Bach & Elgar's Happy Ending Ch. 02

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“Jack,” I whispered.

I had woken in the dark. The half-dark. Although it was my bed, it felt so different. It was warmer, to start with.

I was lying against a man. There’s a man in my bed; the thought came to me. part of my mind was shocked by this, another part was completely unsurprised. He was familiar; he had a man’s unmistakable smell, but he was fresh and clean. My hand was stroking up and down his leg without being told. It brought up a fragment of memory. My voice spoke his name without being told.

“Jack, you’re in my bed…”

“You’re in your bed too, just like we were before.”

“But it’s dark. What happened…”

“Well, it’s the middle of the night.”

More fragments came to me as I lay there. I was stroking his leg the way he had stroked mine all that time ago. No, it was earlier that same evening. Events moved far away or closer in my mind, almost at random.

In the gloom I could faintly make out his slim body. There seemed to be a tuft of hair on top. My fingers felt through the curly hairs to a soft something. They curled around his penis. Every touch was bringing back memories. I stroked the shaft and felt it thicken. Jack made a long “mmmm” sound.

Hard now, I stood his cock up in the half-light and played with the skin. Stroking up and down made Jack shift his hips. I rubbed over the hips, down to his thighs and up his sides, over bony ribs and fine chest hair. He was real, a living, breathing man, he was Jack, my Jack.

My lover. My first.

The words in my head gave me a warm feeling and a calm sense of joy. Whatever comes later, this moment is mine, for always; that idea reassured me as I lay against his warm body. I realised the faint light in the room was moonlight. Debussy’s Clair de Lune started up in my head and I think I smiled to myself.

* * *

I woke again, partly. My dream was still with me.

In it Sir Thomas Beecham was conducting us. We were all nude – but no one was disturbed by this at all. Some of the players were actual orchestra members, some were memories from summer swimming pools. There was a range of ages and sizes. Beecham was a kindly uncle-figure, smiling at me and saying, “See, it’s good isn’t it! With a little practice you’ll soon be leading the cellos!” My bow felt warm, a little soft…

I had Jack’s penis in my hand, held between thumb and fingertips, as a bow. I smiled to myself again. I slid my thumb around the semi-hard shaft and played with the soft skin. Jack made small, approving noises. The shaft hardened.

I wanted to see what was happening, so I turned on the bedside light. Jack squinted and turned his head away, but he spread his legs to allow me more room.

I rolled the skin around his now-stiff pole. I could easily see dark blue veins and redder arteries twisting up the outside. It was marvellous. The round, slightly pointed head grew and darkened as I pulled the skin up and down. the look, and Jack’s arousal, spurred me on. I could hear his breathing get heavier. A hoarse whimper escaped him.

I noticed his hips start to move, thrusting up with their own rhythm. I was suddenly reminded of his cock thrusting up inside me. I felt a warm tingle in my pussy (along with a slight tenderness from my pounding on him) and a warmth through my body. I stroked long and smooth, down and around his balls then up over the tip of his cock.

I felt a hand on my head. It brushed down my hair and onto my shoulder blades, lightly scratching my skin. It made me rub my nipples against his side. Jack was panting now, whispering my name. With my free hand I tweaked and stretched my nipples, I was panting now.

I rubbed my face against his shoulder and up under his arm. My hand on his cock rubbed longer and harder.

His legs stiffened and he was there. “Aaah, AAHH! Lena, cumming…” he said hoarsely and again I felt the ripple in his cock. I directed it this time, so his semen shot up in a spurt, landing on his belly. There was another spurt, then one more tiny one. His cum ran over my thumb and into his dark hairs.

He lay, utterly relaxed, a sleepy smile across his face. One hand idly played with my hair. He squeezed me. He whispered into my hair, “I love you,” and that did it for me. I rolled up onto his chest and looked down on him.

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“And I love you, but I need to cum too!” I spread my legs across his torso and searched for his hand.

But Jack had other plans. He gently rolled me over and back onto the bed. He kissed me softly on the lips, then on my chin and down my front. He alternated down each leg, kissing one thigh then the other, one knee then the other and finishing at my feet but looking up towards me. I recognised his cheeky smile.

He lifted both my legs at once and kissed his way down from my ankles, behind my knees and to my buttocks. I was panting more, wanting to demand more, but he was set on building me up.

Legs back down, he kissed and blew on my skin up my legs. Now I shuddered with desire. My legs parted for him as he found his way up to my vulva. He kissed me there, a new, dizzying sensation. My mind reeled as he gently probed with his tongue and pulled with his lips. I cried out with pleasure. He gently spread my hairs open

Jack’s tongue pushed into me, licking my vagina, my lips, my clitoris, his wetness matching my own. The pleasure overwhelmed me. When I closed my eyes I saw flashes of light. I had trouble breathing. I thought went through my head: I wonder if I can get him to do this to me every day? Another thought followed: if I could survive it.

With my hands in his hair I could feel each movement, doubling the excitement in my pussy. My thighs could feel the hairs on his arms, my bottom sensed his hot breath. When his fingers opened my lips I could feel each breath and kiss and suck.

As my climax moved up I could feel my own thighs moving. Jack was now rubbing my clit from above while tonguing my hole below, faster and faster. I realised I was loudly whimpering.

I was getting noisier as my pleasure rose. I’d never done this before and I decided it felt good. Each pant became a cry or a moan.

