Adventures in Babysitting4124

“No Bobby, you can’t come over. I’m babysitting. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Aw, come on Sarah. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I won’t stay long.”

“No. I’m hanging up now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

It was the third time Bobby had called. He was persistent. He had been persistent since their first date only three weeks ago. Sarah could still remember it vividly. She was giving him a goodnight kiss on her front porch. It was more than a peck on the cheek. It was a real kiss. After all, she did like him.

Sarah had her arms around Bobby’s neck. Their tongue’s mingled. Their bodies were pressed together so tightly that she could feel his hardness against her. She knew she had to stop before Bobby got the wrong impression. It wasn’t that she was a prude, although she was still a virgin, but this was only their first date.

“I better go now,” she told him trying to pull away. “I had a good time. Thank you.”

“Aw, come on,” Bobby pleaded holding her close. “Don’t go. Just one more kiss. Please.”

So Sarah let him kiss her again. There was no real harm and she did like him. Sarah got a little nervous when his hands slid down her back and squeezed her firm ass cheeks through her shorts. She felt his hardness pressing against her shamelessly. It excited her. She was getting damp between the legs. She had to regain control before it went any further. After all, this was her front porch. The neighbors might see.

“Okay Bobby,” Sarah said trying to sound firm as she turned her face away from the kiss. “I really do have to go now. Call me.”

He still didn’t let go. Bobby sunk his teeth into the thin skin of her neck. He slid a hand between their bodies and squeezed her full breast. His fingers found her nipple through the top she was wearing and pinched it. Sarah gasped. Her body loved what he was doing. Just a little longer, she thought. Then I’ll go.

The kiss resumed. His fingers dug into her ass cheek while his other hand squeezed and fondled her breast. Sarah could feel Bobby shamelessly rubbing manhood against her throbbing mound. It felt so incredibly good. Juices leaked from her gash into her panties as she rotated against him.

Bobby’s hand slid from her breast and down her stomach. Sarah was so consumed with the sensations surging through her body that at first she didn’t realize his hand had moved between her legs. He was rubbing her sex with his fingers. She had let things get out of control. Oh god, she thought, his fingers feel so good but I have to stop it… don’t I?

“Please Bobby,” she gasped. “Not… not there.”

She really didn’t want him to stop. Not yet. Just a little longer, she thought. His fingers felt like they were trying to dig a hole through her shorts. Sarah had never felt so sexually alive. The throbbing between her legs was so intense that it scared her. She closed her eyes and gasped when she felt his tongue push into her ear.

Bobby shoved his hand into her shorts and under her panties. Sarah could hear a voice screaming in her head to stop this insanity. Only one boy had ever touched her there and she had dated him for almost two years. Now here was a boy she barely knew doing it to her on the front porch. His fingers moved through the soft curls covering her swollen sex. She felt them touch the moist folds of her womanhood.

“Please Bobby,” Sarah pleaded not knowing whether she was asking him to stop or to continue. “Oh god… no… yes.”

Bobby’s finger parted the juicy folds and found her opening. Sarah gasped when she felt it slide into her body. Her legs involuntarily parted inviting him to go deeper. A second finger slid into her quivering sex. Sarah closed her eyes and gave in to the pleasure coursing through her loins. She squirmed against his thrusting fingers as they repeatedly delved into her steamy hole.

The orgasm was sudden and violent. Sarah had never experienced anything like it. Her entire body tensed. Her fingers dug into Bobby’s shoulder. A loud squeal pierced the air and then another. Sarah thought her insides were going to rupture from the intensity of the explosions ripping through her body. Juices gushed out of her opening soaking his fingers and drenching her panties.

Sarah was still recovering when she heard the front door opening. Bobby quickly pulled his fingers out of her shorts and stepped away. Sarah’s mother asked if everything was okay. Bobby went into his Eddie Haskell routine and soon had her mother laughing and thinking he was the perfect gentleman.

Later that night Sarah lay in bed thinking about Bobby. She had met him through a friend at the Catholic girl’s school she attended and was immediately attracted to him. Sarah was both surprised and excited when he called and asked her to go bowling with some friends. The date was everything she had hoped it would be. That’s why the goodnight kiss on the front porch was more than a peck on the cheek – much more as it turned out.

Sarah knew that a second date with Bobby was dangerous, but she accepted anyway. She really did like him. Not only that, Sarah had relived the experience on the front porch over and over every night with her own fingers. Sarah didn’t want to seem easy but she desperately wanted to feel his fingers in her body again.

