Bad Beginning but a Fabulous Ending

This work is completely fiction. My definition of fiction includes literature in the form of short stories and novels that describe imaginary events, places, and people. That means it never happened, might be impossible, and may be illegal. The intention is to provide a stimulating story to the reader. My stories are not something I approve or suggest people try. If you are looking for non-fiction episodes in life, my stories will be unappealing to you. If you don’t understand the meaning of fiction, please look the word up in any dictionary.

I knew today was going to be a bad day before my first foot hit the floor. As a matter of fact, I knew it yesterday and actually I had been dreading August 15 for weeks. For one thing, I hated doctors, and I always hated appointments in the past, and I still hate them now. But this one was going to be really terrible as I was assigned to a doctor I didn’t know, so I wasn’t sure what to fear today. I just knew it was a waste of my time.

All day long I kept looking at my watch unable to concentrate on anything whatsoever other than some doctor and nurse asking a bunch of questions and wasting my time while they agreed nothing was wrong with me. Before during the last four years of high school, I needed a physical to play sports, and I just hated having some old dude checking for hernias while I turned my head and coughed while the nurse looked on and smiled at my crimson face.

I have no clue why I hate visiting doctors, but I think I was born that way. Perhaps as an infant, I felt every painful injection, which prevented everything from measles, mumps, and scarlet fever to the groping fingers checking that all my fingers and toes were intact, but by the time I was a teenager I nearly gave up sports because of by fear of exposure.

And while I’m complaining, I hated the showers after gym class and the wandering eyes checking everyone out. Worse than all was the teacher that checked to be sure everyone hit the showers before dressing and heading to their next class. How gross, I thought, but there was nothing I could do about the rules without an excuse, and none were forthcoming from my parents.

I had a big decision to make this morning as I slowly put my feet on the floor that morning. I was eighteen now, and mom no longer made my decisions. I needed to decide what to wear, when to shower, what time to leave, what to have for breakfast, and if I really wanted the sports scholarship at Southern University. I wasn’t sure I was good enough to make either the football or basketball teams, but I was big, fast, and a straight A honor student from a great private high school in Raleigh. I wasn’t a Baptist either, but learning about the school I found that was unimportant, and the campus near the Blue Ridge Mountains was incredibly beautiful.

I struggled through my morning by shooting hoops in our winding tree-lined driveway alone knowing that would help take my mind off the upcoming distraction from my otherwise cheerful life. At least the sky was clear and the temperature lower than recent days when it flirted with 100 degrees. Ninety degrees seemed pleasant even though the morning humidity hung in the still air like a rain-soaked sheet on a clothesline. My clothes were soaked when I showered and prepared for sixty minutes of sheer terror.

I drove myself to the doctor’s practice and read the marquee before I entered the doorway to what was obviously a large practice. The sign indicated there were four medical doctors on staff, and my appointment was with E. F. Hudson, MD CAQ. As I approached the reception desk I wondered what CAQ indicated, but by the time I signed the reception pad, Jerry James, and indicated my appointment time was 2PM, I forgot to ask the middle-aged woman behind the sliding glass.

Grace Johnson, the receptionist, was a pleasant lady that handed me a clipboard that needed completing. Apparently, my mother had completed part of the form about my immunization shots and family’s experiences with cancer and other major issues along with next of kin, and et cetera.

She indicated my doctor was certified in adolescent care, and I wondered what in the world that was and how it was differentiated from adult care. I considered myself an adult, and I felt like I was larger, and certainly a lot taller than most men.

“Jerry, you may use this desk if you wish,” as she pointed to a small table, “to finish the parts that I highlighted with a yellow marker.” She could tell I was somewhat flustered when she mentioned that Dr. Hudson was a female, so she whispered in my ear, “You’re going to like Ellie, and she’s very nice and understanding with patients.”

Grace continued, “Karen Mills, your nurse, will complete the unmarked portions of the form before Dr. Hudson comes in to begin your scholarship physical examination. They’re running a little late today as they have had another sports physical, and they take longer. Have you ever had a complete physical before, Jerry, or have they been the typical turn your head and cough type?”

