Beautiful 30 yr Old Mexican Virgin

“Tomorrow, my sweet Carmen, tomorrow we shall shave your legs, under your arms and your pussy. But, tonight, I shall make a woman of you.” I promised.

At that, I turned and faced her, Carmen launched her naked body from a standing position, from three feet in front of me, landing in my arms with her legs spread around me, her hands around my neck and her pussy impaling on my steel hard, mushroom headed rod. As her hymen tore, she shrieked in pain, but then drew herself, with the heels of her feet in the small of my back, all the way onto me. I stood there, my hands supporting her ass, as she gasped, allowing the sensation of pain to ease, holding on to her and not moving, allowing her to control the depth of my penetration.

Her 30 year old virgin pussy was soaking wet. It was soaking wet and hot. Her mixed fluids of vaginal lubrication and blood entombed my pulsing cock, her inner muscles flexed, undulated, kegeling unconsciously. I ejaculated into her with only one short thrust. She felt my squirting, realized what it was and began to pant, to moan, and as I thrust slightly, a second time, and on my last rope of cum, she orgasmed.

This 30 year old woman, a virgin, is Carmen Sanchez Travis. Carmen had lived all her life in the remote wilderness in Northwest Mexico, known as the Sonoran desert. Carmen had been a member of a small tribe of Mexican people that struck out on their own under the repressive governments of 1920 Mexican Autocracies. Her grandfather, uncles and aunts, father, all her brothers and sisters, had died or been killed while warring with the Sonoran or Mexican federal authorities, or by ranchers while stealing their livestock. Carmen and her mother were alone hunkered down in a tiny wilderness watering hole, an eternal spring of water, the source of life on the desert. They ate whatever they could; rattlesnake, mice, and birds that they were able to snare, coming into the oasis for water.

I am Bill Travis, a Colorado rancher and farmer. I was in Northern Mexico, that February, on a cattle buying trip. Mexican calves are cheaper and hardier creatures and seem to survive our harsh Colorado conditions better, and with less cancers and health issues, than the hormone injected crop of cattle that we are raising here in the United States, in Louisiana, Missouri and Texas, from where I usually buy my calves. I’d heard that there were some big ranches in Northwest Sonora, Rancho El Saucito, Rancho El Tordillo, and Rancho El Quernado with tens of thousands of momma cows and baby calves on the range out in the desert and they were dirt cheap. I needed to buy about 27,000 head of calves for the feedlots I ran, as well as a few hundred momma cows-to-be, among the better heifers I could find for my cow-calf ranch operation. Due to great winter snows and heavy spring rains, grass would be plentiful this year and I wanted to graze it up and sell it as beef rather than let it dry up and lose the income. The free trade agreement between Mexico and the United States allowed the import of beef on the hoof with proper veterinarian certification.

I rented a helicopter and a pilot in Tucson and met the owners of the three ranches in Moctezuma, right on Mexican Highway 17. One at a time over a period of a week, we took one of the ranchers up and flew over his property identifying about how many head he had to sell, their size and quality. Once back in Moctezuma, we’d agree on a price per head, and how many head we wanted (could get) from him. It was up to him to truck them to me in Colorado, so we also had to figure in his transportation costs. Mexican calves were a lot cheaper. Overall, this would cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars, but save me additional hundreds of thousands, and, at market, would net me millions, if I had it figured correctly (and I did).

On the last day out we were flying over Rancho Quernado with the owner, Senor Delmar Quernado. I saw a couple of people near a spring, though they were trying to hide near some rocks.

The rancher, Senor Quernado, told me that they were just the remnants of a Gypsie tribe of bandaleros who had spent several generations stealing their cattle and living off their land.

He said, “Nobody has seen any of them for over 14 years,” and was surprised that they were still here. He indicated that if we’d land he’d shoot them and be done with the thieves. He had no love for them, at all.

“Nobody is going to die today, senor” I told Senor Quernado. “Put your pistol away, we will land and see about their welfare. I only see two women, where are the men?”

There were no men, the two women had never seen a helicopter and were duly frightened, thinking it was a god from the sky. They’d seen jets flying over at 37,000 feet, but nothing like this.

