Agatha Allbut & the Bimbo Squad Ch. 02

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Happy Orgasms.


Ch. 2 Agatha, Lars, and the Roommate

Agatha arrived on campus a day late, missing orientation. She ended up going to a sate school because she had missed the deadline for tuition payments losing her spot at Radcliffe. It was unavoidable having to deal with those damn lawyers and their paperwork. She had to sign about 9 forms telling her about the federal paperwork reduction act. She wondered, not for the first time, if this law actually created more forms.

Using a campus map she had downloaded, she found her dorm. She parked her Grandfathers…her ’57 Chevy Bel Aire Convertible. It was cherry, and not just the color. It had all original parts and she was the second owner of the car.

“Wow that’s a hell of a ride.” a deeply masculine and slightly familiar voice said from behind her.

Agatha turned around and saw Lars standing on the sidewalk. “Hello.” she said before her tongue could become a clove hitch.

“Where’d you get that fine ass piece of automotive history?” he asked appreciatively. As his eyes followed the lines of the car, they ran past Agatha. He stopped and did a double take. Agatha?” he asked, surprise written on his face.

She smiled as her tongue finished the clove hitch and tried to add two half hitches.

“Wow,” he whistled as he gave her a once over like he did the car. “You changed.” He smiled at her.

“My grandparents died and left me the car and some money. I decided to start college looking a bit different.” She looked away embarrassed.

“Yeah I heard about that. I’m sorry, both for your loss and that you missed graduation. I think you would’ve liked it.”

“No biggie.” she replied, “not like I had a lot of friends there anyway,” she said remembering her last interaction with her classmates.

Lars reading her mind nodded, “When I heard you were coming here, I got your yearbook, and a video of the graduation. Their in my dorm. Let’s get you settled, then I’ll get them and we can watch it.”

After unloading her possessions and setting them to her room, Lars lef tand returned about 20 minutes later, with her yearbook and a DVD. “Listen Aggie, I know you don’t care about graduation, but at least watch the opening video.”

Agatha had never in her life been called Aggie before, but she realized she liked it. It fit in with her new look. While she hadn’t gone for surgical enhancements, she did use go see a good dermatologist, who helped her get her skin clear and less oily. Aggie also had laser eye surgery, her braces had finally come off, and a fashion consultant hellped her learn about clothes. She had her hair styled like Julianne Moore, in a recent celebrity gossip rag. She topped all this off with a light brown tan.

Agatha was trying to force herself to be more outgoing and friendly, and realized that going by Aggie might help her. With all these changes Aggie felt that she went from ugly, extremely introverted nerd to a slightly attractive, slightly less introverted nerd. “One small step . . .” She said under her breath. As she realized she was alone with Lars in what was her bedroom. It was the first time a guy had been in her bedroom and she felt a sheet bend get added to the knots already inside her.

Lars put the DVD in his laptop and started it. St. Sextus Academy appeared on the screen. Ladies and gentleman the graduating class of 2012 a voice intoned over the gym speakers. The camera pulled back and it showed the stage with the faculty, the students body in their caps and gowns, on folding metal chairs in front of the stage, with the parents behind them. A flickering video started to play on the screen hanging over the stage, and the video cut to a direct feed of the traditional video of the highlights of the last four years.

Suddenly there was a jump cut to the interior of a locker room. Aggie had seen it enough times to recognize the senior girls area of the girls locker room. There was no one on screen for about 3 seconds, then the entire bimbo squad came out of the shower wrapped in towels. The camera was poorly positioned and the image wasn’t clear enough for details but you could see who was who.

As the girls changed into their street clothes to leave after practice, they were discussing their plans for the weekend. How to sneak out, or stay out after curfew, who was going to fuck who, what mind altering chemicals would be ingested, and other secrets high school girls share in the knowledge that their teachers and parents would never find out.

Lars stopped it once the video cut back to the gym. “I had the projectionist take a break and lock the av room,, with the keys inside. You and I are the only ones who have copies of this DVD. Since the master is laid down live by the AV club, the faculty decided not to sell them this year. Lots of students got upset about that.” Lars was saying this with a straight face.

Aggie was staring at him in disbelief. “But why. . .how?” she was trying to figure out what happened.

“A buddy had bet he could get a video of the bimbo squad naked. So he shot the film. When I heard what they did to you the day your grandparents died, I knew this would be the perfect revenge.” He said as he broke into laughter. “You should have seen the parents grabbing the girls, the faculty running around trying to stop the video, and our classmates laughing so hard most of ’em pissed their pants. The bimbo squad came within an inch of dying of embarrassment.”

Aggie began to laugh too. It felt so good to know that after all her years of being tortured by the bimbo squad, someone had extracted revenge on them. As they sat in her dorm laughing, Aggie wondered if she finally had a friend, and a cute guy friend at that. When they finally contained themselves, Lars handed Aggie a year book with her name on it. She put it down knowing there would be a grand total of 3 pictures of her in it. The traditional senior portrait, her homeroom class, and mathletes.

