Be Prepared

Disclaimer: The characters in this fiction story are of legal and consenting age 18 or older. Any resemblance to real persons or places is purely coincidental.


It was Summer in the early 70’s, and I was away at Boy Scout camp. I was still a virgin. The camp was large and sprawling, located deep in a remote forest. Aside from the main camp building that stood adjacent to a large lake, there were individual campsites for each troop. The camp was so large that it required a fair hike to get to the next troop’s campsite.

My own troop was camped high on a ridge in the forest. Roughly a dozen boy scouts with raging hormones shared six over-sized tents, two campers per tent, with each tent mounted on a large wooden platform. Nights were spent talking about girls of course, which only stoked those raging hormones. The talk was explicit, as long as our scout leader, who was camped slightly downhill from us, wasn’t within earshot.

Two weeks of camp in the remote forest passed painfully slow. I was quite tall and lean, not as athletic as my counterparts, and took a bit more ribbing and abuse than average from my peers. We were among the more senior scouts. It was the summer between high school and my first year of college. I had just turned eighteen and was looking forward to autumn when I could enter the next phase of scouting, which was called Explorers. I loved scouting, but the thought of becoming an Explorer was intriguing, more so because Explorers were co-ed.

The ribbing got so bad one day that I went for a hike alone in the forest. I came upon an unoccupied campsite with a large platform tent that had a steel cot with a thick, clean mattress. Over the next several days I made it my own secret getaway. It was a comfortable escape where I could enjoy solo time with a few books that I had brought with me. I was a bit of a bookworm back then.

Back at camp we sat around the fire after returning from lunch at the mess hall. The mess hall was on the second floor of the main camp building which overlooked the massive lake below. After an uneventful lunch we headed back to our campsite which required a two mile hike. There wasn’t much to do that afternoon. The lakefront had been shut down to prepare for a camp-wide water competition the next day.

Time passed slowly. Back at our campsite we noticed another troop hiking through the woods at a distance, but didn’t take much notice. It was probably just another group of campers passing through. But then I noticed that something was different about the hikers — they weren’t boys!

I snatched a pair of binoculars from my tent. Sure enough, they weren’t boys, they were Senior Girl Scouts. My heart raced, and I felt something automatically stirring down below. I could hardly get the words out of my mouth to my comrades — “g-g-g-girls!!!”

In an instant there were twelve horny boys hanging precipitously over a long rock ledge, each with binoculars, spying about a dozen or so very cute girls hiking down slope from us. Their trajectory led right towards our scout leader’s tent. From a distance, the girls looked pretty, about the same age range as ourselves, guided by a pretty blonde Girl Scout leader that appeared to be in her mid- to late 20’s.

To describe the boys as being excited would be an understatement. Their eyes were glued to their binoculars. One boy even set up a telescope on a tripod to get a better view. He positioned himself in a prone position, and looked like a machine gunner preparing to fire. I am sure he wanted to fire his live bullets up inside their fertile bellies.

Of course the discussion quickly turned to sex. Most of the boys were focused on the hot blonde Girl Scout leader who wore rather tiny, tight green shorts. Her white short-sleeve blouse was tied under her large breasts, exposing her incredibly narrow, bare waist. Every one of boys had some sort of comment, each expressing essentially the same thing — they all wanted to fuck her. I could see one boy jacking off and trying to hide it. Another ground his hips so hard into the dirt that he came right in his pants; he never did live that one down. Suffice to say, every one of us had a massive hard-on.

What seemed to be a typical hot, boring, mid-summer afternoon isolated deep in the remote forest had suddenly become every teenage boy’s fantasy come to life. We had a perfect view of some of the cutest girls we had ever seen. We were all high on the thought of what each one of us imagined we’d like to do with them. Our primitive male instincts naturally kicked into high gear.