“A god coming from the sky to take us away” is what they’d thought, Carmen later told me, when they’d seen the helicopter circle and land.

One of the two women was an old and somewhat infirm woman of about 70. The other was a young and stunning woman of 28. They spoke very little Spanish, having learned to communicate in their own invented language, but they did speak enough Spanish to communicate with Senor Quernado a little.

“My mother is sick.” The younger woman said. “Can you help her?”

When I understood, I acknowledged that we could and would and asked her to help us get the elder woman into our machine and we’d transport her to the nearest hospital, in Naco Zari de Garcia, a town of 8,000 about 100 miles to the north of where we were.

The helicopter was crowded and very nearly overweight. That we had used up over half our fuel already, allowed us to take on the extra passengers. We made it to Naco Zari de Garcia on fumes, but we made it. Carmen and her mother, Maria, were taken to the local hospital, where her mother promptly died. She didn’t make it to nightfall. I wondered if it was natural causes or sinister interference. I never found out for sure.

Senor Quernado was anxious to get back to Moctezuma, so he could take his prize, the lovely Carmen back to his ranch and enslave her, rape her and maybe even sell her.

Let me tell you about Carmen; she is an exotic Mexican beauty. At the time, she was 28 years old; the best we could figure from stories her parents had told her about the time she was born. Her dad died when she was about 14 or 15, killed probably by Senor Quernado or one of his men. He was the last man of the group, and he left her mom and her to fend for themselves in the desolate land of Sonora. She is 5’5″, 100 pounds, very long black hair and has the most stunning olive green eyes, and caramel colored skin. Her breasts are 32 inch ‘b’ cup and her waist a tiny 25 inches. Her ass rounded to a comely 32 inches. She had lived a very disparate life, existing on the scarce bounty of the desert, and her body was lean, hard and she was very strong, physically for her size. So, she was tall, lithe, but with no formal training. She’d had no contact with another human, other than her mother for 13 years, and, Carmen had never, ever been with a man.

The rancher assumed she was his and began his domination of Carmen as we left the hospital, after her mother had passed away. Carmen was crying, wanting to be with her mother, protesting and fighting. I have since wondered that if I’d left her to fend for herself, she very well could have kicked his ass and escaped back out to the desert. But, at the time, I had no idea of such things and interfered, soothing her with a calm voice and holding Delmar Quernado at bay. She hid behind me, her tall gringo with blue eyes, sandy hair and nice features, and I became her protector. Eventually I’d become her friend, then her husband, finally, her lover.

Once back at Moctezuma, we agreed on the number of calves that Senor Quernado would deliver to me in Colorado, the transportation costs that I’d reimburse him for and the amount of money I’d pay him for his livestock. We established a final figure. It was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“One more thing, Senor,” I said. “The girl leaves with me or no deal.”

“That is crazy, Senor,” Quernado shouted, “She is not an American citizen, she has no papers, she speaks no English, she was found on my ranch and is my property. You will leave her here, she is my family.”

“Very well Senor Quernado, it was nice to have met you. I think I have decided that I will trim my herd and not take your 8,500 head of cattle after all.” I calmly intoned. “Just deliver to me 4,500 head; instead, same price per head and the transportation costs also the same per head.”

Carmen was watching us, without being able to understand our words, but understanding that she was the topic and that her future was being negotiated. Her olive green eyes were fearful and frightened and grew large as saucers.

I rose to leave the hotel lobby, I bid Carmen farewell with a tip of my hat and a touch of my hand to her wrist. I walked out the door of the hotel to the helicopter pilot and the pickup we were using.

We’d driven to the edge of town, where the helicopter was waiting our liftoff for Tucson. As the blades were beginning to whirl, and the noise of the engine wrapping up, an old pickup came screeching up in a cloud of dust. Senor Quernado exited the pickup and slammed the door with great force, cursing and taking giant steps towards our almost-to-lift-off whirlybird.

“Espera, Esperame” he cried over the noise. “Tu puede tiene la mujer” (“Wait, wait for me” “You can have the woman.”)

