Adriana and the Fur Closet

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My name is Zack and at the beginning of my senior year in High School I met Adriana. She’s a recent Russian emigrant who lives with her Grandmother. Her Grandmother, Ma ma, came to the US decades ago at 19 the same age as Adriana. Ma ma is widowed from a wealthy Texas oil tycoon husband and has been very successful in business on top of that ever since.

Adriana has a younger sister, Ella, that came over with her. Apparently their parents had a very acrimonious divorce that alienated both girls from both parents so they left Russia to live with Ma ma. Emigrating put both girls a little behind in school.

For some reason, maybe a younger sister’s crush, Ella decided Adriana and I should be together. I was no one super special in a very large suburban school. I am in the top two percent of my class academically and though not a Geek, sports is something I am only marginally involved in with swimming. It’s good and enjoyable exercise that helped me recover from a childhood muscle disorder that put me behind.

The two girls and myself just knew each other peripherally at first. Ella was a Junior so I hardly ever saw her and knew her only as the slightly younger of the two new Russian girls. How she got on to me matching up with Adriana I only found out later.

Both girls are certainly very nice looking. Adriana is about five nine and on the slim side of medium with delicate features. She has brown eyes, thick, rich brown hair in a long page boy cut and nicely shaped modest breasts. She always wears T-neck sweaters and even when she wears jeans she is always tasteful and stunning. She regularly wears fur of some sort which has always been a turn on for me.

Adriana is always very focused and not at all frivolous. I think she is not so popular for those reasons. Ella is a slightly smaller, younger version of Adriana in almost every respect .. monkey see monkey do, but decidedly a bit of a Geek, Science Club, more into computers and the like.

In Science class there’s a team class assignment where we have to plot out the seasons of the year on the far side of the very large School Parking Lot, the truly old fashioned way. Day by day with marks and nails in the asphalt, watching and marking the sunrise and sunset. Adriana and me were assigned as a team of two. I found out later it was Ella’s doing.

The actual relationship starts off at the Fall Equinox. It becomes very poetic. We meet in the Parking Lot the night before to put out our first four marks in a very large cross by the stars that covers the entire parking lot. We are using only a pole and string with visual sightings of the stars. Everybody else makes smaller crosses since it’s a lot easier .. but not as accurate. Our first good joint decision.

I’m hoping she would wear a fur and I’m not disappointed.

It’s cold and Adriana is wearing a stunning fur parka that really takes me aback.

I had been masturbating to pictures of women in fur since I started puberty. For some unexplained reason, I find them much more exciting than just nude women. It makes no difference if they were nude in the fur or not, I get unbelievably excited, hardly needing to jerk on my tool. Actually seeing a woman in fur is exciting beyond belief and has me running for the nearest private place to take care of my boner. Once when I was thirteen I came in my shorts with just seeing the woman in fur.

Her fur is fantastic and she’s so beautiful. Adriana suddenly becomes my all consuming fur fantasy. I’m having the same ‘problem’ and I have an instant boner and I’m about to blow. It’s very difficulty hiding it. Her Parka is a beautiful longish brown hair fur outside (Fisher she tells me later) and also inside the hood with a big, thick (Crystal) Fox ruff around the hood.

I have to comment on it and say how nice she looks wearing it. She’s so angelic and blushes scarlet much to my surprise. Masturbation for me becomes a new more intense and immediate experience with her image in my mind especially with her blushing. It becomes very personal. Adriana is suddenly the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world to me.

To target in on the precise day and time of the Equinox we have to do this every day for over three weeks straddling the actual day, first thing in the morning at sunrise and at sunset in the evening, locating the sunrise and sunset locations. Knowing the actual day is not quite like being a Celt doing it 4,000 years ago.

We find we worked well and almost intuitively together in the tasks and in the notes. I continue to compliment her, though briefly, each day as she continues to wear the Parka. After the first two sessions we begin to sit close together while compiling the notes. They are very through notes. After the third day she alternates with a very full hooded Red Fox vest and the Parka. She wears jeans and some of the finest cashmere T-neck sweaters, thicker ones with the vest, that I have ever seen throughout the sun tracking exercises. I’m brushed with her fur frequently as we linger in conversation sitting together.

The last evening she shows up wearing a very large and full hooded (Cross) Fox coat and she cuddles up to me much more than in the previous evenings. I’m nearly helpless and shaking as she brushes me with the fur.

I have started to touch her fur unsolicited after about the third day, stroking the fur as I complimented her. She doesn’t blush, frown nor pull away. I kept my boner kind of shoved to one side so it doesn’t show so much. I don’t try to totally hide it anymore. It’s impossible. If she’s disturbed by it she sure doesn’t let on.

I’m getting more of a fur fix than I could have ever imagined. I’m furiously masturbating to Adrian’s image in fur and the fur feelings in my mind every evening, every morning and increasingly in the middle of the night if I can wake up quick enough from my wet dreams of her. If not, I masturbate again.

The night before we finish up our solar plotting, without touching myself I ‘think’ myself into an ejaculation over my minds vision of Adriana in the Red Fox and the Fisher with her wonderful sweaters and what I might be doing with her or she to me. It’s the most wonderful fur/sex ejaculation of my life.

“Zack .. would you like to come over to my place to compile the report?”

“Yes” .. is all I can stammer out. I don’t bother to hide my enthusiasm I’m so sexed up.

As we walk to the car we hold hands and I put my arm around her running my hand through her thick fur. Adriana smiles sweetly as we talk about everything but school or the project. She begins to fill me in on Ma ma and how lucky she is to be living with her.

Adriana doesn’t exactly ignore my fondling her fur but she continues on, talking about whatever it is she has on her mind as I stroke her fur quite freely by then smiling all the time as we keep looking at each other.

I love hearing her talk with the softest and sexiest accent I think I’ve ever heard. She could make garbage collection sound sexy. Adriana had learned American English but her Russian accent colors it ever so nicely.

In contrast her sister sounds like she’s from Kansas. She had learned from American TV shows and movies. Monkey see monkey do.

I meet Ma ma as we go into the kitchen, a large roomy eat-in Kitchen and Family room. Ma ma is wearing a beautiful thick white Mink and suede leather vest with mandarin collar. Her gray hair is the most beautiful I had ever seen.

Adriana tells her we’re going to be doing the report. Ma ma insists we eat dinner since it’s still only a little after seven.

Sunset is around six this time of year so the evening is young. I call my parents to let them know I’ll be at Adriana’s doing our report.

Adriana changes into a big fluffy, hooded White Fox vest over her dark green T-neck sweater and a leather miniskirt for dinner. She has me drooling and stiff as a power pole. I’m going out of my mind with fur visions and stimulation. She knows I know she knows with her coy grin.

Ma ma is quite attractive for her age, maybe fifty or so and is very sexy looking in her vest with the Mink inside. She looks young enough to be their mother and wears it like a house coat. I’m not sure she has anything on under it?

Even Ella has on a very sexy little sort red/gray Fox bolero jacket over her dark brown T-neck sweater. I’m in fur heaven. Adriana gets me into a Mink vest. I’m going crazy wearing fur for the first time in my life.

All during dinner Ma ma has me engaged in conversation. Not at all the stilted inquisition type of conversations some girl’s parents have me in but daily events, what is school like, how do you like the science project, what kind of music do you like and so forth. Ma ma is an artful conversationalist. I give up much more than I thought I did or intended.

After eating Ma ma declares she is retiring for the evening and that we should enjoy ourselves. Adriana has a broad gleeful smile for some unexplained reason as she says good night to her.

As Adriana begins clearing the table with her sister and me helping she gives me a look I had not seen from her to now. It’s the sexiest most lecherous gaze I could ever imagine but ever so brief. My permanent boner gets even stiffer.

Ella disappears as we go into the Study to write up our report. There is a big Red Fox spread and pillows all over the big dark brown leather couch. I’m now out of control.

We sit at the big mahogany desk to write our report. Casually caressed with her Fox and the sweet scent of Adriana in the air. I have a .. hard .. time focusing on our work.

Our data recording and previous calculations are so complete it takes us no time at all to compile it all together and write a summary. Having the answer via the Internet and the Naval Observatory on hand we already know we are only a few minutes off with our rod and string method. We calculated that it would take a hundred years for that degree of error to be at all significant.