We scurried back to our tents as soon as we noticed our scout leader heading for our campsite. We did a good job not being caught spying. He called to wake us from our supposed siesta, and sat us around the camp fire. He explained that a troop of Girl Scouts were hiking through the area en route to the far side of the lake where other Girl Scout troops were holding their summer camp several miles to the East. Aware that we were a cauldron of hormones ready to erupt, he issued strict orders to keep our distance from the girls. He had arranged to put the troop of girls up for the night at an adjacent campsite about a half mile from ours. Anyone caught anywhere close to the girls camp site would result in immediate termination of their summer stay.

As if that was going to work — ha! He left us and returned to his own camp site. The troop of girls had disappeared by then, but about an hour later one of the boys noticed the Girl Scout leader returning, alone, to our scout leader’s campsite. The two of them sat side-by-side on a large log and talked. We were beyond earshot to hear anything except the rustling of the leaves around us. Of course we all high-fived each other about our scout leader, who was single and in his late twenties. A good-looking stud in his own right, he was studying to become a minister. We just couldn’t see him as one, and don’t think he became one after that event.

The pair disappeared into his tent. We were beyond giddy imagining what they might be doing with each other, but quickly realized that it was the perfect opportunity to go find the girl’s camp. We knew that it wouldn’t take long for the news of the girl’s presence to spread like wildfire throughout the rest of the camp, after which the area would become strictly off-limits, and guarded like Fort Knox. We had to act fast.

We made our way through the backwoods and quickly found the girl’s camp. We made sure to wear backpacks to make it look like we just happened to come upon their camp while hiking. It worked. When we emerged from the trail, there, in the isolated camp site, stood twelve of the prettiest girls, all dressed in their regulation Girl Scout uniforms, and us boys wearing our regulation Boy Scout uniforms. I don’t think you could find a single girl or boy at that moment that was disappointed. At first the girls looked slightly alarmed, but after they huddled for a few moments their frowns quickly turned to big smiles. The girls then scurried to offer us a place to rest and pampered us with snacks, drinks, and lots of attention.

It was the only time in my young existence that I can recall a place where a group of teen boys and girls were practically drowning in a sea or raging hormones. It was difficult to conceal the large bulges in our Boy Scout trousers. We wore the classic tan Boy Scout pants and tan short-sleeve shirts, complete with badge-laden sashes, canvas belts, neckerchiefs and clasps. Be Prepared was our motto, but we were certainly not prepared for this!

After a bit of banter, the boys and girls naturally paired off and started one-on-one conversations with each other. Flirting was on display, but nothing else happened at first. Everyone was on the lookout for the scout leaders — thank goodness for walkie-talkies.

One Girl Scout in particular sparked my interest. To me she was a little goddess. I was tall, approaching six feet, and she was a petite little thing, standing all of five feet tall, if that. I felt my heart drop into the pit my gut when our eyes met. She appeared to be about my age with big green eyes and silky straight auburn hair with long, straight bangs.

All of the girls were Senior Girl scouts. Senior Girl Scouts were more mature Girl Scouts that wore dark green skirts with the Girl Scout emblem prominently displayed on the left waistband of their skirt. They all wore tight white button-down short-sleeve shirts with the green Girl Scout clover embroidered on the shirt pocket – very sexy. Some of the girls were more developed than others, but the one that caught my eye was clearly well endowed.

I knew our time was short. After some initial talk and innocent flirting, it was clear that the two of us had made an instant and powerful connection. Our hearts raced, practically beating right through our uniforms. My cock was rock hard and throbbing. I practically came when she leaned into me and placed her hand high on my upper thigh only an inch or so from my crotch. She uttered something about primitive camping in the wild. That’s exactly what I was thinking — wild!

We were fortunate to enjoy almost two full hours with the girls. Some of the boys began making out with the girls in their tents. Mine leaned in for a kiss; I was more than happy to oblige. As her lips made contact with mine I discovered heaven on earth. Her lips were soft and thick — utter perfection as mine melted into hers. Her name was Rebecca. She asked me to call her Becky.