“Pero, yo quiero diez mil mas dolares” he bargained. (“But I want ten thousand more dollars”).

“Senor, ella no es suyo vender.” I replied. “Ella es una persona libre.” (“She is not yours to sell, she is a free person”)

“Un mil, senor, solo un mil mas.” He begged. (“One thousand, sir, only one thousand more”)

“Senor, no,” Yo no comprar todo las vacas sin mujer. El es la via el es. Con mujer, yo comprar todo las vacas” I said. (“Sir, no, I will not buy all the cattle without the woman. It is the way it is. With the woman, I will buy all the cattle.”)

He relented and Carmen was motioned out of the pickup and into our helicopter for her ride to a new life in the United State of Colorado.

“One day, I will even this score, senor” he threatened under his breath, not thinking I had heard him with the noise of the helicopter whirring.

I had bluffed, taken a gamble and won. Now, what, how do I help Carmen Sanchez? She got in the helicopter for her second ride, holding onto my arm and gratefully acknowledging her deliverance from what she realized would have been a lifetime of servitude, misery and torture.

But, the unknown was, ‘what she would face with me.’ She seemed to sense that I was no danger, that I would not hurt her, but, she too was gambling.

I was 38 at the time all this occurred, divorced with no children. My grandparents had passed away when I was just coming out of my 4 year marriage, and left me 5 feedlots, 60,000 acres of cattle ranch a bunch of rental properties in the towns of Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Trinidad, Walsenburg and Limon. The estate was equity rich, but cash poor and I sold off all the rental units in those towns to raise the cash that I’d need to continue to ranch, raise cattle hay and grains and feed cattle.

My ex-wife wasn’t entitled to anything, since our divorce was final a week before the death of my grandparents and she was livid, the cheating slut. Now her shiftless lover and her could find work somewhere else, make their own lives in another state. I fired the son of a bitch when I took control of my grandparent’s estate. He was a feedlot manager for one of my inherited feedlots. It left them broke and without much recourse. Nobody would hire him around these parts, and they were not appreciated much when folks found out the jist of my story.

We helicoptered from Moctezuma to Tucson and I bought a pickup truck in Tucson and drove us back to Colorado. Carmen, not having any papers, proof of birth or any legal status in the United States would not be allowed to fly with me back to Denver International Airport. I was prepared to do whatever it took to protect her, see to her support, any medical treatment and education, so I knew that we’d need to begin applications to make her a United States Citizen.

We stopped at a J.C. Penney and bought her several shirts and jeans, dresses and skirts, shoes, boots and socks, with the help of a very nice sales girl. We also bought panties, but no bras. I didn’t think she would appreciate the bra, never having worn one, and she really didn’t need it anyhow.

The trip took two days and one night. We spent the night in Trinidad, Colorado at a chain hotel. I left her alone in the bathroom, but later found out she didn’t know what to do in there and had peed and pooped in the bathtub. I got double beds and Carmen slept in a bed with sheets, pillows and blankets, without being able to see the stars for the very first night of her life, and she was 28 years old. She never slept a wink that night.

In the morning, I went through the drive up lanes in McDonalds and got us each a bacon egg and cheese biscuit with potato patty, coffee for me and juice for her. She loved the biscuit and egg and cheese, but wanted to know what the bacon was, what creature? I just took her bacon, which she’d removed from the sandwich, ate it and said, “mmmmmm good!” She looked totally perplexed. I laughed. But, after she’d eaten, she was still hungry, I could tell, so I went back through and ordered two more of the same sandwiches and juice. She devoured them, bacon included, potato included and juice too.

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About an hour down the road she had to pee, but was not about to tell me. Her squirming in the seat though told me something was up, so I stopped at a rest area. She had no idea what to do, so I took her into the men’s room and into a stall. I was going to close the door to the stall and stand guard while she peed, but she stood there, not knowing what to do. I unbuttoned her newly purchased pants and pushed them down, revealing a lush black bush of pubic hair and alarm in her eyes. I gently sat her down, and she peed. She was able to pull her own pants up, though she struggled with the button and zipper.