Adriana entices me over to the couch to sit and enjoy our success. It’s clear she wants me to more than look. My eyes are wandering all over her fox vest and Adriana moves very close to me as I wrap my hand and arm around her waist pulling her even closer. I pull up her hood around her face and as her face is buried in the fur it is brushing gently against my face as we kissed for the first time.

We’re both so eager and wanting, our lips lock in a passionate and deep tongue tangling kiss. I pull her to me as close as possible and she willingly yields with her arms around me pulling my face down into her fur and to her breasts. My hands come up to them under her soft sweater wrapping my hands around her smallish orbs. She has no bra and I gently begin to fondle them.

She begins to moan quietly in my ear whispering .. “I’m a virgin so we can’t go all the way for a while.”

“Just tell me how far is too far” I whisper back into her ear, taking her earlobe between my lips. She shudders and let with a bit louder moan.

“Not too far yet” she whispers as I’m lifting her sweater up. Soon my mouth is fully around her breast, a nice mouth full. As I suck and knead them in my mouth my tongue first flips over her nipple and then I pinch it between my lips, alternating from one breast to the other. A loud Ahh as Adriana pushes her breast to me harder and she begins breathing heavily getting a warm and ‘smoky’ look in her eyes.

We have both fallen back into the fur spread and pillows being buried in fur and I add fur fondling to her breasts increasing her moaning and squirming.

Her hand wandered down between my legs and I whispered .. “I have never been with a woman like with you either.”

My belt is quickly unbuckled as her hand wanders further into my pants. I’m already pulling her skirt down around her hips along with her panties. She makes sure of that. A mound of thick, soft brown hair soon reveals itself that covers the whole area between her thighs and I begin to shake uncontrollably. The warmth from her crotch with its sweet aroma wafts up to greet me. It’s the smell of an exotic perfume, her aroma, that has me in a spell and overcomes me.

Her hand is around my power pole softly stroking it. The fur is driving both of us crazy and the two parts want to get connected in the worst way. At this point I know she’s as driven as me. Good sense overcomes us just enough to prevent this from happening … now at least.

I might say that at this point in my life I had ‘made out’ with a number of girls from Freshman year on but not consummated or really even gotten much past a whole lot of ‘groping’.

Several girls had expressed their disappointment at my not going all the way with them. I was in no way artful or the least bit skilled. I wasn’t really ‘taken’ by any of them either. I quickly lost my inspiration as my hormone driven desires waned with the reality of not actually liking the girl that much.

It got out in school. Many of my friends made me the butt of their ‘he ain’t never had any’ jokes and puns but I just was not in a rush and intuitively knew that if I held out for the ‘right one’ I would not regret it.

I know now that Adriana is ‘the right one’ and I think she is thinking the same. At least she’s acting that way. I am certainly ‘taken’ by her in every way. No other girl was so wonderfully soft and sweet as Adriana .. and the furs .. oh my oh my. I am not disappointed that I waited.

Being with Adriana somehow gives me ideas I had never even thought of let-alone acted on. Even with my wanderings on the Internet. I was doing them with a skill that surprised me if not Adriana.

My head is down between her thighs and I’m nuzzling into her soft muff before I have any idea of what I’m going to actually do. It’s heavenly and Adriana has her hands behind my head encouraging me on to whatever is to be. She’s in motion in a way that we would both recognize from now on. My mouth is over her labia and I’m suctioning on her vagina almost instantly.

Adriana explodes with soft moaning in what we forever know as her orgasm. She’s been primed and ready for me. No other girl had ever done this with me before. It’s almost instant and surprises me with its suddenness as her fluids freely flow. I didn’t know girls actually did that and I consume all of her sweet nectar.

She’s not about to release me nor am I interested in release. I’ve just discovered her clitoris with my tongue in her slit and I begin to squeeze it in my lips. Her humping and moaning increases considerably as I’m now ravaging her vagina like a pro with my tongue and fingers probing her inner warmth and softness.

Adriana is in another galaxy as she has several more orgasms. The furs are now all over my head, face and her crotch with my cock buried in the Fox spread. She’s getting off big time in our mutual sex-in-fur fantasies. I’m astonished and driven by her responses.

It’s then I know we’re made for each other. Fur is more than a warm coat to Adriana and she somehow divined my interests in fur.

There seems to be no end to her demand for orgasms. She finally relaxes and releases my head from her vice grip. I’m in no hurry to pull away much to her delight as I linger around her muff and vagina doing some different things and she obviously appreciates the fur fondling. I Fox her crotch and breasts if only to let her know I know. She smiles broadly. Before I know what’s happening next my cock is engulfed in the Fox in her hands and I’m being generously fondled.

I’m almost instantly about to explode when her lips encircle the head of my rigid post. She takes my cock fully into her mouth sucking down to my cock hair, back up and down as I had done for her .. return favor? I explode and I’m cuming with more juice than had ever left me. Not just once or twice. She takes it all as she pumps up and down on my shaft. I lose track as she takes me to another world of lust and desire for her. Her Fox is all around me as I ejaculate time after time. She ravages me and I’m so totally spent I don’t know where I am for a moment.

After being spent Adriana and me hug and hold each other in a soft embrace that is unlike any body to body contact ever in my life. We have our hands all over each other as if we had not explored each other enough for the night.

I’m marveling over her beauty.

While we’re fondling ..

“I started on the pill in anticipation of this. It’s all happened quicker than I had anticipated. I really appreciate your restraint.”

“I have some condoms in anticipation of this but they are untrustworthy.”

“I agree. We both know the facts about sex.”

“Talking with you while we make love somehow seems so natural. Hearing your voice draws me in closer to you. Why did you blush so bright when we first then no more?”

“You had such a big bulge in your pants and struggling so hard to hide it that when you complimented me on my parka I knew you were really turned on by my fur and the way you were looking at the rest of me and my eyes I figured you were on to ME. I was so wanting you already that the compliment took me over the edge. I nearly had an orgasm in the excitement.”

She grabs me by the hand ..”I have something to show you for when we are ready. Something you might think about and anticipate.”

We walk down a nice wide hallway on a series of very fine oriental rugs to an undistinguished door amongst other doors in the hallway. When she opens it my heart nearly leaves my chest. It’s a room sized walk-in closet so full with hanging furs you can only squeeze your way through them. They’re not compressed but it’s wall to wall, floor to ceiling fur. The walk in aisle has a hanging rod over it and is full of furs. There are fur hats, boas and other fur accessories filling the shelves. It’s a bit cooler than the rest of the house which is already on the cool side.

“It’s a bit chilly in here.”

“Climate controlled. Ma ma has been complaining that she needs a larger Closet for our furs but I think it is just right for our needs, don’t you?”

Adriana has a big smile and is bobbing up and down slightly in her eagerness as she looks at me with my cock sticking out like a Knight’s javelin. The rest of me has to catch up with my heart before I can speak.

“I think we can make do with this just fine if you think so.”

“Ella and me get to wear any of Ma ma’s furs we wish. What would you like me to wear?”

I reached in, almost at random until I felt a particularly soft thick fur and pulled out a big soft dark brown fur with longish hair and hand it to her.

“My you have good and expensive taste. This is my favorite too. It’s Russian Sable.”

She wraps it around herself inside out and I nearly fall to my knees. It’s very big on her, very thick, full and to the floor.

“Ma ma likes very large sized fur coats.”

She wraps her arms around me and mine around her fur swathed body. Our passionate kisses almost get us in trouble as I’m trying to stab her labia with the end of my javelin. We stop just in time but only after Adriana has softened my cock for me once again with more generous fondling in the Sable. I’m so weak I can barely walk.

“How long to go before you are ready” I ask.

“A few more weeks.”

She’s frowning with disappointment as she speaks.
I’m suddenly struck with anxiety as we are still nude in the hall and ask her where Ma ma’s bedroom is.

“Don’t get upset. It is down the hall and the rooms are well insulated from noise. Ma ma did that when they build the house. You could set off a bomb and she wouldn’t hear it. Besides I think she is giving me a lot of room to do things on my own. Besides you passed her initial exam at dinner.”

“So many furs! I can’t believe it!”

“She’s increased her fur purchases since Ella and I me came to live with her. She says she just likes buying them but all the latest ones seem to work best for us rather than her, really young girlie furs like my Fisher parka that excites you so much, not that I’m complaining. Ella likes fur as much as I do.”

As we’re walking back to Adrian’s room Ella comes from her room, disappearing into the fur closet, closing the door behind herself.

“With Ella and me selecting a fur can be an orgasmic experience.”

