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“We’re almost there,” she said, looking across at the passenger seat where he sat almost as excited as she was. When she had picked him up at the airport 20 minutes before, she could barely stand still and was practically hopping from one leg to the other in a manner unbefitting an almost 26 year old. It had been over a year since she had last seen her best friend, since the move that placed them on different continents, 3000 miles from each other. Though the phone calls were numerous and lengthy, it was amazing to see him again.

As Amir had emerged from arrivals with a huge grin on his face, an enormous backpack (which she hoped was filled with gifts for her) and his arms outstretched for an all encompassing hug, she could not help but notice that he had filled out nicely in all the right places. Gone were the final traces of tummy fat that she remembered. Before her had stood a well muscled, dark haired, dark eyed hunk! His chest, arms and back never before noticeable now showed clear signs of long hours at the gym. As they embraced, she wrapped her arms tightly around him; her head nestled under his chin and was shocked to discover rock hard abs pressed up against her stomach. She had tried desperately to hide the gasp that tried to escape her lips though it was impossible to ignore the sudden throb of longing below her waist and the equally sudden hardening of her nipples.

“My goodness,” she thought. ” My buddy went and got all hot on me.”

As she had struggled to regain her composure, he had released her gently and planted a huge kiss on her cheek.

“That’s new too,” she mused.

Casual kissing had never entered into their friendship. Nor, come to think of it had hugging. Amir’s strict Indian upbringing frowned on intimate contact of any kind outside of marriage. So while the pair was as close as two friends could be they had never so much as held hands during a crisis or hugged goodbye. Some people may have found this strange but it worked for them.

“So are you happy to see me?” Amir asked awakening her from her reverie.

She skillfully negotiated a sharp bend in the road before answering.

“Of course hon, and you look wonderful, did I tell you?”

“Only a zillion times on the walk to the car,” he laughed. “You look pretty wonderful yourself, you know that?”

He cast an appreciative, appraising eye over to her again taking in her new layered haircut and impeccably tailored pants suit. Zara was never what anyone would call slim but with her high, firm 36C breasts, tapered waist and curvy hips and butt all atop one of the finest pairs of legs known to man, she was more than capable of turning male heads wherever she went. The carefully chosen outfit clearly highlighted her best features with a tight, low cut, cleavage bearing V-necked top and low riding pants fitted snugly across her ample hips yet accentuating her small waist.

As she drove, Zara could feel Amir’s gaze on her every move and she felt herself flush hotly as she realized she was more turned on her best friend than she had been by any boyfriend in her life. The hair on her arms literally stood on end as she began to imagine not only his eyes crawling over her but his hands also touching her, feeling her, discovering her inch by inch. It hit her like a ton of bricks that she longed suddenly to do the same to him. As she shifted her right leg from the accelerator to brake at a red light, Zara was aware that her clitoris was rock hard, almost painfully but arousingly rubbing on the crotch of her barely there panties, creating a wetness of her pussy that rivaled Niagara Falls.

Taking advantage of the fact that the car had stopped Amir reached over and placed his hand on her thigh making her jump. He inched his long, strong fingers over and positioned them mere millimeters from her crotch feeling the warmth emanating from it. Her breathing quickened, as she licked her lips .She wanted him ,bad, here and now.

“I know,” he said, reading her mind. “I feel it too. Why did you have to be so hot and sexy?’

“You think I’m sexy?”

“I can’t take my eyes off you…you …move me,” he finished, grinning sheepishly and glancing toward his lap where a raging erection had taken up residence. The buttons on the fly of his jeans were straining as what appeared to be a monster cock struggled to escape.

“Oh my God,” Zara said. “Is all that for me?”

She lightly ran the index finger of her left hand along the bulge. They locked eyes; a smoldering stare was exchanged, naked lust palpable and undeniable. Amir shuddered and a low moan escaped his lips. He grabbed her hand with his and pushed it harder into his crotch roughly moving it up and down with an intensity that shocked her. She had never seen her friend in this light, never before acknowledged him as a sexual being far less as a being that she wanted, no needed to fuck.

The loud and persistent honking of car horns behind them literally was the only thing that prevented Zara from whipping out his dick and sucking him off right on the spot.

“Okay then,” she giggled; “I still need to drive us home.”


“Oh, I will.”

Zara had never driven so fast in her entire life. After a frenetic drive home that would have raised the eyebrows of any traffic police in the area, she finally indicated and pulled into the long driveway leading up to her brand new bungalow.

