Alex's Adventurous Diary Memoirs Ch. 04

This work is completely fiction. My definition of fiction includes literature in the form of short stories and novels that describe imaginary events, places, and people. That means it never happened, might be impossible, and may be illegal. The intention is to provide a stimulating story to the reader. My stories are not something I approve or suggest people try. If you are looking for non-fiction episodes in life, my stories will be unappealing to you. If you don’t understand the meaning of fiction, please look the word up in any dictionary.


Cured of Fear

Now that I’m finished with graduate school, I am ready to settle down some, but I have no plans to marry or begin a family at 24 years of age. I have places to go and people to meet, but I have decided to be more careful as I move into young adulthood. I have a list of fourteen men that I see with some regularity, and there are times one of them fixes me up with one of his friends.

But even then, I do some checking and make sure I know who’s taking me out and where we’re going. I never want to be succumbed to another situation like I experienced with Casildo the night we met at Tony’s. I thought that experience was so atrocious I never shared it with a single person.

Still, however, I have a soft spot in my heart for people that have never been able to find themselves due to shyness or an inferiority complex, and I actively seek those people out. The final experience I want to tell you about happened a few weeks before I received my advanced degree when I was returning to campus on an airplane.

I was sitting in the very last row on a Boeing 717. The young man next to me against the window was nervous before the plane departed the terminal, and I saw his clenched fists holding tight to the armrests. I noticed he pulled his seatbelt tight when he sat down, and on two later occasions, he tightened them more. I was on the aisle on the side with only two seats, and the three seats beside us on the right side of the plane were all empty.

I’m not real good at guessing ages, but he was probably near my age of 24. He was a little taller than my 5’5″ and overweight by fifteen pounds or so, but he had a nice clean-cut look with blond hair and blue eyes. He was without any noticeable jewelry and carried a recent model iPhone and a thin Apple laptop. I wondered if he was just frightened of flying or if he was not very outgoing, but it was pretty hard to make that analysis on what little I knew about the stranger.

Being the compassionate type of woman I am, I was thinking how I could make his flight more comfortable without doing something illegal or immoral, and after he told me his name was Jeff Stone he was reticent to join a conversation, whatsoever. I decided to invent a story to calm his nerves as we taxied from the terminal to the runway.

It was a clear day, but there were blustery winds that shook the plane some as we followed three larger planes to join the others waiting to depart on runway 6S. I began my story to somehow take his mind away from flying as I invented this comforting short little story below:”

“I used to be afraid of flying, Jeff, and I absolutely hated to even get near an airport let alone get on an airplane. I had a job where I needed to fly nearly every week, and by the time I arrived at my destination I needed a stiff drink to unwind before I considered getting my baggage and departing the airport in a taxi. I was about to quit my job and become a schoolteacher so I could avoid air travel.”

“One flight was worse than most and I was actually flying in total fear. Unlike today when the skies are clear, the wind was much worse and we were jumping around the sky like we were on a rollercoaster. As a matter of fact, Jeff, it was on an airplane just like this, and I was sitting alone where you are sitting right now.”

“One of the nicest things that ever happened to me was when one of the flight attendants saw, or maybe heard me crying and sat in the seat where I am right now. I didn’t see him sit down, but he reached over and held my hands like this, and he said, “Don’t worry, we are flying with the best pilot in the world. He was a fighter pilot for the US Navy, and he took off from aircraft carriers, and when he was discharged he had more medals than I could believe.”

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“The flight attendant said, ‘Put your head on my shoulder and we will get through this together,’ and as I heard him say that he pulled me to his breast and wrapped his arms around me. ‘I’ll take care of you,’ he said!”

“It was only then that my fear started to subside and I felt like a baby in his mother’s loving arms. I couldn’t help myself, but I responded to his loving arms and turned my body and hugged him back as hard as I could. We sat there together holding onto one another for several minutes until we heard a comforting voice say, “We have passed through the rough areas, and the remainder of the flight will be completely calm. I am removing the seat belt sign, and you are free to get up and move around the plane.”

“His name was Donald Smith, and he stayed by my side for the entire flight, and when we landed he asked if he could see me to my hotel to be sure I was totally recovered.”

I asked, Jeff, “May I hold your hand, Jeff? If it gets a little worse before it gets better you can let me comfort you just like that wonderful man comforted me. I’d be happy if you put your head on my shoulder or turn like I did and allow a stranger to hug you. When we land I’ll go with you and get you checked into your hotel if you wish.”