“We need some distance between us now or things could quickly get out of control.”

“You’re right as much as I would like you not to go. Come look in my bedroom before you do go.”

Her bed is engulfed in a very thick white Shadow Fox spread, she calls it, and I don’t attempt to hide my massive boner.

She reaches over and puts her hand on it .. “Hold on to that thought .. it won’t be that long before we will be in it together.”


As I attempt to sleep with the thoughts of our love making in the furs running through my mind I realize that no amount of masturbation will cool those images. Sleep is fitful yet incredibly wonderful as dreams and images of Adriana and me buried in furs, my face in her muff, her lips around my cock flashes and drifts through my mind.

I’m stiff and awake three in the morning in the middle of a wonderful wet dream of us both nude in Ma ma’s fur closet doing every conceivable thing to each other. We’re buried in the furs and my cock is deep into Adriana. My juices shoot all over myself as I awake. Is this what I “might think about and anticipate”? I jack off once more with her fur surrounded image in THE closet still fresh in my mind from the dream before falling back to sleep.

The morning at school is something of a disappointment since every morning for three weeks Adriana and me have been together in the Parking Lot doing our Science class chore. We finally see each other between classes. She has on a simple short dark brown Mink vest matching her hair, jeans and a dark red T-neck sweater. I’m incredibly turned on. She’s smiling in an uncharacteristically shy and reserved way as I come up to her. I’m somehow embolden by her demeanor.

She melts in my hands as I hold her, not too close .. “Adriana .. I thought about what you showed me last night .. the closet .. I had dreams about you and me in it. I can hardly wait.”

A shy but large smile moves over her face .. “Will you come over after school?”

“I’ll go anywhere and do anything you wish.”

Everyone’s rushing to class as the bell is about to ring. We break apart and reluctantly go our separate ways. As I turn I run square into Ella. She has a big shy smile too ..

“You guys have fun last night?” she says with a coy twist to her smile. She has on a soft sheared blond fur jacket that gives me a twinge. I pinched her cheek softly ..

“I’ll see to it that you get yours. Have fun in the closet last night?”

Her mouth drops open as I walk away. I know she also has a crush on a Junior friend of mine. Adriana told me. Will has no idea what he’s in for. I’ve known Will since we were four and five. We’ve been friends most of our lives.

After school as I’m leaving I make sure I run into Will.

“Hey, you should hang around that new girl Ella. I think you might find her more interesting than that numb brained blond you have been running after.” Will usually listens to my advise and most often follows it.

“Yeah? Bridgett (the blond) is about to notice me I think.”

“Look, Bridgett only notices Bridgett and you know it. Besides, Ella has a lot more to offer and she is a match to your Geek status.”

Will is a confirmed Geek, complete with laptop at all times. Just about then Adriana and Ella come up to us.

“Zack .. you know my sister Ella?” My eyes are all over Adriana and everyone notices.

“Hey Ella you know Will?” hoping this will divert attention from the obvious.

Ella and Will are suddenly off in their own world almost as intense as with Adriana and me. Will already has his hands on Ella’s fur, a bit less reserved than me. Gotcha .. I thought he would go for it. Maybe having it arranged for them helped? They are already into computer talk, open software, the latest gui and cups mods along with a gaming session.

Ella is getting fur groped, smiling and cuddling up to Will as she encourages his attention.

All this time Adriana is eying me, smiling. My arm is already around her stroking her fur. I can walk and stroke fur at the same time. Like an announcement over the school PA she throws her arms around my neck and plants a long juicy kiss on me, marking her territory. I struggle to resist as I pull her closer to me, my arms around her waist and hand in the middle of her fur covered back.

The four of us are in my old bug I’m fixing up and we end up at Ma ma’s house. It is still rather early but Ma ma is in the Kitchen fixing food.

“Take some snacks. Dinner will be ready in about two hours.” Ma ma announces. She is in a butt length, dark brown sheared Beaver and soft leather vest, fur inside again and I’m pretty sure she only has a pair of matching leather slacks on with it.

Will’s eyes are all over the place as well as the three women, particularly Ella who comes back in the kitchen lost somewhere in the white Fox vest Adrian had on last night with a nearly see through sleeveless V-neck sweater and leather miniskirt painted on her tight little butt. You could see Will’s instant boner as Ella snuggles up next to him, rubbing his thigh with the fur.

“Let’s go to my room and play some games?” Ella has Will following like she’s walking the dog with an invisible leash.

Adriana and me are in the Den watching TV together with our arms around each other and wrapped in a Silver Fox throw nestled in the matching pillows on the soft gray suede couch.

We’re nuzzling but not really making out and Ma ma comes in, siting in another large matching lounge chair wrapping herself in a smaller Silver Fox throw. After a while she comments ..

“So Zack, you like my granddaughter?” I go a bit flush which I’m sure she noticed and finally

“I certainly do.”

“I see you like the furs as well.” I’m frozen with her frankness of the obvious.

“Well I do like the softness and their colors.” Ma ma chuckles almost choking ..

“You be real gentle with my Adriana. They both have had enough trauma in their lives and both deserve to be treated extra special. You and your friend seem like very nice boys so I’m sure you will be gentle with them.”

As she gets up and is walking out she comes over to us and wraps the throw she had around our faces, fondling us both softly for a few moments, squeezing us together .. looking down and staring into my eyes, smiling with a wordless approval and no, she’s not wearing anything under the Beaver vest.

She is hardly out of the room before I have Adriana’s skirt down around her ankles and in orgasm. I’m sucking on her vagina and pulling her clitoris with my lips while she’s fur fondling my head. She flips over me and while I’m still working her vagina over, Adriana has my pants down and on my cock in 69, us both out of sight in the furs. Adriana is flowing from orgasm to orgasm as she is bringing me to one after the other as well. Our bodies are pressed tight to each other and the desire to be in copulation is overwhelming. It just makes my ejaculations that much stronger. Adriana is like a heavy fur on top of me. Exhaustion eventually overcomes us.

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We finally sit up and slip our clothes back on smiling at each other. “Ma ma must think I’m OK for you.”

“Better than OK. The other guys that have been over she sent out with their tails between their legs. That’s one big reason why I’m not very popular. Passing the Ma ma test. She is referred to as my Jailer in school. You are not only the nicest and most gentle guy, by far, I’ve met but the only one that caught on to the fur thing and has got his hands on what you have.”

“I’ve always had fantasy dreams over being with a woman I could love who was also wrapped in furs. I nearly passed out when I first met you and to get paired up with you was my wildest fantasy dream come true.”

“Wow, I did figure you right.”

We go to her Bed room and wash up for dinner. I can’t help but get a generous feel of her Arctic Fox spread with my nude bottom. Adriana has difficulty getting me off it.

Ella and Will come into the Dinning Room both wearing furs. Ella has on a way too big for her Silver Fox coat dragging on the floor and Will (he’s a thin guy with a prodigious metabolism) with a very full dark Mink coat hanging on him. I don’t think Ella has anything on under the Fox. They must be playing dress up. Adriana looks at me chuckling and winks.

Dinner conversation is no different than at my house. Quite incongruous with the circumstances. We talk about school and most anything else. Ella and Will say how much fun the new games are.

Ma ma has Will in the same ‘casual’ conversation as with my first dinner. He passes. I’m wondering exactly what games they’re playing as Adriana smiles at me.

After dinner Adriana and me actually get some studying done in the Study while Will and Ella vanish into her room.


I leave for home after a while with Will in tow.

“Hey Will, how did your evening go?”

“Wow, I had no idea about the fur turn on .. and you knew about this? Ella showed me things I never dreamed of.”

“So what happened?”

“No, we didn’t have sex but she sure made me fell good and I hope I didn’t disappoint her and can get it up when the time comes.”

“From her smiles I don’t think you did .. disappoint her that is.”

“The other guys will never believe us will they?”

“Not in a thousand years and I think it’s something we should definitely keep to ourselves and keep them guessing. At least we have each other to brag to.”

“So you and Adriana .. are you doing it in the furs?”

“Not yet. Well not intercourse anyway. Shy of a few weeks I think. I’ve had fantasies over women in furs for years. Now that I have met Adriana and those fantasies are being fulfilled I no longer think I’m off the deep end somehow.”

“It sure is nice in ways the other guys don’t even talk about, like they are really missing something.”