The fun didn’t last long enough. We were alerted that the scout leaders had emerged from their little nookie nest. That was our cue to make a quick exit and evacuate before the enemy returned. As we concluded yet another long, slow kiss I peered into the deep pools of Becky’s bright green eyes and informed her, regretfully, that we had to part. We were resigned to the notion that this would be the first and last time we’d ever see each other, but as I prepared to bid her farewell, I took both of her hands in mine and told her about my secret enclave. I explained where it was in the unlikely event that she could break free later that evening.

Behind a large tent I gave Becky a final farewell kiss, told her that she was the most beautiful and amazing girl I had ever met, and then bolted in an effort to catch up with the other boys. We escaped just moments before the Girl Scout leader returned.

Back at our camp we gathered around the fire once more; boys feeling they had become men in just a short time. The boisterous talk was instantly curtailed when our scout leader approached, clueless about our afternoon shenanigans. We kept our secret well, and ribbed him about his extended visit with the hot-looking Girl Scout leader. One boy that acted as our lookout said that the Girl Scout leader appeared quite disheveled when she emerged from his tent, and he had been tucking his shirt and zipping up his pants. He insisted that they had only talked and discussed scout leader things, but we had fun insinuating more, after which he abruptly shut down our conversation and barked orders to prepare for the long hike to the mess hall for dinner. The mess hall was in the main building where roughly a thousand boys converged for meals twice daily.

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We arrived at the mess hall. Scouts were required to show-up in full dress uniform, well pressed, and well groomed. When we entered the soaring mess hall with its massive wooden beams, there was a rather unusual hush. There, not far from our assigned table, sat the group of Girl Scouts. A thousand young men and a handful of pretty girls, all dressed in their official Girl Scout uniforms. You could hear a pin drop. One of the boys sitting an adjacent table leaned over to me and muttered something crass about what he’d like to do to a few of them. I just smiled in response before returning to my meal, trying conceal occasional attempts to catch a glimpse of Becky.

Our eyes met and the two of us fell into a trance. I could visibly see the want in Becky’s eyes, and a bit of sadness in her pouty lips. The sound of utensils clanging on dishes and discussions receded into the distance, becoming only a faint echo in my head. Only a few feet separated me from my entire world — though it might as well have been half a world away. There was nothing I could do to get any closer. My mind began to wander.

I thought – if only I could muster enough courage to make some sort of grand gesture. I imagined myself pushing away from the table, walking straight over to Becky, lifting her high into my arms, and kissing her while the entire legion of boys erupted in cheers. Then again, I knew I’d more likely end-up unconscious and horizontal on a stretcher if I did, or worse.

Whack! A slap from one of my buddies snapped me back to reality from my zombie state.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he asked, for which I had no ready response. As Becky’s face came back into focus I could see her laughing. I blushed with embarrassment. Dinner ended and we made our way back to camp. When dusk began to fall I exited the rear of my tent and slipped undetected into the thick forest. The scout with whom I bunked had gone to the infirmary after becoming ill from dinner. That allowed me to escape unnoticed. I made it to my private enclave just as dusk settled in.

Night was falling and I soon realized that I was going to remain there, alone. I began to pack up my things to return to my troop’s campsite. Just as I emerged from the tent, there stood Becky, like an angel from heaven wearing a smile larger than the full moon that softly lit the landscape around us. Becky approached me, slowly, held out her hands, and grasped both of mine.

“I couldn’t bear to leave here tomorrow without seeing you again.” she said in a soft and sincere voice.

There we stood, our hands clasped, and our eyes fixated upon each other. She was the ultimate image of sexy standing there in front of me. She wore the classic green socks embroidered with the Girl Scout emblem on each side, along with bright yellow flash garters that held them up. Her black patent Mary Janes were so shiny they reflected a little bit of her white panties from beneath her green Girl Scout skirt, which was now much shorter than I had recalled earlier that day.

Becky looked up at me with those big green eyes which were slightly covered by her long silky straight bangs. Around her neck she wore a Girl Scout locket. I could partially see down her blouse and caught a brief glimpse of her cleavage.

