An End to Virginity

I’m a 22 year old coed at a pretty decent engineering university in Southern California. I study electrical engineering, which can be pretty challenging, both from an academic as well as a social standpoint. I stay on campus to be close to class. But even so, Thursday mornings are rough. Really rough. Thursday is a light lab day for me, so I tend to hit the bars hard on Wednesday night. The only problem is that my only lab starts at the ungodly time of 8 a.m. So I never look too good for the lab, but today I’m a real mess. I was up waaaaaay too late and drank waaaaaay too much and am sure I did things I would not be proud of. If I could only remember what I did.

But, on the plus side, I’m a cute horny college girl going to an nearly all male school. Of the few females here, once you take out the lesbians, the psycho-Christians, and uber-virgins, there’s not a lot for the guys to choose from. So I get lots of attention without putting much effort into it. And when I do go all out making me really cute, it seems to spook these shy engineering guys, and I end up having to get laid by some local construction guy or a college stud from the liberal arts college a few miles away. And that is too bad, as I really do like geeky engineers, but they are just really difficult to get into bed. Fucking shy engineers. In fact, in my first two years here, I’ve only been with one engineer, and he dropped out a month later (guess I fucked his brains out). And I am far from stingy in the sex area. In that same two years, I was with about a dozen different guys, but just not engineers from this school. One of my New Year’s resolution is to lay more engineers in 2015. But I digress, so back to my Thursday from hell.

I woke up on the floor of my dorm room at 7:30, naked, and hugging my huge body pillow as if my life depended on it. It took awhile, but I pulled myself onto my bed, and sat mostly straight up. I looked around for my roommate, but she must have found somewhere else to crash. I kinda remember her and I meeting some guys claiming to be off-duty firemen at our last bar. I think I was making out with a couple of them, and might even have kissed other body parts based on the soreness in my throat and jaw. I am pretty sure I didn’t have sex with any of them, so I figured she was off finishing what I started.

I didn’t have time to even take a shower, and just barely combed my hair. The only makeup I had on was what survived the night, and it was a mess. I slipped on a baggy sweatshirt that would hide my nipples, and a pair of flimsy running shorts, the kind that are loose and open on the sides all the way up to the waistband. I was thinking that panties would class this outfit up a bunch, but it just seemed like too much work. Slipped on some flip-flops, put on my sunglasses, and I was good to go. Ya gotta love January in Southern California.

I got to class just as the lab assistant arrived. Of course, all the seats at the back or close to the door were gone, so I had to wiggle down a whole row to a seat up against the wall. Just as I was sitting down, and the instructor was ready to give the lab instructions, I dropped my lab notebook and it snapped open with my papers flying everywhere. I frantically tried to collect them all quickly, but it created quite the ruckus, and I could feel everyone looking at me. I glanced over at the guy in the next seat, and he was smiling at me. He was pretty cute for an electrical engineer! I smiled back, and I thought the guy was going to freak. He jerked his head back to the board, turned red, and tried to pretend that I had not noticed him. Fucking shy engineers. No wonder they can’t get laid.

I finally got settled, and slouched deep into my seat, looking forward to a short mindless lecture, and then find some over-zealous guy do my lab for me. And these guys will do it for me just because it gets them close to a woman, and they never let me give them anything in return. And in my mind, doing my lab is easily worth a handjob, and maybe a blowjob for a more challenging one. But, even if I try, I wouldn’t be able to give any payback. Fucking shy engineers.

“Amy,” I jerk my head up as I hear my name. “Since you got here late, I assume your are well prepared for today. Please come up here and diagram out today’s setup.”

I could hear the chuckles from behind me. It was pretty obvious that I was badly hungover. And a mess. And NOT a hot mess.

“Aww, come on Dr. D,” I pleaded in my best fake flirty voice. “You can see I’m having a bad day, and my papers are all out of order now.”

He just stood there, thrusting his thin little white marker with a big red cap at me. I figured that was about the size of his fully erect dick.

So I sat on the lab desk, and spun around until I could jump onto the teacher side of the front row. I took the marker, and started putting up my diagram. Now, it is true that I am 80% a mess today. Except for my butt and legs. And my little flimsy running shorts were showing both off really well I suspected. I am 5-7, 110 pounds, and teach aerobics at a local studio 8 times a week. So my butt and legs look really good!! And as I furiously wrote, I could feel the fabric of the shorts flapping around as my butt wiggled. I could feel about 300 eyes on it, trying to confirm that I was commando in these teeny things. You could hear a pin drop in the room. And I had to believe that behind me wood was growing like bamboo.