My orgasm was a long, running leap. My legs were quivering, then my whole naked body. I felt it coming, and somehow Jack did too. He played me beautifully, holding me at the peak until I think I screamed. Hot waves rolled over me. I felt my hands pulling on him, trying to drag him up to lie on me and let me hug him, but my skin was now damp as well as hot.

My roving hands felt his muscles flex as he moved up my body. I could taste myself on his cheeks and lips when I kissed him. It was a strange, extra taste that mixed with his manly smell. I revelled in his scent, his weight, the feel of him as I wrapped myself around him. I felt all dozy and dreamy again. I pushed my hands through his messy hair.

But I was curious as well.

“So, what happened after we made love?” I asked him after a while. “Did you have a shower?”

“Umm, yes. I hope you don’t mind. I borrowed your towel – I could tell yours from your smell. It’s wonderful.” He has a beautiful smile.

“I had just had the best orgasm of my life, so I slept with you for a bit, but then I woke up. I was wide awake, maybe because we left the lights on. I turned everything off, then had a shower, then said hello to your flatmate. She gave me a good long look; I think she was trying to work out if I met her standards and wasn’t a bastard. I think it helped when I offered to help put away the shopping.”

“My… wait, what? My flatmate? You already met her??” I hadn’t worked out how to introduce Jack yet. I wasn’t ready for all this. But I was. I felt so weird and wonderful I could’ve walked out naked and maybe even have done the shopping myself like that…

It was light the next time I woke up. My hand was down between my legs and had lightly stuck to my skin. It confused me briefly, but as I moved it I tugged my pussy lips and a wave of feeling washed over me. About the same time I rolled and brushed the firm, warm shoulder of Jack and the night’s wonderful memory came back. I climbed on top of him.

“Urrgh. Ahh. Good morning, Lena.” He must have been asleep.

I played on his body. I kissed his bony shoulder blades, then his neck and each ear. I rubbed the soles of my feet on his calves. I brushed my nipples across his back. I ground my furry mound against his bottom, tugging my pussy lips again. He made little noises, that might have meant “that’s nice”, or maybe “I want to go back to sleep”.

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I was hungry by now, so I got up. I wanted him with me so I pulled and got him up (with a little effort). I led him down the hallway, out to the kitchen area and there was my flatmate, in her nightie, calmly eating breakfast and reading the Saturday paper. She looked up at us and smiled warmly.

It was then I realised Jack and I were completely naked. I paused, he paused behind me, everything became quiet for what seemed an age. I could almost hear my modesty saying, “Now what, Lena?”

I simply burst into girlish giggles. Jack picked it up immediately, as did my flatmate. I demurely covered my breasts while shaking with laughter. “We’ll be right back!” was all I could manage as I hurried us back to my room.

In my room I took his shirt. He gave me a look. “Are you serious?” he said with a smile.

“I’ve seen it in enough movies. I’m going to give it a try!” I smirked back.

“And for me?”

“Third drawer. The flannelette pyjamas are bigger. They’re at the back.”

“This wasn’t in the contract,” he muttered as he found a top that nearly fitted.

“It matches your beautiful eyes,” I said with a kiss, and his smile got bigger.

In the kitchen there were two glasses and two bowls already out for us.

“Thank you! George, this is Jack. Jack, this is George.” I nearly started giggling again at such a mannish introduction. “Always George, never Georgina!” I whispered.

George gave us a knowing smile. “Hi Jack. Come here, sweet girl.” She gave me a huge hug and kissed me softly on the lips. “Nice catch! You lucky thing!” she whispered.

“I, I don’t usually do this…”

“You silly, you think I don’t know that? You’re always so quiet and modest – and who cares if you did ‘do this’??”

“Actually, he’s my first-“

“You serious? Are you OK? She held my shoulders, genuinely concerned. “How was it? Don’t bother telling me: I heard something earlier this morning that can pass for an answer! You can be very noisy if you want! Come here, you!” She stretched her hand out to Jack.

“I tried to work out last night if you were OK. You were very polite, which was a good start, and I can see from the state Lena’s in, you are OK. Which is just as well, ‘coz anyone who hurts my little Lena…”

“I promise you, that won’t be me!” Jack smiled his stunning smile.

“You two are as bad as each other, I can tell! C’mere!”

George wrapped us in a big, long hug. I could feel her arms squeezing me and her generous breasts pressed against the two of us. She kissed us both on the lips.

“Now tell me Jack, what do you think of her boobs?” That caught us both off guard.

“Her… boobs, are incredible.”

George smirked at me. “What have I been saying? There’s nothing wrong with them! I’ve wanted to have a feel more than once, I can tell you! By the way Jack, that was a test for you, which you passed perfectly.” She gave him another kiss.

“Now, I will make you a true-lovers’ breakfast! I can smell you’ve had first course already, but now I’ve restocked we can have some proper food!”

“George, you are so rude!”

“That’s rich coming from someone who forgot to put clothes on for breakfast! Now, eat! Muffins, eggs, bacon, my famous smoothie?”

Jack spoke up from the lounge. “Can we have some music? I’ve just found one of my favourite pieces.” The was a slide and a click from the CD player. A second’s silence, then a strong low note on a single cello followed by a trill of higher quavers, dancing phrases changing subtly with each repetition. Bach’s Cello Suite no.1 filled the room.

I looked across at Jack’s hopeful face and burst into tears. He and George both rushed up to me as I laughed and choked and sobbed. I couldn’t explain, couldn’t even speak, so I just let them hug me as tears streamed down my cheeks and into my smiling mouth.

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