After dinner and a movie he drove her out to a dirt road in the woods. Sarah kept asking him where they were going but she knew. It excited and scared her at the same time. Bobby turned off the engine and put his arm around her shoulder. Sarah leaned over the divide between the seats and felt his tongue push between her lips.

Bobby’s hand slid up her naked back under her top. He deftly unsnapped her bra. His hand slid around to the front. She gasped when his fingers squeezed the soft flesh of her naked breast. Bobby pushed up her top and lowered his head. Sarah felt a jolt of pleasure course through her body when he sucked a nipple into his mouth. Sarah ran her fingers through his hair and closed her eyes.

“Oooohhhhh… yes,” she moaned.

Bobby slid a hand up her thigh and pressed his fingers against her swollen sex through her panties. Sarah had worn a skirt on purpose knowing it would make it easier for Bobby to touch her there. She spread her legs and pushed against his fingers. His lips moved back to her mouth. She kissed him with the passion of a hungry animal. She was delirious with pleasure. It scared her.

“I shouldn’t let you do this to me,” Sarah moaned in weak protest knowing he would ignore her plea. “I… I don’t want you to think I’m… you know… easy

Bobby kissed around to her ear and pushed his tongue into the opening. His fingers continued to rub her throbbing sex.

“I know that,” Bobby whispered.

Sarah closed her eyes and let it happen. She wanted it too much. She had been thinking about it all week. Bobby pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and plunged a finger into her steamy hole. Sarah threw her head back and gasped. A second finger pushed into her body. She could feel her juices flowing like lava. Her body was trembling with excitement.

“Oh Bobby… yes… oooohhhhh…”

Sarah lifted her lower body off the car seat when the first orgasm exploded. The ripples of pleasure had her gasping and shaking uncontrollably. Bobby moved his finger to the swollen button she often rubbed in bed. Sarah squealed as a second more powerful wave of spasms gripped her body. She finally grabbed his hand and pulled it away before the intensity of pleasure overcame her completely.

“We… we probably should go now,” Sarah suggested after catching her breath. “I need to get home before it is too late.”

“It’s still early,” Bobby replied kissing her neck.

He kissed her again. She felt his tongue slide into her mouth. Her body was still tingling all over. Bobby took her hand and guided it to the bulge pushing out from his shorts. Sarah knew she shouldn’t be touching him there — not on her second date — but everything was so confusing and surreal. She felt her hand squeeze his hardness.

Bobby moved his fingers back to her sex and rubbed them over her love button. Sarah continued to massage his throbbing member through the shorts he was wearing. She could feel the pressure in her belly building towards another explosion. Bobby sunk his teeth into the thin skin of her neck. Sarah threw her head back. He body stiffened and shook in a series of spasms.

Sarah sat back in her seat breathing hard. Bobby pulled his hand from between her legs. She was still recovering when she realized that her hand was no longer touching the bulge in his shorts. It was now touching the naked flesh of his manhood. Bobby had somehow pushed them down during her orgasm. Sarah knew she needed to stop this insanity, but instead of pull away her fingers curled around his throbbing shaft.

Sarah’s head was spinning with confusion. Everything was out of control. She couldn’t believe that she was actually touching his naked penis. It felt so big and hard and alive. She knew about hand jobs but had never given one, not even to her old boyfriend. Was that what Bobby wanted? Would that be enough? Would he want more?

“We really should go Bobby,” Sarah said half-hearted with her hand still wrapped around his shaft.

“We will,” Bobby whispered in her ear after pulling out his tongue, “After you do me. Move your hand up and down.”

Sarah did as he ordered without protest. She loved the way his hard flesh felt in her hand. Bobby sat up in the driver’s seat to make it easier but it was still a little awkward. The angle wasn’t right and she was using her left hand. Sarah looked down and could barely make out the outline of his manhood in the darkness of the car. Her hand continued to pump up and down his shaft in jerky strokes.

“Faster,” Bobby ordered, “And squeeze it tighter.”

Sarah shifted in her seat and leaned over the divide. She pulled her left hand away and wrapped the fingers of her right hand around his throbbing flesh. From this angle she was able to stroke him faster and more firmly. Sarah’s body was tingling all over from giving her first hand-job. She could feel a throbbing deep inside her belly.

