Beth Learns Something New

The following story is 100% true. The names and locations have been disguised. Beth even posts her own pictures on online forums occasionally.


When I met her, Beth Johnson was a freshman at the University. She was a product of an all-girls Catholic high school and had that fresh-scrubbed, girl-next-door appeal. When we met about 2 a.m. one Sunday morning, she was on her hands and knees tossing up the last of the whiskey she had been drinking. It was the first time Beth had ever been drunk. (For the full story read Beth the Exhibitionist)

Beth became the subject of a test of a theory from my Psych class. I never made any move to take advantage of her and I spent most of that Sunday talking with her and making her laugh. Every time she performed some small task for me I would tell her “Thank you. That pleases me.”

Two weeks after we first met Beth was constantly looking to me for my approval whenever we were together and she was trying to give me her virginity. I found out that Beth had learned Hawaiian Dance when she was in 8th grade. She asked if she could dance for me sometime and, of course, I told her “Thank you. That would please me.”

I arranged for Beth to dance at a private party that Saturday evening and I told her that her first several dances would be in costume, but I wanted her to dance topless later in the evening. I also told her I might even decide she needed to dance naked. Beth was scared, but quickly found out that she loved to show off for a crowd. It was Beth who asked me to remove her bottoms when she was going out on stage to do her last “set”.

As I was gathering up her costume pieces from that last dance a man in his late 40’s approached me and asked if Beth performed at parties. I said she might in the future and he gave me his card. He said he had a group of customers that gathered several times each year for a card party.

The following Monday I called the number on the card and spoke with Bob. Bob had been front row center in the VIP room when Beth had danced, and he wanted to know if Beth would dance for his card party in two weeks. I asked what he wanted her to do. Bob was real specific; he wanted Beth to start with the Hula, but he wanted Beth to end the night dancing naked and mingling with his customers. We agreed on a price which included some touching, but no sex. I told Bob I would give him an update the first of the following week.

Monday evening I picked Beth up at her dorm and took her to my apartment. When I opened the car door for her I asked her to go inside and remove all her clothes. She smiled up at me and asked “Would that please you?”

I smiled at her and told her “Yes. That would please me very much.” I let her into the apartment and left to buy a bottle of wine.

Upon my return a very naked Beth was dancing slowly in the middle of my living room. Beth smiled at me “I danced naked in front of all those people and they all wanted to fuck me. Do you want to fuck me, too?”.

I smiled back and said “I bought wine because we are celebrating tonight. Tonight is the first day of the new moon. The new moon marks a new start, so it is a very special day to lose your virginity. Tonight you become a woman.” Beth said “Thank you. That would please me very much.”

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I had already decided I would make her wait. I served a light dinner with wine and Beth ate naked. I fondled her nipples periodically and I told her how I was going to kiss her, lick her, and finally, slide my stiff cock into her pussy. I cleared the table when we finished and then told Beth she was the dessert. I laid a towel on the bed, then picked her up and laid her on the towel. I kissed my way from one ankle, to her mouth, and back to the other ankle. I then kissed her breasts and planted light kisses all the way down to her pussy. I licked and sucked, but did not give her an orgasm. Finally I slipped my cock to her vaginal lips and rubbed them up and down. When she was about to cry from frustration I planted myself and eased an inch of cock into her pussy. Beth tensed and I pushed an additional inch. I looked her in the eyes and lowered myself directly into her. Beth hissed, then sighed. I started a slow movement in and out and Beth convulsed into an orgasm. I wanted to cum in her pussy, but she was unprotected, so I withdrew. Beth smiled up at me and said “Thank you. That pleased me. Now let me please you.”

Minutes later my orgasm filled her mouth.

I laid Beth on her back and spread her legs. I grabbed each of her hands and drew them down between her legs. I placed one hand where it stroked her clit and placed the other where two fingers could slip in and out of her pussy. She started slowly but soon found a rhythm that pleased her. I sat and watched with my wine glass in hand as she stroked and rubbed. My hardon returned in a few minutes and the sight spurred Beth to quicken her fingers. Soon Beth was on the edge of cumming, so I leaned forward on the bed and said “Cum now.”

Beth had a loud, violent orgasm and I watched her until her cries became quiet and her breathing slowed. Finally she opened her eyes and looked at me.

I smiled at her and said “Thank you. That pleased me. Now let me please you once more.” Beth reached her hands towards me and guided my stiff cock into her pussy once again. I have never wanted to cum in a pussy quite as much as I did then, but she was unprotected, so I again withdrew before I finished. This time Beth resisted my withdrawal, but then moved quickly to take my cum in her mouth. She had to swallow four times and still managed to have some cum dribble down on her chin. When my orgasm was over Beth told me she was going to the University Clinic in the morning and would be “on the Pill” tomorrow.

Of course I said “Thank you. That pleases me.”

I cuddled Beth in my arms and I asked her if having me watch her play with her pussy made her more excited. She said “Yes”, so I told her that in my apartment she was to be naked at all times and she was to play with her pussy any time I asked. With a big smile on her face she told me “I am here to please you anytime”.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we repeated Mondays’ fun. On Thursday I placed a towel and all my pillows on the living room floor, then seated myself in my recliner. Beth brought us both a glass of wine from the kitchen and noticed the new arrangements. She never asked and never hesitated, just lay back on the cushions, spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy.

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“I want you to watch me, baby. I want you to see me cum just for you”.

I watched as she started to breathe heavily, then lift her feet off the cushions. A flush spread across her chest, and her breathing became ragged. Her hips started to rock backwards and forwards, then Beth closed her eyes and her tummy quivered and bounced. I’ve seen female orgasms before; this was one for the record book. Beth panted and cried and finally yelped as the orgasm rolled over her, and then she passed out for about twenty seconds. I waited until she stirred awake, then climbed out of my chair and went to the kitchen. In a minute I was back with a large cucumber. I placed it in her hand and said “Beth, this is Ralph and he would like to be a friend of yours”.

She almost questioned my sanity, then stopped. With a smile on her face she asked “How friendly?”

“All the way in, or as much as you can take”.

Beth had lost her virginity less than four days before, yet here she was seriously preparing to impale herself with a ten inch cucumber. I watched in amazement (and lust) as the first few inches slid into her pussy easily. Then Beth smiled at me and said “The next three inches should be OK, but I just don’t know about all of it. It’s already stretching me.” Then she started slowly working the vegetable in and out, each time going a bit further. Her breathing shortened a bit as more of the cucumber disappeared into her count, and her mouth opened involuntarily.

“O God, I have a cucumber in my pussy and I’m going to cum!” she whispered.

“I love to see that look on your face” I said.

“Does it please you?”


Beth smiled weakly, then her orgasm hit her. She lifted her knees and her tummy convulsed several times in quick jerks. I saw a white cream leak from her pussy and run down across her asshole. After several more hard spasms Beth yelped again, and then rolled over on her side. For a few moments she held still, then another hard spasm hit her. Finally, Beth looked at me and smiled. “I’ll bet that beat me dancing for you, didn’t it?”

“Yes. It pleased me to watch you. Would you like an audience for your next show?” I asked.

After a few seconds Beth whispered “Yes. I want men to watch me. I want to play with my pussy while men watch me. I know it pleases you to see me naked, and for me to play with my pussy, and to have all those men see me naked, and I want to do whatever I can to please you”.

The next morning Beth called Bob and confirmed for the following Saturday night.

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