“How’s that?” I said smugly to Dr. D. “You were right on one thing: I was prepared for today.”

“Umm, thanks,” he said, turning a little red as I caught his eyes darting away from at my ass. “You can sit down.”

I sat back down on the lab desk, and began spinning around to my seat, but my hand slipped and I lost my balance. The guy next to me grabbed my knee and held it firmly while I steadied myself. It probably only lasted about 3 seconds, but for that three seconds I had one foot on the ground and the other on the desk, and my knees were open wide with him right there in the middle. And since I wasn’t wearing any panties under my loose running shorts, the poor guy got a nice close side-view of my parts. Thank goodness I had just shaved before going out last night! I slipped back in my chair, and smiled at the guy, and when I had his attention, I glanced between my legs, just to let him know that I knew what he saw, and I was good with it.

When I looked back up, he had turned away, but there was a huge tent in his jogging pants. HUGE! Obviously I was not the only commando in the room, and this guy had a seriously nice erection going on. And even though I didn’t have any information about girth, he was way over average on his length. Very impressive. He glanced back over to me, and my eyes motioned to his pants, and I gave a subtle smile and nod, trying to show him that I was impressed. But he looked away, all red like. Fucking shy engineers.

“Tim,” Dr. D. said quite loudly. “Come up here and show us where the data probes would go, and tell us how you would set them up.”

The guy next to me jerked his head and mumbled something incoherent. Dr. D was handing him the little white marker with the red cap.

“I can do it,” I shot back to Dr. D. “Let me finish up the diagram.”

“No, Tim can do it,” Dr. D. said. “He seems to have lost his concentration, so I want to have him do it.”

Tim slid over the table like I did, and then tried to stand up, keeping himself bent forward a bit. But there was no hiding it. It was just too long and too hard. There were muted chuckles, a couple gasps, and I swear i heard a quiet “oh yeah” in a female voice. Even Dr. D. looked at it. Tim’s dick was definitely the elephant in the room!!

Even Dr. D. couldn’t help but give a little smile. “Tim, let’s let Amy finish this off,” he said. Of course, his choice of words got some laughter from the room. And just made Tim even redder.

I swapped places with Tim and finished up the diagram, and returned to my seat. I looked over at Tim, but he just looked panicky. He was still fully hard, but he was biting his bottom lip, and his legs were shaking a little, and I could hear his breathing was heavy and unsteady. At first I thought he was having a heart attack or seizure, but then it hit me. He was going to have a spontaneous orgasm. Right here. Right now. As Dr. D. droned on, Tim clenched his eyes and tried to stay still. Fortunately, I think I was the only person who knew what was going on with Tim. A small dark spot appeared at the peak of his tent, and since the fabric was pulled so tight at the tip, I could see a bit of the white goo leak through at the top. The dark spot spread concentrically around the tip until it was about the size of ping-pong ball. He had stayed very still, so I bet that it was more of a “streaming” orgasm instead of a “spurty” one. But no matter what, it was really obvious he had just cum in his pants.

“Choose a partner,” Dr D. said.

I quickly pulled my chair toward Tim, and moved his knees toward mine so no one else would see his wet spot. I pulled a bottle of water out of my book bag, opened it and “accidentally” spilled some on his pants. Immediately his whole front was wet, and the water spots looked just like his cum spots. He looked at me with surprise, almost anger at my clumsiness, but I could see his relief as well.

“Thought some spilled water would give you some good cover to get to the bathroom,” I said with a smile. “At least your jizz issue should be solved for now.’

“You saw that?” Tim asked with a horrified look on his face. “Can today get any worse?”

“I think I was the only person that knew what was going on” I said looking squarely at his quickly diminishing bulge. “Why don’t you go get cleaned up so we can power through this lab. Then we can figure out if we can get you a better day.”

Fortunately the rest of the lab was uneventful, although there was occasional laughter, which Tim, of course, thought was directed toward him.

“Tim, this is going to turn out great for you, I promise,” I said to him sincerely. ” The guys are jealous of what you are swinging, and all us girls want to know if it really is that big!”

