An Unexpected Release

He was struggling with his parents’ impending divorce. He was stressed about everything. Home, school, his changing life. It was his senior year and should be the best year of his life so far, he thought. He laid on his bed trying to watch a movie but his rising tension made his mind drift. His eyes wandered to the window overlooking his backyard.

That’s when he spotted someone. He moved closer to the window to confirm what his eyes were telling him. They were right. She was sitting on the bench along a dirt path, in a small section of wooded area that connected the two properties. She was his neighbor but also in his class, and they sometimes flirted but he never took it seriously.

He could see that she was wearing a pink fuzzy sweater and the stretchy black pants that he has admired her ass in at school. Her blond hair fell across her shoulders as it shined in the afternoon sun. He watched her turn the pages of her book for a few minutes as he toyed with the idea of approaching her, but soon gave in to his need and decided to join her on the bench at the edge of the woods.

He walked slowly, careful not to startle her as he asked what she was reading. She looked up, smiled at him, and replied jokingly, “the same thing YOU should be”.

Oh yeah, he thought. He peered down to the cover of the book and recognized that it was their current English assignment. He answered that he had too much on his mind to read, so she would just have to help him out with the details.

She flashed a sexy smirk of a smile as she uncrossed her legs and asked, “And exactly what is it that you want to know?” She turned slightly towards him and her body language was easier to read than that book. He placed his hand on her thigh, testing the waters to analyze her reaction before going further.

She looked surprised, but sunk into the excitement of his touch. He innocently rubbed her thigh and they continued to talk about the book until he slid his hand up under her shirt. She slid a tad closer to him but it was just enough for him to know she wanted it.

Their eyes met and he tried to relax his nervous fingers as he ran his hand up until it was cupping one of her young, tight tits. It felt a little bigger than he expected, and seemed to be a perfect handful. He could feel her hard nipple through her bra. He wondered how it would feel in his mouth as he flicked it with his tongue.

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She brought him back to reality as she placed her soft hand on the bulge in his jeans. He couldn’t believe this was happening. She began to tease the button on his fly with her fingers, hinting at what she wanted from him. He felt relieved that she seemed to be giving him a green light and he suddenly forgot about all of his stresses that were getting lost in this moment.

Suddenly she stood up and walked to the back of the bench and signaled him with her finger to follow. She leaned up against the back of the bench and unbuttoned his fly. She had already lost her virginity over the summer but still was not very skilled and was secretly hoping he would take over from there.

It was obvious now that she wanted his dick inside her. Her grabbed her hips and pulled her in for a kiss before resting her ass back on the bench as he slid her stretchy pants down over her hips. He didn’t push them to the ground, but stopped them at her knees in case someone spotted them and she had to grab them fast. He looked down and noticed the delicate purple lace panties perfectly cradling her tight pussy. He gently ran his fingers over the part of the lace where knew her clit was waiting for him underneath.

Through the holes in the lace he felt her wetness and even thought it might be oozing out onto his fingers. He could have sworn he actually felt her clit getting bigger through the panties. He was rock-hard now, and she could see his dick protruding through his boxers just past his open button and zipper.

She curiously touched it with one finger, as if she hasn’t touched a dick before. It looked huge to her and she was a bit concerned that he must be twice the size as the cock she took over the summer. This sent him over the edge, and he plunged his fingers into her lace panties to feel her wet lips and swollen clit. She instantly squirmed so much that he knew this clit had not felt many fingers before.

He kissed her mouth with his tongue before spinning her around so she could grab the top edge of the back of the bench. She instinctively knew to stick her ass out towards him. He pulled her panties down where they fell to her knees inside her black pants. She held on tight, anticipating his entry.

He reached for her pussy and first shoved a finger in, she sprang forward and moaned. He gave her a second finger, prepping her for his dick.. as he knew it was bigger than most his age. She took that second finger like and old pro so he knew she could handle him. He pulled his dick from his boxers and gently plunged it into the hole he had prepared.

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She gasped in surprise but after a few thrusts to spread her slippery juice around, she began rocking back and forth, her body begging him for more. He pounded softly as not to scare her with his size, because he was desperate to finish. He knew that he failed to grab protection on the way out the door but he really wasn’t expecting her to accept his advances. He realized he would have to cum somewhere other than inside her.

All of the sudden, he realized that his fucking was bringing her to climax, and she came as he continued to pound her from behind a bit harder now. The fact that he just made her cum pushed him over the edge, and he quickly had to pull out.

He flopped his dick onto her ass as his cum shot out, and he watched it squirt all over her tight round cheeks. He felt all of his stress and tension draining out and enjoyed the release. When he was empty he put himself back together as she continued leaning over the bench, recovering from what he just gave her.

He then grabbed her panties and pants and pulled them back up, covering her while smearing the line of his cum that was running down her crack with her pants. She turned to face him, said “oh my God” and kissed him.

He said he couldn’t believe they just did that right there in the woods. She giggled in disbelief herself.

He took her by the hand and led her around to the front of the bench. He sat, and pulled her ass into his lap.

She could feel his bulge under her but wasn’t sure if he was still hard or if it was just his surprising size that she was feeling.

He placed his arm around her back and said, “Ok. Now tell me about this book.”

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