Be Fruitful and Multiply

Be Fruitful and Multiply


The Report of a Disaster Leads to Drastic Measures



Written: 9/22/07- 9/20/10

Revised: xx/xx/xx

(M/F, fantasy, romance, reluctance, consensual sex, teens, teen-ager, cheer leader, virgin, first time.)


After a world-wide disaster, new rules take effect.

A high school cheer leader awakens to find that a world wide disaster has occured killing 85% of the world’s population. She has been selected to participate in a breeding program to replenish the world’s population.


This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

All characters and events in this story are fictional, and as such, the characters belong to me. They are being used for my own fantasy pleasure. (The descriptions of some individuals may be based on people I have known. But, of course, never in this context or situation.)

This story comes from my own peculiar fantasy of specific individuals (read girls that I have known). Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is coincidental. All characters are over the legal age of consent. The author does not support or condone the deception, deceit and lies used to establish the premise described in this story.

The story is a work of fiction. It is strictly a fantasy written for personal enjoyment and entertainment of those who appreciate innocent girls being captured in sexual situations. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for those under 18 years old. In other words: ‘Kids, don’t try this at home!’

No commercial profit is expected to be made from this story. It is not to be resold for profit.

(If you do copy this story to another web page, please give me the courtesy of an e-mail, so I can see where my work is going. Who knows? Maybe you’ll introduce me to a new favorite website!)

Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story (unless there is a sequel) the characters are magically returned to their original condition, undamaged, unharmed, and unchanged in any way with no memory of the events that have taken place. It is as if the story had never happened, because, after all, it never really did.

The setting is the 1950s. This explains why most of the young people mentioned in this work, i.e.: Jim, Jolene and later Tom, are virgins. It also explains Jolene’s surprise when she hears a girl moaning with sexual pleasure and Jim’s shock when Jolene becomes ‘the aggressive partner’ in their relationship. (For those of you who grew up after the ‘free love’ period of the 1960s and 1970s, you’ll just have to take my word for it: That’s the way it was!)

Nanette, on the other hand, has obviously been ‘sexually active’ (to use a modern term: In the 1950s, another description would have been used), but it becomes apparent to the astute reader that although she has been sexually ‘active’, she probably has not received a great deal of satisfaction from her sexual activity.

Birth control is ignored in this story, (but may become integrated in further episodes of this story). Every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Chapter 1: Orientation.

“As you all know, there was a world-wide disaster. . .”

As if coming out of a daydream, Jolene’s (pronounced Jo-lean’ or Jo-leen’) mind drifted back into reality. The last thing she remembered was sitting in a Trigonometry class thinking about a cheer leading routine. She was the head cheerleader and was scheduled to run the next cheer leading practice.

There was a man with a clipboard and a briefcase at the head of a long table, talking. Instinctively, Jolene tuned in on what he was saying.

The word “disaster” grabbed her attention. He continued: “To our best estimate, as much as 85% of mankind has been destroyed.” Jolene was suddenly awake and alert, carefully listening. He went on, “The government, what’s left of it, has determined that an organized breeding program must be established, and you have all been selected to be part of the initial phase. Everyone in this group is 18 years old and was a high school student. You’re all in good health, and hopefully, you will be able to produce healthy offspring. The girls are all in their fertile period, so this is an ideal time for each of you. You have been pared with a partner who is a favorable genetic match to you, and you have been brought here to see if you are compatible with your match. And if you are, you will be expected to breed to procreate children to help repopulate our country and world.”

Jolene looked around the room. Everyone was about her age, except the man at the head of the table. They were arranged in boy/girl couples. Jolene recognized two of the girls in the room: she was sitting next to Jim and across the table, Jolene recognized Nanette, a close girlfriend, was sitting next to John. Jim and John were both nerds and not part of Jolene’s ‘inner circle’ of friends. She had seen the another girl and boy from her school in the halls and knew they were a couple, but she didn’t know their names. And there were other couples that Jolene didn’t know, apparently from other schools.

Nanette wore a new, scandalously fashionable see-through blouse which displayed her lacy camisole top that hugged her well-shaped breasts and revealed the lines of Nanette’s brassier The bra-straps were clearly visible. There was just a trace of two bumps showing exactly where Nanette’s nipples were beneath her undergarments. Nan’s skirt was the shortest skirt in the room, stopping slightly above her knees: rather immodest for the mid 1950’s.¬

All of the girls were wearing blouses that buttoned down the front and skirts. There were no sweaters or slacks. @@

Jolene raised her hand. “Excuse me. What disaster? I don’t know about any disaster. The last thing I remember was sitting in Trigonometry class at school. What are you talking about?”

“That is a normal after effect of the disaster. The disaster occurred several weeks ago. Many people do not remember either the disaster or what happened afterward. At some point, your memory will begin working again and will pick up from that point onward. I’m sorry, Miss,” he paused to look at his clipboard, “Miss Jolene, if your memory hasn’t begun functioning yet. And in case you don’t remember, I am the monitor of this program.”

He scanned the others in the room. “Are there others that don’t remember what has happened before today?” he asked. Several hands in the room went up. “This must be terribly frightening for you.”

Jolene and several others nodded.

“I’m sorry that you are finding yourself in this situation without knowing what led up to it. However, it has been decided we cannot delay the program to increase our population any longer.” He looked around the room, meeting the many nervous eyes in the room. “I appreciate that this might be especially difficult for many of you. In this world of the 1950’s most of you young people live celibate lives, and although you might think about sex, probably most of you have never”, he paused and stammered, “taken your fantasies to, um, shall we say” he paused to swallow, “their ultimate conclusion.”

Many of the young people, especially the girls, were embarrassed the casual way he was talking about their sex-lives. Or, rather, the lack of sex in their lives.

Again, Jolene raised her hand. “Excuse me, but shouldn’t I be matched up with Tom Green?” she asked. Tom was her boyfriend. He was a year older than she was and they had been dating for a little more than a year.

“Green?” The man asked and pulled a large book from his briefcase. He perused the pages, then looked up sadly. “I’m afraid Tom didn’t survive the disaster. I’m sorry, Miss Jolene” He returned his book to his briefcase. “In any case, we believe that, er,” he fumbled with a name and pointed toward Jim, the boy sitting next to Jolene, “that HE is the best genetic match for you that is available.”

Jolene gave Jim a withering sideways glance.

Resuming his lecture, the man continued, “Each couple will be given its own room, which will be adequately furnished. We would like to get the program started as soon as possible.” There was a moment of embarrassed silence in the room before the monitor added: “I know that many of you are embarrassed by this, but let me assure you that there are boys and girls all around the country are meeting in rooms like this and are being told the same things you are. Many are meeting their prospective mates for the very first time. I believe you all have the advantage of already being acquainted with the mate that has been selected for you.”