“Oh yeah… just like that… oh god… oooohhhh…”

Sarah had not considered the consequences of stroking Bobby like she was doing. She knew boys ejaculated during intercourse and masturbation but in the excitement of the moment had not equated her actions to this eventuality. She felt him swell in her hand. Something wet and warm splashed against her cheek. Another splotch of warm ejaculate shot up the side of her arm and oozed over her hand.

“Aaaahhhhh… oh god… oh fucking shit…”

Sarah was startled by his use of words. It finally dawned on her what was happening. She felt his final emissions ooze over her hand. She wanted to be disgusted but she couldn’t. Sarah was excited. She could feel it in her loins. She had just made a man ejaculate. She could feel his seed on her hand and arm and even running down her cheek. It was the stuff that made babies. It was like magic.

When she returned home that night Sarah looked in the mirror and wondered what kind of a girl was looking back at her. Her body felt so alive. It had never been like this with Randy who she had dated for two years. He was always nice to her, but quiet and shy almost to a fault. The one time she had tried to touch him “down there” he got upset. She sometimes wondered if something was wrong with him.

Sarah did have needs. Randy seemed to enjoy feeling her breasts but she wanted more. He finally touched her between the legs but only after she guided his hand there. Eventually, with her help, he put a finger in her — just one. He pulled it out before she had an orgasm. Shortly after that Randy moved away.

Bobby was the first boy she had dated since Randy. He was doing all the things to her that she wished Randy had done, but he was moving too fast. Sarah needed to slow things down until she was sure Bobby really liked her for who she was and not just because she let him touch her.

When Bobby asked Sarah on a third date she tried to sound firm and said that she would only go out with him if he behaved and didn’t push her to do things she wasn’t ready to do. Bobby was a perfect gentleman and agreed. He promised to bring her home right after the movies if that is what she wanted. The problem was that Sarah wanted more… just not too much more.

“So do you want to go home now?” Bobby asked after the movie. “It’s kind of early.”

“Yeah, it is kind of early,” Sarah replied matter-of-factly. “We can go someplace and talk if you want.”

When he drove out to the same dirt road Sarah did not say anything. He turned off the engine and sat quietly for a few seconds. Sarah could feel her heart beating fast just knowing what was about to happen. She had worn her shortest skirt and a front clasp bra to make it easier for Bobby to touch her where she wanted to be touched.

“So what do you want to talk about?” Bobby asked.

“I don’t know,” Sarah answered wondering if he was going to completely ignore her physically. “I mean we can kiss if you want. I just was afraid, um, you know… I didn’t want you to think I was going to put out like some of the other girls.”

“I know that Sarah. I like you and I respect you.”

Bobby leaned over and kissed her. Sarah threw her arm around his neck and pulled him closer. She kept waiting for him to touch her breast or slide a hand between her legs but it didn’t happen. She worried that she had upset him and now he wasn’t going to do anything. This was not what she wanted. Sarah did the only thing she could think of at the moment. She slid her hand over his bulging manhood.

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“Why don’t we get in the back seat?” Bobby suggested. “That way this big divider in the middle won’t get in our way?”

Something told Sarah that getting in the back seat was not a good idea but she didn’t want to upset Bobby again. She wanted to feel his fingers pushing into her body and giving her those incredible orgasms. They climbed into the backseat. Sarah melded into Bobby’s embrace. He fondled her naked breasts and then buried his fingers deep in her steamy chamber rapidly pumping them in and out of her body

Sarah felt her insides churning and knew she was going to lose it soon. Bobby dropped his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth. When she felt his teeth gently bite down on the sensitive tip Sarah threw her head back and screamed. Juices gushed from her steamy passage. She could hear his fingers making wet squishing sounds as they continued to pummel into her twitching chamber.

Bobby pulled his fingers from her body and rubbed the slimy tips over her nipple. Then he sucked it into his mouth and licked it clean. He dipped his fingers into her honey-pot and did the same with the other nipple. Sarah’s body shuddered from the excitement still coursing through it. When Bobby kissed Sarah on the lips she could detect the faint taste of her sex on his tongue. Even that excited her.

Sarah slid her hand into Bobby’s lap. She was not at all upset to find he had pushed his shorts down his thighs exposing his naked manhood. Sarah wrapped her fingers around the throbbing flesh and slowly stroked it. They shifted in the seat so that the angle was better. This resulted in Sarah’s head resting against Bobby’s chest. She looked down at the image of his hard penis in the moonlight.