Will has a massive cock. Poor Ella. Not that I am even so small as average but Will’s cock is way too big for his thin body and none of the other girls in school will give him a second look … well to sneer maybe. None of the jocks are even half his size. It’s like one morning he woke up with a cock big as a loaf of French bread. The girls have no idea what they are missing. Ella probably knows the treat she is in for by now what with their ‘games’.

My cock was deep between Adriana’s thighs as we wallowed in furs in her closet. I awake shooting my juices all over myself again. My nightly ritual Adriana-in-furs wet dreams. How I long for our copulation in the furs with her? My testes are in constant pain any more.

I have started picking Adriana and Ella up for school now. Having the two fur bunnies in the car with me first thing in the morning is a very special treat.

Little could I have known a month ago pounding my pud over my pictures of women in fur that I would have two such women in my car every morning and be making it in furs with one of them practically every day now. Such luxury and fantasy fulfillment I would never have dreamed for this to ever be true.

My parents have realized their son is in love now, mainly Mom. I have yet to introduce them to Adriana. I think soon.

Friday evening after school I drop Ella and Will off at Ma ma’s and Adriana changes. I take her to my house for dinner to meet my folks.

Adriana has on a short and modest sheared Phantom Beaver jacket, maroon cable knit cashmere T-neck sweater and matching knee socks with maroon, red and tan plaid, pleated, knee length wool skirt. She looks so cute and sexy. Almost like a cheerleader but more tasteful. I struggle all evening to keep my hands off Adriana.

She smiles sweetly and is engaging with my folks all evening. Of course my folks fall in love with Adriana instantly and Mom is probably daydreaming of our marriage before dinner is over.

Dad tells me in private that I have outdone myself at not only picking a smart girl but a very pretty one as well (code for you sexy thing). He’s not expressing his concerns of my getting her instantly pregnant so I answered his unasked and urgent question.

“No Dad, I’m not going to get her knocked up.” I can almost feel the sigh of relief from …

“I would never think that Son!”

I get Adriana home that night and we nearly do it. She takes me into the closet. I think both our fantasies over this is just too overwhelming.

After closing the door behind us we slowly strip each other. Though we can hardly see each other except when we are body to body, for the full packing of furs around us in the closet. I can get enough of a view and feel of her body to send me into a frenzy. We wade through the furs around each other, between our legs and bury our bodies in them like a fur cocoon.

I pick her up in my arms, cradled in the Sable and wade, turning through the furs with her which has Adriana like she’s swimming through them. She fondles me with them as she is awash with Lynx, Foxes, Minks and all sorts of furs around her body in a constant soft undulating stimulation, moaning and sighing with her orgasms as we play.

Our bodies are in nearly full and constant contact and only with enormous mutual force of will do we not consummate our relationship (getting her pregnant) in that instant. We do everything except that, even a standing 69 against a fur cushioned wall of the closet. She has her legs wrapped around my neck, hanging down in front of me with her vagina pressed into my face. I swaddle her body with furs as I suck on her vagina. I didn’t know I could be so athletic at love making.

We both climax so many times shear exhaustion sends us to the floor wrapped in furs and piled on top of us. It’s like I’m stoned as I cannot feel my body at all I’m in such a state of ecstasy.

We will have the choreographing of our consummation clear by the time we are on it. The fur closet fantasy becomes real and is an immediate addiction.

“With all the times I have been in the closet furring myself and in orgasm none of it has come close to what we have done today Zack.”

“If it’s this good just fooling around what is it going to be like when we actually are making it with each other? Will it be .. anticlimactic?”

“Did we do absolutely everything today?” She has me there.

The next day when I picked Adriana and Ella up for school she kisses me as never before in the most ethereal and lingering kiss I could imagine. I fondle her face in the Fox hood of her coat as we do. Ella lets with a long, quiet wooooooo as we kiss.

“You two must be doin’ it!!!”

“Not yet Ella. You’ll know when we do. Are you and Will doin’ it?” I knew they were not but she sat there with a sheepish grin indicating their extreme intimacies and unconsciously rubbing her fur jacket over her smallish breasts.

“So you know about Will’s BIG secret Ella?” Ella quickly starts sucking her thumb with her other hand in her crotch and nodding yes with a bug eyed look.

“Be sure you are well protected now!!” Ella kept nodding, sucking her thumb even more furiously and gripping her crotch. I thought she was going to orgasm right then and there. Adriana is looking surprised, reaching back to touch her. That seemed to calm her down.

“I didn’t mean to push her that far. I’m sorry.”

“That’s OK” Ella says “I didn’t realize how sensitive I was to my feelings for Will. We’ve been having so much fun I haven’t actually thought about it in an objective sort of way yet.”

When we get to school Ella bolts out of the car to find Will. Adriana and me go to our respective classes. I’m not sure Ella expected quite these results from her little intrigues. She’s certainly ecstatic with the results if a bit rattled. Ella has been on contraceptives for well over a month in anticipation of doing something soon. She’s in a hurry to loose her virginity and her preparations get ahead of a plan. With Will she has focus and purpose, hopefully love as well.

Adriana was not at all driven in the same way which is why we’re having to wait. We do have an evolving plan where events are not outrunning our readiness. I’m not complaining mind you, but it is kind of poetic that Will ends up with a sexed up little vixen hot after his big cock. If the other girls only knew what they were missing, but now that Will is hooked on Ella in the furs … well it’s their loss.


Getting back to Ma ma’s that afternoon Ma ma had gone to an overnight business conference. We had knew about it. Adriana and me were planning on a not-quite-overnight but definitely a lot of ‘quality time’ in her magnificent Shadow Fox spread with a bunch more furs from around the house and closet. I think Ella has much more in mind for her and Will. They have dibs on the fur closet tonight. Ironic that Will looses his before me. Of that I’m sure as the sun will rise.

I’ll be happy with what Adriana and me have planned.

We go to Adriana’s room after raiding Ma ma’s bedroom, the fur closet, Den and the Study for furs.

Will and Ella have already occupied the closet and are frenetically undressing as we leave them.

Adriana lays back in her bed in the furs wearing her dark green cashmere sweater dress with a come hither look just like in a forties movie, slowly pulling up her dress for me. I don’t rush getting my clothes off either. We’re in no rush. I’ve already begun stroking her with furs and running them with my hand up her dress. Adriana is quickly moaning.

At the same time we hear an unearthly moan and scream from down the hallway. They had failed to close the door and Ella is audibly getting what she wants. It sends Adriana into motion and I’m on her in an instant. We come very close to copulating with the excitement of Ella and Will’s activities.

Our curiosity overcomes our desires for each other however.

We get out of bed and quietly creep down the hallway to the open closet door.

Ella is moaning quite loudly and Will is grunting hard with her every moan. We peek. Will’s massive cock is fully into Ella, stretching her thighs wide apart. I can’t imagine her taking his full shaft into her. She must be very determined.

We can only see parts of them through the furs but Ella is getting hers in a BIG way. Furs are all over and around them and Adriana has an orgasm as she watches her younger sister getting poled big time.

I come up behind her wrapping furs around her with my cock sliding between her thighs from behind but not into her labia. Adriana pushes down on my stiff shaft and has several more orgasms.

Ella is moaning in a series of massive orgasms as Will has jerking ejaculations one after the other tossing Ella’s smaller body around as he pushes his cock deeper by pulling Ella’s fur wrapped butt tight to himself like they’re permanently wedged together. Furs are being flung everywhere.

It will be a miracle if they can ever pull apart from each other. No performance anxiety problems with Will now.

I pull Adriana away, back to her bed.
“Zack, I don’t know if I can wait for the pills to take effect. I want you in me so bad and seeing them making love like that has me so horny. Can’t we please? Your condoms?”

“I would never have thought I would say no to anything you want but it’s just not safe. I have this feeling that the very first unprotected sex we have will have you instantly pregnant. A good thing at the right time in our life.”

“Are you saying you want to get me pregnant Zack?”

“I guess I am. I couldn’t think of a more exciting or profound thing to do with you. It’s all kind of sudden but you have so completely taken over my life. I can’t imagine life without you anymore. Besides, it is before intercourse so I suppose it is all correct and proper we talk about these feelings despite ourselves.”

We wrapped our arms around each other and rolled over in the furs on her bed and kiss like we’re fucking. My cock is deep in the furs and I’m about to explode. Adriana sits up and smiles at me just before, giving me the most magnificent head in the world. I’m generously furred up as I fur up her letting loose of the most juices of my life. She consumes me and everything I have to offer.