Jerry blushed, and responded, “No, Ms. Johnson, my pediatrician never really gave me much more than a five-minute appointment, and that’s what I expected today. How long will this take?”

Grace said, “Please be patient, and have a drink from the cooler over there, Jerry. They allocate an hour for this type physical, but some have been a trifle longer recently. Dr. Hudson is very thorough because the NAACP requirements are very detailed.”

Again Grace pointed to direct me should I care for a bottle of water or a Coke and said, “Please return the form to me when you’re done and I’ll see Karen knows you’re ready.”

Oh great, I thought! I didn’t want to be confrontational because this nice lady was not responsible for my unhappiness, and my demeanor was not the type that would cause me to say something unkind. Yet, on the other hand, I get to sit here and wait until they’re ready, and apparently, my physical was going to be lengthy.

I wanted to ask more details about how long my physical would take and what was involved, but I didn’t want to rock the boat. I just wanted to get this behind me and start packing for college. I was leaving next Monday, and I could barely wait.

“Mr. James, please?” I saw the young nurse holding the door for me, and I saw she had the clipboard I completed a few minutes earlier. She led me back to a small office and said she noticed this was my first time visiting Dr. Hudson. I could see she was a few years my senior, but certainly, she was well under 25 years old.

She told me a little about their practice and how they had four doctors that cared for adult patients but that Dr. Hudson was the only one to see patients less than 21 years of age. She’s new here, and I know you’ll like her. I likely fell off the chair when she reminded me that Dr. Hudson was a woman.

Mom never mentioned it, and I wondered if she did this purposefully. I was beginning to think I was losing it because Ms. Johnson already told me the same thing a few short minutes earlier, and I apparently put it out of my mind. Mom knew I hated getting checked out by males and perhaps this was some sick joke she played on her adult son that was leaving her control and starting a new life. Certainly, Dr. Hudson can’t be that bad, I thought.

Karen was a doll! She had sandy blond hair with tiny freckles splashed about mainly on her arms and neck, but I could see faint beauty spots under her light green eyes. It was apparent that she was obviously a natural young woman. What you see is what you get, and I sure liked what I saw. She was about 5’6″ tall with a slender build, but she wore a green medical jacket with her name written in script over the small breast pocket that hid two of her best features.

She wore small pearl earrings and a matching pinky ring on her left hand, but no other jewelry was apparent. Jerry couldn’t help notice her breasts, but they were well covered except for the small amount of bosom she showed with two upper buttons open under her tight-fitting green medical jacket.

As I sat there and answered the questions she posed, I almost wished I was a few years older and could ask her on a date. I loved her soft voice and gentle eyes that maintained contact through every question and answer I provided. Finally, she said, “This is the hardest part of my job, Jerry, so please bare with me.

“Today’s physical is unlike any you have ever had before. You should be aware that I am wearing a recording device so I can log the numbers accurately into your chart. Your pediatrician sent all your records since birth, and your health has been excellent and he thought the need for thorough physicals was unnecessary.”

“Today,” she continued, “We need to follow the new NCAA guidelines exactly as written to assure your body can withstand the rigorous exercise required. This also allows Southern University to be sure you aren’t coming to school with a previous injury, disease, or another malady that the university is unaware; therefore your exam today is unlike many men or women ever experience. Are you ready to begin?”

“I guess I have no alternative if I want an athletic scholarship, do I, Miss Mills?”

Karen liked his response and she could tell by his friendly response that Jerry didn’t intend to make an issue of his dilemma. Obviously, he was a nice young man with better personal skills than most of the young guys she prepared for an examination.

“First off, Jerry, please call me Karen. Usually, Dr. Hudson asks her patients to call her Ellie, but I suggest you wait for her to offer that suggestion. Second, regarding the scholarship, you probably have no recourse on this one. I empathize with you today, but keep in mind that everyone getting scholarships like yours must go through something very similar if not exact. Third, I promise you that these physicals are completely confidential. Fortunately, it is apparent that you are a mature young man and the university and I want to be sure you are completely fit before you end up hurting yourself in a way that could cause you suffering for your entire lifetime.”