Bobby put a hand on the back of Sarah’s head and ran his fingers through her hair. She felt a slight pressure pushing her head down. As her face moved closer and closer Sarah could see his features more clearly. The swollen tip bulged out like the crown of a mushroom. She stared at the tiny slit that his ejaculate would come spewing out of if she kept up what she was doing.

Bobby continued pushing down on the back of her head. Sarah let it happen. When she felt his knob brush against her lips her body shuddered. Sarah knew what she wanted but didn’t really know how to do it. Her lips parted. His throbbing flesh pushed into her mouth. Sarah swirled her tongue around the swollen knob. Her head was spinning as she attempted to perform an act she had at one time thought disgusting.

Sarah hoped she was doing it right. She licked his knob and let her lips slide down his shaft being careful not to use her teeth. She bobbed her head up and down and used her tongue. Sarah didn’t realize the effect she was having on him. Without warning he tensed. She felt him swell between her lips. Seconds later an explosion of hot cream blasted into her mouth.

Sarah didn’t know what to do. Rather than pull away she kept her lips wrapped tightly around him. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth until it was leaking from the corners. The throbbing between her legs was so intense that Sarah slid a hand to her swollen sex and rubbed her love button. Seconds later she stiffened and gushed all over her fingers. His ejaculate poured from her lips drooled down his shaft.

Sarah sat up and wiped her mouth. Her body was trembling all over from the excitement of the act she had just performed. She was also scared. She was afraid of what she was becoming. Sarah didn’t seem to have any willpower once Bobby pushed her buttons. She knew it would only be a matter of time before he took her virginity — and not much time at the speed they were going.

“Jesus, Bobby,” Sarah said trying to sound angry and upset. “You should have warned me. You didn’t have to do that in my mouth. Take me home right now and don’t bother to call. I’m not going out with you anymore.”

Of course she didn’t mean it. After his persistent calls Sarah finally agreed to go on another date as long as he “behaved himself.” That’s not what she really wanted but he didn’t have to know. In fact, Sarah had resigned herself to losing her virginity with Bobby. After all, she was 18 and most of her friends had already crossed that line. That didn’t mean she had to make it easy for him. She had her principles. She wasn’t going to become a slut.

An hour before their next date she had to cancel. Friends of her parents were desperate to get a babysitter for a function that was honoring her father. Sarah didn’t baby-sit much anymore, but she couldn’t say no to such a request. When she called Bobby and told him she couldn’t go out he went nuts. She really did want to see him in the worst way, but not while she was babysitting.

After the third call Sarah thought he had finally given up the pursuit. The kids were in bed and she was reading a book. Sarah heard a knock on the door. She looked through the peephole and found Bobby standing on the porch. Sarah was really pissed and told him to leave immediately before someone saw him.

“Aw come on Sarah. I won’t stay long. Just a kiss to hold me over. I won’t leave until you at least give me a kiss.”

Sarah was worried one of the neighbors would see him standing at the front door so she pulled him inside and closed it. He was immediately all over her. His hands went around her and held her tight. She turned her head avoiding his kiss and tried to push him away but he was too strong

“Bobby you have to leave. I’ll let you out through the back so the neighbors don’t see. You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow. I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”

Bobby was having none of it. His teeth sank into her neck. His hand pressed between her legs. Sarah continued to struggle to no avail. His fingers and dug into her sex through the gym shorts she was wearing. Sarah felt her resistance fading. She loved what his fingers were doing to her. She weakly tried to push him away but he wouldn’t budge. Now she didn’t want him to.

His lips moved to hers. His tongue slid into her mouth. Sarah moaned and slid her hands to his shoulders. Bobby shoved a hand down her shorts and under her panties until his fingertips met the searing folds of her womanhood. Sarah spread her legs to give him better access. He teased her love button before curling two fingers up her steamy hole.
All resistance had gone out of her. Sarah leaned back against the wall and humped against his probing fingers. With his free hand Bobby pulled up her t-shirt and bra. He lowered his head and sucked a swollen nipple into his mouth. Sarah ran her fingers through his hair moaning and gasping as she thrust against his fingers.

Sarah’s head was spinning. The pressure in her belly was intense. She felt Bobby kiss her stomach and drop to his knees in front of her pulling down her shorts and panties with one hand while he plunged his fingers in and out of her body with the other. She closed her eyes and bit her lip trying to hold back the impending orgasm.

