Best Summer Ever

Thank you to Estragon for his editing and making this story a much better read.


I want to tell you about my best summer ever. I have to tell you a little about my past, then about our vacation to Myrtle Beach. It was with my mom and twin sixteen year old sisters.

My name is Jim Miller. My parents still call me James and my sisters call me Jimmy. I’m finally getting my friends to call me Jim.

Mom and dad are divorced. They split up just after New Year’s. It goes way back to my dad’s jobs. He started out as a schoolteacher, then he kept taking courses and became an elementary school principal. The bad part is every time he took a new position our family had to move.

Some parents don’t realize how hard it is on the kids every time you uproot them. The last time we moved was when I started high school and my sisters were in junior high or what some call middle school.

Dad became the high school principal and promised us it would be the last time we had to move. We were really happy that we were finally going to be able to finish school in one place.

Mom was a registered nurse and never had a problem finding a position when we moved. She told us that we needed to support our father, which we did.

I started playing football and spent a lot of time in exercising and weight training. I wanted to look like the men in magazines where they had the six-pack abs and nice pecs. I worked hard getting that look. My weight trainer also had me on a regime to work my legs. I wanted to be a running back.

It seemed like I spent all my all time exercising, at practices and finally games. I was second string my first year but then I made the varsity team. My coach said I was good and in great physical health. However he did tell me I would do a lot better as a tight end.

Our school was on the small side and I did play both offense and defense. One thing for sure is I stayed in good physical shape. I was also shooting for a college scholarship. I wasn’t a brainiac and had to study hard. I wanted to go into the field of criminal justice. Maybe be a cop or FBI agent, secret service, there was a whole lot of opportunities for men in good physical condition.

My dating life was almost nil. I had girlfriends but it never went much beyond a little necking. That is until my senior year, which I’ll tell you about in a few minutes.

At the end of my junior year my dad called a family meeting and said he had a job offer to be the administrator at a university in Indiana. He told us it was a great opportunity for him. We were all devastated. Mom could see it in our faces.

“John, you can’t make the kids move again. James is in his final year of high school and has a chance to get a scholarship. Ann and Marie are just starting high school and have all their new friends here. I’m not going to let you take that away from them. We made a promise to them the last time we moved.”

After that there was a lot of arguing back and forth. The problem was, dad only worried about himself. His future, his life, his whole life evolved around him; it always has. We, his family, always came in second.

It finally ended up by dad saying he was taking the position. We were going to stay in Ohio and in our house and stay in our present school. Mom was strong willed and was on our side.

Dad said he would come home on weekends and holidays. I guess you would say they were having a split marriage. It hurt mom that dad was doing this, but he never was really all that close to us. There were times we were a close family but most of the time he was always doing his own thing.

Always meetings to go to. He belonged to a half dozen clubs. He played golf and even tennis. He was in pretty good physical shape. It got to a point that mom never waited for him for dinner. We ate and she said he could have leftovers.

My senior year started and dad got himself a condo in Indiana. At first he would come home every other weekend and than he found excuses why he couldn’t make it. Looking back, he didn’t attend any of my games my senior year. I played the whole season as split-end and even made the all East-Ohio team.

Dad came home for Christmas but it wasn’t the happiest Christmas. We could all tell something was up. On New Year’s Day dad told my mom that he wanted a divorce. He had met someone and had fallen in love. He didn’t tell us anything about her except she made him feel young again.

Mom didn’t take it all that hard. She was a smart woman and after twenty years she knew dad quite well. Although she was surprised he found a girlfriend so quickly. It must have been his position as Administrator that made him look like the man of means to a younger woman who needed a first-class ticket.

Mom told him outright that they could get a quick dissolution or if he chose she would file for divorce and make it public knowledge what an ass he was. Needless to say, she got a lawyer and filed for a dissolution. It would still take a few months to go through.

She got the house and her vehicle and half the savings account. She received three hundred a week in child support for the girls. I had just turned nineteen, so she added he was responsible for my college tuition.

The last thing mom said to dad was, “You’re an asshole, you’ve always been an asshole and I only stayed in this so-called marriage for our kids, whom you hardly know. I hope this girlfriend turns out to be a real slut and takes you for everything you have left.”

