Better Than Before Charlie & Mike Ch. 02

Michael was aware of many things, on many different levels.

Physically, Charlie’s mouth was sliding slowly up and down the length of his cock as her tongue pushed against his glans. Her left hand was holding onto his right butt cheek and her right hand was cradling his balls.

Mentally, mentally he was so fucking confused and overwhelmed that he couldn’t think straight. Which wasn’t even a problem as long as Charlie kept blowing him.

In his heart…in his heart Michael felt complete.

Charlie alternated between looking up at Michael and feeling this was the best decision she’d ever made and closing her eyes. With her eyes closed she concentrated on Michael’s cock. Michaels cock was in her mouth. Michael’s cock was going to be in her soon. Michael’s cock was going to be the first cock ever inside her. Michael (and his magnificent cock) was going to be her first. She was giving her virginity to her best friend – she’d never felt happier.

She felt his cock swell and prepared herself – this too would be a first, allowing a guy, no wanting Michael, to cum in her mouth. She hadn’t decided the swallowing thing yet. The first spasm of Michael’s cock filled her mouth and she found that she swallowed instinctively. Each subsequent ejaculation was received and enjoyed.

Mike’s mouth was on hers in an instant and he kissed her passionately and fiercely. His tongue pushed into her mouth and she dueled playfully with it. His hands cupped her breasts and the hardening of her nipples followed. He felt a heat and a desire well up in her that was like nothing she had ever experienced. She wanted him…she needed him…she was his…and she wanted him to take her – completely.

Mike licked and sucked Charlie’s swollen breasts. Her nipples were so hard that the skin of her areolas also swelled. She had let other guys get to second base, but it had never felt like this. This was more then just physical excitation. She felt as if her body was opening to Michael. She felt a finger rub along the seam of her cunt and she instinctively opened her legs wide.

Michael kissed his way down her stomach and across the front of her hips. A finger lazed slowly up and down her cunt along the slick transition of her outer to inner skin. His first girlfriend had told him about this area; where a woman’s body opens to receive a man. Michael removed his finger and substituted his tongue; Charlie’s affirming moan encouraged him onwards.

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He lapped slowly at Charlie’s increasingly wet cunt. Her hips were flexing and rocking as he probed deep inside her. Every now and then he licked across her clit. What started as yelps of surprise gave way to low moans of need.

“Please…Michael, please…I’m so close…so close…please…Michael.” Her pleas were answered.

Charlie shocked as her orgasm crashed through her. She wanted to scream but it seemed as if her muscles were so rigid in ecstasy that she couldn’t make a sound. She could clamp her legs around Mike’s head as he continued to lick her…

TOO MUCH…TOO MUCH! Charlie pushed Mike’s mouth away from her and looked at him with wild eyes. “Oh my God…oh my God…oh my God! I never knew…oh God…that….oh…oh, Michael.” Charlene smiled at her lover.

Charlie looked at Mike’s hard cock – she was ready. Her years of waiting, of curiosity, of fantasy were about to end…she was ready to become a woman. Charlie spread her legs wide and held out her arms to Michael – welcoming him into her.

Michael leaned forward and kissed Charlene softly. He felt his balls rest against her pubic hair as his cock pushed against her stomach. He smiled to himself – I’m gonna be this deep into her in just a minute.

Charlie basked in his kiss and kissed him back. She too felt his balls pressing against her cunt. She too felt his erection, no his cock, pushing against her stomach. The realization that it would soon be as deeply inside her flooded her cunt with liquid heat.

Michael broke the kiss and positioned himself between her legs. Her cunt was wet and open.

“Ahem, aren’t you forgetting something?”

“I love you Charlene.”

“I love you too Michael…but that’s not what I meant – protection?”

“What?” Michael’s brain attempted to engage every possible neuron and memory cell. He tried to bend time and space – somehow…someway…”protection? You’re not on anything?” The look of stunned disbelief on Charlie’s face spoke volumnes. “I mean I didn’t expect…I didn’t…I don’t…oh fuck!”

“You don’t have a condom with you? Are you kidding me? All guys carry condoms – in their wallets…their pockets…their socks…”

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“Yeah…whatever! I don’t know…God I can’t believe you don’t have one…”

“Well maybe we could just…”

“Are you crazy? I don’t want to get pregnant! Oh yeah I can just see me waddling up to get my diploma…”

“That’s not what I meant. I not ready be married…”

“Right, right…knock her up and on the next one?”

“Charlie! All’s I’m saying is…”

“CHARLENE? Are you home? CHARLENE?”

“Shit! Shit! Shit! No…get dressed! Hurry…”

“I’m really sorry Charlie, I’d never do anything to hurt you. Please…”

“In here Mom!” Charlie quickly dressed in sweats as she kicked her discarded clothes under the bed. “Mike, I…”

“Here you are…oh hello Michael.”

“Hello Mrs. Abernathy. I was just helping Charlie with some physical therapy…wow, it’s late, I guess I’d better be going.”

“Michael.” Charlene felt an unfamiliar distress as Michael stood in the doorway. “Call me later about that project OK? I still want to…”

Michael nodded and left.
“Charlene are you feeling OK? You look a little flush.”

“I’m fine Mom – really.”

“Have you eaten anything today? What would you like?”

Charlene heard the front door close and a thousand questions rose up. What would I like? I want Michael…I want him. What if he didn’t want me? Maybe he had a condom and didn’t want to use it? Maybe my boobs are too small, or he doesn’t like the shape of my nipples. Maybe I tasted funny? Look at my sister Jenn she’s never lacked for boys swarming around her. What’s wrong with me? Did I just chased my best friend away? What if I’ve ruined our friendship – forever?

“Charlene – sweetie…oh honey your crying.”

Charlie wept quietly as her mother held her and rocked her.

“Mom…when did you know…you know…that you were ready…?”

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