A pretty girl, the one from her school that Jolene didn’t know, raised her hand. “But I can’t do this. I’m not married to . . . ” she pointed to the boy sitting next to her.

“We chose to start this program without requiring marriage,” the monitor stated. “If it turns out that your offspring match our genetic expectations and you wish to get married to your partner, then of course you can. But we’d like to keep the option of rearranging the couples if the genetics don’t work out the way we hope they will. We need to replenish our population as rapidly as feasible and to expand our gene pool as widely as possible. Therefore, every girl of childbearing age will be expected to have at least four to six children. Ideally, each child will be sired by a different father since that will give us the widest possible diversity to our gene pool. So for the moment, marriage is not required. If you wish to be married before you proceed, we can furnish you with an appropriate clergyman.

The girl who had raised the question looked at the boy sitting next to her, and shook her head. “No, I think marriage can wait.” Obviously, although she had been dating her ‘mate’, she wasn’t ready to be married to him, yet. She probably also was not enamored with the idea of deliberately having a baby with him. Or possibly it was simply going through the process of starting a baby that she didn’t look forward to.

Again, Jolene raised her hand. “I’m only eighteen. That’s awfully young to have a baby, or to start a family,” she stated.

“The world is different now,” the monitor stated. “Some of the old principles are not practical any more. This program starts with 18-year-olds and above, but soon, probably even younger girls will be encouraged to have babies.”

Considering the discussion closed, the monitor concluded his remarks.

“All right, then. We will take each couple to its room and we will allow you to proceed. Each room is equipped with a sofa and a bed and bathroom facilities. There is a phone in each room. Simply pick up the phone if any of you need help or encouragement. We’re here to help you, and we’d like to make things as easy as possible for you.”

He stood and started toward the door. “Oh, I know this may be difficult for many of you. I suggest that once you are in your room, girls should open their blouses and remove their bras and panties. Boys should remove their trousers and unbutton your shirts. This may help encourage the mood.

“Also, remember, our goal is for each girl to get pregnant as soon as possible. Therefore, we encourage each of you to copulate several times to increase your odds of getting pregnant. He paused and faced the group with a smile that somehow seemed inappropriate.

“And now,” he said officiously, “be fruitful and multiply.”

Chapter 2: Getting started.

The room had the sterile feel of a hotel room. There were no windows, and Jolene remembered there had not been a window in the room where they had their ‘orientation’.

Painfully self consciously, both Jim and Jolene turned away from each other to remove the required garments.

When they turned to face each other, both quickly averted their eyes after a quick, curious glance. Jolene was relieved that even though Jim had removed his pants, he had the presence of mind to keep one button on his shirt closed. Thus his shirt hung down far enough to conceal his male anatomy.

Jim’s glance revealed that although her blouse was open, either she wasn’t wearing a bra (something that he had suspected when he had seen her walking around school with an eye-catching bounce) or it had been one of these open-in-the-front bras and she had already opened it. Of course, her skirt hung down revealing nothing improper.

Then, as if by mutual agreement they both sat on the sofa facing each other. The sofa was wide enough that Jim could rest his arm on the back behind Jolene’s shoulders, but there was still a small distance separating them.

Both teen were embarrassed and uncomfortable. And both were afraid to speak the first words.

Jolene couldn’t imagine how she could be in a hotel room with a boy she scarcely knew. Jolene had good grades in school, was head cheerleader, was planning to attend college. She came from a well-to-do family who lived in a good neighborhood in a big house.

She had always known she would give up her virginity some day. Having been raised with the idea of ‘saving herself’ for her wedding night, she had assumed it would be when she got married. But Tom, her boyfriend, had been pressuring her during the past couple of months. Tom’s pressure had led her to question the validity of waiting and she had been seriously considering ‘doing it’ with Tom.

After all, Tom had argued, the hymen was just a small piece of membrane: it’s presence or absence is totally invisible to the external eye. In fact, some girls don’t even have one. And some have lost it riding bicycles or in some other innocuous way.

And if Jolene married someone other than Tom, and virginity was important to her husband, Tom reasoned, Jolene could always assure her husband that he was the first one and her husband would never know the difference.

But now, if she was going to have a baby, virginity was really a moot point.

Jim was a relative stranger to her. She had seen him in the halls at school and they had spoken briefly, but she really knew very little about him.

‘It’s not the right time of the month for me to get pregnant’, Jolene thought. But with a start she realized that apparently some time had passed since the ‘disaster’, whatever the ‘disaster’ had been. Undoubtedly, she was at a different place in her cycle than she remembered.

Without a word, Jim slipped the band from her head that held her hair in place. Then slowly, one at a time, he removed her hairpins, allowing her hair to fall over her shoulders. When the last pin was removed, Jolene shook her hair loose, allowing it to fall naturally over her shoulders.

Finally, Jolene looked into Jim’s eyes, her face filled with fear and concern.

“I guess we’re lab partners and we’ve been given a homework assignment,” she stated flatly. “Do you think we should start?” she asked, and, although Jim had only seen the slight movement of her arm, he felt her hand pushing his shirt aside and gently encircled his manhood. It was already erect. He was afraid. He had never done this before.

“Do you think we should?” He asked looking down.

Jolene nodded her head and looked down. Already Jim’s teenage penis was pulsing at her soft, feather-like touch.

Jolene’s boyfriend, Tom, liked it when she held him like this, although she had only held him through his pants. Now she was touching Jim’s naked penis. and apparently Jim liked it, too.

Staring at her breasts, Jim hesitantly raised his hand, but he stopped short. “Are you sure it’s all right?” he asked, unable to believe that he was being touched by the head cheerleader, the most beautiful and popular girl in class, and she was waiting, squeezing his penis ever so gently, her eyes watching his hand, her lips parted expectantly.

“I think so,” she replied, nervously glancing around the room. “Go ahead. You can touch them.” She whispered, her eyes again returning to Jim’s hand.

As gently as he could, he allowed his hand and palm to slide inside her blouse, beneath her breast as if to support it. He weighed it in his hand. She took a deep breath and her fingers surrounding his penis closed a little tighter. Jim closed his fingers around her breast, feeling its softness, and sensed her hold her breath. He wasn’t sure what to expect, He had never touched a woman’s bare breast before. Jolene’s breasts were perfectly shaped, not too large, sagging ever so slightly under the effects of gravity (‘would they sag a lot more when she grew older?’ he wondered), with perfect nipples protruding slightly from tan aureoles located exactly where they should be. Her breasts were softer than Jim expected. Somehow he thought they would be firm and full, but decided that even though she was a senior in high school and had passed her 18th birthday, perhaps her body had not yet fully matured.

His fingers found her nipple and gently grasped it, squeezing very slightly.