I was hard as a rock. But, I had no intention of forcing myself or taking any advantage of this lovely senorita. My job, as I saw it, was to protect and educate her and give her the options to make her own decisions when she could. Until then, I would do all I could to bring her along into the civilized world.

We made it back to my Colorado ranch on the second day out from Tucson and were welcomed back by the couple who live in my ranch house, Victor and Sally Torrez. They work for me, he is my foreman on the ranch, she works in my home, cleaning and cooking. They have their own house on the ranch, just a few steps out my back door to theirs. They’re a young couple of 35 and very much in love, dedicated to one another. I told Sally, I expected to be an uncle someday. Her eyes always glisten when we talk that way.

Sally helped Carmen, got her settled in her room, showed her around the house and began the long road of learning to communicate with her. The two seemed to get along very well. Sally was grateful to have another woman close by, since the ranch was sort of remote and it was not often that she could see others.

After telling them Carmen’s story, I asked Sally and Victor to help me educate Carmen to our way of life, to the world as much as possible. It would be good to start at home and pursue something more formal later.

In March, about a month after I got back from Mexico, semi loads of calves began showing up. I was having all of them delivered to the ranch, we’d sort them and disperse them to the various feedlots and decide on which females we’d keep for our cow-calf operation. I’d use my own bulls and buy several new ones to diversify the bloodlines we have. Overall, in the months of May and June, we took in 28,312 head of bawling, hungry, thirsty calves. We had our hands full; keeping them sorted and moved out to the feedlots. The feedlots were busy buying grain and sileage, mixing the feed and feeding them. Vaccinating, castrating the young bulls and branding was also keeping everyone very busy.

In late April, I saw a line of cattle trucks lining up on the road outside the ranch entrance. I motioned for the lead driver to come in, we were expecting them and they began their roar into the unloading chutes we had built for this purpose.

I never saw him until later, but Senor Delmar Quernado was in one of those trucks. He slipped by me and went to the house while I was busy with all the commotion. It was noisy, dusty and chaos reigned as these hundreds and hundreds of cattle were being off loaded.

Quernado went into the house and was going to kidnap Carmen. He didn’t get very far. Carmen hit him with a piece of firewood, coldcocking him. When we found Sally, she had been beaten and tied and gagged to a kitchen chair. I went into the house to get the bank cashier’s check for the cattle, and found Carmen with a butcher knife at the throat of her assailant. She was red hot angry and probably would have killed him if I hadn’t showed up when I did.

I held off on paying Quernado for the cattle, called the sheriff made a complaint, leaving Carmen out of the picture, just using the assault on Sally and breaking and entering as the reason for my complaint.

Quernado spent 90 days in the county lockup, was deported back to Mexico. He called me from his ranch and wanted to know about payment. I told him, to send the next wave of trucks loaded with calves and I’d pay for them all when they were off loaded and inspected. I warned him not to accompany the cattle, or I’d turn Carmen loose on him, and, what she did not do, I would finish. He said that he understood and would not be coming with the next load.

Other of the ranchers had come with their cattle and we threw them a fiesta, had a party for the drivers and ranch hands, tequila and cervezas flowed, along with ‘bifsteaks, frijoles, ensaladas, y tortillas’ and merriment were the order of the day each time we had a big shipment come in. Not so with Quernado and his guys, unfortunately. However, on Quernado’s second shipment, we did throwa big fiesta for his drivers, once I determined no foul play was afoot.

Carmen is quite apt, intelligent and has a knack for learning. She had become skilled at survival without a man in the unforgiving Sonoran desert and she was quickly learning about Mexico and her neighbor, America. Sally and Victor are second generation Americans, their parents having come from Hermosillo, Mexico, (also part of the Mexican state of Sonora) so they really found many things in common with Carmen and they became fast friends, confidants and Amigos.

The Torrez’s were teaching Carmen to read, teaching her geography of the region of her birth, and of the area in America where she now lived, they taught her many cultural things, because they, too were learning cultural things as the years separated their parents and their own experiences in America. The situation seemed ideal. I am so blessed to see Carmen bloom in my own home. She is a voracious learner, absorbing almost every detail presented.