Lars Looked at her and said, “Don’t you want to open it Aggie?”

“Maybe later,” she replied.

“Trust me. Open it now.”

She reluctantly opened it. She was surprised to see lots of signatures. Most were saying they were glad the bimbo squad got what was coming to them. Some said that they wished they had gotten to know here better, and about half wrote KIT with phone numbers and addresses.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she looked at Lars. “Why did you do this for me?” She asked turning to the last page where she saw Lars wrote ‘You may have a Good AllBut but you’re the best kisser to ever touch these lips. Maybe we can go out for ribs sometime.’ L

Lars looked at her and shrugged. “It’s how I was raised, equality, justice, fairness, all taught along with my ABC’s.”

“Well thank you. You don’t know what this means. I was a . . .a”

Lars looked deep into her eyes. Without saying a word. He put his hand on her chin and gently pulled her forward. His eyes were looking right into hers and she seemed to see him saying if you want to stop no hard feelings. She had decided a long time ago, practically the first day she saw him in 7th grade she would let him be her first.

Finally, almost 7 years later, he just might be. She leaned in to him and the kiss was even better than she remembered. For one thing, it lasted longer. More importantly, there was no violence done to her person. While kissing her, Lars somehow maneuvered around and picked Aggie up and carried her over to her bed.

He laid her down and without stopping he began to run his firm hands over her petite body. Aggie was in heaven. She just lay back and let Lars do what he wanted. Anything was fine as long as the next time she left her Dorm room, the only thing she had that was cherry was the Chevy.

Lars finally broke the kiss and looked hungrily at Aggie. Without breaking eye contact, he gently pulled her into a sitting position and pulled her shirt over her head. Lars leaned in and began to kiss and nibble on her neck and ears. Before Aggie could lie down again Lars slide her bra up over her tits and he was able to slide it up off her body without having to mess with the clasp.

Aggie laid down and Lars kissed her lips and then for the first time in her 18 and 1/9th years on the planet, a male mouth touched her nipple. Lars used his other hand to hold her other hand tightly, while he sucked licked and bite on her nipples. Aggie squirmed at this attack on her highly sensitive breasts. More than once Aggie had ‘accidently’ brought herself to orgasm in the shower simply by washing her breasts.

She felt that feeling arising in her now and she had to push Lars away, wanting her first orgasm to come from sex. Lars stripped himself naked and knelt on her bed one knee on each side of her torso.

Aggie froze as she got a close-up view of the first living breathing post adolescent naked male she had ever seen. His . . . thing . . .was huge 9 8/19 inches easily. She remembered the average adult male was somewhere between 5 and 6 inches. My first time is already above average she thought and giggled quietly. I hope it stays that way..

Lars shifted forward placing his cock uncomfortably close to Aggie’s mouth.

“Give it a kiss baby,” Lars said, “It likes being kissed.”

“Eww, no way I am kissing that,” Aggie said, fearful he would then demand it or just get dressed and leave. Lars looked at her, and saw the same fear in her eyes that Prissy and Bree had when he deflowered them on the same night, in the same room.

“Is . . .is this your um first time?”

Aggie just nodded. Her fear growing that he wouldn’t want to be with someone as hopelessly inexperienced as she was.

Lars nodded and pulled his crotch away from her face. He returned to kissing her breasts as his hands found the button on her jeans. Aggie let out a breath she hadn’t even realized she was holding. Lars expertly unfastened Aggies jeans and slid them off her body.

Aggie starts to tremble in fear and lust. Lars kisses his way down her smooth belly stopping at her belly button for a few seconds. He continues down her body reaching her pubic hair. Aggie sat up alarmed. “What are you doing,” she asked nervously.

“Lay back and relax, you’ll enjoy this.”

“No . . . stop,” Aggie said as she squeezed her thighs together to stop him from putting his mouth down there.

Lars looked up in surprise and Aggie couldn’t believe she heard herself saying “Just fuck me. Take my cherry,”

Lars smiled at her words, “As you wish my lady.” He stood up and pushed her legs apart. He placed the head of his cock near her wetness. Close enough for Aggie to feel heat radiating off it. It was the most erotic sensation she ever experienced. She waited for him to enter her, to make her a full woman.

Lars stayed as still and looked at Aggies naked body. He cold see her trembling in anticipation, lust and fear, he knew he had her, so he said, “Ask me.”

“What?” she said confused.

“Ask for what you want.”

“Please take me.” she said timidly not sure what Lars wanted.

“Use the right words. Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“Make love to me.”

“Not like that. Be dirty.”

“Fuck me.”

“Better,” Lars said, “but try something like ‘Lars put your cock in my cunt and ram it into me until you bust my cherry. Then ride me until your balls empty your cum into my wet cunt. Feel free to paraphrase.”

Her face turned a bright red as she said to him, “Lars please make me a woman by sticking your ummm your uhh tool into me and take my cherry and make me a woman.”