Tim tried to smile, but he was still pretty miserable. “No matter what you say, I jizzed my pants in public,” Tim lamented. “Damn humiliating.”

“Well, we can fix all this,” I said with a sly smile, trying to be flirty. “We just need to find you a more interesting place to jizz. And on a regular basis. I have some ideas.”

“I am in engineering school. I don’t see my celibacy coming to an end anytime soon,” he said with a dry smile. “It seems that any girl I am interested in is already taken, or is way out of my league.”

“What about me?” I asked. “Are you that stupid that you miss that I am flirting with you?” Fucking shy engineers.

“You are?” Tim said turning bright red again. “I think of you as one of those girls that is way out of my league and probably dating some other school’s quarterback.”

“You are a moron,” I said with a cute giggle. “Why don’t you ask me to your place and check your hypothesis that I won’t date you.”

“You mean right now?” Tim chokes out. “Over to my place?”

“Wow. I will take that as you inviting me to your place so I can take a shower,” I laughed. “Its no wonder you can’t get laid. This is a lot of work you are putting me through. You are so lucky that I am uber horny right now, and want to see if that tent pole is real.”

“I just can’t believe this is happening,” he stammered. “Nothing like this ever happens to me.”

“Well, you better get me to your place, clean me up, and get me naked pretty quick,” I said matter-of-factually while looking at his pants. “Because by the looks of things you may be headed for a second pants jizzing in one day!”

Right after the lab, Tim and I jumped in his car, and drove to his place, which was about 5 miles from campus, and just two blocks off the ocean. It was a small house, with 3 bedrooms. Considering 3 guys lived here, and none had a girlfriend, the place was surprisingly clean and attractive.

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“Why don’t you go out and get us some lunch and some vodka,” I said as I pulled my sweatshirt off. “I need to shower and dry my hair, so you have about 30 minutes. Try not to cum while you shop!”

Tim just stood there, stunned, as he looked at my breasts. They were nice sized, and really perky, with great nipples. He was going to enjoy playing with them, I could sense. “You are gorgeous,” he whispered in a cracking voice. “Just perfect.”

“Thank you,” I said politely as I pull off my shorts. “You can take all the time you want playing with my body later.” Tim just stood there, staring at my naked body. So, I wiggled over to him, and gave him a good tight full body hug. I thought he was going to pass out.

“I am a virgin,” Tim blurted out. “I want this so badly, but I don’t know what to do.”

He was almost in tears and really upset. And, did I mention, hard as a rock.

“Your time left as a virgin can be measured in minutes,” I said with a grin. “And don’t worry about it. I will make sure both of us enjoy taking your cherry. But first I need a shower.”

Tim managed a little smile.

He looked almost pathetic there, just sick with hornincess and nerves. I kinda felt sorry for him. “And tell you what,” I said smiling. “A little change of plans based on that virgin anaconda slithering around in your pants.”

I pulled his shirt over his head, and pulled his pants down. He was naked now, too. His penis was very straight and very long, and had a really pretty purplish head. And plenty thick, too.

“First, let me say that you have a gorgeous dick, one that is going to please me, and hopefully many other girls,” I said sincerely. “And second, sit down so I can give you a quick handjob so you can relax and go get me some food.”

Tim obediently sat in a kitchen chair as I got my travel bottle of Astroglide out of my purse. I kneeled down In front of him as I coated both hands with the slippery lubricant. Even before I touched it, there was precum dripping from the tip. I gently cupped his balls with both hands, and he groaned deeply as I started to gently massage his balls. I started to slowly worked up the shaft, and continued coating the rim and head. I put more lube in my hand, and made him extra slippery.

“You ever get a handjob?” I asked as I gently started in with slow, full strokes.

“Never,” he said shakily. “I came once during a lap dance at a strip club. That it is.”

“Well, I am going to give you a handjob now,” I said as I squeezed his balls a little. “Handjobs are easy and quick, and are all about you. Just come whenever you want.”

“So what do I do with the goo?” he asked innocently. “Do I just shoot it on the floor?”

“Whenever I give you a handjob, I will figure out where it goes,” I said. “Sometimes it will be the floor, or a towel, but usually in my mouth. But today, since I’m getting in the shower, I will aim for my boobs so you can see what it looks like on me.”

“Oh fuck,” he groaned. “I didn’t think things like this really happened.”

“Just tell me when you are getting close,” I said. “And I will move in closer and aim you at my nipples.”

