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Bryce jumped out of bed seeing the sun glowing through the leaves. Saturday! Time to get out and explore. Time to forget about the catastrophe last night. He pulled on his shorts and tee; laced up his hiking shoes and crept down the stairs.

“Hang on! You’re going to eat something before you go.” He heard his mom yell.

“Darn it mom, it’s cool right now and you know it’ll be hot soon.” He walked into the kitchen and flopped down on the chair. “Alright, since you made french toast.” He grinned at his mom. They had this game going on for years where he tried to get out and explore the woods while she tried to intercept him before he could get away.

“So, how did the competition go last night?” Liz asked her son.

“Not well, in fact it was a disaster. I cannot tell who did it, but someone hacked our code and inserted lines that made Charlie run amok. I think I know who did it, but Charlie ran after one of the judges and we had to send it a shutdown command.” Charlie was the robot the robotics team had been working on for months. In trials, Charlie was able to figure out obstacles and overcome them repeatedly using their own logic they created. Bryce was hoping to blow away teams from MIT, Harvard, etc. that were all entered in the completion. He thought back sadly remembering all the laughing faces and how embarrassed the entire team was. And the poor judge who tripped and fell while being chased causing her skirt to fly up onto her back. She was pissed, but it’s her own fault for not wearing panties. He was felt his cock pulse remembering see his first naked pussy and ass. Shaking his head, he picked up his fork and stabbed a piece of toast.

Kissing his mom on the cheek, he headed out the back door. Hearing music, he glanced over at the Nichols’ house, sadly remembering how Pattie used to join him every weekend exploring. Then she reached puberty and she suddenly would have nothing to do with him. Now it was nothing more than hellos in the hallway which made him the envy of the robotics club. “Crud! Why didn’t I even get to be like Larry or Brett? 6’1″, 200 pounds rather than 5’5″, 120 pounds. Even Patty is taller than I am…5” taller. I guess I’ll never have a shot at anyone like that.’ He mused. Turning towards the woods he stopped hearing Pattie’s voice.

“Hey Bryce. Are you heading out exploring?”

“Yes, I want to get back to the lake and see what is coming up. This spring has been a long time coming.” He waved and turned back to the woods.

“Wait. Can I come, or don’t you want company?” Pattie yelled.

Bryce stopped, “Of course you can come. This is our lake and our woods.” He watched as the beautiful girl tossed her magazine aside, bent over to turn off the radio, turned and held up a finger before dashing into the house. ‘Crud, look at that ass.’ He thought. As he thought back to the judge’s ass exposed and he thought why couldn’t it have been Pattie Nichols, he stopped and shook his head hard. Pattie was his friend…right. He looked up as he heard the door slam next door and saw Pattie running over, wearing tight shorts and a halter top that in no way was capable of supporting her nice breasts as she ran. Her waist had zero fat and he could see her six-pack abs. He smiled seeing her long blonde ponytail bouncing behind her as she ran.

“Thanks for waiting for me. I woke up this morning and realized I missed our explorations. I thought I’d missed you since it’s a bit later than usual. Your mom catch you this morning?” She asked as she headed back on the trail.

“Yeah, it was terrible. Forced me to eat French toast.” Bryce laughed. He felt suddenly alive and wondered why the fail last night didn’t matter.

Pattie turned and gave a quick hug to her old friend. She looked down at the boy, “I heard about the Robotics Challenge last night. I’m so sorry. You’ve been working so hard on it.”

Bryce was shocked, it never occurred to him that Pattie was even aware he was in the club let alone there was a completion. “Yeah, it really sucked. I found some code someone inserted that had to be a hack. I cannot tell who did it, but I have to debug a million lines of code to see if there’s more.” He looked up at the blonde seeing the concern, “How did you hear about that?”

“Um, well, it was on the news this morning. They showed the judge…I guess when she fell she showed a lot more than she should have.” Pattie said softly.

Bryce turned bright red, “Crud! They showed that? We are going to be the laughing stock of the school and probably the entire robotics community. No way this is not going viral.” He spit out.

Pattie hugged him close, “Hey, I’m sure people will get a kick out of it, but in a month, Miley Cyrus will do something to put all this in the past.”

Bryce felt his cock surging in his shorts feeling those firm mounds pressed against his chest, and even though he couldn’t think of anywhere he’d rather be, he gently broke the embrace. “Thanks, I know you’re right, but I’m not sure I want to face anyone until then.” He turned his body attempting to hide his raging boner.