Normally, when she brought guests to her pride and joy for the first time, she would slow down and point out the beautiful landscaping and the way the house looked from a certain angle against the backdrop of the setting sun. But not today. With wild abandon, she sped up to the house, past the fountain and came to a gravel scattering halt outside the main doors.

Barely bothering to turn the ignition off, Zara hopped out of the car and made a beeline to the door, grabbing her keys from her purse as she did so. Abandoning his luggage, Amir followed moving just a little slower as he tried to negotiate walking around the obvious proof of his desire for her. Just as she fit the key into the lock, he stepped up behind her, pressing his rigid manhood into her soft derriere as he rested his hand lightly on her hip.

“I don’t know what it is,” he whispered close to her ear, “but I’ve never wanted anyone more than I want you right now.”

She turned in to him just as the door swung open and their lips met as one for the first time. She brought her hands up and locked her fingers behind his neck while his hands stayed on her full hips. The kiss was slow as his dry, cool lips just brushed her soft, pouty ones. Zara gently sucked and nibbled on his lower and upper lips alternately, relishing the sweetness and almost innocence of the lip lock. As they kissed, Amir breathed in her familiar, signature scent of Chanel No 5. The mild powdery fragrance that he always associated with her had always driven him a little wild. Now, shifting slightly, he led them by the lips into the dark, cool interior of the house, kicking the door closed behind them. Only when they stood in the spacious living room did they break their embrace.

“Wow,” Zara said. “Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

Amir’s face was all pink.

“I’ve been practicing…was I any good? Wait…. be gentle,” he continued as she opened her mouth to speak.

“Good? You were excellent! Was that really your first kiss?”

“Yep, my very first…. I’ve been watching those porno tapes you left me to try and pick up a few pointers.”

“Well they worked;” she sighed, moving into him again. This time the kiss was more urgent as they tried to get as deep into each other as possible. Amir’s hands roamed freely over her back and wandered downwards until he held one ripe ass cheek in each hand. He squeezed gently eliciting a gasp from her as she meanwhile, experimentally probed his open mouth with her tongue. The kiss grew even deeper as both tongues encircled and intertwined each other in a sensual dance. Amir’s breathing increased and unconsciously, he moved his stiff package up into her crotch making slow grinding motions with his hips.

“He still needs my urgent attention, doesn’t he?” Zara said huskily, pulling out of what was arguably one of the best kisses she had ever had. She reached down and deftly unbuttoned his jeans, which dropped to his ankles immediately. They both looked downwards now at the enormous hard on barely contained by the thin knit of his boxer briefs.

“You’re sure about this right, Am? Are you sure you want your first time to be with me?” Zara raised her eyebrows questioningly.

“I’ve always wanted it to be with you, Zee. All those years of watching your hot body and listening to you describe your..ahem.. exploits with other guys. I spent hours in my room jacking off thinking about you and finally being able to….to ….fuck you,” he finished in a rush.

Zara needed no further confirmation and dropped to her knees, rapidly freely his cock with one hand through the fly of his boxers.

“Oh my Lord,” she rasped, “you’re going to damage me with that thing.”

His erection was impressive to say the least. A full 8 inches of perfection, standing straight out at a 90° angle to his body, bobbing slightly. Up that close she could see every raised vein on its otherwise smooth surface and the glistening pre cum at its tip. The latter she eagerly lapped up twirling her soft wet tongue around the head of his cock. She then took a deep breath and engulfed the entire head into her mouth. The enormous girth of his member stretched her lips as far as they would go but she was up to the task. She advanced her mouth along the shaft slowly whilst low moans were emitted from Amir due to the unfamiliar but pleasant sensations. Many a man had complimented Zara’s blowjob technique and she did not disappoint. Using her left hand she grabbed his ass to steady herself then moved her mouth swiftly up and down his now slick member using her right hand to hold it stationary. Getting fully into it, her head bobbed wildly as she sucked him off hard, slurping loudly, enjoying the feel of hard dick in her mouth. Her hot, little tongue continued twirling around the head as he fucked her face. Releasing his ass, she used the fingers of her left hand to manipulate his balls while sucking him. A true pro, she easily took the full length of his shaft into her mouth, opening her throat until his balls banged on to her chin.