I gripped his shaft with one hand and kept my hand cupped on his balls with the other. I started a steady stroking, that included a big twisting motion around his rim. He was groaning constantly, and I could feel his precum mixing with my lube, making his dick even more slippery and velvety.

“Oh god,” he moaned. “I’m cumming.”

I moved a bit closer to him, and aimed his tip into my cleavage. Immediately his dick exploded a strong thick stream of white onto my breast. It was hot and gooey and dripped slowly into my cleavage. I adjusted the aim, and let a load hit my left nipple, and then re-aimed so the next one hit my right nipple. I let the last 3 or 4 spurts land on the space just below my neck. Considering this was his second O of the day, he sprayed out an impressive volume of cum. I let go of his dick, and used both my hands to rub his jizz around my chest. I even gently stroked his penis head, and pulled the last bit of cum off it. I softly kissed his head, and sucked a small drop of semen into my mouth. “Your cum tastes really good,” I said with a smile. “You will be getting tons of blowjobs very soon.”

“You better clean up and go get me some food,” I said cheerfully as I stood up. “When you get back I’ll take care of the rest of your virginity issues.”

“I will,” he said. “Anything else.”

“Be sure to get a big box of condoms,” I said. “At least a dozen. And you’ll definitely need the XL size to comfortably hold that big stick of yours. And hurry. I am so horny right now, and if I get bored and Jill off, your fun time is over for the day.”

I turned and walked into the shower as Tim hurried off to the store. He was grinning ear to ear. He was having a much better day now. And it was going to get way better soon. The ache between my legs confirmed it.

I took a really quick shower, found their hair dryer, and set to drying my hair as fast as i could. It had been a month since my last sex, and I was really needing a good pounding. Plus, seeing and touching Tim’s perfect penis, and not getting to use it, just left my whole body aching. My hair was finally dry just as I heard the door slam shut. I burst out of the bathroom to grab Tim and get started, but instead saw Tim and both his roommates, all wide-eyed and jaws dropping as they looked at my petite naked body. But, I was so horny I didn’t care.

“Put the food down, Tim,” I said while grabbing his hand. “You’ve got some work to do before you eat.”

I pulled Tim into his bedroom, and heard a muted “holy shit” from a roommate as I closed the door. Tim was catching on, and was stripping his clothes off as fast as he could. His body was really nice. Tall, slender, decent tone, and fully shaved. And, of course, that perfect prick sticking straight out from his body.

“Where are the condoms,” I asked, nearly hyperventilating with excitement. “I’m ready to get you in me.”

“Aww crap,” Tim said. “I left them in the bag on the kitchen table.”

“Get in bed and lay down on your back,” I command. “I’ll get them.”

I opened the door and walked naked back to the kitchen table, with both of Tim’s roommates too stunned to speak, or even take their eyes off my perky boobs. I opened the paper CVS bag, and pulled out a huge value pak box of condoms with a gigantic golden XL emblazoned all over it. “X and L,” I said with a giggle. “My favorite two letters!” I took a table knife and slit the plastic protective cover, opened the box, and pulled a 3-pak out. “This should get us through the afternoon,” I said cheerfully, knowing I would not get a response. I put the box back on the table, and scurried back to Tim’s room gripping my 3 XL packets of fun.

My body shuddered deeply as I looked at Tim stretched out on his bed, his head propped up on a pillow and hands behind his head. Long, sleek, naked, and that big thing waving around. Hard to believe he was a virgin. I separated one condom from the trio, and gently tore the packaging open. I carefully took the condom out, and set it on Tim’s stomach. I pushed his legs apart and knelt between them. His penis glistened with precum, and was throbbing in time with his heartbeat. His eyes were huge as he watched and waited for me to get started.

I leaned forward, and let my lips slip over his dick. It was so big that the head barely fit in, but I managed to push myself down a few inches. He moaned softly as I bobbed up and down a few times, and then lifted off, leaving a lot of saliva on him. I picked up the condom, put it on his head, and gently unrolled it. Even though it was an XL, it stretched tightly over the shaft, and did not unroll all the way to the base. Tim had a big penis. A perfect penis.
“I got your penis good and wet before putting on the condom,” I said softly. “It helps you get more feeling while wearing a condom. I will take top this time. Just lay back and enjoy this.”