“Ohhhhh!” She gave a surprised moan and an unexplained tingle ran up her spine. Her fingers reflexively tightened around Jim’s penis. He gently rolled the nipple, and she moaned again she gave a small whimpering sound, and again her grip tightened around his penis. She was holding him so tightly, it almost hurt, but he didn’t want to say anything.

“Am I hurting you?” Jim asked, releasing her breast and lifting his hand slightly, barely maintaining contact with her breast.

“No!” she answered immediately, and dropping his manhood, her hand flashed to Jim’s and she pressed his palm against her breast. “No, you’re not hurting me. It’s just . . . I don’t know, . . .”

She hesitated.

“What is it?” Jim asked, sounding like he sincerely wanted to know what she was thinking.

“I’ve never felt this way before,” Jolene stammered. “Do that again. I mean, with your fingers on my nipples.”

Jim took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed.

“No! Softer! They’re very sensitive! Be gentle!”

Jim rolled her nipples as gently as he could between his fingers and heard her moan, “Yes! That’s it!”

He kept rolling and her hand returned to his lap to find and grip his penis again.

“I don’t know how to explain it,” she whispered, her head leaning back against the sofa, her hand tightening around his penis.

“It . . . they’re sensitive.” She gave a small gasp, “and when you, uhhhh, roll them like that, it stimulates them.” (Jim could feel the nipples growing bigger and harder between his fingers.) Jolene continued, “. . . and it . . . makes me feel . . . funny. It makes me feel funny in other places, too!” She was breathing faster now, and so was Jim.

Jolene loved her boyfriend, Tom, and at his insistence, she had reluctantly let him touch her breasts. But he always mauled them like he was mixing meatloaf. had always been impatient and grew irritated if she asked him to be gentler or to do anything differently. Jim, on the other hand, was actually listening to her and doing what she asked him to. The difference was incredible. Although she was not in love with Jim, her body was reacting more strongly to him than it ever had with her boyfriend.
Jim changed his hold of her breast, capturing her nipple between his index and middle finger, which freed up his thumb to push back her blouse giving him a better view of those beautifully shaped teen-aged mounds. He kissed her just above the collarbone, right where her blouse met her skin. She arched her back, pressing her breast into Jim’s hand. Encouraged, he kissed her chest a little lower and again she seemed to press her chest into the kiss. Jim paused and looked up at her.

“May I kiss your . . . ” She opened her eyes and met his. “Can I kiss . . .” Jim swallowed hard, trying to find the courage to speak the words.

“You can kiss my breasts. And my nipples, too. I think I’d like that. That is, if you want to!”

“I want to!” Jim replied, returning his attention toward her chest and gently brushing his lips against the flesh where the top of her breast met her chest. He changed his grip on her breast so once again, cradling her protrusion in the palm of his hand, but he still kept her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, gently rolling it. She squirmed a little, but made no attempt to pull away from him.

“It’s funny,” Jolene commented. “I always imagined sex as a nighttime thing. I never thought of having sex during the day.”

Jim nodded. “I guess you can do it anytime you wanted. I never thought about it.” Somehow, Jolene doubted that he had really never thought about it.

He kissed more of her breast and began moving his lips toward her nipple with each kiss. Shifting his hand to support her breast, he nibbled at the top of her nipple, then softly drew the nipple into his mouth.

The electricity swept through Jolene “Ohhhh,” she moaned. He was gently, sweetly, sucking on her, pausing every now and then to kiss her nipple. It was exceedingly erotic and generated a ripple in her stomach.

She looked down to watch Jim nursing at her teats and instinctively, she raised her hand to support her breast for his lips. As she took over the job of holding her breast steady, Jim’s hand slid down her stomach, grazed over her skirt where it covered her pubis, and continued down the inside of her thigh until it came to the hem of her skirt and settled over the bare skin of her leg.

Suddenly frightened again, Jolene pulled her breast breast back and grabbed Jim’s hand on her bare leg. “Tom, don’t!”

Jim stopped his sucking and raised his head to look at her. “I’m not Tom,” he whispered. “Tom is not here.”

Burning from mortification, Jolene quickly apologized. “I’m sorry, Jim! It’s just that, well, I’ve had to stop Tom,” Joleen paused and shuddered, “from doing what you’re doing. I’m sorry.”

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“I understand,” Jim replied sympathetically.

“I know! Things have changed. Things are different now,” Jolene replied miserably. “I refused Tom. And now,” Jolene gave an involuntary sob, “now I’ll never . . . .”

“I understand,” Jim whispered soothingly, releasing his grip on her thigh to put his arm around her. Jolene curled up in his arms and sobbed. Jim held her close and she was comforted being held snugly close to a warm, masculine body while she sobbed, mourning the loss of her boyfriend. Abstractly, she wondered why Tom had never taken the time to simply hold her, especially when she needed comfort.

After a while, her sobs subsided. She composed herself and sat up to pull a Kleenex from the box on the table and blow her nose.

“I’m sorry, Jim,” she sighed, and she lay back on the sofa. Taking a deep breath, she continued, “I know what we have to do! We both know what’s at stake here. “

“I know you were dating Tom. He must be on your mind. Do you want to continue?”

Jolene was touched by Jim’s thoughtful consideration of her feelings. And of his show of respect to Tom by being willing to stop. But she also felt the weight of responsibility on her shoulders. If every girl who had lost a boyfriend (and if 85% of the population had been destroyed, there must be a lot of them) refused to participate, then the ‘repopulation program program would obviously fail.

Carefully, Jolene returned Jim’s hand to her thigh and carefully drew it up her leg about half way to her pubis. Then, she moved her hand to his shoulder and held her breath as his hand slid beneath her skirt, higher and higher. Her instincts told her to stop him, to resist, until his hand grazed her pubic hair (as instructed, she had already removed her panties) and her breath escaped in a small moan. Her body was reacting to his touch. Jolene gave a sudden intake of breath as his hand ran over the top layer of her pubic hair and he felt moisture beginning to build. Jim smiled as a finger carefully grazed her clitoris causing her to jump . She was growing wetter.

Showing remarkable percdptiveness, Jim whispered, “I’m sorry that Tom’s not here with you instead of me.”

“I know you’re not Tom. But there’s something you need to know. Tom and I . . . never did . . . it . . . I’m a virgin. You’ll be my first.

“I . . . uh . . . well,” Jim stammered, sounding embarrassed, “I guess I’m . . . uhhhh . . . I guess, me, too.”

Jolene was somehow pleased. “You don’t have to explain. But it’s nice. I mean, if we’re both virgins.”

“Uhhhh, then,” Jim paused, “I guess it’s time”.

