. Abbey looked into the eyes of the woman and took all of what she had inside of her.

“Ouch,” Abbey cried out as the woman plunged deep within her and moved slow but hard.

Abbey could feel her heart pounding in her chest, its beat very lightly, very fast, very irregular.

“Don’t stop she moaned and then wrapped her arms and legs around the woman.

“Harder,” Abbey moaned as the woman, who now had her hands cuffed around her ass, continued to move in and out of her body.

Barrett stood there with a strong erection and feeling fascinated by what he was seeing that he began stroking himself as the action became more intense.

The woman started fucking Abbey faster and harder than before causing Abbey to grunt loudly each time she pounded her way inside her. Abbey screamed out one last time and quickly it all had stopped. The woman carefully pulled herself away from her and when she did Abbey closed her legs tightly, trembling and breathing heavily.

As Abbey lay on the bed the woman walked over to where Barrett was standing and with her left hand she reached down and started massaging his balls. She then took her right hand and guided it down to his cock, and began gently jerking it.

She leaned closer to him running her tongue along his neck and nibbled on his ear lope.

” It’s your turn now,” she whispered into his ear and gave a little tug on his cock and pulled him along as she made her way back to the bed.

Barrett followed her over to the bed where Abbey watched as the woman took a small tube from under the mattress and began lubricating his cock with oil.

She then climbed on the bed and spread Abbey’s legs open and positioned herself on her knees with her legs spread wide and then turned her head to look at Barrett.

“Now take me,” she commanded.

Again stunned at the sight of this woman and all that he was witnessing Barrett took in a deep breath of air and slowly exhaled and then stepped closer to the bed and in a matter of seconds pushed himself inside of her ass. The woman groaned as he went deep inside her and it only excited him more each time she grunted from his movement.

Abbey too began to moan and at times even squealed from the oral pleasure she was now receiving and occasionally glancing up at Barrett fucking the woman drove her to almost madness as she could feel herself ready to climax. It was at that time when the woman lightly pushed at Barrett’s mid section for him to step back and he did just that.

After Barrett pulled himself out of her he then stood there as if waiting for her next command.

“Don’t lose it,” The woman said. “Keep it strong for a little while longer.”

Barrett nodded his head in agreement and watched as the woman again got between Abbey’s legs and put herself back inside of her. Abbey moaned and her eyes closed as the woman again began pushing in and out. With her fingers she motioned to Barrett to come near to her and he did just that.

“Get back inside of me,” the woman ordered.

Barrett moved closer and got behind her and just as he was about to enter he again was stunned at what he saw. It wasn’t her ass at all but to his surprise it was the smallest pussy he had ever seen.

He had been with many women before in his life but not one such as this one. This one was all so new to him. This one was the kind he had never been with before.

Barrett then pushed himself back inside her.

“Keep fucking me,” the woman whispered. “Harder.” She added as she continued to fuck Abbey. And even though he found it quite awkward to do he did as she had asked. He moved in and out of her as she did the same with Abbey and the three of them moaned and groaned and at times sounded like animals until through exhaustion and excitement the three of them came to an end.

“Whenever you’re ready,” The woman said in a whimpering voice. “Just let it go.”

Barrett held on as long as he could and then in a grunting sound released himself inside her.

Afterwards the three of them sat quietly on the bed until they got back some of their energy and when they did, smiles appeared on their faces.

“So, was it good,” The woman asked. “Did you two enjoy your selves?”

Barrett looked at Abbey and Abbey looked at Barrett.

“Yeah,” Barrett answered still breathing a little heavy. “I sure did.”

The woman then looked at Abbey.

“And did you enjoy it too sweetie,” The woman asked.

“Yes,” Abbey replied. “I enjoyed it very much.”

“Good, then my job is done.” The woman said.

The woman rose up from the bed and in a flash she was dressed and gone from the room.

Barrett and Abbey removed themselves from the room and made their way down the stairs and back to the large ball like room where they entered in when they first arrived.

“So, how was your experience in room twelve,” The man asked. “I do hope everything went to your liking.”

“Well, as a matter of fact it was certainly an experience we will not soon forget,” Barrett replied.

“Wonderful,” the man said as he placed his hands together as if he were in a prayer. “I’m so glad to know this.

The man then handed them an envelope.

“So if you two have time and if you’re interested then please fill out the form inside the envelope and I will send you both a membership.”

Barrett looked at the small envelope and nodded his head as Abbey stood beside him.

“Okay,” Barrett said. “We will certainly give it some consideration.”

“Fine then,” The man said still supporting a smile that never seemed to go away from his faced.

“By the way, I took the liberty of getting you two a taxi.” He added.

“Thank you sir,” Barrett said. “I guess we’ll be on our way now. Oh, and also, thank you for entertaining us.”

“It’s my pleasure,” The man replied. And with that the two of them were out the door and into the taxi that was waiting just outside for them.

Very little was said between them as they sat cuddled up to each other in the back seat of the taxi until they had gotten back to their apartment, showered, had a bite to eat and then as they both lay next to each other on the bed they began to talk.

“So, what did you think about the place,” Abbey asked.

“What did I think,” Barrett replied.

“Yes, what did you think,” Abbey asked again.

“Well, I think it was kind of interesting.” Barrett answered with a smirk. “How about you, what did you think of the place?”

“The same,” She replied.

“The same,” Barrett asked.

“Yeah, the same,” Abbey grinned. “Tell me,” Barrett said. “Did you enjoy yourself when you were on the bed while that woman was fucking you?”

“Well, to tell you the truth,” she smiled. “Yes, I did enjoy it. And how about you, did you enjoy fucking her in the ass.”

“I didn’t fuck her in the ass,” Barrett replied with a little laugh.

“What,” Abbey said. “What do you mean you didn’t?”

“It wasn’t her ass that I was fucking, it was her pussy.” Barrett said again laughing.

“What,” Abbey yelled looking surprised and confused.

“You heard me,” Barrett replied. “It was her pussy.”

“My god,” Abbey said. “You mean she had both.”

“Yeah,” Barrett said.” She had both.”

The both of them laid there quietly in each other’s arms and it wasn’t until a few moments

later that they spoke again.

“So do you regret missing the music festival tonight,” Abbey asked.

“No, I don’t regret it at all,” Barrett answered and then pulled Abbey closer to him and laid his head on her chest where they both fell fast asleep.

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