By this time, Jerry was becoming more comfortable, and he appreciated Karen’s compassion and understanding of his dilemma. He sure liked her easy-going manner and consciousness and concern for his long-term health.

“Jerry, if you’ll follow me back to the little screen and undress, we can begin. For this physical, you will need to be nude.” Karen could see the questioning if not fearful eyes of this handsome lanky young man, but she continued to say, “We need everything removed today including your shorts and socks. Your jewelry needs to come off too, Jerry. You can place your watch and school ring in your pockets, first if you wish.”

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I was not as scared or terrified as I thought I would be because Karen seemed to project an understanding of what it must be like to exhibit oneself to a strange woman nearly my own age. Well, maybe a few years older, but probably not any more mature. I could tell she was not particularly street-wise, but someone that might still live at home with her parents.

Still, I wondered what Dr. Hudson would be like, and if she would raise my anxiety level the way other doctors did in the past. I guess, there was nothing I could do but come out from behind the room divider and face Karen head on. There was no place to hide but already, Jerry was thinking he’d like to meet her under different circumstances as he realized part of the mystery would be removed when she saw him in his birthday suit.

When I reappeared, Karen had removed her green medical jacket and was wearing a sleeveless blouse, which was much more revealing. She said, “We have turned the temperature up a little so you wouldn’t be cold today, but as you can see, I removed my jacket or I would roast. If you’re ready, Jerry, we’re going to start with the basics. I’ll take your blood pressure while you sit on this school desk type chair after I take your temperature and pulse. Is the room temperature all right for you, Jerry?”

As I sat she rolled up a three-legged stool and sat in front of me before she attached the blood pressure cuff. It was apparent she continued making great eye contact with me as she attached the cuff to my left arm and listened to me report the room temperature was fine. As she started to squeeze the little pump ball I noticed she glanced at my lower body and mentioned I had a great tan. She added that my many hours of exercise exhibits a well-toned body few men are able to achieve regardless of how much they work out.

I explained, “I spent quite a lot of time playing basketball outdoors and working outside on my body strength.”

Karen praised his physique, “Yes, I can see you are quite muscular, Jerry. Whom you work out with when your teams aren’t practicing?”

I really liked the way Karen initiated small talk and made me respond by using sentences instead of a simple yes or no. I knew the answers were unimportant, but I also knew I was getting relaxed and less embarrassed as I got to hear her gentle voice.

“Most of the time I practice alone, but Dad throws the football pretty well, and that allows me to practice some routes. The basketball workouts are with my younger sister who plays a pretty mean guard on the JV team.”

“Jerry, we’re done here, but I need to have you step on the scales and allow me to check your height. You must be one of the tallest freshmen scheduled to attend Southern University, huh?”

“Actually, we have three freshmen enrolled that are over 6’3″, and they’re all said to be outstanding prospects for basketball. As far as I know, though, I’m the only one playing multiple sports.”

“You’re weighing in at 185 pounds and are just barely under 6’5″ tall. That’s a little on the light side for your height, but on the other hand, you’re eighteen and will add weight in the near future.”

Jerry read the bottom line of the eye chart and Karen led him to a two-foot square special steel plate to measure his legs lengths. She was looking forward to performing this test because she recognized Jerry was a special man. He not only had the body of a man, he acted like an adult, and she was very surprised to see his maturity as compared to other teenagers she had examined in the past.

Secretly, Karen wished she were a couple of years younger because maybe he would ask her on a date, and she knew she would accept in a heartbeat. She realized she needed to be careful not to overwhelm Jerry or further embarrass him when she explained the next test.

“This tool will determine how close your legs are to being exactly equal in length. Although this is not part of the NAACP requirements, we have started to evaluate this because many hip and back issues are exacerbated when one leg is longer than the other. We’ll keep it in your file and check it whenever you return for a physical or with pain that could be related.”