Sarah felt something warm and wet flick across her sex. She looked down just as Bobby pulled his fingers from her body and clamped his mouth over her mound. This was a new experience altogether. Her head was pounding when she felt his tongue slide into her steamy chamber. Sarah grabbed his hair and pulled his face tighter against her sex.

Bobby sucked and slurped the tasty nectar dripping from her gash. Sarah ground against his mouth. Her legs were shaking and her knees were weak. The pressure in her belly continued to grow until she could no longer contain it. The ensuing orgasm felt like it was going to rip her apart.

Bobby couldn’t believe the strength of the forces his tongue had unleashed. He eagerly lapped up a flood of juice that gushed into his mouth. Sarah’s body jerked and thrashed in a series of spasms that seemed to go on and on as one orgasm after the next sent her into another dimension. Bobby finally pulled his mouth from her gushing sex. Sarah squeezed her legs together and shuddered with a final spasm that left her exhausted.

Bobby’s hard member was about to rip through his jeans. He stood and quickly pulled them down along with his briefs. Sarah slid to the floor with her back against the wall still shaking and trying to catch her breath. When she opened her eyes she found Bobby’s throbbing hardness poised inches from her face. He moved it closer until it brushed against her lips. Sarah opened her mouth and felt it slide across her tongue.

This time it was different than in the car. Bobby grabbed her head and slammed into her mouth again and again. Sarah could feel him stabbing at her throat on each powerful thrust. She gagged and choked on his hard flesh. Spit poured from her lips and drooled down her chin and neck.

“Oh fuck… oh shit… oh god baby… I’m gonna cum… oh shit… oh… oh… AAARRRGGGHHH…”

Bobby pulled out of her mouth and aimed at her face. A river of hot cream exploded from the tip hitting Sarah’s upper lip and traveling along her nose and across her forehead. A second blast landed on her cheek and sprayed her ear. Spurt after spurt continued to splatter her face until Sarah was completely drenched.

“You bastard,” Sarah yelled trying to sound angry to hide the intense sexual high he had just given her. “Look what you did. I’m going to the bathroom to clean. You’d better not be here when I get back.”

“But… but you said not to do it in your mouth.”

Sarah ran to the bathroom and locked the door. She stood over the sink and looked at the girl in the mirror. A man’s ejaculate was oozing down her face and dripping from her chin. Her throbbing sex was about to explode from the excitement surging through her loins. Sarah slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed them across her swollen button.

“You fucking slut,” she said to the image in the mirror as she moved her face closer and used words she never used. “You love what he did to you… don’t you? You love the way his hot cum splattered against your face. You love the taste on your tongue and in your mouth. You’re nothing but a dirty fucking cum-slut whore.”

Her fingers flew faster and faster across her clit. Her eyes locked on those looking back at her from the mirror. Sarah could see a woman full of uncontrollable lust. She slid her tongue across her upper lip and licked off a bead of cum hanging on it. Two fingers slammed into her pussy and made wet squishing sounds as they fucked her in desperation.

The orgasm hit like a thunderbolt. Her body stiffened and jerked in a series of spasms. She squeezed her shaking legs together. Her pussy clenched. Juices poured down her hand and coated her thighs. She moved her fingers to her clit. A second and a third wave hit. Sarah couldn’t breathe. Her body was out of control. She finally pulled her fingers from her body and slid to the floor.

It took Sarah a while to regain her composure. She stood and cleaned the mess from her face. Getting it out of her hair proved more difficult, but she finally declared herself presentable. Sarah realized her shorts and panties were still in the other room. She opened the bathroom door wondering if Bobby would be gone.

Sarah was a little disappointed to find the he had, in fact, left. Her body was still tingling all over from being with him. She was sure that if he had stayed she would have let him take her virginity. Not just that. She would have let him fuck her. Yes, she thought, fuck was the right word. Sarah was ready now.

She sat down on the couch and picked up her book. After a few minutes she fell asleep. She slowly opened her eyes when she felt someone shaking her.

“Wake up Sarah. We’re home.”

She looked up and saw Mr. Baker shaking her by the shoulder.

“Hi. I’m sorry I fell asleep. Where’s Mrs. Baker?”

“I’m afraid she had a little too much to drink. Actually I could use your help getting her undressed for bed. Do you mind?”

Sarah followed him upstairs. Mrs. Baker was passed out on the bed. She was beautiful. Sarah hoped that she looked so good when she got older. She watched self-consciously as Mr. Baker pulled off his wife’s panties. He unbuttoned her blouse and asked Sarah to hold her up while he took it off. Sarah watched him remove her bra. Her breasts were almost perfect.