Tim was so intense that he could not speak. I pushed his legs closer together, and shimmied up to straddle him. I reached back and gently cupped his balls as both his hands started to massage my breasts. As he pinched my nipples I tightened my grip on his balls. I leaned fully forward until I was on all fours, and let my nipples drop into his mouth, I moaned softly as he sucked on me. It felt so good, but I couldn’t wait any more to have him in me.

I lowered my head to his chest, and reached between my legs and gripped his shaft. I dropped my hips slightly, and moved his dick around until its head was slipping back and forth in my wet warm slit. I found just the right spot, and lined him up perfectly with my pussy.

“Your virginity ends now,” I said firmly. “Welcome to fucking.”

I slowly dropped my hips and let my pussy engulfed him. Inch after inch entered me, stretching and filling me as never before. It felt like there was no end to his penis. It just kept going in deeper and deeper, and feeling better and better. Finally it hit bottom in me, and I started doing rhythmic long slow thrusts. We were both loudly groaning to my pace, and the bed began to squeak joyfully as my thrusting motion gained intensity.

His penis fit so snugly in me that every movement stretched the skin on my hood, and rubbed tightly up and down my clit shaft. My clit burned with desire and tingled with all the stimulation. I could feel my tensions quickly building, and I laid down flatter on him to get more stimulation to my clit. My powerful up and down thrusting motion was replaced with a sliding action that let my clit have direct contact with his dick as I moved him in and out of me. I could hear him moaning, but I was totally consumed with my own pleasure. Every plunge brought me closer and closer, and soon my world became silent as my body focused on its intense bliss. My body moved instinctively to get what it needed. Suddenly I grabbed tightly around Tim’s neck and gripped him close. My hips moved to long powerful thrusts again, and the bed creaked and squealed as I assaulted Tim with all my power. My groans were now an escalating scream, getting louder and louder with every thrust. I started shaking deep inside me, and the vibration quickly exploded through my body. I shook and shuddered as wave after wave of orgasmic shock hit my body. I stopped thrusting and collapsed on Tim, but my body continued to convulse and rock. My body finally became quiet, and a slumped and became limp as the orgasmic fog floated into my brain.

I don’t know how long I laid on top of Tim, but it had to be several minutes. I was just totally spent and satisfied. Tim had his arm around me, and was gently stroking my back. He was still in me, but it was almost limp. But even limp it was bigger than most guys. I lifted my head up just enough to look into his eyes.

“That was an amazing O you gave me,” I said softly. “I am just totally spent. Did you cum?”

“I have never seen a woman orgasm that intensely, even in a video,” Tim said. “It was so amazing to see and hear. And no, I didn’t cum, but was really close when you went off. Remember I’ve already cum twice in the past two hours.”

“Next time we’ll put you on top so you can have more control,” I said. “But I bet your roommates got an earful just now.”

“Yeah, I would think everyone heard you!” Tim laughed. “It was fun to hear you get off.”

“Speaking of getting off, you need to cum,” I said as I sat up. “I’ll let you do some of the work now while I relax.”

I lifted off of him, and double checked that the condom was still in place. I gave him a few firm strokes with my hand, and soon he was rock hard again. I got on all fours, put my head down on the bed, and spread my knees wide.

“There ya go,” I said with a smile. “Enjoy your first doggy style.”

“Oh fuck,” Tim breathed. “What a beautiful sight.”

Tim used his hands to position his dick in my opening, and then gripped the side of my hips tightly with both hands. He started driving into me, giving long, deep, and hard thrusts. His breathing became choppy, and he grunted pleasure noises with every push. He moved faster and faster, and then let out a sharp grunt as his hips flew hard into mine. I felt his penis shudder as he shot his stream into the waiting reservoir tip. Even with the condom on, I could feel the warm liquid as it left his body. I felt him relax, and gently pulled away from him. I turned around and carefully pulled the condom off him, and tied the top. I leaned down and kissed the tip of his penis, and then lifted up and gave his mouth a kiss.

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“How’s it feel not to be a virgin?” I asked with a smile.

“You are a fantasy come true,” Tim said with a very satisfied smile.

We got dressed, and headed out to the main room to finally have our lunch. We did a few hours of homework, and made dinner with his roommates. But, as I would have expected, Tim wanted to try out this new sex thing again! And who am I to say no??