We began the process of documentation, the application process to citizenship. It is grueling and can take years. Carmen was eager for the challenge and applied herself with vigor. Carmen, I was finding, approached all of life with vigor, with a zeal for living and experiencing new things.

Carmen also, was still a virgin. She’d never been around men much and began to notice the loving and endearing relationship that Victor and Sally had. Sally told me that Carmen asked a lot of very personal questions about her and Victor, asked about Victor’s and my anatomy. She just had nothing with which to compare and was completely vulnerable, and unknowing.
Carmen is a treasure, to be sure.

Living in the same house alone together did present its’ opportunities, and challenges. I think Carmen became sort of surreptitious. She was so curious about me, all about me. I caught her peeking in my bedroom door at me when I was just waking up or going to bed. She’d even removed some of my worn underwear and taken them into her room when they were in the laundry basket. I ignored these things and just let her look. I did not want to embarrass or humiliate or frighten her.

Carmen also became a bit of an exhibitionist around me when we were alone in the house. Since she never wore a bra, I’d get glimpses of nipple when she bent over in front of me. I’d see her panties regularly. She had not learned to sit demurely in the wilds of Sonora, so a dress was no reason to keep her legs closed. She was prone to not wearing underwear; she said they are hot and restrictive. So, often my glimpses were of very hairy pussy.

I was eternally hard. But, I don’t think she knew much about it, so I didn’t really try and hide it, I just went about my business and beat off like crazy several times a day.

After a year of living with me, learning, studying and trying so hard to acclimate to her new life, Carmen sat on the arm of my Lazy Boy after supper one night. She had on a short skirt a t-shirt with no bra, of course. I thought I smelled arousal, also.

“Senor, Bill when will I have children?” she asked innocently.

“Oh, Carmen” I said taken off guard, “you will find a man who loves you and marry him and he will give you children.”

“Who shall I marry, Senor?” she asked. “I don’t like the ranch hands and I do not know anyone else who I want, except for you.”

“Carmen, I am not Mexican. You probably should marry into your own people, shouldn’t you?” I asked.

“I don’t love any Mexican. I love you. I want you to make love with me, like Victor does to Sally.” She challenged. “I have seen Victor’s penis and I’ve seen some of the other ranch hand’s too. They always want me to, what is jack me off?” she asked.

“Victor wants you to jack him off?” I asked?

“No, not Victor, I have just looked in their windows and see them making love. That is what Sally calls it, but it isn’t like jack off is it, Mr. Bill?”

“Anyhow, I’ve seen Victor’s penis and those other Mexican guys’ penis and I’ve also looked in the bathroom when you were showering and I’ve seen your penis. Mr. Bill, it is so huge. Why is yours so much bigger? Is it because you are American?”

“I don’t exactly know the answer to that, Carmen.” I squirmed, my cock begging for attention. “Maybe just because I’m a big guy all over, I guess.”

“I want you to make love to me.” And she plopped down on the floor, raising her dress above her hirsute pussy. Not only was Carmen fully endowed with hair around her vagina, but her legs had a lot of hair and under her arms as well. She’d never shaved, and she had copious amounts of hair. She had the most erotic trail of dark hair that ran from her belly button down into the mop above her pubic bone.

“Carmen, you are so beautiful, and I would truly love to have sex with you, to make babies with you. But, Carmen, we’ve never talked about this. You are from a different world than I am, and you must understand that there are many choices for you. With your beauty, with your intelligence you will have many men white, black and Mexican that want you. When we send you to school, after you become a citizen, you will have many choices become available.” I reasoned.

“You don’t love me. You don’t want me. Yo soy fea. (I am ugly). I am old, too old. You want a young girl.” Carmen reasoned.

“Carmen, do not say those things. They are not true. I do love you, I do want you, you are beautiful and you are exactly the right age. I only want you to have a choice as to what you do with your life, I do not want to be in your way, or to stop you or keep you from happiness.” I explained.

