Alexandra Makes The Grade Ch. 01

Alexandra, Alex to her friends, wasted as much time as she could fiddling around inside her locker as the school building cleared of students and faculty. It was Friday afternoon and the weekly inhabitants of St. Brendan’s Catholic High emptied in a hurried wave, glad to be free from yet another week of school.

She listened absently as her friends talked excitedly about the evening’s football game and their plans for the weekend.

“Come ON Alex!” Sophie prodded her, wondering what the hell Alex was doing still shifting books and stuff around in her locker.

Alex turned and frowned at her pushy friend who stood next to her, hands on her hips with an expectant look on her pretty face. Alex had other plans right now and didn’t like being distracted.

“Look Soph… just go on, I’ve gotta find my notebook, I think I left back in Mr. Morgan’s classroom. It’s got all my assignments in it and some notes I took in his class. I HAVE to find it.” There were lots of other things in that notebook too, she’d left it in Mr. Morgan’s room on purpose, hoping he would discover it and take a peek inside. Her heart raced and her body quickened just thinking about it.

Sophie sighed heavily and scowled back at Alex.

“Alright woman… I’m tired of standing around waiting for you. I’ll call ya later.” Sophie flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder like the prissy little bitch she was and hurried down the hall and out the door to the student parking lot.

Alex was relieved and went back to stalling by making an attempt to put her locker, constantly in disarray, into some semblance of order. She waved bye to some of her friends as they left the school.

Mr. Morgan would still be in his office, she knew. He always stayed late on Fridays using the quiet time to work on his lesson plans and grade papers so he wouldn’t have to take them home for the weekend. Alex had a MONSTER crush on Mr. Morgan. She also wasn’t doing all that great in his class and she hoped to manipulate the handsome older man into cutting her some slack. Alex was a tease and a flirt and she knew just how to get the boys to do her bidding. She was sure it would work the same on Mr. Morgan.

Twenty minutes passed and only a few stragglers and the janitor had gone by so Alex pushed all the stuff back into her locker figuring the building was sufficiently empty and the coast was clear. She looked at herself quickly in the long mirror that lined the inside of the locker door. She grinned at herself, fluffed the soft auburn curls that hung to her shoulders and applied a new coat of crimson lip gloss to her pouty lips. She undid one more of the buttons that held her white uniform shirt closed around her small but pert breasts, glad that Victoria’s Secret could give her cleavage. She tucked her shirt into the waist of her shorter than regulation black and green plaid uniform skirt and fixed the pleats so they hung just right around her mid thighs. Checking her white knee socks with a quick glance she kicked her locker door shut with one of her black strappy heels that she’d bought for just this occasion.

Alex ran quickly up the stairs to the second floor of the high school and walked down the hall to the math department. Mr. Morgan was the department head and she had him this year for trigonometry. It’s no wonder I’m getting a C, Alex mused as she glanced at the bulletin board outside Mr. Morgan’s office where their homework was posted. The problems looked like hieroglyphics. She simply could not get a C in trig, it was absolutely impossible. She would not let this one class ruin her GPA in this, her final year of high school, and blow her chances of getting into an Ivy League caliber school. She could talk any guy into anything, Mr. Morgan didn’t stand a chance, Alex thought with a wry smile as she pushed open the classroom door and waltzed into Mr. Morgan’s office.


Jack Morgan sat behind his desk, going over the tests he’d given in calculus this afternoon. He frowned as he marked in red several items missed by one of his students. He was an excellent teacher, took time to make sure his students understood the classes and took great pride in how well his students did. He was fair, but very tough on his pupils and he knew when they finished his class, they were prepared for higher learning.

As he graded the papers before him, his mind wandered to his plans for the weekend. He was a handsome man, a bachelor by choice. “Who needs one woman when you can have several?” was his motto. He loved women, reveled in them, and was the envy of his friends who’d tied the knot. Jack was in his early forties now and had noticed that the hair around his temples had started to gray somewhat, but other than that small fact, there wasn’t much else to contradict his otherwise youthful look.

Tonight he had a date with Marissa and grinned to himself as he thought about her and her vivacious little body in his bed. Golf tomorrow with Greg and then dinner with Felicity. Now there was a girl he could marry if he’d ever consider it. She was young, sweet, and beautiful with a body that could keep an old man satisfied for the rest of his days.

Just as he was about to finish his last test, he heard his classroom door open and looked up; in flounced Alexandra Jenkins, a hot little number from his third block trig class. She was something, he thought, as Alexandra flashed him her widest smile and walked into his inner office and closed the door behind her.

