Aliandre's Story Ch. 02

Part II — A Weekend with Nathan

As you can well imagine, after that exciting ride home, I eagerly awaited another call to babysit for Jennifer and Nathan. And every time I was in town — to go to work, or to do some shopping, or to go for coffee with the girls at the cafe — I found myself constantly watching for Nathan’s old truck.

Overnight it seemed the guys my age had become little boys — I’d had a man, at least orally, and that man was exactly what I wanted again! I was so glad that my graduation present to myself that spring had been a visit to a clinic in the city to get birth control — next time there would be no reason for Nathan to stop.

Part of me had hoped that Nathan would call me, but since he was married, I didn’t really expect it. I did fantasize about how that wished-for phone call might have gone though…every single time the phone rang! I knew that there would be another call to babysit — after all, I’d been watching their kids, Tika and Kylie, a couple times a month since they were just babies, and they were now 5 and 3 years old.

And so it was at 4:15 on a hot Friday afternoon, I answered the phone and heard, “Hi, Ali? Oh, thank God! It’s me, Jennifer. I’m in such a spin! I know this is really short notice, but I just got a call from my sister Melanie — she’s the one in Toronto — and she’s getting married this weekend! Tomorrow! Can you believe it? Anyway, Nathan can’t get away from work to come with me, but he got me a ticket to go for the weekend. I leave this evening at 9:17 and come back on Monday afternoon at 5:23. Is there any way you could come and take care of the girls? Nathan’s got to work some crazy hours this weekend and it would just be easier if you could stay here with the girls for the weekend.”

What could I say? “Sure Jennifer. I’ll pack up what I need for the weekend and I can be ready whenever someone can come and pick me up.”

“You’re a life-saver Ali! I have to run out and do some errands, so I can be there in about half an hour!”

A whole weekend with Nathan! Was she nuts? Or did she suspect something had happened? Was she setting us up? I was in a panic — excited to be with Nathan, and scared that Jennifer knew everything. In this state, I packed a bag for the weekend — my new sexy undies, bikini, shorts, tank tops, jeans, and some new kids’ DVDs and books I’d got for the girls.

Thirty-five minutes later, my bag and I were in Jennifer’s little car, zipping back into town and over to the grocery store to pick up some last-minute provisions for the weekend. Then we were pulling up in their driveway alongside Nathan’s truck.

As I helped Jennifer carry the groceries into the house, Nathan was coming down the stairs with her suitcase in his hand. I was behind Jennifer so she didn’t see the look he gave me, or the way his hand “accidentally” slid across my stomach as we passed in the hallway. Taking a deep breath to calm my suddenly trembling limbs, I continued into the kitchen and set the groceries down on the counter. Tika and Kylie came running over to help put groceries away, and I was thankful for the distraction of their innocent chatter.

“I’ve got your bag for you, Ali — I’ll just put it in the guest bedroom for you,” Nathan said as he came back into the kitchen, said bag in hand. “The girls are so excited that you’re going to stay with us for the weekend; I think Tika has your whole day planned tomorrow.” He winked, and I knew that HE had our whole day planned tomorrow, with no thought of work anywhere in it!

At last, Jennifer was ready — she had almost an hour’s drive to get to the city, and of course, she had to be at the airport an hour before her flight. So at 6:30, she kissed Nathan and the girls good-bye, gave me a quick hug and a, “Thank-you!” and was out the door and gone.

Feeling decidedly odd, I sat down to the supper with Nathan, Tika and Kylie; supper that Jennifer had left for us. It was delicious, and I couldn’t help thinking that anyone looking in the window would think that we were a family. One thought led to another — right into bed with Nathan. With an effort, I pulled myself back to reality and rejoined in the conversation with the girls. Nathan caught my eye over their heads and just smiled — he knew where my mind had gone!

When everyone had finished eating, I cleaned up the kitchen while Nathan got the girls bathed, and ready for bed. Together we tucked them in with stories and kisses. As they always did, the little angels went right off to sleep.

At this point, all I could think was, ‘I don’t know what to do next!’ I needn’t have worried. Nathan knew what to do. He led me by the hand back into the cozy family room, where we sat side by side on the big leather couch. I tucked my bare feet up under me, and looked at him. He smiled and said softly, “I’ve made arrangements for my Mom to take the girls for part of the day tomorrow — she knows that we both have to be at work, so I’ll drop the girls off with her, and we can go to ‘work’. How does that sound?”

My voice quivered slightly, “That sounds wonderful…but won’t she find out that neither of us is at work? It’s not that hard to check up on anybody in this town you know.” I really hoped he had an answer for this as well.