All the while Amir’s moans intensified, his breath grew ragged as he gave himself completely to the most intensely erotic experience of his life. Zara began a low humming in her throat causing a ripple of vibration to go all through his cock and causing his knees to buckle slightly. She looked up at him, never slowing the pace of her oral ministrations. Looking down into her eyes whilst she pleasured him was so sexy that Amir almost came on the spot. Sensing that, she released him from her mouth with one fluid motion and stood quickly.

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“Come on,” she said. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Amir stepped out of his jeans and boxers and left them on the floor while pulling his polo shirt over his head. His eyes were glazed with lust as he watched her start to unbutton her pants and kick off her killer stilettos. As she led the way to her room, she managed to get out of her pants and by the time they reached the bedroom door, she had slipped her top over her head. She now stood majestic and beautiful in just a black lace see-through bra and exquisite black thong. Her excited breathing caused an enticing rise and fall of her large breasts, each breath almost enough to free them from their delicate confines. She turned from him, walking towards the high king-sized bed that dominated the room, affording him a heart-stopping view of her ass, cheeks separated by the thin strip of black fabric.

She slowly climbed on to the bed exposing her most private of parts to his hungry gaze for the first time, then flipped over on to her butt. Knowing she had his undivided attention, she reclined on her elbows, spread her legs as wide as they would go, breasts still heaving and planted her feet flat on the bed. Then, never taking her eyes from his, she tugged on the front of her thong so the lace disappeared between her thick, puffy pussy lips. Her very enlarged clitoris, by this time the length of his thumbnail and just as hard was clearly visible through the flimsy material. Her mound and lips were shaved completely bare. Amir felt the now familiar tightening of his shaft as somehow; it grew even larger and harder, still moistened by Zara’s saliva.

As he watched, mesmerized, she licked one middle finger and holding her panties taut with the fingers of the other hand, started to massage her clit through her underwear. Just as suddenly she slipped the finger up to the hilt past her thong into her already sopping cunt and vigorously finger fucked herself, moaning loudly as she did so.

“Here, taste,” she said withdrawing the coated digit slowly and holding it out to him, still not breaking eye contact.

By now, Amir was not sure he could walk at all but managed to make it over to her where she lay and took the proffered finger into his mouth. He curled his tongue around it and then sucked gently, tasting the distinct, sweet tang of pussy juice for the first time.

“You like?” she asked

“It’s so sweet and warm…I want more,” he replied.

“Well you just have to go straight to the source then, don’t you?”

Amir climbed onto the bed and quickly got into position kneeling between Zara’s legs. She stretched her arms over her head and shimmied upwards on the duvet to give him more room. The tantalizing uplift of her breasts caused by this movement was too much for Amir and he reached forward and opened the front clasp of her bra releasing her ripe orbs. Her areolae stood out darker against her smooth, milk chocolate skin and her nipples, perfectly shaped, stood straight up like sentinels pointed towards the ceiling. Zara slipped her arms out of the straps and obligingly lifted her hips for Amir to remove her sodden thong.

As she spread her legs wide again, Amir descended toward her slit. Goose bumps broke out all over her body in longing anticipation and she shuddered with yearning. Like a pro, he used two fingers in V-formation to part her yielding, pink lips then ever so slowly, applied his tongue to her quivering clit, licking from back to front then back again over and over. Zara jumped as if scalded and arched her back as the delicious sensation washed over her. Hot and cold at the same time, she grabbed the back of his head, burying her fingers in his thick, black curls and drew him even closer to her wet cunt.

From the first lick, Zara could feel her nectar flowing and dripping down first on to her tight asshole, then on to the bed below and she knew that she would come soon and hard. She was now moaning uncontrollably at each flick of his talented tongue and was completely lost in the most intense oral stimulation she had ever received. Her breathing accelerated as Amir increased his tempo then almost stopped altogether as he enveloped her entire clitoris with his lips and sucked on it as zealously as he had sucked her finger earlier.

She let out a yelp and in one toe curling, mattress-grabbing moment came hard in wave after wave of excruciating pleasure. A flood of pussy juice poured out of her, momentarily surprising him, before he got to work with his tongue lapping up every last drop.. savouring the flavour of each as Zara continued to grind her cunt into his face.

Shaking from the force of her orgasm, Zara struggled to speak.

“Oh shit, Am, that was unreal,” she croaked.

Amir looked up at her from between her legs, the lower half of his handsome face completely drenched. Grinning widely, he said,

“And the best is yet to come.. literally!”