Pattie laughed, “Relax, I think it’s flattering. At least you’re not like every other guy who grinds against me when that happens. Come on, let’s go check out the lake.”

He nodded his head, blushing furiously, “I’m sorry, I wish things like this weren’t so darn obvious. Girls have it easy.” He looked at the perfect girl, “I’d better lead since I’ll never get under control looking at you.” He stammered.

“Bryce, I’m shocked. I never thought you looked at me like that. Actually, that might be the nicest complement anyone has ever given me.” Pattie giggled while putting her hands on her hips and posing for him. “Ok, lead on MacDuff.” She said holding her arm out. She watched as her old friend strode off down the trail. Sadly, she wondered why she stopped joining him on these excursions. Her last few boyfriends all looked bored when she pointed out a hermit thrush song or to a kestrel. How much had she learned from Bryce exploring the woods?

Bryce stopped and whispered, “Listen. Over there.” He said pointing to the right. They watched as a bobcat climbed up on some rocks and looked around. He heard Pattie gasp as the cat looked right at them before lying down on top of the ledge in the sun. “I hate to even move and spook it.” He whispered. Suddenly the cat jumped up, looking over its shoulder and dashed off when a rock sailed over its head.

Bryce and Pattie saw four boys running up onto the ridge whooping and throwing more rocks at the retreating bobcat. “Hey! Stop that. Leave the bobcat alone!” Bryce yelled.

“Holy crap!” The tall boy yelled seeing the two kids standing there. “It’s RoboFlop and Panting Nipples.” He looked at his friends before leaping down the rock ledge. As he approached Pattie and Bryce he looked at the blonde, “This is the best you can do? I’m shocked you’d be seen with the most infamous failure in our school.”

He went to hug Pattie and she pushed him away. “Don’t touch me. And leave him alone. Someone hacked the program. That was not his fault. And I told you I never wanted you to talk to me again.” She hissed at the tall muscular boy.

Bryce stood frozen looking at Pattie and the all state QB, Larry Munson glaring at each other. He looked at the other three classmates and groaned seeing his tormentors since elementary school, Jim Clark, Beans Benning and Cliff Devers. All heading to college on football scholarships.

“Look bitch, I’ll talk to you whenever I want. I’ll touch you whenever I want also, you seem to have gotten really uppity since the Homecoming dance. I remember you loved it when I had my cock inside you back stage.” Larry said leaning into the girl.

Pattie stood her ground, her hands on her hips. “Thanks. Thanks for clearing that up.” She said.

“Clearing what up?” Larry looked confused.

“Whether you put your dick in me. I was never sure and, well, you know. It’s not the type of thing a girl can ask, you know?” She said staring at the angry boy.

“You fucking bitch, I think me and my boys here are just going to have to fill all your holes up right now. Believe me, we’ll make you aware we are inside you.” He looked at his friends, “You guys want a piece of the Homecoming Queen? Want to fuck the head cheerleader in every hole?” Turning back he reached out and yanked the halter top off of the young blonde who clutched her arms over her chest, and as he turned to toss it to Beans, he was knocked backwards with the flying Bryce.

“Get off me you little faggot,” He screamed, throwing the light boy off to the side. “Hold him,” he yelled to his friends, “while I get this fucking whore ready for all our cocks.”

Bryce scrambled backward as Cliff came over to grab him while pulling out his iphone and hitting video. As he was grabbed he managed to lean it against the tree. He tried to cover his stomach as the huge football player began punching him in the stomach, curling up in the fetal position while listening to Pattie screaming. Then all went black as Cliff delivered a blow to his head.

He woke to crying and coarse laughter and saw Pattie stark naked with the four boys boxing her in and taunting her with her ripped clothes. He groaned and rolled over and grabbed the phone. He was able to tap in a series of addresses before yelling out. “Hey assholes, you want to go viral?” He held up the phone, his finger over send.

“You’re bluffing.” Larry spat, “Cliff, I thought you could punch harder than that. Get over there, get the phone and fucking put that faggot down.”

“Ok. You asked for it.” He went to hit send.

Cliff stopped, “Wait, who are you sending this to? How do I know what is on that?”

Bryce stood up and waved to Pattie, “Grab your clothes and get over here.” Turning to Cliff, he said, “Give me your cell number and you can get a preview of what I have staged to go to all your athletic departments along with our local police.” As Pattie came over he pulled off his tee and gave it to her. He punched in Cliff’s number and hit send.

