Behind Convent Walls Ch. 01

Sister Maria didn’t know what to do. She had been dusting in Father Thomas’ study when she bumped into his desk and knocked something to the floor. Bending down to retrieve it, she saw that it was some sort of journal which had fallen open at the most recent entry. Seeing her name written in it, she smiled to herself, pleased that perhaps Father Thomas had noticed how diligently she cleaned his rooms. Not that she would allow herself to feel any pride in her own actions as that would be a sin, but it felt good that her extra efforts had been noticed. Looking around, needlessly, to ensure she was alone, she thought she might read the part of the page that mentioned her. What she read, however, shocked her to her very core.

“Saw Sister Maria in church again this morning. She looks so innocent in her white habit but I’m sure underneath that thick cloth there is a body made for sin. I watched her soft lips moving in prayer and could not stop imagining them wrapped around my hard cock.”

The poor nun almost threw the journal back down on the desk as if even to touch it would be a mortal sin. She ran from the priest’s room and somehow managed to stagger back to her own cell. She had first come to the convent-school as a young girl of twelve and, when her schooling had finished, it was the most natural thing for her to don the white habit and veil of a novice. Now, only eighteen months later, she was preparing to take her final vows and, even though she was now almost twenty, she retained the innocence and naivety of the virginal schoolgirl.

She knew what a cock was but she had never thought of Father Thomas in that way; she had never thought of any man that way. She had no experience of men or boys, having grown up in an all-girls school, surrounded by nice Catholic girls like herself and, of course, the holy Sisters.

To think of Father Thomas as a man rather than as a priest was almost beyond her. To imagine him putting his penis into her mouth was just incomprehensible. Why would he want to do that? She didn’t know if she was more shocked by that thought or by the idea that any man would want to do that.

Deciding the only way to deal with this problem was by praying, she decided to spend the rest of the day in church. She had finished her duties for the day and now she would seek the guidance of her Lord. Surely he would answer her prayers.

By the time she climbed wearily into bed that night, however, she was no further forward. She had no idea of how to deal with this problem and she could not get the image of kneeling before Father Thomas as he forced himself into her mouth. Even worse, as she undressed for bed, her underwear felt sticky and even a little moist as she peeled her knickers off. Surely she hadn’t wet herself? She hadn’t done that since she was a baby but the evidence lay on the floor before her. Deciding that dealing with that was one problem too many, she buried herself under the covers and tried to go to sleep.

Her sleep was restless, however, filled with unsettling dreams. As the bell rang at five o’clock, she jumped out of bed and fell to her knees, starting the day with the same prayer that she had said for the last eight years. Even as she slowly made her way to church she pondered on what it all meant and it was only when the bell rang to signal the start of Mass that she realised that she was about to come face to face with Father Thomas once again.

He entered the church and all the Sisters rose to their feet as one, lifting their hymn books and raising their voices to praise God. For once, however, Sister Maria’s mind could not concentrate on the words and she felt her eyes straying towards the man she had only ever thought of as one of God’s messengers.

He was new to working in the convent, having only arrived about a month ago. Old Father Benedict had finally retired after nearly sixty years of seeing to the needs of the Sisters.

“We finally wore him out,” Mother Superior had laughed.

Father Thomas was very different. Maria guessed that he was probably about mid forties and obviously very fit. Tall and dark, she had never thought of him in terms of being handsome but, looking at him now from beneath her veil, she could see that women would undoubtedly find him so.

She struggled to maintain her composure throughout Mass but when it came to Holy Communion time she knew that she would have to steel herself to approach him. As she knelt before him at the foot of the altar, an image of her kneeling at her feet as he fed her his cock flashed through her mind. She physically had to shake her head to banish the wicked thought and only just managed to succeed moments before he stood in front of her.

“The body of Christ,” he said, as he had said thousands of times before.

She forced herself to raise her head, open her mouth and slowly stick out her tongue to receive the blessed Host. As she did so his finger brushed against her wet tongue and she almost fainted in shock at the surge of electricity that seemed to run straight through her body. She somehow managed to make it back to her place in the pew and knelt down, her body trembling as she tried to reconcile her vocation with these new feelings that were taking over her.

As the day went on and she busied herself with her chores and her prayers, she managed to put all these thoughts out of her head. Soon, however, she knew she would have to go back to his study to clean once more. As she approached the heavy wooden door, she hesitated before summoning up the courage to knock timidly. There was no answer, as she had anticipated, but opening the door still filled her with the utmost dread.

She had come to the conclusion that she must have made a mistake and the only way for her to correct it was to open the journal again and read what it said. It sat on the top of the large wooden desk, right in the middle of the leather top, as if he had only just finished writing in it. Once again she saw her name but this time the sight of it only filled her with terror.