Jolene tensed when she heard Jim’s words. It was not the most romantic statement he could have made! She would have rather let things simply grow naturally into fulfillment. She knew she wasn’t ready yet, but didn’t know how to say it or what to do, so she said nothing. She was frightened, and thrilled at the same time. Like so many teenagers, she was more than curious about sex and wanted to know where her feelings would take her. Jolene let Jim pull her to the side, and she slid down onto the sofa onto her back. Jim moved over her.

Lying on her back, her skirt bunched around her waist and beneath her hips, her blouse hanging from her shoulders exposing the curve of her breasts, she parted her thighs and allowed Jim to slip between them, her heart thumping inside her chest. She positioned herself, her legs, giving Jim a good long view at her already glistening womanhood.

In his inexperience, Jim, with very little foreplay, probed for her opening, unsuccessfully. Frustration grew in both of the teenagers.

Jolene was disconcerted. She had always dreamed of giving her virginity to a masterful lover who would gently, lovingly, but with finesse ease her into womanhood. Instead, she was experiencing the ambivalent fumbling of adolescence. But then again, Jolene was little more than an adolescent herself. If it were her responsibility to take the initiative, she wouldn’t know what to do or how to do it any more than Jim did.

Frustrated with his inability to find her, she reached between them and grasped his penis and lead him past her pubic patch, actually positioning him at her surprisingly wet and hypersensitive opening. Immediately, Jim pressed forward, separating her lips.

And he paused.

Jolene was surprised that her womanhood was actually aching in anticipation. She knew her hymen was still intact. He hadn’t reached it yet, although he was exerting some pressure on it. Her muscles spasmed and she wiggled her hips, not knowing what she should do now. After what felt like an interminable wait, perhaps three or four seconds, she hesitantly moved her hands to his bare buttocks and took a deep breath as she prepared to lift her hips and pull him into her.

Suddenly, Jolene heard the repeated, rhythmic moans of the girl in the next room. Distracted, Jolene didn’t know why a girl would moan in that fashion. It didn’t sound like she had been injured or was in pain. Suddenly, she realized what the sounds represented and her vaginal muscles spasmed tight. She was immediately embarrassed at this essentially public revelation of the activities in the next room. Jolene would never make such noises! No girl with any refinement would broadcast such personal activities to anyone within hearing range.

Meanwhile, now that Jim had found the entrance of her vagina, he reveled, anticipating for a long moment what was about to happen. When he felt Jolene gently pulling on his buttocks and timidly lifting her hips toward him, then tense up, he pressed forward with what he thought was a manly thrust, tearing through Jolene’s maidenhead and eliciting a hoarse groan of momentary agony from the anxious cheerleader beneath him.

Jim knew the moment he had stolen Jolene’s cherry. Breaking her maidenhead, his shaft seemed to swell two sizes larger at the thought of taking the beautiful cheerleader’s virginity. Jim gasped with shock, realizing just how tight she was. She was truly fresh, untampered with.

Jim experienced a double pleasure: first, he was taking possession of her body as he entered her making her a real woman. He was actually fucking Jolene who was the wet-dream of almost every guy in school. And second, this pleasure was increased exponentially by the knowledge that her cherry belonged to him! She had given him her virginity, freely and without objection, without force.

Jolene knew that it would hurt the first time. But even so, she was totally unprepared for the excruciating pain of her deflowerment.

As the pain of her defloration subsided, Jolene’s sexual curiosity was somewhat satisfied. There was more to come and MUCH more to be experienced, but there was little that Jolene had not already imagined. Yielding to her sexual yearnings, Jolene was quickly ready for whatever came next. With blank, obedient eyes, she looked up, staring needingly into Jim’s eyes. Simply speaking, her mind was simply focused on the pleasure she expected to receive and give and Jim felt it. Jolene was perfect! She would be his own sex kitten: a goddess.

Jim began pumping, pushing in deeper. Although it was her first time, she thrust back like a seasoned professional, and within seconds he lost control, shooting his cum into the gorgeous cheerleader. Jolene felt Jim pulsing inside of her. She suspected that each pulse represented millions of sperm being injected into her vagina headed for her womb and Fallopian tubes.

Poor Jolene had been left far behind.

Twenty-four hours ago, the very suggestion that she would behave in such a wanton manner would have shocked Jolene She had displayed herself before a boy, spreading her legs, opening herself, all in anticipation of a . . . cock . . . being jammed into her most sacred of places.

He was an acquaintance at best. An acquaintance! Certainly not a a lover, or even a boyfriend.

Cynical jokes entered her mind. He hadn’t offered her candy. Or chewing gum. He hadn’t even bought her a cocktail!

Chapter 3: Interlude.

It wasn’t long before Jim fell to Jolene’s side, his breath coming in strangled, gasping breaths!

Somewhat disappointed, Jolene murmured, “Is that it? Is it over?”

Jim grunted affirmatively.

Jolene was surprised and disappointed.

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

She disentangled herself from Jim’s embrace and awkwardly climbed to her feet. She was unbelievably sore and she felt used and abused. She made it into the bathroom, feeling like she was walking bow-legged. Her blouse and bra still hung loosely from her shoulders and her skirt hung wrinkled from her waist. Her sex felt damp and sodden. Lifting her skirt, she used the facilities and saw semen dribbling down her inner thighs showing that she was leaking cum from her vagina. Obviously, Jim had provided her with enough sperm to impregnate her if, in fact, the time was right and she was ovulating.

Taking a washcloth from the sink top, she dampened it with warm water and, still seated, she washed the lines of semen from her legs and perineum. There were streaks of blood mixed with the semen. It was blood from her torn hymen. Tears came to her eyes. This was not the way she wanted to give away her virginity. This was not the great adventure she expected sex to be. All of those ‘experts’ on the talk shows and in the books inferred that it would be great! They had lied to her!

Then she saw the stain on her skirt, her nice skirt. And tears poured from her eyes. She wept silently.

When her tears had passed, she drew herself up and slipped out of the skirt and, using another corner of the same washcloth, cleaned it as best she could. When she was finished, she looked at her skirt with the large wet spot. She wanted to put it on and leave. But she felt the responsibility on her shoulders. The monitor had told them that her duty was to get pregnant, to ‘be fruitful and multiply’. And he had suggested having sex several times to increase the odds of successful insemination. Enjoying the process was not a requirement.

Jim had been selected as her mate. He was certainly smart. Apparently he had good genes. And his genes combined with her genes would produce a healthy child. In this post-disaster world, did she have the right to ask for anything more?

Determined to do her duty, Jolene washed her face and returned to the bedroom, feeling somewhat better and to some extent resigned to her fate. Her fate, her destiny, her function, at least for the moment. But there was no point in her blouse getting more wrinkled and possibly stained also.