Cliff looked at his screen and held up the phone to the other three boys. Larry sneered, “You’re bluffing, you don’t have their numbers.” Seeing Bryce tap on his phone, he looked over as Cliff held out his phone again. “Ok, you win, but if that ever gets out, I’ll fucking kill you. I mean I’ll fuck your faggot ass and then choke you with my cock, so you’d better guard that with your life.”

Bryce laughed, “I’m the faggot? Christ! That has to be the most gay threat I’ve ever heard. Wait, stop.” He looked at the boys who were turning to leave. “You ruined Patties clothes. I want you to all offer her yours. I mean all of your clothes.” He glared at the boys. “Go on, or I’ll hit send…go on!”

Bryce stepped back and videotaped as each boy stripped down and dropped their clothes at the feet of Pattie. He turned to Pattie, “I see what you mean when you couldn’t tell if it was in you. How does that tiny prick ever reach anything?” He laughed seeing Larry’s shriveled member.

Larry put his hands over his crotch. “Ok, you win now, but you’d better watch your back. I will never forget this.” He looked at the skinny boy who was tapping his screen again, “What the fuck are you doing, sending it anyway?”

Bryce shook his head, “No, I emailed it to myself and stored it in the cloud, just in case you thought about coming back and taking my phone away from me.”

Larry spat at the ground. “Some day, some day.” He glared then turned and led the other three naked boys back the way they came.

Bryce turned and grabbed Pattie who was reeling and looked ready to faint. “Pattie, are you ok? I’m so sorry I couldn’t stop them.” He clutched her to his chest and felt the girl sobbing hard into his shoulder. He sat down and leaned back against the tree stroking her back as she cried.

Pattie felt the gentle hands on her back and felt an incredible rush of gratitude for her oldest friend who just saved her from being gang-raped. She didn’t want to move, feeling so safe in the skinny boy’s arms and felt guilty thinking how she turned her back on him as soon as she became interested in boys. She pushed herself up and looked at the boy. She realized she was uncovered below her waist and probably should cover up. It suddenly struck her, she was basically naked and he wasn’t hard. “Thank you. I cannot believe you were able to record that while being grabbed. That was amazing. Actually, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they killed us after raping me. They’ve been on steroids for years.”

“Are you alright? How long was I out? Did they…?” Bryce stroked his friend’s face, “I felt so darn powerless. I’m not very strong and I was so scared.” He said feeling like he wanted to cry.

“No, they were playing with me. I could see they got more and more excited seeing me scared and vulnerable. Those fucking assholes!” She spat out, “I wanted to help you when I saw Cliff punching you, but they were holding me and ripping my clothes off.” She stroked the boy’s face. “I knew I was doomed and was ready to just let them do what they wanted to me and then you stood up holding your phone. It felt like a miracle.” She kissed Bryce on the lips.

Bryce felt those lips he’d looked longingly at and realized he was close to becoming one of those boys and pushed her away.

“What’s wrong? I wanted to kiss you. It’s ok.” Pattie said as the boy stood up.

Bryce reached down and pulled her to her feet. “Look, if you want to kiss me tomorrow, that’s fine, but right now I don’t think it’s right. You’re basically naked. Let’s get you some clothes.” He reached down and looked at her torn panties and tossed them aside. Then he grabbed her shorts and saw the buttons were ripped off. He held up the boys’ pants and sighed, “I guess you could wear these, but they’re like twice as big as you are. He looked down at his shorts and shrugged.

Pattie watched as Bryce pulled his shorts off and handed them to her. She giggled seeing the tidy-whiteys on the skinny boy. “I’m sorry, I just haven’t seen you in your underwear since…well, you know. When we were kids.”

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Bryce went through the discarded pants and found the smallest pair and pulled them on. He grinned at Pattie as he held them out with his thumbs. “Perhaps we could share these.” He found a belt and cinched the pants tight around his waist before gathering up the rest of the clothes and threw then into the middle of the clearing. “Want these?” He asked holding up her torn clothes.

“No, I never want to see them again, actually.” She said taking them and tossing them into the pile. “You’re not emptying their pockets? Their wallets are in there.” She asked seeing him squat down and light the pile.

“No, why? They’ll just have to get new drivers licenses and strip club membership cards I guess.” He said as he moved the lighter he found in a pocket to other parts of the pile.

After they strewed the ashes and made sure there were no remaining embers, Bryce turned to Pattie. “When we get home, let me get some of my mom’s clothes so your parents don’t see you like this.” He said looking at the girl’s chest clearly visible through the old tee shirt.

“Why are we going home? I want to see the lake.” Pattie said, pointing in the opposite direction.