After we calm down we lay back cuddling in the furs and start talking about loving one another. What are we going to do about it, are we too young to have these thoughts, how long should we wait, college and many other things about our potential lives together.

One thing is quickly dispensed with that could have been very difficult. We have several colleges on our lists in common. We can choose the same college with little or no compromises. Big step one resolved. We can even wangle living together so marriage per se is not an urgent consideration and need not stand in our way.

After some time of us talking, Ella, followed by Will, both loosely wrapped in furs and clearly nude under, come bursting into Adriana’s bedroom ..

“We did it!! We did it!! It was fantastic.” So much for polite conversation and small talk. Will has a mile wide grin of total satisfaction with his huge cock still protruding past the furs. Adriana gasps as Will quickly covers himself.

“Yes, we heard you” Adriana said.

“Oh, you should have seen us!!” Ella exploded.

“Yes, we heard you all the way down the hall .. (I said) .. You left the door open. We actually did see a little of you doing it. We came down to the closet to shut the door you left open and couldn’t help but peek in.”

They both blushed scarlet and run for Ella’s bedroom. We continued to hear lots of moaning and groaning. They leave the door open again.

Things didn’t go quite as Adriana and I had wanted for us but things we hadn’t expected get resolved or at least discussed. Actually a deeper understanding of each other and us as a couple is discussed. Besides we got to witness Ella and Will get all they wanted. Gratification of a sort.

On our way home Will won’t shut up and I don’t blame him. He has to tell someone because we are sure not going to spread this around school. No question about his fondness for fur and I’m sure neither of them is interested in anyone else.

“It was all so much different than I had expected. The initial thrill was swept away in an instant and there was suddenly nothing else of any consequence in my life except for Ella. Wow, who would have thought. What do I do now? Do I propose?”

“Will, just take it easy and take it slow. Ella is not going to cut you off. She wants you and screwing in the furs as bad as you. You could certainly do a lot worse in your life than to be with her.”

“What about you and Adriana?”

“We are waiting for the contraception to kick in. Not much longer now.”

I get home with a mix of euphoria and total frustration. After jerking off several times I finally go to bed only to wake in the middle of the night with another Adriana-in-fur-sex dream and cum all over myself. I just laid there thinking of her, wishing my cock was inside her sweet and warm vagina. The sheets seem so harsh and abrasive. I finally fall back asleep.

Adriana has to wait nearly a week before we can consummate our relationship and in the meantime Ella and Will are screwing like a pair of Minks. This is disconcerting for us both so we spend more time out at the movies, the mall and other ‘outside’ activities.

We briefly considered the Morning-After pill but Adriana would have to take three or four a day to keep up with the way we know we would be doing it. Besides we have no idea of the side effects of mixing it with the contraception she is already taking. We had thought of every option. Waiting is not turning out to be that bad.

Other classmates are seeing much more of us and we are recognized as an item. The standard question .. “Where is your sister? We don’t see much of her lately.” Our standard reply is that she is buried in homework .. well I suppose you could call it that. They did keep the door closed but I am sure Ma ma knows what is going on. She seems to be fine with it all. They have even had a couple of overnight sessions. Will’s parents don’t keep so tight a check on him as my parents do.

The guys are asking me how I got past Ma ma the Jailer. If they only knew. They would never believe it.

We often make out in the Study and Ma ma has walked in on us several times in very compromising situations but she is totally unperturbed by it .. “Oh .. sorry to disturb you.” I’m beginning to wonder if Ma ma is getting off on all this sexual activity .. checking out our progress.

I am getting the feeling of her as a sex monitor and promoter than anything else. She seems to actually dote over Ella and Will with special attention now. Their showing up for dinner or around the house in a disheveled manner, nude in furs, doesn’t seem to disturb her at all. She seems to actually be happy about it all.

I guess Adriana and I won’t have to be concerned about doin’ it around Ma ma. Maybe we do it beside her in her bed. She has the finest fur spread, a full pelt Lynx. Man is it sexy and super soft. You don’t suppose Ma ma? So many furs!


I figure Adriana will let me know when she’s ready. She said there would be no questions when she was. One Friday after school we had planned to study late and I tell my folks I’ll be in late. Ella and Will go to her room as usual. Adriana and I go to the Study and I’m putting my books down for our studying when Adriana throws her arms around me and plants a wet kiss that lingers forever. My cock is in her hand and as she pulls back an inch or so she says .. “guess what.” My cock doubles in size it seems.

I grab the Fox spread from the couch as we run to her bedroom. I’m bug eyed to see lots of furs along with Ma ma’s Lynx spread with her Shadow Fox. Adrian rips off my clothes and says “I’m loosing it in the closet first” as she drags me buck naked down the hallway and into the closet. She leaves the door open.

Furs are on the floor and we are down in them with our upper bodies surrounded and caressed with furs. There are no preliminaries. My cock slowly slides into her tight opening with only a momentary resistance and descends into what seems to be a warm well with no bottom. Our bellies are pressed tight together. My cock is gripped tight and squeezed as I move in and out of her. She moans softly as I make my first thrust with a short grunt with each of my strokes as I rhythmically stroke in and out of her, our bellies softly slapping together. Her soft thick muff is entangled with my crotch hair like fur to fur as I fur fondle her body with a big thick Lynx coat and she is fur fondling me with the big Sable. They are intertwined as everything else in the closet. Our mutual fur sex fantasies are being fulfilled with gusto. I pump her for all I’m worth as she moans and writhes in the furs on the floor and I in the hanging furs. A copulation cocoon that is driving us both into a state of total ecstasy.

In amongst the orgasms and moans I’m sure I briefly glimpsed a few heads peeking around the door jamb. First Ma ma then Frieda and Will. At least we don’t have to tell them how good it was. As we start to come down from the first round of explosive and forever orgasms Adriana says that the bed would probably be more comfortable now. I think this is not the last copulating orgasms we will have in the closet however. The fantasies are just too rich a temptation to not further explore.

No one is in the hallway when we go back to the bedroom. Adriana has on the Sable and I have the Lynx draped over my shoulders. Our hands are all over each other as we walk. I’m on her in the furs on her bed instantly. We’re a long way from over. I have my face into her vagina taking her to new heights. At first I’m not sure I wanted to go there but tasting our mixed spunk in her is intoxicating and certainly makes for a committed action. Adriana is beside herself. I’m not sure if it was the idea or the stimulation of the moment. Wherever she is it’s clearly heavenly.

All the things we do in the fur, I’m sure, is heightened because of the furs. Having my cock in Adriana as we wallow in the mountain of furs is truly heavenly for us both.

For a brief moment I have thoughts of my school buddies talking of their sexual conquests and find it all hilarious and so lame. They wouldn’t believe me in the first place but this is way too personal to boast about to just anybody. Even Will didn’t actually talk too much in a descriptive way about his and Ella’s sexual activities and he had never actually been with a girl .. ever .. in any way. We also have a lot in common and as shared experiences. We have actually seen each other doing it yet we still don’t demean it by boasting.

Adriana and me screw for hours. We ravage each other and smother each other in the furs, caress, coddle and suck each others vital parts until we’re sore.

Midnight was the last I remember of ‘time’. We fall asleep.

I awake with a start about three in the morning and jump out of bed. I wrap the Lynx coat around me and go out to the Kitchen to figure out what to tell my parents. To my surprise Ma ma is sitting there with a cup of coffee in a big reversed Chinchilla coat much like a house coat. She pours me a cup and motions for me to sit.

“I called your parents at ten Zack and told them you had a few glasses of wine at dinner that gave you a bit too much of a buzz and it would probably be a good idea if you didn’t drive home. I would put you up here for the night.”

“Thank you .. but ..”

“But nothing. You two are happy and I am very glad that Adriana has found someone so good and kind to her as you. Besides you two looked so happy and content sleeping there together I didn’t have the heart to wake you.”

“I’m screwing your granddaughter!!”

“Yes indeed you are and a very fine job you are doing. She is so happy and I am sure you are as well .. Yes?”

“Oh my yes … If it means anything we have actually talked about marriage, college and the future. We did that several weeks ago.”

“I know. Adriana told me. I think it is not a fantasy as many adults may think. I think you two have a very good chance at happiness together. You certainly have a lot of important things in common not to mention your mutual passion for each other and the furs. That in itself is quite uncommon. Now you go back to bed. Adriana will be missing you soon. You can stay overnight any time you wish.”

