All Grown Up Ch. 02

** Author’s note: Per my readers’ feedback, I realized that what I had tried with a combination of 1st/3rd person perspective with this story just didn’t work. (See? Feedback DOES help as long as it is constructive! LOL) So I’ve made the changes and promise to make it back to my original piece to edit as well. Thanks for the support and keep up the praise! simply_cyn

They somehow made it across the hallway to Ryan’s room in the fraternity without being seen. Laughing and smiling, they leaned against the closed door, locking it behind them before Ryan looked out the peep hole with a playful grin. “I feel like we just egged a professor’s house or something,” he said, glancing at Amanda before adding, “Just like we used to do.”

She laughed softly, moving to stand near the bed as she watched him. Her eyes couldn’t help but roam his body reflexively, shivering some from the chill of the air conditioning as she stood in the wet wife-beater tank top. Smiling, hearing his words and suddenly remembering all the good times they used to have, she said, “Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel like I’m about to get caught doing something wrong …” Amanda’s voice trailed off some as she wondered again if he knew just how new all this was going to be for her.

Ryan turned, his gaze meeting hers before his eyes traveled up and down her body. He was amazed by what was suddenly happening. He was unsure of how this was going to end but the last thing he wanted to do was worry. He had plenty of experience when it came to girls, but nothing serious. It wasn’t that he was uneasy about the situation … that part wasn’t new. What was new were the feelings that accompanied this particular one.

Amanda couldn’t help but smile at him shyly, her arms reflexively reaching up to cover her breasts through the wet shirt. She felt so naked in front of him just from the way that he was looking at her. A part of her still felt like that geeky girl that had a crush on him for all these years and now … now all she could do was lick her lips nervously, watching as he looked her over.

Ryan’s eyes locked with hers for a moment, the expression on his face caring and sincere as he crossed over to where his dresser was and after a moment, pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of boxers, tossing them to her with a smile. “Want to change?”

Amanda reached out, catching them as her eyes looked to him. A smile appeared on the curve of her lips as she watched him turn his back for a moment and lifted the shirt to her nose, inhaling quickly. It smelled just like him and she made a mental note to make sure and not to return the shirt. “Thanks,” she was able to reply in a soft voice.

Setting them on the bed, she could feel a flutter of nervous butterflies as for the first time, she exposed myself to him. Amanda had dreamed about this moment countless times before and it all seemed to be happening in slow motion. Lifting her arms slowly, taking the wet wife-beater with them, her full young breasts were suddenly exposed to his gaze, perfect for the taking. They were more than a handful but not really enough to get lost in, tipped with cinnamon colored hard nipples that seemed to beg for him to come taste one.

Ryan averted his gaze for a moment as he grabbed another pair of boxers and a tank before smoothly and effortlessly changing before her as well. ‘Turn about is fair play,’ he thought to himself as he glanced over at Amanda’s young perfect body. The tank top fit tightly over his semi-broad shoulders and the boxers clung to his strong legs. He knew she was nervous … it was written all over the expression on her face.

Amanda couldn’t help but bite her lip as she watched Ryan disrobe in front of her. Her blue eyes drank in the sight of him and she could tell that he had done this more than once. She couldn’t control the shyness that kept creeping up on her as she pulled his t-shirt over her head, the hem falling just below her hips, covering up the rest of her as she wiggled out of her jeans, leaving my red thong on as she pulled his boxers up and over her hips.

Ryan walked slowly over to the bed, offering his hands to Amanda. “Hey listen, you … Look, I dunno … just trust me, okay?” His eyes were locked on her every movement, unsure of her body language as she shivered by the bed. “Nothing needs to happen,” he said in a soothing voice. “I just want to be with you, okay?”

Amanda smiled gently, seeing that he could read right through her nervousness but at the same time, she wanted so badly for him to see just how much she wanted to be with him too. Slipping her hands into his, she said in a soft voice, “I want to be with you too, Ryan … however you want me.” Her whole body trembled but this time, for a whole different reason that he might have thought.

He pulled her close, holding her hands as he kissed her gently on the lips. “I want you to be comfortable, Mannie … just enjoy the moment, okay?” His green eyes were piercing as he looked into her eyes.