“Get the green nightgown out of her closet,” Mr. Baker said looking up at Sarah.

When Sarah returned with the nightgown Mr. Baker had removed her skirt and slip. Mrs. Baker was lying naked on the bed. Sarah was feeling very self-conscious and a little embarrassed. At the same time there was something exciting about being in the same room with a man and a naked woman.

“Hold her up while I put on the nightgown,” Mr. Baker instructed.

Sarah had to climb on the bed and get behind Mrs. Baker. She pushed her up and lifted her arms into the air. Mr. Baker was about to drop the nightgown over her head when Mrs. Baker suddenly revived. She threw her arms around Mr. Baker’s neck and pulled him on top of her.

“Fuck me, sweetie,” she slurred while reaching for the front of his trouser. “I am so horny. I want your cock in my pussy.”

“Linda, stop that,” Mr. Baker said angrily rolling off of her. “Sarah’s here.”

“Who’s Sarah? It doesn’t matter. You can fuck her after you fuck me. Hurry up, baby – stick your cock in my cunt.”

Sarah couldn’t believe what was happening. It was all so surreal. She was getting turned-on by the whole scene. She especially liked the dirty words Mrs. Baker was using. Sarah could feel a powerful throbbing between her legs. She didn’t think Mr. Baker would really do his wife — fuck her in Mrs. Baker’s words – right here in front of her but… but what if.

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“I’m sorry you had to hear that Sarah,” Mr. Baker apologized. “She doesn’t know what she’s saying. She’s had too much to drink.”

“It’s okay Mr. Baker,” Sarah replied in a shaky voice. “It doesn’t bother me.”

While they were talking Mrs. Baker had somehow managed to get his zipper down. Her hand slipped in the opening. She pulled out his flaccid member and quickly sucked it into her mouth. Before he could react, Mrs. Baker threw her leg over Mr. Baker forcing him onto his back. She slid up his body until her swollen mound was perched just above his face.

“Stop it,” Mr. Baker said trying to sound firm.

“Eat my cunt baby,” she demanded. “Eat my cunt while I suck your cock. Then you can fuck me.”

Sarah watched in awe as Mrs. Baker lowered her swollen sex — her cunt – to his mouth. Rather than push her away Mr. Baker clamped his lips around her shaved mound and shoved his tongue into her steamy passage. Sarah remembered how hard she had cum when Bobby sucked her like that earlier. Watching them do it right in front of her was getting Sarah really turned-on. She let a hand slip between her legs.

Mr. Baker had grown hard in his wife’s mouth. Sarah was amazed at the way she was attacking him with her lips and tongue. Spit was drooling down his shaft and over his balls. Sarah’s eyes got big when she watched Mrs. Baker take it all the way down her throat. At the same time Mr. Baker was making loud sucking and slurping sounds as he munched on his wife. She was grinding hard against his mouth.

Sarah knew she should leave but felt frozen in place. Her hand slipped into her shorts and found the searing folds of her sex. Sarah tried to stifle a gasp. She plunged two fingers into her steamy chamber. She moved a hand under her t-shirt and tweaked her swollen nipple. Oh how she wished she had Mr. Baker’s penis – no, his cock – in her mouth and his tongue in her… yes, her pussy.

Somehow Mrs. Baker had worked Mr. Baker’s trousers and briefs down his legs. Her head bobbed up and down on his shaft driving it into her throat again and again. Mrs. Baker wasn’t just sucking him. She was fucking him with her mouth. Sarah wondered if Mr. Baker was going to fill it with cum. There was no way Bobby would have lasted this long with a blowjob like that.

The pressure building in Sarah’s belly was powerful. She tried to keep herself from going over the edge but it was becoming more and more difficult as she watched the erotic act taking place in front of her eyes. Sarah finally lost it. She exploded like a volcano. Juices gushed across her fingers and soaked her panties.

Mrs. Baker rolled off Mr. Baker, turned around and straddled him. She dangled her tits in his face and reached between her legs. Her fingers grasped his hard flesh and guided the swollen knob to the open lips of her pussy. She rubbed it back and forth across her gash, pressed it against her opening and slowly sank down onto his throbbing shaft.

