Bed & Breakfast

I’m a salesman. I was out on one of my tours, visiting old customers and looking for new. I didn’t have a hard and fast timetable. I just cruised along, spending as much or as little time in each small town as I wanted.

When I’m on these trips I normally have specific motels that I stop at, but that can change at a moment’s notice. I’m flexible. Fortunately, as I had a blowout as I was approaching one small town late one afternoon. I don’t mean a puncture and a flat tire. Somehow or other I managed to rip off half the tire. I changed the wheel and that’s when I found the spare was half flat. By the time I reached town it was completely flat and I was looking for two new tyres.

I dropped the car at the local garage. The guy there said, “No worries. Come back in an hour.” I suppose that was reasonable, but the delay would have me driving for a couple of hours in the dark on relatively strange roads. That not being to my taste, I decided to prop for the night and asked the garage mechanic where I’d find a reasonable motel.

“Not in this place,” he calmly informed me. “We used to have one but a new guy took over. It’s now a flea pit, or would be but for the fact that no self-respecting flea goes near it. You could try Mrs Baxter’s Bed & Breakfast. It’s just up the road a bit. She’ll also provide dinner if you ask nicely. The place is clean and she’s a good cook.”

I fronted up to the Bed & Breakfast and politely enquired about a room. Mrs Baxter was what you would call a fine figure of a woman. A statuesque redhead of about forty, though it would take a discerning eye to guess that was her age. I’d say most people would put her at about thirty.

Mrs Baxter had a room available and let me have it. It was a case of semi-en suite. There was a small bathroom between my room and the next room along. She reminded me it was my duty to lock and unlock the far door when I used the bathroom to ensure that I didn’t get any unwanted intrusions. I was familiar with that sort of arrangement.

I also arranged for Mrs Baxter to provide dinner for me that evening. She told me she would call me when it was ready. Any guests being served dinner were expected to dine en famille. If I didn’t come when called I was likely to miss out.

I’m nearly thirty and a not unattractive man. I was reasonably good looking and I had the charisma and charm of manner so essential to a good salesman. I chatted awhile with Mrs Baxter, discovering a little about her. She was a widow with a young daughter. I also managed to gather the impression that she would not be averse to a little discreet dalliance if a nice gentleman should happen to meet her later that night. I was tempted. Like I said, a fine figure of a woman. I’d see how things developed.

Come dinner-time I met Jenny, Mrs Baxter’s daughter. Young daughter indeed. She was a redhead, the same as her mother. She also had the fine figure of her mother. Actually, an even better one in my view. She wasn’t that young, either, somewhere around the eighteen to twenty mark. And bossy. She was ordering the few boarders around as if it was her god given right. Self-confidence she had in spades.

Any thought of a little quality time with Mrs Baxter went right out the window. It would be most unfair to visit her while lusting after her daughter. Jenny was much more to my taste than her mother.

So I proceeded to chat Jenny up. Wishful thinking that. She was so busy ordering everyone around I don’t think she even noticed me apart from telling me to sit there, pointing to my place at the table. It was galling and I had to laugh at myself for taking umbrage when ignored by a young woman. What fragile souls we men have at times.

After dinner I retired to my room, watching some TV and reading. I also found time to go over my old orders to decide who to visit the next day. I was getting quite late when I decided to retire.

I’ve found it advisable to shower in the evenings when I’m out on the road. If you do it in the morning you find yourself competing with all the early risers for the hot water and as often as not there isn’t any. The evening is much more sensible. So I stripped down and wandered into the en suite for my shower.

Now Mrs Baxter had been very definite about telling me to lock the alternate door to the bathroom so that I didn’t get an unwanted surprise. It appears that she should have reminded Jenny of that fact. At least I was assuming that it was Jenny.

The person already in the bathroom was young and nubile. Lovely white skin, beautiful young breasts that were happily bouncing around, and a towel wrapped around her head. The clue that suggested it was Jenny was the neat little tuft of red curls down below.

Ah, yes. You’re wondering about the bouncing breasts. As I said, Jenny had the towel wrapped around her head and was vigorously drying her hair. Her whole body was moving as she energetically rubbed the towel over her hair, although I will give the prize to those bouncing breasts. They were fascinating.

A true gentleman would have quietly backed back out of the bathroom without ever letting the young lady know she’d been caught out. I guess I’m not a true gentleman.