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Amanda smiled gently, her gaze locked with his as she leaned into the kiss, nibbling some on his lower lip. “I’m comfortable with you, Ryan … I want to be with you.” She couldn’t help but wonder if he knew just how badly she wanted to feel him against her. Her thoughts were quickly turning to the idea of how his hands would feel, touching her all over.

Ryan smiled and hugged her close before gently pushed her backwards onto the bed. He couldn’t help but smile against her lips as they sunk down into its softness.

Amanda’s poor stomach was doing flip flops as she felt the edge of the bed against the back of her knees and in a bold move, as they sunk downwards, she carried him with her back into a reclining position. Her lips sought his once again and even though she could tell that he was trying not to go too far too fast, she wanted him to more than anything. Their tongues darted out against the other’s, prodding … licking … sucking. She couldn’t help but purr, something she had never done with anyone else. She found the sound very sultry and erotic as she captured his tongue between her lips, sucking gently. Her fingers reached out for him to find his skin beneath his shirt, a part of her in awe that after all this time they were finally together.

Ryan nuzzled his nose against Amanda’s, pulling back just enough to place a soft kiss on her chin as he whispered, “You’re poking me.” His gaze lowered some as he pushed his chest against hers, indicating the rock hard tips that were jutting out from behind the t-shirt that she adorned.

Amanda couldn’t help but laugh and then on a sudden inspired thought, slowly thrust her hips up to grind against his for a moment as she whispered back in a husky voice, “You’re poking me too.”

Ryan bit his lower lip a bit as he ground back into her. “Hmmm,” he said, “whose fault is that?” And then lowered his lips once more to capture hers.

A soft moan erupted from her lips against his as she felt just how hard he was in the flimsy pair of boxers he was wearing. Amanda found herself wondering, for the first time, just how he might feel inside of her as her tongue darted out into his mouth, teasing the corners of his lips. “It feels good, Ryan,” she whispered, almost shocked as the words slipped out of her mouth.

As Ryan kissed her, his lips traveled to her ear, groaning as she ground up against him. He could feel every inch of her young body pressed against him through his boxers, the warmth of her sex growing in intensity as it rubbed up against him. His hands slipped down to her hips as if on their own volition as he whispered into her ear, “Mannie … can I go down on you?”

Amanda moaned helplessly, having never let a guy do that before but there was something so erotic about it … so forbidden and more than anything she wanted to feel his tongue on her, preparing her body for maybe more. Hopefully more. “Yes, Ryan,” she stammered. “Please …” Her voice trailed off, unsure of where the last part came from but just saying it made her pussy lurch and she didn’t understand it.

Ryan continued to kiss her as his hands slipped down her sides to capture the bottom of his t-shirt hanging down her slender legs. He could hear her soft whimper as her whole body tensed a bit as he began to push the shirt up. Her nipples hardened even more, showing just how badly she wanted this despite the way that her body trembled. As she lifted her arms, he pulled the shirt up and off her, tossing it to the side as for the first time he gazed upon Amanda’s body. He glanced up at her with a soft smile before kissing each one of her nipples slowly, sucking them gently into his mouth.

Amanda gasped, a long low moan released from her lips as, for the first time, lips instead of fingers curled around a tight nipple. Her back arched to push her aching breast further into his mouth. “Ohhhhhh,” she moaned as her fingers instinctively went to the back of Ryan’s head, sliding into his soft hair.

He bit one of her nipples gently as his hands worked the other one, rolling it between his fingers, relishing her deep moans. As her head rolled back, blonde hair spilling down her back, his other hand slipped slowly down her body to push down the boxers that she was wearing.

Amanda could feel a tremor racing straight down her spine and into her cunt, shuddering as she felt his slowly peel away the boxers to leave me naked and exposed to his gaze. She could feel him kissing down her body and she couldn’t help but gasp in wonder, her eyes widening as she watched his tongue trace the lines of her body, darting across and skipping past the part of her that was on fire. She was trembling uncontrollably, her eyes half open beneath long lashes as she squirmed beneath his mouth. She fell back completely on the bed, lost in the sensations he was creating in her. “Oh Ryan …” she moaned.