Sarah watched in amazement as his entire cock disappeared into his wife’s body between her creamy white ass cheeks. She lifted up until just his knob was inside her and then plunged back down his length. She did this again and again and again. Sarah could see beads of cream — of cunt cream – clinging to his cock as she fucked him.

“Fuck me… fuck me baby. God I love having your cock in my cunt. I want it deeper. Oh fuck yes… I’m going to cum.”

Mrs. Baker threw her head back and clenched her teeth. She slammed down hard on his cock and ground her clit against his pubes. Her body jerked and thrashed back and forth. A scream pierced the air. Juices poured from her pussy and dribbled down her husband’s balls. Sarah was on fire as she watched. A fingertip flew across her clit until she had another explosive orgasm.

Mrs. Baker fell off her husband and collapsed onto the bed. She was breathing hard and appeared to be passed-out. Sarah looked over at Mr. Baker. His cock was pointing up at a slant and dripping with girl-cum. Sarah watched his vein-streaked flesh pulse. He reached over and pulled her closer. Sarah didn’t resist.

All sense and rationality left her. Sarah had to have it — had to feel his hard flesh slide into her mouth and across her tongue. She looked into Mr. Baker’s eyes and could see his desperation. He needed it as much as she did. Sarah got onto her knees, bent over his body and slid her lips down his slimy shaft.

The taste of Mrs. Baker’s pussy on Mr. Baker’s cock was strong but somehow intoxicating. Sarah eagerly sucked the juices from his shaft. Her lips bobbed up and down. Her tongue swirled around the hard flesh. Her head bounced up and down faster and faster. Spit drooled from her lips and matted his pubes.

“Oh fuck… oh god Sarah… I’m going to cum… oooohhhhh… AAARRRGGGHHH…”

Sarah kept her lips clamped tightly around his shaft. Spurt after spurt of creamy seed poured into her mouth until she could feel it leaking from the corners. Sarah was on fire. She slid two fingers up the leg of her shorts and touched her throbbing clit. Her pussy exploded. Mr. Baker’s cock fell from her mouth. Cum drooled from her lips as she gasped for air.

Sarah panicked once she realized what she had just done. Not only had she sucked the cock of an older man, but he was married and his wife was lying on the bed right next to them. She wiped his seed from her lips and swallowed what was still in her mouth. She looked over at Mr. Baker and saw him staring back at her with a satisfied grin on his face. Mrs. Baker was still passed out on the bed.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Baker,” Sarah sobbed with tears welling in her eyes. “I don’t know what came over me. Oh my god, what have I done?”

Sarah buried her face in her hands. Her sobs became louder. She was shaking. Mr. Baker sat up and put his hand on her shoulder.

“It’s okay, Sarah. Don’t cry. It’s not your fault. I’m the one that invited you up here. Besides, I, um… I liked what you did. I needed it after the way Mrs. Baker teased me. I’m glad it happened.”

“Really?” Sarah sniffed. “But you must think I’m a tramp. I’m not like that Mr. Baker. Honest. And Mrs. Baker must hate me. She’s not going to tell my parents is she?”

“Don’t worry,” Mr. Baker reassured her. “Mrs. Baker is too drunk to remember anything from tonight.”

As if on cue Mrs. Baker stirred back to life. She sat up on the bed and stared at the two of them. Sarah couldn’t help but notice what a magnificent a pair of breasts were hanging from her chest. She looked away embarrassed and wondered if Mrs. Baker knew she had just sucked her husband and made him shoot in her mouth.

“She’s cute, isn’t she honey,” Mrs. Baker slurred as she slid closer to Sarah. “I bet you’d like to fuck her. I don’t mind. Here, let me get her ready for you.”

Sarah was terrified. This was crazy. Surely Mr. Baker was going to put a stop to it. Sarah looked at him when she felt Mrs. Baker’s hands grasp the waistband of her shorts and tug them down her legs along with her panties. He just smiled at her and stroked her hair. Sarah felt her shorts and panties being pulled from her feet. She needed to get out of there but was frozen in place by fear.

Her head spun into a confusion of feelings when Mrs. Baker’s mouth opened around her swollen mound. Sarah knew it was wrong for a woman to lick her there. That was what lesbians did and she wasn’t a lesbian, but she couldn’t stop the tingles of pleasure that were shooting through her body. Mrs. Baker’s tongue continued to invade her steamy passage. She wasn’t just licking Sarah like Bobby had. She was feasting on her sex.