“No way. Once my Mom’s got the girls, she’ll want to keep them for the whole day, no matter what. So I can call her after about an hour, and tell her that you didn’t have to work after all, and that materials I’m waiting for still aren’t here. Since she’s got the girls, you asked me to drive you to the lake for the afternoon. I just won’t tell her which lake,” he grinned, pleased with his plan. And it should work; after all, there are at least four lakes in the immediate area, and who’s going to go checking to find anyone?

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“Now, let’s just enjoy this nice long evening ahead of us. I couldn’t believe how great it was to be with you that night on the way out to your place, and I’ve wracked my brain trying to figure out a way to get together again, without getting Jennifer suspicious. Lucky for us that Melanie is such an impetuous gal, isn’t it? Otherwise, I don’t know how long we would’ve had to wait for this.”

I smiled, and snuggled against his strong arm, stroking my fingers down the well-defined muscles there. “I really loved it too. I could hardly believe that you wanted me as bad as I wanted you. And I’ve been re-living it over and over again ever since, hoping that we’d get together again.”

Nathan smiled, and slipped his right arm up to wrap it around my shoulders. “I hoped you felt that way. I love my wife, don’t get me wrong, but I could count on one hand how often we’ve had sex in the last year. Ever since Kylie was born it’s gotten worse and worse. She just doesn’t seem to want sex at all. And I most definitely do.”

He tipped up my chin with his left hand, and kissed my eye-lids, my forehead, my cheeks, the tip of my nose. Finally, his lips hovered over mine. I could feel the warmth of his breath on my lips for a moment before his lips gently pressed against mine. He kissed me softly, letting me respond before increasing the pressure of his beautiful mouth. My lips parted as his tongue stroked them, my in-drawn breath pulling air from his lungs.

As the kiss deepened, our tongues began to twine around each other, and he sucked my lower lip into his mouth as his hand slid to the back of my head. My hand was on his chest, alternately clutching at his shirt, and spreading flat to feel the increasing heat of his hairy chest. I felt his hand slide from my throat, to my shoulder and down to my waist. He slowly began to pull my tank top up with both hands. My hands mimicked his motions as I pulled his t-shirt free of his jeans and began to ease it up. As his hands slid under my top onto my bare skin, so my hands found their way to his skin.

When he broke our kiss, it was only to pull my top up over my head and lean in to kiss my throat. His tongue, so hot and gentle, began tracing a line of fire from just below my ear, down along the throbbing vein in my neck, teeth catching my soft skin there just for a moment. Then he continued along my collar bone, and a hot breath in the hollow at the base of my throat.

His big hands cupped my tits, and my moan mingled with his. As his mouth neared my nipple, he began to lick — his tongue moving very deliberately over my soft skin, tracing my tan line right down into my cleavage, and then following the lacy edge of my bra from one strap to the other and back again.

His thumbs had found my nipples and rubbed in circles slowly, drawing them up into hard rosy pebbles. I arched my back, begging to feel his mouth on them, now. At last, he unclasped my bra and slipped it off me, tossing it to the floor. The moment my nipples were free, his hot mouth latched on to one while he rolled the other between finger and thumb, sending sharp thrills through me.

“Oh Nathan, that feels so good! Yes, baby, suck my tits, it makes me so horny. Mmmm, that’s it, yeah, just like that!” I moaned as he opened his mouth and took not just my nipple, but a large portion of my tit into his mouth, sucking and biting at the hard nub at its tip. He switched from one to the other, not playing favourites, pleasuring both, teasing both till they swelled to twice their normal size.

“You taste good, Ali baby. I could suck these luscious tits all night…well, maybe not all night…I think I might want just a little bit more than that. What do you think, sweetheart? Are you in the mood to suck cock tonight?” I pulled his t-shirt over his head and ran my fingers up and down through the thick dark curls on his chest. Then I slid one hand down to cup his cock and balls — again I was amazed at how hard he was , how big!

“You know what? I’m always in the mood to suck your cock, Nathan. So let’s get you out of these tight jeans, okay? I want to see you naked. I want to touch you all over. And I want to suck you till you cum in my mouth, just like last time.” As I spoke, our hands were working together to undo his belt and his jeans. He stood, and I slid them off his slim hips and down his legs. He was not a slender man — he worked hard, and it showed, not just in his arms and shoulders, but in the muscles of his legs and body as well. And he was covered in springy black hair, something I found totally sexy.

“Turn around Nathan; I said I want to see all of you.”

Grinning, he turned slowly, as if he were a model on the cat-walk. I had to laugh, but only at the attitude, not the body. My God, he was beautiful! His skin naturally had a deeper tone than mine, yet a tan line was visible low on his hips — he favoured very brief trunks, it seemed!

“You have a gorgeous ass, and everything else, too,” I said as I stroked his body, feeling the hard muscle under the soft skin. I ran my hands down his thighs and he continued turning. The movement brought his cock back to me, as I knew it would. I trapped it against his belly with one hand as the other reached for his big balls.