Jim had taken off his shirt and moved to the bed during Jolene’s absence. Lying on his side in the bed, Jim observed her return and noticed she was no longer wearing her skirt. He watched her stop at the credenza and take off her blouse to hang it up and slip out of her bra. She was not as well built as he had thought. She was a little thicker in the waist and her breasts were smaller and less perfectly formed than he had envisioned. One breast sagged lower than the other.

Almost naked, she approached him, holding out a washcloth with a stain tinted with red. “I thought you might want to see this,” she said simply. “It’s your semen and the blood from my broken hymen.”

Astonished, Jim stared at the stained cloth and nodded. He was surprised, but secretly pleased that she would present the proof of her ‘innocence’ to him. But during her absence, he had already examined his own penis and seen the red streaks of her virginal blood.

Jolene was satisfied that she had done her duty. She lay the washcloth on the night stand. Without a word, she sat on the bed, removed her saddle shoes and bobby socks, then, naked, slid under the covers. Jim’s erection was returning with a vengeance at the sight of this nude girl climbing into bed with him. Jim was ready, his arm extended to be beneath Jolene’s head and around her shoulders. On her back, her breasts lost their definition, spreading and flattening. It had never occurred to Jim how much a good bra shapes and complements a woman’s figure. Still, Jolene, the secret fantasy of every boy in school, had just climbed into his bed, and she had just given him her virginity. The streaks of blood he had found on his penis and thighs and Jolene’s washcloth had confirmed that. He swelled with masculine pride knowing that he had been the man to pop Jolene’s cherry! It was he, not her quarterback boyfriend, but he who had taken her virginity. He had hoped to fuck her today, but had only the faintest expectation that he might actually be her first! After all, she was beautiful and popular! Jim expected that Tom, her current boyfriend, or someone else would have claimed her maidenhead before today.

The two talked for a while, saying little, but talking none the less.

Finally, he boorishly put his hand on her breast. Jolene stiffened.

“They said we should do it several times to . . . .”

Jolene felt the tension in her stomach when she heard Jim’s words. “I know,” she replied.

Jim was elated. Jolene had given him her virginity. She hadn’t exactly fucked him . . . rather, she lay there on the bed and unresponsively let him fuck her which was as much as he could realistically expect. Then, he watched as she had removed the rest of her clothing and returned to his bed, naked, to do it again. Can life get any better than this? Yes! he decided openly allowing his fantasies to progress to the next step. It would be better if she fucked him back! But that was an unrealistic fantasy. ‘Nice girls’ would never actively participate in sex. They might permit it, but they would never initiate it and certainly never become the aggressor or even actively participate themselves.

Jolene was determined to do her duty, even though the experience might not be everything she had hoped for and the man was not the partner she would have chosen. Replenishing the world’s population was more important than her own personal likes and dislikes.

As crude and inexperienced as Jim was, he was also a very perceptive man. He knew that their initial encounter had not been very satisfactory for Jolene And, if possible, he wanted to rectify that.

Softly, gently, his hand caressed her breast and body, slowly exploring every place he could reach, but always watching to see if she liked it. Jolene was tense and nervous, even frightened. The memory of the pain of her deflowerment was still fresh in her memory. But slowly, she began to relax beneath his tender touch. There was an itch forming deep inside her, a small but definite fire growing in her belly. Was this the beginnings of passion that Jim was stirring up in her?

Still holding her breast, Jim leaned over and kissed Jolene He was unskilled at kissing, but the kiss was gentle and although she lay unresponsive, there was a stirring in her loins and gradually she began to return the kiss, bringing her hand up behind Jim’s head. Unconsciously, her vaginal muscles quivered with expectancy.

Jim kissed her nose, her cheekbones, her forehead, and gradually worked his way downward, grazing her perky nipples, momentarily sucking on them before his kisses worked their way downward. Again, she tensed nervously, knowing that he would be kissing her . . . down there! He observed how she tensed up when he kissed the area below her soft stomach and closed in on her most intimate areas.

As his kisses moved downward, the sheet moved with him, leaving her uncovered and exposed. Unconsciously, Jolene’s hand covered her breasts, concealing them from view.

With utmost care and tenderness, he kissed her fur-lined mound. As he continued kissing her pubis, he brought up his hand and barely inserted a single digit into her damp vagina ever so slightly penetrating her, but causing a spasm of shuddering from the blond cheerleader. Her long, slender legs separated, permitting better access to the finger and hand. His kisses continued, his shoulder moved between her knees and his tongue found her clitoris jolting a whimper from her.

His finger moved very little, simply being a presence at the entrance of her womanhood while his darting tongue spurred her libido. The combination caused Jolene to rapidly become hot and bothered. She didn’t love Jim. And she wasn’t in love with him. So why was he generating this excitement, this thrill in her? It should be Tom touching her, not Jim!

Soon, she was practically pumping her hips against his finger and tongue. Her breath was coming hard and fast, she raised her head looking down, momentarily distracted by her tingling, fully erect, nipples that were pointing straight up. Jim, who had moved his entire body between her thighs, looked up and she gave an embarrassed smile that looked both innocent and hungry at the same time. The agitation she felt from the magical effect his finger and tongue extended far beyond where they were actually touching, radiating throughout her pelvis, breasts and, indeed, her entire viscera.

Overcome by stimulation, Jolene grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face upward so she could stop the maddening stimulus to her holy of holies. Her breasts flattened against his chest and her rock-hard nipples pressed into him as his weight settled on top of her, sandwiching her between his firm body and the mattress beneath her, but she didn’t seem to mind. Their mouths met and Jolene could taste herself on his lips. She hesitated to kiss him.
Jolene felt his penis at her opening. This time, he had found it without her help. He was erect and ready to penetrate her again. She was trembling with temptation and anticipation and she gasped as he moved between her velvet lips. She was more than ready for another union! Closing her eyes, she surrendered, relaxing her body and her vaginal muscles, and began to kiss him back. Still afraid, Jolene steeled herself as a delicious ache in her abdomen grew.

It was like a soft electrical current running through her pelvis and up her spine! Once again, she froze, caught in the deep kiss she had instigated, yielding before the insidious pressure as he slowly entered her, at first, barely penetrating, but pushing in deeper with each very gentle thrust, proceeding slowly, one inch at a time. A tiny moan emerged into his mouth, smothered by her lips, as his penetration deepened.

Jolene’s well lubricated vagina was still sore from the loss of her virginity, but there was almost no discomfort as he moved into her this time. The stimulation in her loins was growing as the kiss deepened. Her thighs presented no resistance as Jim slipped between them. Slowly, she shifted her hips until she felt Jim slip comfortably into her.

Jim began a slow, rhythmic movement, filling her, then pulling out only to press into her again.

(Jim was thankful he had found that book in the library that seriously talked about technique, and not simply flat out fucking. He was using some of the techniques mentioned in the book and, even with his lack of experience, he recognized Jolene’s responses.)