“Really? Are you ok?” He asked looking at her. Seeing she looked fully recovered, he shrugged. “Ok, but I have to tell you, these aren’t the most comfortable pants to hike in.”

Pattie looked at him. I’ll tell you what. Take those off and take your shorts back. Give me your underwear, these shorts are a bit tight anyhow.” She unbuttoned the shorts and laughed as she stepped out of them, “Seriously, you’re turning around? You amaze me.” She stood naked from the waist down holding out the shorts. “Come on, give me those cute briefs.” She watched as her friend dropped the pants and who started to turn around to take off his underwear before shrugging and pulling them off. She giggled, “Christ, those assholes would have been really pissed to see that.” She said looking at the plump dick flopping between his legs. “Ok, I’m sorry.” She said letting him pull his shorts on.

Bryce felt the sensitive head of his cock rub against the fabric and looked at the nice blond bush disappear under his undies as she pulled them on. “That’s a good look on you.” Bryce grinned, “I mean, it seemed like a dream thinking about getting in your pants. It never occurred to me that you’d be getting into mine.”

“He jokes. I was worried about you. Look, nothing happened. Something could have happened, but because of your quick thinking, nothing happened.” She spun around, showing off her outfit of see-through tee and boy’s underwear. “I’ve never felt more free. Come on, let’s go check out the lake.” She started down the trail before looking back, “Deal with it. I want you to look.”

Bryce jerked his eyes from her ass up to her face, blushing, “No problem with that. I preferred what you had on before though, I mean checking out my underwear….” He said following her.

They got to the lake and looked at the reeds shooting up, the red-winged blackbirds hopping around. Pattie looked over and exclaimed, “It’s still there!” She pointed to the rope strung across the lake from high on the tree on the hill to their right. “Let’s do it!” She cried running up the hill.

Bryce ran up behind her and watched as she scaled the tree, aware that he could see right up the baggy tee shirt. Finally, he scrambled up after her.

“They’re still here!” Pattie said holding out the ropes and carabiners. “Come one, let’s get wet.” She said handing a beener to Bryce and hooking hers up. She turned to her friend, “I’ve wanted to do this for the last 6 years. I’m so sorry I quit coming here with you.” She said kissing him. With a scream, she hung onto the handles and jumped out and screamed down the rope, her shirt blowing up to her neck until finally releasing it when she was 50 yards out into the middle of the lake. She shot up to the surface, “Christ, that was great. Get your ass down here.” She yelled.

Bryce hooked his beener up and grabbing the handles shot down at what felt like 50 miles per hours until he saw the girl with her arms out waiting, and releasing the handles, felt himself flying until he hit the water with a huge splash. He swam over to Pattie to splash her, but saw her looking intently at him so he found himself pulling her close to him and kissing her, this time feeling her tongue enter his mouth.

Pattie wrapped her legs around his waist and felt that surprisingly nice cock grind against her pussy. She finally pulled away realizing the poor boy was furiously treading water for the both of them. “God, I missed you.” She said, “I forgot how much fun you are.” She gave him a quick kiss before swimming to the far side of the lake to recover the ropes. As she got out, she felt the wet shirt clinging to her body and as Bryce joined her on the shore, she turned to him and pulled the shirt off.

Bryce stared at the perfect breasts with the erect nipples while absent mindedly accepting the dripping tee shirt. He jerked back hearing Pattie’s voice, “I’m sorry, what?”

Pattie laughed, “I said I hope this isn’t too distracting, but it was really hard to swim with this dragging me down. Why don’t you go over and hang it on the branch? In fact, why don’t you hang up your shorts so they don’t chafe you when we head back.” She said as she slipped off his borrowed undies.

Bryce just stood open-mouthed watching the beauty unabashedly strut naked over to the tree and hang up his underwear. Finally, he shrugged and pulled off the wet shorts and came over next to her and hung up the shirt and shorts.

Pattie grinned, “Ok, let’s go again. I could do this all day.” She said as she ran around the lake to climb back up the tree.
Bryce followed, self-conscious of his cock flopping around and he ran. He got to the tree just as she began climbing and looked at the pussy, fully exposed in front of him. The lips framed by thin strips of soft blond fur. He could make out the nub at the top thinking that must be the clitoris where girls have bundles of nerves.

“Should I put my foot over here?” Pattie said innocently, as she put her left foot on a branch three feet over spreading herself wide for the innocent boy.