Dad said, “She’s twice the woman you ever were. Beautiful, nice, and sexy as can be. She loves me and we’re soul mates. We knew that from the start. She might be a lot younger but the sex is fantastic and we are honest with each other.”

Mom got the last word. “If she’s that sexy she wouldn’t be going out with you. Gold-digger sounds about right. Watch out for your younger competition. By the way, make sure the checks are on time.”

Other than a few phone calls we never hear from dad. It was sad but we learned to live with it. Mom seems happy and went on with her life. We asked her if she was going to date again and she told us not until after the divorce was final.

Back to my senior year. I did date a few of the girls when I had time. We did a lot of kissing and necking but not much else. I hear all these guys talking about all the sex they were getting. I took out some of the same girls they did and a few let me feel their tits through their tops, and a couple let me inside their bras.

Even on my prom night, I got my date’s top down and sucked her nipples. I nearly came in my tux. I loved it but when I went to her lower regions she stopped me.

It seemed all the sex my friends were getting were blowjobs. I did get a few of them but none of the girls I dated were giving out any pussy. I do have to say I masturbated a lot. I couldn’t wait for college to start. I heard that’s where sex runs pretty rampant.

I did get some offers for scholarships at some small colleges. I was surprised that one was from the university where my dad was the Administrator. I got a call from dad and he told me if I went there that he would see I would get five-hundred dollars a month to help me with my personal expenses.

I talked it over with mom and she said it was the best offer out there. I had a car and I would be staying in the dorm. It was only a three hour trip so I could come home once in awhile. She even said she and my sisters might be able to catch a game or two.

So that’s what I did. I still wasn’t overly happy with dad and the divorce. I also knew that him giving me five-hundred dollars additional a month would be a lot less than what he might be paying if I went to a larger school. So I knew he was doing this for himself. His University’s offer was only a full scholarship for two years and then a possible renewal. I guess they wanted the players to prove themselves.

To me it didn’t make much difference about the last two years. In Dad’s agreement with mom, he agreed to pay for my college tuition. I signed an agreement to attend the University. I would get a good education and still play football and have a few bucks in my pocket.


Mom had attended a class reunion and when she got home she told us we were invited to Myrtle Beach. One of her old classmates had a condo right on the beach. Mom asked me if I would take her and my two teenage sisters.

It’s not the place a nineteen-year-old horny guy would want to go with his family, but I figured it would probably be our last vacation together. I told mom I’d drive them but reminded her I had to show up a month early at college to start my football training.

She called her friend and we went the last week of July. I knew my chances of getting laid were pretty slim but I always heard the sights were great. I did feel good being with my mom and sisters. They always teased me but I was their older brother and it came with the territory. I always watched out for them.

Madge and Don turned out to be really nice people. Madge had two extra bedrooms. Mom took one and my sisters shared the other. They had a foldout couch that I slept on. It was really pretty nice since I could watch the big screen TV as late as I wanted.

We would be there for four days. It was our first day and we wanted to hit the beach. My sisters and I put on our suits and headed out the door. Mom reminded me to keep an eye on my sisters. We were also told to stay close to the condo, not to wander to far down the beach. They would be out in a little while to join us.

Man, it was a beautiful beach. We set up our blankets and headed for the water. It was cool but felt great. We swam around for about a half hour before heading back to the blankets. As we walked back I saw some really nice looking women in bathing suits.

I got a few smiles when they looked at me. My sisters were busy checking out the guys. People-watching is a lot of fun. As we were sitting on the blankets I looked over to my left and saw a sight I couldn’t believe. Maybe twenty feet away was a woman sunning herself.

I knew she wasn’t there when we came out. She looked to be in her late twenties. Her body was perfect. She looked like a model. Not one of those skinny ones you see in a magazine but one with tight, taut abs. Legs like that of a women who plays sports, like a swimmer or tennis player. Her breasts were smaller but stuck straight up as she lay on her back.

Her bathing suit, if you want to call it that, was a little patch of cloth maybe six inches below her belly button, a string holding it in place. Her top barely covered her nipples. She had on sun glasses and it looked like she was listening to some sort of player through her earphones.