Karen asked him to stand on the images where two feet were sketched on the square pad on the floor. An electrical cord provided power to a laser-measuring device with red and green lights flashing in front of each foot. When he stepped on the unit the green light stopped flashing and the red light became solid, which indicated the unit was operative but the readings were not valid.

The feet images were exactly twelve inches apart causing Jerry to stand with his legs moderately spread as he listened to Karen explain the procedure. Jerry had seen scales and measuring devices to determine accurate height before, but his eyes focused on some red and green lights that flickered on the floor until they turned solid red. He had never seen anything like it before. Karen began to explain the device that rapidly caught his attention.

“Jerry, this exam requires me to hold a special reflective contact at the exact junction where your right leg meets the body trunk, and then I need to relocate it to your left leg. I know this is personal, but I will need to hold your penis and scrotum up and out of the laser’s path. Be sure to stand perfectly straight, Jerry. Can I assume you are all right with this?”

Jerry knew he was going to have a major issue as his circumcised penis began to awaken in anticipation of Karen touching his rapidly expanding cock with her soft hand. It was the first erection he had since they started the exam, and in a way, he was glad he could show her that he was a full-fledged, bona fide man.

Thankfully, Karen was excited that Jerry didn’t respond to her question, and she determined that was a positive reply and indicated he authorized her to proceed. Karen returned to his side, and with her right hand she pressed the reflective metal contact into location and then placed her left hand under his scrotum and lifted his testicles and erect penis from the laser’s light path until the green light was fully illuminated, the red light turned off, and a muted chime heard.

Jerry was surprised, to say the least, as he felt his penis increasing in length and thickness as Karen excitedly touched him and moved to get into place to lift Jerry’s erection up and to the right as she placed her warm fingers on his crotch to hold the light sensitive button at the junction where his leg met his body trunk. The unit recorded the length of his left leg down to the hundredths of an inch.

When Karen relocated to the other side of Jerry to measure the right leg, she noticed a small dollop of fluid on the urethra as she pulled it into position. After she saw the green light and heard the weak chime for the second time she was finished, but she hated to release the prize she was holding tightly. She would love to bend over and blot up the semen on his hard cock with her tongue, but she knew better and instead grabbed a tissue to accomplish the objective.

Karen asked, “That wasn’t so bad was it Jerry?”

Karen was surprised, because what she believed was a pretty normal sized penis was actually longer and thicker than she first thought when it sprang to life as she measured his legs, and she assumed it was because his height and long legs dwarfed his reproduction tool, particularly when it was flaccid. When it became erect, she could feel the blood pulsing in her hand as she waited to see the indicator light turn green and hear the chime ring. She wished it took longer to get an accurate measurement.

“Jerry, the readings I just measured indicate your legs are nearly perfectly identical in length, but I should warn you that Dr. Hudson might want to recheck this because she is writing a book and this is the main topic.”

“She likes to be here after the body, leg, and arm circumference exam is completed. For this test, you will need to stand straight while I measure your chest, stomach, neck, and then on the exam table, I will measure the circumference of each arm and leg in three precise places. When these measurements are finished, Dr. Hudson will do a complete body scan, an EKG, listen to your heart through her stethoscope, and probably measure your legs again. Are you ready?

The three standing measurements were fast, but the arms and legs needed to be measured in the exact location. She started with ankles and moved to his knees, but when she tried to measure his thighs she needed to drop the tape while she rearranged his package to get it on top of the measuring tool.

She sang out the numbers into her small recording device that had recorded every word since they first met in the waiting room. She switched to the other leg and then to the arms before she called the receptionist on the phone to advise Dr. Hudson that Mr. James was ready for Ellie to complete his examination.

Dr. Hudson entered wearing a white doctor’s jacket and after the initial pleasantries, the thirty-one-year-old black woman removed her jacket revealing a large pair of knockers that appeared to be searching for a way outside of the restraining bra holding them within. She was more heavily made up, but one could see instantly that she was very attractive and sensual as she asked Karen about the exam.
Jerry was standing with his flaccid penis hanging low between his legs when she arrived, and immediately asked him to call her Ellie before she went to work on his complete body scan. She removed her jacket because of the temperature and explained the room was warm to accommodate his nudity.