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“Sister Maria licked my finger today. I’m sure she would say it was an accident but I could tell the little minx was teasing me. What I wouldn’t give to feel that wet tongue slurping up and down my cock or maybe it should be me licking her.”

Poor Sister Maria was even more confused. Now this man, this priest, wanted her to lick him and, horrors, to let him lick her. Where did he want to lick her? Why was he thinking these things, writing these things? She had to find out; she had to resolve this once and for all; she had to read on.

“I can see her, kneeling before me, her dark brown eyes betraying her Italian ancestry, betraying her innocence, betraying her hunger. Her hand reaches up tentatively and touches the bulge in front of her, obvious even through the confines of my trousers and my cassock. Her inexpert hand presses against me before trying to wrap her fingers around.”

Sister Maria’s hands were shaking as she read on. She couldn’t tear her eyes from the page; nor could she explain the tingling between her legs. She could feel that her underwear was becoming moist again but she refused to believe that she was wetting herself. Something else was happening; something strange, something exciting and something sinful.

“I can feel my cock hardening even more so I brush her hand away and open a few buttons on the front of my black cassock. I hold it open for her so that she can reach in. She does so without being told and quickly pulls my zip down before slipping her small hand into my trousers. Rubbing her hand against me, she looks up nervously, her eyes wide, biting her bottom lip in anticipation. She timidly, blindly, moves her hand to the waistband of boxers before pulling it out and over my dick. For the first time ever I know she is facing an erect cock and I can’t wait to feel her mouth close around it. But then she surprises me.

“Taking me in her small hand, wrapping her fingers around my throbbing cock, she begins to lick me. Her tongue moves over every inch of it and though I am desperate to feel her soft lips, I can’t deny how wonderful that feels and let out a soft moan of pleasure. She looks up, startled, wondering if she has done something wrong, but I smile back at her encouragingly and tell her to continue.

“Looking me straight in the eye, her tongue resumes its ministrations, sliding up and down my shaft before using just the tip to lick the pre-cum that is leaking copiously now. My cock is twitching but still she is totally unaware of how much she is tormenting me and pleasing me at the same time.

“Sensing instinctively that it is time to move on, she places her mouth over the head, sucking on it, but moving no further. I knew she would prove to be an excellent cocksucker but I had never guessed she would be such a tease.

“As if realising that I couldn’t take much more of this, her mouth opens up and she slides her wet lips down my shaft, ever so slowly, ever so tentatively. Taking more of me into her mouth, I watch as her lips slide up and down the length of my cock. I would never have believed such an innocent, virginal girl would have been able to take so much of me but neither am I about to complain that she can. Then she surprises me once more.

“She pulls her hungry mouth off my cock, bends slightly and begins to suck my balls. Sweet Jesus, does it get any better than this? She uses her hand to stroke my cock as she sucks one, then the other. It is just too good; even in my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have imagined her doing this. When her mouth reluctantly moves back to my cock, she doesn’t even wait for my hand to push her head down but now I’ve decided it’s time for me to surprise her.

“I know I’m not going to last much longer so, placing both my hands on either side of her veil-covered head, I begin to push even deeper, deeper into her throat. Her frightened eyes lock on to mine as she gags and tries to fight against me. She tries and tries to pull her mouth off me but my grip on her is too tight and, eventually, she manages to relax.

“I begin to fuck her mouth, my moans filling the room, my whole body tingling from the pleasure this young virgin is giving me. Her struggles have subsided but she doesn’t know what is about to happen next and I can see the trepidation in her beautiful eyes as I speed up my thrusts before finally losing control.

“I cry out in sheer pleasure as my cum shoots down her throat. My hands leave the top of her head and I step back, freeing my cock as she instinctively swallows her first taste of a man. She must think I am finished because she raises her face to smile at me but I have much, much more to give her.

“My next spurt hits her across her right cheek and her face is a mixture of surprise and delight. I continue to pump my cock and continue to shoot my cum across her face, hitting her eyes, nose and mouth. I don’t even worry about how she will explain the stains on her veil and habit as I am too lost in my own pleasure.

“As I finally begin to soften, I look down on my little slut. She is looking up at me, her eyes blinking from the cum covering them, her face an absolutely gorgeous mess. Now it is my turn to repay the favour.

Sister Maria was lost. She didn’t understand half the things she had just read. She didn’t understand how Father Thomas could believe she would ever act like that. And she didn’t understand why she kept soaking her underwear. She returned her eyes to the page, unable to stop herself.

“I raise her to her feet, my dripping cock still hanging free, and move her over to the front of my desk. She looks enquiringly at me as I lift her up and sit her on the hard wooden surface. Now her look turns to fear as I push her back until she is lying across the desk, her legs dangling over the side. I lean over her and tell her not to be afraid.