So at about 7, Tim and I retreated to his room again, and quickly got naked. Some simple kissing and foreplay (I don’t need much) and we hopped into bed. Basically, I just took Tim through a whole bunch of different missionary positions to let him try some things. Now, with missionary, I don’t get the stimulation I get from the girl-on-top arrangement, so I also worked with him on how to use his fingers to give some extra attention to the right clit parts. He was a very fast learner. Even though this was his very first time with missionary, he was able to time it to get me off first, and then cum just a minute or two later. Not bad for a rookie.

We went back to doing homework, and about 10 it was time for me to get back, so I started packing up my stuff (there wasn’t a lot!).

“You had a pretty good day after all!” I said to Tim. “A handjob, girl-on-top, doggy, and missionary, all in one day!”

“And a spontaneous one in my pants,” Tim chuckled. “Yeah, it was a good day.”

On the way back to my dorm, we realized he never got a blowjob. Since I really wanted to make his loss-of-virginity day complete, I gave him one in the parking lot to my dorm. It was a really quick one, but I did have him finish in my mouth, so he was pretty psyched about it. And even more important, his goo still tasted good, so there would be more of those in his near future.

A good start on my New Year’s resolution.

We used up about half of the box of XLs that first week, plus he got several HJs and BJs as well, so it was a really good week for us. Tim was also begging to learn how to go down on me, so in mid-week I got him some training and practice on that front. He is very enthusiastic about doing it, and I am confident that he will settle down soon and be very good at it. Its just that this whole having-sex-with-someone-other-than-his-hand is still so new, and he needs more confidence that he is going to get laid whenever he wants. That should slow him down and give him the patience to go down better.

On Wednesday, the day before our return to the infamous lab room, Tim and I decided to go out and plan something fun for the class, rather than the usual bar hopping. We went to a local mall, and I helped Tim pick out some new jeans and a nice shirt. The first thing we shopped for was some new underwear. I wanted something that could keep his stuff in the right spot, but not restrict it too much. We found some really cool ones at Target (of all places). They were super thin with no seams, but were roomy enough to hold his stuff comfortably, and even looked like they would lift his balls up some. After we bought them he put one of them on, so we could see how he would look in some new pants. I really wanted to find some that showed off his package, without being obnoxious about it. He must have tried on 30 pairs for me, but nothing seemed to work. Either too tight so things were too obvious, too thick so everything disappeared, for too loose so there was just a bunch of tenting. Finally, we found a pair of distressed skinny jeans that worked. They were snug, but had a bit of stretch to them so they looked good, and the material was really thin, so you could see just the right amount of penis definition.

When he was limp, you could still see the shaft on his left leg, and if you looked for a bit longer, you could even see that the end of it was bigger, so you knew you were seeing his dick and not some random crease. It looked long and thick and really sexy. But, we also needed to make sure the jeans worked for erections, as well. So, we went back in the dressing room together, and I lifted my shirt and let him play with my boobs for a bit. Once he was hard (only about 20 seconds!!) we stepped back out, and I check him out. Again, perfect. The shaft had elongated a couple more inches down his leg, and was considerably wider, but it didn’t tent out very much. Also, the underwear kept it pointed down his leg, so it was pretty comfortable. Hard or soft, these pants showed him off well. Tim was a little shy about intentionally showing his stuff, but I thought it looked great.

As for me, I went to the custom t-shirt store and found a cute girl’s t-shirt, and had them put put the phrase “Ezekiel 23:20” in feminine script along the back shoulder line. It looked really bible-ish, and very formal.

I end up staying the night with Tim, and let him get some substantial oral practice, which gets him all worked up, so it was a very intense, but brief missionary pounding that I got. I hope his roommates appreciated the short session. The next morning I got up extra early, and did my whole cute-thing routine. Shower, did my hair, makeup, body spray, etc. I put on a delicate pair of red lace panties, and slipped on a short floral flippy skirt. It was a super light material, and it bounced around so cute-like as I walked. I put on some darling little boots, and slipped on my new shirt. I checked myself out in the full length mirror in the living room as Tim’s roommates gawked.

“What do you think?” I asked them as I pushed my boobs around. “Too much nipple for a lab?”

“Ummm, I don’t know,” one of them replied. “I think all guys like nipples.”

I almost felt bad torturing them. They seemed decent enough. Maybe I would fuck them one day to make up for this.