Jolene was surprised to find that her misgivings about joining in sexual intercourse with this geek were slowly eroding. He had said he was a virgin. So where had he learned to treat a woman like that? She realized that she was moving her hips in a steady rhythm matching the rhythm that Jim had established. Catching herself, she froze, but sensations she never thought possible were careening through her mind and body.

When she realized that she was matching his rhythm a second time, she relaxed and let her body respond as it wanted to, moving her hips against his which allowed very real pleasures to overtake her. Her conscious kept reminding her what was ‘right’ and what she ‘should’ be doing. but this conflicted with her instinctive physical responses and her confusing emotions. Slowly, her body won out and Jolene began rocking her pelvis into Jim, acknowledging the feeling of having him inside of her, filling her, stimulating her desire. It was almost more than she could take.

Jolene progressively became as fully aroused as she could imagine. Surrendering her ability to think clearly, the guilt she had felt having sex with a virtual stranger was replaced with anticipation and increased pleasure as her body became acclimated to being female and delighting in the joys of receiving physical love from this wonderful male. He had to be a wonderful man to make her feel like this.

Jim grinned and pumped more urgently now, shifting forward, plunging his stiff cock deep into her tight, slick opening with each long, deliberate thrust. Jolene didn’t even realize it when she started panting and making tiny animal noises. Jim stroked deeper, burying himself to the hilt inside her, each stroke making her moan softly. He felt his cock swelling inside the cheerleader, and his arousal caused him to become animal-like in his increasingly intense thrusting. He penetrated her deep and hard, driving her to loud moans of ecstasy.

Jolene’s response made Jim swell with male pride, and he pumped her even harder and faster. Fucking this beautiful cheerleader made him feel wonderful! The bed quaked with their passionate lovemaking as Jolene arched her back, whimpering and crying out while Jim pumped in piston-like rhythm. Slowly but surely, Jolene’s once innocent and virtuous reserve was collapsing, and her once icy demeanor was melting away as her instinctive feminine needs were awakened by Jim’s attentions and lovemaking. There was a satisfied look of euphoria and adoration on Jolene’s face when Jim climaxed and once more she received his sperm inside of her

Chapter 4: Ahhhhh!

Jolene had felt a strange excitement and frustration building within her. In many respects it reminded her of her first kiss. Or the emotions she felt when she first fell in love. She suspected it might be an orgasm building, but not yet achieved. But Jim had stopped before she could find out.

She’d had sex twice now and hadn’t received an orgasm. And how after three times she still had not had an orgasm, she was starting to wonder if something was wrong with her or if her girlfriends were just making stuff up. Maybe all of this stuff about orgasms was just stuff that people had made * * * Tiffany gasped and suddenly learned what all her girlfriends were talking about.

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Jolene had heard about orgasms, those mysterious, mystical experiences that older girls whispered about, but Jolene didn’t know anyone who had experienced one. Nanette was her only close girlfriends who had ‘gone all the way’. Several times, as a matter of fact, and with different boys. And Nanette had complained that once she slept with a boy, all he ever wanted to do was fuck! But Nanette also grumbled that she had never experienced an orgasm with a boy. And yet, this nerd, Jim, seemed to have Jolene teetering close to one. Then he came and he stopped. It was like Nanette had said: “when a boy’s through, he’s through!

Crudely speaking, Jolene had been given the assignment to fuck. And since Jim was her assigned ‘mate’, they were obviously going to continue fucking, at least for a while. Virtue and propriety were no longer considerations in Jolene’s life, at least not in relationship to sex. And if she was going to fuck, Jolene wanted to orgasm, too! She deserved an orgasm! She wasn’t going to be cheated out of an orgasm just because some man didn’t make the effort. She was entitled to her orgasm! Why didn’t he know how to give it to her?

But she knew that was silly. If she didn’t know how to achieve an orgasm, why should Jim know how to give her an orgasm. He had said that he was a virgin too, so how would he know?

When his softening member slipped out of her, Jolene impatiently tried to urge Jim to make love to her again. She actually wanted to experience an orgasm and find out what it was really all about. But Jim became agitated and complained that he needed time to ‘recharge’, whatever that meant. When she grasped his manhood and tried squeezing and pulling, she was surprised that there was no response. Jim explained that it took a man a period of time before he could regain an erection.

“How long?” she demanded. Jim didn’t know.

Petulant, Jolene lay back to wait. Strangely, she had never even though about orgasming when she had been with Tom in the back seat of his Jeep.

Jim was somewhat shocked by the ‘new Jolene’. This was not the prim and proper Jolene he had seen at school for years. It was not the shy and submissive Jolene of his fantasies. Still, he had wanted Jolene to fuck him back. And that was exactly what she had done. Now she showed every inclination to actively fuck him without reservation. So, why not?

He had also been surprised when she pouted and pulled away whenever she didn’t get what she wanted or whenever things didn’t work out the way she wanted. He had never seen this side of her before, and it wasn’t very attractive.

But Jim was young and virile, so it wasn’t long before he began growing larger and harder in her hand.

Jolene felt it first. Then her eyes were drawn to that shaft in her hand that was slowly, much too slowly, rising.

“Now?” she asked, almost eagerly. “Again?”

Without prompting, she spread her knees wide and licked her full red lips as Jim crawled between her legs. Jim was afraid of this new Jolene: would he be good enough for her? It was one thing to simply stick his cock in a girl’s pussy and shoot his wad. The responsibility of doing whatever was necessary to please her was intimidating and scarey as hell.

Jolene, with heart hammering, still holding is penis in her hand, guided him straight to her womanhood where he paused, savoring the moment, but also dreading it.

Not knowing what to do, he decided to try every option he could remember from the book. It was frightening, and a tremendous responsibility. And it would be much more work than fun.

Jim started by sucking and gnawing on her neck. Jolene rolled her head from side to side and sobbed. He bit her earlobe, unfortunately much too hard, and she cried out. It hurt her, but it excited her also and she didn’t want to do anything to interfere with the excitement.

Jim nibbled and kissed his way down until he found a nipple. Jolene moaned when he sucked hard, almost filling his mouth with her breast. Lustful pleasure transfused her as her breast distended, reforming itself to the contours of his mouth. She was twisting and turning beneath him, but she made no attempt to escape him. Desire was burning inside of her, her womanhood yearned for sex. The pure, prim and proper Jolene, the captain of the cheer leading team, was aching to be fucked!

Jim moved from one breast to the other, sucking her nipples, making them harden with each intake into his mouth. Then, her senses crashed through the ceiling as, unexpectedly, he slipped a single finger barely into her pussy. Unbidden, Jolene’s juices poured into his hand and Jolene started panting at his unexpected, but intensely erotic intrusion.

Still holding his penis, she pulled him toward her. The teasing finger disappeared and she felt something large and rubbery separate her feminine folds.