There we stood, silent. We didn’t want to move, we just stared at each other and drank each other in. The look in her eyes was dreamy. That a girl could gaze upon me with such adoration was mind-blowing. I was falling in love for the first time in my young life.

I had built a fire, but the fire within was far hotter than any fire I could ever make with conventional wood. I took her hand in mine and gently led her into my tent. The tent was roomy and cozy. I had made it quite homey with a sleeping bag, blankets, and two pillows on the sturdy cot. We sat side-by-side, both feeling a little awkward, not knowing where to start or what to do next.

I slipped my hand into hers, lifted my other hand, placed it gently on her cheek, and then brushed back her soft hair while bringing my lips close to hers, but not yet touching. My hand slipped down to her neck. Only our hot steamy breath separated our parted lips by mere millimeters. She closed her eyes; there wasn’t anything either of us ever wanted more than to feel each other’s lips touch at that moment.

And they did. Our hearts connected as our lips met. We felt one with each other. Our sweet soft kisses said everything that needed to be said. Our kisses became deeper, longer, and more passionate as our tongues gently entangled. We never wanted this evening to end.

She slowly raised her hands up to each side my face, paused, and made me look directly into her eyes. Now face-to-face, she pulled back slightly.

“I want you!” she asserted with absolute certainty.

Becky stood up, her tight young body only inches in front of me. I remained seated. She backed away slightly, still grasping both of my hands. There she stood, the cutest, sexiest young lady that was beyond any divine creature I could ever conjure up in my dreams.

I couldn’t believe that this incredible sexy girl was standing there, right in front of me. Her cute round face, small slightly upturned nose, flawless complexion, and perfect body glowed in the moonlight. Her perky round breasts protruded through her tight-fitting white blouse, partially obscured by the long green Girl Scout sash laden with merit badges that stretched from the top of her shoulder on one side, down to her opposite hip. She also wore the classic green Girl Scout necktie. Becky teasingly pointed to a patch on my own uniform that read “Be Prepared” and asked me if I was. Completely entranced and under her spell, I nodded to affirm.

She began to dance in slow motion, teasing me with her tight curvy body, first moving in closer, then further away, almost like a seasoned stripper but remaining fully clothed. She leaned one shoulder into me. On the crest of her shoulder attached to her white blouse was a patch that read Girl Scouts U.S.A. I thought to myself, thank God for Girl Scouts!

“Do you like Girl Scouts?” She quizzed in a teasing and seductive tone.

“I, I love Girl Scouts – I mean, I love this Girl Scout.” quickly correcting myself.

“Right answer!” Becky shot back, moving in closer and sporting a broad smile.

Truth be told, I always had it in for girls in uniform, especially girl scouts. I had attended private school for most of my youth, and the girls were allowed to wear their uniforms on days when they held meetings after school in the gym. I couldn’t help but notice them every time. I am certain they knew the effect that they had on us boys. I would often head home after school and masturbate to the thought of fucking at least one of them, and I am sure that was par for most boys my age. And now here was my dream Girl Scout standing right in front of me, alone, on a warm summer night. My cock was rock hard, massive, and throbbing with only one desire – to impale this little vixen on it.

Her writhing body made me melt. She spun around and leaned her back into my chest, slid down and then settled her tiny round ass squarely in my lap. She began grinding her cute bottom into my groin, leaned her head back to steal a kiss, but then feigned and pulled away. She did that repeatedly, teasing me, and taking me to the brink. This girl was quite the skilled temptress.

“Where did you learn to do that?” I asked.

“I have two older sisters, they showed me how to be with a boy” she shot back with a carefree chuckle.

She spun around and pushed her breasts into my chest, slithering up and landing a deep, wet kiss on my lips before standing up again between my parted legs. She then placed her hands on my knees and leaned down just far enough to make sure I could see her cleavage, then gently dropped to her knees between my legs. Her hands began to caress the bulge tenting through my trousers. Becky looked up at me through her long bangs.