“If what you say is true, then I choose you. I want you to make love to me. I need to feel a man, like Sally has.” She begged.

“Carmen, I want you so much, and I would take you in a heartbeat under normal circumstances. But, first, before we make love, I want you to understand that you are a very special woman. To give away your body to anybody, for the first time ever, is something almost no man living today in America has ever experienced. You are so desirable, and you are still a virgin at 30 years old. I will make love to you on our wedding night, not until, my sweet girl.” I told her.

“Until we are married, I will give you that time to think about what you are asking of me, and allow you to break your commitment to me, and to make love with another man. But, if you do that, you and I will not be together. After we are married, neither you nor I can ever make love with another man or woman as long as we both are alive, do you understand?”

“What about you, can you make love to another woman before we are married?”

“No, I cannot and will not, Carmen. As of tonight, as far as I am concerned you are my wife to be, we are engaged. We will make it permanent on our wedding night. You and Sally must talk and set a date that you think is good for a wedding and we will have it here on the ranch, or wherever you think is good, but not in Mexico.”

“I want to get married tonight.”

“You talk to Sally. You think this through, make sure. Ask Victor; ask the ranch hands or the minister at the church in the valley or one of the teachers at school. Talk to others, be very sure, my lovely little senorita.”

About 20 minutes after I left the house the next morning, I heard Sally and Carmen scream with delight. They were animated and talking in high pitches, loudly whooping and hollering most of the morning. We could hear them clear out in the corrals where we were working. My heart leapt with joy.

Sally and Carmen set our date to wed on June 30, just about 16 months after I’d rescued her from the wilderness of Sonora, Mexico.

We took the first load of calves, 2200 head, now fat cattle, to market one year after taking delivery of them as just weaned, and I made $650,000 net profit on the first loads that went in to the slaughterhouse. After the cost of the critters, all vaccinations, branding, all transportation,feed, cost of building corrals, pens, maintenance and labor, that was almost $300 per head profit, which is unheard of in the cattle business. It didn’t hurt that fat cattle prices had risen sharply since the democrats had assumed power in Washington, and we raised a lot of our own feeds, which supplemented our retail cost of putting on those pounds of beef.

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I still had around 25,000 head in my feedlots and we would ship them a few loads at a time, to different slaughter houses around the Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Texas Panhandle areas, over the next few weeks. This was going to be a windfall. Plus, I had the cow-calf operation up and running well with a thousand head of momma cows and their calves coming on. Our future together looked bright.

But, the brightest of all, was the marriage to my wife, now, Carmen Sanchez Travis. On our wedding night, like I’ve described, she was so anxious to have sexual intercourse, she was so wet, so excited that when I was finally undressed, as I turned facing her with my very hard erection pointing at her, she just jumped from about 3 feet away and landed, impaling herself on my cock. That was a remarkable feat of athletic prowess, as well as great desire and a will to get things started. She could have broken me, but it worked out. Whew!

She was very sore after that first coupling and it took a day, the next day, for her to heal. She was so afraid that sex would hurt and was reluctant to do it again, not wanting me to stick anything in her, at all. She remembered the pain of first union and saw the blood. It did blow her mind.

I was patient. I never tried to use my cock on her. I just kissed, caressed and loved on her. As I bathed her, that second night of our marriage, I shaved her legs and shaved her armpits. I used two razors to do those things. I had a dozen new ones ready.

I continued bathing my Nubian princess, washing her hair, putting expensive rinses in it to make it shiny and soft, then I dried it and brushed it for hours. We returned to the two person bathtub and I ran another full tub of hot water, and began to soften her pubic mound hair, washing and lathering that hairy bush, taking liberties with her clitoris and around her little star shaped rectum.

As I gently clipped the hair from her, then ever so softly ran the razor over her mound, I purposefully put my thumb on her clit, pressing it, making small circular motions on it. She grabbed my forearm and humped my thumb. I gave her access to more of my hand and fingers and she began sliding up and down my inserted fingers, her breathing becoming erratic and uneven. She moaned and became very strong with her demanding hands, pulling me into her. She was only partly shaved, but she was unable to continue with the barbering for the moment.