One thing Jack noticed over his years of teaching, the girls seemed to become more and more brazen in both their manner and their looks. If girls had looked like Alexandra when he was in school, he would have certainly spent a lot more time working his way between their thighs than he had. He often found himself aroused by the little hussies that seemed to over-populate the small catholic school where he’d spent the last fifteen years of his career. It was hard not to when they wore those delicious little uniforms with their little skirts and sheer white tops. A well formed body could definitely turn what was supposed to be prim and proper into anything but.

Alexandra was no exception, he noticed. Her soft newly formed curves and her pert little breasts would have even Father O’Connor salivating. He imagined her long legs wrapping around his hips and her hot little mouth with its pouting red lips wrapped around his cock and for a moment just stared at Alexandra as she stood grinning in front of his desk.

Alex cleared her throat after she’d let Mr. Morgan drink his fill. Her heart skipped a beat when he looked up and into her eyes. He was the hottest teacher in school and Alex swore she felt her panties moisten whenever he looked at her. He had the most piercing hazel eyes and she could never figure out whether they were more green or blue. He had a neatly trimmed goatee that gave him the most wicked look. God she wanted him she thought as he smiled up at her from his desk and nearly made her faint.

“Hi Mr. Morgan,” Alex greeted him. “I was wondering if we could… talk…” Just then Alex noticed her notebook sitting behind Mr. Morgan on his credenza. “Hey! You do have my notebook! I’ve been looking for that.” She smiled when Mr. Morgan reached back to grasp the book. She reached out to take if from him but pulled her hand back and swallowed hard as, instead of handing it to her, Mr. Morgan opened it to the middle and glanced down at what was written inside.

Jack couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Alexandra was a talented artist, everyone at St. Brendan’s knew. She was the one all the clubs went to for their designs and Miss Monroe, the art teacher had mentioned in the teacher’s lounge the other day that Alexandra would most likely be offered several scholarships for her talent. He and never quite imagined that Alexandra’s art skill included graphic drawings of him engaged in sexual acts with a girl who couldn’t be mistaken for anyone other than Alexandra herself.

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He knew the man in the drawing was him, she’d captured him perfectly. She’d even gotten his dimple right. Jack flipped through the notebook and found nothing but pages of himself and Alexandra in different sexual positions. It became very warm suddenly in his office and he felt his cock stiffen in his slacks as he looked at Alexandra’s imagination at work. “Good God,” he thought, wondering now exactly what Alexandra was doing in his office. He masked his dirty thoughts and looked up at Alexandra, a smile curving his lips. He turned the notebook around and laid it down in front of Alexandra.

Alex felt herself falter for just a moment as she watched him thumb slowly through the images she’d drawn in the notebook during his class. She prayed he wouldn’t turn her in to the head master, Father O’Connor, but quickly regained her confidence when she saw his smile. She felt very warm inside and couldn’t help but press her thighs a little tighter together when Mr. Morgan smiled at her.

“Well well, Alexandra… I can see now why you’re getting a C in my class instead of your usual A. Is this what you spend your time doing during my class instead of taking notes on the trig formulas?”

“You know Mr. Morgan… you can call me Alex. Everyone does.” Alex tried to hide the fact that she was annoyed. He wasn’t stammering over his words nor had he blushed when he saw her drawings. He seemed totally unaffected by them. She again flashed him her winning smile and leaned forward on his desk, her palms backwards on the edge of the smooth wood, flirting with him. She used her arms to push her small breasts forward and licked her lips, pulled into a playful pout.

Jack returned her smile casually and noted how this little vixen before him used her body to tease him. It was working, but he was onto her game. Alexandra wouldn’t be leading him around like one of her little high school boys. This girl was used to being a tease and he could only imagine how many little boys she’d sent home with aching nuts. Jack doubted she had any idea what she was toying with when she plotted this little escapade.


Jack ignored her offer and his growing arousal, and asked her again about the notebook. “Alexandra, I appreciate your skills as an artist, but your lack of performance in my trig class is a concern. Drawing instead of paying attention to the class isn’t going to help your GPA.”

Alex again tried to use her perfect pout to her advantage. “Mr. Morgan I will work harder in your class, I promise. I was paying attention… obviously…” she grinned and gestured to her drawings. Alex squirmed and again felt her body respond to her own drawings when she glanced down at them.

“Can’t you cut me some slack Mr. Morgan? Please? Maybe I could… make a deal with you?” Alex asked coyly. She licked her full lips in a teasing offer. What would it take, Alex wondered, to get her way? Alex brazenly moved around to the back of Mr. Morgan’s desk and pulled her right knee up a little as she sat atop the smooth dark wood. Her movements brought the hem of her plaid skirt dangerously high on her smooth tanned thigh.