“God!” said Ann. “Check out that woman over there. I can’t believe what she is wearing.”

Madge replied, “If I was older and had a body like that I’d show it off.”

“Over mom’s dead body,” laughed Ann. “She might as well have worn two bandages and a cork. What do you think, Jimmy?”

“Damn,” was all I could say. I was too busy staring at her.

“For Pete’s sake Jimmy, she’s old enough to be your mother.”

“Not hardly! I have to say she’s about as sexy a woman as I have ever seen.” I said to myself how I’d like to get this babe alone. Damn, what a way to lose a cherry. I’d have to say my prayers tonight.

A few minutes later Mom and Madge joined us. Don was watching something on TV. “Mom, check out the woman over there. Ann said she could be my mother.”

“I said no such thing. I said she’s old enough to be your mother,” replied Ann.

“Wow,” said mom. “If I looked like that your father would probably still be home.” Mom did laugh. She has a nice body for a woman her age but very few people could compete with the woman who my sisters named String Bikini lady.

Madge and Mom went to a cabana to get a drink. It was set up right on the beach. They said they would bring us all back a lemonade cooler. My sisters ran back into the water. I sat there and stared at String Bikini lady.

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I was caught by surprise when she lifted up her sunglasses and looked over at me and smiled. She then spoke to me. “Is that your family?”

“Yes,” I responded.

“Maybe we’ll see each other again tomorrow. By the way, nice bod.” I couldn’t believe she talked to me or even noticed me. That made all my workouts worth while.

She stood up and folded her blanket. When she turned her back to me it looked like she was naked. She had one string across her back to her bra cups, and another went around her hips and in the crack of her ass. I had to put my towel on my lap.

She turned and said, “Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.” She smiled and I watched her walk away. I have to say a lot of men were watching her by this time.

I sat there with a towel in my lap till my hard-on dissipated. Mom and Marge came back with the coolers. Damn, all I could think about the rest of the day was String Bikini lady and how I’d love to be alone with her.

The following day we were back on the beach again. It was just my sisters and me. I looked around but String Bikini lady wasn’t there. Oh well, there were still some pretty nice sights and I got a lot of looks too. Too bad I was with my sisters. Who knows, I might have gotten lucky.

I do have to admit I didn’t like guys looking at my sisters either. They were smart but, like most girls, they liked the attention. All in all we were having a good time. When we went back to our blankets, there lay String Bikini lady, within ten feet of us.

She had on the same suit as the day before. God, she looked even better close up. She had muscles like she worked out everyday. Not muscles like those women that are bigger than some men, but just nice tight muscles on her thighs, arms, and that taut belly. It was hard not looking at her.

She had on the dark sunglasses and the earphones. My sisters began to tease me. “Go talk to her; you know you want to. Surely a big hunk like you isn’t afraid to approach a woman and just say hello,” teased Ann.

“Hey, Jimmy,” said Marie. “If she talks to you for more than five minutes Ann and I will pay for the pizza tonight. Less than five minutes you have to buy.” I usually took on dares from my sister but this one would be rough.

I got up and walked a few steps over to String Bikini lady. I took my towel to kneel on, because I didn’t want to impose and sit on her blanket.

“Hi, I’m Jim. I saw you here yesterday and thought I’d say hello.”

My sisters were laughing and staring but trying not to show it.

String Bikini lady lifted up her sunglasses and smiled at me. “Well hi Jim, pleased to meet you, I’m Jill.” My sisters were surprised.

Jill whispered so my sisters couldn’t hear. “I heard the bet with your sisters. Let’s make sure they pay for the pizza tonight.”

Damn, this was good, she agreed to talk to me. A great body and a sense of humor, I loved that.

“Jim, it’s pretty hot out here and I don’t want to burn. Would you mind applying some lotion on me? I have sand on my hands,” asked Jill.

I took her tube of lotion and asked her where she wanted me to apply it.

She smiled at me and said, “Any part of me that’s exposed to the sun.”

My sisters about shit their selves and I just did what I was asked. I started up by her neck and applied it to the top of her exposed boobs. She was smiling at me and told me I had a nice body again.