Carmen suddenly kissed me, opening her mouth, she stuck her tongue into mine with an urgent need, breathing through her nose and pressing her body into mine. She reached down with her hand to find my engorged, raging hard cock.

With one motion, and with water sloshing out of the tub, she straddled me and slowly inserted my cock into her delicious pussy. Absent the pain of our first coupling, she let out a cry of pleasure, and ground herself fully onto my large and hard organ. I dared not move, waiting for her to decide. She began to undulate her hips, allowing my cock to slip in and out a few inches. She became more demanding and I could feel the strength in her hands as they gripped my shoulders. I lay back in the tub letting her take the top position. I had little staying power and began to ejaculate. She continued to hump me in ever longer, harder strokes. She began her orgasm with me fully spent, but still hard. The sensitive tip of my cock was in overtime, but I stayed with her. This was a powerful woman and as small as she was, she was hyper strong. She used me hard and she came with a great shout, a great guttural growl that seemed wild and un-tamed.

My little Carmen was becoming a woman tonight, at 30 years of age.

I finished shaving her pussy, applying lotion to all the areas that a razor had touched.

So far, the physical contact we’d had was desperate in nature. It hadn’t been sweet and loving, it was wild and demanding. I was anxious to be able to make her build slowly, to seduce her. Let me tell you, there was no seducing Carmen. She was hot, day or night, morning or afternoon, before lunch or during lunch. Carmen loved to fuck and she loved it hard, she loved it fast. She woke me by riding me; she put me to sleep while we lay on our sides, fucking in the spoon position, after 3 or 4 fucks throughout the day, as often as I was able to get in the house.

We’d never had any oral sex, it was just her organ mated with mine. How I wanted to explore the nuances, the gentler and more temporal things two people can do for and to one another.

She never became pregnant. She was barren. The news, after 2 years of trying almost 4 times every single day devastated Carmen.

She asked me if it’d be ok if we just didn’t ‘do it tonight’ the night of our doctor’s office visit.

I was actually relieved and said that it was fine, I understood.

But, that night turned into five days and five nights, she hadn’t touched me and eschewed any of my advances to her. She was loving and kind, just not physical. She was in mourning, inconsolable by any of the means with which she had ever become familiar. The idea that she’d never be a mother was something that she wasn’t able to grasp. Once sex became a part of her life, and she knew how to make children, it was a logical next step, become pregnant and to start having babies.

I tried every one of those 5 days to initiate sex with her; she politely refused, with no excuse or explanation. She just wasn’t up for roughhouse sex. She was in no mood to fuck and be fucked like a wild beast.

I know Carmen as well as any person alive, except Carmen herself. So, on the sixth night of our abstinence, I tied her hands to the bed as she slept. Then I lit half a dozen candles in our bedroom and pulled the covers off her. She stirred in her sleep and tried to move her hands, but felt the restraints.

“Bill, what are you doing?” she cried out as she pulled against the restraints.

“Teaching you about love, my sweet Carmen; quit your struggle now and let me comfort you.

She relaxed some, but said, “I am not in the mood for sex tonight honey. Please let me just sleep.”

“No, Carmen. Tonight I am going to teach you about a different kind of sex. Something you are still a virgin about. You’ve always been so anxious to make love, tonight you will experience things you never dreamed of, trust me, my sweet. I won’t do you bad, ok?”

“Bill, please…” She started.

But, I kissed her mouth gently, stifling her objection. I softly blew in her ear, nibbled on her lobe, kissed my way down her taut jaw. I nuzzled on her neck and blew hot air from my open mouth there where her neck becomes her shoulder. She shuddered a little, squirming and squeezing her legs together.

I lingered at her breasts, lathing each in kisses and licks and then warm air from my mouth. Very gently, I caressed her belly and up to whichever breast that I wasn’t licking and sucking carefully.

“I love you so much, Carmen, my little Mexican warrior. I want you to see that when we are finished tonight, you will know my best expression of love that I am able to show.” I whispered very quietly.

She had to be still to hear me from where my face was, at her belly button.