“I’m sorry, I never…I mean I haven’t….” Bryce stuttered. He looked down at the first branch and started up. He kept climbing and got almost there when he looked back up and saw that Pattie had turned around and was standing on the top looking down at him. She playfully bounced her breasts before turning and hooking the carabiner on the rope and grabbed both handles and before jumping, “Dummy, I took my clothes off because I wanted you to look. Please don’t disappoint me.” She said as she ran screaming off the branch and sailed down the rope.

Mesmerized, Bryce watched the naked girl with the perfect bubble butt sail down the rope, until flying through the air and splashing into the lake. With a grin, he hooked in and ran out feeling the weightlessness before feeling the wind pounding him, then flying and then the impact with the water. He looked over and saw Pattie clapping, so he swam over and again hugged her close. As he kissed her, he felt her hand wrap around his cock and gently stroke the length as it grew to full size.

“Shit.” She said, “This is really nice. Not scary porn star size, but really nice.” She let his cock go and swam over to the far side. As he followed, she thrust her ass in the air and opened her legs before diving under the water. Getting out, she sighed looking down at his crotch, “Sad, I was hoping to see how big it gets, but…oh well.” She shrugged mockingly before running around the lake back to the tree.

Bryce just grinned and shook his head and ran after her. Before she could get to the tree, he tackled her and pinned her down. “You never could out run me.” He laughed.

As he released her arms and began to get up, she pulled him back. “Where are you going?” Seeing the micro expression she thought looked like panic, she asked, “Have you ever been with a woman? Are you a virgin?”

He sighed looking at his friend, “Yes. I mean, I never actually saw a naked woman until you, today.” He let out a quick laugh, “I mean, except for that poor judge last night.” He laughed harder, “Oh crud. I forgot all about that.” He looked at Pattie lying naked beneath him; felt her pubic bone digging into his; felt her legs welcoming him. “Pattie, I don’t want to do this right now…I mean I really want to do this right now, but I don’t want this to be your way of thanking me and then that’s it.” He looked at her, “Also, I don’t have a rubber, though I’m sure I felt some in the pants pockets before we burned them.”

Pattie started laughing, “I’m sorry, I just had the most inappropriate image.” She kept laughing.

“What? I could use a laugh.” Bryce urged.

“I know it’s absurd, but they brought rubbers to a rape fest? I just had an image of them ready to rape me and they stop and roll on a condom.” She pushed Bryce off when she began laughing uncontrollably.

Bryce found himself joining in at the incongruous images in his head. And looked over at the beautiful girl still laughing. He felt almost painful love for the girl and then realized why it would never work. He stopped laughing and sadly sat up.

Pattie stopped laughing and wiped her eyes, “What’s wrong? You look like your best friend died.” She sat up and put her arm around him pulling him close.

Bryce felt more torn than he’d ever felt in his life. He wanted to both cry and also take this beautiful girl. He got up and paced holding his head in his hands.

“Bryce, stop. What’s wrong?” Pattie jumped up and grabbed her friend by his shoulders. “Talk to me. Just blurt out what’s bothering you.”

Bryce felt ready to explode. “I love you. I’ve loved you since we were kids. I thought constantly about meeting you in the back yard and going exploring every day growing up. When you stopped, when you went off to find boys…boys who were not me, I was crushed.” He looked at the girl, “I know. I am so darn stupid. I should just take advantage of you. To get to be one of those guys…” He looked with horror at what he said feeling her hands slide off his shoulders. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean you’re some slut who’s slept with a lot of guys. I meant one of the jocks. The physical specimens that always get the beautiful girls.” He looked pleadingly at her, “I am not in your league and if we do…anything, it will be because of charity. I would never be able to look at you without wanting…wanting more, wanting to be with you again and again. And, any other woman would pale in comparison.” He stopped and looked at her and saw tears in her eyes.

Pattie plopped down and looked out over the lake. “No, you were right the first time. I’ve been with a lot of guys, guys who are all muscle…no brains, well at least not your brains. I never would have noticed you at all if we weren’t next door neighbors. I walk by guys in the halls and ignore them until I see one of the football or basketball players and all of a sudden, I see them.” She looked at Bryce. “But, I see you. I’ve always seen you. Have I ever walked by you and ignored you? If so, I’m so sorry. You have always been in my head. Every guy I’ve been with I’ve compared to you.” She patted the ground. “Please. Please sit down. Let’s talk.”