Lars smiled kindly at Aggie. “We’ll have to work on your bedroom talk,” he said. He shoved his cock into her pussy slowly until he hit resistance. Lars started to gently thrust into her pussy. Aggie estimated she had 3 and 1/6 inches of cock in her. She was worried about taking it all. She really wanted too have the whole cock in her but being she was 17% smaller than the average woman, and he was 50% larger than the average man, she didn’t think the numbers would work. Aggie always trusted numbers, they never steered her wrong.

When she was wet enough Lars pulled out of Aggie and slipped on a rubber. Aggie noticed it said ‘Lubricated’ and ‘ribbed for her pleasure” She wondered what ribbed meant in this context.

Suddenly and without warning, Lars rammed his huge cock through the thin barrier and Aggie screamed in pain or pleasure. Evan Aggie wasn’t sure. She watched as with each stroke Lars pushed a little more of himself into her undergrown cunt.

She was amazed when Lars paused she looked at him confused. She saw he sweat glistening on his forehead, and little droplets rolling down his chest. She watch one on his pectoral muscle roll onto his erect nipple and watched as it tried to drip off. Finally it fell off his nipple and landed about 5/14 an inch to the right of her belly button. Was it over? She wondered. Did he ejaculate? She didn’t want to ask having learned in sex ed about premature ejaculation, and how sensitive guys were about it.

“Damn Aggie, I didn’t think your tight little body could handle me. But look, I’m balls deep in your pussy. Aggie looked and couldn’t see any of his member. But she looked at her belly and she thought it was her imagination that she could make out the outline of him in the skin on her stomach.

Lars exhaled and began to thrust himself in the tight pussy. His strokes grew frenzied as he enjoyed the tight pussy of his latest conquest. He began to think about his summer to keep from cumming too quickly in the tightest pussy he ever fucked.

Lars always had a thing for tight petite bodies. In high school he would’ve fucked Aggie just because she was built like an elf. Over the summer in Europe and Africa, he learned that there were really attractive woman who matched his preferred proportions.

That wasn’t the only thing he learned over the summer. As he and his Dad took a day off to go sightseeing in the European Union, his dad turned to him and said, “Most girls are whores. True whores want money upfront, get you off, and leave. No cuddling, no talking, no ‘will you respect me in the morning bullshit. They’re truly professionals. The rest of womankind are whores in denial. They want cars, clothes, shows, dinner, and even an emotional connection.”

Lars was amazed his parents hadn’t gotten divorced years ago. Now that he had that talk with his dad a lot of things made sense. He knew that both his parents had lovers, and that they never had sex together, unless they’re with their lovers in the same hotel. Their relationship was like one of their mergers, it made sense for the senior partners to be married, and who cares if they love each other. It was a simple business arrangement. Lars didn’t even know if his dad was his dad or not, he thought about getting a DNA test, but decided it’s not sperm that makes a man a dad.

Lars was brought back to reality by a gasp from Aggie. “Are you okay,” he asked concerned, ready to shift weight or change any fucking thing to finish fucking his petite princess. “Do you need me to stop?”

“No No! NO! OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!,” Aggie yelled as she had her first non self induced orgasm.

She began trashing below him as Aggie succumbed to his skills in pleasing woman. Her movements were making him build up too quickly. He thought back to an hour ago, when he saw the body by the car. That’s all it had been to him, his preferred female form with a hot classic car. All he could think about doing was climbing in the backseat and fucking the waif of a girl standing near it.

He was shocked to find it was his high school classmate Agatha Allbut. She had changed over the summer. While still not primo pussy like he found in the Netherlands Italy and South Africa, not bad at all. In fact she looked pretty damn good. He decided he was glad he did what he did to the bimbo squad. It just might help him get into her pants without the bullshit of courting most girls expected. Shit thinking of the visuals she gave him while he tried to decide how to approach her, pushed him over the edge. He began to fill his rubber with cum while he bellowed like a bull.

Laying side by side sated. And holding each other, Lars considering trying to see if she was willing to hav ea second go, meanwhile Aggie was mentally planning their wedding and future. Lars absently played with her nipples trying to see if she wanted more. He was amazed by her nipples. They responded to the slightest touch, and when fully erect they practically doubled the size of her bust.

They were nice round and plump. Perfectly pink and the areola was dark enough to complement her tanned skin. As he toyed with them he told Aggie “I want to name them. This one,” he says kissing the right one, “is going to be alpha. And this one,” he says as he gently tweaks the nipple with his fingers, “is going to be Mu.”

“Why Alpha and Mu” Aggie asked knowing it was a joke, but not sure how or on who.

“Where would an Aggie be without A & M,” he laughed

Aggie playfully swatted his arm, “You’re terrible she said and laughed.”

Suddenly, the door flew open and a girl walked in. the stranger stopped short and looked at Aggie and Lars. She smiled and said, “Looks like somebody wasted no time.”

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