Groaning at his amateurish pun, Zara rolled over a little to her right allowing him to move up alongside her. Lying side by side, they turned to face each other, his erection banging slightly on her thighs.

“You make me feel so good…. I love you Zara,” said Amir blushing.

“I love you too, Amir,” she replied tenderly, stroking his cheek with one finger.

“And I always have.”

“Me too.”

Once again, they moved in for a kiss. After the warm up earlier, Amir’s tongue found Zara’s first and swirled around it expertly. Breathing deeply, they both fell deeper into the connection between their lips. Zara could taste her own cum on his lips and tongue and it drove her wild. She reached down between them and taking his hand guided it to her breast. Slowly and sensuously, he cupped it while gently squeezing the nipple between two fingers. A sharp intake of breath from Zara broke the passionate lip lock and Amir took the opportunity to take her other nipple into his mouth. Delving his head into her bosom, he flicked the very end of his tongue onto the tip of her nipple then using a firmer pressure, made a complete circle of the areola. All the while his long, supple fingers rolled the other nipple back and forth with a skill belying his inexperience.

The combination of the two sensations brought Zara to the brink of orgasm again and in one effortless action, she rolled on to her back. Not wanting to break contact suckling at her breast, Amir moved as well, using one arm for support until he was positioned over her. Now in classic missionary position, his huge cock wavered tantalizingly close to her vulva, the tip already getting moistened by the combination of cum and saliva that coated her inner thighs and outer vagina. Lost in passion, Amir hardly noticed the proximity of his manhood to its ultimate goal. Zara, however, felt her orgasm building and was ready to be filled up by his member, which had tempted and teased her all evening.

Again reaching down between them, she easily plunged two fingers into her drenched cunt, then grasped his penis firmly and moving her fingers up and down along its extent, lubricated it. At her touch, Amir’s head flew up from its homage to her tits. His eyes opened wide hardly able to believe the time had come. His rate of breathing was amplified again as they locked eyes and he now placed both hands on the bed on either side of her head.

“Ready?” she asked huskily.

Amir nodded mutely, incapable of speech as raw desire rushed over him. Zara rubbed his penis into her clit stimulating the sensitive underside of it on her erect love button. Amir uttered a low, guttural moan as she increased the pace until she finally placed the engorged head at the entrance to her wet hole. Amir closed his eyes, relishing the moment that he finally would be one with the woman he loved and had loved since the moment they first met. Knowing that she loved him back caused a plethora of emotion to enter him as he slowly inched his penis into her.

Immediately, the head was almost sucked into her pussy by its natural tightness and by the flexing of her PC muscles. Amir gasped in ecstasy as he proceeded to advance into her until he was fully in and his balls bounced off her ass. Pulling back a little uncertainly, he relished the slick feeling along his entire length, then pushed back in. The blend of sensations was new ground for Amir but he soon found his rhythm and was fitfully moving in and out of her in no time.

Beneath him, Zara writhed and unconsciously uttered a porn star worthy moan each time he banged her cervix. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around him, crossing her ankles atop his ass ensuring him deep penetration. Never before had she experienced such fullness of her nether regions. His immense length and girth was able to arouse every nerve ending in her love canal at the same time. Amir was now pounding her hard fully into his stride, each stroke almost pulling completely out and then ramming it back in with wild abandon. Never missing a beat, he leaned down and they kissed, both now lost in the ardor of the moment.
Zara never knew she could get so wet. The delicious friction of their coupling enhanced her natural lubrication even more and every time he made a backward motion, her juices dripped out moistening her pink, little asshole.

Still exploring his mouth with hers, Zara started to make upward thrusts of her hips, rising to meet his downward ones. Amir groaned loudly and attacked her mouth even more voraciously, alternately nipping and sucking her tongue and lips.

Zara again broke the kiss to look down between them fascinated by the erotic visual of their physical connection. It was all she needed to push her over the edge for the second time and she came just as hard as before, her entire body tingling and a sharp scream leaving her lips. Panting and fleetingly distracted, Amir pulled himself out of her though he still tried to devour her with his eyes. Grinning naughtily at him, Zara flipped over on to her stomach offering her huge ass to him, then raised slightly on her knees getting into doggy position. From his viewpoint, Amir got an eyeful of not only her dripping cunt and asshole but through her legs he could see her breasts full and heavy hanging down with their nipples brushing the bedclothes.