Jeff responded, “You would do that for me?”

“Absolutely, and if you haven’t a place to go I can fix that too. I have an apartment near the university and you could stay with me.”

I was not seeing anyone at the moment, and I thought I could improve his self-confidence if he’d allow me to get close to him.

I felt Jeff moving slightly in his seat and reach out to snuggle closer, and I could feel his body relax and his breathing change as he accepted the comfort a strange young woman was providing. I noticed the flight attendants looking my way, but they continued with their duties figuring we were alone in the last seat and weren’t bothering anyone.

When the plane landed, Jeff continued to hold my hands, but he did straighten up and asked if I had baggage to claim. We walked together off the plane after we grabbed our carry-on items, and when I asked where he wanted to go, he surprised me and said, “Your place if it’s really ok. You’ve already made my day, and I’d like to do something kind for you, too. At the very least I can treat you to the finest dinner in town.”

Jeff was in town to interview for an Instructor of Economics position at the business college of Upper Brow University. He had a reservation at the Omni Downtown Hotel for the entire week as he was going to hunt for a place to live if he took the position.

We went to my apartment, and I admitted it probably wasn’t as nice as his hotel room, but I was just finishing my MBA and was about to begin looking for a position myself. I hung my clothes on hangers after I fixed Jeff a glass of lemonade and changed my clothes for what I hoped would be a night on the town. It was nearly dinnertime when we checked Jeff into his hotel, and sure enough, it was much nicer than my apartment, but not as wonderful as the suite I had visited a couple of years before.

By the time Jeff changed clothes and we ate dinner I was about to head for home and write my experience off to a nice time when Jeff invited me up to his room for a nightcap. He quickly helped me off with my wrap before the waiter knocked on the door, and who should appear but Aswed dressed in a white waiter’s uniform with a bottle of fine white wine and some fresh fruit. I quickly looked away as he set the table for us and thankfully scooted out without acknowledging he knew me. I heard him ask Jeff if he could draw water in the Jacuzzi for us, and I saw Jeff blush, as he said, “No thanks,” and handed him his tip.

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I asked, “Where is the Jacuzzi he wanted to demonstrate, Jeff? May I see it?”

Jeff led me to a much smaller bath area than the suite contained and said, “It looks pretty neat, but I assumed you wouldn’t want to go in as we don’t have anything to wear.”

I responded, “That’s really too bad because I always had my heart set on using one someday. I don’t want to sound too forward, Jeff, but I’d go in nude if you would join me.”

Jeff replied, “I’ll bet I can figure out how to use it myself if you’ll join me.”

Together we stripped naked, but before we even started the water, Jeff was looking closely at my body, and I asked him if there was something wrong. He said nothing was wrong, but he wasn’t sure how to respond to such a beautiful woman. “You are without a doubt the most beautiful woman I have ever met, let alone seen nude, and I can’t believe you could be interested in me.”

“What do you mean interested in you? There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You appear to have all the parts a woman needs to make her happy, if you know how to use them, Jeff.

I could see him getting a little nervous and I said, “Come with me, Jeff, and I’ll show you exactly what I’d like and if you’re what I need to make my day.” I held him close like on the airplane and reached down to feel his small but hard penis. I took him in my mouth and played with his testicles as he lowered himself to the bed.

Jeff wasn’t all that small, but certainly smaller than most men I had tumbled with. I wanted him inside, and I straddled him and lowered my vagina over his erection. His penis was pulsing as I allowed him entrance, and I lowered my chest to allow him to suck my tender tits. He began responding by pushing up on my down strokes and pulling back when I lifted.

I could feel myself building to a climax, but Jeff kept pounding away after he rolled me onto my back. His speed of thrusting and pulling out was marvelous and I could no longer contain myself as I squeezed tight and erupted in a fit of joy. As Jeff continued, I felt myself rebuilding my strength and desire and felt his ejaculate release as I climaxed again.

Jeff asked if I was ready to get into the tub after we rested a few minutes and cleaned ourselves in the shower. I was game and we figured the Jacuzzi out and spent an hour just holding each other until we were ready for another tumble on the bed. I decided I needed to head home, but asked Jeff to visit me the next night at my place where we once again made love after I served him dinner.

All week, we continued our time together until Friday when I left him at the airport. I asked if he was nervous about flying, and he said he was cured. Jeff took the position at the university, and we occasionally spend a night together, but we both know it is for our enjoyment only, and the time will come when it will be over, forever.

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