She was squeezing her legs together, putting one foot on top of another and then back. She was writhing and I could smell her juices flowing. This was not familiar to her and she was losing control, having something happen to her, actually with her consent, but without knowing what was coming next. Of course, she was coming next.

As I approached Carmen’s pussy, I noted that it had been 7 days since it was shaved. She had a 5 o’clock shadow. Not to worry, I was on a mission and she would benefit all the same, shaved or not.

Her arousal was obvious, she was moaning, groaning, writhing with lust, with helpless desire. She opened her legs wide for me as I approached her vagina. I avoided it, but blew hot air on and around it as I kissed around it and down the inside of her thighs. Alternating, I kissed lower on her thighs to the inside of her knees, where I lay on my back, my legs off the end of the bed, and pulled her legs over my mouth and I ever so lightly licked the back of each knee, in the hollow of her joint. I lay there kissing each calf down to her feet, taking each toe into my mouth and bathing it with love. I kissed her instep and her heel on each foot and back up to the back side of her knees.

By now she was in full blown arousal. I knew that if she was turned loose, she’d fuck my brains out. But, I wanted to remain in control for now, and I kindly told her, “no” when she begged for release of her hands.

I rolled over onto my stomach, between her legs and I kissed my way up the inside of her thighs. When I got to that junction between her thighs, where her torso begins, I licked and blew on the inside of that area, all around her pussy. She was nearly climaxing, but needed some actual stimulation to push her over the edge.

Gently, ever so slowly, I kissed and licked to her very wet slit. I dabbed my tongue inside it and sucked a mouthful of moisture from her. My upper lip braised her clitoris and she began climaxing. I continued my ministrations, licking and kissing, sticking my tongue as deeply inside her as I could reach, letting my upper lip lightly nibble on her clitoris. Her body convulsed, her legs wrapped around my head, and I could not hear the sounds of her wails as she experienced this love making that was totally unfamiliar to her.

Knowing how sensitive she’d be, I halted my kissing and licking, but continued puffing warm air onto her clit and vagina. It seemed to heighten her experience, and the orgasm seemed to last longer with more intensity than I had seen from her before.

She relaxed her grip on my head and neck. I rose up above her where she could see my full erection. It was fully at attention and she looked at it with heavily lidded, lusty green eyes. I knee walked up her body, with my knees on the bed outside her torso, until my cock bounced and jiggle there in front of her face. In the dim candle light of our room, I could see she was thinking, and then, deciding.

She opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and licked the liquid off the end of my dick. She made a small canal out of her tongue and rose her head up to put it on the underside of my cock, her lips sucking me forward into her mouth. This was the first time ever that Carmen had a penis in her mouth.

Later she told me that she didn’t know what to do, so she decided to make her mouth like her pussy and just push and pull on my dick while sucking as hard as she could.

I exploded in her mouth with force. She coughed. I did not tell her I was coming, I just came. She sputtered, coughed and swallowed some of it, spitting out some of it and my continued blasts assaulted her nose, eyes, hair and face.

After she recovered from the blast in her mouth, she giggled. I had never heard Carmen Giggle. It was endearing. How I love her.

I untied my love and she wrapped her body around me, enveloping my mouth with kisses, smearing my own body fluids all over my face, but she was kissing and loving me with all she was worth.

She said, “Bill, I never, ever expected that love could be like that. Thank you so much for showing me, for making me see. I want to do this all the time. We can still do the hard and fast, but I love how you love me.”

We’d rekindled our love affair. Carmen convinces me every day that she loves me without limit, without reserve of any sort. I do the same for her. We are totally devoted, totally committed. We work hard, we play hard.

How fortunate for me that I found this lily, this precious flower, in the deserts of Northern Mexico. How glad I am that I had a hand in her rescue and in keeping her from Delmar Quernado. Though he never knew it, I imagine that I saved his life by taking her with me. She would have killed him in his sleep. His threats were just idle; he would have been defenseless and impotent in her presence.

“You can’t pick a lily, all fresh with the dew, without some of its’ fragrance remaining on you.”

-HelenSteinerRice ————————————-

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