Zara wiggled her ass invitingly and spread her legs even wider. Amir could hold back no more and plunged his cock back into her. It was a depth of penetration he didn’t know was achievable and yet again his breath caught in his throat as he thoroughly fucked her from behind. Grabbing her hips firmly, he dedicated his all to the task at hand banging her so hard that her ass jiggled wildly and her tits flew in all directions. Zara bucked with the direct G-Spot stimulation and ground her ass into him hard so that his balls slapped her clit with each stroke. The sudden assault sent a thrill through her and she reached between her legs and started to finger herself vigorously.

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“No, let me,” Amir said sexily. Releasing one ass cheek, he reached around and wasted no time in coordinating his finger manipulations with his thrusting, while his other hand squeezed mercilessly on her ass.

“Oh, shit! Fuck me, oh, Fuck me!!” Zara screamed in passion.

And he did just that. Intensifying his strokes even more, he fucked her as he had always imagined doing. Amir never knew such arousal existed. He felt like they were connected by more than just their genitalia. He never thought he would be able to feel so close to anyone in his life. Why had he waited so long? This was good… good…too good.

“Aah!” he gasped. “I’m cumming; I’m cumming so hard!”

He felt his balls tighten and the most exquisite pleasure rush over his entire body centered at his groin. Zara pulled herself off his rod and quickly whipped around positioning herself so that her mouth was wide open just at the tip of his cock. Sticking out her tongue and looking up seductively at him, she waited for the deluge.

Amir was no longer capable of coherent thought by this point and the sight of Zara poised to drink his cum like a porn star was too much. Groaning loudly, he just managed to grasp his shaft to steady it when the first spurt of hot cum flew out, catching her on the chin. Zara ducked her head a little and rope and after rope of steamy cum landed directly into her mouth, overflowing over her lips and on to her cheeks as her mouth was filled to capacity with his seed. Spent, Amir could not move and stayed in the same position trying to catch his breath and return to normal.

Zara quickly swallowed the load in her mouth then took his quivering member into her mouth, sucking the tip gently until every last drop of cum had been devoured. Using her finger, she wiped her cum splashed face then licked it dry. Finally, Amir was able to roll on to his back on the bed and Zara moved over to lie beside him, both of them panting loudly and glistening with sweat, the smell of sex strong in the air.

“Oh my God! That was astounding!” she said, turning slightly to look at him.

“Astounding is not the word,” he replied, then moved over to engage her in another kiss.

They lay there for a long while, spooning contentedly, basking in the afterglow of an incredible sex session while their breathing and heart rates returned to normal, kissing occasionally and grinning from ear to ear.

“I have an idea'” said Zara eventually. “Let’s go shower together.”

Giggling like teenagers and still buck-naked, the got off the bed and scampered across the hard wood floor to the ensuite bathroom. The large shower with its double showerheads looked very inviting to them both after the steamy coupling they had. Zara leaned into the stall, turning the water on, allowing Amir to admire her lean toned legs and back and her apple shaped ass. As he looked closely, he could see his finger marks still evident on her ass. As she adjusted the temperature of the water, Amir stood back and ogled the beautiful woman he had just made love to. As her legs parted slightly, he could just make out her inner thighs slick with cum and sweat and again, the tight, pink pucker of her anus. Unbelievably, he felt a fresh stirring in his groin and his shaft started to reawaken at the vision before him. God, he wanted to fuck that ass!

“What?” Zara asked, chuckling. Amir had been so lost in desire that he hadn’t noticed her turn back to him.

“You are so fucking sexy'” he replied. “Look what your hot fucking body is doing to me again.”

“Hmm.. well let’s see what you stiff cock can do to me the second time around, shall we?” Zara said advancing toward him quickly. ” Now kiss me like you want to fuck me!”

The combination of passion and all the unfamiliar, raunchy language made this kiss frenzied and brutal. Their tongues intertwined recklessly, their teeth clashed together and lips were bruised. Both grunting, they sucked at each other hard as if they could not get enough. Zara pressed her full body up against Amir tightly, thrusting her cunt toward him. Hands roaming freely, they both moaned loudly as Zara finally grabbed his ass tight, pulling him into her. She could feel his shaft on her belly gradually hardening until it was poking her so hard she barely breathe.

Walking forward, she forced to move backward until the back of his knees hit the daybed that was up against the wall of the bathroom and he sat down suddenly, his hard on pointing straight up from his lap.