“Thank you, I work out a lot. Playing football this year and want to keep in shape.” I then started putting lotion on her mid-section and went lower toward her belly button. I heard her make a sound like umm, when I went just below her belly button.

I knew I was beginning to get hard and quickly moved to her legs. I figured she saw it and it made her smile. I did rub her muscled thighs but stayed away from getting close to her sex. Damn, I would have like to get her alone in a room somewhere. I was willing to give her my cherry. Hell, at this point in my life I was willing to give it to most anyone.

Jill whispered to me. “You’re well beyond your five minutes, so enjoy your pizza and thank you for the massage.”

I took my towel and wiped off my hands and held it in front of me as I went back to my blanket. My sister were saying they couldn’t believe the String Bikini lady let me rub her like that. I told them her name was Jill and what kind of toppings I wanted on my pizza.

I still couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. My sisters couldn’t believe it when Jill got up and they saw her from the back. “My God! It looks like she’s naked,” said Ann.

“Darn, what a body,” replied Marie. “Good thing she didn’t have you put lotion on her back. I don’t think you could have handled that.”

The rest of the day was ok but it was hard getting my mind off Jill. That night my sisters ordered the pizza and Mom asked them why they were paying for it.

“It was just a bet between us and Jimmy. We told him he would be afraid to go talk to String Bikini lady and he did it.” They didn’t mention the lotion; didn’t think mom would have approved of it.

“Her name is Jill. Don’t know much else. I think she’s visiting someone.” Madge told us she didn’t know her but that ninety percent of the people on the beach are visitors.

“I wouldn’t want Don seeing that body,” laughed Madge.

That night after we ate and everyone went to bed I laid on the couch and watched an ‘R’ rated flick. Watching the sex in it and thinking about Jill made me hard as hell and I did relieve myself.

Our third day Madge asked Mom and the girls if they wanted to go shopping. Don had to work and that left me alone. Madge did say I could come along but I declined.

Mom gave me some money and told me I could walk down to one of the restaurants and get something to eat later. They would be eating out. They had all the quickie restaurants we had at home.

Madge told me there was a private pool for the condos and I was allowed to use it if I liked. There were never many people using it since the beach was right there.

After everyone left I put on my bathing suit and headed for the beach hoping to see Jill. I was out there for about an hour but she was a no-show. I do have to say I did see a number of good-looking women but none of them were alone.

I decided to go to the pool. When I got there only one person was using it. I should say she was sitting in a lounge chair by the pool. I couldn’t believe it was Jill. Her back was to me and I said, “Hi Jill,” but she didn’t respond. I said it again and she turned and saw me.

“Jim! What are you doing here?”

“We’re staying with friends and they all went shopping. I stayed behind; shopping isn’t my thing. I looked for you on the beach but you didn’t show today.”

“Sometimes I like the peace and quiet at the pool. So where are you from?” asked Jill.

“Ohio, probably a town you never head of. What about you? Where are you from?” I couldn’t help staring at her. I knew she was looking at my eyes staring at her body.

“Umm, Virginia, I’m an instructor there. I teach aerobics and tennis. So you’re headed to college?”

“Yep! I have to start practice next week. Have to stay in shape and be ready for the first game.”

Things got quiet and a bit awkward. Luckily Jill broke the silence. “I have to say you have a nice build.”

“Thank you, I work out a lot. If you don’t mind me saying, you have the absolute nicest body I have ever seen.” She smiled after I said that.

“So, any girlfriends in the picture?”

“No, just don’t want to get involved since I’m starting college. What about you? You have quite the rock on your finger. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Let’s just say I date and the ring was from a friend. So, why are you here with me instead of looking for someone your own age?”

“Because you …shit… you turn me on so much. I know that’s forward but it’s the truth.”

“Jim, when is the last time you were with a woman?”
“I can’t lie to you. I’ve never been with a woman. I mean I’ve gotten oral sex from girls but never got much further.”

“So, are you saying you’re a virgin? I mean you’ve never had intercourse?”

“Yeah, kind of sad isn’t it? Nineteen and never been laid.”