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Leaning close, I kissed his balls, and began licking them, just as he’d licked my tits, firmly and thoroughly. With a sigh, his big hands settled on my head and stroked my long hair.

“That feels incredible sweetheart! You could give most women lessons on how to treat a man’s cock and balls…you’re just rough enough for it to feel great, never enough to hurt.”

My attention shifted to his cock. I licked that hard shaft from base to tip, following the swollen veins. I lingered at the tip to caress his cockhead with the flat of my tongue. Slowly and carefully my tongue moved back down to the base of his cock; where it met his balls I rubbed back and forth firmly a few times, listening to the huskiness of his breathing increase. My hand slid up and down his throbbing shaft, not touching the sensitive head, concentrating on how thick he was, feeling the veins beat against my skin.

“Please, Ali baby. Suck me. I need to feel your hot mouth on my cock. Suck me Ali. Suck me hard,” Nathan pleaded softly. His hand pressed me closer to his body, closer to that gorgeous cock. My mouth was watering for it. Willingly I opened my mouth and slid it over his cock, taking in about half of his length. He groaned and sighed as I began sucking and stroking his cock with my tongue, flicking it back and forth along that hot pulsing vein. I kept one hand at the base of his cock while the other played with his big balls, rolling them together gently, squeezing them one at a time, separately tugging on them.

Nathan’s hips began to rock, thrusting his cock into my eager mouth. I’d been practicing for this, alone in my room, first on things like cucumbers and sausages, then on a big dildo I’d ordered online. So far I’d managed about 6 inches comfortably. But Nathan’s hard-on was a good 8 inches, and thick, and I knew I wasn’t in complete control of the situation!

Carefully, I shifted my position to allow him a longer stroke, sucking him hard as he pulled out, and offering no resistance as he stroked into my mouth. With each stroke, I could tell that I was taking in more of his cock. I began to suck harder, swallowing with each suck on his cock. It seemed to pull him deeper, deeper, and his moans increased in tempo and volume. “Oh fuck Ali! That’s it, baby. Take it all, you’re almost there, sweetheart. Just a couple more inches. Aaahhhh! Yes, just like that…oh that is so fucking good! Suck me baby, harder baby. Fuck that feels so good. Take me deeper! Swallow my cock baby; make me cum down your throat!”

I let go of his cock and his balls, and braced my hands on his thighs to keep myself lined up right. And then it happened…I felt the head of his cock slide into my throat as I swallowed! He groaned loud, and continued pumping in and out of my mouth. Each stroke carried him into my throat and on each stroke I swallowed hard, massaging the head of his cock with my throat muscles. My tongue slashed back and forth on the underside of his cock, up and down, back and forth, caressing, teasing, coaxing…until, “Ah god, yes…fuck, baby …I’m gonna cum…Yeah baby…oh, fuck yeah! … aaaaahhhhhh… mmmmmm… yeah…you’re so good Ali, so damn good!”

As his cock swelled with his orgasm, I reached for his balls again, and gripping them firmly, I pulled and massaged them as he shot his hot thick cum down my throat. “Aaaaaahhhhhh! Yes! Swallow it all Ali, swallow every drop baby! You’re wicked hot, sweetheart!”

His cock softened slightly and I released it. Leaning back, I looked up at him and licked my lips. “God, but you taste good Nathan! I could suck you every day and swallow every drop of cum you’d shoot into my mouth! And you’re still hard!”

“You’re just too fuckin’ hot, that’s why I’m still hard! But I think it’s your turn now, my sexy little sweetheart. You’ve got a pussy that needs a good licking.” He reached out his hand to me, and pulled me up off the couch and into his arms. We kissed very thoroughly, our bodies pressed hard together. Then I felt his hands begin to unzip my jeans and begin pushing them off. The kiss ended when he stepped back to continue stripping the tight jeans down my legs. He knelt in front of me and with my jeans around my ankles, pressed his face into the soft mound covered by my bikini panties. His hands slid around my thighs and up between them, seeking my pussy.

I could feel his tongue moving into the top of my slit through the soft cotton of my panties as his fingers stroked the soaking wet crotch. “Oh Nathan! I want you so bad. Don’t just tease me baby…take me, please, now.” His answering smile was obvious, although he didn’t lift his head from what he was doing. He slid his hand down one leg, and tugged my jeans off, then did the same on the other leg. He pressed my legs apart, and lowered his head a little, licking in the crease of my groin and down my inner thigh. I could feel his hard cock against my calf, and I trembled with need.

His need must have echoed my own, for he stood, and gathering our scattered clothes in one arm, led me down the hall to his and Jennifer’s bed.

…to be continued…

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