“Hmmm, what do we have here?” asked the little temptress, rhetorically, as a wicked grin broke out on her face while her tiny hand caressed the erection in my pants.

Becky slowly unzipped my trousers, pulled out my large, long cock, and began to stroke it. Her eyes bulged wide when she saw the actual size of my Boy Scout gear. Quite pleased, she lowered her head and wrapped her soft lips around it. Becky slid both lips over the tip of my tool and encircled it with her young skillful tongue. At one point she looked up at me with my cock in her mouth, her eyes peering through her long straight bangs, and then plunged back down on it. She did that repeatedly, sucking my cock with wanton delight, slowly at first, then faster.
“Mmmm!” she moaned as her hungry mouth devoured my cock.

Becky’s moans were muted with her mouth full of my manhood, but the vibration only served to make me even harder. I was amazed watching this little girl take all eight inches of my hard cock down her throat. I did all I could to keep from ejaculating but it was mighty difficult. Becky had a skillful tongue that brought me to the brink of ejaculation multiple times. It became a bit of a game and challenge between us. She giggled because she knew I was about to explode. I resisted by resting my groin muscles each time I reached the brink, but she was determined to make me cum.

Becky suddenly stood-up again, lifted my legs sideways, and stretched me horizontal on the mattress. She then straddled my hips, lifted her short green skirt, and pulled aside her white satin panties exposing her perfect teenage pussy. The folds of her moist womanhood hovered only millimeters above the head of my cock, just waiting to be split open by it. She rolled her head back over her shoulders and played with her pussy using two fingers, exhaling with pleasure. She then lowered one hand and gripped my hard shaft while simultaneously caressing her tits over her Girl Scout blouse, which appeared to be at least a size or two too small.

We both remained fully dressed, maybe because we were worried that we might have to make a quick exit in the event an unwanted intruder should happen upon us, but we were quite remote and far from where anyone could see or hear us. She continued stroking my cock and looked directly into my eyes with steadfast determination.

“Do you want this?” she asked mischievously.

“Are you sure? Have you ever done this before?” I shot back, aching to feel the warmth and wetness of her budding womanhood.

Becky laughed and admitted that she had never actually had sex with a boy, but had practiced using her older sister’s toys on more than one occasion. I was the one she wanted to do it with the first time. She asked me if I had a condom, but I didn’t.

“I thought you were prepared?” she scolded me with a girlish pout, but then quickly brushed it off.

“Oh fuck it!” she blurted out as she slowly lowered her pussy onto my cock, pushing the head of my cock between her moist pussy lips, pausing momentarily, then sliding the rest of it up inside of her silky-smooth pussy. Becky let out a gasp of pure pleasure. “Ahhh! Now I know what my sister meant!” she uttered as her hips began to writhe from side-to-side and then back-and-forth.

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I remained buried to the hilt. For the first time I felt the incredible rush of carnal pleasure as Becky’s tight little pussy engulfed my cock. It fit like a glove. Her feet remained flat on the mattress; she supported herself by pressing her hands firmly against my chest and rode me effortlessly. I looked down at one point and could see my glistening shaft disappear into Becky’s tight young cunt. Her wetness bathed my stiff tool. Again and again I had to resist cumming — I wanted to erupt inside of her, but also wanted to make it last as long as possible.

We fucked like that for a quite a while. She leaned back, thrusting up and down on my shaft, her round tits bouncing in sync under her white, skin-tight blouse. Her shoulder-length hair rocked back and forth in unison with her grinding hips. Becky enjoyed several loud, convulsive orgasms. Each time her body shook violently. She occasionally took short breaks between orgasms to catch her breath and to enjoy some passionate kissing, leaving my cock buried balls-deep inside of my uniform-clad goddess. She was clearly earning her Reproductive Sciences merit badge to add to the long green sash straddling her tight little body.