She hesitated before saying anything else. I was lost for words. “Jim, would you like to have a glass of lemonade? I made some this morning. Just follow me to my sister’s apartment.”

What was happening? Was she just getting me some lemonade or was something more going on? I followed her up a flight of stairs. I looked at her tight ass and was beginning to get hard. She had to know what she was doing to me. We stopped at apartment 207 and she opened the door.

“My sister and her husband live here. They work all day, that’s why I lay out till they come home. We have about four hours. Do you want to lose your virginity to me? Every man remembers his first and I want to be yours.”

She told me to follow her into her bedroom. “Take off your bathing suit and show me your cock.”

All of a sudden she became very domineering. I dropped my suit and my bulging cock stood out. She grabbed hold and asked me what I wanted for my first time.

“I want to fuck you. I don’t care what way, I just want to put my cock deep in you.” She slipped off her bottoms and I saw her shaved pussy for the first time. She was so sexy.

“Lay on the bed so I can ride your cock.” I quickly did as told. She climbed on top of me and lowered her hot, wet pussy down on my stiff cock and began moving up and down.

“How’s that Jim? Is it what you expected?”

“Oh God, it’s so much more than I could have thought. I’m afraid I won’t last long.”

“It’s ok, like I said we have a few hours. I want your first time to be something to remember. Something you’ll never forget.”

I started shooting a load deep inside her. I saw my cum coating my cock as she kept riding me. I felt her pussy spasm and was wondering if she came. She just rubbed her pussy against my cock and balls till I was getting hard again.

She smiled and said we were ready to go again. I couldn’t believe my cock was hard again already. This time she moved faster and faster and I knew when she yelled out that this time she had an orgasm.

She lay next to me on the bed and told me to get between her legs. She told me she wanted her pussy eaten. I couldn’t believe that I got between her legs and started eating her pussy filled with our joint juices. I knew now that she just wanted to dominate me but I didn’t care. I was getting fucked by one beautiful woman. It was something I would remember the rest of my life.

“Get up and put your cock in me,” she ordered. “God, I love your young cock.”

I did as she asked and lined up my cock and rubbed it against her pussy. This time I was doing all the work. I held her legs high in the air as I plowed my cock deep in and out of her. I think she could feel that I was ready to come again and said, “Come in me! Push that cock hard in me and come in me.”

I did just what she asked. I held her legs high and pushed my cock as deep in her as I could. I felt myself coming and looked at her smiling back at me.

After that round I lay on the bed and she got up and went into the bathroom. I could hear her peeing and I figured she was cleaning herself off. She came back into the room with two glasses of lemonade.

“Here’s the lemonade I promised you. Is there anything else you would like?”

She still had her tits covered. “Can I suck on your tits and maybe do you doggie style?”

She laughed and took her top off. I leaned over and took her nipples in my mouth. I took an ice cube out of my glass and rubbed it on her nipples. I had seen this done in the movies. They became harder and I sucked them even more. I then took the ice cube and ran it down her taut tummy and licked the liquid trail.

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I got off the bed and between her legs and started eating her pussy again. She had cleaned up which made it a lot better for me. She told me what to do and I did it.

“Spread those lips and stick your tongue in. Fuck me with that tongue. Rub that nub on my pussy while you tongue me.” She kept saying things and I followed her orders.

“Ok, let me turn over.” I did as she asked and she was on her hands and knees.

I got behind her and pushed my hard cock into her what they called doggie style. I held on to her hips and fucked her hard. I knew it would be awhile before I came since I had already come twice.

She didn’t say anything as I slipped a finger into her asshole. I pumped my cock hard into her pussy and had two fingers now pumping into her ass. I figured she knew I was about ready to come.

“Ok Jim fuck me hard and fast. I want to feel that load deep inside of me.”

I pulled my fingers out of her ass so I could hold on tight to her hips as I came. I kept pumping hard into her until my cock couldn’t come anymore. I felt her pussy muscles squeeze my somewhat deflated cock. It even hurt a little but I knew she was coming.

“Jim, you can wash up and then you’ll have to leave. My sister will be home soon. I hope your first time was as good as you hoped for.”