She started with his scalp and asked him about his time in the sun, and if he was sure to wear a good suntan lotion to prevent future problems with skin cancer. She worked her way down past his neck, ears, nose and throat as she circled behind Jerry to check the heavily tanned back before she placed her stethoscope and moved it from location to location as he took deep breaths as she listened to the rhythm of his excited heart. She looked closely at his spine to check for any indications of scoliosis, but happily, Jerry looked perfect.

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She patted the examination table and asked him to hop up and lie back on the pillow so she could continue with her examination. She immediately thrust her fingertips into his flesh from his shoulders to his groin to check for hernias, and as she neared his penis he began to feel that growing flesh that lifted quickly from the sheets to staring into Ellie’s black eyes.

She ignored his genitals and moved to his feet and worked her way towards his groin checking his skin and searching for tendon pulls or slight ruptures. Finding none, she commented that she wanted to use this exam to teach Karen how to check for testicular cancer, and she hoped he wouldn’t object.

By now, Jerry’s cock was throbbing and he was fixated on having a woman, preferably Karen, who was so very appealing to him. “Karen has pretty much gotten to know me, so it only seems right I should be your teaching example. I’m sorry about my display below, but I am not accustomed to being examined and handled like this by anyone, let alone two attractive women.”

“I hope you’re not implying Karen didn’t do a through job today, Jerry.”

“Not at all Ellie, I’m not sure I would have volunteered for this experience, but trust me when I say, I can think of no one I’d rather have to examine my body.”

“We need to do an EKG, Ellie stated, so Karen will you please hook him up with the new machine. Jerry, this not only makes a record of your heart beating, but it also will tell us how the blood is distributed to your arms, legs, brain, and genitals. Many men suffering from heart issues also have circulation and erection issues. I can see you have no erection problems, but we’ll check anyway and add the record to your file.”

Ellie said, “I’m trying to persuade Karen to be a physician assistant because I’m convinced she can handle most of the issues I handle every day. Karen, watch this as I inspect his scrotum. It’s necessary to stretch the skin and feel for any irregularities. I’m hoping to find everything inside is smooth as a baby’s butt.

As you do this, Karen, feel the spermatic cords very thoroughly, for this is where a few young men have some very significant difficulties. Fortunately, it is quite rare, but it can be deadly. Will you please do the same search, Karen?”

As I lay on the table and Karen approached me, I could see the excitement in her green eyes, as she saw my penis jumping with every beat of my heart. She held me using both hands just like Ellie did, but her probing fingers were smaller and softer as they searched beneath my skin feeling my balls as I emitted more dollops of semen for her examination.

When she finished she reported that there were absolutely no rough spots whatsoever, and Ellie said they needed to check my penis now.

“First, Karen, please dry his leakage with a new Kleenex before I begin to examine Jerry’s helmet, shaft, and glans.”

“Thanks, Karen. Now we are going to check for any anomalies like red spots, white spots, abnormal curvature, sores, or anything that looks out of the ordinary. See how I push down firmly, Karen? If there are any small tumors I will be able to feel them. An erection like this, particularly on a young man, should feel very hard like a pipe; but his skin needs to be as soft as warm butter.”

“Gently feel his glans, like I’m doing now, and attempt to see if there is increased sensation as you lightly drag your soft fingers across the surface. Do not be surprised if his penis jerks somewhat when you touch these tender areas, and it’s possible he will accidently ejaculate if we stimulate his erection too long.”

“Check the shaft to be sure there is no loose skin or sores. Look closely at the skin beneath the pubic hair to check for moles or other marks, too. These should be identified and photographed, but he appears to be free of blemishes of any kind. Now, Karen, you go ahead and examine his penis, thoroughly.”

Karen lovingly took hold of Jerry’s helmet and probed deeply encouraging more leakage from his urethra, which Ellie blotted up. She searched his pubic hair before she rubbed his pulsing shaft digging for hidden issues, but as she peered at his glans and started to delicately rub there, she could see Jerry’s demeanor change as he warned he was about to loose it.