I then took control. She was so small it was easy to flip her over in one motion and remain buried inside her. She enjoyed me taking control and dominating her. I might have been a virgin, but with older brothers and lots of salacious talk with my peers, I knew exactly how to handle a girl that wanted it. She wrapped her legs around my hips like a vice, rested her heels on my buttocks, and wrapped her hands around my broad shoulders. We looked deep into each other’s eyes.

“I love you, take my body – own me!”

I had fallen in love with this angel from heaven. It was love at first sight. Casual sex would have been wonderful, but the mutually feelings for each other took our sex to another level altogether. I wanted this girl, and was unleashed. I began pounding Becky with everything I had. I wanted to become part of her and make her mine.

“Harder!” she demanded, “Faster!”

Her words of pure carnal desire were music to my ears. I gripped her hips and drilled her like a jackhammer. Becky thrust her hips up to meet mine with every stroke. I couldn’t tell if I was fucking her or she was fucking me, probably both. My huge, cum-filled balls slammed repeatedly against the base of her pussy, making a loud slapping sound as I bottomed out with each stroke.

“Fuck me! Fuck my brains out!” she screamed. Thankfully no could hear us that far out into the forest, but that is exactly what I proceeded to do.

“Take it bitch!” I demanded with authority, to which she reacted even more positively than I had expected.

This little girl was obviously no saint; even as a virgin she obviously had a great deal of carnal knowledge and coaching. Becky was in heat, and had the skill of a woman far beyond her years. We fucked like animals for at least an hour non-stop. We didn’t want to stop. I wanted to cum badly, and had resisted successfully up to that point, but she then took off the brakes completely.

“It’s OK baby, do it! cum inside me, I want you to give me everything you’ve got.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This girl wanted me to shoot my load deep inside of her fertile young belly. I thought, who am I to argue? There was clearly a risk that she could get pregnant, but neither of us cared. We were engulfed in pure desire, and there was no turning back. I could feel the pressure building in my groin as I continued to fuck the tiny Girl Scout pinned beneath me, slowing only occasionally to steal a kiss before resuming my relentless pounding. The look on her face was evidence that she was loving every moment.

“Don’t stop this time, OK?”

Becky had given me a green light to deposit my load inside her, and I was ready to make a special delivery. With each thrust I could feel cum welling up in my balls, like mercury rising and falling in an erratic barometer. She wrapped her legs even more tightly around my hips and pushed her heels tight against my ass, pulling me deeper with each stroke. In just a moment I was going to release my baby-making seed into Becky’s young fertile womb. The thought of knocking up this incredible beauty was hotter than it was scary. Images of her small frame bulging with a large pregnant belly flashed through my head. I imagined how erotic it would be to fuck her in that state repeatedly. Hell, I didn’t know if I’d ever see her again after this night, but I wanted to make her mine forever. I took several deep, steady strokes and looked into her eyes with determination.

“I’m going to cum” I warned her for the last time, ready to pull out at the last moment if necessary.

“Yes! Shoot it! She demanded, “Shoot it in me!”

Becky’s words sent me over the edge. My face knotted up and my balls tightened as I reached the pinnacle of ejaculation. I slammed my cock all the way into the depths of her love nest and held the head of my penis firmly up against her cervix. My cock swelled up huge as the muscles in my groin fully retracted, momentarily suspended like a roller coaster does as it stalls at the top of a steep climb just before it plunges in a free-fall; I was ready to fire everything I had into Becky’s fertile young womb.

My ripe Girl Scout was ready to be inseminated. Suddenly, I felt an incredible release. Becky’s eyes became huge. Her mouth opened wide and her chin dropped to her chest, but she couldn’t utter a word. I felt a thick stream of warm liquid shoot up from deep within my balls, travel through my long stiff shaft, and spurt violently into her virgin pussy. My first blast of cum caused her hips to visibly buck-up in a double motion to accept my sperm. Her body shuddered and convulsed with a massive orgasm of her own. She let out a faint squeal as my sperm bathed her teenage womb. Wave after wave of pure carnal pleasure engulfed us both as I forcefully bred her, she achieving her desire to be bred.