I cleaned up, thanked Jill for a wonderful experience and left the apartment. I headed back to the pool to cool off before getting something to eat. I can guarantee I will never forget my first time.

The story is not over yet.

Chapter 2

The next day we were getting ready to go home. I took a few minutes to go say goodbye to Jill. I knocked on door 207 and a woman came to the door. She seemed a few years older than Jill but was nice looking. A man came up behind her.

“What can we do for you?” said the man.

“I just stopped by to say goodbye to Jill. I met her on the beach and we became friends.” I didn’t want to say anymore than that.

“I’m sorry, you must have the wrong apartment. There is no Jill here.”

“She said she was from Virginia,” I replied.

“I’m sorry young man, you must have the wrong apartment. No Jill here and I don’t know anyone from Virginia.”

I thanked the people and apologized for bothering them. The problem is I knew it was the right apartment. I even recognized the furniture when they opened the door.

I went back to say goodbye to Madge and Don. I do have to say it was my best vacation ever. I’ll never forget Jill and my first time.


I week later I was in Indiana for football practice. I spent my days in practice and my nights going over the playbooks and doing some exercise. I did go out and eat with my roommates. There weren’t too many women around the campus yet, but the guys talked about their sex lives.

I had a half of notion to talk about mine but decided it was my memories. Besides, I hoped to meet a number of women while I was at college. I didn’t want to be known as one of those guys that had sex with a good looking woman and then bragged about it.

After about two weeks of practice I couldn’t believe my dad came to see me. I’m surprised he found time in his busy schedule to see his son.

“Hi James, just thought I’d stop by and see how it’s going with you. Did you get settled in all right?” He handed me his business card and wrote his home address on the back along with his phone number in case I wanted anything.

“Hi Dad, it is all right to call you dad, isn’t it?”

“Sure, of course it is. Look I know I’m not the best dad but I have a lot of responsibilities here. I’ll do my best to attend your games. This Sunday I was wondering if you would like to go out for dinner. It’s about time you met my fiancée.”

I knew I would have to eventually get long with my dad and his woman. After all I was planning on being at the University for four years. Besides, if some of the college women knew my dad was the college administrator, it might help me with the dating scene.

I agreed to go out for dinner with dad and his woman on Sunday. He asked me to come by around noon. I had mixed feelings but my dad did make the first move. I called mom and let her know I was going out for dinner with dad and his fiancée. She agreed I was doing the right thing. I should keep the line of communication open with my dad.

We had practice twice a day now. It was a lot harder than the practices in high school. One day we scrimmaged ourselves. We divided into two teams and had a game. Some of the students in school and some of the faculty members showed up to watch the game.

As we ran to the showers I saw a woman that made my heart beat extra hard. She had clothes on but I would swear it was Jill from Myrtle Beach. I asked a couple of the older players if they had seen her.

“Oh, you mean Jen Folkyour? She’s a babe all right. She teaches aerobics, women’s physical education and coaches the women’s tennis team. You should see her in that short tennis skirt. Damn, she has one hell of a body.” said Roy, one of the seniors.

“Anybody ever tap her?” I asked. I knew now she had lied to me about where she was from and her real name.

“Everyone would like to but nobody has gotten that close to her. She likes to watch the athletes but no one has ever said they got in her pants. Believe me, if someone did I know they would want bragging rights. I know I would. She’s nothing but a tease but great to look at.”

“Is her name really Jen Folkyour?” I asked.

“It’s actually Jennifer Folkyour but of course no one says her last name right behind her back. Most guys call her Jen I’d like to Fuckyou.” The guys laughed but she was and always will be my first.

After taking a shower I went to her office. “Hi Jill, I mean Jen. It’s good to see you again.”

She looked up and was shocked. “Jim, I thought you were going to college in Ohio. What are you doing here?”

“Playing football. I saw you watching the team and thought I’d say hi. I hear you’re on the faculty here.”

“Jim, what happened in Myrtle Beach has to stay there. You’ll ruin me if anyone were to find out. Please say it’s our secret. I did it for you.”

“Jill, I mean Jen, let’s make a deal. I always liked that show.” I smiled. “Jen, have sex with me right here, right now and I promise to never tell anyone.”