I go back to bed and lay there thinking about my conversation with Ma ma, looking at Adriana’s beautiful and peaceful sleeping form. My mind and body crying for more closeness to Adriana. I’m soon laying there with my arms around her and my stiffening cock slipping between her thighs as it grows. I simply cannot get enough of her.

We have the Lynx spread caressing us and I softly fondle her, not so energetically that it would wake her though. She pushes back against me in her sleep, softly sighing and moving like she’s making love in her dreams. My cock is fully extended and parting her labia by then. She instinctively rotates her hips slightly to allow me entrance between her labia and into her vagina. She’s still asleep and softly moving her arms and shoulders in very erotic motions, flattening herself, buried in the fur pillow and spread so that her face is luxuriating in its softness. The slight movement gives me full entry into her vagina.

I slowly lift up over her back and hips with her butt and upper thighs between my thighs. I’m still draped with the Lynx spread. I continue to softly and slowly stroke her back and butt with the Sable. She’s quietly and softly moaning in her sleep.

I didn’t move my cock after slowly slipping it fully into her. I just sit lightly on her thighs padded with furs, my cock fully up into her slowly moving it as deep into her as possible. I finally touched her cervix with the tip of my cock lightly. I didn’t push hard but ever so slowly and easily pulled out just a little then back in after a few moments.

Once I have this slow and easy rhythm without waking her, I slowly, continue the motion. Adrian’s breathing slowly begins to become a bit heavier and deeper as she opens her mouth to breath making an Ahhh sound as she quietly moans. She’s sighing softly, still in her sleep.

The excitement of my actions is causing me to become extremely excited as her vagina grips my cock in her. It’s all I can do to restrain myself from instantly ejaculating or pounding away into her.

She’s slowly coming to arousal and clearly in coitus in her dreams. Her hands are stroking and gripping the furs, her body slowly squirming in the thick Arctic Fox as she increases her sighing. Her hips are giving up her real state of sexual excitement. They’re gradually pushing back against my cock in the same rhythm as my motions. Stimulation to my cock is unbelievably exciting and holding back is becoming more and more difficult. Adrian slowly and dreamily awakes clearly far up the slope to orgasm.

“Oh Zack .. oh my oh please oh yes more please .. oh faster please.” I deliberately keep up the slow motions from in her sleep for a few more moments.

“Oh my please .. oh I must .. oh please faster .. harder.”

I gradually, almost imperceptibly increase my speed and she’s pushing back with increasing force, her hips thrusting back, wanting more and harder motion. I can tell I have her just short of orgasm and not quite able to make it there as her body tenses up and begins to quiver with the excitement. I’m also about to explode from the restraint of getting her to this point.

It’s then that I let go with very short but furious strokes and rapid pounding, as fast and hard as I can possibly go, pounding against her cervix. The mutual orgasm is like an erupting volcano. If her face were not buried in the fur pillow her screams would have awaken the entire neighborhood. She’s pounding her fists into the fur. I exhale forever and my cock lets loose with a volcanic load of cum pulsing and shooting hard against her cervix, flooding her cavity.

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Not just the intensity but the length wrenches our bodies and our passions are wild, wanton and mind numbing as I collapse on top of her body, kissing and fondling her with the furs and into an embrace.

We fall instantly to sleep.

It’s a good thing it was Friday night. We would have never made it to school in the morning. Adriana and I don’t budge from our fur envelope until near noon. Before we get up I give her one more slow motion wake up expression of my feelings for her.

She has an equally quiet demonstration of her love and affection in return as we embrace in the furs. No sound just a slow down and showering of kisses at the end. We’re then ready to meet the sun and people. I give my parents a call and said I’d be home later in the day.

Hot food is waiting for us in the kitchen. Ella and Will are sitting together on the bench seat with their furs wrapped around each other smiling at us as we come in. We do the same on the other bench with Ma ma at the head of the table serving up brunch. Ma ma reached over and brushed both our faces with her hand.

“Such wonderful sweet lovers.”

What a strange ‘family’ gathering. It is so comfortable and free of anxieties.

“This is sure the strangest yet most pleasant situation I could ever imagine” I remark. All is quiet aside from “Please pass the Salt”.

“The girls have been traumatized by their parents and criminal friends over an extended period. It’s a miracle they were not physically abused and raped. A testimony to their own fortitude. I have cursed and disowned my own daughter for that, refused to vouch for her emigration. Adriana’s and Ella’s happiness, safety and future success is all I am interested in. If I can accomplish this by doing for them or allowing them to do what makes them happy then I will consider my life to be a success. You boys are what they most want and you have certainly made my girls happy. This can continue as long as Adriana and Ella wish.”

“Ma ma, what about the furs?” I asked.

“You know as much as there is to know. I have certainly found furs to be an integral part of my life from early on. The girls and now you all share in this ‘excessive’ fondness. Be happy in them and with your chosen mate.” There’s a very nice but profound weight to that last statement of Ma ma’s.

Adriana and me go back to her room after eating. We spend the rest of the day lounging around in her bed fondling each other, talking about us, what we like about making love and what we would like to try. Then we spend time trying out different ways of pleasuring the other. Unfortunately I did have to go home and put up appearances for my folks. I’m realizing that’s going to get real old real fast now that I have fully tasted and experienced Adriana. My passion for her is now all consuming.

As Will and me are driving home we’re silent for the first few minutes.

“What do we do now Zack?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s like we just had a double wedding ceremony this morning.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean and I’m not the least bit unhappy .. well .. except my parents and not being able to be with Adriana all the time now. It’s like we are joined at the crotch.”

“I certainly know how that feels.”

“How does it feel .. I mean, with your tool how do you do it?” Will paused and I hope I didn’t embarrass him.

“Ella was maniacal. The first time she saw and felt me .. well, she said it was like the best Christmas present possible. All those rejections from the other girls and she goes crazy over me. I asked her to show me hers which she quickly and eagerly did and I said it wouldn’t fit in there .. she said nonsense, we will make it fit.”

“She is one determined girl!”

“You can say that again and she knows what she wants. When we did it she greased me up which was a super treat in itself then she dropped down on me like a sack of potatoes. It was like a Boa eating a Pig. I thought she would split wide open. Boy did it feel goooood despite her screaming.”

“I know. We heard her.”

“Well, I went all the way up into her and she took all of me. I couldn’t believe it .. she’s so small!”

“So she was on top first?”

“Yes and boy do I like that. All the guys brag about being in control and on top but they must not have a clue.”

“You definitely are right about that.”

“Ella was up and down on me, fur fondling me and sending me to paradise in an instant. She said she had an instant orgasm when she dropped down on me which is mainly why she screamed. I know her whole body shook. It was her first time and is now her favorite thing to do. It is such a trill for her. It is so tight and we both love it. What about you?”

“I just want to be with Adriana all the time now. Going home tonight is the hardest thing I have ever done.”

“Yeah, I know.”
We drive in silence until I drop Will off at his place. Getting home is somehow cold and lonely. I have never felt that way about home or my folks. They are anything but. I just have this overwhelming craving to be with Adriana, to feel her warmth, her body .. to hear her voice.

As I’m coming in Mom says, “Earth to Frank! Are you really here?”

“Nah Mom I’m still with Adriana.” I somehow knew in that moment Mom knew all. She fell silent and we ate quietly.

Dad and I had planned a jaunt for tomorrow to get him some computer stuff for his home use since he is a true novice .. not that I am a computer guru. They have folks at the office that take care of those computers. I usually depend on Will for all that. I had gotten him to coach me on what to do, where to go and have him get .. the painless way, not the Geek way.

I go to bed without masturbating for the first time in months. It’s so short of my desires I’m just not inspired to even try. I do awake in the middle of the night in a furious fur fucking with Adriana with such reality at first I truly thought I was in her bed deep between her thighs. I fell back to sleep after moping up a gallon of cum and changing the sheet.

The next afternoon Dad and me go computer shopping and a little early Christmas shopping for Mom. It’s dinner time before we get back home and with my sense that Mom is on to my situation with Adriana and I’m not looking forward to one of those what-are-you-up-to sessions with her. I can’t really hide anything for long from her and I’d like to choose the moment rather than be defensively trapped.

Monday to school and pick I up the girls on my way. Seeing Adriana is euphoric. She’s all smiles and we’re kissing before her butt hits the car seat. Ella is making cooing sounds from the back seat as we kissed. I’m burning with passion for her. The school day is totally mindless and mostly a blur except for Science and English classes which we share.