Jack leaned back in his chair and put his hands up behind his head casually, a slow smile turning his lips. He had to admire the girl. She put up a good air of confidence. But he knew better… he could see her pulse pounding furiously in her slender neck and she was clenching the edge of his desk, her knuckles white. He knew she was taking this further than she had thought she would have to. Two could play at this game, he thought with a smile.

He let his eyes wander up her well formed legs, those of an athlete. He liked the soft curves of lean muscle that where highlighted by the low sun in the fall sky that streamed through his windows. And damn if he didn’t have a thing for those knee socks she was wearing with her heels. He wondered if she wore those heels just for him today. He devoured her with his eyes, and knew that Alexandra could see his now hard cock pressed against his trousers. Just how far was Alexandra willing to go to get an A he wondered.

Jack let his gaze come to a halt at the hem of her skirt. His semi reclining position allowed him to see into the shadowed junction of her thighs. At least the girl had her panties on, he thought. He could see the white material molded to her young mound, and his cock throbbed visibly in his pants. He’d love to do just what she’d so vividly illustrated for him, pinning her young lithe body to his desk and plunging into her wet little cunt.

Alex grew bolder and openly gawked at the large bulge in Mr. Morgan’s pants. She’d imagined what he would look like naked a thousand times. She’d sat and masturbated to her drawings late at night after she’d finished her homework. She was still a virgin but she knew if her fingers felt that good inside her pussy, a real cock must be the bomb. She leaned back on his desk and parted her legs a little further. She’d only come up here to flirt a little bit and get her grade bumped up but now, seeing how he looked at her, she wondered if she could get him to touch her a little. He was so hot and she wanted him in the worst way.

“Do you think you could make a deal with me Mr. Morgan?” Alex lifted her narrow hips almost without thinking as she asked softly, her voice husky and warm, like honey.

Jack smiled devilishly at the young little trick in front of him.

“Alexandra… what is it you want me to do for you?” He wondered if she could vocalize her intentions. He wanted to see how far she would go to get her way. He wanted to make HER stammer and blush and feel that delicious little shame that came with it.

Alex was frustrated that Mr. Morgan hadn’t thrown himself at her mercy and didn’t quite understand why he wasn’t taking the hint when she knew he was turned on by her little show. “Well Mr. Morgan… I was hoping that maybe you could help out my average this semester a little.” She looked down, her confidence wavering when his eyebrow rose in what she couldn’t be sure was a mocking gesture.

“And I’m just supposed to give you an A when you’ve done nothing to earn that grade Alexandra?” He enjoyed the way she tried to hide her growing frustration with him. “Do you think you deserve that sort of special treatment? Several of your classmates have to work very hard for what normally comes very easy to you Alexandra. They don’t sit around fantasizing about what I would… or would not do… to dirty little girls like yourself.” Jack smiled wolfishly at Alexandra as she blushed furiously at his last little barb.

“Well Alexandra? What is your answer? What have you done to earn an A from me?” He watched her wicked little mind search for a quick answer that would help her gain the upper-hand. Poor chit.

Alex struggled to pull herself back together… how dare Mr. Morgan not play along with her carefully constructed plot! She tucked an errant curl back behind her ear, hoping Mr. Morgan couldn’t see her shake just a little. “Maybe I haven’t… yet… but I thought maybe… you know… that you…” Alex looked at her notebook in her arms and then back at Mr. Morgan hoping THIS time he’d understand her meaning.

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“That’s right Alexandra. You haven’t earned an A. ‘Yet,'” he said, using her words against her. What did you have in mind? Tell me exactly what you mean to do to earn the A you’re requesting… with improved study habits and classroom attention perhaps?” He gave her his most earnest expression, the distress it was causing her almost palpable.

“Mr. Morrrgann!” Alexandra groaned her frustration level nearly at its peak.

“Yes?” He replied dryly.

Alex got up from her provocative reclined position on the desk and resisted the urge to run like the scared schoolgirl she desperately didn’t want to appear. Think about your grade Alex! Her brain screamed in response to her floundering. And now… almost more insistent than her need to make the grade… was her need to know what it was like to be the girl in those drawings. She looked down for a moment and then an absolutely brilliant idea came to her and she smiled very slowly before she picked up her notebook and thumbed through it quickly to the page she was looking for.


Alex slammed the notebook down in front of Mr. Morgan and showed him one of her most graphic drawings. She pointed to it, her long white-tipped fingernail resting on her self-rendering. She looked up at Mr. Morgan expectantly, a triumphant smile on her lips.

Jack raised a brow as he looked over the picture Alexandra had chosen as a demonstration of how she would “earn” her grade. He hadn’t noticed this particular sketch before and he had to admit, it not only shocked and made his still-hard cock twitch, it made him wonder what Alexandra had been spending her spare time looking at… where she’d gotten this particular fantasy.