Jerry lost his control and ejaculated into a container that Ellie grabbed just in time, which she had beside her right hand in case he lost it. She had seen this before, and she was ready to catch the semen and have it tested for his file. She wanted to be sure he was STDs free because she saw the signals that Jerry was interested in Karen and vice versa. Karen lovingly cleaned his penis with a wet paper towel before she returned to finished exploring the internal flesh from his still aroused penis.

Karen was finished with her exam, and Ellie reported that she believed his penis was free of any defects before she departed the small examination room. Karen continued to cleanse any remaining semen from his urethra before she indicated his physical was complete.

As he dressed, Jerry commented that he thought Ellie was going to check his leg lengths, but Karen replied Ellie must have been convinced I did an accurate job. Either that or she needed to go to the restroom. She commented, “We were well over our allotted time for your physical, but I enjoyed every minute.”

Karen suggested that the next time he came in she expected Ellie would examine his prostate, but it wasn’t required for this physical. She added, “You’re pretty young to have an issue with a prostrate, but we can never be too safe.”

Jerry was a little disappointed because he was beginning to enjoy being examined completely for the first time in his life, and the best part were these two attractive women examining every part of his body. Had they been males, on the other hand, he would have been very upset.

Karen was sorry the examination was over, and she knew she’d like to date Jerry, but exactly how she would communicate that without asking him for a date was unknown to her. She didn’t have a ton of experience and she’d never asked a man out before.

After Karen finished cleaning up the examination room she said, “Jerry, thank you for coming here today for your physical. This was by far the most enjoyable exam I ever gave, and I hope I’m here when you return.”

Jerry responded, “If you’re not here, Karen, will you please tell me where I can find you? I’d also like your phone number if you’d consider going out with me. I have some tickets to a ballgame, and I’d like you to come with me. Actually, my little sister, Molly, and a friend will be going too, if that’s alright with you.”

Jerry knew this was his best chance and he went for it by adding, “Actually, Karen, if you’d rather, we could go another place.”

“What about your parents, Jerry, don’t you think they’d object? I’m four years older than you, Jerry.”

Jerry replied, “My parents know that I have been intimate with a few girls beginning in ninth grade. Usually, they have been a few years older because I matured faster than the girls in my class. Mom and Dad are pretty open-minded, Karen. They conveniently leave condoms in my bedroom and I’ve promised to always use them.

Sometimes when I have a girl over, they decide to head off to a movie or to dance at the club. They’re really marvelous about it, but they aren’t quite so lenient with my little sister. She’ll be a sophomore this year, but I don’t think they’ve left any condoms for her.”

“Does you sister know they’re ok with you having sex, Jerry?”

“I doubt it, why?”

“After you leave for college, I’ll bet she has the same privileges you have. They sound like wonderful parents.”

“Use my cell phone, 888-123-4567. Will you call tonight, Karen? What time? I want to be near the phone.”

“Sit by the phone after 7:30 and find out.”

Then she reached up and stretched her arms to give Jerry a goodbye kiss on his cheek before she walked him to Ellie’s office where he got a clean bill of health. Ellie asked, “May I have you scheduled for a repeat physical in a year? Your medical insurance permits an annual physical and I recommend one every year. As you can see, it wasn’t quite so bad as you expected was it, Jerry?”

Jerry said he thought he’d like another physical like this one. “Will Karen be participating too? She really is very thorough and has a wonderful way of putting me at ease.”

Dr. Hudson said, “Sure, Karen will assist me like today as long as she still works here. I noticed how she put you at ease, Jerry when you were on the table a few minutes ago. I’m happy she works here, and I’m hoping she will earn her physician assistant credentials. Then she can do physicals unsupervised. I’ll have Grace make an appointment and give you the time and date on your way out. Thanks again! ”

As Jerry was waiting by his phone after dinner, he realized the day may have started bad, but the ending was wonderful. He had a great feeling his weekend with Karen would be terrific, and he expected to get the answer to that about 7:30 PM.

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