Sarah felt the pressure in her belly rapidly building to a climax. Mrs. Baker’s tongue was touching her in places that had her whole body trembling. Loud sucking and slurping sounds reverberated through the room. Mrs. Baker had pushed back Sarah’s legs so she could bury her face in her pussy.

“Oh… oh… oh god… uuuunnngggghhhh…”

The explosion hit like a thunderbolt. Sarah’s bucked against Mrs. Baker’s face in a series of violent jerks. Her head flopped back and forth as her screams and shrieks filled the room. Two fingers pushed into her gushing chamber. Mrs. Baker’s teeth raked across Sarah’s clit. An even more violent orgasm exploded from her pussy.

Sarah was trying to catch her breath when she felt something warm and almost alive brush across her lips. She unconsciously opened her mouth and felt Mr. Baker’s semi-hard cock slide across her tongue. Mrs. Baker continued to gently munch on her pussy. Sarah wasn’t sure if she was dreaming. Everything seemed so surreal. Sarah moved her lips and tongue against Mr. Baker and could feel him grow harder.

The cock in her mouth was like an aphrodisiac. Her head was pounding with excitement. Mrs. Baker was pumping two fingers in and out of her dripping pussy at the same time Sarah was sucking Mr. Baker. A few moments later another orgasm exploded from between her legs and then another. Sarah was vaguely aware of Mr. Baker pulling out of her mouth.

Sarah had her eyes closed and was trying to catch her breath as she lay there trembling. She felt her legs being lifted and prepared for Mrs. Baker’s mouth to resume its feast on her sensitive pussy. Instead she felt something hard probing between her legs. She opened her eyes and saw Mr. Baker kneeling in front of her. She felt his penis slide between her open folds. She shook her head.

“No. I… I’m a virgin.”

“Do want to be a virgin, Sarah?” Mr. Baker asked moving his knob against her opening.

All she had to do was say yes, she wanted to be a virgin, but instead Sarah realized she was shaking her head no. It was true. She didn’t want to be a virgin anymore. She wanted to get… to get fucked. She thought it would be Bobby but it didn’t matter anymore. She just wanted a penis inside her vagina… a dick in her pussy… a cock up her cunt. Strange and unfamiliar words came out of her mouth.

“Fuck me, Mr. Baker. I want you to fuck me.”

He pushed. Sarah winced from the brief pinch as he drove his cock through her cherry. The tight walls of her virgin cunt stretched to accommodate his girth. She felt him plow deeper and deeper into her body filling her with his throbbing flesh. The pressure was more intense than anything she had ever felt. It was scary. It was wonderful.

Sarah felt him moving inside her — in and out, in and out. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her legs back. She wanted him even deeper. Sarah could feel the orgasm building and knew it was going to be unlike any she had experienced. It scared her but she didn’t care. If her insides burst and she died she would die happy.

His cock slammed into her again and again. The pressure in her belly continued to build until it was almost unbearable. Sarah could feel her entire body trembling. Her gasps and moans became louder and more uneven. Her fingers dug into his shoulders. She threw her head back and tried to hold on for dear life. It was too late.

Every part of her being erupted in a simultaneous explosion of pleasure. She lifted off the bed bucking and jerking uncontrollably against his thrusting cock. She bit her lip drawing blood that trickled down her chin. A scream pierced the air and then another. Juices poured from her gash and dribbled down the crack of her ass.

Mr. Baker continued to slam his cock into her body sending Sarah into a series of screaming spasms. The pleasure was so intense that she felt the world fading into blackness. She was vaguely aware of being lowered back to the bed and of Mr. Baker pulling his cock out of her throbbing pussy. She felt his hot seed squirt across her pussy and thighs.

Sarah didn’t say anything when Mr. Baker drove her home. She wanted to curl up into a ball and die. She had just been fucked for the first time by an older man right in front of his wife and here he was pretending as though nothing had happened. But what really bothered Sarah was the throbbing still in her loins. She wanted more.

“Sarah, I was wondering if you could come over next Friday and help with the kids,” Mr. Baker asked as he was pulling into her driveway. “Mrs. Baker will be out of town visiting her sister and I may be working late. In fact, you’re welcome to spend the night. I don’t know what time I will be home.”

Sarah sat in the passenger seat thinking before she answered. It would be so easy to say no. She could put Mr. Baker behind her and move on with her life. That was the reasonable course of action. Sarah raised her head and turned to him with a determined look on her face.
“Of course Mr. Baker. I’ll be happy to look after the kids… and spend the night.”

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