She began to stroke his shaft and held her breath as he mounted her. She was utterly helpless and vulnerable as his weight settled on top of her. Then she gave a squeal of sexual excitement and lust as the now familiar cock moved into her already hot pussy She gave a gasp, then sobbed as he moved deeper, stretching her wider than she could have imagined. Gasping, Jolene was filled like she never imagined she would be filled.

For a minute, she kept her hand between them, feeling his penis as it moved into and out of her, receiving the double sensation of feeling with her hand what her body was experiencing.

She removed her hand and clutched him to her pressing her soft mountains of flesh into his chest and he buried his cock to the hilt.

From his first entry, her body responded. Jolene whimpered as his penis began to repeatedly press into her increasingly hot body. She responded to every thrust. His thrusts became stronger, more masterful, building a sexual heat within her beyond anything she could ever have imagined. Waves of pleasure made her back arch and she sighed in sheer delight!

This was the road to orgasm. Jolene was getting what she wanted. Why, then, was she so surprised that she was receiving it? Smiling, she let her head lie back ‘Savor it,’ she told herself. ‘Don’t analyze it! Let it go. Enjoy it! Let it go!’

Jim was desperately trying to read her responses, trying to observe what pleased her, what satisfied her. He had cum twice. He wanted to give her the same satisfaction that he had enjoyed.

He watched her beautiful face and grinned when he saw her smile and heard her sighing in sexual bliss.

Jolene’s luscious body was building on the arousal of their last attempt at lovemaking. She suspected the orgasm that she wanted so much was coming. “I can’t believe what your cock is doing to me,” she gasped out, and immediately she felt Jim’s manhood harden even more as she uttered the ‘dirty words’.

Her hips were thrusting into his as hard as he was thrusting into her. She was giving Jim the ride of his life!

Take your time and learn to explore each other,> the book had told Jim. The first time may be very awkward but once that is over you will be past the initial fears and be able to learn each others bodies and responses. But don’t rush it.>

Having left behind her initial virginal reluctance and reserve Jolene throw herself into the act of love with wild abandon. She had no reservations this time and she actively joined in. Arching her back, she pressed her breasts into Jim’s hands when he fondled her. His lips on her nipples sent the most wonderful sensations throughout her entire body. She was so intent on seeking her orgasm that she no longer cared who she was with. Her pleasure increased as she totally accepted Jim as her mate. Remembering what she had done earlier and what had excited her, Jolene ventured further into unexplored territory. She used every thrust as an experiment to try to find how she could to shift her body to achieve more stimulation. Every time he thrust into her, she responded, moving her hips, trying to position them so that, selfishly, she would receive the greatest stimulation.

Jim, having the gratification of already fucking Jolene twice, concentrated on the lessons he had learned in that book, paying constant attention to her, listening to her responses, observing what she did, doing whatever he sensed pleased her.

Panting hard, Jolene immersed herself in the warm excitement washing through her. It was more intense than anything she had ever experienced and Jolene’s libido exploded to unbelievable proportions. Jim was doing new and wonderful things to her. Her sexual energy was sizzling and she was squirming and tingling in all the right places!

Poor Jim struggled to keep up with Jolene’s incredibly self-absorbed efforts. It was only Jim’s youthful stamina that gave him the energy, and the fact that he had already climaxed twice that gave him the ‘staying power’ to meet Jolene’s demands, working with her as she frantically pursued the much desired orgasm.

Jolene barely heard the sensual words he whispered in her ear, lost in her own storm of sexual heat and lust. Her whole body ached as his cock drove her toward orgasm. She closed her eyes.

He clutched her breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers as he pressed deeply into her womanhood: The womanhood that felt like a vice of soft flesh clamped around him.

And suddenly, without warning, Jim’s golden haired mate thrashed and screamed as the tingling in her breasts turned into the illusive orgasm, claiming her, convulsing through her enthusiastic body. Jolene’s face transformed into an expression of euphoria and adoration. She latched her heels behind his knees, to pull her pubis against his. Her fingers clawed at his back as she arched her spine and screeched with pleasure. Engulfed in an ultimate will-breaking orgasm, Jolene felt nothing but hunger and lust, pleasure and debauchery. She came over and over, screaming and sobbing in lust filled paroxysms that couldn’t possibly be reality. She thrust over and over onto the cock that had made her cum.

The huge orgasm shook her soft body and Jolene wailed. Arching into him, she screamed as her orgasmic spasms continued.

Jim pounded all the harder, wanting to make her climax again, even though his own cock was ready to explode. Filled with his own lust, he grabbed her hips so that he could drive into her even more powerfully.

“Yessssss!” Jim yelled and he came with a loud howl. He shot his load deep into her. They were both bucking and twisting in erotic pleasure.

Jolene felt his cum filling her and she screamed as yet another gigantic climax claimed her. Stars and fireworks exploded as her body pulsed and spasmed.

Completely energized by Jolene’s display of wanton passion, Jim pumped yet another load of milky semen deep into her, his climax overlapped hers. Her muscles tightened, milking him. And an unexpected, delicious feeling sweep over Jim.

Finally, the wonderful, mutual climax ran its course and both teens slumped into the bed. Jolene, panting and sobbing, lay there quivering and helpless. There was nothing clear in her mind except that never before had she experienced more pleasure and satisfaction.

Jim rolled to the side, relieving her of his weight but still holding her tightly, and listened to her pants and sobs. Ever so gently, he caressed her sweaty body.

Jolene smiled, her eyes focused on infinity. She was filled with a profound sense of satisfaction.

The two lovers lay entwined, sweating, puffing and panting

Jim felt secret delight in his blatant corruption of the captain of the cheer leading squad. His wish had been simply to fuck Jolene this afternoon. The fact that she had become so passionately aggressive exponentially increased the intense pleasure he was already enjoying. And with the eagerness she had displayed, combined with his youth and stamina, he suspected he probably could fuck her at least two or three more times more this afternoon before hitting his limit.

As they both came down from their post coital highs, Jolene was frightened by the wanton libido and passion that had been released within her. Her passion was burning so hot that she was afraid of where it might lead. She didn’t know if she could take much more of the intense feelings she had just experienced. Her neurons had been so scrambled by the intensity of her orgasm that she was afraid of any more sex just then.

But nonetheless, Jolene’s orgasm had affected her profoundly, releasing new hormones that were flooding her body and brain creating a sense of bonding with her partner, with Jim. And that frightened her. Jim may be the best choice for her in this post cataclysmic world. But she wanted to wait a bit before she absolutely committed herself.

And even though Jim was her assigned ‘mate’, they still were not married.