“You do know you’re supposed to lock the bathroom doors when you’re in here, don’t you?” I asked softly.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, Jenny has an abundance of self-confidence. What I expected to happen was for Jenny to use the towel to cover herself and then to blast me back out of the bathroom with a torrent of verbal abuse.

What actually happened was that Jenny froze. I was quite surprised.

“Who’s there?” she asked in a small voice, head still buried in the towel.

“Adam,” I told her. “The new boarder. Here for an overnight stay.”

I reached up and plucked the towel from her hands. She took one look at me and gasped.

“Oh my god, you’re naked.”

“Actually, no. I’m wearing a towel, unlike some.”

There was a hair dryer and a brush next to the sink. I reached over and picked them up.

“Turn around,” I told Jenny, turning on the drier, and she did so. Quite quickly, too. Apparently she preferred that I have a back view rather than a full frontal. I started brushing her hair, using the drier at the same time.

“I can do that myself,” she muttered.

“I’m sure you can,” I replied, enjoying myself, “but I’ll do it.”

A woman can find it quite arousing for a man to do her hair, especially if she is naked. Jenny’s nipples easily told tales on her, slowly puckering and becoming erect. I could swear her breasts were swelling slightly, too.

Jenny’s hair was short and it didn’t take long to brush it dry.

“All done,” I told her, putting down the brush and drier.

“Thank you,” she mumbled. “Ah, I’ll be going then. I need to get dressed.”

“All in good time. First of all, why don’t you step into my room and explain why you didn’t bother to lock the bathroom door. You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you?”

She came like a lamb, without a single protest. It seemed that removing her clothes had also removed her self-confidence. I was quite intrigued by the change.

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I sat on my bed and looked up at her. A quick glance has assured me that I had locked the door to the hallway. I definitely didn’t want Mrs Baxter dropping in for a chat or some quality time.

Jenny stood in front of me, hands held behind her back. It didn’t even seem to occur to her that she might use them to cover herself.

“Exactly how old are you, Jenny?” I asked, a nasty suspicion nibbling at me.

“Eighteen,” she said, much to my relief.

“Eighteen,” I said thoughtfully. “You’d have thought that was old enough to remember to lock bathroom doors when you might be surprised by strange men. Or do you do this frequently, getting a kick out of exposing yourself?”

“No,” she gasped, looking horrified. “I just didn’t bother because this room was supposed to be empty. You’re supposed to be in the room across the hall.”

“Your mother took me to that room, but I pointed out that it had a broken window. The glacier wasn’t going to come out for a non-emergency so she just switched me to this room. The point is, you were very careless, weren’t you.”

“It was an accident,” Jenny protested. “I said I was sorry.”

“It was carelessness and a disregard for your own safety,” I retorted, “and you haven’t apologised.”

“Well I am sorry. I know it was careless, but it wasn’t as though I was in any danger. Can I go now?”

“No. I’ll accept your apology, but I think some sort of penalty is in order.”

Jenny was looking distinctly nervous now.

“Um, I don’t think I need any penalty,” she mumbled. I think visions of being thrown on the bed and ravished were flashing through her head.

“Well, I think you do. I think a spanking would do you the world of good. Help drive the lesson home.”

“Spanking? You think I’ll let you spank me?”

I looked at her, weighing everything up. She was a natural bedroom sub, I was sure of it. With no clothes on she would do whatever she was told and enjoy it. I wondered if she was still a virgin.

“Yes, I do. Now bend over my knee.”

“But I’m naked,” she whispered, as though only just realising it.

“I noticed,” I assured her. “Best way to be when you’re about to be spanked, don’t you agree?”

I patted my knee, and lo and behold, she came and bent over, presenting her bottom for the spanking.

I rested my hand on her bottom, massaging it lightly before starting the spanking. Jenny didn’t even flinch.

“Now, Jenny, because you have guests and we wouldn’t want to disturb them and since it’s only a minor infraction, I’ll just give you a light spanking. This time.”

“What do you mean, this time? This will be the only time there is.”

“Not necessarily, and it’s impolite to contradict me.” I gave her her first spank along with that comment.

She let out a little yip while stammering an apology.

“Alright, but let’s be polite. Now, as I was saying, it will only be a light spanking, but since you seem so determined to believe that you weren’t in any danger I think I should demonstrate the sort of danger you were in. OK?”

She nodded, which didn’t really surprise me.

“OK. Here we go.”