“Quick…I need to feel your fucking huge cock fill me up,” she whispered urgently.

Amir forcefully pulled her to him and she straddled him quickly, planting her feet flat on the floor. She quickly grabbed his rod and positioned it between her pussy lips then lowered her body, impaling herself on the full length of his manhood in one swift motion.

“Oh fuck, yeah!” said Amir lustily, as her body weight brought her cervix banging into his cock head.

Zara made the most of the cowgirl position, grinding down hard and rotating her hips so she was touched in all the right spots. Totally in charge of this round, she locked lips with him again and wrapping her arms around his strong back, used her legs to piston herself up and down the mighty shaft. Faster and faster she went while Amir sat barely moving, completely at her mercy. The raucous action was so hot that after a while they could no longer even hold their kiss and they just gripped each other fully in the moment of the most primal of urges.

Digging her fingernails into his back, Zara came yet again clenching hard on his member. Amir reveled in the vice like grip she had on his penis which was soon awash with her cum. Fluid leaked out of her at a furious rate and his balls were soon soaked also. By now, loud shrieks and groans were the only noises in the room besides the slapping of flesh on flesh. Zara’s hot, tight cunt was filled up as she pumped up and down abandoning all decorum and playing with her breasts and clit alternately.

Intensely turned on, Amir got a hold of her ass with both hands and spread her ass cheeks wide apart. Looking over her shoulder he noticed for the first time, a mirror behind her. He now had a scorching visual of her riding him like a pony. To his surprise, the violent way he had grabbed her ass had caused her asshole to open wide, totally relaxed into a dark “O”. The need to fuck her up the ass overcame him again and he felt the now familiar tingling rushing to his balls.

Taking charge, he held her tightly around the waist so she wouldn’t fall as he stood up. Startled, Zara clung to him, still stuck on his penis.

“Got any lube?” he asked.

“Lube? Why? Oh…. you want to fuck my tight, little ass, huh?” she answered, catching on fast.

Wriggling out of his grip and feeling his cock leave her body with a low pop and a rush of her cum, she stepped over to the sink and reached in to the medicine cabinet above it. She extracted a small bottle of KY gel and rapidly squeezed some into her palm. Reaching for his rod, she made light work of lubing him up fully.

“Now me,” she said handing him the bottle, then bending over the sink offering her ass to him.

He squeezed a few drops on to her upturned anus and rubbed it in with his middle finger. Stroking it gently, Zara moaned as his finger paused then plunged effortlessly into her chasm up to the second knuckle. Zara gripped the sink for support as her knees weakened with desire. Turning her ass up as far as she could, she felt him spread her cheeks again.

Amir wasted no time and, holding his penis aimed it toward the gaping hole. Almost drooling now with expectation, he advanced the head into her, bearing firmly down until it popped in.

Zara yelped with pain mixed with pleasure and he stopped for her to get accustomed to him.

“You okay?” He asked.

” Yeah..go ahead.. quick…..fuck my ass!”

Zara started to finger her clit roughly as she spoke. Amir rammed hard into her without further ado and experienced the tightest sensation ever. Her cunt was tight but her ass was so delightfully snug as he buried himself up to the hilt in her, that he knew he would not last long in this position. The feeling was intense and he could not believe he was fucking his best friend’s ass. Zara bent over the sink more, relishing the different stimulus of anal sex as he pounded her from behind. Loud gasps and screams came from both of them as they both again neared their peaks. Lost in the moment, Zara suddenly screamed and came again just a split second before Amir emptied his second load deep into her bowels. She felt the hot cum spurt into her over and over until, exhausted, they both collapsed on the floor gasping for air.

Amir wrapped her in his arms and kissed her softly as his penis returned to normal and slid out of her. Hugging tightly, they lay in companionable silence for a while before taking the long shower that had been derailed earlier by hot sex. As they soaped and rinsed each other slowly and sensually, they exchanged lazy kisses and massaged each other’s tired muscles.

Afterwards, wrapped in huge fluffy towels, they made their way back to the bedroom and sat on the bed side by side, shoulders touching. Amir reached for Zara’s hand at the same instant she reached for his. Hands clasped, they turned to look into each other’s eyes seeing the love reflected there. Though unspoken, it was obvious that their relationship had gone way beyond friendship into a territory that maybe they both had wanted to explore a long time ago. They would be together forever. They were sure about that.

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