Bryce sat down, stunned hearing the confession. He’d taken jibes from his friends who told him that Pattie was a stuck up bitch ignoring them when she walked by. Then seeing her eyes light up seeing one of the pampered jocks who constantly tormented them, just made things worse for his friends. They were great guys, just not one of those studs on one of the teams. He looked over at her and shook his head, “What do you mean ‘compared to me?’ You’ve always been with one of the genetic celebrities who strut around as if they own the school. Hell, you are one of….” He paused, thinking, “Heck, you are the genetic celebrity in our school.” Seeing her look, he patted her leg, “Look, I’d like to thank you, but let’s be real. You girls look for appropriate mating material. Larry’s an ass. He might have a small dick, but he has muscles and deep down that is what matters. You perfect physical specimens can get any man you want and you want the caveman who can protect you. It’s evolution.” Bryce said sadly, “I’m not one of those guys who can lift a car off you if need be. You will always be attracted to men with muscles, you need to breed with men with muscles.”

Pattie laughed, “You’re right. You’re so right. God, how blind can I be? Who just used his brain, his quick thinking to save me? Hell, none of the guys I’ve been with would have reacted that quickly, or even thought of it. Actually, they all would have joined in. This is a new world and it’s the information age.” She stopped and looked Bryce in the face. “Let’s say I change the paradigm. Let’s say I try to look for a man to breed with best equipped to survive in this new technological world? Wouldn’t that be better for me?”

Bryce looked at her, “I agree, but that’s not how our urges work. You wake up feeling a rush of hormones. You need a man, you just have to find a man to have sex with. You’re really horny. Who are you thinking about?”

“Right now, you.” She said sighing, “But I see what you mean. I’m sorry, but it’s muscled pecs, tight ass. Crap, I thought I had something there.” She said stroking the back of his hand. “But I’m not lying. When I’m with some of the boys at school, I cannot believe how slow they are to pick things up. How they value the stuff that really isn’t important.” She looked around at the trees, “I think about everything we learned together. I know all the birds by song and can identify them on sight because of you. I know all the trees and plants. I miss you. I’ve missed you for years. I’ve missed this.” She reached up and stroked his face. “Please forgive me.”

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“I never felt there was anything to forgive. I always knew that you were following your true fate, your destiny…your hormones.” He sat back, “You really had sex with Larry? I don’t remember you ever going with him.” He said looking at her.

Pattie groaned and put her head in her hands. “It was at the homecoming dance. I was with Brett, but he’d disappeared to smoke some grass or something and I went to find a bathroom. I was behind the stage by the dressing rooms and Larry was leaning against the wall smirking at me. We never dated, but we’d flirted at parties, at the beach…you know how it is. Anyhow as I walked by he shoved himself off the wall and asked me where I was going. I told him the bathroom, pointing down the hall. He took my arm and walked me into the ladies room and pushed open the stall door. I told him to leave and he just grinned telling me he had all night. Finally, I couldn’t hold it any longer and carefully reached under my dress and pulled my panties down. As I sat down, he knelt down and grabbed them and put them in his pocket.” Pattie put her face in her hands, “This is really embarrassing.”

Bryce softy stroked her hair, “You can stop. I don’t have to hear this.”

Pattie looked at him, “No. No, I guess you don’t. Why are you like this?” Shaking her head, she continued, “I’ll finish the story. Larry is kneeling in front of me and I can’t pee. I mean, I’d heard about men who couldn’t use public urinals, but there I was trying to just let it go and Larry, the all-state quarterback was watching with a huge grin on his face. He pulled up my dress and mockingly looked under, ‘Everything alright down there?’ he asked. ‘Come on, you can do it.’ He urged. I closed my eyes and finally felt a release while feeling my legs being spread and dress pulled way up. I was totally creeped out, but we’d flirted a lot and he’d grabbed a ton of feels, so this was just Larry being Larry. When I was done he slapped my hand away when I reached for toilet paper and he grabbed some and…” She blushed furiously looking at Bryce, “…and I let him wipe me. I’d never even heard of a guy doing that, but I got up and went to wash my hands and while I was running the water, I felt the back of my dress pull up and…”

“And he put his dick in you.” Bryce finished.

“Christ. I was there with my boyfriend and I let that asshole screw me. He just put it in and I did nothing to stop him, in fact I leaned over more to give him better access.” She finished, “I wish I didn’t tell you that. I’m really a slut, aren’t I?”

“Not for me to say. I’m not even sure what a slut is. Did Brett ever find out? I mean, aren’t Brett and Larry best friends? Thank God I don’t have friends like him.” He looked at Pattie. “I’m not so pure. I’ve fantasized about doing something like that to you myself. Not the part on the toilet. That’s just a little weird to me. But pulling your dress up.” He started laughing. “Crud. I’m fantasizing about undressing you while I’m sitting next to you, stark naked.”