The fur closet is ours when we get to Ma ma’s. Ella and Will are running to her room. We don’t rush things at all. It’s like the ‘first time’ was full of frenetic furious fur fucking and we want to savor the moments now and enjoy our closet fantasies. There are only two small night lights on near the floor so it’s quite dim, almost like candle light. She and Ella had gotten some thin futons for floor mats with furs all over them over the weekend. The closet is now totally comfortable with fur pillows for long term making out.

I slowly consume her vagina as she fur fondles us both. She goes smoothly from orgasm to orgasm. I roll Adriana over on her stomach with a big fur pillow under her hips, thrusting her butt up high. I then straddled her thighs and but like a horse. She’s gasping and sighing already in anticipation of my cuming into her from behind. I slide deep into her with her already pushing and rolling back against me over the pillow and my motions. We’re soon in a fast ‘gallop’ with me ramming deeper and deeper into her warmth. She’s already into orgasm with the anticipation of me cuming in her.

We’re totally encased in the furs as with our previous closet sessions only now the furs are softly cushioned under us and there are a few new Sables to send Adriana into orbit with. She said Ma ma gave them to her and Ella yesterday to ‘better pleasure yourselves with’. They were sending Adriana out of her mind as I ram deep into her vagina fur fondling her butt and back as I do.

Oh yes, we brought the Shadow Fox and Silver Fox spreads into the closet as well. We both fell that if we die in the midst of screwing in the furs like this in the closet our lives will be totally complete. As close to heaven on earth as we will ever experience.

I never stop ejaculating into Adrian all night and her orgasmic moaning never ceases. We fall asleep in the closet in our exhaustion. Fortunately I awake early enough that I’m not too late getting home.

We do the rest of the week, every day, pretty much in that manner with normal variations and I become increasingly secure in my confessing to my folks this weekend over our activities and my commitment to Adriana. The holiday vacation is coming up and I don’t want any major obstacles with our free time and our ability to spend it mostly together with Adriana .. all night for more than one night.

After a very nice evening that Friday night with Adriana in the fur closet I get home late and go straight to bed. I’ve been so sexually satiated and satisfied this week with Adriana I have not masturbated nor awoke in a wet dream once. Is this our ‘normal’ level of fur-sex gratification? If it is I am sure satisfied and very happy.

Saturday morning breakfast is confession time.

“Mom, Dad .. Adriana and I are in love and having sex. I hope you are OK with it. She’s on the pill so pregnancy is not an issue and her grandmother is happy over our relationship and OK with us having sex.”

Stone cold silence! They sit there with their mouths hanging open as if in mid sentence but no sound. Oh shit, I screwed up big.

“Do you really love her?” Mom first says.

“My oh my yes I do and she loves me as well. This is not casual sex either.”

“What about your future Son? Don’t throw your life away over a momentary infatuation. She is a smart and lovely girl to be sure but think of your future!”

“Dad! This is not an infatuation. I really do love her and life without her is no life at all. We have talked about all this and are planning our lives together. Neither of us is a dummy. I just don’t ever want to be without her in my life ever again.”

“I was afraid this was happening. You have been off in a cloud lately. All the love struck signs. Are you really sure you are both in love with each other?”

“Absolutely. You know I was a virgin and waiting for the right woman. Well Adriana is that woman. We are planning college together and what we want beyond. Most important is our doing these things together and making these decisions together so we are both comfortable with the mutual decisions.”

“When are you getting married? Have you set a date. When you brought Adriana over the first time I had this premonition she was the one.”

” I know Mom and I wanted so badly to tell you then. We have not set a time or date. Our feeling is .. it could be next week or five years from now. When it seems inevitable and the right time. We just know now that we cannot live without each other. It’s that simple.”

“I’m proud of you Son for being so honest and truthful. I take it there is no talking you out of this?”

“A snowball’s chance in hell.”

I have never been the ‘complete’ son my Dad had expected but he has never made me feel bad or feel I have let him down in any way. While swimming is not the macho sport he would have liked me to choose it seemed OK with him.

My love life and lack of extreme popularity has been somewhat of a disappointment I know. He was very popular in High School and College. I think the idea of me balling the girl of my/his dreams has his ego a bit inflated and proud. Certainly on the supportive side of the situation. Mom is seeing this gorgeous girl steal away her little boy away from her. The fact that I may not be home some nights I was letting go unsaid for the moment. I think Dad already understands that.


After my ‘confession’, life at home is initially somewhat strained and I’m walking on eggshells for a bit but Dad is soon into the ‘she sure is a fine girl’ talk that’s slowly softening up Mom. His ego and pride drove him to it if nothing else but I think he genuinely is very fond of her.

Before long Mom is saying those same nice things.

“With some of the girls you have brought home in the past .. well .. you could have done a lot worse with them.”

“Yes Mom. That’s why we I didn’t have sex.”

I invite Adriana over for Friday night dinner. She’s wearing her new Short hooded dark Sable jacket with a thick dark brown cashmere T-neck sweater and matching wool slacks. Not the cheerleader but a totally gorgeous woman. She’s as engaging and smiling as before which my folks find totally disarming. The evening is strained at first but conversation begins to flow smoothly though totally skirting the sex issue.

Having Adriana over more frequently, despite our desire to be screwing like minks in the fur closet, is having a calming effect on the situation and making it increasingly difficult for them to think negatively of her and us together. To know her is to love her.

My parents soon have her on a she-can-do-no-wrong pedestal which began to make my life mildly uncomfortable from an entirely different direction. My not coming home at night a couple of nights a week is soon routine and OK.

Alternately Adriana is spending more time with my Mom. They go shopping together or lunch and just over talking the dreaded girl talks. Soon I have no secrets of my own from Adriana. She even has a copy of my baby picture on a sheepskin I didn’t even know about for her wallet. I sure get teased over that.

Ma ma is also visiting and the three of them are off shopping and lunch, more often with Ella.

Adriana said Mom is curiously and increasingly asking them about their furs. They let her wear them and begin bringing an extra one for Mom to wear on their outings and try out.

It isn’t long before Mom has a very nice Fitch Jacket of her own. It matches her streaked blond hair very nicely. Kind of a trial fur as Adrian put it. She never looked nicer or sexier and Dad made it known he thought so as well. Mom is starting to get fur groped by Dad regularly. Now Mom wears it more often.

Dad drags me ‘kicking and screaming’ on a secret shopping trip to the Furrier. A special Christmas present for Mom. Knowing the obvious that I’m around women who wear furs. He asks me what he should get her for a special present.

“Sable, of course. It can be small like a short chubby jacket but it must be Sable.”

Hell, go for broke I think. Mom will pass out when she gets it. Dad can afford it.

At the Furrier Dad is visibly drooling over all those furs. So am I but I try to hide it as best I can and act the Adult. I begin to appreciate our situation in Ma ma’s fur closet. I’m only marginally impressed with many of the furs at the furrier until we get to the Sables. The best they have we fur fondle with routinely, not to sound ho-hum over it.

When we get to the Sables Dad and I both nearly lose it. Dad doesn’t do a very good job at all hiding it and the sales girl is starting to get turned on by the situation what with Dad’s fondling and stroking of the Sables and his obvious over-the-top excitement and “Would you try this on for me? I want to see how it looks on someone”. Then he ogles her for an extended period.

The salesgirl starts to get into it and is soon giving us everything short of giving dad a lap dance with sexy looks, twirls and swings.

I’m the one to kind of kept thing from turning into a fur orgy. I’m getting of on the furs and the situation so much though that I don’t want to put a total damper on things.

At the end we could have taken the salesgirl with us and both done her in the car she’s so turned on, letting Dad stroke the furs while she’s wearing them. All she needed was a pole to swing around. Someone is going to have a good night with her tonight. Her throat’s dry, her hands are shaking and she’s bright as a cherry.

She knows I know. I have to struggle with Dad to not come away with the 200K Sable of his dreams and manage to end up with a ‘previously owned’ twice worn very full Golden Sable short coat for 3K, a trade in for a bigger Sable, that will look fantastic on Mom and buy Dad a full two years of doin’ it every night in the sack with Mom.

With the beginning of the winter break Adriana and me are able to spend as much uninterrupted time together as we wish, now that the truth and my parents acceptance of our situation has been basically resolved. Ma ma and my parents are in regular discussion with their visits over our future and how it can be guided and aided.