“How can I believe you?”

“First, I didn’t lie to you. I told you the truth. Second, I doubt if anyone would believe me anyway.”

“So if no one believes you, why should I have sex with you?”

“I believe you liked it and you know I loved it. Also, I promise to keep my mouth shut. No one will ever hear it from me. I’m good at keeping secrets.”

Jen got up and locked her door. “Jim, this is the last time. Promise me that you won’t tell anyone. I want you looking me in the eyes when you promise.”

I put my arms around her and pulled her ass to me. I looked her in the eye and said, “Jill, I promise, with God as my witness, that I will never tell anyone about our sexual experience together.”

I undid her blouse and let it drop to the floor. Her bra quickly joined her blouse. I undid her pants and let them fall. All she had left on was her panties.

I slipped off my shirt and took off my pants. She took the lead from that point on, I let her. “Do you want to eat my pussy?”

“Yes, I’d love to.” She sat on her couch and I slipped off her panties and buried my face into her pussy.

“That’s it baby, suck that pussy the way I showed you. Spread those lips and stick your tongue in. Yes, that’s it, rub my pussy with your fingers.” She was hot and wet. I believe she really wanted this.

“Ok, you sit and let me straddle that cock of yours.” I sat down and she pulled off my briefs and got up and lowered herself down on my cock.

As she was going up and down on my cock she was getting hotter. “This is the last time Jim. We can’t do it anymore. Oh that feels so good. Promise me you won’t tell anyone. Fuck me Jim, oh so good.”

I held onto her great ass and pumped hard into her. “I promise never to tell anyone. God I love your pussy.”

She was rubbing my chest as she came down hard and stayed there. She screamed out how good it felt and told me again that it was our last time together. I reached up and rubbed my thumbs over her nipples.

I shot my cum deep in her and she gave me a smile. When her pussy stopped pulsating she got off of me and grabbed some tissues and put them between her legs. She went into the restroom in her office and cleaned up. When she came back out I was dressed.

“Jen, I will keep it a secret and promise to never tell a soul. You were my first and I doubt if I will find anyone near as good. Thank you for the memories. One thing Jill; we never kissed. Can I kiss you one time?”

She came into my arms and we kissed passionately. God, I could love this woman but I knew we were from two different worlds. Other than the sex it could never work out. I unlocked the door and told Jen I hoped to see her around. If she ever wanted me I would be there for her.

I did my best to put her out of my mind but still keep the memories. I was young, and hopefully would find a lot of women my age who wanted to have sex.

I went to practice on Saturday and out for pizza with the guys afterwards. On Sunday I headed for my dad’s place. He greeted me at the door and shook my hand.

“Dad, I know it awkward but we can make the best of it. Mom even agreed that you and I should become closer. I’ll be here hopefully for four years.”

I think dad was trying. It was the least I could do to try and get along also. The doorbell rang and he answered it. It was his fiancée. She walked in and he introduced me to her.

“James, I want to introduce you to the love of my life, my fiancée Jen Folkyour. She’s on the faculty at the University. No one knows about our relationship. We have been keeping it quiet for the time being.

“Jen, this is my son James. He just started college here at the University. I never told you he would be going here because I wanted to surprise you.”

We were both stunned at first but did our best to recover quickly. I think dad was just too happy to notice.

“Nice to meet you Jen, or should I call you Ms. Folkyour. You can call me Jim. Mom and dad have been the only ones to call me James. I finally got my friends to call me Jim.” I had to stop talking before dad caught on something wasn’t right.

“Jen is just fine. Most everyone at the University calls me Jen.”

“Well James, I told you she was beautiful and charming. You can see it wasn’t an understatement.”

“You’re right Dad, she is a beautiful woman. Jen I hope we get to know each other better since I’ll be attending college here for the next for years, and congratulation on your upcoming nuptials.”

“We’re engaged but we haven’t set a date yet. We would hope you keep it under your belt till we’re ready,” said Dad.

“Oh, I’m good with keeping secrets Dad. I promise not to tell a soul.”

Jen looked at me, and all I could think of was this is going to be a hell of a year. So far it has been my best summer ever.


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