Pattie laughed. “Shall I put something on so I can see that nice erection of yours again?” She looked at Bryce. “I want to make a deal with you. If you’ll make love to me, I will guarantee it will not be the one time. I want you to know that I’ve never really made love to a guy. We’ve just really fucked and I want to know what it is like.”

Bryce nodded, “Ok. I’d like that.” He sighed when Pattie slid her hand up and cupped his balls and gently stroked them.

“I think I’d better do something else before I let you slide this thing into me.” She pushed Bryce onto his back and crawled down and starting at the balls, ran her tongue up to the shaft and onto the head, eliciting groans from the eager boy. She looked up, “No girl has ever done this either?” Seeing him shake his head, she grinned, “Ok, then if you feel yourself ready to cum, let me know so I can pull off.” Holding the rock hard shaft, she ran her tongue around the head amazed at the amount of fluids leaking out. She lapped at the slit tasting the cum and liking it, she swallowed the juices. She then plunged her mouth down onto the fat cock and with her fist stroking the base, she sucked on the top four inches, bobbing her head rapidly. She reached up and pulled Bryce’s hand onto her dangling breast and moaned onto his cock when he began squeezing and massaging it.

Bryce had never felt anything like it before. He’d jerked off, but this was ten times more intense and he felt his hips thrusting up against that mouth. He looked at that beautiful face that he’d longed for, her lips obscenely stretched around his cock. His cock! In her mouth! He loved the sight and the feeling, but was amazed also at how much mass there was in his hand. He couldn’t believe how great her breast felt slid his hand down until he got to the nipple and explored the feel of it. The soft, puffy ring and the hard eraser sized tip. He saw Pattie reach between her legs and furiously rub herself as he pinched and pulled on her nipple. Seeing this and feeling her increasing moans on his cock he stuttered out that he was going to cum and waited for Pattie to pull off, but instead, she pushed her face down farther and when he felt his cock head hit the back of her throat, he couldn’t help himself anymore. “Oh God! Stop, I’m going to cum, oh God. Uh…uhhh….uhh….uhhhhh.” He grunted as his hips thrust his cock into the back of her throat. Finally, he opened his eyes and saw Pattie swallowing and wiping her mouth.

“Didn’t miss a drop.” Very nice, your cum tastes really good. I know I told you to not cum in my mouth, but I couldn’t help myself. She crawled up and when Bryce pulled her mouth to his and kissed her, she was surprised since none of the other boys ever wanted to kiss her after she blew them. Then again, none of them ever came in her mouth either. She pulled back and said, “Let me get you nice and hard again and you can put it in my pussy.”

Bryce stopped her as she started to crawl back down, and pulled her up so that she straddled his face. “You may need to tell me what to do, but I’ve wanted to taste this since I saw you climbing the tree.” He said as he finally tasted pussy. His tongue ran up and down the now swollen slit, lapping at the juices listening to Pattie moan. Encouraged he felt the lips part as he pushed against them, and when he felt her hips begin to grind against his face, he pushed harder into the hole.

Pattie was in ecstasy feeling the first boy to eat her pussy, feeling her first tongue inside her. She thought it was so much better than cock as he explored her insides with the probing member. She reached back and stroked his beautiful cock and leaned back and closed her eyes, reveling in the pleasurable feelings. She felt the cock grow hard and leaking, and wanted it in her, but she’d never been able to cum with a cock in her and really needed a release. She yelped when she felt Bryce’s teeth scrape across her intensely aroused clit and when she felt him back off, she cried, “No, no…don’t stop. Ahhhh ahhh yesss, that feels great.” She let go of his cock and grabbed her breasts and mauled them as she thrust her hips against that tongue deep inside her and the bared teeth roughing up her aroused clit. “OH SHIT! Yesssss, yesss, ahhh, ahhhh, aaahhhhhhhh. Shit! You are so fucking good….” She exploded grinding her pussy against his face. “Oh my, that was incredible.” She said crawling off his face and bending over to lick the juices off his lips and cheeks. “Fuck telling you how to do that, you should be out teaching the rest of the boys at school.” She crawled back and grabbed his cock and lined it up with her wet pussy, “You ready?” She said sliding the head teasingly up and down her slit.

Bryce stared at his cock pressing against the slick opening, his head slowly disappearing. He nodded dumbly, unable to take his eyes off the sight and the feel.