The shirt was pretty tight, so it kept the nipple protrusion pretty much under control. So I decided to skip the bra. I slipped on a light jacket, and was all set. Tim was also dressed, and joined me in the living room. He looked great. Tall, slender, and handsome. And clearly well endowed.

“You look so good, Tim” I told him. “You are gonna wow the girls today!”

“I still feel odd about intentionally putting my wiener on display,” he replied as he turned red. “It is just so clearly visible in these pants.”

“It sure is,” I said cheerfully as I hugged him and patted the long bulge running down his leg. “You already previewed it to the whole class, so now you are just confirming what they already suspect.”

We left early for class and got front row aisle seats. As more students came in, we stood up and faced them as we engaged in small talk and waited for the instructor. It was funny to see the reactions. The girls (and some guys) just could not keep from looking at Tim’s package. At one point he sat on the table and opened his legs. That pulled his balls up even more, and he looked absolutely gigantic. Plus, I think all the attention was turning him on, so he was at least semi-hard. Anyway, it was an impressive show. And, of course, the guys liked my boobs and legs, but nothing new about that.

The instructor arrived, and Tim and I took our seats, and I slipped off my jacket and put it on the back of my chair. My bible verse was not clearly visible to the students behind me. It only took a minute, and I could hear the muted chuckles as the other students looked up the bible verse on my back:

There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses (EZK. 23:20)

Yep, even the bible makes a strong case for a big spurty one. During class, Kim, a girlfriend behind me, texted me. I knew her from last year, and she is really fun, and SUPER hot. I was also showing my text conversation with her to Tim.

Kim: Dating?

Me: Just sex

Kim: Exclusive?

Me: No.

Kim: Can I fuck him?

Me: Yes.

Kim: Big dick?

Me: OMG.

Kim: Eat pussy?

Me: Talented; O time

Kim: Threesome?

Me: Send pic.

Kim: Here ya go

Me: Lets do it

Kim: When?

Me: After lab

So, that is how virgin Tim got his first threesome just 7 short days after his first handjob. Not bad for a shy engineer.

We met Kim just outside of class, and she was even hotter close up. She clearly knew what she wanted, and stared hard at his expanding bulge. She moaned a soft “oh my god” and smiled at me. We walked quickly to Tim’s car. We all chatted a little, but Kim was next to him during the short drive, and kept rubbing her fingers along Tim’s shaft. Of course, when we got to his place, his roommates were there, and they just got this sick look when they figured out what was happening to Tim. Kim, Tim, and I quickly piled into his room. I pushed Tim into a chair, and gave Kim a hug. She got the hint, and she and I were soon naked. I went down on her, and invited Tim over to watch. He was a really fast learner, so I turned my task over to him, and went and straddled Kim’s face for awhile.

Tim got Kim off really hard, and I slid off Kim and he licked me off too. Kim rolled over and got on all fours, and I slid under her as Tim got ready to do some aggressive doggy on Kim. I slid far enough under so I could suck his balls as he thrust in and out of her. Every so often, he would take a break and pull out and stick it in my mouth. Kim and I traded positions so I could take some pounding. We ended up having Tim sit so we could take off his condom and give him a nice double blowjob. I let Kim take the lead on taking the load while I worked his balls, but plenty rolled down the shaft for me to share. After Tim was drained, Kim and I kissed deeply, and then she kissed Tim for along time.

So Kim and Tim really hit it off, and over the next couple weeks there was less and less need for Tim to have my FWB outlet. In fact, it looks like Kim and Tim are dating, and really getting a more regular relationship going, which is really cool. At this point, Kim is keeping his balls pretty well drained, so I only show up occasionally just when I need a fix of his big-dick, or to round out a three-way. The last time I came over for a threesome, I was a little late, so Kim and Tim were already fully engaged, and I walked in just in time to see Tim splat a nice facial on Kim. Anyway, there was no need for me, so I wandered out and got a diet coke from their fridge. His roommates were there and looking forlorn, so I told them that Kim just got a facial and asked if either or both of them wanted to give me one. They both wanted to. And they both did. That was my first time having two guys do a facial. They ended up timing it pretty well, and I must admit that I liked it. We all agreed to do a more traditional three-way the next time I was over. Although they are smaller than Tim, they are both very athletic and are are very enthusiastic, so we should have a lot of fun.

My New Year’s resolution is coming along nicely.

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