“Just relax, Amanda,” he whispered as his tongue left her body momentarily, leaving her to squirm under his hands on her hips. And then in a sudden movement that elicited a cry of surprise from her lips, licked forcefully from the bottom of her sweet slit straight up to where her clit lay, sucking gently at her hooded nub.

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Amanda cried out, jerking helplessly as she almost sat upright again. She had never felt anything like that before! She could feel her thighs clamp reflexively around his head as her eyes widened in surprise. “Oh god,” she whispered through a low moan. She heard his soft laugh as his hands moved to gently push her thighs apart again before pushing his tongue against her slit and then licking quickly over the top of it causing her to jerk again as she fell back on the bed once more. She could feel her thighs relax some, widening as her hips pushed up reflexively to his mouth. Her head thrashed on the bed as her fingers tightened into the covers over it fiercely. “Ohhhhhh Ryan … wh-what are … you … doing to me?!” she cried out in wonder.

Ryan didn’t say anything. Instead his hands traveled back up her body, twisting and squeezing her sensitive nipples as his tongue feasted on her essence. Now and then, he pressed his tongue into her tightness, amazed at just how perfect she tasted and felt to his exploring mouth. He loved hearing her like this, knowing finally that she felt the same way that he did and he loved the way that she reacted to his lips. Blowing gently on her slit, he sucked her clit eagerly back into his mouth once again.

Shuddering uncontrollably, Amanda could feel something building. Somehow she knew that it was coming … her first climax brought on by someone other than herself. Her fingers clenched tightly into the covers as her hips bucked up against his mouth. “Ohhh god … I’m gonna … ohhhh … please,” she started to beg uncontrollably for something she didn’t really understand.

Ryan sucked and licked at her, his tongue pressing into her tightness as he felt her body starting to shudder and squirm. As her juices started to flow around her lips, it drove him to increase his ministrations on her young body, wanting to convey through his tongue just how much she meant to him.

Amanda’s head came up off the bed, blue eyes wide as she caught his eyes on her. His tongue was sending her straight over the edge as one of her hands flew to his head, holding him against her cunt as her legs suddenly stiffened. She could feel her whole body jerk as she cried out, exploding against his lips. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Kissing and sucking at her spasmming slit, Ryan’s tongue probed deeper still into her as her climax came to a shuddering halt.

Amanda’s climax was more powerful than she could have ever imagined. She pushed at his head. She couldn’t take it anymore! Crying out, she could feel the tears stinging her eyes at the intensity of it. “Stop! Oh god!” She was gasping for breath as his tongue darted out, licking a little more gently as she cried out. Her body was rocked with small spasms as a lone tear trickled down her flushed cheek as Ryan took her to a place where she had never gone before.

Amanda’s eyes closed as she panted for breath and her hand slowly melted from his hair to fall limply on the bed. She was overcome with the intensity of it and a soft moan erupted from her parted lips. “Ryan …” she called out his name with more emotion than she had ever shown to anyone, even him.

Nuzzling her stomach with his lips, Ryan smiled up at her before he kissed back up her body to snuggle against her side. Pulling her onto her side, he wrapped his arms around her as he gently kissed her, letting her taste herself on his lips.

Amanda whimpered softly as she felt his lips travel up her body and over her quivering flesh. As he pulled her into his arms, her whole body felt lethargic even as her arms wrapped around him. She could smell herself on his breath and her eyes opened to look into his. She couldn’t help but wonder what he thought of it … how it tasted. She was rewarded with an answer as his lips pressed to hers and she could taste the erotic blend of both his tongue and her juices. A quivering smile appeared on her lips to find it to taste something like an exotic honey.

Nuzzling Amanda’s nose with his, Ryan smiled broadly. “Does that mean it felt good?” he whispered.

Amanda gasped for breath, her eyes widening as they looked into his. And then a suddenly shy smile appeared as she looked down at his lips. A soft giggle erupted as she managed to whisper, “I … I’ve never felt anything that good.”

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