Besides, my parents have found a renewed interest in each other sexually and if this keeps up I may end up with a little sibling if Mom hasn’t taken proper precautions. She’s just 37. Mom wearing fur has energized Dad like the pink bunny with the drum .. he just keeps pounding and pounding and … A big Dad-to-Son confession. Mom had borrowed Ma ma’s big Shadow Fox floor length hooded coat after seeing it at Ma ma’s house to test Dad’s FFF (fur fantasy factor) as Ma ma put it.

“I have to confess Son. Your mom has turned me on more than she ever did in our entire life together. Does Adriana do this to you?”

I just give him a big wordless ‘you betcha’ smile. He didn’t say but Mom probably was nude under the Fox if Adriana had anything to do with it.

This required another trip to the Furrier. Wouldn’t you know we get the same sales girl. She’s sort of ready for us this time but she gets off so much with the big thick fox I thought she was going to go for it in the store. I think she really wanted to this time. Mom will certainly be surprised. I don’t think I have to be at all worried about parental interference any more. Dad has a new purpose in life now.

The Winter Solstice and Christmas is upon us. Adriana and me have our Science project. We accomplish this one with the same accuracy and thoroughness as the first.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Ella talked the Science Teacher into the Solar tracking project. The Science Teacher is also the adviser to the Science club that Ella and Will are in. Ella strongly hinted that Adrian and me would make a first rate team. Ella ending up with Will was somewhat a luck-of-the-draw. Yes, it was a younger sister’s crush and the best way to realize her fantasies of being around me. I’ll never understand why? The fur thing was a true luck-of-the-draw. How could she know of my hidden desires?

Adriana is finally allowed to use Ma ma’s Chinchilla to fur seduce me. It’s a magnificent coat. Big, even on me, floor length, hooded and big full sleeves. Adriana is a goddess wearing it and I’m, of course, instantly and totally in submission to her every whim. She whims me in the most incredible ways.

This we do in her bed for its full visual effect. We are getting much more into visual seduction now as our sexual experiences mature. The seduction is taking on more and more importance as our minds are being seduced now that our bodies totally belong to the other.

The fur closet cocoon experiences are by no means going away but it is a total tactile experience since we cannot see each other very well or only face-to-body close. Super in its own way but Adriana is craving her ability to entice me with her body and the furs in a here-is-what-I-have-in-store-for-you display. The Chinchilla was the first truly complete visual seduction. It’s a come here and do me now go back and look some more experience. It goes on half the day. It’s only interrupted by lunch. Even then Adriana carries on much teasing to everyone else’s amusement. She then tells me afterwards that it was my Christmas seduction love making Present.

Oh yeah, Adriana has already mastered the in public, “I’ll let you take me when we get home” and the “You can touch me a little now” looks.

Christmas morning we all gather at my folks house, my parents, Adriana, Ella and Ma ma. All agree Mom should be first. She goes ballistic when she pulls the Golden Sable coat from the box from “Dad”. Dad could do anything he wished from then on.

Dad is totally speechless, unheard of for a Lawyer, at finding a hooded Fisher parka in his box from “Mom”.

I’m next and what a true surprise to find an identical Fisher parka as my Dad’s. Adriana so we can dress “his and hers” in fur now. It’s labeled from “Mom and Dad”. I guess there is no question of her acceptance of our situation.

Mom and Dad give Ma ma, Adrian and Ella each unique finely crafted silver and turquoise necklaces since, as Dad said, “Giving you women furs is like carrying coal to Newcastle.”

Dad had one more surprise for Mom. When she pulls her very own big thick Arctic Fox coat, complete with huge hood, from the second to “Mom” box. All Mom could do was pull it to her body rocking and moaning. The message is clear.

I announced it was time for us to leave for Ma ma’s. Mom and Dad bolted for the bedroom with all their new furs.

Will meets us at Ma ma’s and we all gather around the tree in the Den. All are in furs of one sort or another.

Both Adriana and Ella get a hooded Chinchilla jacket from Ma ma and Will gets a hooded mink and matching lambskin leather reversible jacket with the finest Pastel Mink you could imagine from Ella.

I then get a Silver Fox reversible gray suede hooded jacket from Adriana. Well they’re both actually from Ma ma but that’s all the better.

Knowing the girls are going to get Chinchilla, Will and me give Ella and Adriana Chinchilla mittens with sheared Beaver linings. Also a pair from Will and me to Ma ma as a token of our affection. They can fur us anywhere any time now and enjoy it in every way, that is if Ella can get her mitten around Will’s. Maybe both hands. I’m sure she has figured it out already.

To top it all off Ma ma gives Ella and Will then Adriana and me separately a fur spread. Ella and Will get a Red Fox reversible to Shadow Fox while Adrian and me get a Gray Fox reversible to Lynx. Absolutely no question, as if we needed any, as to the BIG message. Early wedding presents for our wedding beds.

A week of fur fondling and fur appreciation is had by all for better than a week.

New Years Eve when Mom and Dad come over to Ma ma’s for the celebrations early. I go looking for them to ask a question about college that Adriana and me had been discussing. I can’t find them anywhere.

As I walk back down the hallway to Adriana’s bedroom I hear muffled sounds coming from the fur closet. The door is shut so I quietly and slowly opened the door a crack. I heard Ma ma, Mom and Dad all mutually moaning and groaning.

I heard Mom, “Oh Daddy do me good” as she moans in orgasm. I quietly and carefully closed the door. The one thing in all of this that had bothered me was Ma ma’s sex life or the lack thereof. I could have peace of mind since it was clearly more than OK with both Mom and Dad since they’re doing this with Ma ma together. Togetherness is a good thing, yes?

Later at the dinner table Ma ma seems to have a much bigger and more satisfied smile than usual.

Mom and Dad have their hands all over each other like a pair of teenagers!!

Ma ma is happier looking than I have ever seen her with her Queenly radiance. As if she’s holding court over her fur subjects. I do have a sexy Mom and I’m very happy for her and Dad now.

The fur closet has come full circle as it has seduced us all with its intoxicating fantasies that all can enjoy. Make it bigger? Not in our lifetime. Seven is not a crowd.


College is now decided and we have financial support from my parents and Ma ma. Along with our scholarships and jobs of our own, we should be well endowed for serious studies and we have only each other to distract us from that one goal.

My parents said our marrying would not interfere with support so any time we wished would be fine with them. We thought it best to see how college fit and what problems, if any, we might experience before making that ‘final’ decision.

Furs were certainly not in shortage since we had all the furs we would need to keep us more than happy in our new Apartment. NO roommates. We would only miss the fur closet. Of course we could refresh ourselves on weekends and holidays.

We were no sooner settled in at College than an email from Ella and Will comes complaining of the Adults hogging the fur closet. It seems The trio had ‘come out of the closet’ by nearly living in it. Ella says Ma ma is uncontrollable and my parents are a very noisy pair making love in the furs.
They do Ma ma whenever and where ever they please. So much for parental decorum. We are very happy for the three of them. If Mom does get pregnant it is not like anyone will suffer sexual frustrations.

College is not that difficult and we’re very well prepared so we decide to tie the knot. There were no reasons not to and there are the annoying if minor hassles of not being married now. Identity, benefits and most important, Adriana will automatically be a US citizen. Not at the top of her or our list but very important in any case.

When we return home for spring break, Equinox to be specific, we have a nice ceremony in a favorite park with friends and furs. Ma ma had gotten Adriana a very full white Mink gown with sheared beige Beaver top and bare shoulders. It’s actually a somewhat chilly day so she wears a White Fox tail stole over her bare shoulders for comfort. We didn’t put up the pretense of a veil since that was long gone. Adriana did wear a white Mink crown.

Ella is Maid-of-Honor and Will is Best Man of course.

The closet is ours for the night and we have every fur in the house mounded up in there. There’s loud cheering and clapping outside with the door wide open. Adriana gets laid in her Mink Wedding gown. Of course we’re so deeply buried in fur we cannot be seen or heard with our loudest moans but it’s the principle of the thing.

The next morning we leave for our honeymoon at a nice quaint resort on the north coast. Furs in tow of course.

We have now started our own fur closet for the future. Ma ma’s creation lives on.

Ella and Will graduate in the Spring and the whole thing gets repeated. They haven’t been standing on the sidelines all this time either but the path has been cut for them. Remember? Monkey see .. monkey do.

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