Our first orgasm seemed to last forever. I never imagined I could come so hard and with so much force. My orgasm was so powerful that I felt it from my head through my toes. My balls recoiled, preparing to fire again as my cock swelled up even larger, fully stretching Becky’s young cunt. She rolled her head from side to side in delirium and fully arched her back, her body begging for more.

“I can feel it!” she screamed, “It’s so warm!”

I was just getting started. I plunged back into her impatient pussy and pulled the trigger again. My cock jerked violently back and forth as I fired another hot burst of pent-up semen into her young female depths. Becky’s convulsive orgasms kept coming as her eyes rolled back into her head. I kept cumming non-stop. Jet after jet of hot cream filled Beck’s cunt, so much that a river of cum began to gush out of her tight, tiny hole. I continued to cum until her body went limp and I collapsed into hers.

My cock remained buried deep inside of her pussy, throbbing and pulsating, not wanting to pull out. I didn’t. We held each other tight, both gasping for air. After catching our breath, we made out passionately. My cock remained in the tight grips of her young womanhood. Hot semen coated her uterus as my virile seed invaded her ovaries. We both lay there basking in the afterglow of what we had just shared.

My cock continued to pulse in her pussy long after she had drained my balls. We didn’t rest very long. I could feel Becky tighten her vaginal muscles around my cock until she got me hard again. This little girl now owned my cock, and we continued to fuck all night until we heard the distant sound of a trumpet at dawn.

We had never fully undressed, and quickly gathered ourselves to make an escape. My legs felt like jelly, trembling and unsteady. I could barely walk. That little vixen had drained my balls so completely that a river of cum ran down her legs when she stood up. We held each other tight once more. I told her that I loved her. I did. It was love at first sight as much as it was love at first fuck. We kissed one last time, then grudgingly parted. I could see tears welling up in Becky’s eyes. It was obvious that we’d likely never see each other again.

I made it back to camp just in the nick of time. That morning, on our hike to the mess hall for breakfast, we ran into the troop of Girl Scouts once more. They were about to make their way back onto the trail that led to their own camp across the lake. There, in the back of the group standing directly across from us, stood Becky gazing at me with a look of satisfaction and adoration that I’ll never forget. The girls around her whispered to each other while one pointed towards me and looked at Becky. Becky didn’t flinch, her eyes were locked upon mine.

My buddies had a perplexed look on their faces. As the group parted they badgered me trying to find out what that was all about, but I played dumb and kept our secret safe. I turned and looked over my shoulder one more time as the two groups marched off in opposite directions. We caught one final glimpse before losing sight of each other through the thick forest. Knowing she was carrying my seed was all I needed to know, and I was certain she was content carrying a piece of me inside of her.

The remainder of that summer I dreamed of my goddess dressed in green. I imagined my seed making her belly bulge through her tight skirt. Each day I reeled in ecstasy one moment, only to plunge into depression the next knowing that sort of love and desire comes only once in a lifetime. My heart was filled with incredible joy and ache at the same time. The first of September brought the end of summer and marked a bittersweet ending.

There is an epilogue to this story though. Becky didn’t get pregnant from our night of lovemaking and total sexual abandon. How do I know? As fate would have it, we ended up attending the same college that September. The look on Becky’s face when our eyes met at registration was priceless. There we stood, motionless, and in utter disbelief. Once again, time stood still.

We became an inseparable couple, later married, and have been together ever since. We now have several grown children; my summer daydreams of fucking my pregnant dream Girl Scout fulfilled over and over again. Today, Becky remains as cute and sexy as ever, with an eternal youth and ageless look about her. Many decades hence our sex has never ceased to be amazing, especially when I find Becky waiting for me each year on the anniversary of the night we first met – wearing her Girl Scout uniform.

It’s our anniversary, tonight.

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