“Running my hands from her ankles, I slowly push her heavy, white habit up, up over her knees, up over her thighs, until I stop. I can hear her rapid breathing as she lies there, totally unaware of what is about to happen to her. I can see her body trembling as I go all the way, revealing the top of her black tights and the white knickers underneath. She shudders as she realises a man is looking at her underwear for the first time but is shocked to her core when I slip my hands into her waistband and begin to pull them all down.

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“Instantly, as soon as I pull them away from her young body, I can smell her arousal. She makes a half hearted attempt to stop me but I simply brush her hands away and am rewarded by the sight of her soaking knickers as they turn inside out on their way down her legs. I smile to myself, knowing she has been waiting for this for a long time but still not knowing exactly what it is she is waiting for.

“I leave her underwear rolled up around her ankles and kneel down before her. She can no longer see me as she stares at the ceiling but she is only too aware that I am the first man to see her hairy pussy. I have known from the moment I first saw her in church that she would be hairy. Her dark Italian looks and her unchallenged innocence made it almost impossible to believe she would shave so intimate a spot and I have longed for this moment ever since.

“I take my time, just savouring the delights of this young woman, marvelling at how beautiful she looks, before I place my hands on her trembling thighs and begin to kiss them, one after the other, slowly making my way up to my prize.

“She is whimpering now as she feels my lips making their way ever closer to her most private place and trembles anew when I bring my tongue into action and lick her spilled juices between each kiss.

“Her body is rocking from side to side now and I take my opportunity to slip my hands under her round arse. I have yet to see it properly in the flesh but over the last few days I have been mesmerised by it, enjoying the wide expanse of it, obvious even under her habit. I gently squeeze her cheeks, looking forward to the day when I will examine them even more intimately.

“I am sure she can feel my hot breath on her pussy now as I inch ever closer with my lips and my tongue. As I kneel between her open legs I know that this was just the beginning and there was no need to rush. I breathe in her arousal before finally I kiss those soft lips that have never even been touched before.

“Slowly, ever so slowly, I start at the bottom of her slit and lap up her juices, even more pouring from her as I do so. I aim to tease this sweet pussy, just as she teased my cock, and stay away from her clit, noticing that it has already freed itself from its hood, obviously desperate to join in the fun.

“She is the one now moaning in pleasure, begging me to stop, begging me never to stop. I smile, knowing there is so much more to come. Eventually, I allow just the tip of my tongue to softly flick her hard little button and she nearly jumps off the desk in shock and pleasure. As she lies back down again my mouth prepares to assault her clit in ways she had never imagined.

“I show mercy to her, abandoning her clit for a moment, and return to lapping at her lips as she returns to writhing on my desk, her hips now rising to meet me, her pussy desperate for my tongue. But I have more than my tongue to help her to sin.

“I slowly insert one finger, slowly, gently, sure that I will meet resistance within her virgin cunt very quickly. And I do. If ever I had had any doubts about her maiden status, it has just been confirmed by the presence of her intact hymen and I look forward once more to the day my cock tears it apart.

“She is going wild beneath me now, her head thrashing from side to side, her moans getting louder and louder, making me wonder if any of the other nuns can hear her. Her cries are unintelligible but they are unmistakably cries of pure lust and I know it is time to finally give her the release she so desperately wants.

“She seems to be finding it hard to breathe as I continue my attack on her most sensitive spots as her lust escalates to unknown heights. Now is the time and I take her throbbing clit into my mouth, sucking it between my lips, before lashing at it with my tongue.

“She screams out loud as her cunt explodes and covers my face with her juices. I continue to torment her as she screams her way through her very first orgasm, riding from one high to the next, her back arching up off the desk as if she can take no more. Finally, however, her body calms down and her hips fall back down.

“As she lies there, unable to move, I allow her a few moments to recover but I am not idle during this time. I slip her shoes off before removing her tights and knickers. Separating the two items, I lift her sodden panties to my face before inhaling deeply, knowing that I will never forget what we have just done.

“Tucking them into my pocket for future use, I leave her lying there, knowing it is time for me to get ready to say Mass. She will have to find her own way back to the chapel and I wonder if she will remember to clean my cum off her face and clothes. My final wicked thought as I close the door behind me is whether she will replace her underwear before joining the other Sisters in prayer.”

Sister Maria sat stunned. Did he really want to do that to her? She thought he was a man of God and didn’t have these kinds of thoughts. How could she ever speak to him again knowing what he wanted to do to her? And why did he take her underwear? What was he going to use them for?

Then a sudden, awful, thought struck her; tomorrow was the day for their weekly confessions. What on earth was she going to say to him?

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