My hand came down with a more deliberate spank this time, and Jenny jumped slightly and yipped again. I wasn’t holding her in place, just having my free hand rest lightly on her back, but she made no effort to get away. My hand came down again.

I gave her half a dozen good spanks, then indicated that she should stand again. She rose and I turned her to face me. Her face was flushed and she was breathing a bit harder, but she also looked a little disappointed.

“You seem to be smirking,” I said coldly. “Do you think this is a joke?”

“I wasn’t,” she protested. “Not really.”

“Oh, I think you were. Perhaps you’d better bend over again. You really need to learn.”

It was almost laughable the way she hurried to obey. Satisfied that she was handling the spanking with no problems I gave her a second spanking. This one being harder and longer than the first, a proper spanking you might say, as opposed to the initial pretend spanking. At the end of this spanking I didn’t let her up.

“Look at me,” I ordered, and she twisted around to look up at me.

Now her face was both flushed and showing a touch of excitement.

“You’re lucky that you have guests or things would have gone a lot harder for you.”

She nodded, apparently totally oblivious to the fact that I had no authority over her and that she could have just told me to go to hell. She was just grateful that I wasn’t giving her a much harder spanking.

While she was staring up at me my hand slid over her bottom and between her legs, capturing her mound and squeezing. He mouth dropped open and her eyes went wide with shock.

“What are you doing?” she said in a voice squeaky from shock.

“I said I was going to demonstrate the type of danger you were in, didn’t I?”

She nodded, and I continued. “Well, I’m demonstrating.” At the same time my free hand slipped down and close over a nice firm breast. I played with both pussy and breasts, massaging and teasing. Jenny started stuttering and squealing softly when my fingers eased apart her lips and explored inside her, but she still lay there totally submissive.

My explorations did reveal to me that she was still a virgin, a fact that I noted with pleasure, although it meant I’d have to be careful with her.

Massaging both internally and externally in the vicinity of her clitoris almost had her writhing off my lap. She had to actually clutch hold of me to maintain her position. It seemed that if she was to be punished then she was damn-well going to lie there and take it.

I’m not sure if she ever truly realised that the hard lump digging into her tummy was my erection. By the time I finished showing her the danger she’d been exposing herself to she was hot and wet, excited and lustful.

I moved her back onto her feet, facing me. There was a subtle change in the way I was sitting, and she spotted it very quickly. My erection had pushed the towel I’d wrapped around my waist to one side and was standing up proudly.

Looking at her looking at my cock I could see the realisation on her face that my cock and been the thing poking into her tummy, and she’d been rubbing herself hard against it with all her squirming. She went pale and then blushed madly. She hastily looked away from the erection and then turned back to look at it again.

“Ah, um, that’s your cock,” she muttered. Then she shook her head, and I could hear her muttering, “Stupid, stupid,” to herself.

“I suppose that you know I’m a virgin?” she finally asked.

I nodded, and she looked a little relieved, but only a little.

“Then that means you won’t try to stick that in me, right?”

“Well now, that sort of depends on you,” I told her, standing up and letting my towel drop away.

She blushed, because standing we were a lot closer, touching in fact in a couple of places. Her nipples were brushing against my chest and my cock was tapping lightly against her lower tummy.

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“How does it depend on me?”

“Well, I’m about to tell you to lie down as I’m going to fuck you. If you lie down I will most definitely proceed to fuck you, virgin though you may be. On the other hand, you may panic and run, and I’ll let you go.”

Jenny looked shocked again. I was implying that she had a choice and she didn’t want that. She wanted to be told what to do. So I told her.

“Now get on that bed and lie down. I want your legs spread wide and bent high at the knees. Hop to it.”

Jenny was scrambling onto the bed without a seconds hesitation. She was actually flat on her back with her knees bent, presenting herself for me, before she remembered that she’d been offered the choice of running away. She cast one look at the door and then looked helplessly at me. Like it or not, she had chosen and I was already settling onto the bed.

I already had her excited and aroused. There would be no need to stall, letting her have a chance to panic, while I got her worked up. I was between her thighs, my erection moving towards her. She was watching, almost holding her breath. I stroked my cock back and forth along her slit, a bead of pre-cum helping to moisten her lips. I took her hand and drew it down to her mound.

“Ease your lips apart, love,” I murmured. “Let me in.”