Pattie grinned looking at the look on the boy’s face and realized she’d never had a virgin before. She took her time alternately pulling almost all the way off and sliding on letting no more than a quarter inch more into her each time. Finally, she said, “Ok, enough torture.” And dropped all the way onto him with a loud yelp. “Yow! I forgot how big you were. God, that was a bit too much.” She groaned as she pulled off and began fucking that nice cock with her tight pussy. “Remember, we don’t have a condom, so let me know.”

Bryce groaned feeling his first pussy. It was as good as being in her throat, but deeper. Feeling her pussy bang down on his pubic bone, he loved the intense nature of being so deep inside a woman. He thought about the ovaries, her womb, his seed flooding her, making her pregnant. He was inside a woman. Inside, with no rubber. He groaned out loud thinking about this and reached up and grabbed those incredible bouncing breasts and hard nipples.

Pattie felt herself nearing climax and shook her head. ‘Impossible. No one had ever gotten me off unless I rub my clit. Oh God!’ She began grinding against his cock and pressing her chest against his hands thinking that this cock had never been in a pussy before, never felt what he’s feeling and it’s her cunt providing this pleasure. She thought of that and groaned out that she was cumming again. “Yes, yes, yesssss. Oh my God, yesssssssss.” She panted, jerking her pussy rapidly against his wonderful hard rod and collapsed onto his chest. She looked at her friend and kissed him hard. Coming up for air, she panted. “You’re incredible. I’ve never cum while fucking before. Get on top of me. Enough making love, I want you to fuck me. Pound my pussy.” She said as she rolled over pulling him on top of her.

Bryce grinned, thinking he was making her happy. Giving her pleasure. In all his fantasies, it was mostly how women could make him happy, bring him off. This was actually more arousing hearing a woman beg him to fuck her. He looked down and found the harder he thrust into her, the louder she grunted and the more her tits flopped around. He felt her legs wrap around him and her crotch grind against him when she came a third time and as her panting slowed down, he felt himself ready approaching release, “Oh God. I’m going to cum!”

Pattie didn’t want him to pull out yet and rapidly grabbed his ass and pulled him into her, “No don’t stop. Not yet, it feels too good.” She thrust against his attacking cock and began another small climax and realized Bryce was grunting and groaning as he flooded her womb with his seed.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold back. It was just too intense. God, I hope you don’t get pregnant.” He groaned as he collapsed onto the girl.

Pattie stroked his back feeling he cock slowly soften inside her. “I hope not, but just think, you’ll get to breed me. Isn’t that what you wanted?” She stroked his face. “Can I ask you something?” Seeing him look questioningly at her, she continued, “Are your friends also virgins? I think I like this deflowering thing.”

Bryce nodded, grinning at her.


The following Monday, Bryce was standing in the hall talking to his friends in the robotics club.

“What the hell do you mean, it’s no big deal? This has gone viral. We’re an online punchline now. Have you seen all the rob-this and robo-that jokes? The web is forever.” Sam said to Bryce who just grinned at him.

John sighed, “He’s on some sort of medication. Otherwise he would have been taking a chain saw to the lab by now.”

Theo pushed Bryce’s shoulder, “You’re putting us on aren’t you? This has to be eating you alive. I saw you Friday night. You looked like you were going to kill yourself.”
“Look, it’s all perspective. In a few week Miley Cyrus will do something and everyone, except perhaps that poor judge, will forget all about us. The web has a long memory, but the people accessing it get bored and move on.” He grinned at his friends, “Look, I figured out the code and I recognized whose it was. Remember that guy kicked out of MIT last year? The one who tried to design his own search engine? He’s over at South now. This is his code and I know just how to get back at him.”

“Hey Bryce, guys.” Pattie said coming up and giving him a huge hug. She released Bryce and looked at Theo, “Sorry about the hack on Friday. I cannot believe someone would do that to you guys. You did an amazing job with using the combination of light and strong materials for the chassis.” She hugged the surprised boy and stroked his back. She turned and pulled John into and embrace, “John, I was impressed with the step down gearing solution you came up with, I’m just sorry there’s some really shitty person out there.” She turned to Sam, “And Sam, I know you will come back with something to prevent intruders and actually expose them. I can’t wait to go and see their faces when you blow them away next month at the competition.” She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. She whispered in his ear, “You might want to hold your books in front of you, but thanks for the complement.” She released the blushing boy and turned to Bryce, “You coming over tonight for movies? The parents won’t be home until midnight at the earliest.” She said before leaning down and kissing him on the lips and spinning away.

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