And besides, she was sore and she was sure that she had received enough of Jim’s sperm to inseminate her (if this was the correct time for her to be impregnated). More than enough since there was definitely an excess of semen leaking from her down her buttocks and onto the bed sheets. So, fearfully, she decided to call it quits for today. She was sure that the government would want to repeat the procedure for several days to assure impregnation, so it was reasonable to expect that she and Jim would be fucking again tomorrow. By then, she would have had a chance to spend some time recovering and thinking about everything that had happened to her today.

She smiled to herself. She had wanted an orgasm. And, without dispute, she had experienced an orgasm. In spades!

She could easily become addicted to the orgasm! Already, she felt committed to the cock that had filled her, the cock that had raised her to an unbelievable climax. How many more will-breaking orgasms would it take to enslave her to that cock? To Jim’s cock?

She also smiled at how critical she had been of the moaning girl in the next room. Jolene had screamed louder than any moan, a fact that both embarrassed her and pleased and gratified her. Any woman who orgasmed as hard as she had certainly deserved to scream.

* * * * * * * * *

Chapter 5: Revelation.

Jim wanted to do it again to see if he could. By luck he had chanced an the proper sequence of events to give Jolene an incredible orgasm, and he wanted some more practice so that he could master that technique.

But somewhat reluctantly, Jim accepted Jolene’s decision to end the day’s activities.

Jolene and Jim dressed. As she dressed, Jolene realized she was still not particularly attracted to the man who had been chosen for her, but he had proven a better lover than she expected. And that final orgasm was enough to bring her back to his bed whenever he wanted. But on the serious side, if they were going to have a child together, she felt she’d better get to know him better: maybe she could find things about him that she liked. In any case, like it or not, he was her husband for all practical purposes. She assumed they would probably share a house or an apartment, and she assumed they would have ongoing sex the way she thought most married couples did. At least early in their ‘marriage’.
Taking each other’s hand, Jim and Jolene stepped out of the room and moved down the corridor returning to the meeting room where everything had started.

Nanette stepped out from a room and saw them. “Well, Jolene, did you do it?” Before Jolene could answer, Nanette smiled broadly. “You sure did!” Nanette gloated. “You have that ‘well-fucked’ look all over your face!”

So long as Jim was by her side, Jolene was too embarrassed to respond or to ask if Nanette had gone through with it. But Jolene already knew that Nanette had. Nanette had not been a virgin when this started, so one man, more or less, wouldn’t matter to her.

Nanette fell into step with Jolene and Jim as they walked down the hall. “So, how was it, Jo? How do you like fucking now that Jim’s actually plucked your cherry?”

“Nan!” Jolene exploded, her face burning with embarrassment. Jolene would be glad to share her feelings with ‘the girls’. But that would be ‘girl talk’. It was not something she was about to broadcast to the world, and even though she had just given her virginity to Jim and might be carrying Jim’s baby, she still didn’t know him well enough to start discussing how she felt about, well, about fucking him in front of him.

“Poor John,” Nanette commiserated, referring to the boy who had been selected for her partner. “He was SO nervous and afraid. I managed to get him to fuck me, but he came so quickly! And then, he was so self-conscious he grabbed his clothes and ran out of the room. If he weren’t such a nerd, I’d feel sorry for him. But since the purpose was to get pregnant, I put my butt on a pillow and my feet against the wall and stayed there for half an hour.

“You know,” Nan commented introspectively, “it’s different doing it and actually trying to get pregnant, instead of the other way around. It’s kind of exciting!”

Suddenly Nanette remembered something. “My book! I’ll be right back!” Nanette turned and ran back down the hall to fetch the forgotten item. Both Jim and Jolene paused to watch her run. Then they looked at each other and Jolene took his hands in hers, knowing that she should say something, but not sure what it should be. Hand in hand, they walked down the hall coming to what looked like the lobby of a hotel.

Jim spoke. “Jolene, Thanks for a great time. I had a really enjoyed being with you this afternoon. I mean, it was fun.”

Fun? That was a strange word to choose. It almost like he was saying the things that everyone had to say at the end of a date, thanking her for a date, no matter how miserable the date might have been.

They had just made love! She had given him her virginity, and was beginning to think of him as her partner in life, even her husband. They would probably have a baby! Jolene was beginning to feel committed to spend more time with Jim, to get to know him. She had even begun to think about the apartment they would share. And the, unconsciencely, Jolene swallowed nervously thinking about the sex that they would probably have. Husbands and wives had sex. It was part of the arrangement. Jolene still wasn’t particularly attracted to Jim, and she certainly didn’t feel passionate about him. But she was developing a commitment to make things work out! Having a baby together was a real commitment!

Besides, she wanted to do her duty to help rebuild the world after this disaster . . . she still didn’t know exactly what the disaster was.

Nanette caught up with them as they stepped through the door leading outside. Jim paused to take Jolene’s face between his hand and he gave her a warm kiss. “I’ll call you,” he whispered. “I sure would like to be able to get together again!” He turned and walked purposefully down the street. Confused, Jolene watched him move away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Jolene Nanette. What are you doing here?” Jolene was startled out of her puzzlement. She turned and saw Krystal Gereaux, the third member of her ‘group’ at school, coming up to her. Jolene looked around and realized she and Nanette were standing in front of a rather seedy hotel about a block from their school. Down the street, she saw kids pouring out of the school just the same as they would on any other day.

Jolene turned to Krystal but before she could say anything, a familiar Jeep pulled up to the curb. It was Tom Green’s Jeep and Tom leaned out of the window. “Don’t forget, I’ll call you tonight!” Tom shouted. Jolene stared in disbelief. She had been told that Tom was dead.

“Got to go now. Don’t want to be late for Football practice!” And with Jolene continuing to stare in disbelief, the Jeep roared off toward the football field.

“Jolene,” Krystal spoke again, more insistently this time. “Jolene Nanette. What are you two doing here?”

A terrible fear began to invade Jolene’s consciousness. “Why weren’t you here, too, Krystal?” Jolene asked softly, fearfully. “Weren’t you affected by the disaster?”

“The only disaster I see is how you’re going to explain to your dad why you missed half a day of school.” Krystal answered offhandedly.

Suddenly, Jolene envisioned herself standing before her father explaining what she had done that afternoon. And she knew that truth would NOT be part of her answer. Jolene took a firm grip on Nanette’s arm.

Seeing the confused looks on Jolene and Nanette’s faces, Krystal asked, “What disaster?”

“The world-wide disaster,” Jolene replied. “It took place several weeks ago.”

“Jolene,” Krystal replied seriously, “there has been no disaster. The closest thing that I can think of as a disaster is the fact that you’ve missed your classes ever since Trigonometry this morning. By the way, what were you doing in that hotel?”

Her mouth hanging open, Jolene looked down the street and saw Jim heading home. He was several blocks away.

* * * * * * * * *

the end (?)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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