I could see her lick her lips, her mouth apparently going dry. She also spread her lips, exposing the entry to her deeper self. I moved the head of my cock into the space provided. Jenny moved her hand away, but not very far. Instead while her lips folder over the head of my cock her hand closed over the shaft, just squeezing it slightly.

I pressed a little harder and Jenny gasped and snatched her hand away. I was pressing against her hymen now and she knew the moment had come. The way she pressed her hand against her mouth I had to guess that she’d heard some pretty nasty stories about losing your virginity and she was waiting for a lot of pain.

She was both lucky and shocked when I penetrated her. It seemed that there was only a twinge as her hymen yielded, and she had a look of amazement as my cock eased along her passage, already starting to excite her.

Jenny looked absolutely amazed when we came together fully. Her eyes were open wide, just staring at me. I pulled slowly back and returned, swallowing a laugh at the look on her face. Another slow withdrawal and return and she blinked. I slipped my hands under her bottom and lifted the next time I drove in. She got the hint very quickly, starting to lift her hips to meet me.

My hands now moved up to her breasts. I played quietly with them, thumbs rubbing lightly over her nipples. And all the time I was driving firmly in, feeling her enthusiasm building as her excitement built. She now had a healthy touch of lust going, and was riding it hard.

I let her excitement build, moving faster, but not too fast. It wasn’t long before she wanted more. She was chatting excitedly to me, encouraging me, not that I needed much encouragement. When she finally started begging for me to go harder I was happy to oblige.

I started driving in harder and faster, and she answered magnificently. She was bucking hard and started giving voice to little cries, cries that were, I noticed, steadily getting louder. Neither wanting to shut her up, or to have the house aroused by her screams, I covered her mouth with mine, swallowing her voice.

I drove her hard, driving her wild. Her legs had wrapped around me, clinging, holding me to her, and I did my best to pleasure her.

At the end I came deep inside her, feeling her shaking as her own climax ripped into her. Afterwards she sagged back against the bed, trembling.

I settled down next to her, holding her.

“I hope that you have learnt something from this warning,” I murmured.

She nodded dreamily, a smile on her face.

After a while I rose, drawing her with me, and headed for the bathroom. Time for my shower, and it seemed that I had a companion for it. After our showers I escorted her to her bed and tucked her in. One last kiss and I retired to my room, already missing her.

I rose fairly early the next morning. Breakfast wasn’t on yet but Mrs Baxter was in the kitchen cooking it. I had a few words with her and then went for a short walk while waiting for breakfast to be ready.

When I returned breakfast was ready and Jenny was also there. Her boundless self-confidence seemed to be back now that we weren’t in a bedroom. Definitely a bedroom-sub. Or at least, a sub in matters sexual. As we were no longer in a sexual encounter Jenny wasn’t too happy with me. I smiled blandly while she chose to ignore me.

She vanished while I was still eating breakfast. Afterwards I strolled down to the office and found her standing behind the counter.

She gave me a nasty smile. “You’ll be leaving?” she said sweetly. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

“You’re being a naughty girl again,” I murmured. “You’re being rude to a paying guest. That’s a no-no.”

“You’re no longer a paying guest,” she snapped. “And you can’t come around here.”

I’d moved around the end of the counter and was now regarding her, smiling.

“I guess your mother failed to tell you. I’ve booked in to stay here for a couple more nights. So I am a guest and you’ve been rude to me. Shocking,” I added, sadly shaking my head.

Jenny blushed.

“Sorry,” she muttered.

“Not good enough,” I told her. “I think you need to lower your panties and bend over for a spank.”

“But it’s the office,” she said, sounding desperate. “Someone may come.”

“Maybe you should have thought of that. I’ll tell you what. You just bend over. I’ll lower your panties myself. Better hurry up, though. Someone may come.”

Now that I’d put the matter on a sexual basis Jenny was stuck. Her very nature urged her to do as she was told. Blushing furiously she turned around and bent over. I flicked her dress up and slowly lowered her panties. I stalled for a few moments, casually rubbing her pussy.
“Oh, please,” she squealed, and was actually grateful when I gave her bottom a firm spank and hitched up her panties again.

She straightened up, looking flushed.

“Tell me,” I said softly. “Was your misdemeanour severe enough that I should take you along to my room and paddle you properly right now?”

She actually seemed to be considering it before hastily shaking her head.

“We’ll discuss it tonight, then, along with your rude behaviour at breakfast.”

Jenny blushed and looked away, but I’d already seen the excitement in her eyes. It would, I decided, be an interesting night.

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