The drawing, a picture of submission, showed Alexandra on her knees before him, the front of her white uniform blouse ripped open, revealing her young pert breasts, tiny clothespin-like clamps on each nipple… her plaid pleated skirt shorn up the front spread across her thighs revealing her bare little cunt. Her curls were fisted in the man’s… Jack’s… hand… his cock in the other guiding it to her open waiting mouth. The girl’s… Alexandra’s… arms were bound behind her back, forcing her breasts forward, and there were marks, representing welts drawn on the front of her thighs… a stick, one used to point out things on the blackboard, rested on the desk she was kneeled in front of. She had even drawn droplets of precum on the head of his cock given herself a juicy looking cunt… droplets running down the inside of her thighs. Jack wondered if the bare cunt in that picture… all the pubic hair shaved clean… matched the one between Alexandra’s thighs. When Jack had finished looking at the drawing, he returned his eyes to her hopeful ones.

“That’s a very interesting drawing Alexandra.”

“Alex,” she countered.

“You still didn’t answer my question Alexandra.”

“Yes I did!” she nearly yelled as she pointed again to the picture she’d drawn.

“No Alexandra… you didn’t,” Jack answered quietly and calmly. He was enjoying torturing the poor girl but a previous glance at his clock told him he didn’t have time to continue this titillating, not to mention, dangerous little game they were playing. He closed the notebook and pushed it toward Alexandra, noting how her expression changed numerous times in the blink of an eye.

“Now. Get your things Alexandra. Pack up your notebook. And get out of my office. I have to get going or I’ll be late for my plans this evening.” He did his best to put her off with his gruff tone. He almost felt sorry for her when she scowled at him in anger, frustration, and disappointment. Silly little trollop.

Alex felt like crying and screaming at Mr. Morgan all at the same time. She knew… just KNEW he thought she was attractive. She’d had enough boyfriends to know what an erection looked like in their pants. She saw him looking her over and between her legs when she sat on his desk. Why wouldn’t he play along? She was hurt but wasn’t going to give Mr. Morgan the satisfaction of seeing it. Unaware that he already had.

“Fine!” Alex muttered under her breath before covering it with another of her winning smiles. She reached for her notebook and gasped as Mr. Morgan grasped her arm.

“Don’t come in here again with your promises of pleasures you know nothing about, trying to con yourself an A in my class with a short skirt and an open blouse showing your wares off like a common whore. I’m not one of your little drooling puppies Alexandra and I won’t be treated like one. I suggest you learn how to focus in my class to earn your A or…” He smiled menacingly at her, making her heart flutter in response, “…learn how to tell me… exactly… what it is you plan to barter with Alexandra. I don’t want pictures… I don’t want thinly masked innuendos. I want you to tell me in your own words… how you want to earn your grade.”
Alex was stunned… and blushing clear to her toes. She grasped her notebook and her backpack and nearly fled for the door. Her pulse was racing… her breath was shallow and she knew she would faint from excitement and embarrassment if she didn’t get out of that office as soon as she could. She turned to look back at Mr. Morgan as she gripped the door handle. The look on his face made her pause. He looked like he could eat her for lunch. Alex gripped the doorknob and darted out into the hallway… and safety.

Alex leaned against the cool brick of the wall in the hall, trying to catch her breath and steady her nerves. When she went to push her hair back from her face, she noticed she was damp with sweat. How could she have miscalculated Mr. Morgan so drastically? She blushed again remembering his cool dismissal of her. She was angry with him for turning her away when she’d so prettily offered herself to him in order to procure her grade. Alex was sure it would work! It worked on every male. Even her father wasn’t immune to her charm. Her perfect pouts and sugared pleas had awarded her a brand new BMW just this past summer for her eighteenth birthday. It was time to regroup… Alex wasn’t a quitter.


Jack shook his head and leaned back in his chair after the reckless whirlwind that was Alexandra Jenkins bounced out of his office. “Damn little slut,” he muttered as he thought back on what had just transpired over the last twenty minutes. The last thing Jack needed was the advances of a barely legal student. The fact that she made his blood run hot not withstanding. The images she’d sketched out in her notebook kept moving through his thoughts as he gathered up his papers to go. He was a little perturbed that he didn’t finish grading today’s calculus tests. “Damn little slut,” he said again as he tucked the tests into their folder and then into his briefcase.

As Jack locked his office and his classroom before leaving for the night he couldn’t help but smile thinking of how Alexandra had reacted when he didn’t fall for her little ploy as easily as she’d obviously thought he would. He loved her frustration and how she’d tried unsuccessfully to hide it from him. The nerve of that little minx!

With briefcase in hand, Jack left the school building… auburn curls and a short plaid skirt floating devilishly in his mind’s eye.

To be continued…

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